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Annual Eye Exam Completed

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Glad to hear this good news. :)


I go in for my checkup in a couple weeks.


Most of the time I need new glasses, but once in a while I get by for 2 years.



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Glad your exam came out good. How about the rest of you who were going in?

go tomorrow. Medicare and my supplement cover the Diabetic eye exam and field vision tests. I have readers that I use more and more. You know the look over the top of them to see far away kind of thing. ​

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Mine was done several months ago. New glasses ... lottsa dollars! New supply of contacts...even more dollars. Told me I'd be needing cataract surgery before long. Well, I can tell the difference. Had to come out of my contacts. Spent more time with readers on that just wearing my THICK glasses :-( They tell me once one has cataract surgery you no longer need glasses of any kind. Wouldn't that be change for somebody who's worn glasses since she was 9 years old!?

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Fantastic news Peaceful. :hapydancsmil:


I'm hesitating going in because I really need to give my eyes a rest first. I have computer and Kindle eyes so I want them to settle down before I go in to get a good idea of where they really are. That's my story...


That's a good idea Mt. Rider. Might have to be within her own state? I don't know Annarchy's starting and stopping points are though.

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I'd have to go to Phoenix, from my research. Still looking for someplace closer. TX is the opposite direction on I-10.


Honestly, I'm not in a hurry to do is. I put on my prescription glasses the other day and they gave me a headache rather quickly. As long as my readers hang in there, I'm good.

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