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Today, walked first, then walked dogs.
Put large table (free) in shed.
Pulled up old tomato and pepper plants and put away lick tubs for winter.
Went to Dollar General--they were real sparse! Then grocery store next door to it. (They are well stocked because they are so darn expensive)!
Did one load of laundry.
Now have to shoot eBay photos and cook breakfast for dinner later.

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Just ducking in for a moment.  We're pretty much moved in, but still packing boxes from the old place and bringing them home to unpack and try to put away...LOL

Abby-girl is truly enjoying her big space inside and out. 

Hubby is getting ready to finish a work project for a customer and then will be working part time for/with our Pastor.  The additional dollars will help tremendously in doing more project here etc.  He's also working to get my washer hooked up here so I don't have to go to the other place, wash and then bring them here to dry...inside or out.  He's moved my clotheslines here (home) which I love, but I really need my washer hooked up.  

My gas stove still isn't hooked up yet so I'm using all my kitchen gadgets to keep up with our meals.  I "adore" my countertop induction plate because I can use my cast iron skillet on it.  I use my 2 burner hot plate for other stuff, and my microwave too.  

One thing I'm learning is carpet hides a lot of stuff!  No wonder people have allergies!  These hard wood floors let you know about every little dust or doggie hair so I get to vacuum then mop them with my DIY orange essential oil mix.  Smells wonderful...for awhile! LOL

The floors really are a mess until we get them sanded down where the doggie's did their thing on the old carpeting and pad.  Mom didn't know just how much they did their stuff on the carpeting.

Sharing a pix of our girl...stretched out on the LR floor! LOL

Also sharing a pic of a pretty quilt our Pastor's wife made for me.  I put it on the loveseat...I really enjoy it!

Also some pics of our livingroom area (near the fireplace and the TV/laptop setup.  Bedroom and some of the kitchen.  Hubby built me some shelves for all my jars etc. as well as putting in a plastic drawer rack for some of my cooking spoons etc.  Eventually the deep freeze will move to the laundry/mud room and my rolling island will go where it sits.  Lots of work to still do.  Still have to put the rest of my cabinet pulls on, and eventually re-paint all the cabs and woodwork etc.  But it sure feels comfy! Take care peoples and I've not forgotten ya's!
















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Good to hear your update, WE2's!  Your place is looking very homey and comfortable.  Love the shelves MrWE2 built in kitchen.  ALWAYS need more shelves, right?  :lol: 



Sooooo......we had very good news and not-really-unexpected bad news today. 

Thanking God for our doctor.  Because she's osteopathic, DH has been trying to get Workman's Comp to authorize [thus pay for..] treatments from her.  It took a month but he finally saw her today.  That's the good news and after the CAREFUL treatment, he felt so much relief. 
The bad news is that she's 99% sure he actually did more compression [breakage] of T1 and T2 vertebrae in his spine.  Original injury:  Drunk Dentist in Duluth MN Ran A Red Light-SMASHED into DH in Pickup" injury in 1981.  Doc did all sorts of careful manipulation tests....pain or no pain?  She didn't do any "adjusting" but more mild careful stuff.  Eased his pain a lot tho.  :amen:  He has 10 appointments "approved"  [ paid for ] by Workman's Comp.  It's kinda doubtful he'll be going back to work anytime soon. 
The siege continues....... I guess it's called "life". 
I am SO fatigued still from being up and down constantly with Koa in her last wks!  Almost comatose for the past 3 days.  Reading and Resting!  Ride on Friday - if they have more then just me signed up.  Only me today so my ride was canceled.  So tired I may have fallen off the horse.   :0327:  But until the mebbe-ride on Friday, we've got nothing to do but rest/recover.
It seems odd that DH continued karate and other strenuous things after the initial injury......but NOW.....  :(  
MtRider  ....Got a case of aging, methinks.  :shrug:  
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WE2, you are really coming along with the house.  I love your Dh's shelving units. I need a lot of those myself. Work in progress.  Bathroom is looking good.  Glad you are finally getting to that finish line. 


Mt Rider,  I hope Dh does recover from that back injury. And that you will get that much needed rest. :pray: for both of you. 


Today I went with a friend to see another friend just past the NC line. We stayed a couple of hours and then left and drove back to town to have lunch.  Came home and started making phone calls. Now my dressers are on hold till December due to the manufacture. I really need those dressers as of yesterday. So I am going to have to move my clothes into my bedroom with no dressers and live out of suitcases, if I don't find another solution. Granddaughter and her husband will be moving in the end of November and I don't want to be going into their room to get my clothes all the time. And they will need a place to put their clothes. So I am going to have to rethink my plans on that.  

Got hold of the IRS. What a joke. Waited for almost 2 hours trying to get through just to find out my taxes I filed electronic in March after DH passed is in process and they will notify me when it is mailed. Because BB&T merged with Sun trust bank, They sent my refund back to the IRS. And then with DH passing it just complicated things more. I am wondering if I will ever get my refund. 

But there is nothing I can do about it but wait. Seems to be the story of my life these days. Maybe I will see if I can get another bookcase to put in my bedroom and put my clothes on that for the time being. Just thinking about what I can do. I know I will come up with some sort of solution.  I could use a good sturdy bookcase for after my dressers do get here to put my canned goods on. I am getting ready to start some canning again soon and need a place for it. So that will be a good option for a temporary situation for my clothes and then for my canned goods. Trouble is if I can find a bookcase that is in stock. 

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Little Sister.....a bird in the hand is worth two stuck on hold somewhere....  what about Thrift store dressers until you can get the ones you've ordered?  Or garage = estate sales?  You'd have to have someone to help load and deliver from those sources?  Maybe after GrDaughter/husband arrive.....young strong !


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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We have an Ikea Kallax 5x5 (the above cubes) and used it for DD18's clothes.  She had trouble getting dresser drawers open and closed and the cube bins worked a lot better.  She left it here when she moved out and now I'm storing yarn in the bottom cubes and using the top ones for books, etc.  The Ikea one even fits my 12x12 scrapbooks which makes the inside size awesome.    They come in all different sizes  like 1x1, 1x3, 1x4, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5.  I really love ours.  


KALLAX Shelf unit, white, 715/8x715/8" - IKEA

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Good morning!

Your new home looks wonderful WE2!  


Already walked this morning and have pups fed, and ready to be walked now.

Going to  blow leaves off porch.

Wash rugs.

Sweep house.

Peanut Butter gets a bath today.

Prayer meeting tonight.


Hope you all have a productive, yet restful day!

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8 hours ago, mommato3boys said:

Little Sister how about a cubby that holds those cloth cubes for your clothes. Then after your dresser arrives you can use it to store preps.


Mainstays 9-Cube Storage Organizer, BlackOnlyeasy Fabric Foldable Storage Cubes Bins Boxes with Leather Handles - Durable Storage Bins for Shelves Cube Cubby Bookcase Organizer Pack of 6, 10.5 x 10.5 x 11 inch, Linen-Like Grey, MXDBS06PLP

 these are what we made up from old book shelves.  Hubby painted them to match.  The bins were from $Tree and I already had baskets from my n"collection".




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The pretty much finished work.  Not everything looks prime and proper...but we live here now! Hubby built me two nice shelves to put some of my "stuff" on...over my wonderful big kitchen windows!  Gas stove will get hooked up AFTER my washer is hooked up! LOL
























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Mt. Rider, buying second hand dresser from a place would be great, but I don't have anyway to get it home if I found one. Don't have a truck and my granddaughter's Dh doesn't have one either. So that I think would be out. 

Mommoto3boys and euprasyne, I have a bunch of the cloth cubes. But the cabinets that hold them are in closet with a bunch of preps.  So from what you are all suggesting, I think I could just line the cloth cubes along the wall in bedroom for now and put my clothes in those till the dressers come in. I still think something isn't right, as I am betting they sold my furniture to someone else as when the girl called a few days ago, she said my furniture was in except for the tall dresser and that would be delayed till Feb. So why would the furniture be in stock and being delivered tomorrow and then it is delayed by manufacture. Something is not right and I have not been able to get in touch with the furniture store all day. Texted them and still no reply. 

WE2, you are really coming along with the house.  I love those shelves going across the windows.  I could do that to give me more kitchen space. Mine would be shorter as I have a 40 inch window over my sink. But still with 2 shelves there it would work.  This house is not known for storage. But I will be trying to solve a lot of those issues hopefully. Need to rework the bedroom closets and build in better shelving units than what is in there now. 

Went to bank to withdraw some money. I am getting a bad feeling about the banking system. Going to start drawing out a little at a time every couple of weeks now. Just keeping enough in to pay bills and the amount that is needed to stay in so I won't be charged for going under that small amount. 

Going through more stuff to get rid of.  I was thinking of taking Dh's shoes to the good will. They are boxed up but then I got to thinking what if we have to go to a barter system. I think those shoes would be good for that. Inventory is still on going. Getting harder to find certain vits. that I take. I'm not out, but am low on one and can't find it in stores. So might try to order on line. 

Will be cleaning out linen closet tomorrow in hopes to tighten up for more storage of things.

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Got linen closet cleaned out today. Have a lot of paper products I am going to move to attic. That will make room for a lot of things I haven't been able to get put away. Packing up more boxes of things to get rid of. That's not going fast enough. I am dreading having to go through that shed, but that is coming soon. Still been to hot yet. Been trying to get hold of Haynes furniture where I got my dressers and TV console. The TV console was suppose to be delivered and they did not deliver it. Been trying for 2 days to get hold of them and they won't answer phone. Just music and will not pick up. So I tried e-mail and text as the recording said that I would get a faster answer. So nothing that way. Going down Saturday to cancel the order and heading to another furniture store. Seems Haynes is getting a bad reputation. Never had issues like this with them before. But will be the last time I do business with them. I understand the situation. But to say your order is in and will be delivered just to turn around and put me off is another story. I do have the guest room almost cleaned out now. So that will soon be ready for the kids when they come in November. My turn to cook for grandkids tomorrow night. So figuring out what I want to cook. Might be baked chicken. Not sure yet. 

I have an evil thought of buying another shed. I think that would solve a lot of my issues. But they cost and I don't know how I would be able to set it up in yard. But something to think about. That shed could be only for preps and nothing else. Then everything would be all together in one place. 

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Went to Walmart first thing for tires. Sat there over an hour before they told me they only had one that was the right size, not two. Sigh. Will go back later when I determine how to make sure they have the correct ones. Don't want to order online as I want to pay cash and not have to deposit it.

Coming up, I will walk dogs.
Do a video.
Bake sweet potato treats.
Hopefully varnish a walking stick--we will see how that goes.


Sigh, again. Ordering tires online.  UPDATE-- (Or not). Got a call back from Walmart that they now had (found) 2 tires. Went back to the tire center, waited a short time and was told they couldn't change them because the lug nuts were too tight. But they are the last ones who changed the tires. Sigh. Bought the tires and the car and tires are now at my mechanic's.
I did nothing on my list except get the tires. Another day, not another dollar.

I'm just glad I'm still breathing and never got upset with anyone.  Trying to be a better me.

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On 9/30/2021 at 7:08 PM, Littlesister said:

That shed could be only for preps and nothing else. Then everything would be all together in one place. 


My first thot about that was:  while it's good for organizing, it makes it pretty easy to get EVERYTHING ripped off all at once.  :(  You have neither privacy fence nor dog to protect it.  :shrug:


Rode horse today.  :amen:   and the rain held off til we got back.  Cold!!  :frozen:  Winter cometh!  The 14ers of Colorado have snow on their tops.  Will probably melt again but....yeah, snow above 1400 ft.....probably lower.  we got a few minutes of "mushy rain".  


I got 3 hrs of sleep last nite.  I've had sleep trouble for several nights now.  I was walking so poorly, I couldn't walk in my cowboy boots with heels until I got to the mounting area.  I walked down there laboriously with two canes.  Ugh!  ........  :)   Then when I dismounted after the ride....got the kinks out and walked easily back to the office with no canes.  :amen:   THAT'S what it's about.  


I'm hoping that once a week will hold me for now.  I think that's all I'll be able to get in the off season.  We'll see.  Today there was 8 riders and R and L leading.  Everyone had a good ride.


MtRider   :offtobed: 

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Glad you got the kinks worked out, Mt Rider!  How are your folks doing?


Good morning!!  Hoping to NOT go anywhere today!
Today will be a video, then walk dogs.
Dehydrate sweet potato treats for dogs in the oven--(treats, not dogs in oven).
Clean out my bedroom closet finally!
Soak pinto beans tonight to cook tomorrow.

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Mt. Rider, glad you got to ride and get straightened out again. Wow! snow already in places. . 


I have two sheds already with no issues of break-ins. One already holds some of my preps. Never had an issue with break-ins and the areas are well lit at night.  I am looking into prices of privacy fences now. the 3ed shed that I want to put my preps in from attic as I am getting to old to be climbing in and out of attic. It will be mostly paper products with my outdoor cooking equipment. There will be no windows to break into and DH has a bunch of pad locks that cannot be cut. Years ago someone tried to cut the padlock off the garden shed and they couldn't do it. But you can see where they tried. That was the only time that happened.  I need to get the fence before getting the shed as I don't want nosey neighbors to see what I am carrying out of house to shed. And yes I do have a couple of nosy neighbors. That is why I love having my car in garage when I come back from a store. They cannot see what I am doing in there. 

Didn't do as much as I wanted to today, but did get more of the garage cleaned out and put the folding table in the bedroom for my clothes. It will hold 8 of those cloth cubes and I only used 6. I think that will work for a temporary situation.  Got the books I am keeping put away on bookcase in back of house. 

Kids came over for dinner last night and granddaughter's Dh is going to come help me getting all the pictures and stuff out of den before the work in there begins.  One thing I am thinking about if it doesn't cost to much is to have built in book case in living room going over top and on each side of the huge door from foyer to living room. I have seen that done on Pinterest. Right now it is a thought, so not sure about it yet. But if I do it, it would solve a lot of issues where books are concerned. I did get rid of a lot of books and almost all of my cookbooks. But I still have books in shed and in attic that I want to keep. But can't read them till I get them out of shed and attic. Some of those are my medical books. Want to keep most of those. Got some more stuff put away in garage. That is slow going but at least it is clearing out more. 


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12 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

Glad you got the kinks worked out, Mt Rider!  How are your folks doing?



My dad was talking to my mom last nite during a call with my brother.  He kept trying to get her to help him untangle from the phone cord but she remained silent.....or so my brother tells me in an email this morning.  :sigh:   In actuality, of course she wasn't there in the evening/after dark!  My brother called her later and told her she'd been replaced by the coat rack again.  :buttercup:   No wonder he accuses her of being so mean and not helping him get the cord untangled.  


AND later today my mom got a call from the care home.  They're now on lock-down cuz of a COVID case in a different unit of the facility.  :sigh:   So apparently she won't be able to visit him for 2 wks....  That oughta go over well with him. 


So tomorrow, DH suggested we get us and my mom to the grocery ......stock up again on fresh veg and anything else needed.  Then we'll go back to my mom's.  She and I will unload her stuff from garage while DH rests his back in the spare bedroom.  Then he can drive home without so much pain.  I'll need to take our heaviest groceries in my disability scooter, so DH isn't pushing too much weight as we shop.  Trying to think of as many adaptions as we can. 


Guess we'll have to all call my dad more often. 


I'm resting a lot.  Slept well ....12 hrs last nite.  :thumbs:   


It's raining the past couple days.  :amen: 


Ratfink continues to evade the traps on the porch....  :pray:  Can't tell if it's what chewed up my tomato plant IN the basement???


MtRider    .....life could be worse.....or better.  :shrug: 

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I'll just keep praying for all of you guys, Mt Rider!  You have a lot going on!


Actually got the closet cleaned yesterday, so that's out of the way.


Have two pounds of pinto beans and ham in the slow cooker. Makes good freezer meals!
Went to Sunday School and Church.
Walked dogs.
Going to make a no carb egg bake in a pan to slice instead of doing muffin pans.
Will also make jello and pudding.
Supposed to varnish a walking stick, but that may be put off.


12 hours of sleep?  I can't even imagine, Mt Rider!

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On 10/2/2021 at 6:05 AM, snapshotmiki said:

Dehydrate sweet potato treats for dogs in the oven--(treats, not dogs in oven).

A simple case of misplaced subordinate clauses! :D The "how" should be closer to the "what", and the "who" ends it nicely.


Dehydrate sweet potato treats(what) in the oven(how) for the dogs (who). :hapydancsmil:


54571212_GrammarPolice(2).thumb.jpg.ffb66685aec193d76524c9b5b724a98d.jpg  :thumbs:


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Y'all are not gonna believe me. 


DH decided we all needed to do One Big Grocery Trip today.  Us and my mom.  She went off with her list.  I was in disability scooter with big basket.  I intended to put the heaviest things in there....it's motorized!  DH was with me ....usual shopping cart.  :shopping:    That worked well.  Kept passing my mom in aisles.  Somehow we got going in opposite directions but could stop and confer...yes, the Shredded Wheat is up there...etc.  We loaded up big cuz with global supply uncertainties......AND our mobility uncertainties, get it now or do without.


Yes, it all worked well except for a couple things:  I'm last person standing so I'm hauling my mom's bags up 2 flights of stairs.  DH is immediately laying down on spare bed in basement.  My mom made once up the stairs and had to rest twice before the top.  I'm hauling .....hauling....as much as I can carry each trip. 


:o  ...or perhaps more than I should carry each trip?????  :gaah:    Someone remind me I'm a Senior Citizen now.  Have been for longer than my actual age would qualify.....like before I was 40 due to the MS complications.   You'd think I'd know this by now!  


My mid back was really hurting.  I only have temporary back trouble so I don't pay much attention.  My mom's in her 90's and DH is has crunched vertebrae so...... I'm OK!  :woohoo:


Got home and carried one load up our 15 steps.  Then began hauling up [one at a time] bags on our pulley system.  About half way thru.....my back was really hurting and I felt the S.I. joint slip.  [sacra-illiac.....back side of left hip ]   :blink:   OWWWWW!  I tried to continue.... limping... but gave up and laid down .   DH was making room in basement for things.   After 10 min, it felt better until I tried to resume hauling bags up the rope and into house. 


Isn't there a rule that says only ONE person at a time can be on the Sick - Injured List at a time????  This is very untimely, IMO.  :buttercup:  And how do I ride a horse with THIS?  Or....will it help?   :sigh:    


The score right now......

My dad's whole facility in COVID Lock Down.

My mom is OLD ...heart issues.....and by herself.

My DH has newly crunched vertebrae.

My self did NOT need to join this crowd.  :groooansmileyf:


I could blame it all on our current SIEGE .....but honestly, it's cuz I tried to do SO MUCH MORE cuz the rest of them can't.  I went with the More Weight = Less Trips Up Stairs:0327: 


Should have gone with LESS WEIGHT, OLD LADY......and More Trips Up Stairs....and maybe Take A Break to catch your breath with those multiple trips.  :busted:  


...can I have a REDO on that choice??? 



OH....and DH who was directing WHERE all this was fitting into our car and handing it out at my mom's house,  managed to bring home my mom's eggs and frozen foods.  :whistling:   Ooops.  We did have a LOT of bags. 


MtRider  ....at least I have a very sympathetic in-house chiro  :amen: 

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DH is going nutso about supply chain issues.   On the one hand...yea?  :cele:  On the other hand....I'm still stocked from the last few scares.  I mean STOCKED.   :shopping:  :canning:    :busted:  So I did what any good wife would do.  I compromised and we went did a big shopping trip last Friday.   :whistling:  We hit up 3 stores with baby in tow and I really overdid it.   I'm thankful that DD13 was home from school by the time we got back and she and DH unloaded the van.  I got enough cheese to have a fondue river and ten tons of junk food that DH just had to have.   As for me, I was already stocked so I just got a few steaks, some bacon, and lots and lots of breakfast sandwiches for the freezer.  I mean lots.   I'm sure the cashier thought I probably never cook.   I got some odd looks.  They are DH's weakness.  He gets up at 4:15 and leaves before 5am, so he likes to just nuke a frozen sandwich.  I've tried making homemade, but its really just cheaper to buy them.  I get a few different types and the Tennessee Pride chicken ones are almost impossible to find for the last year and it is getting worse.  I was unable to find any chicken biscuits of any type on this trip.    I dumped them out of the original boxes into a freezer bin because the boxes take up triple the room the frozen biscuits do.  


We are overflowing on cardboard atm, so I got DH to make me some shelves with drawers to store baby stuff downstairs.   I was having trouble finding certain things and I really don't need anything permanent or big.  He used shipping tape, duct tape, and wood glue on old diaper and chip boxes along with some creative cutting.  He did a really good job too.  I want to reconfigure them a few times so I made him not attach them together.   I had them stacked low and in the baby jail at first, but they were too much of a temptation to climb on so I moved them outside and stacked tall.  I think they are going to work out pretty well.   






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Busy week.  DH had company visit, cooked up BBQ pork sandwiches.  The next day, DH took me out to the cattle range, to get ‘old’ poo for the yard & garden.  Got some good deadfall mesquite, for our BBQ.  Coming back in town, one flyer had said they were having a chili cook off.  Turned out to be a barbecue cook off.

Main Street was closed….


We chatted with a few vendors/contestants, then, went home.  They were all just beginning to prep for Saturday’s judging.  Ribs, brisket & pulled pork were the items to be judged.  Most of the people were using pellet Q’s and those tank type Q’s you can see in the pic. Only 2 real wood barbecue pits.  Sat. morning, everything outside smelled like BBQ. By the time we got there Sat. 4pm, they were done & cleaning up.  No food to be found.  We came back home & I made BBQ chicken for us.  Planning to make chicken salad sandwiches with the leftovers.  

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Yesterday was a fun day after church. A GF and I challenged each other to a zip-line experience MONTHS ago and invited the other ladies at church to join us. Then the pandemic shut down everything and our adventure was put on hold. The dream came to reality yesterday ... only the adventurous course location changed.  :whistling:  We also had over 60 ladies sign up for the afternoon instead of the limit of 20 at the other place. If you survived the course, there was a huge dinner waiting at the dining hall.  :0327:


The course was high-ropes. It was built on huge power poles and stood 40' off the ground. They said that people become paranoid and paralyzed after 35' off the ground. The course was set up for teenage church groups and was used for team building. They stay for a few days in cabins and go on different adventures, including the rushing waters of the Wisconsin River.


Back to the story. My GF and I walked up the three flights of stairs and realized we had made a small miscalculation. We didn't have the upper body strength as we did in earlier days. However, everybody was watching and we couldn't turn back. Sort of like the adventures Dar and I used to sign up for before our brains matured.  :laughkick:


I must say that we did survive and were cheered at the finish line. Both of us had bodies like noodles and knew we would pay a big price on the following days.   :hug3: By the time we got to the dining hall, all the young whipper snappers were already talking about a new adventure in the springtime.   :grouphug:



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