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Miki, hope all went well with colonoscopy. 


Mt. Rider, I do hope the heating prices to heat our houses don't go up to bad. But that is why I am repairing the fireplace and getting a wood burning insert. that will help off set the price of natural gas. 


Went to store today as Harris Teeter had bacon on sale for 3.99 16lb packs.  I got 2 of those and the hamburger was 3.99, so got 7 lbs. of that to can and that will be all the meat I can for this winter. I have now canned beef, barbeque and tomorrow the hamburger. Jars are in dishwasher now. 

Picked up a few other things but nothing much. 

Need to get the house cleaned up while waiting on the dishwasher to finish. But tired now. So just relaxing with a glass of tea. And besides my grandson is on cell phone talking about nothing and I am totally just egnoring him. This has gotten to be a daily thing with him. I love him but I have things to do other than stay on phone all day. Have him on speaker phone so I can hear him. This has now been going on for 5 days. I think my phone needs to die for a while.  What can I say, he misses me. 

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:pray: For Miki's butt!


I had a busy day shopping today. As my son used to say when he was a little kid, "I'm poofed" I went south of me where the big shopping district is. They have every place I want to go to within a mile stretch except for Old Time Pottery. I don't know why I don't go there more often. It's less than 30 minutes from me. I was too tired to make it through Sam's Club and Wal-Mart but I still got a lot done. First stop was Barnes and Noble. They have great toys and kids books there. That was the main reason I went down there. Between them and Amazon, grandson's Christmas is bought. I found some Lincoln Logs but they will stay at my house for rainy/snowy days. 


Went to Hobby Lobby. They have such nice things but I couldn't focus so I left. Too easy to make mistakes and have buyers remorse when I get that way. They had a bread box that I really wanted but it was too expensive.


Headed to Michaels and found some nice size rocks to put in a boot tray pan for snow drainage. I've been looking all over for a small bread box. Like a foot long. Michaels had 3 of them on sale. One white and 2 yellow. Hobby Lobby's was $39.00. Michaels was on clearance. It cost me $12.00! It's a small one but just what I wanted. White one came home with me. A bigger one would be nicer but my counter space is limited. I want it for mouse control.


Went to Joann fabrics. The thread supply looks normal again. I don't know how far back the thread goes though. Might be just 1-2 spools deep. They had the quilting thread I wanted but only 2 spools of cream and 2 spools of black. I wanted 6 of each so I'll just go online so I can get the same dye lot numbers. So many different shades of black now. I checked out the flannel. They had some nice thick material. Most of it is either Christmas or buffalo plaid print. But I found some really pretty wine and tan print that was sort of argyle looking. Even the girl cutting it commented on it. AND it was 50% off. Joy. The sign said something about a Midnight Sale. Don't know. But I got 2 yards for $7.00 or there about. 


I stopped in Dollar Tree. They looked pretty well stocked but they were also out of a lot of things too. No juice to speak of and still no shelf stable milk. That's the second D.T. I've been in that is out of the milk. I know of 4 more that I'll check out. I'd like to have some more of that. Guess everyone else has the same idea. They had no water. And they had zero bows. Definitely going to hit up the after Christmas sale for packages of those. Mt. Rider mentioned something about a shortage of Sour Patch Kids. I panicked. D.T. had 12 packs of them and 12 packs of sour Haribo. Let's just say I'm set in that department.  :icon19:


Subway was right there so that will be supper. The girl in there was surly. Didn't say hello. That's forgivable. But when I pay them I do expect a thank you. So, Little Miss Sunshine didn't get my change in the tip jar. I noticed it was empty. :pout:


I had just enough umph left in me when I got home to stop in Meijers for some watermelon and honeydew. I love those little shopping carts. I always get one. And I always regret it.  Meijers has the best fresh fruit and veg around here. That's all I went in for. They had toilet paper on sale for $8.88. It is a huge heavy pack of 24 rolls = to 96 rolls. Limit 2. I might go back tomorrow for 2 more to give to son. They also had the little bottles of Gatorade we like. Got six 6-packs of those. They had plenty of water too. But, no room in that little cart. There were a few 'limit' signs but not many. None on the canned fruit or veggies. Limit of 5 on the pork and beans though. Some people say they are having trouble finding pet food. Especially cat food. Meijers was full but I don't know which brands or flavors.


I plan to hit up Wal-Mart and Home Depot tomorrow. If I can walk. Muscles are aching. Maybe next week. Non food items. Will report back whenever I make that trip. 




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Our neighbor stopped over this morning while we were still in our PJ's and drinking coffee.   :whistling:  He gave us some 6x6 timbers to cut up and use for 'cribbing'. I remember that cranes used it when they arrived to our job-site, and the soil was a bit soft. We are trading him some dimensional lumber for several of our large pine trees. He's building a log home and wants logs close to home.


DH will cut up the timbers and jack up the semi-trailer with three sets of them. I think he still has to buy one more hydraulic jack, but they always come in handy around the homestead.  :hi: Once the 55' long trailer is up on the cribbing, we will torch off the running frame with the axles and discard them. I'm not sure how he's planning on getting the trailer box back down onto the uneven ground. No doubt, he's been dreaming about it at night and already has the answer. That's how his mind works.  :laughkick:


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On 10/21/2021 at 4:20 AM, David Austin said:

We are coming to the end of our mortgage in September and are in a position, given the increase in the value of our property, we have approximately £100k in equity.

We want to release some of this do build either a 1 or 2 storey extension when we remortgage. However, if we did this, which would add value to our property, our mortgage would still be based on the valuation pre-improvements. chenille rugs

How does it work with regards to the valuation of the house after these improvements? Can you get a valuation on what the property would be worth after the improvements for our remortgage or would we just have to stick with the pre-improvements valuation until we come to remortgage again?


no response.

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On 10/20/2021 at 10:50 PM, Mt_Rider said:

David Austin.....I think those are specialty questions for experts.  Especially since it would involve ways and means and laws wherever the property is located.  Your location says USA but you haven't mentioned dollars.  It sounds like looking at the options from all angles is very wise tho

David, perhaps you missed this reply.  This really isn’t the forum to post this in.  You might want to post it in the Pinching Pennies one to see if you get more responses.  




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55 minutes ago, David Austin said:

no response.

@David Austin


You said you are almost done with your first mortgage.  Congratulations!!!  Many people don’t make it there.  

My suggestion, but, I am definitely not an expert.  First, consider what improvements you want to make.  I would suggest, go to your local hardware/home improvement store, and compare prices, for what you are considering on improving.  Make a list, noting the approximate prices you learned from your research.  Then, contact a builder/contractor, and ask questions about prices, labor costs, and, if possible, ask them to give you estimates.


Once, you have gotten, an estimated idea of your costs, please, consider extra costs, for unexpected repairs, like plumbing, wiring, structural, etc., it seems most older homes need updates to meet current building codes.  

Then, you will have an idea of how much you should ask for, to get your next mortgage.


Also, if you find, you have extra money left over, you can apply it back to your mortgage payments, reducing the interest payments.


Please keep us updated on how it goes…. Looking forward to hearing how you make out.

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Austin, I agree with Annarchy. Do your research on the repairs and things you need to do around the house. It sounds like you are thinking of taken out a second mortgage  now that you have paid off your house. My house has been paid off for years and I just got through taken out a second mortgage on my home for repairs. My plan is to only get the things that must be done and not worry about the minor things as we don't know how the economy will be down the road. I only took out against the house for the amount that I know from prices on what it will cost me to get what needs to be done plus a little extra incase I run into unexpected issues. Any and all money left from loan will be paid back to the bank. And I will be concentrating on getting loan paid off as fast as I can.  I figure if I can pay of a 76 month car payment in 24 months, I can get this loan paid off just as fast. Praying for that to happen.  

What you are looking at is to get a home equity loan. Check into different places to see who has the best interest rates. 

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Been a busy week.  Got all the meat canned and now put away. Had to pull oldest to front to get the new to back. Took a bit of time to get that done. (yes I am slow these days). I am now trying to figure out about how best to store my spices instead of it all being in boxes that I have to dig through to find what I need. I think I have a plan, but to see if it will work out is the question. I think it will though.  Those pantry cabinets that you can slide in beside fridge. I have a place in small bedroom that I can put 4 or 5 of them. I have one now. So I can place them in between the two shelving units as I have a good size space between the two units. Then I would have plenty of space for spices and other small items and I can just roll them out when I need something and it will all be organized. Going to try the one that I have as soon as I find a place to put a small nightstand that is now sitting between the two shelving units. If it works out then I will buy a couple of more and take it from there if 3 is enough or if I need one or two more. All I can say is trial and error. But will see what happens.

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We're not ready to have another dog yet.  Mostly cuz our life is dangling with potential issues [my folks] and our future just isn't settled.  Moving with a dog....esp. LARGE dog, is difficult.  [ESPECIALLY HAWAI'I...]  BUT.....we're needing a "dog fix" bad!  :sigh:   So DH found a shelter that encourages folks to take one of theirs for an outing for the day.  Then bring it back.  Well, I think they hope it will be a successful trial run and the dog will get adopted.  But it gets the dogs out of the noisy, small kennels.  More socializing.  We signed up and took a tour today.  We'll bring one to our house on Monday...for the day.  Walk down the road.....I NEED to walk but am feeling insecure without my Koa.  :(It's fall.  Even the bucks are a bit dangerous right now!  :buttercup:  


I had to visit the kitty room too, of course.  :wub:   I miss my cat too. 


If God is going to move us sometime, this would be a good time to do it.  Between animals.  But until then.....  give some dogs a break from kennel life. 


 ...then I pulled my back finally getting my mom's air conditioner out of the window.  Very simple except ONE screw was holding something.  The angle was bad and the screw was TIGHT.  Should have gotten the power screwdriver!!!  The only screwdriver that fit well was my Swiss Army Knife.  Awkward!  DH adjusted me later but I'm still hurting after 2 Nuprin and 2 homeopathic muscle relaxers.  :buttercup: 


OTOH....DH's back is responding to our doctor's manipulation/adjusting care.  :hapydancsmil::amen:    He's had more good days lately....even when we went into town today.  We'll see how he feels tomorrow.  But..... :happy0203:  .....he's healing.  


MtRider  ....we are so blessed to have chosen a primary doc who happens to be an osteopath.  I didn't even know...  :pray:  

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5 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

So DH found a shelter that encourages folks to take one of theirs for an outing for the day.  Then bring it back.  Well, I think they hope it will be a successful trial run and the dog will get adopted. 


Otherwise known as "foster fails." :grinning-smiley-044:

It is also a technique used for selling things. Take it home on a trial basis. Free for 30 days, etc. Counting on the fact that you will really like the product, or you will be reluctant (embarrassed) to send it back for refund. :blush:


But, as you said, it is a win for the dogs because they get out of the noisy shelter. There is a channel that I follow simply because the family decided to adopt a dog that had been in the shelter for 491 days!





Meet Pollux! This is the dog nobody wanted. He lived his entire life, 491 DAYS, in the animal shelter! After hearing about Pollux and his story, I was heartbroken. So I adopted him! Pollux is now experiencing a new wonderful world in my home. I am so excited for you to meet him. I want to share this sweet boy's story and be part of his life as he learns how to be a good dog.




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Home safe.  Praying….


This morning as I was loading up the car, MIL came out & said her neighbor has covid.  



She visited Mom on Tuesday, not feeling well.  Then, why!!! did she hug mom?!? If you are not feeling well why hug a 90+ old lady!???!  Sigh.  :sigh:


The other neighbor called to tell her, she got tested on Wed, positive.  But, didn’t tell Mom?? “ she didn’t want to worry her”.   The other neighbor called & told her this morning, trying to make me stay the 2 week quarantine.  Not going to happen.  I was packed and ready to go.  

So, being exposed, I didn’t stop at my friends house, told DH as soon as I got home.  We will initiate meds, if I start to have any symptoms.

All of them, have been vaxed.  So…. If they are vaxed, why did she get it???  More proof, the vax doesn’t work, period!

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Ack!  Annarchy, your news is awful on sooooo many levels.  [reminds me:  I have to let my mom know DH had sore throat this morning AFTER we visited her yesterday!   Soon time to call her for our evening chat. ]


:pray:  for MIL not to get C....ever!  For the Annarchys NOT to get it.  :pray:   Pray that the slightly dumb neighbor has merely a light/short case of it....but gets lots of REAL immunity! :pray:  




MtRider  :bighug2:     .....our smilies don't even need to wear masks for zero transmission rates. 

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LOL Midnight.   "Foster Fails"  ..... "Test Drives"  ......   :grinning-smiley-044:   Not Gonna Happen.  :grinning-smiley-044:    We might be a dog's weekly Grandparent visits.....but :pray:   should not be permanent.  We have other options if we chose 'permanent'.  :wub:  



MtRider ....just trying to take a breather.....and let the Events of this Siege calm down!  I'm definitely in M.S. Fall Fatigue  :0327: 

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I love the idea of fostering an animal. Kinda like being a grandma or an aunt. Wish I would have known about that when my Muffin passed. Would have made it easier to dip my toe back in the puppy pool. I think.


Sorry you have entered your fall fatigue time. Is it 'just' the fall or will it go on into the winter? Will it be better in Hawaii where the seasons aren't so pronounced?  :hug3:



Annarchy, some people can be so self centered. Knowing you have something communicable and not telling your family and friends and then hugging them is....no good word comes to mind. So much for the 'vaxx'. Maybe it was a way to get you to stay an extra two weeks. I think we all have probably been exposed to it. Whether we come down with it is anyone's guess.  Prayers for mom, you and hubby to remain C-free.  :pray:

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Praying that you and your MIL does not get this virus. That neighbor was sick and she knew it before coming over and to give your MIL a hug, what was she thinking?   :hug3: and :pray: going out for all of you to not get this virus. 


Didn't do a lot yesterday. Just took a breather. Went to Church and that was about it. Just tired. Body said to take it easy, so that's what I did. 

This morning I went to Michael's to find some fall flowers and then to dollar tree for a happy birthday balloon. Yes tomorrow would have been Dh's 83ed birthday. So going to cemetery tomorrow. I can't celebrate his birthday together, but I can in spirit. 

Now washing clothes and cleaning kitchen. Just decided I needed a little break. Needed something to drink, so got some tea and jumped on computer. 

Grandson keeps texting me and I am not answering. He will keep me on phone all day and I am not going to do it again. I have better things to do than to text back and forth all day. He will end up calling me in a couple of hours when I don't text back. Then I can just put him on speaker phone and continue with things I am trying to get done. I know he misses me but I can't keep entertain him all day. 

I am looking at some ways to move some furniture around to give be better room in the small bedroom. Just haven't been able to come up with the right plan yet. But that plan will come. 


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Colonoscopy went good.  I have diverticulosis.  Not "litis".  Was told to keep doing exactly what I am now.  I may have had it for years.


I've had some busy days.
Sunday- Sunday School, Church and meeting after.
Walked dogs.
Did some re-arranging and organizing in shed.
Set up my vitamins for the month.
Ordered some (free) Christmas cards from Shutterfly.
That's about it.

Today, walked first.
Took DH to VA clinic for 6 month appt.
Stopped at local grocery and thrift shop.
Came home and made split pea soup with 4 pounds worth of peas.
Did 2 loads of laundry.
Still need to dust house and then rest!

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Oh that dog was so sweet.  Not a bark all day.  Overweight....get outta the 'jail' and walk with your new people....soon!  We did [all three of us] walk our road.  I realized how much I did rely on the slight bit of propulsion that Koa was giving me thru her body harness to my hand on the retractable leash.  I've tried walking with DH and ...had to turn back.  :scratchhead:   Hmm....  


Dog was very content.  After initially checking out the front porch, house, back fenced yard and larger yard..... we went for the walk.  Then he was content to sprawl on the floor and watch us.  No anxiety when we both left the room.  Readily went down the steps and jumped into the car again.  He would be a great dog for an older or not-real-active person.  Needs walks but the day wore him out, I think.  :)   He was fine trotting back into the shelter.  I emailed a fine recommendation for him...and a cute pic I took of him.  Get him a good home!  


We're signed up to do this again.  It was nice to pet a fuzzy critter again.  :sigh:   Still miss our Koa tho....


MtRider  ...oye, I'm so tired!  :offtobed: 

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What a sweet doggy that was. Sounds like you both were what each other needed.  :wub:


About walking with your husband, Carlene has taught that if you put your hand in his back pocket while you are walking, it will help to stabilize you. It usually helps a lot with mobility issues. Some times if you see a couple walking together that way with her hand in his back pocket, they aren't necessarily being lovey-dovey. He is helping to keep her upright and moving along.  

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Good morning!  Walked first and then walked dogs.

DH is at vet getting one pup's nails cut.

I have a mammogram and bone density scan in a couple of hours.

Then home to clean baths and dust.

Resting day!

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Mt. Rider that was a sweet doggie. Glad you got to have him for a day to go walking with. 


Went to cemetery this morning and placed new flowers and happy birthday balloon on grave. Stayed for about an hour and then came home. It was nice weather and a bit breezy but not to cold. It was relaxing to just be there where it was quiet for a bit.  

Came home and did a little work in garage. I might get all that cleaned out yet.  Had dinner early and then cleaned kitchen. Just leftovers tonight. Nothing special, just some leftover spaghetti.  Going to get back to working on garage tomorrow and get things ready to get the big freezer cleaned out and defrosted. Before I put the food back in freezer, I will move freezer to other side of garage. Need to go out to shed to pull out the other 2 coolers to put food in. I really need to replace those coolers. They aren't in the best of shape. 

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19 hours ago, Jeepers said:

About walking with your husband, Carlene has taught that if you put your hand in his back pocket while you are walking, it will help to stabilize you. It usually helps a lot with mobility issues. Some times if you see a couple walking together that way with her hand in his back pocket, they aren't necessarily being lovey-dovey. He is helping to keep her upright and moving along.  


That's a new one.  We'll have to try that.  Unfortunately, we have energy at different times of the day.  It's been a struggle to find a time that's 'energetic' for both of us at the same time.  :rolleyes: 


MtRider  .....SOMEbody may have liked that dog too much..  SOMEbody is faltering on the "no dogs YET" .... ain't me...

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Poor Chainsaew Mary had to put up with my crabbiness today.  Went to eye doc  today, after carefully putting eyedrops in 6 times a day for glaucoma for the last 4 weeks. Eye pressure was nice and low.  BUT doc said nothing about cataract removal.  Just "come back in 3 months"  and by the way, no driving. Bleeah. I am so weary of feeling like a sack of potatoes being schlepped from place to place.  I am tired of feeling like I have to beg for a ride to a place where Mary does not normally go.  She is good about it, but I also feel guilty putting her out to take me to church, since she just sits outside to wait for me.  Choir practice is a no go, forget it, I wont keep her there an extra hour for that. Its bad enough I committed to sing at midnight mass! I deeply feel the loss of independence.  I never felt disabled, until now, and I am hating it.  I sure hope I can get back to "normal" in three months.  I hate hate HATE feeling helpless. 

Thanks for letting me vent.  I'm better now. (At least until the next time I mislay my specs and cant see well enough to find them) :scratchhead: 


Today we dug sweet potatoes. Sizes were all over the place and grubs had bored holes in many of them.  I don't mind, just cut off the holey part and cook the rest, but we cant share holey spuds.  Mary dug, I grubbed, and we got the spot cleared for winter plantings.  I have kale waiting to go in, and want to sow some lettuce, more greens, radishes and carrots.  I am ordering two kinds of topset onions and a topset garlictomorrow (payday) for planting in a small extra raised bed.  And I have been researching deer proof (ie thorny) plants for medicinal plantings, as well as for a front hedge.  The cats should not bother those, and many are quite attractive, especially the shrub  roses, firethorn and barberry.  The b eautyberry is not deer resistant, but if I plant it between some thorny ones, it should help the deer to stay away.  I want to try those mosquito repelling leaves...the USDA tested them and said they work better than DEET!  That plus edible berries?  I gotta try it.


I am finally starting to write down the tunes that float thru my head before I forget them.  That is a first for me.  Today I wrote a complete mass, of all things, but the music just kept flowing thru my head so I wrote it down.  Maybe I will get brave enough to share with the choir mistress....maybe after I swear her to secrecy.  I dont know if it is good or not, as I am biased.  It felt right to write it down for a change.  That way I won't feel like singing something and start wondering "Now how did that one go that I thought of the other day?...Duh...maybe my mom was nudging me.  She always said I should write the stuff down. (Miss ya, Mom.)


Tomorrow I see my internist.  I will be interested in seeing if eating that raw clove of garlic every morning did anything for my cholesterol.  If nothing else, I can claim moral points for effort, LOL.  That stuff is spiceeeeeey especially since you have to cut it or chew it to release the medicinal factors....and eat it raw, of course.  I'm actually developing a taste for it.  How wierd is that?  (Cue the twilight zone music....duh duh duh da, duh duh duh da....




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I feel for you Kappy. I always said my most valuable possession (not breathing) is my drivers license.


Lose your glasses? Check on top of your head. That's where I find mine most of the time. Sometimes I have to touch my face to see if I still have them on. I'm near sighted so half of the time they are on my face and half the time they are on my head. I always tap my face to see if they are on when I get in the Jeep. Many times I've gotten down the block and had to turn around and come back home to get them. I'm not bothering with bifocals. I'm clumsy enough. I have to hit my face before getting in the shower or going to bed too.  It takes a certain talent to wash your hair in the shower with glasses perched up there. A talent I don't have. Sigh. 


When I was young I never knew old folks had such rituals. Hit your face to see if your glasses are on top of your head. Tap the top of your head to see if they really are up there. Rub the neck to see if they are hanging there. I look like a baseball short stop giving signals to the pitcher. 

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It has been a busy few weeks.   I went to the neighborhood Halloween parade with my 2 youngest and husband.  I won a medal for cutest costume and DD13 won the medal for most original.  She was a Minecraft character (looked like a general to me) and she sewed the entire thing herself.  Thanks to my ex-MIL, DD13 sews better than me.   I'm lucky she is able to learn from that side of the family.   


Having a baby in my 40s is an interesting experience.   Very different from the ones I had in my 20s and 30s.  I'm old and tried, but more patient and less stressful about baby related issues.  I see all these young women and first time moms getting upset about being given baby advice (not from me,) but I just smile and nod when I get it.   I'm old enough to realize that people are just trying to connect and relate their experience.  I see all of these young people basically 'canceling' anyone who doesn't conform to everything they want and it makes me sad for the future.  


Kroger had meat on sale, so I stocked up on some top round.   We had several school functions so we ended up eating out several times because of timing/fundraisers.  DD13 has strep throat and is home from school this week.  Comfort food and soup.


I'd ordered some new contacts for Halloween from candylens back in July and they finally came in.   My script is -7 and -9, so It is really hard to find anything I like.  Glasses are an issue too since they cannot cut the lenses properly for certain shapes or smaller sizes.   The new contacts are huge purple things that make me look odd and I love them.  Perfect to dress up with.   I wore them yesterday and forgot I had them in.   A guy knocked on my door trying to get me to give him some yardwork business and  I freaked him out.  It was hilarious.  


DH is on a rant because he saw a squirrel burying something in one of the flower pots.  He is convinced they ate all his peppers and that is the reason they did not grow.   It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that he planted them in September.  






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