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Miki, it turned out very well, had a medium sized microwave dish left over, enough for two.  Froze it, then, vacuum sealed it for a quick dinner.  

Tonight, was the last, heating the house up meal, red, hot, cheese enchiladas, pot of beans, pressure cooked, to conserve cooking time & Mexican fried rice.  I put the beans in the pot, making sure there are no rocks, add a quarter of a bacon package, pressure cook an half hour, release the pressure, but, today, I scalded the palm of my hand…only happens about 1 out of 50 times.  :sigh:  Stupid.  Mex. rice, lightly brown white rice in veg oil, remove from the heat, add minced onion and a couple tablespoons of diced tomatoes, sear for a couple of minutes, add some tomato bullion, water & cook until soft.  A bowl of beans with a bit of rice…. Mmmmmm.  Tomorrow, I will remove all the beans, for refried beans & put 1-2 cups of juice in ziplock bags for MIL.  I will still need to make a couple more pots of beans for her stash of “bean soup”. 

Went to WM this morning.  Jars were 1/2 pints & pints, in 12 per box, & about 10 to 15 small mouth boxes of lids.  No 1/2 gal. jars. I really only wanted/needed a couple extra 1/2 gallons.  No biggie.  The one thing that caught my interest/concern, was the big bags of baking soda, sold by the pool supplies, they all were as hard as a rock!  Must have gotten wet.  Didn’t buy any.  I’m not taking a hammer to it, just to get the soda I need.  Sigh.


Found only 3 replacement sprinklers for MIL, maybe before I go I will find more, God willing.


Time to get some sleep.  AC people are due her at 8:00 am.  Looking forward to a cooler house…… God willing.  :amen:

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Been a  busy 2 days.  Miki, I think I try to stay so busy because it keeps my mind off of Dh. 

Yesterday, I took all the canned foods off the shelves in small bedroom to clean and wipe everything down. Also to redo the shelving as the way the shelves were, I needed to move them to different heights from what my SIL set them at. Still working on it but almost done. 

Today I went to Haynes furniture with granddaughter. We had the best time. Found the 2 dressers and nightstand I needed and a console table for the TV that is in bedroom. Also found a desk for small bedroom.  All that will be here in :gaah:November.  A month out would be ok but November is a long wait. Then we went out for lunch afterword.  Got home about 3 pm and I wasn't home 10 minutes when my granddaughter from CA called and we talked till about 9:30 this evening. So it has been an event with grandchildren today. But I loved every minute of it. We talked about everything. She said they are on water restrictions now.  If they go over what they are allowed to use, they cut off your water for a day. She said her neighbor went over her limit and they cut her off. Don't think I want to live in CA.  Granddaughter and grandson from Washington state will be here on August 8th till Aug. 13th. They will be staying here with me and here for my granddaughter that still lives here for her wedding. 

Glad WE2's are doing ok.  

Mt. Rider, still praying for your dad and your family. I know this has to be hard on your mom. And praying your hip is much better.

My friend from church that fractured her back went to doctor yesterday and they said it's not going to get any better. She is now allowed to remove the brace and only use it if she feels she needs it. though she still cannot stand very long without being in a great deal of pain. They told her it was muscle and she needed to exercise. So she is going to start doing the exercises they told her to do in therapy again. Hope and pray it will help. They still don't want her to drive yet unless it is very short distance. 



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Sounds yummy, Annarchy!  :feedme:    DH made a tomato and beef stew last nite.  We had small tortillas with refried bean, green BELL pepper [no spicy for me!], and mushrooms.  Came home from riding today.  Both of us starved and tired.  So we just pulled those leftovers out of the fridge and had that again.  


Glad you found furniture Little Sister but.......  :wacko:  ....November??????   Is the price of wood affecting furniture making?  Oye!  I'd hate to think our 'great western civilization' is sliding inexorably toward it's demise....  :behindsofa:  But really....such things we would not have heard 3 yrs ago.  


I rode a tall horse today.....and it reminded me of my beloved [long-ago ]  horse.  I've been on 5 different horses out there and .....  this one might be special.  Unfortunately, he's used when they have big and tall riders and ....I'm not.  But I hope I can ride him again.  He felt ....familiar.  :shrug:    Quite responsive to the slightest movement on rein.  My pulled back muscle healed up quickly.  Didn't feel it much yesterday so was hopeful it wouldn't flare up riding today.  LOL  I didn't even remember it......until I was nearly home today.  I finally realized why I'd been uncomfortably stiff/achy during the last 10 minutes of the horse ride.....and the last half hour of riding home in our car.  Sure 'nuff was that muscle pull but it was so generalized, I hadn't recognized it.  :amen:    That means the muscle pull is pretty much healed up in just a couple days but it was protesting slightly.  :happy0203:  


Didn't mean to, but I fell asleep at some point this evening....ugh!  Now have headache from dropping off to sleep while on computer [in bed].  Will have to wait till that goes away so I can return to bed and sleep the rest of the night. 


MtRider  :offtobed:

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Headed out to Indy this afternoon. It isn't supposed to be overly hot Friday. Son said it's mostly shade around the putt-putt and the go-cart track. Inside arcade is air conditioned. I'll manage. See y'all around Monday.

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Hope you have a wonderful trip, Jeepers.



:hapydancsmil:  New AC is installed!!!  It’s cool in the house!


The appointment was scheduled for 8 am, they showed up just after 7, asking if they could get to work.  Definitely!  Crane was scheduled between 10:30-11, it showed up at 8:30!  I am very impressed with the company’s promptness, quality and efficiency of their work.  Completely installed & turned on by 10 am, including a new thermostat.  Yeah, we bit the bullet and got a Bosch 3.5 ton heat pump, bigger, energy efficient unit, but, if it keeps the house cool, when it’s over 105°F, it will be worth every penny.  All the other companies proposed replacing our unit with a similar sized unit & charging, just about, what we paid to get the one we chose.  

OH!  WOW! It is after noon, over 100° out… and it just turned off!!!  :amen:  The old unit stayed on 99% of the day.  :cele:


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Don't think the price of wood has effected the price of furniture as of yet. Though Haynes being such a large furniture store, did not have the amount of furniture they normally have. What I got was on sale.  60% off.  So I got 2 dressers, desk and desk chair, console table and night stand all for just over $4000. It was all solid wood and made really well. So I made out good. Just glad they had a big sale like that. 60% off saved me a lot of money. The iron bed I ordered will also be in around November as well. So just have to order a mattress and box springs. Going to hold that off till Labor day weekend for those sales.

Spent all day going through all the food and got everything cleaned up and the shelving units like I want them. So now everything is back on shelves and dated with oldest dates in front to be used first. It is so much better organized with the changing around the shelves to better utilize everything. I can now put things on the floor under the bottom shelve as well. So that was like getting extra shelving. Was able to move store bought canned goods from the hall closet and put that on the top shelve, clearing up my closet for other things. So that was all well worth the work, but I am paying the price right now. My arm and shoulder is hurting from all the lifting. I have enough food now to last till the garden comes in next year. So I will get through the winter this year with no problem.

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I'm doing a lot of cleaning and reorganizing also, Littlesister.  Lots of work!

Glad your riding is working out, Mt. Rider!

So, so glad that your A/C is working well, Annarchy!


Yesterday, I walked first, fed dogs.
Then off to Walmart for monthly stock up. Went pretty well except prices are certainly up! Only thing they were out of was my turkey beef type sticks. None of them available. Stocked up on canned veggies pretty good.
Came home and put almost everything away, then went for haircut and picked up my thyroid prescription.
Cooked up a bunch of bell peppers, onions, jalapenos and garlic with turkey sausage for breakfasts.


This morning, walked first, then fed and walked dogs.
Paid bills.
Cleaned and swept shed and did some rearranging.
Scrambled 2 dozen eggs as now DH wants them instead of cereal for breakfasts.
Now, trying to catch up on this site.

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Got an e mail this evening that the new bed I ordered will be here in 4 weeks. So this weekend I have to go order the new mattress and box springs. I though it was going to be the first of November. So it is going to come early. Now I have to finish getting everything out of that bedroom and ready for the bed. Still have to get the rug out of there and the old bed out. No one wants that type of bed and I have no where to store it till the yard sale this fall, so will put it on street as I have no way to take it to  a good will or anything. I would need a truck for that and I don't think anyone would take the mattresses even though they are still in good shape but to soft for me. I need a good firm mattress and Dh liked the soft ones. Yes, he won on that one. But that bed about killed me. I have been sleeping on the new mattresses I had bought for the guest room and have not been getting up in pain anymore. So yes it was that mattress that has to go. 


Miki you are so right about organizing being a lot of work. I am trying to go through every closet to get them cleaned out but still can't work on the one in the foyer as my granddaughter's wedding dress is in there and I don't want to get that messed up. So that closet can wait till some other time. That has most of my craft stuff in there right now and I don't have time or a place to work on that now anyway. So not a big deal. 

Yes Mt. Rider, I to am glad your riding is working out really well for you. 

Annarchy, I am also glad your AC is working great for you and it reminded me that I have to change the filter on mine tomorrow. 

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Today I am still tired.  Just no energy. But it is a rainy day. Paid bills and trying to get things paid off. Was hoping the bed would not come till end of Sept. or Nov. But that is ok. The rest of furniture will be here Nov. 3ed. So still plenty of time for everything else. Going tomorrow for the mattress sells to get another mattress for new bed so that will be here before the bed gets here. When things slow down around here, I am going to take off a few days and go to my daughter's house. I haven't seen the new house other than the pictures she sent. 

I have a bumper crop of tomatoes starting to turn now. So I will be canning some and selling some to market. 

The awning is suppose to be installed sometime this month, but haven't gotten the call for the date yet. 

Going to granddaughter's house for dinner tonight, so that will be fun. My turn to cook next Friday.


I am sure everyone will be busy with gardens soon as things start to get ripe and ready to pick. My eggplants are now starting to produce as well as cucumbers and green peppers. Still have a while on those yet.

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Went to Mattress firm and ordered the mattress for the new bed this morning. They are going to try to get it set up for the bed and the mattress to arrive about the same time. That way I don't have to store the mattress anywhere till bed comes. Came home and was just so tired, I laid on couch and fell asleep. woke up after 4. I didn't want to sleep that long. So didn't get very much done. 

Going to church in morning and then to fireworks tomorrow evening with granddaughter.  People are setting off fireworks around neighborhood now for past 3 hours. Some of it sounds more like gun fire. 


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On 6/30/2021 at 1:51 PM, Annarchy said:

Hope you have a wonderful trip, Jeepers.



:hapydancsmil:  New AC is installed!!!  It’s cool in the house!


The appointment was scheduled for 8 am, they showed up just after 7, asking if they could get to work.  Definitely!  Crane was scheduled between 10:30-11, it showed up at 8:30!  I am very impressed with the company’s promptness, quality and efficiency of their work.  Completely installed & turned on by 10 am, including a new thermostat.  Yeah, we bit the bullet and got a Bosch 3.5 ton heat pump, bigger, energy efficient unit, but, if it keeps the house cool, when it’s over 105°F, it will be worth every penny.  All the other companies proposed replacing our unit with a similar sized unit & charging, just about, what we paid to get the one we chose.  

OH!  WOW! It is after noon, over 100° out… and it just turned off!!!  :amen:  The old unit stayed on 99% of the day.  :cele:


See if you can get a rebate from your utility company. Our heat pump system allowed a $750 rebate check. It arrived today. Love our system. So quiet and efficient. It will also heat the place down to 30 F ambient temperature very efficiently. That's easier than trying to get a draft from the woodburner chimney.  😉

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We drove home after my riding today in POURING DOWN RAIN all the way home.  [Poor guy on a bicycle on the highway!!]  Glad my horse ride was early enough to miss that.  Some boulders fell in one of the mountain passes...but that's not really unusual.  They put wire netting on some passes to keep boulders from hitting vehicles.  Did that on Maui too.  Earlier ...last week?....there was a major mudslide somewhere in the state....some cars sliding around, covered in mud.


VERY glad to see rain on this fireworks weekend.  ...Sorry for those camping but  ....I wouldn't risk wildfire for anyone's :campfire:    [how are your fires doing, Annarchy? ]


It does always seem to rain out the late afternoon 4th of July festival in our small town...every year.  Our 'monsoon' started early this year.....I'm thankful.  :amen: 


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Glad you are getting rain, Mt Rider!


I'm taking a break this morning and catching up here before my busyness starts. No video or walking today!
Will have Sunday School and Church first.
Quick grocery store run next.
Wash comforter and blankets.
Set up my vitamins for the month.
Clean my makeup drawer-shouldn't even have one as rarely as it is used.
Slice sweet potatoes to dry for dog treats tomorrow.
Thaw chicken, burgers and hot dogs for tomorrow.
Rest. Sunday afternoons are usually Ancient Aliens tv. Not sure why, but it is very calming to me. LOL

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Warning note.....if I disappear.....  <_<     My laptop has been down for a month or more.  Will see about getting it repaired .....after we fix the car's not-starting problem [can restart by smacking the steering column...really] ..   after we replace the windshield which is fractured by no less than 4 rocks thrown by vehicle in front of us  [just added another 'star' last week]....   after we replace the mattress on my hospital bed [springs are bulging in uncomfortable ways ...gotta FIND one that fits this old but wonderful bed]  ...  after we can catch our breath from everything else that we're committed to....  [which is a great plenty right now] ..


So....DH and I have been sharing his tiny laptop.  Yesterday, Firefox began malfunctioning.  Several tabs were crashing.  Eventually locked up ....  :gaah:  So DH switched to Bing and...meaning all my passwords, etc aren't in place and..... {as you all know by now}  I HATE CHANGE!  It's inefficient use of time!  :gaah:  


Anyway, couldn't get on MrsS cuz....I never sign out.  On Bing....  :scratchhead:   What's my password and how do I spell "MtR" ??So I'm back on FireFox for now to look up those questions.  FF is working right now.  But just in case I disappear, you all are updated on our newest barrier to normal life.  :gaah:  


MtRider   ....  :offtobed:    .... it's safer   :buttercup:  ....except for that bulging spring!!!!!  :shrug:  

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Good morning! Already walked, next will feed and walk dogs.
Washed rugs and started regular laundry.
Will get sliced sweet potatoes on baking sheets to dehydrate for dog treats.
Next use food processor to chop onions and bell peppers to dry pack in the pressure canner. Got about 8 huge onions free and bought bell peppers yesterday.
This afternoon, grilling hamburgers, turkey burgers, hot dogs, and chicken drumsticks. Cooked corn on the cob yesterday and cut up watermelon. I cheated and bought potato salad and coleslaw.
Having a couple of folks over and then rest!

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Went with granddaughter to the fireworks last night. Everyone was running around and just having a great time before they started.  I really enjoyed getting out to go. Been a long time since I was able to get out like that. Then tonight was over at granddaughter's house for a cook out. So has been a busy couple of evenings and I really enjoyed it. 

My next door neighbor's grandson is going to take my old bed. he and his friend are trying to get out on their own. They both are living with my neighbor. She can't wait for the 2 of them to move in a few months. Her grandson's friend is paying rent there as he split up with his wife and had no place to stay. So she said it is now time to get out on their own since they both work.  So he is looking for furniture. I might just let them have the old couch and chair from my den. It will be a few months before they will need it which with it staying here till then will be fine, as I am not ready to buy new den furniture for a few months anyway. I'm starting to feel like things are starting to work out for me now that I am clearing out a lot of things for yard sale and getting rid of the old furniture.  

Going tomorrow morning to my friend's house to take her some peaches and then coming home to pack up some things in den.  I am going to start getting estimates on the fireplace in the next week or two as well as on jacking up the dining room floor. Will be so glad to get that all done so I can get the whole house back together. 

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WARNING: Long Post Ahead.

And I don't have spellcheck. 


I'm finally home from my weekend trip to Indiana. It turned into six days. I had a good time although I didn't spend a lot of time with the family. That was sorta a good thing though. It was more quality vs. quantity time. 


Going over I was stuck in a traffic jam for nearly 2 hours. Didn't we talk about this before I left Ohio? There was a bad accident and we were stuck sitting. By the time I got to it it had been cleaned up. All except for a semi that had been bashed in from behind. It must have been from another semi because the Jayne Mansfield bar was still intact? 


We had a great time at the pre birthday party on Friday. It was at an amusement park that had everything. The weather was a perfect 77 degrees. After the party they went straight to the campgrounds until Monday. There they have a pool, putt-putt, fishing etc. so You-Know-Who had a good birthday week. I used the rest of my time at the house. They were fine with me not going camping. Good thing too because the temperature turned to the 90's the next two days and the high 80's the rest of the week. 


At the house. It's a mess. All the things I'd taken over before plus I had the Jeep loaded down this time too. Most of the things I've taken are all kitchen items. But there were traces of mice so I hadn't really unpacked much. Yuck! But I don't think there are many more mice, if any at all, left. Maybe getting the landscape weeds removed helped? So, I bought a little hand vac and vacuumed the counter tops and cabinets. It was a little cheapy $25.00 one and will go in the trash when I get all of the cabinets done. I'm not cleaning it out. Hanta. Anyway, I vacuumed the counter tops (there was a lot of 'stuff' on them), Lysol wiped them and passed one of those sterilizing lights over them. I don't know if they work or not but I had one handy. I did the same thing with the upper cabinets. I ran all ofthe dishes/glasses etc. through the sterilizing cycle in the dishwasher. I put down new contact paper. The cabinets are triangle shapped and a bear to work with. I have a ton of dishes/glasses/cookware/bakeware items because I really took advantage of the K-Marts going out of business sales! I'd say the kitchen is a good half finished. I can not believe how long that took me. But I didn't cut corners on cleaning and organizing. One and Done. Next trip I'll do the same thing with the drawers and bottom cabinets. 


I took my time but I got so darn tired and pretty bruised and banged up. But, I only fell off the step stool twice so that was a plus. I lived on Advil while over there. Not that it really helped that much. I'm still so sore I can barely move. Mostly from lifting boxes and scooting around on the floor. I wish I had some muscle relaxers or pain med. I don't want to ask the Dr. because I don't want them to know I'm leaving them yet. Even though I havent been there in 3 years. I do have a 'stash' I can check into for the next time.  I just need to read up on what's what. 


I did quite a few errands and shopping around while over there. I'm starting to get a feel for the lay of the land over there. It's different when you are doing the actual driving and not being chauffeured around. They have a lot of those round abouts on the corners over there. A lot of them. I can do them okay now it's just deciding which lane I'm supposed to be in before I actually get up to one. Some of the lanes even merge before you get up to the round about. Then after you get in the circle you have to choose which lane to exit out of, or just pull a Jeepers and go around a couple of times and pick one. If I choose the wrong exit I pretty much know where I'm at so I'm only a block or two out of my way. This is not a big town! There is no need for all of those things. I know where the stores are now like Wal-Mart, Meijers, Target, Menards, Home Depot etc. And Michaels and Hobby Lobby and they have a really big Dollar Tree. 



Crap. This keeps posting before I'm ready...But wait there's more.


Ever fiber of my being hurts but it was a good trip. I plan to go back in a couple of weeks to talk about painting. I'd like find someone to change out a couple of very ugly light fixtures that I already have, some leaky faucets and the two toilets. One toilet has leaked since before I moved there. I hate those toilets. They are big and oval and they hurt my butt. My butt happens to be round not oval. I'd like to find a handiman who can do both plumbing and electric so I would just have to hire one guy. Yes, I know son is a plumber but you know the old story about the cobbler's children who have holes in their shoes. It will be easier to hire someone than to wait on son. 


Some weeds are starting to pop up around the landscaping again. I want to get them taken care of the next time. I don't want them to get out of hand again. I have stuff over there to take care of it but it got way too hot and my body was already screaming at me. With the heat, the weight of the sprayer and my back and neck, it just wasnt going to happen. I have a battery operated sprayer I'll take over from here. It's lighter and you don't have to keep pumping it every minute or two. 


Last spring one of the neighbors asked son it they could park one of the cars in my driveway. I guess they have a couple of teens who drive now. I said sure. So now it looks like someone lives there to a stranger. They didn't use it while I was there. I wouldn't have minded if they had. It's two and a half cars wide.  Plenty of room as long as they don't block the garage. 


It's neat that on the radio over there they give the farm reports. The futures and crop reports. I did notice that the corn looked excellent. Knee high by the fourth of July. This was a good six feet tall. I'm guessing. It was taller than me and I'm 5'-2". Soy beans looked really good too but still a little short. 


While parked on the toll road I saw a semi with some strange writing on it. It looked similar to Russian. I don't think it was. I got a picture of it but I can't figure out how to get it from the camera to the computer. If I do I'll post it. 


That's it.


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Jeepers, if that wreck happened here, you would have been sitting in traffic a lot longer than 2 hours. Just one of the reasons I have been playing with the idea of moving in a couple of years. When it takes you 4 hours to get home when you are less than 30 minutes from home, that is bad. Welcome to my neck of the woods. And it just keeps growing. 


My next door neighbors were not able to get the bed today as neighbor's grandson works 4 pm till whenever and his father get's off at 4 pm. So they are getting the bed tomorrow.  The grandson has to get the key to his father's house to store the bed there. They might get the 2 rugs I am going to get rid of as well. haven't talked to them about the den furniture yet. 


Today, I went to friend's house to take her some peaches. Then came home and started dusting the blinds and cleaning bathrooms and kitchen. Tomorrow I will take the curtains down and get those washed. Going to start soon packing up things in den and dust in there as well. Got a bunch of cook books to sort through and pack up the ones I don't use for the yard sale this fall.  Need to figure out prices for them. I want to price them as I pack them up. 

I want to get the den ready for some major work on that fire place and other things in there I need to have done. So when I call and get that set up, I won't be in a rush to get it done.  Tomorrow my bedroom should be totally empty and I can get floor cleaned, windows washed and have it ready for the new bedroom suit by the end of month. I have some holes where the old TV was on the wall, so going to try to get those patched and sanded down for painting. Things are still moving slow, but at least things are starting to fall into place now. 


Jeepers, sounds like you are having a harder time of getting things together than I am. You did a lot of work on that house on that trip. 


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While in Indy I bought a couple of little prep items. It never really ends does it? Once a prepper always a prepper I guess. Even when you aren't looking to prep.


At Meijers I happened to notice what a big liquor area they had. On an endcap they had Jim Beam. Flavored whiskey. Vanilla. From Kentucky USA. I am not a drinker. But if I had to be knocked out for any reason (I'm thinking medical) or if I had to knock someone else out (assuming a hammer was unavailable) it would be nice to have something vanilla-y. 


Vanilla flavored vodka would still be my first choice. But that vanilla burbon sounded sort of...I don't know, refined. They had vanilla, honey, apple, maple and peach. Maybe a splash in some hot coffee or tea for a toddy? Obviously I don't have a clue here. I think I need some recipes. :rolleyes:   Or it could be bartered. Probably be a pretty nice barter item. Anyway, I justified my way up to the checkouts with 4 bottles, about pint size I'd guess of J.B. vanilla burbon to add to my regular Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and flavored vodkas.


Ya know, way back in the day, everyone, including children, drank wine and spirits. They still do. It was because the water was unsafe! See where I'm going with this one. Unsafe water. Those Berkey filters and life straws will last only so long. I guess this is my back up plan B. Jesus changed water to wine. Still justifying that purchase. 


I made a comment to the young-ish cashier about being disappointed that she didn't card me. She laughed. Whippersnapper.  

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I forgot to mention that every place I went I looked for canning jar lids. None any place. But the jars are starting to filter in. 



Danger: Conspiracy Theory Ahead.


Nearly all of the jars out now are the smooth side Ball jars. No Ball emblem on them. Made in China? The box says Ball but that's easy to reproduce. Maybe it says Ball on the bottom of the jar.  Don't know. Wonder how thick the jars are. They look thin to me but that might be because there is no writing on them and the jars I've seen with no writing on them are usually the thin ones found in craft stores. I've heard two people, Suttons Daze and Deep South Homestead, talk about using certain jars for water bath canning only. I don't remember why though. Leisa might have been talking about the cheap lids we have been getting the past few years. Wanda at D.S.H. said it said on the box to use them for water bath canning only but I don't remember what brand she said they were. I'm not saying there is anything to all of this. Just a heads up to check before you buy cases of them. And...


Are we having a shortage of lids just so we have to buy jars just to get the lids? Ball said they would have us stocked up by March before this year canning season. This is July now. 

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Welcome back Jeepers.  Glad it was a good time......with family.  A productive time spent with cleaning solutions.  :rolleyes:  You're gonna get moved yet!!! 


Wow, LittleSister!  You're really getting things done too!  Glad you still have some family help nearby! 


Well......I rode today.  .......  :whistling:   ..... but first I fell off the horse!  :0327:  :scratchhead:   :blink:  


HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???   :imoksmiley:    Yes, I am OK......basically....   Let's just say after pressing my back against the fence for a few minutes, I was able to remount and go on the hour ride with only a little back pain.  'Course, I'd taken a Nuprin before all that....cuz the springs in my bed have um....rearranged badly and have been hurting my back for a week or so.  Finally ordered a new foam mattress....arrive next week.  Can't wait for that!!  


I still cannot believe I came loose from a horse.  Sheeeeesh!  That hasn't happened in 20 yrs.  And I've ridden a lot....different horses... It's annoying...embarrassing! 


It all started with the family that would be on this ride with me.  Friendly and we were all chatting while waiting for the horses to be brought out.  Younger mom with 3 grade-school kids from AZ.  Girl about 12 and boy about 10 ...their cousins from here in CO.  Plus Grandma who wasn't riding.  Boy had never ridden and was nervous.  Asked me a lot of questions...what does it feel like when you ride; how do I get on; etc. 


He was put on Magic.  I was next on Okie.  But that saddle had stirrups too long for me.  Before we'd had time to change horses for me, Magic got startled or something.  I immediately had my full attention on the boy....knowing he's already nervous and Magic is dancing.  Very disconcerting for a new rider of any age!  Unfortunately that means I wasn't paying enough attention to MY horse.  We were all just waiting in the line-up for the introductory instructions, for pete's sake!  We weren't even moving! 


Have you ever had a bunch of things happen so fast that your memory isn't in video....it's in snapshots?  Flash recall in images that don't tell the whole sequence.  Annoying.  I wanna know!  


Next thing I recall is that Okie is now in on Magic's dance.  I assume Magic (and a likely terrified boy) were coming our way.  We were only a few feet apart and on the right side of me is that metal tubular fencing they use with horses. 


The next "snapshot" of memory is that I was sliding down the right side of horse.  The streak of bruising inside my left knee verifies that.....saddle horn scrape, I assume.  I do remember thinking in that second:  NO WAY!  I canNOT be falling off this horse!  :pout:


The next "snapshot" includes FEELING the HARD landing on my upper back....tho probably my whole back but I had a hip pack on to pad.  I did squash the small plastic water bottle tho.  In that instant my first thot was:   IF YOU'VE COME LOOSE FROM YOUR HORSE ...DON'T GET STEPPED ON!  


What I was SEEING in that "snapshot" of memory was Okie's hooves toooo close to me and still dancing!  I know the direction of the fencing is and intended to roll in that direction.  Roll under the fencing and out of danger, if possible.   I'm pretty sure my reflexes did roll but not under fence.  I didn't get stepped on, that's certain.  


I also have  two other bruise/scraped areas:  Right knee and the back side of my right upper arm.  That's gonna be colorful too.  And...I don't usually bruise easily.  Not much pain in those bruise areas....yet.  :unsure:  Possibly occurred while rolling away?  Don't really know.  Memory is unfairly faulty right about then. 


Vague memory of standing ....think I had help from R  [husband of L ...who own the ranch ]  He'd been just coming to trade out horses with me...get me in stirrups short enough for me feet.  That's another factor:  my feet were not in stirrups when this flared up.  But there's a saddle horn to hang onto.  :buttercup:  Where was my brain or reflexes???


This part is kinda funny.  The back of my white shirt [long sleeve for sun protection] was filthy [of course] but also soaked.  The tank top under it was soaked and so was the top of my shorts.  :unsure:   I looked on the ground to see if a horse had peed recently.  LOL  Nope.  Only the usual, mostly dried, other "horse products".  Yeah, I was definitely wearing some of that!  It was the least of my concerns at the moment.  {another mental protest that I could not have possibly fallen off a horse!}   The wet was from my own water bottle that I squashed upon landing, of course.  OK...that's a better source of ...er, soaking my clothes.  :lol:  


The spasm in my back subsided by the time R got the other horse to me.  I'd spent that time assuring R and L and all the family of other riders that I was basically alright.  I especially called out to a very worried boy who's horse started this mess.  Specifically told him that I'm fine.  Proved it by getting back up on the horse that fit me for stirrups and off we finally went for the hour ride. 


I'm most happy to report that boy relaxed and had a wonderful time.  His horse was trying to sneak mouthfuls of grass but he became adept at preventing that.  He was even coaching his sister and younger cousins.  :amen:   I was also happy to report that the ride wasn't hard for me.  I held my hand on my back a few times to support the point of impact.  Assured R that my husband is a chiropractor so .....I'll be fine.  


And I will be.  Not totally fine right now.  It did ease up after an adjustment but....it will take some time.  Uncomfortable but not too bad.  Wish the new mattress had already arrived.  Have collected an assortment of pillows to see how I can best go thru this night.  DH works tomorrow.  Thursday I'll be back 'in town' for an appointment.  I should be in full color by then... oye!  :hidingsmile:


 ....I think I'll make up some OTHER reason for sore back and bruises.  Coming loose from horse is just tooo embarrassing!  :rolleyes:  :shrug:  


MtRider  .....seriously thankful that it did not turn into an ER visit for either me or the boy!!!!!  :amen:  

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Wow, Mt Rider!  I hope you have some less eventful rides in the future and that your mattress arrives soon!  I know what a difference that can make!


Walked first to avoid rain and heat.
Processed 9 pounds of apples for either apple butter or pie filling. Added 2 pounds of blueberries just because.
Made pudding for DH.
Getting ready to cook up sausage, a quart of the bell peppers and onions, and 2 dozen eggs for breakfasts.
Will go to prayer meeting tonight.

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Wow Mt. Rider. That gave me anxiety just reading it. So glad you are okay! Horses and falling off always reminds me of Christopher Reeve. :(


Is there any way you could check out one of those mechanical horse riding simulator devices? Maybe a gym or a rehab center?  Some gyms might have something like a 'core exerciser' you could try to get a feel for. Just to see if it would work. It would probably be cheaper in the long run (probably expensive initially) but would pay for itself in the end. And you could use it anytime and as often as you needed. And you wouldn't have as far to fall. :(  


Medicare might not pay for horse riding (too much fun) but might help for a 'device' (torturous exercise).  :rolleyes: 

Just trying to think outside the box. :hug3:


Some Ideas:

AmazonSmile: TWW Electric Horse Riding Machine Indoor Household Electric Horse Riding Machine Multi-Mode Horse Riding Exercise New Home Fitness Equipment,White: Home & Kitchen


AmazonSmile: Daiwa Rodeo Core Compact Exercise Equipment For Home Workouts - Full Body  Fitness Machine Targets Abs, Legs, & Butt (Blue): Beauty



Rockin' Rider comes with a carrot and a comb. :cheeky-smiley-067:

AmazonSmile: Rockin' Rider Silver Spring Horse, Brown: Toys & Games


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Mt. Rider, hope you are doing ok now.  I know that had to hurt, and shook you up a bit as well. 

Like the rocking rider.  Pauline might be right. We might all need one of those. 


Got the bed out and next door for neighbors grandson. They want the 2 rugs as well but didn't take them today as her grandson had to go to work. 

So will get them after the tropical storm is over. We are getting the mess that Florida is having now but I don't think it will be as bad. Lot's of rain tomorrow and Friday then it will be gone. just hope we don't get any tornado out of it. Was wanting to go to home depo to get a sample of the paint and fix the holes in wall and get that painted but will wait till later after the storm is over. I might have the stuff in garage to patch the holes with though. Rug is rolled up and ready to go to garage till neighbor can get them. Not going to happen in the storm. So might have to wait till Sat. or Sun. But it will be all out of that room so I can get it cleaned up and ready for the new furniture. 

Going next week to get the home equity loan so I can start on the front of the house. Fireplace in dire need of repair and the dinning room jacked up and floor fixed. The Awning should be coming sometime this month. They haven't called yet to set that date up. After I get the house like I want it, then in about two years I will make my decision on rather I want to move or not. That is a big decision, but I am living in the worse place possible if a war breaks out. It is all military around here. Not to mention the traffic jams. 

It was on the news today that all the grocery stores are stocking up as much as possible to keep prices down as the prices of food, gas and a lot of other things are going way up. Might just go an look at den furniture now instead of waiting. Prices may go up on that as well. So now might be better rather than later. Plus the fact it is taking months for delivery. 

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