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Grapenuts cereal?  Can you share that recipe if it turns out well, BlessedHomemaker?  Sounds interesting.


Yay, glad all is well, Miki.  Figured you'd probably lost electric/Internet and prayed it was nothing more serious.  :amen:


All went according to plan today.  Got to my appt via the senior transportation and got dropped off at the mechanic's place on the return trip.  Car starts right away.  :happy0203:  :amen:   Took the back gravel roads home with no problems.  It RAINED last nite and the roads softer.  Less washboards.  Pleasant drive.  


DH slept well last nite.  Hasn't taken stronger meds [just Tylenol] during the day.  Saving them for sleeping...and he's asleep already tonite. 


We had plans today....to go out to eat with my mom after my appt.  That couldn't happen....DH could barely ride in any vehicle right now.  But he made sweet/sour pork in Instant Pot ..with rice.   I'd gone downstairs to fetch ingredients before I left.  Mmmmm....good.


My Grandson1 is off to college this week.  Talked to our DD2 .....tells us he just demolished his brand new phone in a weird fumble in the kitchen while cooking.  Involved a knife which did NOT cut him but dropped on the phone and shattered it.  Yes, they do take insurance out for his phones.....  :rolleyes:  We pray for his safety away from Maui and into the bigger world!


MtRider .....  :offtobed: 

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Got the shed roof fixed yesterday, so no more sunroof. All branches picked up.


This morning, walked first and walked dogs.
Picked the rest of the elderberries and trimmed the bushes.
Washed rugs.
Next will be sweep house and then take ebay photos.
Label and put away recent canned jars.
That's it!

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Already walked and fed dogs.
Went to Kroger. They were out of the sale meats and completely out of hamburger, very low on chicken. I didn't really want them, just on sale so...
Next will be clean bathrooms
Use leaf blower on front porch.
Maybe cut up carrots for dog treats.
Thaw something to grill tomorrow or Monday.


The good news is that lines for gas are not stretching out onto the Interstate today.  Still lines at stations but not nearly as bad!

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:scratchhead:    I'm "sick" again.  Mostly swollen glands in throat. But the past 3 nights I've been up with cramping muscles all over body.  ????  What's up with that?  I haven't ridden since last Saturday.....the day of the engine fire.  :buttercup:  Things are better now, a week later with our car repaired......and worse cuz DH's pulled back.  That's gonna be a tough haul.  :(  :pray:  


Today I was sitting in the sun at 90* dressed in tank, Tshirt, heavy navy sweatshirt and sweatpants.  :frozen:   That never bodes well.  :grinning-smiley-044:   But overall, I don't feel toooo bad.  Still eating normally.  Back to taking our We-Don't-Get-Sick herbs. 


MtRider  :fever:     { drat! }



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Went to Natural Grocers today. Very low on frozen veg, and their produce didn’t look great either. Got enough to do the stuff I wanted to do tomorrow.


Tired of always feeling like I’m running out of grocery money.


Picked up a non-citronella mosquito candle in hopes it’ll keep the buggers out of my office - they’re trying to eat me alive in there, and I’m no where near the door!

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Aside from Church and walking dogs, I took yesterday off and watched movies with DH.  It was nice!



Walked first (2/3 way) and got DH to come rescue me from rain and lightning.
Fed dogs.
Getting ready to start laundry.
Will walk dogs and grill burgers and hot dogs on grill, (should be a break in storms between 12 and about 4 today), feed neighbor.
Take it easy rest of day.


Replying to a different thread @Mt_Rider:  Find a good recipe for Indian Fry Bread.  I think that is easier than tortillas and can be used for sandwiches.


Happy Labor Day you all!

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Well we made it b ack from Wisconsin.   Marys reunion was fun.  We saw the water ski show 3 times (they took world championship again this year).  We got to our favorite stores (that are not available down south), ie, Menards (Where we bought a drip irrigation system for our two greenhouses, ans solar lights, neither of which they carry at Lowes); Woodmans (where we got lots of racine kringles (to freeze), wisconsin cheeses, Eileens candy (Made in Green Bay Wis...they make excellent bridge mix, better than Brachs who has gotten cheap lately) Franks sauerkraut, Milwaukee dill pickles, and mung beans for $1.18/lb for sprouting.)  We also went to a local health food store and got several packages of alfalfa seeds for sproutintg too.  (Down here, they keep telling me "alfalfa is for horses" LOL.)  Oh yes, rye flour.  In short supply in Wisconsin but nowhere to be found in my neck of Georgia.


Then we revisited the Basilica of Mary Hope of Christians in Hubertus Wisconsin.  Loved it.  The basilica is beautiful!  Brought home numerous souveniers.  We hadnt been there since the last century (1997, LOL)

We were not going to stay more than a week but the another hurricane hit the exact areas we had to travel to ge home so we waited till the waters receeded, running between hurricanes going up and coming back.


At home we discovered that the cats had torn out the plastic accordian curtain next to the air consitioner to get into the house. We sealed things up.  Then we discovered a litter of new kittens in my bedroom 48 hours later!  That explained mama cats insistence in getting into the house,.  So I went outside in my jammies and called the kitties and carried mama in to reunite her with the little ones.  We did not know she was pregnant! (The reunion made me teary eyed.)  I have to admit, that is one smart mama cat and determined too.  I have seen her scale a 7 foot chain link fence like a ladder, so I have no doubt she found her way in thru the AC wing curtain.  I dont begrudge her that, in light of being pregnant; in fact I kinda admire her for her resourcefulness. To paraphrase the outdoor sportswear ad from years ago, "She is one tough mother" !


Needless to say nobody is going back outside anytime soon, til the "littles" get some size and the weather turns cooler and less rambunctious.  

Little Claudette (saved from drowning during the hurricane of the same name) turned out to be a Claude instead.  He's doing very well eating regular kitty food, zooming around the house, and growing like a weed. 



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4 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

Replying to a different thread @Mt_Rider:  Find a good recipe for Indian Fry Bread.  I think that is easier than tortillas and can be used for sandwiches.


OH!  Thanks for the reminder, Miki!  We used to make that.  Have to look up the recipe. Very tasty!  Does that require yeast???   :feedme:  :thumbs:    Glad you were rescued from lightning!!!  I've always had to time the lightning storms when riding horse too.  :behindsofa:  Sometimes ya get caught out!  


Ah, Kappy.  Glad you both had a good time.  And got to grab lots of loot not available in GA.  Odd....cuz that stuff should really sell anywhere but...with shipping and all, the rest of the country doesn't even see certain items/brands.  [ I'd looked all over to get me some Hawaiian poi when my stomach was sore ]  And dodging hurricanes.....wow, the localized flooding from "Tropical Depression" Ida was horrific.  A very good call! 


What an adventure for poor mama-kitty.  Can we have pics of the babies?  :)  



OK....so I've been feeling very much better yesterday and today.  Not running fever...according to DH feeling me forehead.  We don't seem to have a thermometer that is correct.....or I'm in the low 97point-somethings.  :scratchhead:  DH says 98.6* is not so standard as they used to think but.....  [ just posted in Edge about Medical Self Care...]  I still have swollen glands but they aren't sore.  :scratchhead:   Am I still sick or not???   I'm resting a lot.  Long nap yesterday and didn't sleep til 3am last nite.  :buttercup:


I haven't ridden for over a week and just canceled both rides this week.  I truly should not / cannot drive that much highway-speed miles to get there.  DH is filing Workman's Comp....then hopefully it will pay for him to see our doc.....hopefully get him in soooon.  She's very busy.  He's resting often and sleeping well with stronger pills.  So...until DH can tolerate driving.... or until I can set up for Senior transportation.... and I'm sure I'm not sick.....  horses will have to wait. 


MtRider  .....need to be well soon to celebrate my mom's Bday mid-month!  :bdaycake:   We all neeeed to just go out to dinner and enjoy! 

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23 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Does that require yeast???  

I don't believe it does.


Sometimes you all are so busy it makes me tired just reading it! LOL

This morning, walked first and walked dogs.
Went to local grocery for sale and thrift stores, just because.
I'm at 10,000 steps and it's barely 3 pm--hence the tired-ness.
Just cut up carrots for dog treats and I think I will call it a day.


Glad you all are home safe and sound, Kappy!

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Walked and walked dogs.
Laundry-1 load today- started.
Have to make pudding for DH.
Grill pork steaks for breakfasts.
Make 2 calls.
Work on next year's photo calendar in Shutterfly.
Haircut at 1.
Church at 6:30.
Maybe start cleaning out closet, maybe tomorrow.

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Finally home. That was a long week for me. It isn't so bad being without Internet since I have Old Time Radio MP3's to listen to while I work. I also have a few movies loaded on the Fire tablet. They limit your space on those so I have to choose wisely. Usually a series instead of a single movie. The only thing I have out there is gas and electricity and well water. That's fine by me...for now. 


I got quite a lot done this trip. Three quarters of the house is completely ready. The closets are packed full but I'm painting them myself at a later date. The living area is empty except for two lawn chairs. Dinning room has a big table with pictures and stuff on it but I figure they can tarp that. Toy area still has two of those cube shelves things, a little book case and a little table and chairs. They said they would move those around. They are small but heavy. I'll take the toys and stuff and stick them in his bedroom closet. Kitchen is cleared out except for one little countertop that I'm using. Only three areas left for me to do. My bedroom needs all of the clothes I've taken over put away. That should have been done by now :sEm_blush:. I still need to clear out the garage so they can get through there. But mostly it needs to be swept out. There is all kinds of grass clippings all over the floor. Son mows but that's about it. And he doesn't put anything away. Plus they are doing something to the road in front of the house that involves sand. It looks like they are putting tar down and loose sand on top of that. I don't get it but my garage floor is full of sand from my tires. 


The bad part has been those wallpaper boarders! Three rooms of it. I got two rooms done but the third room is a bear. I don't know what they used on it but they must have meant it to be permanent. It's awful. It comes off about a half an inch at a time. Two layers each. I got one of those 'paper tiger' things that scores the paper. I got a little one gallon garden sprayer and used a mixture of water and fabric softener and saturated the walls. It hardly made a dent. It's going to take hours and hours to get that stuff off. No wonder they charge $50.00 an hour, per man, to remove wallpaper. I kept remembering that every time I was ready to give up. 


I think I'm going to remove the toilet paper holders and towel bars etc. so they can spackle and paint over them. Some of those are in strange places. Maybe the curtain rods too? I got a lot done but still have more to do. I still haven't picked a color. Probably beige. That's what I always choose. :rolleyes:

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Welcome back Jeepers.


DH is FINALLY getting a ride to see the Workman's Comp doctor tomorrow.  More than an hour away...over in a larger town.  NOT going to be pleasant for his back pain.  Hope it's a nice riding car....not a stiff ole van.  It's taken a week to get to this point!  :mad:    On his own, he's have gone to our primary care doc but....  :sigh:  


MtRider ....pray this goes well  :unsure: 

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 I noticed a few weeks ago that I was getting winded carrying trays of food up to my mom upstairs. Gardening was getting more difficult as I carried bowls of produce up to the house. I talked to several doctors and they suggested I head to ER and get checked. Instead of getting checked out, I got checked in.  :24: They said it was easier to get the battery of tests while in-house instead of dragging out a diagnosis over a couple of weeks.


They kept bugging me to breathe deeper and finally put O2 on me in the evening. Now I know why mama hated her cannula and long hose.  default_hug3.gif lots of heart and lung tests today. Not sure if I can go home. Tomorrow is DH'S birthday. I shouldn't have procrastinated on that card.  


Oh yeah. My bothersome rash turns out to be shingles. Now everyone comes into my room with lots of garb on. I feel like I am on the Covid unit.  :hidingsmile:

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On 8/30/2021 at 6:01 PM, TheCG said:

Somewhere, I have a cartoon about ripping weeds out instead of throats.  😝


I asked Mom once why she pulled weeds in the neighbors’ yard. She said that otherwise she’d be cleaning my room.  I decided that was my sign to shut up.

Guess what popped up in Facebook memories today?


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Homesteader, I hope they figure out your breathing issue quickly and I am glad that you know what the rash is in the hospital, so they can help!  

Jeepers, I'm glad you are back!  Try to get a little rest!

Praying for your DH, Mt Rider!


Walked first this morning.
Made a lot of cauliflower rice to add my yellow rice seasoning to. I have 2 pounds of kidney beans soaking in the slow cooker to cook tonight.
Have to set up DH's meds.
Take eBay photos.
Make Fig Pepper Jam
Maybe start on closet, maybe not.

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Mt. Rider, I hope and pray you and your hubby start to feel better soon! I was going to say I hope he mentions his heart pain to the doctor but I guess he has already been there and back. I'm always late these days. Hope you are better too. Such stressful times. 


Miki, you are as busy as ever. Our little Energizer Bunny. 


Kappy, glad you and Mary had such a nice vacation and are safely home to your new kitty family. I'm always surprised when I hear our southern folks talk about the food and brands they have there. I've never had black eyed peas nor seen an okra. I don't remember ever seeing an avocado in our stores and have only heard of a tomatillo from Annarchy. 


CG, I'm right there with you on the price of groceries! It seems like they are either out of stock around here or the prices are too high. I've noticed the expiration dates are shorter too. Makes me wonder if we are getting old merchandise. And it seems like my bread isn't lasting as long either.


Homesteader, I hope they get your issues figured out soon! I'm bad about putting my health on the back burner too. I'm glad they had room for you though. I read where they are rationing hospital care in Idaho now. Also in Oregon they are doubling up people in beds? Crimony. Can that be? Will post a link in the flu forum. 


Euphrasyne, I've been thinking about you and your family lately too. I hope you are recovering well from your pool accident! Also hope your oldest daughter is doing well and happy too. And that baby River is thriving. 


Who did I miss? If I did it was accidental and will catch you on the flippity.  :grouphug:

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Today DH was driven to the Workman's comp doc....well, Physicians Assist actually.  But DH was pleased.  He now has verbal data and a CD disc for our Primary Care doc of his spinal Xray.  Good, he doesn't have to repeat the Xray for her too.  As expected, he's off work ....and off driving.....  oye.   We already knew that tho.  He is feeling some better a week into this event.  But the trip wore him out....as expected.  He'll be heading down again next week Thurs...to a clinic a bit closer.  Not much.  AND the PA is recommending he see his primary...an osteopath for "adjustment" treatments.  He's welcome to get chiro treatments from their person but....the travel time would be contra-indicated....which is why they would recommend our much-closer Osteo doc.  That has yet to be "approved" by the "number people".  :tapfoot:   ...who should have no say in medical treatment plans.


I'm on the ranch schedule next week to ride Tues and Friday.   I have to call for the senior transportation tomorrow.  48 hr notification required.  :scratchhead:   Seems like we're awfully busy these days with medical issues, right???


Wow, Homesteader! :bouquet:   What kinda mess are you in....hospital?  Not good, friend.  :pray:  for all that needs to be revealed...to be revealed in the tests....and for there to be answers and solutions!!!  Is you DH smuggling in some fresh garden food for you?  :rolleyes:    :lois:    


MtRider  :pc_coffee:   gotta go eat supper  ...


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I got a call and an email from the painters. They will begin on Oct. 4th. They apologized for the delay but they had a couple of guys out with the Covid. Fine with me. Stay away! They are fine now but it threw their schedule off. I didn't have a previous start date anyway. House is nearly ready so I won't have to hurry around. 


It's going to take them 7-8 days. I never know what to do with myself when repair type people are in my house.  I always feel very awkward.  :sSig_help2:

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Jeepers....Sit in a comfortable chair and do Kindle or laptop things.  It can look very busy but you're obviously observing and "being available".  Move to different location as needed for the work being done.  Bring snacks and whatever other sustenance you need...in a small cooler unless the fridge will be accessible. 


MtRider  B)  

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I do have some old kitchen appliances so I can eat and drink. The house is divided up pretty well. All of the bedrooms and a tiny bathroom is on one side of the house. Kitchen, dinning, play area and great room are in the middle. The master bedroom and bathroom is at the other side of the house. I think I'll have them start on my bedroom ceiling then go do the rest of the house, then finish with my room area on the last day. I'm assuming they will do the ceilings all at once. Only problem is the toilet in that bathroom doesn't work. Big cup? BTDT. I wonder if they will have to use scaffolding? I'll bet they do. Maybe I can get them to clean the two sky lights while they are up there. If I have to pay them I'll skip it. I'm on a tight budget! 


Maybe that day I can go to the next town over where there is a lot of shopping. They have a Sam's Club and Ollies I've been wanting to check out. It's about a 40 min. trip each way so that alone will take up some time. It saved me quite a lot by having the house nearly empty. Only furniture they will have to move around is in my bedroom. I'm also saving by stripping that %^@# wallpaper boarder. That alone will pay for the two toilets and a faucet. And I'll be painting the closets myself. I can keep those doors closed if it doesn't work out. 


I will take the Kindles. And load some movies in the Fire. I really hate this part of renovation. It's even worse, for me, than the mess. I don't like strangers in my house. At least the house is 95% empty. Nothing valuable in there to pilfer. 


I'll have to do it again with an electrician, plumber, carpet cleaner, furniture movers and appliance people. Maybe if I wait until winter son can do the plumbing. He's so busy yanno.  :rolleyes:


Comfortable chair? There is one lawn chair in the whole house. At least it rocks. Oh, and two little wooden kiddie chairs.   :24:

I do have one bed though. 

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Sounds like a plan, Jeepers.  :thumbs:  You're gonna get moved over to Indy yet! 



Well FINALLY, we know what's been wrong with Koa.  It's better than we'd begun to THINK it might be.  Remember that we had no vehicles for quite a while and then....we get the car back but DH is on driving or riding restriction due to the back injury.  Koa had started her heat cycle and then.....it seemed to restart when it should have tapered off.   ???  Cuz she's now 9 yrs old, mebbe?  Something wacky with senior dogs?  :scratchhead: 


Then there began pain on getting up and down.....not eating much...then less ...then only bits of rice, beef, liver, scrambled eggs.  :gaah:   By that time we tried to entice her with anything.  But she was drinking a lot.....and she had to pee many times, even thru the night.  It felt like we had a newborn babe with all the up and down during the night.  All day too.  We were all three getting exhausted. 


BUT....HOW do we get her to the vet?  Must drive a long stretch of fast highway speeds to get there.  With MS, I absolutely cannot process the picture I'm seeing if going above 40 mph.  DH is on doctor restriction.  :runcirclsmiley2:   She seemed to be improving a bit but... WHAT is going on?   It's taking so long and taking too much out of her.  [literally]


I thot to change vets.....to a different one that I could drive the back gravel [slower] roads to get there..... :sigh:  but he'd left for vacation out of state.  Returned my call tho :sSig_thankyou:  and definitely encouraged us to get her in!!!  So, we decided DH would have to drive.   Got up early this morning and did it.  YES....DH will GLADLY follow that No Driving - No Riding in vehicles restriction from now on.  He's sore tonite.  At the vet, I dealt with Koa and he sat in a chair.....cuz he had to drive us home too. 


As some of you...Miki....will recall, poor Koa began her life almost dying and had to spend time at the vet's.  She got really ill almost as soon as we gathered at Darlene's that time.  Other pups got sick after her but by then, we all pitched in to feed them and medicate them.  We hung fluid bags for hydration from Darlene's chandelier...made form deer antlers.  Koa finally got back to Darlene's from vet after a few days.  Still had to put medicine/hydration into her ....just under the skin [subcutaneous]  so we could do it from D's home.  {...."we"  ....meaning anyone but MtRider getting near those  needles ....}  :grinning-smiley-044:   And boy did Koa begin to scream just being brought toward the table for those hydration sessions.  


:sigh:   She still does!  She's terrified of vet building.  Two young ladies [vet tech?] lifted and carried her with both their arms under her and lifting in sync.  Muzzle on her drooling-with-fear mouth/nose.  :(   Can't be helped.  She does calm down a lot when she's inside, on the floor.  I sit on floor at her head and talk to her.....lean across her if they're drawing blood but that doesn't seem to bother her.  They clipped her nails cuz while she hasn't been running and digging on our rocky ground, nails were longer than I'd ever seen.  We never have to do her nails.  Thankfully, it wasn't her uterus.  The continued bleeding was a bladder infection ....probably started during her heat cycle and having us think it was still that.  :buttercup:  


Pills for pain....she's had kinda "super cramps".  :(   And antibiotic $$$$$  for the infection.  Then she'll be fine.  


:sassing:   IF......we can get 4 pills a day down her.  Pray for this to happen!  We've had experience giving her pills ....and she's had experience rejecting them.  Game On...  :darthduck:



On the way home is a small grocery.  I ran in and grabbed a bunch of every type of fresh veggie they had.  And grapes.  Milk, eggs, bread.   That's all.  Then we went home.  Gave Koa first of pills.....with some trial and error cause by Fussy Princess <_<    Ate .....and we all went to sleep! 

:sigh:  Later.... I was going up the outside stairs with laundered old towels [spill pads for her leaking] and salad dressing.  Tired.  Missed stepping high enough.  Stumble.  Went down [forward] still clutching the towels and Thousand Island.  Heard my right foot Croc shoe hit the tarp under the steps.  Ow!  As usual, MS-impaired nervous system shut me down....frozen... stuck.  Can. Not. Move.  ...except facial muscles.  Several minutes until it "reboots".  So there I am....not really hurt but harsh jolt landing forward.   All my life I have fallen UP steps......MS messing with my perception of where body is, probably. 


Hollered for DH.  Did I mention it's raining...tho just sprinkling at this point.  I was able to move again after a relatively short time and handed him Thousand Island and the towel bundle.  Began working my way to upright.  He went down to fetch my missing Croc.  Took 2 Nuprin [ always take one but ....]  and 2 homeopathic muscle relaxants.  Then he adjusted my neck and upper back.  Appreciate Available Chiro!!!  Definitely jarred all that.  Neck.....from long-ago injudicious karate move....it doesn't feel good even after ADJ and pills.  Headache coming in.  Gaaaah!  {better later but ...ugh!}



This whole siege is continuing.  We're taking it step by step.   [ or step...stumble...step ... ]  Now we're ALL on "sick leave"  ....  :buttercup:  Salad for late lunch was good tho!  :lol:  


MtRider  ....prayers appreciated!!!  :amen: 

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That sure was a lot of fun.  NOT!  Just got out of the VA hospital after four days of constant testing for low O2 blood levels. I HATE nose cannula breathing devices. Even worse, I hate being woken throughout the nights with dropping O2 levels and increased liters of O2 through the nose.  :0327:


After all that, they told me I had Lyme, Shingles, and new onset of emphysema. Nothing surprised me. However, they still can't tell me why the O2 levels are all over the place. One explanation is the auto-immune meds I take for psoriasis arthritis. They're hard on the lungs.  I think I have four different medical departments calling me within the next week. Thankfully, I talked them out of bringing home O2 tanks. I will do any kind of exercise just to bring back my health.  :happy0203:


I still haven't figured out why they gave me cholesterol and blood pressure scripts. Both of those are well within normal numbers. They will be set aside in my medicine cabinet until it can be proven it's necessary. I even had to take a Covid test in ER because I had shortness of breath. Everything came out negative.  :whistling:


I have to say that the VA hospital was a great experience. I think I went through about 9 intense tests in those four days. It's a good exercise on the health of so many human organs. I would have enjoyed more interaction with more of the patients but I ended up in isolation due to shingles.  :scratchhead:  I certainly expected to be discharged sooner, but the VA is not run by private insurance companies who have you pushed out the door in record times.   :tapfoot:


They couldn't get blood draws the last day. The veins kept rolling on the techs. I kept telling them I didn't have much to drink because food/water was withheld most of the time those four days due to tests and possible procedures on the horizon. They finally let me go, but I had lots of bandages on my arm in an attempt to extract blood from a dehydrated patient.  :laughkick:  Can't wait to get my strength back so I can tour the garden. It's so good to be home.  :hug3:


Dang, my weight is down to what I was while playing intercollegiate sports 40 years ago. I sure wish I had some of that energy back, though.  :whistling:  After the Shingles clear up, I can go back to the health club on a regular basis. Having everything closed down due to Covid certainly causes so many other diseases to flair up and kill people besides that virus.  :misc-smiley-231:

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1 hour ago, Homesteader said:

Dang, my weight is down to what I was while playing intercollegiate sports 40 years ago. I sure wish I had some of that energy back, though


Boy, isn't that the truth!!!  Glad you're home and done with probe and poke.  And being wakened all night/every night.  The worst of hospitals, IMO.  Glad to hear that your experience at a vet hospital was good....tho unpleasant.  Hate to think vets were getting such poor care ...some still are, I'm sure.  :mad: 



MtRider  .....go carefully for a while Homesteader!  We all know how much caregiving taxes us....especially when we CARE! 

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