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Happy Birthday, Midnightmom!!!

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:happyBD::balloons:  Happy birthday, Midnight.  I hope your day was filled with all the things that make you happy.  


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Thanks everyone!  I've been telling everyone I'm in my "prime" today. Seventy-one is a prime number don'tcha know! :)


I got the new WiFi gateway on Friday and switched it over on Sunday. It did NOT to well. I was offline until today when a tech finally came and got me back up and running. Seems that the network was still searching for the old one and was having a nervous breakdown! :wacko:


Anyway, weather was nicer yesterday so I spent some time bbq-ing some chicken drumsticks and a thick steak. The chix was good but I wanted the beef for today. Not sure if I am actually going to have that for dinner or if I am taking myself out to eat. Finally got back online a short time ago so I am going to see if any local restaurants have B-day specials. :bdaycake:


Had to renew my license this year - including "knowledge test," eye test, and new picture. Put both licenses side-by-side and noticed quite a difference in the pictures - and not just the gray hair!  In the old pic I weighed 400+ pounds; in the new one I am less than 300. I must say, I'm lookin' good. Keto on! :thumbs:



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Looking good indeed! And younger too. Wishing you many many more. Only 36 days between us. 

That reminds me, I have to get my car inspected and new tags soon. 

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On 5/1/2023 at 8:19 PM, Jeepers said:

That reminds me, I have to get my car inspected and new tags soon. 


My tags need to be renewed in June, but it has to be smogged this year too. Additional expense! :(

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