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Got an early start this morning. Big sale on chicken breast at Lidle's, so went early to get some. Limit of 10 lbs. So got just over 10 lbs. with no problem. Bought some pork chops on sale that I froze as well as some fish.  Came home and pressure canned the chicken. Got 16 pts. out of it. Not bad. 

While pressure canners were running, I got clothes washed as I have not washed clothes in 10 days. So past time to get that job done. 

Granddaughter and her boyfriend were over for dinner last night.  Made a pot roast, squash, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. I had fixed 3 quart jars of squash. Those kids went after that and that was a huge pan of fried squash and onions. Glad they liked it. Wasn't much left but a couple of spoon full.  So that is tonight's dinner along with the one small slice of roast beef that was left and a few green beans.  I think they were hungry. 

After dinner, the kids moved the tall dresser from my bedroom to the front bedroom that I have set up for a guest room. So now all the furniture is in that room and the mattress and box springs will be delivered on Tuesday. Then I just have to make bed and shut the door and that room is done. :hapydancsmil:

I am going to turn to my bedroom next and start looking at bedroom furniture for it. Only thing in that room now is the old bed that raises and lowers and is about on it's last leg. But will do for me till I get the new bedroom suit and that room set up. Then comes the small bedroom. That room is still full of stuff from what was the old office along with the shelving units for the food I have canned. Still not sure how I will set that room up for use yet. It will be a multi function room. 

I go to see the foot doctor on the 23ed. Hope I can wait that long as the heel of my left foot is killing me today. Finally got in to my family doctor and will be having my lab work next month. I don't think it will be a good outcome this time. I need to get my health back in order again. I had let it go for over a year taken care of DH and still have not gotten my act together with my health. Will see how things go next month.

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Did a video first thing this morning, fed dogs then Sunday School and Church.
Came home and put all the Dilly and Pickled Beans away.
Grilled some chicken thighs and hot dogs.
Pruned around yard.
Resting now.  I'm so glad that my life is slowing down for a few minutes here.  I doubt it will last but...


Praying for you all that are caring for parents!

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Home from TX.  DH isn’t feeling well. Stopped by Twilight’s house for a few. Storm was a good boy!  

Nasty air.  Dusty, smoky and windy, until I passed TX Canyon, headwinds the whole trip.  Wish I took a pic, the mountains looked like a huge smoldering fire pit.  Sigh.


DH & MIL aren’t feeling well, so I’m will be focusing specifically on them.  Forgive me if I am a bit quiet.  :sigh:

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I'll be praying for Annarchy and family!


Walked first, fed dogs and walked dogs.
Laundry halfway done.
Going out in a few minutes to start pruning rose garden.
Hope to get garden plan and seeds ready for when it gets tilled.

Supposed to get up to 93 here today.  Summer is early!


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Annarchy, glad Dh is feeling better, I do hope your MIL is feeling better also. Keeping them in prayer. 


Made sweet potato casserole for granddaughter's birthday. That was her request so all done. Her birthday is tomorrow. 

The mattress I ordered for my old bed that I moved to the front bedroom came today. I forgot how high that rice bed was. Had to go up to attic to pull down the step stool that goes with that bed. It has been several years since we used that bed with a regular mattress and box springs on it. We had bought a bed that raises up and put that inside the bed frame and was like that for a few years. then we had to take the bed down from around it for Dh when he got sick and lower the legs to make it easier for him getting in and out of bed. So now the guest bedroom is done. Though I am going to sleep on that bed to see if that is the mattress I want for me. It is a firm mattress and though I tried it out in the store, it is not like sleeping on it for a few nights. that way I will know if I want to go up or down on the firmness. 

It has been hot today, so I need to start getting out early morning and get in habit of walking the neighborhood again. Used to do that, but have not been able to for the past 2 years. Hard to get back into those old habits. 

The hard rain we had pulled some limbs from tomato plants down to ground. Had to go out and tie them up to the cages.  I forgot the plants make me itch and I am itching all over now. Will have to remember to put on jeans and long sleeve shirt before working on tomato plants again. All the plants are loaded with tomatoes. I figure in about a month, I will be canning tomatoes.

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Walked first and fed dogs.
Dh and I went to thrift shop, Tractor Supply for dog food, Kroger for local sale, Lowes for hose and shelving units for my canned goods (ran out of room), then the vet's to schedule appt. for psycho dog who has to be sedated for gland express and nail trim.


It's hot! Supposed to be 95 today. It was 92 when I went out to finish pruning the roses, but that is done. The fellow keeps putting off tilling the garden and I am thinking it's getting too late for a regular garden, might wait until Fall. Any thoughts about that?


I ordered a Horseshoe Action Hoe from Lowe's when I got home since they were out at the store.  Same price as if they had it at the store, just gets delivered to the house.

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Granddaughter came over this morning for her sweet potato casserole. She called me this evening and said that was really good. So she was happy.  I also gave her the recipe for it.  She wants to try to make it. I think she will do good at making that. Only thing is her boyfriend does not like sweet potatoes. He told me he will eat anything but sweet potatoes, peas and mushrooms.  Little will he know when I make squash casserole. It has mushrooms in it and GD and I are not going to tell him. We are just going to let him try something new. 

Slept on the new mattress last night. It's a keeper. I was a tad bit sore at first this morning but I wasn't in pain like I am with the old mattress. I could even roll over in bed without the muscle in my side screaming at me. Still going to keep using that bed for a while.  

Ordered the new bed for my bedroom and it will be here between 16 and 20 weeks. So will order another mattress on the sale for 4th of July or if they have a sell on Labor day weekend. The lady that I talked to said that if I have a mattress and box springs here, the delivery guys will put it on the bed for me after they get the bed set up. So I might just buy it and put it against the wall till then.

Went outside this afternoon and pressure washed some more of the patio. It is looking a lot better. Hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  Washed towels and sheets this morning as well. 

Still looking at boxes in small bedroom. I will go through some more of them tomorrow afternoon. I am just about ready to just pitch whatever is in them and be done with it. But I also know that might not be a good idea. Might throw out something I can't eat. That would not be good. So I guess I will just have to keep lugging away at it till the last box is done.

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Riding today..... :knary:    Sheesh....it's June, not August.  Wore a wet sweatshirt.  In our arid climate, the evaporation keeps you cooler.  I got by ok.  My mom/DH visited with my dad while I rode.  Then we went to my mom's house for a while.  We worked on the puzzle.   Finally got the sides and such lined up.  It's 4 pictures in one puzzle.  My niece gets them made so they feature her and my brother and her cat, dog, donkey, and chinchilla.  LOL 


Trying to arrange to get TO an appt on Thurs next week.  Our car needs to be in the shop Wed thru Fri.  So I plan to stay with my mom after riding next Tues....thru Fri or Sat.  [I'll be without Intenet again. ]  From her house 'in town' I can get a ride with the senior van to my appt on Thurs.  I've only ridden with them once long ago with my folks to his doc appt in a city not too near us.  It went very well.  Hope it's better than taxi!!!!  Hope the "vapor lock" thing on our car can be fixed!!!  The mechanic actually saw it happen once at his garage so he already knows what it's about.  [how many times does the mechanic actually see the occasional problem happen? ]


This week I'm staying home til Friday....and visiting my dad on Sunday.  I've been reallly  wiped out the past couple days.  Heat?  Adrenaline crash?  Dunno.  Endure. 


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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I'm staying home as much as I can this week, too Mt. Rider!  Trying to rest up now.


Walked, walked and fed dogs.
Made jello.
Planted a rosemary bush.
Will plant 3 tomatoes in a lick tub. And 3 pepper plants.
Gong out to shed in a few minutes to figure out how to re-arrange for new shelving units.


(Boy is that going to be a job!  Maybe next week)

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It is HOT here.  Summer hit with a vengeance.  115°F.


The garden is down to a couple tomatillo plants and a couple dozen beets.  Spice garden is faring better, because it gets more shade.


Staying inside, is a life saver.



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Today...on our porch....thermometer in the sun....... Just at 100*   :behindsofa:   It didn't stay up there ...only briefly.  But Sheeeeeeeeesh!  High 90's are no fun either. 


Air conditioner = Life Saving Device! 


Don't even have a bathtub!  :bathbaby:   :grinning-smiley-044:  


So far, it's cool in here.  Have mylar silver sheet over the big southwest window.  :hidingsmile:  


MtRider   ...stay safe, folks!  :knary: 

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It’s 110°F in the shade today. Hiding in the house.  Called our AC people, they actually remember putting our unit on the house in 2005. !  They are giving us a $5,000 discount to replace/fix it..  Amen!  God is good!


49 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:

Today...on our porch....thermometer in the sun....... Just at 100*  


Sorry you are having heat too, Mt_Rider.  I know it’s tough.  “Just” isn’t the right word where you live.  :sorry:  I remember when we lived in the Springs..  extremely frustrating and life threatening.  Stay cool Lady, a cool shower helps especially if you wet your hair.


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I have plans A..B....C.....D


Air conditioning is working so far.

If it's overwhelmed....taking shower and leave hair wet...definitely.   Wear Chilly Towels around my neck.  Wet shirt.... 

If we'd lose power....go to basement. 

If I'm still to hot, get wet in the pond [or from the many containers of water around here......and then take shelter in basement....or under deep shade of trees with a cooling breeze. 


I'm worried cuz even repaired, the A/C in our car isn't strong.  And we have to go into 'town' so much these days.  I do sit in the back seat...windows tinted and away from front windshield sun.  I always carry large juice bottles with water....several of them.  It's as important as the trauma kit we keep in the console of the car.  At The Ready.  I also carry both a small packet of ice/gel packs in my purse AND a larger soft side cooler with large ice and gel packs.  All summer....every trip with the car. 


MtRider   100* is crazy at this altitude.  Not a steady temperature but even a few minutes of that hot....  Sheesh! 

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It's in the mid 90's here in the shade.  Not too bad to me, but most folks here won't go outside.  I stay in if it's 95 or more and the humidity is up.


Walked first this morning, then fed dogs.
Set up DH's meds for the month.
Friend came over and helped set up new shelving. I re-arranged shed quite a bit yesterday and finished cleaning and arranging today. It looks pretty good with a little bit to go.
Going to dinner this afternoon. Yesterday was our 31st wedding anniversary. It's a good start!

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I'm almost afraid to say how hot it is here. You guys are having it rough. It is 80* here in shade with a slight breeze. 

Went to Food Lion as they had Boston butts on sale for 99 cents a lb. So that didn't pan out. They didn't have any. Going back on Sat. and if they still don't have any, I am going to try to get a raincheck. I wanted a couple of them to make barbecue to can.  I am almost out. 

Looking into home equity home loans. Not sure if I really want to do that or not. But I do need to have some things around here repaired that are higher ticket items, Jacking up foundation at dining room, fireplace and redo main bathroom. House is paid for,  it is a big jump to have a house payment again as our house payments used to be 199.00  a month and now this will be for this small amount I want to get would be like over 500 on a 15 year loan. Big decisions. 

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:balloons:   Happy Anniversary, Miki and Mr. !!!  :balloons:  A good start and keep it going!  :thumbs:  



DH woke feeling fine but half way thru cooking breakfast [ I chopped/diced]  he began to clog up sinus and feel ROTTEN.  We both quick took the nutritional - herbal supplements that we have to knock out whatever comes calling.  2 naps.  Filled out job applications on line .... [ he's also too much stress/rushing lately ]  By afternoon he was feeling better.  We're realllllly getting hit with the hazy air, pine pollen, other pollen, ROAD DUST that the 10 minutes of sprinkle rain didn't handle....  I have gravel in my voice half the time.  Not sure what hit him.  Hope he's going to stay cleared now. 


We had some rather complex plans for tomorrow....picking up my mom and dropping her and DH off to see my dad while I go short drive to my appt.  Then I try to get Xray of my hip.  Then go fetch them and let DH drive!  Ah....change of plans since he's not feeling great.  Hopefully going to just get me to appt and Xray and leave out everything else.  Told my mom to start up her Vit C in case she was exposed to anything too.  I'm feeling okay except the pollen/dust stuff.  Gotta take care of our driver tooooo!  :wub:


Walked dog but hip and sciatica began to hurt.  Old dog kinda helped me up driveway and up stairs.  Held her body harness lightly.  Kinda like both of us keeping the other up.  She's really slowed down.


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Happy Anniversary Miki!


It is just plain HOT!  118° the last couple of days.  

Yesterday, we filled the kiddie pool, for Gunny, turned on the sprinkler for Storm, and the misting system for us.  

Staying inside is the plan for the day.

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Gaah!  DH is still sick and I'm really not up to dealing with the taxi service from way out here.  So....Pray it goes well ........I'm going to do my appointment via laptop connection.  DH's tiny little laptop cuz mine quit working 2 wks ago.....and there is no cell phone service out here.  :sigh:  


THEN DH is applying for jobs...part time.  As if he isn't already all over the place with our current situations!!!  He got a call from one that is VERY EAGER to get him on the job.  It's for a home health care aid.  The office is waaaaaay over in Denver but this client in right here near us.  Methinks they have someone driving a very long way to cover this client.  Anyway, it would be convenient for him.  So he flies around collecting what he needs to get the pages of their application via computers at the library.  So he can fax or scan or whatever from there after he fills them out. 


THEN he's digging thru stuff that I stash....  What are you looking for?  I ask.  "I think my SS card is in the lock box!"  WHY would it be in there?  We don't keep those in there.  ...Well, it's not in his wallet where he's always kept it.  WHY isn't it in there...  :buttercup:   Certainly wasn't in the lock box either.  So he's trying to apply for a job and lost his SS card?  WHO DOES THAT?  :0327:  


......btw, he's still feeling sick.  But he only gets head/chest congestion, stiff neck, and headaches.  No matter what bug hits him, that's ALL he ever gets.  :scratchhead:   I'm feeling okay but really fatigued.


So I'm trying to find a place in this itty bitty lil' cabin for the video appointment...that isn't crammed full of STUFF and look junky....and even more stuff tossed around in the SS card search......  :runcirclsmiley2:  I'm a mess. 


MtRider  ....got to get ready for this appt....DH isn't here to help me set up the technology but I think I can.... 


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Miki, I hope you and yours had a wonderful anniversary.  

Mt. Rider, praying that your DH starts feeling well soon and that the new job works out great for him.  Guess it's time for mask again when you go out but this time because of smoke from fires. that is enough to mess anyone's sinuses up. 


Today I took my friend to lunch and then to the eye doctor.  I wanted to get a boston butt and the food lion near me was out. So she said to go to the one in Churchland. So when we left the eye doctor, we went to food lion there and they had 2 left. I got the biggest one. So will be canning tomorrow morning.  Took friend home and then I came home to hear on news there is now going to be a huge rise in pork prices.  I looked on the label of the boston butt for the reg. price per pound and it was $4.49. That was high. But I got it for 99 cent a pound. I am running out tomorrow while the pork is in slow cooker and get another one.  No telling if or when they will be that price again. 

So now the small bedroom is on hold again.  I really do need to get those boxes gone through and that room cleaned out. But the canning right now is more important.  My tomato vines are loaded, so it looks like in about 2 or 3 weeks I will be canning tomatoes, and my daughter texted me and added veg. beef soup, cabbage soup and succotash. I think she needs to come into town and clean out my small bedroom so I can do all this canning.  

At least I can say staying so busy has kept my mind off of a lot of things. That really helps a lot. 

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I sure hope your DH gets that job, Mt. Rider! If he applies for a new one and has paperwork for that, he might be able to submit it.  I hope he feels better too!  Would be great if he had a client close to home!


Did video first as we are getting rain from tropical storm. Not much. We are way to the West of the cone now. Yay!
I finally decided no garden until Fall. The guy still hadn't made it to till it up as of Thursday.
My friend gave me a case of grapefruit juice which I will use to make Grapefruit jelly.
He also gave me a bunch of summer type squashes which I will make Orange Soup from, maybe PC some. I will have to see how much I get. To the squash I will add some mashed Butternut that I grew, mashed and froze last year, canned carrots from the year before, and onions and garlic. I have one of those hand blenders that should work great once it is cooked up.--When I find it.
So not having a garden this year hopefully won't slow me down too much.


Hope you all have a good weekend!

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4 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

When I find it.

Ow!  I know that story!  


The video part of my appt. didn't happen.  The power went off at the library and delayed DH from returning in time to help me set it up.  I just couldn't get it to work.   A LOT of "boulders in the road" lately.  [not literally....tho that IS literally possible here in CO ]  But ya just get over/around/through one obstacle to the goal and three more rumble into the picture.  We already have 3 days of car repair scheduled for next week....one that involves me staying "in town" with my mom so I can reach appointments via the senior rides.  AND ....so I'm already In-Place if my mom has any issues - - -  :whistling:  Not that I'm mentioning that aspect to her.  :shrug:  


Add DH sick....in the middle of this job application -- with missing SS card.  Route to the SS office for a new card ...oye!  We live a LONG way from that office.  AND one must arrive before daybreak to get to the front of the line...or you might not get thru the line that day.  <_<   


Anyway, I did the medical consult over the phone only.  Warned them that we had lightning zapping around and if we drop power for even a second, the phone call will drop.  Call me back.  Thankfully that didn't happen.  That was actually Plan D for that appointment:  DH drive - nope.  Taxi - don't think so.  Video visit - not happening.  Phone - it worked. 


Still haven't gotten the hip Xray my doc ordered last week......more "boulders" blocking multiple attempts for that.  Really doc, I've tried!!!  :buttercup:  My hip is hurting more without riding x2 per week.  Which is what's driving DH to make more $$ so I can.  But while he's worried about me, I'm also worried about him taking on too much.  :twister3:


Guess I'm not in a very upbeat mood this morning.  :shrug:  I'm confident we'll get thru this.  God always gets us through so no reason to think He won't.  Just weary of the "boulders", I guess.  Especially if DH isn't over this 'sick thing' so we're safe to visit my dad on his last Father's Day.  :sigh:   Probably the real reason I'm struggling.  We'll see tomorrow....


MtRider  ...thanks for prayers, y'all.  :grouphug: 

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