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11 hours ago, kappydell said:

BUT doc said nothing about cataract removal.  Just "come back in 3 months"  and by the way, no driving.

My cataracts were so bad I could hardly see.  Couldn't see outside at all on a sunny day and STILL they wouldn't take care of them.  The next time I went to the eye doctor and he had me read the chart I acted like I could only read so far down.  Probably 2 or 3 lines above what I really could.  They scheduled my cataract surgery after that and, as they say, the rest is history. 


Good luck kappydell!   :hug3:

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Walked first thing this morning, then off to vision doctor and ordered glasses.  (No glycomua and no cataracts--yet).Put large seared pork roast in crock pot with apple juice and allspice.  Turned out great!
Next, Walmart for monthly stock up.
Home. Divided up and put away 5 dozen eggs, bagged shredded cheese, and made pudding for DH.
Still need to dust, cut up cheese for dog treats and wash Peanut's face.

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Good for you Dee. Sometimes you have to play their game. And beat them at it too!


Miki, sounds like you are getting your health in order. Smart thinking girl! 


Hey everyone, go back a page and look at Euphrasyne's beautiful pictures!

I usually miss things when the page turns. 

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I DID miss the pictures.  Glad you mentioned them, Jeepers.  They are great costumes.  And what a beautiful lady.  Looking good Euphrasyne! 

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I slept 12 hours, waking occasionally, dizzy, fatigued, and aching.  DH had a high fever, aching, fatigued and over all feeling terrible.  We started meds and vitamins.  

Feeling better now.  Thank you all for the prayers.  God knows.  We will keep to our schedule, stay home and trusting God, to get over what we got.  :sigh:


Extremely grateful, I didn’t stop at my friends house on the way home, as usual, from TX.  I’d never forgive myself if she’d gotten sick, because of me.  

Spent the day sewing the misc. mending stack.  A few more items to mend, and I will be done.  Then, see if I can find a design, I like, for the Christmas ornament exchange.  I’m actually struggling with that this year…. IDK if I can do it….  :sigh:


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Oye!  :pray: for Annarchys.........whatever you got.  :(   And for Kappy's eyes and everyone's frustration.  


Resting.  Talking 'future plans' with DH.  Strung the new clothesline on porch.....the previous one was shedding fiberglass??  Like sticking your hand on that fine-hair cactus.  OW!  Got bananas and blueberries dehydrated, put into containers, and wash the trays [which do not fit into the sink] 


Trying to at least get some small jobs done!  Low energy/stamina.


 ....woke to over and inch of snow :frozen:   but it melted.  Our pond has been VERRRRY low in the past 2 months but suddenly, is now full again.  :amen:    ...don't know why cuz we haven't rained.  An inch of snow won't do anything.  :scratchhead:  Melting down from the very high mountain snow?  


MtRider  ....pellet stove is going every morning  :campfire:  


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Found out my Ex-BIL died. Also my Ex uncle-in-law died.  One funeral Thursday (tomorrow) and the next one on Friday. They were Ex but the families remained very close. Mainly because my divorce was not contentious and no one had to choose sides. D-ex and I have remained besties. Hard to believe I've know these people for 55 years. And still love them. 


DIL's mom, my cousin, BIL, Unc-In Law all within 2-3 months. 


I was online looking for some more prints from one of my favorite artists from Indiana. Nancy Noel. She died too. Second favorite is Bill Coleman. Gone too.   :sigh:


I'm feeling old tonight. 

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I still love my inlaws too Jeepers. I even have some feelings for the ex. I have stayed in touch with my inlaws but so many of them have died young.  I am down to 1 SIL and 2 BIL.  We are all in our 50's and 60's now. I also made an effort especially for my sons sake because  my family was so small.  It paid off because he is now close to his Aunt and his biological Dad. It does hurt when they die. It does make you feel old as your friends and family seem to drop like flies.


Yesterday I was busy with the mobility scooter guy working on my scooter most of the day.  He is handicapped too so he brings his wife and we gab alot while he works. We get his tools for him and help him lift things.  What a motley crew!


Now I have to prioritize what next to fix.  I sold my hot car  (71 chevelle) and I am paying off one credit card and the deciding what to fix next.  I have a big list of deferred maintenance to get done.  I will probably start with my plumbing problems.  What fun!

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Sorry about your family losses, Jeepers!  That's a lot!  And favorite artists, too.


I hope you two are feeling better, Annarchy!  


I did see your photos, Euphraysne!  You look great and the kids, too!


I'm just tired today!

Went to VA with DH first thing this morning for his lab work.
Came home and had to run a couple of things to the Post Office.
Back home and walked, then walked dogs.
Lined up and labeled some jellies to put with pumpkin breads (which I will make tomorrow) in baskets to give out.
Supposed to clean baths next and then do eBay photos.
I hope that's it for the day.
It's cool, cloudy and windy here, today!

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Jeepers, so sorry to hear about the loss of your family members. :hug3: and :pray:  for you and family.


Euphsaysne,  River is really growing.  You all look great in those costumes. Great job on your daughter's talent. Costume is great.


This from USA today:  X1-class solar flare results in coronal mass ejection with Earth-directed component. G3 (Strong) geomagnetic storm to arrive late on 10/30 or very early on 10/31. Could be some disruptions. aurora has been seen as low as Illinois and Oregon.


Went to get Labs done this morning.  Then to market to get some breakfast.  Came home and cleaned house and then just rested a bit. Granddaughter picking me up right after work tomorrow and we are heading for N.C. Will be back late Sunday night. 

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First thing, I got out burger, chicken and chicken livers to thaw for dog food.
Cut up carrots and sweet potatoes for dog food.
Washed one dog.
Mixed and baked pumpkin bread to put in baskets and give away from Church. 8 mini loaves, 4 regular size loaves and one for us. Making a maple glaze to put over, shortly.
Walked and picked up RX at drug store. Still need to take ebay photos.
Later, make dog food in roasters to cook overnight and PC tomorrow.

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Was a nice day.  A family day.  DH and I allowed to visit my dad in care home.  They've been on lock-down cuz of case of C...[not on his unit].  But some visitors allowed now.  Brought him a chocolate malt...which he loved. ...and spilled...  :sigh:  


Then off to DH's appointment with his torturer....ah, I mean our osteopathic doc.  ;)    Because he's finally doing better, she's moving things and stretching muscles that need to relax.  These manipulations wear both of them out.  DH put a lidocane patch on after that.  We went to my mom's.  DH stayed ....fixed her TV again and relaxed.  Watch TV.  My mom and I hit up Goodwill for T shirts, jeans, misc.  I found a large bedspread to replace one that needs to be retired.  I'll have a lot to put thru the laundry tomorrow....


Well, maybe not.  I'm supposed to have a horse ride but the ranch has not gotten back to me about the time.....  :buttercup:   NEEED RIDE!


And it will be the last good day for a while.  Snow and cold in our future.  Halloween is always bad weather here.....kids bundle up for any festivities.  :pray:  all will be safe....cuz in recent years, some of that has become seriously demented!


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Glad your DH's back is getting "fixed", Mt Rider!  And that you got to see both mom and dad for visits!


First thing this morning, I was out shoveling leaves out of drains so next time it rains, there should be less flooding. The City is supposed to clear the drains, but they don't.
Then took garden cart up to Church and pruned back tree limbs above sidewalks.
Came home and started dishwasher (to clean and heat jars) and ran to an Estate sale in the area. Found a Pry-a-lid for $2 and an electric peeler for $8. I had both on a watchlist in eBay totaling almost $60. So good deals!
Came home and jarred up 14 quarts of dog food that I let cook overnight in the roasters. Will be starting another PC about 3:00.
Then will be photographing a Western theme function at Church for the Youth ministry about 6 pm.
Busy day!

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Yay.....a beautiful day to ride.  ...last beautiful day before a weather front comes in.  It's always nasty on Halloween.  :pray: the kids stay safe in all ways.  Lots of foul out on that nite, unfortunately. 


Yep, began laundry with the items from Thrift Store in the loads.  All of it fit.  :happy0203: 


MtRider  :clothesline:    .....quick, before we get snow! 

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More snow, Mt Rider?  Yikes!


I had a blast at the Western theme youth activity at Church Sat. eve. Took a lot of photos, stayed until they got started role playing for the murder/ mystery, then left. I was tired since Saturday started early and never let up.
Yesterday was pretty much just Sunday school, Church, ran to town for some local sales and then grilled some chicken.
Today, walked first, walked dogs.
Payed bills.
Did laundry.
Put away dog food.
Checked about local election tomorrow.
Resting this afternoon.

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DH began working again today.  15 min. drive now  :amen:   The client seems very easy.  But his back hurt quite a lot when he came home.  Lay on bed to rest.  Need to build up to this. 


No snow yet....bits of rain/ice earlier.  Brought in :clothesline:   and finished drying in the house.  Missing Koa.....  Shelter dogs coming to visit helps. ....both us and them.  :sigh:  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Social security payday so we took care of a few things.


1)  Mary had no quilt for her bed and her room gets cold for sleeping (yes I know, not cold for some, but we are used to the warmer climate now, so she shivers).  Found a quilt and sheet-pillowcase combination on sale at Walmart in her favorite color.  A nice surprise, and an early Christmas present. Also some cute warm jammies.


2)  One of the local stores ("the best meat in town" is their claim and it is true) had a good meat sale.  So when we got home we had to play "refrigerator tetris" to get it kept cold until we get a minute to divvy it up and pack it for the freezer.  Steaks, pork steaks, a whole pork loin (soon to be 1 roast and about 8 thick chops), two 5-lb bags of chicken drumsticks and one of thighs, and THREE spiral sliced hams (those from Wal Mart we like Sams Choice).  So we will pack and freeze tomorrow.  


3)  Then off to fill the truck gas tank with the gas points from the last months meat sales....we got $1 a gallon off 20 gallons.  Todays points are good for a month, we will save them until Dec and see how much we can get off per gallon.  They cap it at $1 a gallon, but that is mighty nice anyway.


4) Then to Walmart for baking supplies....candied cherries, nuts, extra flour and real butter....after all Christmas only comes once a year.   


When we are done doing Christmas lights we will move on toi holiuday baking Marys' mothers old world German specialities.  Kuchen, stollen, and such things we only do once a year.  And, of course, gallons of Chex mix, LOL.  Someone cut the plug cord on one of our new strings of lights out in the yard, so we also got some video cameras so we can check on what is going on when the dog starts barking.  I had hoped all that nonsense was behind us, but I guess there are destructive twits everywhere.  Sad when they feel compelled to break Christmas displays though.  



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Sorry about the vandalism, Kappy!  More video cameras are always better, huh?!


Walked first (and voted in local election), then walked dogs.
Uploaded Church photos to Shutterfly.
Listening to a podcast on spotify.
Still need to take elderberries off stems and bag, then re-freeze.
Slow day, but tomorrow will make up for it. Actually, the rest of the week until Sunday.

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Pray for a lost dog...... long story which I'll tell when we have a conclusion.  :pray: 


It's cold and rainy....probably snow by morning.  :frozen: 


Pray for DH's back.  Today's activities were rough on my back....let alone his!  :faint3: 


Pray for my dad's care home.  Another case of C ...on his unit this time.  :(   :pray:    So we can't visit him now.  We can send a chocolate Frostie up to him tho.  :sigh:  


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Finally putting some of my food preps in mylar bags and buckets. Working on some more decluttering. DH cleaned out one of our closets upstairs and filled up our new water cubes that we got from Brownells. They stack really nice. We have a plan to buy more every few months or so till we have a good amount. Just trying to fill in holes right now. Everything is crazy expensive and I seem to run out of funds faster than before. Oh well, I will keep going for as long as I can. 

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I should have added that we have a rodent problem this year. never had that happen the whole time we have lived here. I think it is because our new neighbors moved into the abandoned house next door and remodeled it. It sat empty for 10+ years with water in the basement. I wish them luck, but not sure how that is going to go for them. Either way we have caught two mice in the house now. I have never had that happen. Now all of my food has to go in Rubbermaid storage or buckets. I put out sticky traps and plain snap traps for the little buggers. I guess it was better to find that out now and have supplies than to have nothing when everything goes crazy!

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