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:gaah:    This dog WON'T take the pills....certainly not the $$$ "chewables".  AND the two [ of 4] pills we did get down her yesterday, ground-up and hidden in food, were vomited up again during last night.  :sigh:   She's not touched the scrambled eggs/rice  [which she loves] this morning.  We're going to have to get her to eat SOMETHING without the meds....just to get food in her.  She's such a defender dog....which means she's also self-defensive.  But like all beings with the annoying partial intelligence of a 4 year old human.....she doesn't know what she thinks she knows.  Take the medications!!!  :gaah:  


MtRider  ....slept like a log last night.....so VERY worn out and tired.  THIS is why we had kids delivered ready-made and older....no weeks of sleepless nights.  ;) 

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Sure glad you're home, Homesteader!  I hope they figure out what's up with your oxygen levels.


@Mt_Rider  Try liverwurst (braunschweiger).  I've been told that dogs can't refuse it and it is easy to put a pill in.  Gotta use veterinary deception, you know!


Oreo doesn't like to take pills either.  He thinks we are trying to trick him, which we are.

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The chewables are liver flavored.......AND we've already been trying liverwurst to get her to eat anything.  She ate it once [no pills in it] with rice and didn't finish it all.  Hasn't touched it since.  We were trying beef and liver to increase iron cuz she's losing blood.  Thankfully she's not losing near so much now.  But this has been going on for weeks....normal heat cycle and then the bladder infection. 


She really is more alert today, despite not getting the full amount of pills.  Benefit of pain pills, likely.  Today we tried bacon grease on pieces of scrambled egg [with pills ground up].  She got a bit of that down.  Please make the connection, you bright 4-year-old mentality dog!  Take the pills!  Mostly she licks the bacon grease off the egg. 


This dog blows theories right and left for how to coax her to do ANYTHING!  <_<    Too intelligent and not quite intelligent enough! 


MtRider  ....the real question is:  are DH and I intelligent enough to get her thru this?  :sassing:  

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Homesteader, glad you are home and doing better. :pray: for a full recovery for breathing issues. Hope they find what is going on soon so they can fix the problem. 


Mt. Rider, dogs can be stubborn when it comes to taken pills. Seems I remember using lunch meat to get our dog to take her pills. The cats were another story. Dh would grab them by the nap of the neck and I would shove the pills down their throat. One was on Synthroid and he learned to just take his pill with no issues. He was one hyper cat. 


I have been very busy as of late. Granddaughter and her Dh will be staying with me for  3 months before moving to SC end of Feb. They will be moving in the end of November.  I have a contractor coming tomorrow for estimate on fireplace repairs and remodel of the main bathroom as well as removing the paneling from the den walls and sheet rocking and painting walls. The paneling is damaged around the fireplace. So I need to decide if I want to keep the fireplace wood burning or gas fire logs. I am thinking the way things are going to just keep it wood burning but to put in a wood burning stove as they are more efficient than just a regular wood burning fire place. 

I need to catch up on here, but will be hard to do for a long while. Have started taken stuff I needed to get rid of to the Goodwill. Slowly getting the garage emptied, but still a lot to go through. Been to hot to work out there, but mornings are cooler now, so working out there in mornings and then in house in afternoon.  


Hope I haven't missed anything with anyone having issues. But just to let you all know I have everyone here in my prayers as I know many of you are still having issues, health wise, process of moving and with taken care of family members as well. 


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Yesterday. walked and walked dogs.
Shell station to fill up for before incoming storm (mostly rain, I think). Walmart for a couple of items and people were buying and acting crazy. No vegetables in frozen section of any brand except a couple of bags of peas and mix veggies. That was about 4 freezer doors with nothing, Frozen french fries and potatoes was the same. I got the last box of lids in the store but they did have jars. Milk and chocolate milk section was almost completely empty. Went to Dollar Tree and their whole freezer section was down. I did get some glow sticks for emergencies.
Came home and shoveled leaves out of drains in front of house (and neighbor's) to minimize flooding.

Today, I have laundry going.
Will do video, shortly.
Cut cheese for dog treats.
Take eBay photos later.
Maybe work on the bedroom closet that I keep putting off. Maybe not.

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Not much going on here.

I will say that grocery prices are getting ridiculous though.The cost of meat is like WOW!

I've  been in pain. The doctor has me taking ibuprofen everyday. I have been having tingling, numbness, and aching in my back, neck, arms, hands, and fingers. He thinks it may be carpal tunnel syndrome due to having hypothyroidism. I don't  have my nerve conduction test until the end of next month.

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Blessed homemaker.  Miki is right see if you can get on a list to be moved up in a cancellation. That is to long to wait. I had that surgery for carpel tunnel years ago. Back in 1989. I sure hope there are better options for that now.


Miki, I do have to say, you seem to be so much organized. I forgot what that is these days. Still going through stuff, trying to figure out what to keep and what goes. Have already taken a car load to good will. A lot more is going. 


Went to B'J's wholesale today. Didn't buy much in the line of food, but did buy batteries, band-aids, zinc, aspirin low dose as I take that every night, light bulbs, And other things to fill in the low places on non food items. There were other thing I could use but not on sale. So those items can wait for next trip. Skipped out on Sam's club this time. Been working on getting things out of garage and a lot of stuff is going to trash. Trying to get all garden stuff together to put in garden shed. Need to keep steady at it as Oct. will be an extremely busy month for me. Furniture is coming in, new fridge will be here. Hoping the awnings will be here. And getting room ready for granddaughter and her husband to move in the end of November. They will be staying with me for 3 months to save money for a house in SC. They have both taken on a job. Granddaughter is a full time waitress making a cart load on tips plus college. Her husband took a second job washing dishes on the weekend at $15.00 an hour. I would wash dishes for that. They are paying off bills and granddaughter's car. They want to be debt free before they move. Smart kids. 

Right now I just need a nap. My upper arm is killing me and I think it is coming from my neck. I really need to get an e-ray of my neck to make sure the plate is still where it should be. I had frozen shoulder in that right arm before, and I am afraid of it happening again. 

Will be on here off and on when I can as I am about to go full throttle on this house.  So much to do and so little time. Contractors will be here on the 5th of Oct.  to give me an estimate on fireplace, main bathroom and some other things that need to be fixed around here. I hate that it is 3 weeks off from now, but I will just deal with it. 

I will be glad to see October go so I can slow down. I am so tired now just from walking around the store. I need to find my energy again. 

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Blessed, I had to wait six weeks for my nerve conduction test.  In pain like you plus an inability to use my hand.  It did, however give us some needed answers.  I have carpal tunnel due to compression of my wrist after a radial angiogram went very wrong.  It’s been a three and a half month journey for me with more procedures, surgery, and physical and occupational therapy still to come.   Hang in there.  When we are in pain no fix comes soon enough.  :hug3:

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Did a video this morning (rain).
Swept house.
Baked cookies.
Took eBay photos.
Was supposed to have a roofer over about getting new roof. Not doing anything yet as we don't have a check in hand.
Took a shorter walk this afternoon during break in rain and walked dogs.
Will have Prayer meeting this evening.

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Good news....Koa is eating more and some of it has pain reliever hidden in it.  Bad news....can't even TRY to sneak the antibiotic in....cuz she might stop eating again and cuz if she doesn't get all of it, it encourages antibiotic-resistant strains.  :sigh:  Yes doc, we know that.


The vet called to check today.  Agreed we've tried LOTS of things and just to get something in her stomach is important and no, we will NOT be able to force the allegedly yummy liver-flavored pills down her throat.  So.....we ran off to the vet again today.  He gave her a shot in the rear which, being still in our car, she didn't notice.  Vet gave us one of the simple cloth muzzles too.  He'd been thinking of giving us a med we'd have to give sub-Q.  Told him of Koa's adventures with that when she was so little.  But I guess the amounts would have been too much cuz of her size.  Anyway, this antibiotic will work over the next 2 wks.  It's not as specific for bladder but more general.  Better than nothing or hit and miss with the "chewables". 


I told him we both feel like we brought home a preemie baby...losing sleep and always trying to do something for the dog.  We're :faint3:  She stumbled coming up the open steps with DH last nite.  Frightened and stuck at the half way point.  I took off my sweater to do a lift, just in front of her rear legs.  DH pulled up on her body harness.  She cooperated when we stopped trying to go up and began to turn her to go back down.  That worked.  We go up the hill next to the house....thru the former goat pen [now koa's] and in our back door.  She'd been doing ok but just stumbled. 


:whistling:  On Saturday, I fell UP those same stairs.  It's quite startling....tho I've done it a thousand times.  Totally UNgraceful.  :curtsey:  


We did manage to stop for more fresh foods and the big 5 doz pack of eggs.....since we're feeding Koa those too.  Cashed a check.  And talked to my mom for a few minutes.  I'd called my dad this morning....their 73rd Anniversary.  My mom had gone up to see him....take him outside in wheelchair.  He actually remembered I'd called.  Then we got home.


No, we stopped at our communal mailboxes.   Some WEIRD lady pulled along side us and said:  My children say you pulled into our driveway and turned around and left.  :wacko:  No, we did not.  Well that's what they said.  We're just getting home and collecting our mail. 


Okay....that was OVER THE TOP STRANGE....on so many counts.  One:  There are no driveways most of the way that we take.  There is one but it's a VERY long driveway and old people live up there.  Methinks she lives north of where we turn to go home and collect our mail.  We were coming in from the south.  :scratchhead: 

Two.....what the heck did she think she was going to do about someone turning around ......???? 



What an idiot!   Half expected sheriff to stop by tonite.  We had bank and store receipt and business card for our vet.  REALLY....we're so plain, ordinary and boring!  :buttercup:   ...except for all these WEIRD things happening... Sheeeesh!


Soooooo.....Koa looks much better....is not leaking as much.....ate liver and rice tonite.  Tired and sleeps thru the whole night again now.  :amen:  


DH sees doc again tomorrow.  All this hoo-hah is NOT helping his back.  :pray: 


MtRider  ...thanks for prayers.  Hope this ENTIRE SIEGE ends soon.     Like to take my mom out to eat on her Bday next week.  :shrug:   

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OOTO......RE: ice cream.  Um....don't know if she's ever had it.  At any rate, we don't have any to try it.  Hopefully the shot today will solve the problem....tho we'll continue to sneak in some pain reliever into her. 


MtRider  ......icecream would work with me tho!  :lol:  :feedme:  

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Ice cream works for me, too!  LOL  I'm glad she is feeling better!


Went to Walmart first thing this morning. Found my cauliflower rice but the rest of the frozen veggies was still bare. Dairy was still low. I got one bottle of 1000 mg lysine, another bottle of zinc and a 2 pack of D3, just because.
Kroger seemed pretty well stocked. Got almost all sale items I was looking for.
Came home, fed dogs and walked myself--not dogs today. (My hip is bothering me)
Getting ready to pressure can tater tots. Will see how that goes.
Not much else on the list today.

The fellow will be here Monday to go over contract and pick color of architectural shingles. Woohoo!


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Glad that Koa is doing better.  

Went through all the cook books yesterday and today. I am getting rid of 5 box loads of them. Only keeping the ones I use a lot and of course all my canning books, and gardening books. I also have some books on herbs I am keeping. The rest are out of here.

Going through more stuff that are just sitting on shelve collecting dust. Lots of knickknacks that I am going to pack up and get rid of as well. Time for a total clean up of all the mess we had collected over the years. There are some things i will keep, but there is to much of it around here. Guess I am getting at an age where simple and less stuff is the way to go. Easier to keep house clean that way. And besides, the way this country is going, I could use that extra room for much needed stuff. the book case is right next to kitchen and fridge is on other side of wall that separates the fridge and bookcase. I see a way to clear off my kitchen counters. I am going to fix that bookcase up for what cook books I am keeping and put my canisters of sugar, flour, etc. on there. That will give me much needed counter space in a small kitchen. What I really need is a real pantry. But guess you can't have everything. 

The first estimate on fireplace is Oct. 5th. 3 weeks out. I am thinking of a stove insert as they are more efficient than just an open wood burning fireplace. I thought about gas logs, but with this new green deal. Might not be the best idea. And I can get wood for cheap for a while.

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:offtobed:    I am getting so very very fatigued ....trying to handle dog things and doing some things so DH won't further strain his back and ....  :0327:  I just wanna sleep for a week.  And....I am getting fairly good sleep but it takes me so long to wind down from these days of tension/worry.  Multiple attempts to medicate or FEED Koa.  


I tried 2 new methods of getting pain med down that neurotic dog.  She isn't really neurotic ....just really really tough to outwit ....and a HUGE  "I AIN'T GONNA COOPERATE attitude!   The first method was a fail.  The second worked. 


I spent a lot of time going thru our animal stuff in the garage.  Finally dug out the animal first aid bucket.  Took out the plastic syringes....NOT the needle part.  We've always used them to "pressure wash" animal cuts/wounds.  Water + Betadine and SPLOOSH!  Repeat. 


In this case, we dissolved Koa's pain med in water.  She needed it today.  Riding in car yesterday....stiff.  It makes my heart cringe to watch her get up with so much pain/effort.   I put the muzzle on her and held her head up a bit.  DH squirted the pain-med-fluid slowly into the side of her mouth-cheek and despite her unwillingness....she did have to swallow.   :band:    SUCCESS ...and I think it's repeatable!  :band2:     ......even if we have to wear leather padded gloves to put the muzzle on....  :sigh:  


MtRider  :amen:  .... :offtobed: 

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Mt. Rider, your puppy is a hand full. Hope she gets better really soon. I know that can be tiresome as I have been there and done that. Guess that is one of the reasons I don't want anymore dogs and cats. Just can't handle all the work to take care of them any longer.


And yes, where is Annarchy, It has been a long while. Last I heard I think she was having work related issues due to health. I just hope she is doing ok. 

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I've  been thinking about Annarchy too. I thought maybe I missed a post while I was in Indiana.  


Virginia, I've never heard of canning tater tots and I wouldn't have a clue about how to do it. Only way I'd know how to save them, other than freezing them would be to bake them, dehydrate them, shred them and call them hash browns. Vacuum seal them (or use oxygen absorbers) in a jar or Myler bag. Sorry I 'm not much help. 



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Little sister, a couple of months ago, I donated almost 100 cookbooks to our church yard sale. They hardly had any customers and none of the cookbooks sold. I thought about taking them back and doing something else with them but DH said once they're out, they're not coming back into the house. So, I suppose they all got taken to Goodwill. DH thought since I was paring down my collection that I wouldn't buy anymore. Wrong! 🤣 I recently bought 12 from Gooseberry Patch. They were having a really good deal. Today, I got one in the mail about cooking with dairy. I am a used book frequent shopper. 😆 

I just re- subscribed to Self Reliance magazine. Should be getting my first issue in a few weeks. Think of subscribing to Countryside again. Do any of you get either of those?

Our 31st wedding anniversary was yesterday and my DH bought me a new engagement ring. 💍My original set has been enlarged too many times  since I have gotten uh hmm" larger" over years. He will be buying a new wedding band for me next year. My new ring is a diamond trio with a white gold and rose gold band. So pretty. I haven't had my wedding rings on in about 5 years so this will be a nice treat.

We went to Sam's Club yesterday and they still have their limit of one on toilet paper. Was hoping to buy 2 but it is what it is. 

My back and arm are still aching so I am going to try to get in tomorrow for a chiropractic treatment and massage to see if that will alleviate the pain.

I am going to read now for a few minutes before heading to bed.

Goodnight, all!

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A good place to buy new books is Ollies if you have one near you. Ours has a lot of cookbooks etc. and they are pretty inexpensive. I like the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks too. Nice pictures.


I need to take a run to Sam's Club soon too. I got a big pack of T.P. at my grocery store this week. There was no limit but it was $20.00 for the pack. Not in my budget to buy 2 of them. 


My grass is getting very tall. I kept waiting for him to come thinking surely tomorrow. I finally called him today. Poor guy was sick in the hospital with you-know-what.  He was very apologetic and said he'd be out today. I told him to forget it today and just come when he felt able. I dare the city to come out and say something. It always looks worse when the neighbors on either side of me mow. Makes mine look even taller. It does look nice and lush and green though. :D  

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Good morning!

I posted the recipe and answered the questions in Guerrilla Homesteading.  


I'm trying to take it a little easy today as my right hip is not happy with me for dragging my garden wagon up and down a hill a few times.  

Will do a video as it is raining again from TS Nicholas.

Going to lunch with friends today.

Still need to clean closet but not finding the ambition yet.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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