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Rode today.....DUSTY!!!!!  N95 and wished I hadn't left my sunglasses in the other pocket.  ((cough))   Maybe I can be regularly at 2X per week again for a while.  I was really getting off balance the past couple days.  :imoksmiley:   Other than dust, it was a lovely day.....not too hot, considering it's Aug.  Nice breeze. 


DH and my mom went to Wally's.  He took her home so I didn't even see her....for a while now.  First cuz we were sick and next cuz we've just not connected.  Talk to her every night tho.


Stocked up on my sleep aid.....a sleep aid for DH.  He picked up a seam sealer for my leaking raincoat.  Never saw this type so.....  :scratchhead:   We'll see.


MtRider  ....whoooo, I'm TIRED!  :0327:

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TX has been an interesting adventure. 

Thursday morning, sprayed the wasps, over 10 nests, her neighbor sprayed them on Monday and removed the nests.  Took MIL for her 2nd covid shot.  Cooked shrimp scampi for dinner.

Went to Sam’s Friday morning.  They said my Business membership no longer allows early morning shopping.  Now, you have to buy their premium card for 7-10am. shopping, at over $100.  Price hike.  Got a pack of baby back ribs for dinner, with a microwave cup of mashed potatoes, mom sized.  She enjoyed it, said she felt terrible, her arm hurt so much she couldn’t move it and didn’t want to get off the couch.  She slept most of the day there.  Packed the leftover ribs, 2 per bag & froze them for her.


This morning, pulled the spiny pig weeds that were over 4’ tall, filled her roll off dumpster, packed to the top.  Noticed more wasp nests, where I had sprayed & removed the nests on Thursday.  One was already the size of a grapefruit!  Mom called Orkin, they will be here Monday, guaranteeing their work for 2 months, money back guarantee, if the wasps come back, they will come back for free.  She’s happy.  Over-sprayed myself, trying to avoid the swarm.  I’ve been bug bombed, even though I showered good right after.   Even called Poison Control, per the instructions on the can..…. :imoksmiley:or not…..

Headed home in the morning….

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Annarchy, hope you are okay. I've inhaled my share of that stuff too. I wear a mask and try to stay upwind. 


I've only ever had the regular Sam's membership. The last time I was there she tried to get me to renew my card. I said not now. She said I could do it right there at the payment thingy. Sigh. I told her it isn't due until the end of October.  :rolleyes:  Another girl came up to her to tell her something and she wanted me to sign up for the 'plus' membership.  Crimony. 


I'm thinking about switching over to Costco. Both Sam's and Costco will be about an hour away from me in Indy. Their membership is a little bit more though. I've heard good things about their Kirkland brands.  :shrug:

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We don't have a Sam's or Costco within 70 miles of us, so no worries about membership for me.


First up this morning will be Sunday School and Church.

Walk dogs.

Clean Baths.

Might try making hard tack this afternoon or wait until tomorrow.  Just an experiment (this time).

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9 hours ago, Annarchy said:

She enjoyed it, said she felt terrible, her arm hurt so much she couldn’t move it and didn’t want to get off the couch.

Our Hospice nurse ended up with a frozen shoulder after her second injection. Spent weeks at the chiro trying to get some nighttime relief from the pain. She left the medical world several weeks ago. Such a huge loss to the hospice patients in our area.  :sad-smiley-012:  We're seeing more and more burn-out from those we cross paths with. My niece went after a religious exemption and received it. They told her that she would have to continue to wear her mask at the hospital. She laughed and said that they were too.   :whistling:


We had to tweak mom's psychotic and pain meds at the assisted living facility last night. She wakes up and starts yelling when family isn't there. She thinks they are poisoning her with her meds. We backed off all meds except pain and psychotic ones. They added a morphine patch and all pills are now being crushed and given with a water in the side of her mouth. Thankfully, I have a friend who just went through this with her husband. She keeps me ahead of what's coming in the next phase. It helps me and gives her a feeling of helpfulness in the midst of grief. That's how God works in the church body. :grouphug:


I am hoping to get some green beans canned today. I carve out time here and there to prep the garden food and then look at all the food getting backed up in the refrig, ready to process.  :24:

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Been cleaning the kitchen and getting it together to start some canning from freezer. Need to make more soups. And I want some chicken and dumplings. What can I say. They are good.  I got my card for my medical exemption from doctor. Though I have a bad feeling that in time it won't mean anything.  Yes I to will have to continue to wear a mask but that is the least of my worries. Mask are already known to not work. But the government thinks they have more control over us by making us wear them. Little do they know. I want to get some meat out of freezer to can before I start work on the fireplace as that is going to be one dusty job and I don't want food in kitchen while that is going on. Kitchen and den are one huge room separated by a bar. So that makes it hard to can while work is going on. 

My big issues are where am I going to put what I can now as I am out of room. One reason I want to back off garden and buying anything much for a while. But I feel I do need to but just so tired. Not buying anymore meat unless I can get a really good deal. And I have 2 maybe 3 years to think about my moving closer to family. This is to much food to move out of here. Lots to pack up in a way not to have broken jars.

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On 8/19/2021 at 5:40 PM, Littlesister said:

Miki, how do you can your bell peppers and onions?  I love that on steaks, but just do it as I need them. I would love to can peppers and onions. 


On 8/20/2021 at 11:20 AM, snapshotmiki said:

@Littlesister, I dry pack with a half tsp. of garlic powder and pressure can.  I do quarts--the peppers shrink, so stuff them in good-- then PC for 45 minutes.


On 8/20/2021 at 8:38 PM, Littlesister said:

Think you Miki, I am going to give that a try. I freeze green peppers and onions but have never canned them.  One thing though. Do you add any water to them or just pressure can with no water in jars?


On 8/21/2021 at 12:02 PM, snapshotmiki said:

No water but I do put a small pat of butter with the garlic powder on the bottom of jar.


I really hate to rain on your parade, but the only approved method for PCing bell (or other sweet) peppers is by HOT PACKING: and the jar size is limited to one pint or smaller. This website recommends removing the skins prior to canning.



There are some recipes that use EEVO as a preservative - but - they are ALL refrigerator storage methods.


It appears that the best way to store peppers for as close to fresh texture is to either dehydrate them, or to freeze them. (blanching is not necessary)


Peppers_ Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy.pdf

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Home safe, praise God, the 18 wheeler didn’t run me too far off the road…I was in dirt, but recovered, the car behind me, had to slam his breaks, I punched it, because I was already up to his cab!  He never looked…

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Went to meet the Church today, in the building we call church. Pastor preached!! He's more of a teacher, but today he preached on how the state of our country is in BECAUSE of how we (as a nation) have fallen away from the Lord. It will get worse, he said. He didn't tickle my ears once. We are thankful for him!


Then hubby decided we should go out for lunch, so we decided to let the birthday boy (this week) decide where to go. Freddie's it was. Came home, took a nap....kinda (toddler!).Then made spaghetti sauce with the sauce from yesterday.... 14 quarts are in the canner, so I'm pretty happy!! Also, made ketchup for the first time. It turned out pretty good! I can taste all the flavors....it's yummy!


A good day, even though I'm tired. Tired is good!

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:amen:  for Annarchy's narrow escape!   Whoooooeee!  Must have had heart thumping for miles after that!  :hug3:



Homesteader....yeah.  I can relate.  We're trying to get my dad more comfortable in the Sundowning each evening.  I don't think it matters if he sees "bugs" on the windowsill or even "piles" of them on his bed.  To me, what matters is if these hallucinations BOTHER him.  He got so afraid one evening cuz "the staff had been killed and he was next".  :(   :(    So far, the meds accelerated this problem so ....try again?


Today was a rest day.....laying down much of the day.  Just didn't have energy.  Tried to nap early on.....but couldn't quite achieve sleep.  Then late afternoon I couldn't stay awake.  :buttercup: 


MtRider   ...sheeeesh!  Don't like hearing about the jab's side affects.  Worrisome, indeed.  :pray:

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6 hours ago, Midnightmom said:


I'm not able to move posts..................... just point out possible problems in the existing thread.  :hug3:


Going forward, when I am asked how I do something, I will private message an answer. 


Walked first this morning and next will walk dogs.

Laundry day and will make the hard tack later.

Easy day.  Nice way to start the week!


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On 8/8/2021 at 3:25 PM, Mt_Rider said:

or WE2s as they continue this big move.  For strength and wisdom .....and that they can remember where they put everything! 

We have pretty much moved in...about 80%  We have moved box by box, several at a time, put them away, then go again!






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Yes, we have been busy!  About 80% moved, and the hardest part is ahead od us...sorting, pitching and cleaning up the mess we've made there.  Got slowed down a bit when farmer friends needed to leave state to help one of their sons, so ask us to harvest their garden and keep the goodies.  So we were busy every 2 or 3 days picking green beans, bell peppers, sweet peppers, poblano's, tomatoes and a few jalapeno's.  We've been eating the bells like crazy and have pretty much finished them off.  Now...I have 2 or 3 bags of poblano's that I'm going to put in my food processer and add a touch of jalapeno's and made myself some green chillies to jar up for the pantry...half pints will do us. 

Hubby had our heat pump check out and it was low on freon, so recharged it.  Should operate even better now.

Also found a yard full of yellow jacket nests!  He sprinkled them heavily with some Sevin and DE...hopefully this will kill them!

Waited all day today for ATT to get our land line hooked up.  No go.  When I called, they told me that we had done everything right but their end had messed up...so no land line until...?  At least we have gotten our internet up and running, but hubby did lose his Amazon link for his personal account.  But we're able to use my account to watch the shows he likes to watch.  

 Abby is truly enjoying her extra space, inside and out!  Glad we found the wasp nests though, they may have swarmed her and then possibly killed her!  So we're watching very carefully how the DE etc., handles them.  If not, we'll spray the tops with Canola Oil, Dawn and Water.  That will stop a wasp dead in it's tracks...we've used it many times before.

Son got his settlement so he was able to buy himself a very nice car.  Won't have to wait for an aide or ?? to pick him up and take him to doctors, shopping etc.  I'm glad for him.  The relationship he thought he had found didn't work out...as usual.  Some of these women he finds online are truly weird!

Picked 4 grocery bags of Elderberries from our same farmer friends, froze them and hubby is shaking them down and putting them in gallon bags for me to process at a later date.  Our bushes that we planted the starts last year bloomed and gave us several florets for out freezer!  We'll take a few more starts off them when we cut them back this fall, and replant the ones that didn't survive and plant a few more.  If I can get 6 or more quarts of the juice that will make us happy.

Well I guess I better get busy cleaning up supper dishes. Take care everybody...and that's why we've been quiet! LOL

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I do freeze and dehydrate peppers and onions, but thought that would be an easy quick way to use them when I don't have time to defrost them.  Miki, if you have been canning peppers and onions like that for a long time with no issues, then it must be like they say about canning squash. Now they tell you not to can squash, but it is in my old ball canning book and I have and still do can squash to this day.  Never had any issues with it. 


Annarchy, so glad you are home safe and sound. I remember when we were going down 95 heading to Charlottesville VA.  You could put a credit card between the 18 wheeler and the car in front of it. Those trucks will run you off road. It's bad. Seen enough wrecks caused by them. Came back from VA Beach one time and saw an 18 wheeler run over a car. Didn't slow down for traffic. 


WE2, Glad your move is going good. I know it is lots of work.


My desk and chair came today, so trying to go through office stuff and see what I need to keep and what to get rid of. Don't need all of it any longer. So boxing up what can go into yard sale.  Need to figure out what to do with old file cabinet and book case that went to the other desk. I am thinking of putting bookcase in shed to use for storage. It would give me extra storage shelves. Got to get some filing done as well. this desk has drawers and is really long. So it works out great. One drawer is a filing cabinet. So that will make it easier for me to keep what papers I need filed right where I can grab them easy. Hoping by Wed. I can start canning some of the meat from freezer. It is mostly beef. So want to make some veg. beef soup with part of it. I am getting low on that. 



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I made hard tack yesterday and holy cow, I know why it has that name! Like a brick! Now I know how easy it is, though.


Had no internet from 2 pm through bed time. DH was soo bored! I read.


Today, I will walk first and then go help a friend for part of the day.
Hopefully an uneventful day!

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Hardtack is best soaked before eaten.   5m for a chewy option or 2 hours for a mushier option.   Coffee, soup/broth, alcohol are the usual suspects.  Some people use them as a base for cream cheese/ricotta/jam type meals if they have the ingredients.  


Drama and chaos keep coming to my house.  DD18 will be staying with her dad in AR after all for her senior year.  At this point, I think everyone deserves peace and I hope this will achieve that.  I don't even have the energy to be upset anymore.  


I took stock of the house and we are going to spend the next year doing a cleanout rotation for most things.  There is a time to harvest and there is a time to enjoy/rely on the winter fruits of that harvest.   We've decided that it is important to recognize that seasons change and everything has a time. 


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Sad day indeed Jeepers,  I to like the rolling stones. 

My son in law has corvid. The whole office staff got it. Seems someone came down at his work with it and his boss told them  to stay in their office. No precautions were taken and that person still had to use the same hallway and bathroom. So yes they all have it. SIL is now working from home. He only has flu like symptoms and did not get the jab. Daughter did get the jab, but can still get a mild case of corvid. SIL's boss is giving everyone 10 days off to get well and then back to work. They all say she needs to be fired. And yes it has been coming for a while. 

Waiting on the guys to come change out the second mattress and box springs for the one I ordered. This one was temp. as they put me off a week and I had to have it when it was suppose to come as company was coming in. So they gave me a loner. Mattress Firm is a good place to buy a mattress. 

Washing sheets this morning and will be making bed when the new mattress gets here. Going through more boxes today. Wrapped up and boxed the lead chrystal glasses as I don't use them anymore. haven't used them in several years, so no need to keep them. Granddaughter took a few of them. it is 3 different sizes and a set of 10 of each size. I don't cook Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for 25 to 30 people anymore as our family has dwindled down over the years from death. Yes we have lost a lot of family members from old age. And now with daughter, and grandchildren all moving to other states, I see no need to keep all this stuff. As euphrasyne has stated above, there is a time to harvest and a time to rest. So I am going through and getting rid of anything I haven't used in years. That time has been coming for a long time and this is as good a time as any to start doing that. I am going to have one huge yard sale next spring. Daughter and granddaughter that is still here are adding to it. So it will be 3 of us getting rid of things. 

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Apparently, I was busy yesterday as I never got on this forum.


Yesterday, walked first.
Went to Walmart. Good news is that all the frozen and refrigerated cases that were down are now up and running. Tomato products like stewed tomatoes and diced tomatoes were low, I got the last case of each--left a couple of cans for others. I got one case of wide mouth pints and several Golden Harvest lids (yay). Other stuff I got is for fundraiser at Church.
Repackaged some sliced ham.
Cooked Sausage and eggs for DH for future breakfasts.
Baked chicken, spinach, stewed tomatoes with a little parmesan for my future breakfasts--have bloodwork in about 3 weeks and want cholesterol within limits so backing off the eggs for now.
Prayer meeting in the evening.


Walked first this morning and then dogs.
Prepped and PC'd chicken livers with onions- still going.
Still have to do eBay photos.
Hope you all have a good weekend!

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I went to the store today. Just a quick trip for bread etc. I was very surprised by how well the shelves were stocked up. There were just a few holes, mostly in the paper products. The canned goods looked good. I forgot to check the med aisle. They had those small bottles of A-1 sauce on sale for $3.26. The exact same ones I got at the Dollar Tree last week for $1.00. 


They had about a dozen cases of the Ball plain regular mouth quart jars and the same in pints. They were in the fruit/veggie aisle. No lids. 


All summer long I've had a hard time with cucumbers. There are usually about 12 available and they are either going soft or are starting to shrivel up on the ends. If I get one it's usually the least old one instead of a nice good one. It's been like that all summer here. And you'd better use it within a day or two. 


I'm also having a hard time keeping batteries. They keep leaking on me and they aren't expired. Energizer. Last month I cleaned up my dusty label maker and replaced the batteries. Last night I went to use it and it wouldn't work. I opened it up and at least one of the batteries had leaked all over it. It doesn't expire until Dec. 2023. And it takes 4 AA.  Sheeesh.  Dying is one thing but blowing acid is another. That isn't the first time I've noticed the batteries leaking before they expire. 


It clouded up today, the sky turned black and the 'tater wagon' (thunder) really rumbled through up above. It looked and sounded ominous. We got a nice shower and that was it. Not complaining. 

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3 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I'm also having a hard time keeping batteries. They keep leaking on me and they aren't expired. Energizer. Last month I cleaned up my dusty label maker and replaced the batteries. Last night I went to use it and it wouldn't work. I opened it up and at least one of the batteries had leaked all over it. It doesn't expire until Dec. 2023. And it takes 4 AA.  Sheeesh.  Dying is one thing but blowing acid is another. That isn't the first time I've noticed the batteries leaking before they expire. 


I have AA Energizers that I bought on clearance from a back-to-school sale at Walmart......................... about 8 years ago!!!  :whistling:

I've never opened the packages, but I haven't seen any leaks so I just assumed they were still good. Maybe not??? :shrug::bounce:

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56 minutes ago, Annarchy said:

We keep our batteries in the frig.  MIL taught us that..  seems to work… for years.  


I used to do that with film - especially after it was used and I didn't have the money to process the pictures! Unused film was kept in the freezer. 

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