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:pray:  for Euphrasyne and family .....ALL the issues.  Sheeeesh, gal!  You're having a summer like we are!  Hope your girls are ok in the COVID household.  :pray:  :(  



Just talked to my mom.  :scratchhead:   Apparently nothing has happened yet....or that's what my dad tells her.  For whatever reason, we cannot get the floor to answer a call nor call us back.  AND we can't tell if he's "on the planet" when he tells us things.  That's one area where I'd give this care home a low score.  They're a good clean quiet place.....but we're constantly wondering ..... in the dark. 


Glad my mom went home yesterday.....since allegedly nothing was really going to happen.  [or maybe it did?]   She hadn't eaten at noon cuz she took a morning nap, woke late and had to hurry to catch her ride to visit him.   She can't do that!  She should have energy bars in her purse.....  Is it always harder to watch over your parents than your kids?  


DH is much better today but he only slept 6 hrs last nite.  I slept well but was feeling quite poorly in the morning.  Began coughing...... :o  ...but then that stopped and I've felt pretty good for the past several hours.  :scratchhead:   Glad I canceled riding today.......and we've got another day for DH to rest.  He's working more hours on M and W this week.  And Tues....I have a MORNING medical appt  [ aaaaugh!]   and then riding scheduled right after that.  Mon thru Wed is going to be challenging.  


MtRider  .....if we can stay healthy now......  :pray: 

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Lehman's looked fine. But they have expanded their jigsaw puzzle aisles a lot. They have tons of puzzles now. Not sure why. They must sell well. That store has always been spread out because it's in the heart of a tourist destination and they need room for people. They have always moved stuff around a lot too so it's hard to tell with them. They get customers in by the bus loads. Big bus loads. So they can easily spread things around without being too noticeable. The only thing I noticed that was in short supply was canning equipment. No jars and no lids. Even their Kilner jars were nearly gone. They only had one canner left. It was an All American. It was nearly $500.00. There were a few reusable regular mouth lids but I'm not sure they were Tattler. They had some extra rubber seals but they were in a bag and not a box. I should have paid more attention. 


Plenty of cast iron cookware. They even have their own brand with their name embossed on the bottom. It looked really nice. Probably a really nice price tag too. 


They have so many heating stoves and big ticket items in there. It's a showroom so it's hard to tell what they really have in stock and which are just models. I assume you have to order ahead like most appliance stores. When I got the Berkey filters I had to ask for them and they went to the stockroom to get them. A year or so ago they were right on the shelf. Same with their Berkey's. Now they were locked up behind glass. 


I was disappointed in one thing. I've been wanting one of those rounded kitchen knives. I saw them down there with their name on the handle. I thought good, my knife and a souvenir all in one. But there was a big sticker on the front that said, "Made In China." Any other store I would expect it. But not them. It just sort of threw me. I didn't get one. I'll probably cave and get one later after the surprise has settled down. At least they were upfront about it and didn't try to hide it in small letters somewhere in the packaging.   Lehman's Ulu Knife | Lehman's (lehmans.com)  


I know the virus has impacted them. I imagine people aren't chartering cramped busses now the way they used to. That's how most seniors went shopping there. During the height of vacation season, the store was nearly empty. And the weather was good. Of all the years I've been going there I never saw a senior citizen discount notice. I'm wondering if that's new. You have to ask for it to get it.



The bulk food store, Walnut Creek Cheese, was well stocked. It looked like any other time. That store is fantastic for bulk food and cheeses.  The Ashery bulk food store was very well stocked too. They are just a little smaller. So, either the bulk food stores aren't having supply issues or else their tourist customers are scarce now. I'm thinking the latter. 

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7 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Plenty of cast iron cookware. They even have their own brand with their name embossed on the bottom. It looked really nice. Probably a really nice price tag too. 

Thanks for the update! We installed a cell site within an hour of them (MANY) years ago, so I popped in and fell in love with them.    :wave:  Thanks for the update.


I try not to get caught buying anything from China. It's probably too late for our #1 economy in the world, but I will go down with a fight.  :tapfoot:  I would like several more iron skillets, but struggle with the one that I have.  :24:   I need to get back to the gym.  :0327:

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If I didn't already have cast iron skillets I'd be tempted to buy theirs. As it is I can barely lift the ones I have.  Lehman's Lodge Skillet, Cast Iron Cookware | Lehman's (lehmans.com) 


They have two stores actually. One is a small hardware store that the Amish use the most. It's in Mt. Hope. Plus a very small outlet type of store behind the main store in Kidron. Not much in there though. It takes me almost 2 hours to get there.  

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Went to Sunday School and Church.
Walked dogs.
Stalled out. LOL
Still need to check batteries for supply reasons.
Work on BOB's--one needs to be re-packed since my trip to IL.
Sweep house.

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:gaah:    I didn't sleep last nite.  Took one-half sleep aid as usual.    ....  ..... :tapfoot:  ..... .....  Still awake so took second one-half.  ..... ...... :tapfoot:  ......  ......  DH got up [normal for him at least once in the night]  and we ended up talking for a bit and finally I fell asleep after the morning light was shining; around 5:30AM........to 10AM.   Well, at least I got some sleep. 


This afternoon I went with DH to "walk the dog".  She walked us!  Dropped off a payment over west of us and then went to a fishing area that HAD been kinda secluded.  Well, not in recent years.  The tubers [float down the stream in inner tubes] found it and companies run their tubing business there.  Not. So. Good. For. Fishermen.  :grinning-smiley-044:   It used to be our place to go all year....but watch for cougars in winter.  Yes, really. 


I hadn't been there yet this year.....tells what kind of year this has been.  We wandered wherever Koa led ....on leash of course.  Winding trails thru bushes that have now grown WAY over our heads.  Stream only yards away on one side and the road thru the area only yards away on the other side.  Can't get lost but it felt like we were explorers.  :lol:   Dog sure thot she was!  AGTWHBA!   [ pronounced:  A Gee Tee DubleYou Atch Bee A ]    A good friend from decades ago used to say this.  "A good time was had by all!" 


Nice and cool with a bit of rain now and then.  :happy0203:


MtRider  .... tired tho now.  Hope to sleep tonite! 

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Where is everyone? Been very quiet lately. Hope everyone is doing ok. 


They finished jacking up the floors this afternoon. I am now in process of getting things put away now and cleaning up.  Got a list of things I will be doing but thinking of backing off on some things do to inflation.  Need to have the hinges on front door replaced and get the new storm doors. I am thinking about getting security doors instead of what I really wanted. Thinking things might get bad enough that the doors need to have that extra security. The other things will be the fireplace and well.  Those I feel at this time is a must. I am holding off on the bathrooms for now till I see how the economy goes. Right now that is not looking good. 

Going to call to get all the furniture sent tomorrow. There is one dresser that won't be here before November, but the rest I can have delivered now. So will get that done. Need to get new blinds for one more bedroom, and get the ones I have for the 2 bathrooms up. 

Lots to prepare for and still trying to figure things out.  Still waiting for the awning. Seems they are short handed as well as the trucking issues. This is going to get much worse as time goes on.  Bought some more tattler lids, but need to order some more of the rubber rings for extras. Never know when you might have to replace one. Also going to order extra parts for the 2 pressure canners as well as get a second water bath canner. Mine is very old and they do get thin on the bottoms after many years of use. I have 3 propane canisters and looking into getting a couple of more. I want to do the canning on back patio next summer and keep the heat outside instead of in house. I am sure it will take a lot of propane to do that, but will find out next year. And of course it's needed for the grill as well. 


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I'm still here. It has been quiet here lately. I've been spending lots of time on prepper sites that I go to. That and doing my own preps has kept me busy. With the mess this world is in, I stay heavy on the prepping ideas and lite on the news. I can only stomach just so much of the news reporters. 


My darn sleep pattern is turned around again. Makes it difficult to do anything outside or shopping.  :rolleyes:  I guess I need to do the Ambien thing for a few nights. I still miss the 24 hour stores. 


It seems like all I get done lately is loading and unloading, loading and unloading the Jeep.  


I'm still waiting for the paint contractor to call. They said about 6-7 weeks. It's just been 5 weeks so it's just me wanting to get the show on the road. I need to get back over there in a week or so to try to get those wallpaper boarders off the wall. And to get the rest of the stuff up off of the floor and stored out of their way. The biggest job was the kitchen and it's 90% done. 


I'm just tired which makes me weary. 

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I’ve been preparing to go to TX today.  So much to do… you know.


Our roof leaked, roofers said the AC people didn’t tuck the skirting under the shingles, or secure it to the roof, they just put tar over the base, so, roofer, nailed it down and put more tar over it.  DH was up there and said you could feel cold air coming out. Sigh, sometimes I really wonder about people today.  We will have to watch it.


oh, the storm that hit us, Monday night, tore the whole metal sheeting off our PO.  The sheets were mangled and strewn about for blocks.  DH said 80mph winds.  I saw damage on several places, to & from the PO.  

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Jeepers, I haven't been on a prepper site in a long, long time. Thinking it is time to get back on some of them. Don't know how anyone is prepping now nor with everything going on now as to how to prep for what is coming. Yes, I have some things in place but at the point of what should I be doing now to prepare.  I fear war is coming to this country. I need to find my EMP books. So going out to shed this weekend to find them. I need to get that info on here. Need to get my faraday cages together and get things secured.  Not to mention other things that need to be done.  Time to check my seeds and get them together for freezer or fridge. Looking for sales for raised beds and now thinking about that privacy fence as to many people have seen my garden this year. So that is not good. Don't mind sharing but don't need the whole neighborhood over here begging and stealing when things get really bad. I just don't see people prepping for what is coming.  There are two neighbors that I know are preparing, but only for food and nothing else. So keeping as much as I can to myself. They already know I do a garden and that is more than enough. Though I have been telling those that have asked about what I do with all the food that I did plant this year is that I sell it all to the market. Which I have sold a lot to them for the money for next year's garden.  

I also know we will be shutting down our internets somewhere down the line do to spying. That might be sooner than later.  

Annarchy, I am glad you guys are ok and was not hurt in the storm. Though I know you will have repairs to take care of.  :pray: the repairs won't be to bad. 

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I was having issues getting on MrsS yesterday, maybe day before also.  Glad to be here today!


Yesterday after walk, took phone to verizon for help switching over.
Kroger for meat sales--Tukey smoked sausage-$2, got 2
Hamburger 10 pounds $24
Pork steaks- .99 a pound
chicken thighs bone in .99 a pound
Also bought 15 bell peppers to dry pack PC with onions today.
3 half gallons chocolate milk which I PC'd yesterday when I got home.
Swept house.


Today, walked first and walked dogs.
Will process peppers and onions when I catch up here.
Not sure what else the day will bring except more figs, every day-more figs!


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I was out running errands and ended up by Wal-Mart. I went in mostly just to look around. Empty shelves everywhere. It was starting to look scary again. Like 2020 scary. If there is anything you have to have, try to get it now. 


Gatorade has been hard to find. I finally found some of the small bottles of the blue stuff in the 12 pack. I got three of those. I like the small single size bottles best. If I see the grape stuff I'll get some of that too. I'll drink those sparingly! G'son likes them too.


Along with everything else, the pasta aisle was nearly bare. I've been looking for that tri-color corkscrew pasta and can't find it any place. I like it for pasta salad. I just ordered it online. It should be here tomorrow.  The coffee aisle was pretty empty, including the K-Cups. Also the laundry detergent. I've heard people talking about pet food shortages. I looked and they were right. It was very low. Especially cat food. 


There was absolutely nothing in the canning aisle. Nothing. 


It was worrisome.



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Miki canning up some peppers and onions sounds really good. My DIL served some peppers and onions as a side that she grilled with some steak and it was yummy! She might have added some mushrooms to it, I don't remember. But I do remember it was so good. Would be good to have some little half pints or even quarter pints canned. 


I forgot to mention that Home Depot had a lot of N95 masks today.

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Well, today when I woke up, I had to clean up a mess. I looked out the window and saw the yard flooded and knew this couldn't be good. I was right. Our downstairs flooded again! This is the 3rd time in 5 years. Our outside drain was blocked with debris. The water comes in through our laundry room door. We need to get that walled off.

Yesterday was so humid. So glad we get a break from that today. We went to Kroger in search of 4 things and ended up with almost $80 of stuff in our cart. We did get a nice little deal on milk. Sell by date Saturday.  1/2 gallons of whole milk for 50 cents each! Dh and I had sushi from Kroger for supper. I really like the Philly roll. He got something spicy.

Tonight for supper, we will be having shrimp scampi and salad. The frozen shrimp scampi from Sam's Club is really good.

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Weather sure has thrown a lot of challenges at folks these past couple of years.  From serious drought + wildfires to Waaaaay Toooo much rain.  Phew! 


I appreciate that our area has been blessed with a fairly rainy summer but not too much rain.  Cuz we sit between the West coast ...East Coast....southern and northern borders?   My only real challenge this summer has been the smoke/soot/ash coming from our western neighbors' wildfires.  Took dog for 'walkabout' in our pasture....wearing N95 mask and Chilly Towel around my neck for the heat.  Lots of plants morphing into fall colors and seeds.  Spent quality time picking seeds from my sox! 


Yanno?  I'm beginning to think I'm experiencing a real blessing.  I've been noticing the temperature while I ride...or walk dog...or am just out and about.  :scratchhead:   At those temps....like in the 80s.....I should be fiercely battling hyperthermia.  But tho I'm hot....I'm not in that quick cycle into danger.  :amen:   :scratchhead:   ......I just don't know what it means?????   Has something changed???   Keeping an eye on this.


My dad had CT scan yesterday.  SO glad I talked my mom OUT of trying to "be there for him".   I think she's thinks she SHOULD!  :grinning-smiley-044:   She's in her early 90s and is wearing herself out trying to make sure he's okay.  While paying LOTS AND LOTS for others to take care of him.  If she was healthy, able to drive, YOUNGER....yes, it's an admirable thing to do.  But she's NOT.  The staff took him the short distance to hospital in his wheelchair....UP a hill.  My mom would have needed to borrow a wheelchair and staff for herself to get up that hill.  :0327:   I keep trying to "be there" each night on the phone .....so I can reframe her view of these choices.  But she's making me nervous! 


I had a medical appt early morning yesterday  [ UGH!]   So I scheduled the horse ride directly after that, since we were "in town".  DH had visited/comforted my dad during my appt.  My dad was nervous....not understanding the CT scan...or ramification.  Then while I rode, DH took my mom to bank and P.O.  ...then she was out of energy.   After riding, he and I went into grocery  :shopping:    Air conditioning was great after riding in the heat.  ....but I wasn't overheating.... Just normal hot... ??   Stocked up on fresh veggies, mostly.  Then home.  2 hr nap 5 - 7 PM.  Ooops, didn't mean to nap for that long/that late.  Having enough trouble sleeping lately.  [ right, Jeepers?}  :hug3:   I'm taking a whole sleep aid pill instead of my usual half.  


Today DH has longer than usual hours with his client.  Client took Friday to go somewhere so this week he's making up the hours this company contracts for her.  Hmmm....somehow DH is picking up the slack for a choice he didn't make.  ....but we need the money.  :shrug:  Nothing scheduled tomorrow so he can rest.  Back to his normal schedule on Fri.  Maybe we'll make spaghetti squash/spaghetti tomorrow?  Maybe he can go fishing.  He needs a break from being everyone's helper/driver!!!


Our 42nd anniversary coming up in a couple weeks.  He and I and my mom are going out to eat at the Asian restaurant.  Already set forth plans.  Carve out time!  :wub:


MtRider  ....REST DAY!   :pc_coffee:

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We lost power for a while. Love the whole house generator. Still had lights and air condition. It has been hot and humid today again. Transformer caught fire. It was blazing, pole was burnt up. So that was a mess. Fire department had to put fire out. One neighbor got a video of the fire. All I can say is wow. Never saw that happen like that before. 


Happy anniversary Mt. Rider.  DH and I did have our 36th year in January. Just so glad we were able to have one more before he passed. I made scallop scallopini.   We used to go to Dittio's restraunt in Churchland, but they closed down years ago. DH's cousin knew the owner and found out how to make it and passed that on to us. So that is what we had. Just no wine. 

Mt. Rider, hope all goes well with your dad from the CT. :pray:

Blessedhomemaker, you really have a mess. Hope all goes well with the cleanup. 

Guess I will need to go to head out to Kroger to check out the sales here. Right now I am getting all my canned goods back on the shelves. Had to remove everything for them to jack up the floor. So now getting it all put away again as well as getting the dinning room back together. 

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Happy upcoming anniversary, Mt Rider!  I'm sure I'll forget and tell you again.  LOL


Glad you got your wall taken care of, Littlesister! One big thing off the list, huh?


Walked first this morning.
Will label and put away canned bell peppers and onion from yesterday and choc. milk from day before.
Making and canning double batch of fig chutney today. Maybe make some pickled figs.
Easy fun day!  If I ever get started on the figs!

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I am working on snapping green beans and canning them today. Need to clean a bucket of peppers and get them dried. May try powdering them today. Found out that Madison is back to mandatory indoor masks, starting today. It may spread north if we allow them to continue to fudge the numbers.  :o. I keep getting emails from the VA in response to the disastrous pull out in Afghanistan. We must be having Gulf War veterans coming unglued with PTSD. I've never seen so many attempts at stop-gapping a coming tsunami.  :sad-smiley-012:

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Miki, how do you can your bell peppers and onions?  I love that on steaks, but just do it as I need them. I would love to can peppers and onions. 

The floors are all jacked up and just waiting for the plumber to hook the furnace back up. No hurry for that yet. He is a friend of ours and I know he will get that done soon. 

Waiting on loan now for the fireplace and storm doors. Trying to figure out about the bathrooms. So for now I am trying to get everything cleaned back up. 

Went to Harris Teeter this morning as it was senior day. They had Stokely Veggies on sale for 39 cent a can. Since I don't plant corn and peas, I bought all they had. 11 cans of corn and 12 cans of peas. That was all they had. They had others on sale 10 for 10, but Stokely is a good brand and much better price. Bought the things I was out of and stocked up on what I was low on. So now I am good for a while. 


Homesteader, I think we are now to a point that all we can do is pray for our country, those people that are behind enemy lines and our solders.  Things are going to get much worse. And, if they don't stop the mess at the boarder the corona virus is going to spread everywhere again. This is not the unvaccinated that is spreading this mess, but the illegals coming over the boarder with corvid.  And for those that is vaccinated. 40% has gotten the virus and spreading it to the unvaccinated because they don't know they have it till the symptoms set in.  :pray:

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@Littlesister, I dry pack with a half tsp. of garlic powder and pressure can.  I do quarts--the peppers shrink, so stuff them in good-- then PC for 45 minutes.


Walked first, then walked dogs.
Cooked up a week's worth of eggs, turkey sausage and bell peppers, onions.
Labeled and put away the week's canning.
Cut some elderberries and picked figs.
Took eBay photos.
Next will be Peach figs and Orange figs.
Hope that's it!

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Think you Miki, I am going to give that a try. I freeze green peppers and onions but have never canned them.  One thing though. Do you add any water to them or just pressure can with no water in jars?


Been cleaning up the pantry and getting all my canned goods back on the shelves. Had to take everything off for them to jack up the floor. Glad that job is done. Going to call the furniture store to have all the furniture that I can get now delivered early and I will just be waiting on one dresser to come in Nov.  


Went to dinner with granddaughter and her DH tonight. Met her friend's grandparents and her there. Had a good time. Her friend is going back to Alaska tomorrow morning. Then came home and worked on getting food put away. Almost done and will be ready to get the room cleaned up and floor cleaned. Then I can get the desk I bought in there and get all my office stuff gone through and put away. 

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Walked first.
Went to Walmart and Dollar General for a few things needed.
Still have to sweep house and clean baths.
label and put away yesterday's canning-- 6 pints of Orange figs and 6 pints of Peach figs.

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15 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Do you add any water to them or just pressure can with no water in jars?

No water but I do put a small pat of butter with the garlic powder on the bottom of jar.

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