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Been canning meat all day. Got the last of the barbeque in the pressure canner and then cooked up and canned the last of the 3 1/2 lbs of hamburger that is in pressure canner now. Made up the Amish poor man's steak and have that in fridge for canning tomorrow. Need to cook that in oven and make the mushroom gravy for it. Then get that in canner. Took a break before starting up canners again to take a roast and a pack of hamburger to my friend. She said she had not had a roast in many years. So she will enjoy that. After I get all the cans out of canners, I think I will be ready for bed. It feels like Saturday and has been a long day. My foot hurts from being on it all day and I am just plain worn out. I should sleep good tonight.

Canning season for the veggies will be starting in 2 or 3 weeks. So I will have a much needed break before I start canning anything else.

Annarchy, hope your knee and hip starts to feel better soon. After I get the poor man's steak canned, I am going to have to check my inventory on pint jars. I have gone through a lot of them the past couple of months.

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I had another errand filled day. After three more drug stores I found a blood pressure monitor. Some of the other stores had the arm one you pump up but I wanted the wrist one. Walgreens had two.


I looked at two Dollar General's, two Family General's, another store I can't remember the name of (Family Dollar?) and one Big Lots. No canning supplies anywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if Meijers had some jars but probably no lids. But wait there's more! The little drug store up the street from me where I bought all of those lids last fall had some lids. They have about 20 boxes of wide mouth lids. I didn't buy any because I have more than enough... I told myself. But can you really have enough lids or jars? I'll think about it and deside tomorrow. No one ever thinks about the little stores. It's called Discount Drug Mart. If any one here is desperate for wide mouth lids let me know and I'll get them and send them!


Then I went to two more Dollar Trees. No one has that Splash drink I like now. That section of shelving is completely empty. I did get six small-ish bottles each of apple, grape and cranberry juices. I'm storing those away for winter. That store had plenty of the Gossners milk. I got 10 cartons to put away. So, 30 good drinks for $30.00 I can live with. They also had those little multi boxes of cereal. 5-6 little boxes to a pack. I've never seen that there before. Sometimes I like to eat a box of those for a sweet snack. I got six packs. Will probably last me a year. I forgot to look for kitchen matches.


That sounds like a lot of driving around but it's strange up here. All the little towns run right into the other ones. And each town has their own stores. I assume for tax purposes. So all of those stores are in about a 8-10 mile radius. 


The plastic shortage must have hit the stores. The Dollar Tree has been using big paper bags with a handle and Walgreens used a smaller version of the same thing. Not especially sturdy for heavy things but nice paper totes to reuse all the same. I'm going to use the big one to dump shredded paper in to take to the recycle bin. Easy to fill and dump and reuse. I also noticed a sign at the grocery store yesterday wanting people to start using the cloth bags again. I'm going to get a couple more boxes of plastic trash bags from Sam's while the gettin' is good I suppose. I'll use them anyway. 


What's for dinner? Brussel sprouts and watermelon.  I'm grown. I eat whut I wont when I wont. :D


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Little Sister, you do more canning than anyone I know.  Don't over do and be sorry.  Hard year for you we know.


We have lost several dollar stores here in recent years.  Seems like Dollar General is the only one to survive, and its stock of canning products is only the jars with lids enclosed.  No lids to be found in our town of 10,000.  Our Dollar Tree was out of the small plastic bottles of prune juice for several months, and no other store here carries those.  We only get expensive  pack of 6 very small cans.  From the bottled juice I pour small servings into smaller jars and freeze.  Don't want too much prune juice at once>  I was in the store one day and they were unpacking a pallet of the small bottles and the stocker and I rejoiced together that they got another load in.


One grocery store here has limited number of jars and other canning items, but no lids. Same with Wal Mart.

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I noticed our Dollar Tree did have some prune juice. I like the individual wrapped prunes I get at my grocery store. They are a little expensive but they last a long time, mainly because I don't eat many. I do like them a lot but I have to be careful how many I eat at one time.  :Blushing:


Since they left the shelves empty, I'm hoping they plan to refill them with more juice. 

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Walked first this morning, fed dogs.
Went to an Estate sale with a friend. Too pricey for me today. Tomorrow should be half price, so will go back. Visited with friend for awhile.
Came home and made 5 pints and 3 half pints of Red Grapefruit Jelly.
Started a big pot of Navy Beans with sausage.
Will work on cleaning lawn furniture a little more later.
Hope to watch "The Ice Road" with Liam Neeson!

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Went to my doctor on Monday.  She was pleased with my weight loss.  She also still does not like my gait and sent me back to the orthpedic surgeon to ask why I still limp, stagger, and hurt after months of healing and physical therapy.  I was not pleased with the result of the visit.  Basically I was told...we did nothing wrong, the x rays look good, everything is fine.  They suggested I go back to my back surgeon, blaming the back for the issues I am having.  When pressed, the physicians assistant suddenly remembered an article that had been sent to them which said that if someone had back surgery prior to the hip surgery it increased failure rate for the hip surgery.  In short...we were told "It aint our fault,"...then "you aint gonna get any better"....."how about a cortisone shot?"

I took the shot.  It was all they had to offer along with pain pills.  I was rather upset at being what I felt was "dumped" by them.  They did authorize yet more PT.  No problem there, the PT people are the only ones that seem to be even trying to help.  


I was rather upset for a couple of days, but have come to terms with the fact that I am on my own as far as getting back as much function as I can.  

OK, I accept that and will take as much PT as I can get, then switch over to the gym menmbership I can get from my insurance.  I refuse to just give up and hobble around being miserable.  If I must be sore, let it be from exercising.  If I must be crooked, well, I will be as straight as I can get and go on from there.  But I am NOT going to just quit and go away and be a nice, quiet cripple.  I have too much to do.  Adapting will be my way of life if needed.  I will prove them wrong.


What hurts is that Mary too is starting to give up hope.  She supports my efforts and helps me keep going, but I do wish I was not the only one believing in the fight.  Oh well.


Now that I have vented, the good news.  Our rescured kitten (from under the porch) was taken to the vet for a quick check (she has a cough).  She is about 3 weeks old.  She eats, poops, and sleeps, much like any baby.  We bought a baby bottle and formula, which she thankfully is big enough to drink from, and she just guzzles at meal time.  We are optomistic about her survival.  Dont know her daddy tho...she is a tabby striped kitty, the only one we have.  Surprise!!


The garden has been suffering with the sudden summer.  Vine borers killed out summer squashes.  Using the newspaper mulch did not help, so we will have to do a drench next time we prepare the beds.  The tomatoes are having blossom end rot issues, but we are getting some good ones (for gifting) and fall back on our childhood-learned habits of "just cut the bad parts away" for the impergect fruits.  So we are enjoying those vine ripened, dead ripe tomatoes.  I even went off my diet, ONCE, to enjoy our few ears of sweet corn (we did not plant much) and they were deeeeee-licious!  I cut some off the cob for Mary since she cant do the on-cob dining.  She was delighted as well and we both agree we need to plant more next time.  The watermelons & cantelopes have baby fruits growing on them.  The collards are HUGE....6 or 7 leaves make an entire armload for me.  I tried out a collard slaw idea I read about and my-oh-my it was delicious.  I liked it cut about 30% with regular eabbage so it does not overpower the low carb mayo dressing I use.  Next time I go grocery shopping I will get some bacon and try the full collard slaw with a hot bacon dressing instead.  We are eating and gifting cabbages right now as the spring planted ones are mature and ready to go.  Broccoli was delicious, but all gone now, and it is not regrowing heads due to the heat, it is bolting.  So I will cook up some of the long sprouts like broccoli-raab and then the plants will come out to make room for the rampant sweet potato vines.  

The okra is starting now too.  I have to pick it daily or the pods get too big, but it does not take long to get enough for me to eat....Mary does not like the texture of it.  I have a pork rind shake and bake that is low carb and I toss it in that, then bake.  Not too shabby.  I am already planning what to put into the empty spots...


All in all things are progressing nicely here and we are anticipating a fine blow out for the 4th of July.  Lots and lots of fireworks!  Looking forward to it.

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Cleaned house.  DH left at 7:30a to go to a meeting at the SO.  Told me not to do it all. So….Whew, done, saved a bit of dusting for him.  

We lost our Dollar Tree, but still have a Dollar store.  I don’t go there very often, WM still has cases of jars, mostly pints & half pints. Occasionally the 1/2 gallons I use for dried goods.  


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Kappydell, you were posting when I was.  

Back issues…BTDT.  When I herniated 8 disc’s in my back… 3 into the spinal column, PT, tons of mri’s, cat scans…scoliosis, osteoporosis, unemployable… last time I went to the Dr…. 26 shots!  Nope….


Instead, I do what I can, take breaks and watch my posture. It’s hard, it’s painful, it takes a lot of self awareness and exercise, constantly trying to stand tall and straight, and to keep going and doing things that need to be done.  It isn’t easy, it’s painful, but, I HAVE to.  Otherwise, I’ll be in a wheelchair within a year.  To me, that’s unacceptable.  DH isn’t able to do much.  That leaves, me.


Garden beets are trying to stay green with our, over 100° heat.  105 in the shade today.  Birds are feasting on the greens.  That’s okay.  I’m trying to keep my spices alive.  AZ heat is extreme.  


GOD willing, we will get our AC replaced next week.  90° inside with the window unit and ceiling fan running.  Probably because I was in & out all day cleaning.  :sigh:

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Good morning!
Will have Sunday school and Church first.
Walk dogs.
Make yellow rice to go with beans cooked yesterday.
Clean lawn chairs.
Put away Grapefruit jelly which turned out great.
Maybe do a little cleaning spot cleaning.
Easy day!

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Quick note:  I came home last nite - Saturday after riding.  We've been having some lovely RAIN.  Always feel safer when it rains in summer!!!  :amen: 


I'm pretty exhausted.  This past Tuesday I rode....got hip Xray....ate at restaurant with my mom.  I BATTLED hyperthermia the whole day!  :0327:   

Anyone ever have to ask the server for a bag of ice ....and shove the whole thing down the front of shirt?  :rolleyes:  Oh well.....at least I got to eat and not run over to the ER!!!  :knary:  But....this wears me out badly.  [NOW we're cold!  Furnace running and in the 40's/50's!!! ]  


Staying with my mom is fine and the basement bedroom stays quite cool.  :amen:   However, I wasn't sleeping well....dunno why.  Too tired.  Hip ached!  Etc.


Xray shows some arthritis in my sore hip.  Dang!  I must be old.  :yar:  


I'm signed up for twice a week riding thru July.  IF our schedule doesn't change for whatever reason(s).......???   Hip is already feeling better than during my trial of once per week riding.  :grinning-smiley-044:  That's not going to work.....yet.  Eventually I believe/hope that I can drop back to less riding without bad results.  If history repeats ....


DH is getting part-time job  :(   to pay for riding and gas with increased prices.....  He has his pick of several!!!  Everyone is trying to fill positions...and willing to make consessions!  I have to give him back his laptop to start Training Sessions today.  


As long as it doesn't hurt my hip, I've begun to walk dog again....carefully.



MtRider  ....am catching up on the posts made while I was not in Internet range..  :wave: 

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23 hours ago, kappydell said:

We are eating and gifting cabbages right now as the spring planted ones are mature and ready to go.


Use some of that cabbage to make your own (fermented) sauerkraut! Here's how.



I think you could probably use this gadget for smashing down the cabbage. (It's meant for breaking up hamburger when trying to make tacos, etc)

The Pampered Chef Mix N Chop #2583

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23 hours ago, kappydell said:

hot bacon dressing


I think this recipe came from Kristie Sullivan

Hot Bacon Dressing
1/2 C hot bacon fat

1 T Dijon mustard

3 T apple cider vinegar

6 drops SF sweetener of your choice
Combine in saucepan. Add to spinach while still hot. 😃

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Thanks Jeepers for checking on us.  As I replied, we are up to our ears moving to the homestead.  This will be a long post so bear with me.

We've been gradually moving things to the homestead, but ran into a road block when we called to get our internet etc., transferred.  UVerse is the only thing available to us but when they came and hooked up the line, they couldn't go any further than the outside because of the "spaghetti" of old phone lines and dangerous wiring in the basement area.  So hubby had to trace each and every electrical wire down to know where it went, and then re-wire it all with new and safer wiring.  In order to do that we had to haul tons of old burnt wood and charcoal out fromhthe crawlspace so he could get under the house!  Between the two of us we were able to fish all new wiring up through the walls (my forearms look a mess!) and into all new electrical boxes etc.  Then we had to fish the CAT wire along the same paths.  He finally got all the boxes covered and we'll call AT&T tomorrow to have them come out and do the final install.  He's tired of it and for a hundred bucks, we'll let them do it.

The kitchen is on hold as far as getting my gas stove hooked up.  Once the internet etc., is done I'll be vacuuming and cleaning the bedroom so we can get our mattress moved over there as well as waxing down the dressers etc., so we can take our dresser clothes over there.  

The dining room is his "work area" so we can't do anything with that yet, and the livingroom only has our loveseat, coffee table and one end table.  Behind that area is a catch all of the bookcases that are ceiling high and need to be be moved to their "place".  

I had a bit of a heat episode one weekend while were out and it's taken me quite some time to recover.  Then an ear infection really slowed me down until the antibiotics etc., got it taken care of.  Then I nearly passed out one early morning on my way from the bathroom.  I had to lay on the floor and call for hubby, but he couldn't hear me.  My Abby-girl stayed right there with me and would try to "go tell daddy" but would come right back.  I was finally able to use her a tiny bit to get on my feet...but she didn't really like it.  One I made it to bed then then I was able to wake hubby up so he could get me some water and watch over me until I had my witts about me.  REALLY scary!  It was a blood pressure drop, guess I just got up too quick.  I have low blood pressure so it doesn't take much to go much too low.

The weather here has been hot, muggy and rain, rain, rain, rain!  It quit raining a bit this morning long enough for us to go to church and barely came home before it started again.  

Abby-girl and I have had some serious cabin fever when we can't go to the homestead and get out a bit.  It's no sense sitting around there while hubby works when I have so much to do here.  Sorting, packing and still trying to keep house here.  

I'm not complaining at all, it's just a big job...especially at our age.  With all the storms etc., our Abby-girl has gotten quite use to come looking for me when it starts thundering.  I say "squirt" and she waits for me to spray some calming spray on her shoulder, then "lick" and she sucks the dropper of Rescue Remedy, then eagerly awaits her "chews" which is a calming chew we buy.  Once it all begins to work, she "goes to bed" ... but still paces a bit when it continues to thunder etc., but at least she isn't trembling and slobbering in fear.  

We also give her a "lick" when we dremel her toe nails...which we did tonight, but only the front.  Tomorrow the back feet.

Son is doing okay.  His doc is in the process of getting him off all the pain killers and onto medical "lolly pops".  His health is a mess.  Diabetes, obesity, eye site problems, PTSD, lasiks for his fluid build up, high blood pressure...so much more.  He has an aide that comes in and cleans etc., an takes him grocery shopping.  Another nurse comes and puts all his meds in a container so he doesn't have to worry about what and when to take his meds.

Grand daughter and grand son reached out to me on FB...what a blessing.  I know it would set my daughters hair on fire if she knew, but they both said they're adults now and able to make their own decisions.  Hopefully that will stand.  We're hoping to have a "picnic" or some type of meeting but I left it up to them to set the date etc., since he's still under therapy etc. for his paralysis.  I'm not trying to rush things since their folks cut them off from me when they were very young.  I need to be careful because their other grand parents are very territorial, and I know the kids love them. 

Well, I guess that brings me pretty much up to date, but not sure when I'll be able to pop back in and say hello.


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On 6/25/2021 at 9:02 PM, Jeepers said:

No canning supplies anywhere.


I bought some of the PUR jars and lids.  They work fine.  Available at Ace Hardware...that's all they carry.  Several homesteaders have tried them and are pleased with them also.  They have also tested them for lead etc., just in case...and they appear to be lead free.

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The WE2’s. I’m so glad to have you back.  I’m sorry you’ve had problems and pray things go better soon.  :hug3:

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WE2, So glad to see you are doing ok. You have been really busy with that move. But take time to take care of yourself also. You don't need another spell like that.  Praying that you get your move done and smoothly. 


Virginia, I am done with canning for at least 2 or 3 weeks till the tomatoes start to ripen. I have a bumper crop of tomatoes. I am only going to can what I need to make my soups this winter, and other things and the rest I am selling to the market, as well as give some to my friend, a couple of neighbors and granddaughter. 


The Amish poor man's steak came out really good. But it was a lot of work. I only did one canner full (8 pints) the rest of the hamburger that I had made up for more, I decided to add some green peppers, etc. and made a meat loaf out of the rest of it. So I got 6 meals out of that in freezer. Going to turn my attention back on getting the house back together. I put it on the back burner for a while. Termite people are coming tomorrow morning to replace the vents around the house. And then Tuesday I am going furniture shopping with granddaughter. Need 2 dressers and a small desk. Will be looking at den furniture to see what is out there but not ready to buy that yet. Need to get the 3 bedrooms in order first and then turn my attention on getting the den done.

Was finally able to remove the support tape from my foot for the bone spurs and planters fasciitis.  The foot is doing better, but still have to wear the boot at night and take Aleve twice a day. 


Edited by Littlesister
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Whew...girlfriend I was so worried about you guys. I'm glad you are okay. I do understand what you are going through though. It's a mess. 


Glad Abby girl stayed with you when you fainted. That's scary. I do that too. I usually feel it coming on so I quickly hit the floor. Boy you are right. Old age sucks. 


Also glad to hear your son is taking control of his health. He's the only one who can do it for himself. I'm a good one to talk though. :sEm_blush:


I'm thrilled your grand kids are reaching out too. You are smart to take it slow and let them set the pace. Sit back and let them see for themselves how wrong their mom has been. Maybe some day she will reach out too. If not, it's her decision. I know you have always been available. 


I haven't heard of the PUR canning supplies. I looked on Amazon for some Kerr wide mouth quart jars. $35.00 a case.  :008Laughing:


Wal-Mart online was something like $12.00 for the same thing but it didn't mention shipping. I'm fine on quarts so far.


Glad you're back but take it easy.  :hug3:

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GLAD to see WE2's are alright!  Wow, that's a lot to be doing in MO heat/humidity!  Watch those hyperthermia episodes.  I think when I get one, I get it more easily...  :(  :knary:  

I pulled my back today.... lower left side.  Just lifting heavy, wet jeans out of washer.  Gaah!  Good thing I have a live-in chiro, right?  Certainly hope it doesn't prevent me from riding X2 now that we've gotten so much arranged so I can ride!!!!  Took TWO Tylenol also.  Feels ok..... provisionally.  Ack....aging!  :tapfoot: 


Catching back up around here....sort of.... 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Midnightmom, my grandma used to make that dressing. She would pour it over chopped lettuce, green onions. a chopped boiled egg and some bacon crumbles. We just called it Wilted Lettuce. We seemed to eat it mostly in the spring and summer.

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Glad you are ok, WE2!  Hope your internet works well at the new place!

Hope you will get some rest, Mt Rider! 

LIttlesister, I hope you get a break also! 

You all have busy, busy lives!!!


As usual, walked first, then fed and walked dogs.
Did 2 loads of laundry.
Pruned low hanging tree branches and roses.
Still have to cut carrots for dog treats.
That's enough for now.


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Mt. Rider, glad you had an enjoyable time with your mom. Sorry your hip is giving you fits though. And your back too. It seems like a fine line of treating an area and over doing it, huh. Darned if you do...


I got a spurt of energy from someplace last night and headed out to the garage to do some sorting. I got three big boxes cut down and had to come in. I got too hot, nausea, sweating and dizzy. It was around 10:00pm and not very hot at all. Not for a normal person. Gonna be a long summer. 


I'm leaving for Indy Wednesday morning. I'll probably be back Monday. You-Know-Who's big birthday bash. The big oh-5. We expect a parade and fireworks.  :24:


They are having a doings at a local theme park on Friday and then heading out for the campgrounds. I'll head out to the house. I'm not a camping kinda girl.   :nail:   I don't know how I'll handle the heat at the park. Maybe they will have a mister (water not a man) set up I can stay under. Not looking forward to that part.  :unsure:

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1 hour ago, Jeepers said:

not very hot at all. Not for a normal person.


:(  Yeah, I know that song!  :knary:  



:bdaycake:  Happy B-day to We-Know-Who and safe travels, Jeepers!  :pray:   Think of bringing a cooler with ICE for those OverHeating episodes.  [ JIC your jeep A/C goes out....I'm paranoid about Hyperthermia!!! ]


MtRider  ....my back muscle is better but DH started new P.T. job today.  Hope it's going well....  :unsure: 

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Good idea on the cooler. I have a nice little one I always took with me to PA. on vacation. It's hard sided and sits nicely on the front seat beside me. It holds about 7 cans or 8 little bottles plus some ice. If I can only find it out in the...Dun, Dun, Dun GARAGE!  :runcirclsmiley2:


One year on the PA. turnpike there was a huge wreck. We were detoured all around the country side for well over 2 hours. Some of those exits are pretty far apart. It took awhile to enter back on. I felt bad for the semi's just sitting there burning gas. Some lady from a little local town was driving through handing out bottles of free ice water to everyone. So very much appreciated! Another reason why I don't let the gas tank go below half empty.


Hope Mr. Mt. Rider will enjoy his job. :pray:

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Jeepers, Ozark trails (at WM),  has a cooler, cheaper than that expensive one , kept my frozen stuff from MT to AZ frozen. I did pack ice in it, JIC.


Great to see you We2’s. Missed you & was concerned.  

Today, woke up an hour early, read the clock wrong… meh.


Pulled weeds, did dog duty, before the trash trucks came.  Used leftover air fried chicken to make chicken Parmesan, from leftover spaghetti from the other day.    He likes it.  Sliced the backs & one leg into pieces, including the breading, put a layer of sauce on the bottom of the dish, sprinkled some ground basil and Italian breadcrumbs layered the sliced chicken on top, sprinkled a bit more bread crumbs, more sauce, mozzarella and fresh grated Parmesan on top, nuked a couple of minutes & spread on leftover pasta.  Served with toaster garlic toast.  

AC is scheduled to be installed on Wednesday, God willing all goes well.

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The chicken parmesan sounds great, Annarchy!  Hope your a/c is in and working!


Good morning! Already walked. Getting ready to feed and walk dogs.
Next shoot eBay photos.
Make jello and pudding for desserts.
Put a little epsom salts around roses that I cut back yesterday.
Clean laundry room, kitchen window.
Make a few business calls.
Mostly inside stuff today!

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