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Jeepers, I do have an Ollie's, but is about a 40 to 45 minute drive to Newport News to get there depending on traffic. I am going to take a trip out that way in about a month or so as there are other places I want to go to out there. 

Finished getting the bookcases emptied and everything dusted down. Don't want to talk about the almost 2 years of dust in that bookcase. But taken care of Dh and spending my time with him was more important than housework at the time. But I am paying for that now. It will all get cleaned up and reorganized again. Getting rid of a lot of stuff is starting to feel really good. That could be a good thing or a bad thing if I decide to get rid of the wrong things. It has been raining off and on all day, so only working in house today. But I am really getting tired now. Thinking of taken a power nap which is something I hardly ever do. More books to go through still. I am thinking of only keeping certain books and the rest will be on my kindle. Maybe my breakfast is over and I need some lunch. Haven't taken the time to eat since 7 am. So maybe something fast and it will give me my energy back. Otherwise that nap will be looking good.


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Littlesister, you certainly did have your priorities straight. Nothing like a clear conscience for a job well done. Try to slow down a little and rest in between times. As you know, the dust and things will still be there waiting for you when you are ready. Don't ask me how I know that all too well.  :sEm_blush:



I've been taking it slow lately. About 3 months ago my shoulder went out on me. It only hurts when I move it a certain way. It hurts really bad when I do that but fortunately it doesn't hurt otherwise. So it isn't too horrible. I had this once before (acupuncture debacle) so I knew what to expect. Tendonitis. But it's getting old now. Plus I end up sleeping on it wrong sometimes. Then a couple of days before I went to Indiana this last time my ankle started to hurt. Right under that ankle bone knob. It feels like its sprained but it isn't. I had to buy a brace over there just to walk. It still hurts when I walk. That was over a month ago. Going down the stairs is a real killer. That's getting old too. I've had a couple of close calls with a charlie horse in my calve muscle. Fortunately I was able to freeze up in time to avoid them. Except for one. OMG. Worse pain ever! I'm wondering if it's a vitamin/mineral issue. If I sleep on my back I end up waking myself up snoring. More of a snort-gasp noise. Wonder if a C-Pap is in my future. And someone is sneaking in my bedroom at night and soaking the sleeve of my tee shirt with slobber while I'm sleeping. I know for certain I would't do something as gross as that. D@mn slobber elves. Too bad they aren't Keebler elves leaving cookies instead. And I'm starting to get a headache. And now I want to go to Ollies. ADHD is kicking in so I'll spare y'all the rest of my thought processes. Cookies. But other than that...

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WOW.  I do have to get here more often.  Catching up now tho.  We took 2 weeks off to lose our vacation weight (mostly water from all that SALTY restaurant food.  No cooking allowed in rooms where we stayed, so we packed my electric skillet for naught.  They did have a micro & a fridge, so we did try to warm stuff up, but....not much unsalty stuff available when you have to nuke everything.  We ate out and I ate a lot of omelets & salads.  Went back to PT yesterday and gave them a pecan kringle for their coffee break room, and one therapist got some cheese curds.  They have never heard of either onoe here so they are in for a treat.

We are starting to clean out the summer garden for tilling and preparing for fall and winter plantings.  Today we pulled out the enormous walking stick collards, and although we had plenty of (we thought) bug damage, I wanted to cut as much good stuff out and dehydrate it.  Wast not want not.  Well....we finally discovered why the insecticide we used (Sevin powder, usually reliable) did not stop the collards from being eaten up.  Unbeknown to us, we apparently have an escargot ranch.  I did trim off some good collard leaves, but pound for pound we had more "locally farmed" escargots, had I wanted to purge them and cook them, LOL.  Nice to know we have another food source if things go goofy on us.    We got plenty of thanks from our friends in wisconsin that we were able to take meat to.  We had a marine cooler (the HUGE one from Walmart....the entire width of the pickup bed long).  In May when meat sales were on we bought plenty - jam packed all 3 freezers) and delivered them.  Some went to one of Marys relatives, some went to a friend living in a halfway house (he did buy a freezer for his room) on food stamps.  I will never forget the look on his face when we offloaded all the chicken, pork loin roasts, pork loin chops and ribeye steaks.  Then we took him out to get some chewing tobacco and some diet pepsi since he was at the last part of the month and his money was all gone.  It was WORTH all the blood, sweat and tears to make that delivery. )  Busted the budget too, but it aint the first time and wont be the last I reckon.

Prices here have almost doubled on meat since we bought all that so Im thanking God daily for those blessed freezers!  


BTW....if anybody knows how to can escargots...???  LOL...Mary ate them in Germany and said they were delicious.)


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Wow Kappy, that is a lot of damage from those snails.  I heard they changed something in the seven dust as we used it for years for that. Now it doesn't seem to work as well as it used to. Next year I am going to try the white vinegar. I think you mix it with something but will have to look it up again. Hope I can find it again. 


I think I need professional help:   A chef, A butler, and a maid should do it. 

Still have some other books to go through, but all the other stuff is now done. Shelves clean and all the knickknacks I want to keep are now back on the bookcase. Hope it is not raining tomorrow so I can take a load of stuff to Good Will. I have another car load. Daughter is taking the knickknacks I am not going to keep. So that is good. 


I have until the first week in Oct. to finish up in garage to get the old fridge out there. Granddaughter may have sold the other stuff of hers but they need to come pick it up. Will need to find out what is going on with it, but she is working tonight, so will check with her tomorrow. 

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5 hours ago, Littlesister said:

professional help:   A chef, A butler, and a maid should do it.


:lol:   My mom is always saying that her 'maid' is so lazy.....nothing gets done.  :rolleyes:  No one can believe what she gets done in her 90's...


Oye, Kappy.  That's some feasting snails ya got there!  Meat/protein source is always good.  There is some data .....a caution about how one fixes snails....but I can't remember anything except I think you have to do it right.  Something to make you sick??   Sorry....that's all I remember.  :scratchhead:



Friends, pray for Koa.  She's stopped the bladder bleed..  :amen:  ...and we're SO ready to get newspapers off the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!  But something else is wrong....not eating and waking me in the night but .... ????  This has been so extremely frustrating and worrisome!  Probably another vet visit tomorrow.  :(  


Had a gooood horse ride today.  The van ride for seniors was a bit long.  Picked up another woman ....drivers had to use my [paper] map to find her....she wasn't ready....grabbed an empty O2 tank and we ended up getting her to the hospital for O2.  Then took me to ride and returned for her.  She got that sorted and they took her home.  Then came back for me from riding.  Gorgeous day!  Ride went well despite not riding for more than 2 wks.  I'm pretty exhausted cuz got up with Koa at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep last nite.  AND it's midnight again so I need to shut this down and SLEEP


MtRider  :offtobed:    ....wow, it was FREEZING outside with dog last nite!!!  :frozen: 

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Praying for Koa!  I hoped she would be better yesterday.  Please update us on the vet visit!

I'm glad you all are home, Kappy and please let us know what you do to eradicate (and cook) your snails!

Jeepers, I feel your pain!  I had to take it easy and no walking for about 3 days.  Started back (slower) this morning.  my right hip still hurts a little, but not as bad.

I ate badly for 2 days and am up 3.5 pounds.  I'm hoping a good bit of that is water!


Today, I am moving some stuff to out building.

Re-packaging and vacuum sealing some sliced ham for freezing.

Working on next year's photo calendar in Shutterfly.

Probably looking at closet and deciding to wait another week or so.  LOL

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Koa is not better.  Phone conversation with vet today was not promising.  Will be taking her in early Monday.....  :sad-smiley-012:  Unless something changes, we'll be saying goodbye.  The bladder infection seems to be gone but she will not eat.  Vet thinks something more drastic has to be wrong ......she refuses to eat ANYTHING.  We're getting pain meds into her slowly by various methods.  Some beef broth.  She gets too frantic to use the muzzle/syringe method too much.  She cries when she moves to get up from ground/floor....tho we try to help.  She can't go on like this.....


MtRider  .....this isn't the way we thot it would turn out  ..............

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Just popping in to say a few things. I usually read comments at least a couple of days a week and pray for each person and for Koa.  I am sorry that Koa is sick and about all the issues going on in each of your lives. Praying for resolutions.


Jeepers, you mentioned maybe needing some mineral. If I don't take magnesium citrate, I get serious muscle cramps and also tend to get choked on my food a lot. Magnesium deficiency affects ALL muscles including heart muscle, and smooth muscle. If you are taking a proton pump inhibitor for GERD, you will most certainly have a magnesium deficiency along with potassium deficiency. My daughter takes it for anxiety with her doctor's approval also.  Something to check into for sure. 


Littlesister, we are actively decluttering. So tired of all the stuff! DH is a handyman and keeps all kinds of spare parts, hardware, etc. to help folks out so we hope to get it organized. Sometime we spend literally hours looking for stuff we need. I heard an organizing blogger say that the average person spends a certain number of minutes a day (which I can't remember!) and it added up to 2.5 hours in a year. We are way above average on that!! It sounds like you are doing a great job. Every time I read one of your posts, I'm inspired to keep at it!


Lots of other things going on here too. Harvesting lots from the gardens and still picking blueberries. My friend from church and I are traveling an hour each Tuesday night and volunteering doing some health coaching at a Diabetes Undone class. It's an 8 week class and we have two more to go.  


Last week, my family and I canned 55 pints of corn. We hadn't had a good sweet corn crop in years so that was good. About time to get our bins of apples too. We couldn't get nectarines, peaches or Asian pears this year because the frost killed most of the commercial orchard's crops. We got all our gardens out late and they are just now in peak producing mode. Praying for a late frost! We've been able to share lots of tomatoes with family and friends, sweet corn too. Now the bell peppers are coming in. The deer keep our okra eaten down to about 8" tall so no crop there. Enough yellow squash and zucchini to freeze and share for the first time in a few years.


The deer fence is working. We only have a couple or three coming in instead of 9 or 10. They have figured out how to jump through the top five strands of electric fence tape (not electrified) so we plan to get chicken wire or something similar and put it over those tapes but that will have to wait until we're not so busy. That will make a semi-solid surface that will be over 8 feet tall.


Take care everyone and blessing to you all.

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Daylily, :wave:  How nice to see you posting.  Your produce and your accomplishments with them are awesome.  I do pray for a late frost for you and for us here as well.  Despite the unusual heat and drought we are experiencing winter feels closer each day.  

How nice of you to health coach at a diabetic class.  Helping others to learn about their disease and the ways they can help themselves to control it is empowering.  Bless you and your friend.  

Stay well, stay safe and be sure to pop in more often. :hug3:

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I'm sorry Koa is not healing as we thought she would!  Our Molly had kidney failure and we had a lot of the same issues with her.  I will be praying for the vet visit tomorrow.


 Easy day today.
Walk dogs if it isn't raining after Church.
Take ebay photos.
Make croutons from some old burger buns.
Make Jello.
Dust house.
Have a good Sunday!

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I went to Meijers last night. I was craving fresh fruit. They are open until midnight. There were some empty spaces but not too bad. Most of the empty spaces were where canned goods were on sale. I got 10 for $10.00 of little cans of baked beans and 10 for ? of Jell-O. Forgot how much. Chef Boyardee was also on sale at 10 for $10.00. Along with Dinty Moore stew. They were low but they were on sale so that could account for that. They must have had a windfall on Jiffy cornbread mix. They had pallets of it on sale for $.50 a box. I found everything I wanted except microwave popcorn. I might have over looked it though. I'm still not familiar with their layout. 


What I noticed low was frozen veggies. For a Saturday night it looked pretty good though. I did notice there were quite a few 'limit' signs now. Mostly on lunch meats and canned food. I haven't seen those signs since last year. They had plenty of canning jars but no lids. Water was very low too. 


I noticed a couple of times while I was in there that the lights dimmed a little. I think it was to save energy. That's what it felt like. Also there were no cashiers. You had to use the self check out with one woman there to assist. I went in with a small cart and ended up filling it to the top with a case of half gallon canning jars and two small cases of water etc. Neither purchase planned. So, I really wasn't in the mood to check my self out. Mainly because I'm slow at it. I guess that was another money saving tactic too. 


I wanted a small stainless steel spatula. I've burned up two of the Teflon ones by resting them on the side of a hot skillet. Meijers didn't have any. I'll try Old Time Pottery. They are usually good for things like that. 


BTW, Taco Bell lemonade is very good.

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Mt. Rider, please let us know how you are doing!  Also wondering if anyone knows how to contact Annarchy?


Walked first thing this morning.
Then had 6 month doc appt. at 8 am.
Went to Walmart for a few things since I was close.
Tractor Supply for a huge bag of dog food.
Home now. Need to clean baths and vacuum seal pkgs. of ham.
Fellow is supposed to be here this afternoon to do contract and have us pick out color of shingles for new roof.

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Walked first--not easy as hip is still hurting a little.
Walked and fed dogs.
Went to local stores looking for canned cat food. Seems to be a little shortage around here.

Mailed a card off to the PO Box I have for Annarchy.  Signed it "from her sisters at Mrs S"
Pulled out and put up Fall decorations on front porch.
Prayer meeting tonight!


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Trying to catch up again.   

Have been praying for Koa to get better. I know how hard it can be to take care of a sick pet.  Mt. Rider you are also in prayer for strength to care for Koa. 


Daylilly, glad to see you on here posting. Seems you have also been very busy.


I am still packing up stuff I cannot use any longer. Have another car load to take to Good Will. Rained today and is suppose to rain all day tomorrow. So it will just stay in car till I can get it over there. They have put the bins outside the doors for us to fill them up as they will not let you in the store now to drop things off. Didn't want to take all those books and put in the bins just to sit in the rain all day. So they can wait.  Got to boxes in garage to go through also. Might do that tomorrow and then I can take it all in at once and drop it all off.


Plummer didn't come back today to hook up the furnace, tomorrow with rain, I don't think he will come either. Haynes furniture messed up my delivery on the dressers and TV stand. One dresser is now on back order till Feb. 2nd. and they thought that when the desk was delivered that the TV stand was delivered and it was not. So they were suppose to get back to me on that and no phone call yet.  And the awning people was suppose to set up a date for installation today and no phone call from that. So still waiting. 

And if that is not enough, I found out today that we are going to have another paper shortage, this includes again TP, paper towels, kleenex etc. So need to order all of that with some extra to put up for granddaughter to take back in Feb. when they move to South Carolina. That at least will hold them till they get moved.  Seems something about being on barges or trucks or something and no drivers to deliver. So it is all just sitting in CA. 


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Been raining off and on all day.  Called the awning people and they are going to install the awning on the 6th of Oct. All one one piece of furniture will be here on the 30th.  Fridge still not sure but should be here in Oct. 

Grandson in Washington state got a second full time job. Hoping and praying things will work out for him. He is trying hard to get out on his own. He will be 20 years old in Nov. and is my youngest grandchild. Now that makes me feel really old. 


Washing clothes, mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms to day. Didn't eat breakfast this morning so needed to take a bread to eat lunch. Need to tape up a couple of boxes to put things in from kitchen I haven't used in a few years. That should clear out some much needed cabinet space for things I use a lot. 


Mt. Rider, I pray all is well with Koa. Please let us know when you can, how you are doing. 

Hoping Annarchy is doing well.  Please if you see these post, let us know you are ok and just busy.

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I walked first (still a little slower, but hip is feeling better).
Went to Walmart where I did see some holes in meat and dairy.
Stopped at a local grocery for pork steak sale.
Picked up copies of my labs from doc. Everything is good!
Came home and got on phone with cable company. Got bill lowered about $25 a month and faster speed. Yay!
Helped my neighbor pack up her house to move. Gonna miss her!
Still need to cook up some eggs for DH for breakfasts. I'm tired today!

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Went to Food Lion late this afternoon because I wanted some fresh fruit and needed bread and creamer for coffee. I found Ball wide mouth canning lids and lots of canning jars. I bought 12 packs of the canning lids. All wide mouth which is fine as I have plenty of small mouth. So I am good for a while now. Going to be getting things together to start canning within the next week or so. Lots going on. Furniture coming on the 30th, awning going up on the 6th of Oct. and the people are coming on the 5th to check out the fireplace. Going to be a busy few weeks.

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Was at my local WMart yesterday. TONS of canning jars - 2 whole shelves and 2 end caps - BUT only one (master) box of regular lids!

They didn't have any of the jars that I am on the hunt for though - 1.5 pint. :canning:


The prices seem to be holding steady which was a nice surprise. :thumbs:

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