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What are you canning today? Part 8

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I just pack the beets until I run out of them. I prefer pint jars since I'm the only one eating them. How many jars I get depends on the size of the beets themselves. I prefer the large ones which are sliced before going into the jars. I almost always have brine leftover, which goes into a jar for the frig and pickles whatever veggies happen to be in the frig at the time.

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Okay, just finished up the salsa for the year. WOOOHOOOO! 60 pints sitting on my counter ready to be sharpied and put away in the cupboard!


Sewandsew - stewed squash? How does that can up? I grew up on canned zucchini and coudn't stand the mush that would come out of the jars. *shudder* Do you have a recipe that keeps it firm? I've tried pickling it too, but again, it just mushes on me. I would love to find a decent way to preserve zucchini.


It is soft. I usually cook it down with onions. You can fix it like you would a salmon patty.

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No garden here but even the store here does not carry beets, I believe. I will have to make a point of studying the produce section again.


I love beets! I tend to not buy canned veggies anymore because for some reason with the sodium, being sensitive to it, its too much or the added preservatives in commercially canned.....

I don't have the same reaction when its homecanned??? I wish I could get a bushel of them and can some up!

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14 quarts of tomatoes that we picked up at a produce auction today. Hubby even pitched in and helped start to finish. He now has a new understanding of the time it takes! :darlenedance: Really enjoyed working with him on one of MY projects!

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14 pints of corn for us. More to finish tomorrow. 26 pints of corn with my sister. I think she will be buying a pressure canner once DH goes back to work.


Will pick up half a bushel of peaches tomorrow. The farmer my produce place uses in Michigan started will 500 trees and between the frost in March and heat and drought he is picking 50 trees.

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11 pts of corn pinging now. :happy0203:

Don't you just LOVE the sound of the "PING" Can't make myself leave the room and have to turn my tv, radio,even the air conditioner off or down low just so I won't miss a single one! Love it!!! :cele:

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