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I wish I could take naps!  If I try, my whole sleep schedule (which is hard enough on a normal day) would be off the charts.  I have way too much energy for a 64 year old!  It may be time to cut the thyroid meds back again.


I got 24 quarts of dog food canned yesterday re-using old lids and only 2 did not seal and are in fridge. 8 hours of canning PC plus the time to make it the night before. I shouldn't have to make more until October (hope).


Walked first this morning and walked dogs, then fed them.
Made a few phone calls.
Put away dog food.
A lady from MS Animal project returned my call and they will do a voucher to spay the half feral cat that's hanging around. Have an appointment in the morning. Now to get her in a carrier with our arms intact! It cost us $50. All vets in the area charge over $100 for the same thing.
I went to meet her (the lady, not the cat) with the money, then to Kroger for local sales which aren't that great but we needed a few things.
Not doing much else until later when I will go meet my Sunday School class for dinner at a local deli. Looking forward to that!

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Miki, I wish I had your energy.  My thyroid meds just got raised. So hoping to have more energy after a while. Just can't seem to concentrate on what I am doing and it takes me a while now to get moving. Though once I get started I will get it done. Just takes me longer. Thyroid levels were very low again. 

Got the phone call that my new bed will be here on Aug. 1st. The mattress and box springs will be here Sat.  The Awning should be here within the next couple of weeks. Just a bit worried they will want to do it in the middle of the wedding. That is on the 12th and grandkids will be coming in on the 9th and not leaving till the 14th. As far as I know right now they will all be staying with me. So bed is getting here in good time. 

Took nap today and I don't usually take one either. But I keep fighting sleep at night these days.  Took a 5mg of melatonin last night hoping I wouldn't fight sleep last night but nope I was fighting it. I did fall asleep finally, but it took a long while. Hopefully this to will pass. 

Did go to store to pick up RX's then to hardware store to make an exchange on a light switch cover that didn't fit. Washed clothes and called it a day. Doctor did say to relax and slow down a bit, so I did not do much today. Tomorrow might be another story. Will need to start moving all the canned goods off shelve before they come to jack up floors. They won't be here till the 16th, but want to be able to do that job a little at a time. Loan is still in progress they said up to 30 days, so still have a while yet. Which is good because I am still trying to line things up for the fireplace, den and bathrooms. Just want it all done before the 1st of year. 

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17 hours ago, Midnightmom said:

But THIS one is loud enough to wake me from a sound(less) ;) sleep.


:unsure:    .......does it come with a defibrillator???   :sassing:  





MtRider  .....actually, I probably didn't set it for "alarm" correctly.  I'm light sleeper and usually hear EVERYthing!  

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My mother is still here and will fly home on Sunday.   I tire easily but am recovering well.   I can lift the baby to change or feed her now.  My house is the cleanest it has ever been.  My mom has way more energy than I do.  Thank goodness for family.  

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Amen Euphraysne!  Glad you are recovering well!


Got the semi feral cat into the crate this morning and to the vet's at 7:30 to be spayed. We will keep her in a large cage inside for a few days and see how she will do with the dogs. May end up letting her stay outside, but at least no kittens!
Came home, walked and refilled a prescription on the way.
Went to dollar General for kitty food, litter box, etc.
I'm not doing much today. Very hot out 93 or 94 real temp.
Will go pick up cat about 3:30 pm.



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euphrasyne, glad to know you are doing better. Just continue to take it easy till you have fully healed. Don't try to do a lot of lifting. I know you can pick the baby up now, but please don't do much more than picking up baby for a while yet.


Been a busy day today. Mattress and box springs will be here Sat. and the bed comes on Monday. Just in time before grandkids come in for the wedding. Maybe things will start to fall into place now. 

Still working on loan. Don't think I need to do much else as far as paperwork goes. Just waiting now for them to get what they need to do done and I am on my way. 

Got the bedroom floor cleaned and used the air compressor to blow out the dust from the baseboard heat ducts. Much better. Need to do them in every room. They were full of dust as it has been 3 years since I was able to get that job done. I was surprised they weren't worse than they were. So the room is now ready for new furniture. Cleaned the master bath and that duct as well. Cleaned kitchen as it was suppose to be my turn to cook for granddaughter tomorrow but she is dog sitting, so that's postponed till next Friday. Still will be my turn to cook, but glad for the break right now. 


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:amen: for Euphrasyne's healing and for moms-to-the-rescue.  How are kids doing with their dad?  :pray:  


LittleSister...you remind me that DH and I MUST get my mom's bathroom (2) air vents vacuumed.  Been meaning to do that for couple months now.  We do a few things each week when we're there but .....so much wasn't done in past 3 years with Dementia-in-the-Leadership.  :(   Could not do it then.  Bro sent electric man to change out a sparking lightswitch.  :o  Now she can use it again.  AND replace the smoke detectors.  We're getting there.....


I took the senior van to ride horse today.  It's off my usual Tues/Sat riding schedule and ....it was really too late for the van drivers.  They're off by 5 and I doubt he got back to base til after 5:30.  But....with DH not going to work Tues/Thurs anymore, I can ride Tues again.  I may use senior van for Thursday medical appts when I have them.  Gave DH a day off at home today and he appreciated that.  B) 


I rode Tank again....and didn't get the super-tired/sleepy feeling this time.  :cheer:   I think he's just got a strong gait....which means I'm getting stronger.  :woohoo:  :amen:      AND this was the hottest temperature I've ridden in yet.....and did ok wearing a wet sweatshirt over my tank top.  That's EVAPORATIVE COOLING ...for any of you humid air folks.  Works pretty well here in arid country.   I was warm but not overheating.  :amen:  


First day in weeks with no rain  .....but clouds are in the forecast.  :happy0203: 


MtRider  .....ran for the cool shower when I got home cuz it was a DUSTY ride!!!!  :bathbaby: 

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I will be heading out next week to get stamps. Thank you OOTO. I figured that was coming but not this soon.

Got a call to day my mattress and box springs will not be coming tomorrow but instead next week. That really makes me mad. It totally messed up my plans and pushing it for when the kids come in for granddaughter's wedding. Guess some folks will be sleeping on couches instead of beds. 

Went to Walmart this morning and now you have to check out your own stuff and bag it. They no longer have cashiers. I hate those self check outs. Always something that goes wrong and it did. But they managed to put a lot of people out of work. Way to go Walmart. You just gave people a reason to stay home and let the government take care of them.

I heard something on Fox news about now the names of some animals are offensive and they want to change the names. What can I say, a bunch of turkeys being stupid. 

Have not done anything in house today yet. Now I am trying to change plans around due to postponed mattress. I am coming to a standstill on house repairs while waiting on loan to hit bank. Still looking for contractors for fireplace and bathrooms. Might just let the bathrooms go for a while to see what will happen with the economy. Fireplace is a must. House will be jacked up on the 16th.  Praying that a wall will not crack. That happened to my daughter, so just hoping it won't, but the dinning room floor is a more extensive job. So not so sure I will be able to bite that issue. If it does, will then find out from DD who fixed her wall and painted. Then I can turn to the floor to be repaired. 

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Yay.....I rode Tank and didn't get worn out today.  :cheer: 


Yay.....even had the energy to clean out those 2 bathroom vents with the shop vac at my mom's today.  It wasn't as difficult as I anticipated.  :thumbs: 


Ate with her and then we had to leave for home.....DH was getting hypoglycemic [diabetic type] and felt awful.  He ate and felt a bit better but didn't have the energy get to stocked up on groceries...fresh fruit/veg.  :shrug:   He had to drive home in the pouring down rain....that didn't fall while I was riding.  :amen:  


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Been a rough day today. Just have not felt good and thinking it is one of the meds for B/P doctor put me on. Will be calling him tomorrow about it. Need to call to change my hair appt. as the Mattress and box springs is coming Friday and that was when my appt. was. So now that has to change and hope I can get it done before wedding. That really messed me up by putting that delivery off a week. 

Felt a bit better this afternoon, so got the fan in master bedroom cleaned and the one in den cleaned. It had been a good 2 years or more since I did it and they were dirty. till got the other 2 to clean. Hoping I can get them done tomorrow morning before they deliver the bed at 3pm.  Going to be a very busy next 2 weeks, so won't be on here much. Wedding, kids coming in, housework, then they come to jack up the floors. Somewhere this month they should be coming to put in the awning.  Hope that doesn't take but one day. 

Didn't go to church this morning because of being so dizzy. Just can't take that medication. That has eased off but still not feeling all that good. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day. 


Mt. Rider glad all went well with Tank and got your mom's bathroom vents cleaned. I have to replace the bathroom vents in both bathrooms. Still have 7 more rooms of heat ducts to clean though.  Glad your DH did better after eating something. He doesn't need any problems. The 2 of you have enough as it is. 


Euphrasyne, Don't try to over due now that you are on your own to do things. Take it slow and take care.  :pray::pray: for you to get well soon.

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On 7/30/2021 at 11:42 AM, out_of_the_ordinary said:

The cost of postage stamps are going from 55 cents to 58 cents on Aug. 29.       <_<  One more thing I need to buy ahead on to try to save a little. 

Thanks for the reminder! I wonder if we can get Christmas stamps yet?

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Been a rough day today. Just have not felt good and thinking it is one of the meds for B/P doctor put me on. Will be calling him tomorrow about it.


Same thing happened to DH. They changed meds several times, and the strengths. Adding the water pill may have complicated things. Be sure to take your time when working with new drugs. I do get motivated, though, when you guys post what you've done. :hug3:

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Yesterday, I went to Walmart at 7 am for monthly stock up. Only thing out of was GV big can of decaf and the sugar looked kind of low but I wasn't buying any. I did get another bottle of yeast and more flour--just in case.
Set up my vitamins for the month
Sunday School and Church.
Came home and paid bills
Walked the dogs.
Picked figs and checked elderberries.
Cut up cheese for dog treats.
Baked some pork loin steaks for dinner.


Today, walked first and then walked dogs.
Dehydrating sweet potato treats for dogs.
Started pinto beans with a ham bone in the slow cooker.
Still need to make pudding and then make croutons out of some old hamburger buns.
Hopefully, that'll do it!

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Did monthly bills, balanced company books, dog duty, cleaned out the frig, plus…

that AC we have, drains every time it shuts off, de-icing.  They told us the water is acidic, so, I’ve been adding baking soda to the buckets and watering everything that needs extra water.  You should see how the plants and grass are responding. It’s wonderful!  I knew our soil sucked, but, I didn’t realize a bit of baking soda, would make such a huge difference.  Anyway, the buckets, 2 five gal. need to be emptied daily!  Such a blessing, that, just might, reduce our water bill, God willing.


Tonight we are having, hot wings and onion rings, cooked in the air fryer.  :yum3:

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True, Miki.  Folks are sending eCards sometimes.  I do....cuz I don't get around to things fast enough.  Real card is better but eCard means you did think of the person. 


They are still selling Forever Stamps, aren't they?   We always buy them so a raise in price doesn't matter.



I've gone 5 days and nights without hip pain.....no shooting sciatica either.  :amen:     Yay for Tank!  Pretty sure we're on the right track now.  Riding tomorrow.  Settled some things with brother who called today.  :amen:  


MtRider ....was a good day!  :amen: 



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This morning, I will walk and walk dogs.
Plant something in another lick tub I found.
Fertilize plants in existing lick tubs.
Prune roses.
Cook bell peppers, onions and sausage for breakfasts.
Wash rugs and dog blankets.
Do a few mini cleaning jobs to spruce up for family visit this weekend.

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:shakinghead:  Not a particularly good day..... 


Woke to hip pain.....OW!  First time since before riding on Thurs and Sat.  Time to ride.  We are making progress. 


Rode in pouring rain.... after waiting almost an hour for the lightning to stop.  The rain did not stop but we went.  I was glad for that...I need the ride.


Tank wasn't available so I rode My #2 choice...which is fine.


My raincoat somehow leaking at the seams was not fine.  My rain pants are indeed "water resistant" ....not "water PROOF"  And I need to add gloves to my wet-weather gear cuz I was :frozen:    Hands could hardly move....so cold/wet.  My raincoat didn't leak the other two times I rode in rain.  :tapfoot:  


Not even half way thru the ride, my muscles began to lock.  Could hardly move my hands. 


Had to have help to lift the far leg over the horse to dismount.  Slowly walked back to car with DH waiting.  I was starving and chilled and muscle locking...which did eventually ease off. 


Had DH drive to back of building so I could quickly peel out of very damp T shirt and put on dry shirt.  And dry sweatshirt!  Changed out of sox and cowboy boots...not really wet inside.  Put on dry sox and different shoes. 


:feedme:  DH had finally gotten our grocery shopping done while I rode.  I grabbed the bagels and wolfed one down.  Hot cocoa would have been nice.  AUG 3...sheeesh!


Got home and hauled all the bags up the pulley and put away.  I took nap!  Now I have a headache.  ......but I'm appreciating that I haven't been getting headaches since adding one more sinus med back in April.  :amen:   ....but OW....still hurts tonite. 


MtRider  .....this qualifies as:  Ya win some; ya lose some.  Hopefully I will still have benefit with walking and reduced hip pain. 

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mt rider yes the stamps are still forever and some of the offices might have Christmas ones in stock or you can go to USPS.com and there is a spot to order and have stamps mailed to you

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Rough day, Mt Rider!  Hope you feel better this morning!


Already walked and walked dogs.
Doing some house cleaning today.
Clean and blow leaves off carport/ front porch.
Tonight Church.
Easy day.

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I woke up at 4:15 this morning. Seems to be getting earlier and earlier. Not getting as much sleep as I was. It may be because I am losing more weight and need thyroid meds adjusted again.


Will walk first.
Take Peanut Butter to beauty parlor.
Hit grocery store for a couple of items and then thrift stores while Peanut is beautified.
This afternoon, will wash inside of living room windows (dog snot).
Use leaf blower on front and back porch.
Clean refrigerator shelves.
Wash sheets and comforter and hang out on new line that DH put up yesterday.
Will probably find a few other little projects to do in prep for family visit this weekend.

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Ack.....I'm not feeling well.  DH thinks I've got a slight fever.  Downing a lot of our ANTI-Illness pills.  Lot of Immune-boosters.  I've been a bit off since freezing Tues. on the rainy horse ride.  Hmm.... will need rain alternative until I get somewhere to buy seam-sealer for rain coat.  I have a "duster" coat.....waxed cotton.....real cowboy look.  Somewhere.  :scratchhead:    This Saturday isn't supposed to be rain or even clouds.  From :frozen:  to :knary:    


MtRider   .....blech! 

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Woke this morning feeling like I was battling a summer cold.  Drat!  Decided to cancel riding on Sat.  Stay home and get well.  DH could use the break too.  My mom will miss us coming in tho.  She's taking the senior bus to see my dad now ...twice a week.  She can do other things like shopping when we come in. 


I feel better in the evenings until later when I drop energy drastically.  Oye.


MtRider   ....this too shall pass....  :offtobed: 

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