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We have all been sick the past week.   Plague test came back negative, so it was just a seasonal flu.  Feaver, shaking chills, headache, muscle aches, diarrhea--it was nasty.  Everyone is starting to feel better this week, but stuffy head and headache are still an issue.    I made spaghetti and meatballs with green beans, garlic toast, and fried eggplant fries for dinner last night.   DD14 loved the eggplant.   


I've been in a bit of a dither because I'm not sure what I want my prepping to look like this coming year.  I always plan my focus around this time and I'm just up in the air as to what I want to accomplish now.  I'm hoping that getting over this crud will bring some clarity.  

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euphrasyne  hope that you and family are well soon and back up to par very soon.


Mt. Rider so glad to see you are Getting much better sleep and :pray: all goes well on your trip. 


Miki sorry to hear that you fell on your walk. Glad you are doing much better from that and didn't break anything.  


Hope I didn't miss anyone that are having issues. Trying to just catch up on reading and yes, I have missed a lot on here. Lots of catching up to do but will do my best to catch up and hopefully get back on more regular. 

Hoping for that cooler weather so I can get the garden beds finished and start on washing windows. Was hoping to be done with all that by now but things keep getting in the way of that and changing my plans. Cooler weather is in the making though. 

Trying to get some things cleared out of garage so I can get to freezer. Need to get back to canning what is in there and get it empty. Ordered a sale on freeze dried fruits as I don't have as much fruit as I would like for long term. What I have been buying in stores fresh are not worth bringing home let alone to can. So, working on a plan for next spring.  Not a lot of room for fruit trees but will be planting peach and not sure about whatever else yet. Need to replace one of my blueberry bushes as it had three trees growing up in it and we couldn't get them out. So had to pull the whole bush up. Thank you, birds, for dropping oak tree seeds in yard. Not to mention pine trees trying to come up in flower beds. At least they could do is drop seed in the right places. 

GS went back to work Sunday night and is doing better but is very sore still. Having to build up those muscles again. But is able to do his full job again. Working on my pantry right now since it is hot and humid outside. Not as bad but still too hot for me to work outside yet. I do work out there in early morning though. 

GD and her DH came to see me Sunday just as I got home from Church. Didn't know they were coming so that was a nice surprise. They saw the two bathrooms, den and kitchen finished for the first time and love it. They now are looking around at houses to buy in S.C. They decided they want a bit of land for gardening with things going south like they are. Her DH is tired of buying fresh veggies from store that don't last 2 days and he said apples are very milli. I have to agree with him on the apples.  There is a church down from mine that sells apples every year by the bushel. I want to get a bushel but wondering how they taste. Want to make apple butter and apple sauce this fall. Haven't done near the canning I usually do this year with things being so heckled. Very busy still with trying to finish getting the house back together. Using the living room for my office, sewing room and craft room is working out really well. But need to figure out a light source that works better. There is no overhead light so have to resort to all lamps. Just need to figure out placement of those for better light throughout room. Need to buy a desk lamp also. 

Picked what I though was the last of the green peppers and got those ready for freezer. Made pepper steak for GS with some of them. He could eat that stuff daily. 

These new shelving units are 24 inches deep, so will hold a lot of stuff. Think this small bedroom will work out really well but taking a long time to get it all together. Still 3 more shelving units to put together. But getting a lot of food off floor and put up now. Hoping I will have room for all my canning supplies, large pots and appliances. all of this stuff stays in garage or shed and is very inconvenient.  So, makes more since to have them all in that small bedroom to be able to get to a lot easier. Hoping to have room for the extra paper products as well. Then I can empty my attic of some of that stuff. 

Looking into a solar generator that will run the fridge and freezers if anything should happen. I do have a whole house generator but, in the event, something happens I will have that for backup. Maybe a propane freezer and fridge but will need to price out a huge propane tank for that. Not sure if that is in the buget nor if it would be practical. Not sure that the neighborhood would like it either. We don't have HOA's but have had neighbors complain about things people do in their own yards. Gee, we pay taxes and own our property, you would think we could do what we want within reason. Still wanting the neighborhood to look nice but some people are just not happy with what other neighbors do. There was even a complaint on a neighbor because she uses cloth diapers and hung the plastic pants outside to dry. I don't see anything wrong with that but there are those neighbors that like to complain about other neighbors. 

I am tired and B/p is still up and down. So not sure what is going on. Will be talking with doctor as soon as I get the results from the lifeline screening in a few days. Maybe something will show up in that and that can be taken care of to get B/p back to normal.  I know I have been very busy and under some stress, but the stress part has been coming down. Surprising with what is going on in the world, but I trust in the Lord on that as there is nothing, I can do other than plan for what is coming next. And no, it will not be good for any of us.


Hope everyone is doing well and for those having issues, I pray that you all start getting much better.  And no more falling, that is an evil that no one needs. 



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MIki so sorry you fell and hope you don't bruise too badly. 

Mt Rider so glad they got that fire out before it spread :hug3:

Euphrasyne hope you feel all better soon so sorry you were sick!

Littlesister- it is amazing isn't it what people take an issue with and go bonkers over every little thing, but in other areas there is no rhyme or reason to what is allowed and then you end up with big trash piles and no one cares in other areas. 


I feel I am one of the lucky ones as my career does pay enough that it justified the expense even if I had to pay off that balance I would have been able to before I retired and it has supported our family. Getting started with my career late in life made it hard though to save for retirement at the same time so I can up my contribution now and also pay off the house faster which will be very good. I don't want to enter retirement in 15 yrs with any debt. 


I have been pulling ivy. Making progress but boy there is a lot of it!

Ivy after.jpg

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Good morning! Today, I will walk first.
Church to make tea and kool-ade for business meeting tonight.
Pick eggplant and pull up plants.
Pressure can eggplant- experiment. 
Make kettle corn for business meeting.
Go to business meeting.
Got 7 pints of mustard relish yesterday. Looks good, haven't tried it.

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Will walk first.
Pick up friend and go to Walmart for monthly stock up.
Walk dogs.
Not sure what I will do this afternoon.

It was voted to pursue a merger with another Church-quite a bit farther away. Also voted to accept an offer to sell the Church. Sigh.


The eggplant was a bust.  They seemed small so I left them on the plant and they got over ripe and hard.  I pulled up the plants and may try again next Spring.  Lesson learned.  I still have okra, one jalapeno plant and one good sized watermelon.  That's it except for weeds.

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Already walked.
Today will be a cooking day.
First sweet potato treats for dogs.
Then, a black bean taco casserole of some type for a few dinners.
Then pumpkin muffins and some other type of muffin or cookie.
Should be a relaxing day.

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Watched Acu weather on the storm since it is also affecting GD and her DH.  They live near Charlston SC. So far, they are ok. but the blunt of the hurricane won't hit till between 3 and 4 today. We are getting heavy rain off and on as well as high winds off and on but not in a flood zone so doing fine. 

Still going through things in house today since I can't get outside to finish cleaning out flower beds and such. Lots of paperwork that has piled up that I need to go through and get rid of. So, getting ready to do that in a bit. Almost have my living room set up like I want it. Much more room for sewing and craft work. Though I still need to look into French doors to go at door between living room and foyer. But will be fine for now. First time for me this room has a useful purpose. Only time I ever used it was Christmas and to come in here to dust and wash windows. Now I can actually use this room for something. Right now, I do have an area for GS and his computer in a corner of the room. So that worked out great for him. 


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Good morning!
Already walked and walked dogs.
Harvested okra and froze.
Made some pumpkin oat healthy-ish cookies.
Going to a bridal shower early afternoon and then cleaning up after.
Have to water what's left of garden tonight.
And that's all, I hope.

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Got the second shelving unit up in small bedroom. Froze the last of the green peppers.  Made cookies for GS. Did some house cleaning and then picked up yard from trees across street. They all blew up into my yard. What a mess. We had some very hard rain and wind was bad. But no damage. Just lots of small limbs and leaves all over everyone's yards. A couple of people did have a limb fall from trees in their yards but no damage. 

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I spent today sewing quilt blocks for a charity project my quilt guild is working on. We have made 68 quilts so far with the goal of 100 quilts to donate to Sleep in Heavenly  Peace a local group that makes beds for children who don't have them. I find it shocking so many kids in our area go without a proper bed. Sure is a reminder of how blessed my family is.

Picked the last ripe tomatoes, still a bunch of green ones on the vine. Watching temps carefully will harvest before our first frost. Anyone have good green tomato recipes in case these don't ripen in time?


Bought a big bag of beans and some trail mix for the pantry too. And very proud of myself for remembering to return my library book so it isn't going to be overdue!


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Didn't make it to Church this morning. finally figured out why I have been so congested and maybe my B/p going up. Seems GS has been vaping in bedroom and I can smell it all over the house. I told him 3 or 4 times to clean his room and he didn't do it. so, I got hold of it after he left for work this afternoon. He lied about vaping in room, and he is not allowed to do that in house. The furniture was so sticky and dirty. I had to scrub all of it down, open the windows and air out the room. Washed his sheets and blankets also. I am going to have a talk with him again as he is also lying about saving up for an apt. A $400 handheld game was more important than paying off his bills and another package came for him today. I will be kicking him out on street soon if this habit does not change. I am thinking about charging him rent for now to see if that changes his behavior.  This seems to be how he does. Starts off good and then back to old habits. He will no longer be allowed to bring that pipe in house. So, when he gets home tonight, I will be waiting up for him. We need to have that talk. I am thinking about $600 a month in rent to put up for his apt. but he won't know I am doing that. I hate for him to be living on street again, but it is now time for tough love. He will be 21 next month and already talking about getting drunk. Already told him if he does it won't be in my house and not to come home if it happens elsewhere. Also reminded him about drinking and driving. And he knows full well about that. So will see what he does. 

Didn't get much done today other than clean GS's bedroom out.  Just didn't feel well today and I now know that his vaping in bedroom and the smell going all over the house being so strong that it is really tearing me up. We have had that talk about the vaping before and he said the pipe sometimes leaks. I checked that one out and he lied about that. They can leak but does not smell that strong like it does when you are vaping. His car tags expired last month, and he has had a headlight on car out for over a month and won't do anything about it. He won't go to DMV to get his VA lic. reinstated as he is still using his Washington lic. So not saying anything more about it. He will get a ticket. So, if he wants to learn the hard way, then so be it. I am tired and trying to finish getting my house back together and done trying to teach him to grow up. 

OK I am done with my rant.  

Tomorrow I will start washing windows, blinds and curtains. That will be an all-day event.  It is going to be in 50's tonight so have both bathroom windows open and GS's windows are open. That cool air feels great. House is warm enough that I don't need to turn on heat yet either. 


Also found out it was on news early this morning that Harborview shopping area had several bomb threats and a hostage situation at the TJ Max store. Everything was evacuated and roads closed off. Not sure of everything that happened there yet. That is where our Walmart is also. It was all shut down. 

Time to be more watchful of my surroundings and be prepared if need be. Not saying on here what I mean by being prepared. But I am covered in that area. 

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Just reading & catching up on everyones postings.  Seems like the world is going more and more off the tracks lately.  Not expecting it to get any better, either. 


Neighbors can be very tiresome.  Our PITA (pain in the heinie) neighbors are not as bad as most.  The man is more of a moocher than anything else - he works regular as a landscaper but his car NEVER runs and he wont shell out to fix it.  He keeps coming over to ask for rides...to the store (14 miles away), to the doctor (48 miles away) and to take his daughter back to her mom (23 miles away) after she visits.  We are getting tired of his expecting us to provide taxi service.  We won't loan him money anymore since he never pays it back.  And you all know about the dog walker who is prez of the homeowners association and feels everyone must abide by her orders, whether they belong or not.  Our 7 foot fence in the front yard has a screen on it so she cant see in anymore.  I see her dog walking down our road very slowly in the morning, trying to see what  we are up to.  She never picks up her dogs messes, nor does she have a bully stick...you know the kind...."rules for thee, not for me".  


Otherwise we are still getting by just fine.  Mary is preparing to make a "chicken tractor" (at last) after she read an article about it being beneficial for chickens.  I'm tickled she discovered that article.  I had been trying to get her to consider one for our banties but I dont think she fully understood the concept the way I described it.  Now she is enthused with the idea (hooray!!)  It would make it possible to expand the flock a bit.  If the price of eggs keeps going up we may need to! 

Our goats are a source of much pleasure and amusement - they are very personable.  I hope the neighbor who was considering getting milk goats (for the grandkids) does so, so we can swap milk for eggs. 


Thank heaven, not all of our neighbors are uptight ex-urbanites, some are down home country folks.  


Meanwhile the garden is being transitioned from summer to winter.  The cucumber vines are finally spent, so we are using that greenhouse to cure thge bushels of sweet potatoes we dug Tuesday.  Some are HUUUGE.  I will can some, and we have quite a few volunteers to take the extras off our hands (LOL).  Green pepper plants are still producing, although a little slower.  Gorgeous peppers, though.  And the hot ones are going crazy.  I am drying green chilis, red chilis, and small yellow ones, all hot.  The walking onions I planted in spring are going dormant for the winter; I have starts for another kind of walking onion and for walking garlic, both fall planted, to put in permanent small beds alongside out bigger raised beds.  I like the idea of perennial aromatic veggies...I figure they will make good trade items if need be. 


The compost area is also slated to go up on the other side of the chicken tractor area.  The goat bedding is plentiful and easy to handle source of manure which is not hot, unlike the chicken droppings. Some sources I have read say you can use it directly on plants, but I prefer compost that does not look like poop.   So I will start composting it for later use.  That way if we decide to put more garden beds in we will have planting compost ready to go, on site....that stuff is also getting more expensive.  Waste not want not.


Chainsaw Mary took down the small tree that fell over on to our carport from the neighbors property just before the hurricane was due to hit.  We did not want high winds grinding it thru the rooftop, so we took it down, and left the wood on his lot where it came from.  We are grateful that Ida went away from us, but feel sorry for those who did take a hit.  It seems they just finished getting back to normal after earlier 'canes, and here comes another.  Glad we live more inland, we get wind and rain but no storm surge or flooding to hamper travel.  We just batten down the greenhouses and the animal houses against the wind.  


Our only question is "Where did the week go?"  Seems like it was just Monday yesterday, LOL.

Time to go feed the chickens and outside kitties.





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Didn't do much yesterday besides Church and walk dogs. It was a nice day and beautiful weather here.

Walked first this morning.
Started laundry.
Picked okra and peppers.
Cleaned baths and dusted house.
Still need to finish laundry and that's it!
Probably water tonight. It is pretty dry right now.

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Thought I had posted yesterday but I didn't hit post....so trying again.


Littlesister so sorry things are rough with your grandson. I hope he matures enough to take the steps needed to benefit from your help.


Kappy so glad your garden is producing so well. I love chicken tractors my grandma had one and it really worked well for her.


Miki enjoy the nice weather and the walks :) I am soaking up the pleasant temperate days before it gets too cold too


Bought some beans this week 20# and picked the last of the ripe tomatoes. Will have a bunch of green ones to ripen on the windowsill before I rip out the vines. It will get too cold soon for them so I thought I'd let DH mow that area and be done for the year. I got confirmation today my student loans were forgiven in full :wub:


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I needed some groceries so I ventured out to Meijers. I was nearly finished shopping when I started getting light headed. That hasn't been an issue for me since we stopped having to wear masks. Fortunately Meijers has a couple of benches in their store. I got an orange juice and sat down. I always think O.J. is going to help. It never does. Sigh. I took my time and got to the car. I rode by Arbys for a turkey, bacon, ranch sandwich. I knew I wasn't going to cook for myself. I got one bag of groceries carried in and felt faint again. Made it upstairs to the bed and started on the sandwich. Because of my taste buds, it was horrible. So was the O.J. but I got that down. I'm having a pretty rough time with that taste bud thing. Everything is bitter. Then, I started getting a migraine and fell asleep. 


I woke up gasping (loudly) for air with the worst pain in my mouth, throat and chest. I even felt it in my heart. It was acid reflux. I have had it before but just a little bit. It always wakes me up when it first starts. Not this time. It was awful. Seriously. I thought I was going to die. It felt like everything from tummy to tonsils was being washed in an acid bath. Plus it takes your breath away. I was literally gasping to breathe. Talk about a rude awakening! I'm thinking that orange juice was the culprit. I'm still sore and a tad bit nauseous but I will survive. I'm going to spend the rest of the night propped up. 


Anyway, a lot of the store shelves were becoming empty again with items faced forward. I wanted a bag of those steam in a bag pasta, broccoli in garlic sauce things and a bag of the steamed fried rice. Nada. Nearly the entire steam fresh bag section was empty. I'm thinking it's Birds Eye brand. I've never seen anything like it. There were three other people standing there staring at the empty case. One guy said, "Where's the veggies!" Kinda reminded me of Clara saying, "Where's the beef?" I was standing there staring too but my main goal was to wait them out so I could get a picture. I got one but I don't know if it turned out. Camera is downstairs and I'm upstairs in recovery mode. Will see tomorrow. Eggs were sparse but the milk looked pretty good. I passed by the candy aisle and I noticed it was nearly empty. It looked like the day after Christmas down that aisle. I didn't get to look around very much more. 

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Jeepers sorry to hear about your issues. Just be very careful about reflux and acid indigestion. I had it really bad for a while and had to have my throat stretched. That was when they found out I have Barrett's esophagus. That can lead to throat cancer. Not saying this to scare you, but so you will know to take the precautions. I no longer eat spicy foods or anything that might trigger reflux. I still get it at times but not near as bad. And I am now finding out that the peppermint life savers are working better for it than tums.  So, I have been stocking up on life savers as well as tums and things to curtail it. And of course, never lay down after a meal.  Hope you are doing much better now.  


Got Mamo out of way this morning and then off to Food Lion. They had some sale items I wanted to get and today was last day for that. Stocked up on some can veggies and kidney beans for incase of a failed garden. All canned goods were $1.00.  Really hoping to find cheaper but this might be the lowest I can find so far. will see what tomorrow's sales bring.  


Got the waterproof shelve paper yesterday evening from Amazon, so will be working in pantry in a little while. Hope to get it finished by this evening. Lots of organization to get done. 


GS has a big issue about being wrong on things he does. But now the vape pipe is in garage to be charged and no longer in house. This is what was making me sick. The smell of that is really bad. Not stuffed up like I was. He is still mad about getting caught using it in his bedroom, but that was a war I was determent to win. When I told him it was the pipe or the highway, he got the idea. 


Didn't get to wash windows due to weather and I think after tomorrow weather will be much better. It is really cold out this morning but starting to warm up a bit. Time to switch out summer to winter clothes also.  


Got my lifeline screening test back today in mail.  My Vit D levels are low, and I am taking Vit D. So don't know why. Need to take grandson to doctor on Friday so I will give results to my doctor while I am there. Might have to go on prescription Vit. D again. That one is I think 50mg. Also, my thyroid is low again. So, I'm sure he will want to recheck that as well. Seems it never ends.


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16 hours ago, Becca_Anne said:

I got confirmation today my student loans were forgiven in full :wub:

I'm so glad for you!


12 hours ago, Jeepers said:

It was horrible and pretty scary there for a few minutes.

I'm so sorry, Jeepers!  I know that is no fun.  Maybe stick to apple juice?


Walked first and walked dogs.

Spent some time on the phone with quick books as there are things that I just don't understand how to do.  I believe I am beginning to get it.  Time will tell.
This afternoon, we are going to a discount store to look at pleated curtains to replace the living room sheers that the cat ripped. (no more kitties in the house).
Then to dinner out.
Pretty easy day.

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Orange juice always makes me feel like I am going to die since my GI surgery in 16.  I carry around motts fruit snacks packets in my purse.  The kids love them and shut up are quiet after being given them as a treat and they help me with low blood sugar almost instantly without any tummy issues.  Yes, there are healthier options, but none seem to work as fast or travel as well as those small packets of fruit snacks.  I buy them by the 90 ct box at BJs.

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Thanks guys. I usually don't drink juice. When I start feeling faint in public I sort of think it might be low blood sugar so I get a small bottle of O.J. thinking that will help. It never does though. What's that saying? Something about the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  :hi:


I'm taking Prilosec (generic) and hoping for the best. I think it really burned my insides. I don't eat spicy foods. My mouth is sensitive. I like peppermint and I really like tart candy. Except now they taste bitter. It's very rare that I have this. Usually only 2-3 times a year, and it only happens while I'm asleep. This time was awful. I've never had anything like that before. My throat is still sore. I was half afraid to fall asleep last night. I'll keep an eye on it. Thank you ladies for your concern! I was really scared there for awhile.  :sigh:

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Thank you Miki! I am so very grateful for it. Hope you found some curtains you like!


Jeepers oh so very sorry that happened. Yes reflux can be very painful and like Littlesister says can cause erosion of the esophagus. I hope you can find a way to get your symptoms under control and not have to suffer with that any more.


Littlesister glad your GS seems like he will listen about the vape. Good info from Lifeline glad you had that done. Low Vitamin D really can cause issues as well as thyroid out of whack. My D is low too and it makes me have muscle pain. Even on a supplement it barely gets into normal range. Sure wish I knew why.


Today was just work for me. I made apple butter last night but both the quart lids didn't seal right so one went in the fridge the other into the freezer. I know why though I forgot to wipe my jars before putting the lids on. That's why it's best not to do it at midnight when you're tired. :happy0203:Tastes good though.




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Jeepers,  Slippery Elm bark tea or better yet lozenges would soothe and heal that throat and esophagus fast. Another thing to use is honey.  One half teaspoon +/- at a time to coat the inflamed tissues.  If you don’t have those try gargling with salt water (1 tablespoon to 1 cup warm water) but don’t swallow it.  If you have acid reflux often, especially at night, find a way to permanently lift the head of your bed a few inches. The whole front of the bed, not just the mattress. The flat incline is more comfortable than sitting up and works better.  :hug3:

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Thank you Mother.    :sSig_thankyou:   I went ahead and gargled with salt water and took a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm tea. I ordered some slippery elm lozenges that should get here Saturday. My throat and esophagus still burn a little bit. That was a pretty bad acid bath. I can't believe how bad it took my breath away so I couldn't breathe. If it continues I'll see a doctor.  


I'll use bricks under the head of the bed frame if it comes to that. I have no problem with that.  

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