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What are you canning today? Part 8

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  • 3 weeks later...

9 pints of seasoned ground turkey. I think I like this better than the ground beef! I went back to get more ground turkey to make another batch and they were out. So, I picked up a raincheck which is somewhat of a relief since I'll have more time next week!

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Yesterday 7 qts loose ground beef. Tomorrow, beef stew meat cut from chuck roasts on sale.

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  • 2 weeks later...

9 pints of seasoned ground turkey

6 1/2 pints of Autumn Jam (Pear & Cranberry)


I have 4 more pints of turkey to put up tomorrow and am hoping to crank out two more batches of jam. I love my food processor and crazy stirrer! Jam making is such a cinch now!

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95% of my jars are ones I've had over the years. Even when I wasn't canning, I saved them. My MIL taught me about canning back in the 1970's so most of them, along with my canner, date back to then. They still look the same as the ones you buy now!


The ones I've bought this year are a couple of cases of regular pints and a couple of cases of wide mouth pints. The wide mouth are for soup. I had some but needed more. I also bought a few cases of half pint jars for fruit. I had enough pints but I wanted half pint size for one person.


This is the first year I've seen the little 4 ounce jars so I did have to buy all the ones I needed this year. Probably 6-8 cases.


I learned to save your jars even if you think you are through with canning. Years later you might start canning again. I have lots more canning to do but I still have 4 totes full of used jars to use. Mostly pints.

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I just canned salsa in 21 half pint jars. I had 2 firsts for me. I got to see the jars ping shut. It was quite a force. I opened the canner lid and they started going off like crazy.


I also had my first jar to break.The jar was a 4 oz size. I think it might have been flawed to begin with though. It was sort of strange. The bottom didn't fall out and there wasn't any food in the canner. I noticed a little white mark on the side of the jar at the bottom. I touched it with my finger and a little piece of glass chipped off. It's still too hot to inspect but it did seal. I'm going to pitch it though in case there could be glass inside. I don't THINK there is but I wouldn't let anyone eat it so why should I KWIM. Especially for such a small amount to throw away.


Seeing a jar ping was pretty cool though. :canning:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Days like this I wish I had a double decker canner. I'm canning spaghetti sauce. I'm sort of cheating though...using canned tomatoes. By the time I'm finished I'll have 41 pints assuming they all seal. I'm not sure of the acidity so I'm pressure canning them. It's taking forever. But I'll be glad I did it in the long run.


It wouldn't be so bad but my back ache turned into sciatica pain from my hip to my knee. I think of McK's and Philbe's sister's recent back surgery and decide to suck it up and count my blessings instead. I hope they are doing well.


Wish I hadn't taken that aspirin now. It's tearing up my stomach. Gees, I'm really a whiner today. :hidingsmile:

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We had a bag of chicken given to us. In the frozen state, it looked like gizzards through the foggy wrapping. Upon thawing, I discovered wonderful chunk chicken. I cooked it up in broth and canned 7 pints of chicken. That will make 14 meals of chicken soups and stews this winter. While living in Europe, I learned to have LOTS of veggies/starch and little meat in a meal. We have a tendency of O.D.ing on meat protein in America. :feedme:

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The older recipe I used was with fresh tomatoes with vinegar (can't remember how much, probably 1 tsp. per pint?) in each jar. It was a long time ago since I used that method. I don't can my sauce with meat though. I like it pressure canned so I don't have to worry about it and second guess myself. I just can everything with tomatoes in the pressure canner now.


It sounds like a lot but when you think about it, it's only 20 quarts. I made it in my big water bath canner so the hardest part was waiting for the canner to vent, build up pressure and the pressure to go back down. And my pressure canner only holds 9 pints. A lot of waiting around. It took all day and night but they look so pretty and so worth it.


All 41 pints sealed. Woo-hoo! It will last me a long, long time. One jar will make 2 servings of sauce, on angel hair pasta and a sprinkle of Parmesan for one person. I really like spaghetti.

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Yes, it sounds like your old recipe is just that, old, and needs to be replaced with a new current one.

It would take a long time with just canning 9 pints at a time. At least you can still can ! Some folks don't even have this luxury of using a pressure canner. Count your blessings and enjoy that sauce !

I am glad for you that they all sealed.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Canned 17 pints of Sloppy Joes today.


I'm almost finished canning...I've said that before. I want to get some pork to can next week. I've seen some nice chops and some boneless rib meat that looked good. I'm not much of a pork eater but for some reason I can't stop canning this year. Gonna have to stop soon though cause I'm about out of pint jars.

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Can't really call it "canning"...but did take the Christmas chocolates (foil wrapped) that we were given and vacume sealed them in jars. As long as they're not "whitey" I'd imagine they're holding their own. Got 3 jars quart jars! LOL Also thought you'd enjoy Cindy Dewitt's videos. She's got 9. I've watched them several times and always enjoyed her presentations.

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