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God....protect Annarchys from the man who obviously is not clear thinking.  Provide them with an extra dose of calm, safety and love.


Iʻm trying to get to bed tonite again.  Pffft....sometimes I just give up. 


Been feeling ok in early evening to walk with dog up our steep hillside and back down.  Going down and finally up the driveway is including in this workout.  So far....good.  Most days.  Skip on bad days.


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Annarchy since there is a road separating yeah I probably wouldn't buy it then. Ours adjoins our property. The junk is pretty much out of sight now and has improved over the last 6 months (it was all over the  yard in Dec) now really just stacked up under the carport what was kept and I think he's still working on it so unless it's still there in anoher 6 months I'm inclined to wait and see what happens when it sells. I hope that guy leaves so you can have some peace


Mt Rider hope you were able to get some rest. Not being able to sleep is really hard. :hug3:


Today DH has to prep for his colonoscopy so that's going to be our whole day today and tomorrow. I just will work and hope for the best. His mom had colon cancer so I am a bit nervous since this was supposed to happen last fall but got delayed. He's always had digestive issues so I worry what they will find (I suspect he has something going on like IBS and just hoping that's all it is) Pray for a clean bill of health!

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@Becca_Anne Praying for your DH's procedure tomorrow.  For good results!

@Annarchy  Praying for you and your situations!  Like you needed something else to contend with.


Today, walked first and next will walk dogs.
Then ebay photos.
Make and can elderberry syrup.
Weed eat in garden. I am so surprised it is still going. Get okra, assorted ( jalapenos, habaneros, and poblano) peppers, eggplants and there is one watermelon that is good sized.
Fairly easy day!



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I'm still under-achieving these days.  But dog and I do climb the "mountain"  [well, steeep hill].  Sometimes I'm just not moving other than that tho. 


Praying for all of y'all who have challenges and massive struggles.


MtRider  :pray: 

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Walked first this morning.
Harvested. Started watering again. Today, I picked 168 (yes I counted) Habanero peppers. I also pulled up the bushes. Pulled up a few jalapeno bushes that were dead or dying. Harvested peppers, okra which is coming on again, and a few figs. Still waiting to harvest the eggplants until they are a little bigger.

The big ticket item was I cleaned out my bedroom closet. When your clothes come from thrift stores, you can end up with a lot of clothes.
Made labels for yesterday's elderberry syrup and put jars away.
Only thing left for today is Bible study this evening and I did study it yesterday.


I have gone pretty much vegetarian except for seasoning meats in beans and a tablespoon of cheese on salads.  Using oat milk and it isn't that bad.  Anyway, I have so much more energy (just what I needed, LOL).  I have lost 6 pounds of the 17 I had gained back.  But yikes!  I don't always need this much energy.  Sometimes, I don't know what to do with myself.

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BBRRRRRRRRRRRRR :frozen:     It's rained the second half of today.....still raining.  COLD drizzle rain.  May be frost  [please, not snow yet] in the morning.


Went to bed at 6am....got up at 2pm.  :gaah:    I'm getting sleep but it's not on the correct side of the clock.  Sheeesh!


MtRider  ......  Yeah,  :offtobed:   at some point..... 

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Very busy day! Walked first, anyway.
Dropped off two large bags of clothes for donation at thrift shop.
Went to Tractor supply for back up dog foods- just in case.
Went to Walmart for produce which looked surprisingly good and full..
Went to DH's pulmonology appt. with him. Lung infection is back. He got two shots and RX for antibiotics and steroids.
Came home and walked dogs.
Made chocolate milk out of oat milk for DH- used Nestle Quick.
Made a cucumber salad for DH.
Made oatmeal for breakfasts.
Made a taco salad for dinners.
Made Pumpkin muffins.
Made Mango muffins.
Going to Bible study tonight to get some rest!

16 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

I'm getting sleep

Some is better than none!

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I just talked to son. Today is his birthday. I've been so worried about him. He was supposed to have cataract surgery last month but his blood pressure was too high so they wouldn't do it. They did the surgery yesterday and he did great. He said it has made a wonderful difference in his vision. It was really small 2 months ago and the doctor was surprised by how fast it had grown. So they took it out within a week. Son said it was so successful that he'd like to get the other eye done next year. There is a little one in that eye too but it has to get so big before insurance will cover it. :rolleyes:


I'll probably go over in two weeks. We need to check calendars to see when he is not on call. I miss my g-son and my freezer. 


I stopped in the grocery store for some fruit etc. One thing I still can't find are the smaller jars of dill pickles. Only the bigger jars and they don't fit in my fridge as easily. I got gas for the Jeep. It was down to almost a 1/4 tank left and I stopped pumping at $65.00  :o 


Went to Wendy's for a chili and a chocolate Frosty. I couldn't finish either one of them. My taste buds are still so messed up that everything tastes bitter. Very bitter. I've tried the magnesium and oregano caps with no luck. It's awful. The only things that don't taste horrible are dill pickles and boiled eggs and they aren't so great either. I hope it isn't permanent. It's been three months now.  :(

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Mt Rider hope the snow hold off a bit longer for you! Glad you're getting sleep even if it is in the wrong time zone

Miki hope your Dr starts to feeling better soon!

Jeepers glad your son is benefitting from the cataract surgery. So sorry your taste is still messed up.


I just got off work so didn't get much done today. Super happy it's the first day of fall. My favorite season <3 

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5 hours ago, Becca_Anne said:

Glad you're getting sleep even if it is in the wrong time zone

aHA!  I think you've got my solution, Becca.  I simply need to move to a different time zone and then my sleep times will be NORMAL. 


Hawai'i sound good, right?  :happy0203:  


We're rainy and chilly again today.  The rest of the week should be warmer/ sunny.  Nice fall weather.  Aspens have begun changing into the autumn GOLD.    Just a bit but it's increasing rapidly.  Soon they will be "shivering" on their odd stem attachment....quaking aspen.  Rattles too.


MtRider ....  :offtobed:        {mebbe}    :shrug:  

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I miss Aspen they are so beautiful :wub: I will have some lovely yellow at some point in my yard though I have a ginko tree which we will get to enjoy. Have some brown leaves already fallen in my front yard I will rake tomorrow. We had a huge temperature shift between yesterday and today. Went from the 90's to the 60's! I actually feel cold today. I love sweater weather though. Will pull mine out tomorrow and put the summer clothing away. Got the soft close hinges on my cabinet doors put in today. Dribs and drabs left to do now almost completely moved into the kitchen. Now to turn to organizing the pantry and re-stocking my shelves! I went shopping the other day though and have to let DH keep doing most of it. It's just too shocking what everything costs. Almost $6.50/lb for beef. Won't be eating that much anytime soon :gaah:

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Still cleaning and trying to put house back together. Seems I am trying to do a lot at one time. Still need to get windows, curtains and blinds cleaned. Still getting rid of a lot of stuff I don't use. Almost have my living room fully done and is now a workable area. Sewing room, office, craft and yes, a place for GS to do his thing. 

Got one shelving unit up in my small bedroom that is now my pantry. Lots more to get done and get everything organized. Still have 3 more shelving units to put together. That will give me 6 4 ft. shelving units for a lot of things to be stored.  Was too tired to put a second one together. GS still out of work with back injury and is sleeping through my madness. Yes, I guess those muscle relaxers the doctor gave him knock him out. But he goes back to work tomorrow evening. So, hope he doesn't have any issues lifting things. I just didn't want him helping me with heavier things here and causing his back to not heal up as fast. 

It's been slow going trying to get all this done by myself.  Jeepers with you moving all by yourself I know full well what you are going through. It's not easy when you don't have any help. GS hurt his back at the wrong time. But then when was there ever a right time. 

Becca Anne Hope you have your house finished and getting things done. I am still cleaning up saw dust. It's in everything. They don't clean up very well. 


I have a great deal to catch up on with reading everything. But maybe when things settle down here, I can get back on a regular basis. 

I am fixing these shelving units to get the 5 gal. buckets under the bottom shelves. So far, I can get 8 buckets under one 4 ft. unit. So, for the first time I have a place to put what I have stored in the buckets out of the way.


Hope everyone is doing good, and Mt. Rider is getting the rest she needs. 

Weather is starting to cool down a bit so need to start getting the flower beds cleaned out and garden together for next year. Looking to enclose the main garden from rabbits. Maybe chicken wire fence. Not sure yet. 

Well break is now over and time to start some dinner. A woman's work is never done. 

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shelving units
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Thanks Miki!

Littlesister hope your GS back gets healed up soon.


  • I went outside in the yard today trimming dead tree branches and cutting suckers/small weed trees down, and then spent about an hour tackling the ivy. I cleared about 2 feet off the foundation. I'm guessing it's about 30 yrs of ivy to cut away so many vines. But eventually it will get done. It is so much cooler now I should be able to get out a bit every day and hopefully get it all cleared before winter. I think I have decided where I want to put the veggi garden so just have to get some stakes and mark it off and clear off the sod/ border the beds for next spring. DH is going to buy a burn barrel so we can process all the sticks/brush pile. They don't have a good green waste program here and we don't have a truck. I hate burning but I think it makes the most sense with this location. We'll just be sure to do it on a wind free day.
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This morning I FINALLY realized that I have only Today...Tomorrow ....and Monday to pack for my next trip.   I usually start packing about 2 wks ahead.  :runcirclsmiley2:


And if that wasn't enough......ahem, are you all ready for another MtRider Incident story?  :buttercup: 


I did NOT fall off the horse this morning.  ..................... The horse fell down.  With me.  And just so you know - I'm....okay.  Mostly.


Realize that some of you have met me IRL and can attest to the fact that......"THINGS " just happen around me!  :shrug: 


Ok....going on the ride this morning.  Lovely weather.  L was the wrangler in the front.  4 cheerful ladies riding.  And I bring up the rear with my usual horse "T".   We were about half way thru an hour ride....one more hill to the very top of the property.  T and I were turning to the left on a tight switchback part of the trail.  The rest are just up ahead going up the trail.  


T put his Right front hoof a bit high [ about 8-12" ] on the UP hillside edge and the loose dirt didn't hold.  His foot slipped back down.  That leg went underneath him......and he fell on his R side.  I'm still in the saddle with my R leg under him.  But just 'Rider Reflex'....I had likely already gotten my foot out of the stirrup.  I immediately scrunched backward and up hill ...away from him.  Kind of crab-walk on my elbows to extricate myself out from under him....quickly.   I was clear by the time he rolled to his left side to get the front leg out and clear again.  So I was looking at all for legs out and scrambling in the air.  He managed to get himself fully up about the same time I got to my feet.  Either I still had to reins in my hand...or I grabbed them at that point. 


The two ladies in front of me had seen most of that.  I hollered for L  [one of the owners of the ranch]  "T just fell" .  Now everyone is turned to look.  From a ways up the trail she says ...do I need to come back there?  "Yes...I can't get back up on his tall self!"  I'd ridden him down to his knees and back up again one other time.  { Dear T IS a bit of a bumble foot! }   L didn't realize  "T FELL" meant all the way down.  So she came back and I explained more clearly what happened.  I also said...."How come all the weird stuff keeps happening to me and T?????  Sheeeeesh!   :wacko: 


Using her laced hands for my L foot and catching the stirrup with my R foot, I scrambled back up on his tall self.  He seemed to walk ok.  We did finish the next half hour, but it didn't take long for the shocky stuff to start.  Trembling hands [more than normal] and such.  Hitting the ground with a horse sorta in you lap is .....disconcerting!!!   Then I began to feel the ache in my right side:  foot, knee, hip.  On the way home with DH, my left side of neck and whole left side of back started up.  DH had said to get 2 Nuprin down right away.  :thumbs:   OK Doc!


Then I was in a panic about packing for MO - IA.  If I rested today and woke tomorrow with a LOT of pain...I won't be ready.  Sooooo I began to sort out stuff from my purse [airline regulations]  and my Ebags.  { cuz I just LOVE the thot of traveling all that way while Russia's threatening nukes......ya know? }   :tapfoot:  


I just kept moving slowly and gently.  I did have to drive my truck down to get ducks/geese inside [DH at work] .  But I kept moving slowly.  I'm not finished but I'll be ok.  Sent thru a load of laundry too ....need those jeans.   I'm assuming I'll be able to complete my packing tomorrow.... :pray: 


I do have a muscle relaxant 'script.....but it puts me to sleep!!!  Great for taking tonite but not good for the daytime.  I may have to have doc call something in.  Really pinched for time.  :gaah:    This timing could have been better! 


OK....God certainly must have something in mind cuz it's HIS timing.  .....so, we'll see how this goes. 


MtRider  ..... prayers appreciated.  :rolleyes:   ....my world is crazy.  Ow!

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Woke up way too early today- 3:15 am. I think that's last night.
Will set up my vitamins for the month first.
Church next.
Walk dogs.
Inventory dried beans and put anything needed on list for Thursday.
Harvest eggplants and pull up plants.
Water garden.
Quiet day.

6 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

."THINGS " just happen around me!  :shrug: 

Hah!  I'm so glad you are "ok"?  Praying for speedy recovery!  And a safe trip!  Your horse is ok, hopefully?


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Mt Rider so glad you were able to extricate yourself without serious injury. Hopefully you'll be able to pack without too much difficulty take it slow and bite sized pieces. Hugs that must have been a shock. I've only ever had one mishap with a horse, my pony spooked and I fell off when I was about 6. Knocked the wind out of me but I was ok but it was a scare.


Today just relaxing and will get outside a bit to pull more ivy. Book group tonight so looking forward to that. Happy news to report logged into my student loan account and looks like my application for Student Loan Forgiveness due to my 10 yrs in public service may have paid off.My account shows a negative amount owed! Going to call monday to confirm that's the case but celebration may be in order! Really hoping it's not a glitch since there is no notice in my messages stating anything was approved.:shrug:

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You've sure gotten a lot of canning from garden and trees this year, Miki.  I'm envious!  Well, not of all that work.... :lol:  You'll have earned all that good food!


BeccaAnne....we also know what a monster student loans can become.  They multiply so heavily....far worse than trying to make a mortgage payment.  And jobs just don't pay as much as is promised when we all entered that field.  Something is not right about especially young adults taking out such humongous loans when they really don't know the reality of the payback.  Better to work and go to higher education in pieces than incur all that debt.  Hope you've found a way outta that trap.  :hug3:  



Yeah.....I did have trouble sleeping initially last nite.  Pretty sore all up and down the R side of body.  Took muscle relaxant 'script but it wasn't cutting it.  Whole lotta ouch, tho thanking God that it wasn't anything serious.  It certainly could have been an ER visit.  'Script usually puts me to sleep and didn't.  So I dug around and took an Excedrin PM.   That did it.  :amen:     Woke 11 am so DH could adjust me before he left for work.  Yeah, needed that.  But I didn't really have any specific pain today.  :amen:  :amen:   I worked slowly and carefully on packing today.  I HAD to lay down X3 to rest.  Watched our Hawai'i pastor on the Internet....which was one rest break. 


I did a lot of reorganizing of things brought in from Mom's house.  Got the pellet stove area clear enough to use that.  Reorganized some stuff that's needed that for a while.....and could therefore move the stuff away from the pellet stove.  Still packing two suitcases out on the porch....cuz there's never enough floor space for that.  I switched out a couple other things and the 2nd bedroom with hospital bed is now much more clear.  Unfortunately, I've got a lot of "going into a suitcase" stuff rolled and ready....on the bed.  I'm using that while my body is sore and while my sleep schedule is so off.  I'll need to move that yet tonite.  But I can now reach my dresser!  Kinda needed that too!  :buttercup:   Oye!  


And just in case I was getting bored......I get one of those EMERGENCY recorded calls from the county.  We "just happened" to fall within a ONE MILE circle of a "structure fire" this afternoon.  I saw emergency vehicles roaring down our road....fire rescue trucks but I didn't see any big tanker trucks.  So I wasn't that surprised.  A bit rattled tho.  If my bags were PACKED...yeah, throw them in the truck and ready...  Well, it would be a good start.  But noooooo.....  I had stuff ALL OVER THE HOUSE AND PORCH. 


So I put the dog and purse in the truck.  Then called the uphill neighbor back.  She called to make sure we'd heard while I took the dog down.  While we talked, she got the ALL CLEAR message.  I got it soon after.  :amen:      So VERY VERY thankful that they got whatever it was out quickly.  DH was at work of course.  He heard about it after it was all over and called me.  I told him where it likely was....neighbor of our other friends.  Yeah, close enough that I can...and have ...walked that with dog.  Sheeesh!


But I'll finish packing tomorrow.  Ready to go Tues EARLY.  Ugh... I hate early. 


MtRider .....  Just have to keep :pray:    I might call and ask how T is doing...but he looked and walked fine the rest of the ride. 

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Well, I fell on the road yesterday, while walking Oreo. I'm short so didn't have far to go. Scraped one knee pretty good and might have bruised ribs on my left side. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Been walking most every day for about 4 and a half years and the roads and sidewalks are in bad shape.  Breathing deep still hurts this morning, but not as bad.  I think the new sleep meds contributed to it.

Today, I will walk first, slowly, I think.

Already have last load of laundry in washer.

With the last gallon of figs (thawed), I will roast some and then make Blackberry Jalapeno Figs jam with the rest.

Water garden tonight.  No rain lately but it is supposed to cool down into the mid 50's by tomorrow morning.  Yay!

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OOOOOH Miki!!!  I hope you're all right from your fall.  Yeah, really.  With walking all the time, a trip and something is going to happen.  :pray:  that you don't have anything more than Ouch and Bruise.  :hug3:  


It's past midnight.....I'm on the TSA site.....reading dutifully 'A thru Z' on what you can/can't....maybe can bring but This and That Required.  :faint3:   I've had to go take something out of the suitcase....or repackage it....or move from checked to carry on  and vise versa.  Wow...they LITERALLY have A to Z and I'm still on the S's.   It's kinda interesting but  :groooansmileyf:  it's late.  I'm tired!  Looked all over to find an empty 3 oz bottle I can put my shampoo in.  Not just any shampoo works with my hair.  Major issues with that so....I got out my kitchen scale and put 3 oz in a tiny Ziploc bag.  Sheeeesh!   I keep so many containers for just that sort of thing but...can't find any that fit the need.  Hmph! 


I am so shocked that I didn't start packing 2 wks ago....I always do!   I guess it shows that I haven't been my normal self.  :shakinghead:  And here I go off on a plane again across the country by myself.  { prayers would really be appreciated }   It will be fine when K and her dear hubby fetch me in KC/MO. 


Well back to S thru Z. ......


I have been getting more normal sleep for the past few nights....and not feeling too many achy muscles and bruises from having dear ole T land "in my lap".  I'm still just shaking my head at that!  SOOO thankful I'm not in the hospital with a broken leg or hip!!! 


MtRider  :wave: 

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I'm feeling better this morning. Still takes a little longer to stand up, but over all, better.
Will walk first.
Walk dogs.
Peeled and chopped cukes, onions and bell peppers yesterday to make mustard relish today.
Inventory dried beans, now that it is a little cooler.
Clean up bread maker I got at a yard sale Saturday. It works just needs cleaning.
That should keep me busy and active for the day!


I'll be praying for you, Mt Rider!  For your many adventures and safe return home!

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