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Watcha doing today?

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Also, Jeepers, look up ivermectin…. It’s helped me.  Do your research, you may have to show them a picture of your horse…. :008Laughing:

Safe in TX.  Roads were good, a lot of one lane traffic slow downs, but mostly never actually stopped traffic.  Whew!

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Always seems to be an eventful drive, @Annarchy.  Glad you are there, safely!


I will walk first, this morning.
Walk dogs.
Purge a cabinet in office or more.
Bible study, this evening.

Nice relaxing day, I hope.

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Annarchy glad you made it to Texas safe and sound.  


Jeepers, Hope you can get into clinic soon and that kidney infection clears up soon.  And hoping you get your money soon for the contractors to start on your house.  You really need to get all of that finished. 


Mt. Rider, praying for you and your DH. praying that this time all goes well and it will be over soon.  And you can look at those new tires as a prepping necessity for the long haul. 


Still going through a lot of things and trying to get house back together as much as possible till furniture is out of the house. Then I can go full steam ahead on getting house back like I want it and get my sewing machine set back up so I can make the bathroom curtains. I have the material for the garage curtains but need to decide how I want to make them. My windows are not standard windows but are 48" wide and 50" long. And I need a ladder to clean them as in garage they are high up. Plus there are 3 of them. 

I need to sit down and go over all my financial stuff as my financial planner will be here next Wed. I need to make a lot of changes because of the digital currency that is coming down the pipes next month. Not sure of how I will  do all this yet. But will have it figured out before Wed. 

Haven't had breakfast yet as some mornings I just have coffee and then a late breakfast or as they call it brunch. Then it's back to work.   

Went to Goodwill yesterday on the way to Kroger and emptied the car. So time to reload again. Jeepers I am beginning to think I need to call the Got Junk guys. Don't know what they cost but might be worth it. Although Goodwill is within walking distance of me near the Food Lion. 


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I must have been bored.
Made a chocolate pie and froze it.
Made croutons from old bread that I found when I put pie in freezer.
Made oatmeal for dog treats.
Purged entire medicine closet in bathroom plus cabinet in office.  What I purged went into a large tote to use for trade if needed in the future.  My stepdaughter does coupons and brought 4 suitcases of health and beauty aid stuff when she came to visit a couple of years ago.  More than we will use in our life time.  So will be barter material.

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Miki, your daughter sounds like my daughter and grandkids dropping off all the hair products and leaving them. I haven't pulled them out of that closet yet, but maybe I should do the same thing. Bartering items maybe. But I would have to box them up and put on shelf in garage because I really don't have room in that closet for them. Winter won't be an issue but it does get hot in the garage in summer. Wonder if the heat would effect shampoos and conditioners as well as hair spray and such. I don't even use hair spray.  Need to think about it. I am thinking of just donating it. But from what I am hearing on several news cast and the fact we are about to go digital currency as soon as next month and they are not saying much of anything on Newsmax, Fox news or local news. Guess this administration wants it kept as a surprise. If this really does happen our cash won't be good for more than a few months before it turns to TP. 

Been working in pantry and linen closet. Arm and shoulder started getting sore and starting to hurt so backing off for a bit. This arm and shoulder couldn't have happened at a worse time. 

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18 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Also, Jeepers, look up ivermectin…. It’s helped me.  Do your research, you may have to show them a picture of your horse…. :008Laughing:

I'll get Mt. Rider to pose for me on one of her horsey rides. I'll just say it's me. I already went to the fish store and got fishy pictures. They I have a nice set up.  Know whut I mean.  :whistling:

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I like fishy pictures Jeepers. They look cute in the bathroom. :grinning-smiley-044:


Cleaned the ceiling fans and did some dusting. Still taken it easy with shoulder and arm. Pain is gone again but it just feels heavy in the arm and still swollen but is going down some. This isn't helping me to get things done around here.  I have the financial planner coming next Wed. and the kids will be here I think this coming weekend. Or maybe next weekend. I can't seem to pin them down on an exact date. They never let me know when then are actually  coming. If they keep that up I might not be here. Maybe then they will get the idea to tell me a date and not surprise me every time.  I have to move things out of the way for them to get the furniture out of bedroom and it would be nice if I had a timetable to get it done. To many projects going at one time. But figuring things out for how I want to organize. Not as easy as I thought it would be. 

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Miki, that is a great idea. I never thought of that when I donated my stuff. Believe me, I would have kept it to barter with too. 



Well, I had another...day. Housekeeping knocked on the door around 8:00am. They never do that. I don't need housekeeping everyday. They will come everyday if I want but I don't need it. I wait at least five days. Then they do a deep cleaning. And I have to ask for that. I usually go 7-10 days. I only need bathroom linens and the bed changed. Only thing I really have is trash. I seem to generate a lot of that for some reason. So...I handed him a small bag of trash and that was the end of it. About five minutes later another knock. It was my neighbor. He wanted to know if I had any spare shampoo on my cart. Huh? It wasn't clicking with me. I do have some if he'd like to borrow some. They provide shampoo here. He said, "No, I mean extra on your cart." I looked around the door and housekeeping's cart was parked outside my door. He thought I was housekeeping. 1. I was dressed in shorts and 2. when housekeeping is doing a room they always leave the door open. Newbie. I would have shared a hand full. We did have a good laugh about it and I was just glad it wasn't me doing that. Although I was involved...again. Why always me.


First up was to the clinic. Guess what I have? UTI. So they said they would call my doctor and have him call in a script. The office is now closed and he didn't call it in. He is in their system. So maybe by tomorrow it can be filled. Good thing I'm not in a lot of pain. Mostly uncomfortable. It isn't like he has to go to the pharmacy and order it himself.  Have your assistant pick up the phone. 


I went to Michaels. Another long story. I had $30.00 in rewards that expired today. The proof is in the computer email. They need the bar code. It's at home in the computer. It doesn't come to my phone. Computer that I don't carry around with me. Entering my phone number always worked before. So, the short version was they had to set me up an account at Michaels to be able to scan the code from my phone. It became involved because it wasn't working. I had to get a manager to actually set up the account for me on my phone. With all of the other glitches, it took about an hour to get my rewards. No one was happy. I told her I would come back another day but the $35.00 ended today. And it was my money. I did thank her and told her it was okay to roll her eyes at me and laugh at me because I would if I was in her shoes. I know she was glad to see the back of me going out. Let the spam emails begin. 


I passed by an ATT store and went in. I haven't been able to get them to stop charging me for the house phone for over 5 months. It no longer worked and I don't live there. I'm getting the hang of the cell phone (except in Michaels today). I needed to pay my bill, stop with the house phone and scale down the cable tv. Results were they can't cancel the phone there. They gave me yet another number to call. Sigh. And I couldn't pay my bill because they need the 3 digit extension code. What? It's a home phone. There is no extension number. Home not office. I've only had it 35 years! I was not in the best of mood by then. I said, "In other words you can't do sh*t." Yes I did. And I'm not sorry. I didn't even mention about downgrading the cable. I had already smarted off and didn't want to compound it. 


I went to Wal-Mart again. Yesterday I discovered I had a $100.00 gift card. I spent it all on medical supplies. Almost everything I had was ruined in the flood. Or if it wasn't I didn't trust it to be clean and mold/mildew free. So everything I put in my body got pitched. I'm pretty much starting over in the med department. I got band aids and things along that aisle. Plus some common OTC meds like Imodium, laxative, Gas X, Pepto, aspirin...you get the picture. I'll tell you what, the shelves were getting pretty low again. I posted a Master List last year and went by that. It really helped to keep me focused and from buying repeat items. Little did I know I'd have to use that list all over again. I thought it was pinned here but I didn't see it. If I find it, I'll post it. 


Since I was at the house getting the mail, I swung by Meijers for some more frozen food. OMG. The freezer section was nearly empty. I sort of like Boston Market and Stouffers. They were slim pickens! I get the Steam Fresh veggie bags. No brussel sprouts with cracked pepper and no plain broccoli and no broccoli with cheese. I wanted some cauliflower and they only had about 5 bags of the tri-color. I wanted some cauliflower so I bought a bag but I probably over paid because it was 'special'. And none of the cheesy/pasta/veggie mix either. About the only thing they had any quantity of was green beans. Seriously, it was bad again. And remember, I don't have a stove or oven so its microwave or nothing. But between Wal-Mart, Giant Eagle and Meijers I did get the freezer topped off. Grateful for that but between the frozen sections and the OTC med aisle, it looked like 2019 all over again. 


I'm back and I'm not doing anything tonight or tomorrow. Saturday I have to go to the house to pay the lawn guy then nothing again Sunday. Then start back in on the house again on Monday. Hopefully the UTI will be calm by then. At least that's the plan. 


Oh, and I got the mammogram set up for the 7th. They never did call me back to schedule. 

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Littlesister, I don't know when we are going digital but for right now my lawn guy always thanks me for paying him in cash. Infact he is giving me a 20% discount for paying him cash when he cleans out the beds this weekend. Works great for me. All the same to me. Actually, it's a little easier than writing a check each month. What he does with the cash is up to him. Hope he is stashing it away. It's 'unreported' after all. We'll call it his side hustle.  :D

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Jeepers, my lawn guy is the same way. He likes getting paid in cash.  I think this digital dollar mess starts next month. Don't know how they are going to do it. But I'm not liking what I am hearing about it.


Still working on a closet. Pulled all the shampoos out of it and boxed it up. I will give the kids a chance to go back through it since it belongs to them anyway. Otherwise I will put in garage on shelf for future use. 


Going to bank in the morning to pull out money for the lawn guy for the next month. He just cut the grass Monday so will get out enough to last till end of July.  Might take out a bit more also for my emergency stash. Hot water take still on hold. need to check the bucket in morning but don't think it is half full yet. If it is not raining tomorrow will pull the new hot water tank out of garden shed and put in garage.  Will be calling the plumber soon to put tank in. 

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Littlesister hope you can get those curtains done. That can be a satisfying project and helps cut the cooling bill a bit to have them up. I really need to do some heavy curtains for winter to help insulate my windows downstairs better. Most of them are just shears which are nice in summer but don't do much to hold in the heat.

Miki I hope you had a good day! Chocolate pie sounds amazing I'll be right there :feedme:

Jeepers hope you can get that phone turned off. Super annoying to have to keep paying a bill for a service you aren't even able to use! It's getting harder and harder to manage this kind of thing when you'd think technology would make it even easier. 



Almost done with my week of work in person. Wow do I ever appreciate my quiet work from home environment. I had to share a workspace with loud people during a really important meeting where I was chairing the meeting for the board of directors and it was embarrassing because of all the background noise. I was able to use an office space several of the days with a door that shut. Was nice to see everyone but I will also be glad to get back home. Will leave tomorrow to go pick up hubby and youngest son and then we will head back to IL. I will be offline a few days next week we will be sightseeing and I am taking some PTO to just relax and enjoy sightseeing. I really will appreciate that time to just "BE". Tomorrow I turn in an important project and finished up one this morning. So my brain might actually let me relax. 

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Yes, pictures for sure.  Becca Anne have a safe and enjoyable trip.  


All of my Grandchildren and daughter has been texting me off and on all day. One in Washington is still texting me. GS will be here tomorrow to wash clothes and shower.  So not a lot done today. Just some sorting out of things and trying to get the dining room table cleaned off again. Don't know how that table keeps getting piled up. :scratchhead:The dust from construction seems to be coming out of the woodwork. I keep dusting and it keeps coming back. Hopefully it will settle down. Need to start deciding on what color paint I want for the front bedroom. It will be my office, sewing room, and craft room. So looking at something bright though that is the room the sun comes in on and is a very bright room anyway. It stays warm in there during the winter more so than rest of house. Need to clean out that bedroom closet also. And get that painted. I want to take out the wire shelves in there as they are falling apart anyway and put wood shelving in there. 


Got my Gas bill today and was shocked. Only $9.43. Had a $35.00 credit for some reason. I'll take that. Now just waiting to see the electric bill. But not due till middle of July. So have a wait on that. It won't be like the gas bill though. 


I am hoping by the end of September I can go ahead and get den and living  room furniture. By then I should have the whole house back together. If the kids get all the furniture and other stuff out and takes it home with them. I am no longer going to be the AAA storage unit for what they don't want.  I am really putting my foot down on all of that. I cleaned out the hall closet of their stuff and boxed it up. I want them to go through it and take what they still want and then the rest goes.  I had to do that with my DD and Step D as well. Put a stop to them and now with the Grandkids. Just to much junk for me to have to deal with. To old for this mess.  Maybe a tiny house would work. :laughkick:No room for other peoples things in that.

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Glad you're getting things cleared out Littlesister and hope you can enjoy your space now. I'm looking forward to getting home and working more on my house. I have enjoyed my trip but getting homesick. I miss my dog and my bed. Got all the work things done and now back at my SIL. Ben is camping with his cousins tonight and then we leave Sunday.

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Littlesister, I did the same thing with son and D-ex's stuff. They say they don't want stuff then when I mention something they will say, "Oh, I'd like to save that." No. You want me to save it. About two years ago I went through all of D-ex's papers that I knew he was saving because they had names or addresses on them and I shredded them all. He knew I was doing it and was okay with it. Especially when I told him to either come and get it all by the end of the month or I was boxing it all up and shipping it to him. He had tons of paper when he retired the first time. Tons! And it was all over my basement. I took the rest of the things I knew he would want from his younger days or family memories and put them all in a big tote. I did pretty much the same thing with sons things.


Both totes went to Indiana the last trip. I told son to either store it in his spare room or he could store the one tote in my second garage. But that is all of the stuff I have of his so don't ask me where anything is. If it isn't in the tote, then I don't have it. So basically I'm down to 1-2 totes of other peoples stuff.


Fortunately no big furniture or stuff. Son said he'd like my bedroom suit. They already have one that is better than mine. I asked him where he was going to put it. He didn't know. I told him to come get it but don't put it in my garage. He decided he didn't really need it after all. :008Laughing:


I'm making a clean sweep and choosing my own stuff more wisely now. I've been pretty ruthless too. Moving in your senior years isn't easy. 



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Already walked this morning.
Going to ferry my friend around our little town.
Wash dog blankets and then wash dogs.
Going to visit a friend in nursing home this afternoon.


9 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Moving in your senior years isn't easy. 


That's the truth!


Have fun sightseeing and get home safely @Becca_Anne!


Glad you are getting your house sorted @Littlesister!  I keep working on mine, but don't feel like I am getting anywhere because of the ebay items all around me.

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Jeepers glad you are being selective about what you are moving and letting go of things especially the big items


It's easy to store all the things for the kids but at some point they do have to decide what they want. I was able to give all the big items DD had in my garage to her before we moved and the only things I kept were artwork/school papers I hadn't sorted them apart into each child. I'll take photos and then just keep the ones that were the most special or send her the ones she cares about. I'm much more sentimental than I should be and even after moving twice have way too much of it. I am determined though to get it down to one sweater box sized bin per child and toss the rest. It can go up to the attic to be stored for the ones still living at home, and then I will bring the other two their items when I come back west. It's time for me to let go of it. I have plenty of space just think it's time to sort through and make albums or let it go. That and photos. I really need to organize and tackle those next. My home is coming together though there are only a few space (Hubby's office) and my office and art room that really need attention. The art room became a catch all and really I don't want to be storing all the home improvement tools/items there they belong in the basement. 

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Well, I had a nice surprise today.  Granddaughter stopped by for a while. I was busy going through things and getting ready to load the car up again for Goodwill. Didn't know she was coming. So didn't get much done today like I was hoping. But was glad to see her. She's really showing now. Baby is kicking good. But still a ways to go. She took a few of the baby blankets I had made back with her. She will be here either next week or the week after to get the bedroom suit. Her DH will be coming home next Friday. And they have 2 weeks to find a house as he has to report to Coast Guard in two weeks. She is hunting for a house now and has a real estate lady helping her. They are looking to rent a house. Living on base is out as there is a long waiting list and they don't have that kind of time to wait for one.  Then while she was here. DD texted and said they will be coming in but I am not sure when. Guess I will know for sure when they pull into the driveway. Can never pin them down on a time.  It would help right now as the house is still a mess and I would like to have things out of the way when they come. But it is what it is. Kids are unpredictable. You just never know when they will show up. GS decided he was coming tomorrow to wash clothes. I had to text him to find out about 4 pm when I didn't hear from him. He is helping his friend clean house today. 

We didn't get the rain today that I thought we would get. It did get cloudy for a while but no rain. Sun is out now. So tomorrow if it is try enough i will weed garden. Tried to do a little this morning but was still to wet. 

I found the dining room table though. It's now all cleaned off and I hope it stays that way. I think once I can get the stuff out of living room and back into that front bedroom I can really start doing the serious organizing. Everything is piled up in living room right now from that bedroom. All sewing stuff, craft and office stuff. Plus a lot of GS's stuff. I will find another place for it once I can get other things out of the living room. Maybe stack it in garage with the furniture he's taking just to get it out of house. Then once the furniture for him is out of garage I can go full speed ahead on getting that redone. Painting, and the floor as well. Seems like I can only get one room at a time painted instead of having someone come in to do it all at once. But it will get there. 

I would really like to move out of this area but at my age I just don't know.  Jeepers I don't know how you are holding up to all that you have going on. The moving was bad enough but then the flood on top of it. That is a lot to take in. 

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Becca_Anne, it is hard to let go of the kids things. I have one medium tote that I keep G-sons papers in that he makes for me. That's it. Oh, and one half gallon canning jar of memories we had before he was one year old. It's more of a decoration though. But I'll tell you what, after the stuff is gone, you don't even think about it any more. I've tossed some of my stuff that I wasn't sure if I wanted to let it go but, right now I don't even remember what the things were. I think the biggest problem is when it's right in front of you. Out of sight, out of mind. Of course short memory probably helps too.  :unsure:


It sounds like we are all getting the 'pitch it' bug.  :animal0017:


I went to the house and got just a couple more boxes packed up. Nothing major. I need get a stepstool (in the garage someplace) to reach a couple of closets. If I can clean out the upper shelves I can move stuff on up and off of the floor. Or at the very least put things in containers that sit on the floor so the guys can lay the floor back down in the closets. I told the contractor that I thought any little thing I can do now will be less time the workers will have to deal with it. He agreed. He was very impressed with the progress I've made so far. He saw it when everything was all hoarded up and soaking wet. I can only imagine what he was thinking when he walked into that scene. It was bad. I admit it. But never again. 


The lawn guy was supposed to come today but he called me this morning and said he was sick. He sounded like it too. He was very apologetic. I told him the truth...it was fine with me. No big deal. He said he'd try to get to it this week. I told him next weekend would be fine if he'd rather. In the whole scheme of things going on, it really isn't a big deal for me. At least he called and didn't just ignore me like everyone else does. 



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Littlesister we were posting at the same time. Sounds like you had a busy day with family. Those interruptions are annoying at the time but in the long run they are so worth it. Glad you got to see your GD's tummy...:wub:


I think I've got things under control enough to call the junk guys this week. At least they can get to the big stuff now. I will have a big desk, a queen size bed, dresser with mirror, stove, fridge, table and 4 chairs, 2 couches, 1 love seat and 2 upholstered chairs. A couple of computer chairs and a big park bench. Plus about 3 closet's full of stuff. If there is room, they can take one of the bathroom vanities that is sitting in the living room. Reconstruction guys can take the others because the junk guys are on my dime. That will still leave one bedroom and the garage. I can't get to the garage stuff because the whole kitchen counter top with the sink attached, is right in the way blocking everything. The bedroom is full of my craft stuff and office stuff that I can't get to because of more bathroom vanities. They will have to make a second trip for that stuff later. Or maybe I can get rid of it a little at a time. Depends all on how much they will charge. Oh crap, and the garage attic too. :0327:


When it all gets moved to Indiana I'll have to go through it all over gain to find it a permanent home. Hope I live long enough to get all of this done.  :grinning-smiley-044:


I will say this though. I am sooo very thankful that the other guys cleared out that basement. It was full of stuff and all of it was soaking wet and getting moldy. I think about that often. No way could son and I have done it and it would have cost me a fortune to hire someone to come in there and do it. There was some big furniture down there too. I really do think about that basement a lot. Only thing down there now is furnace, water heater, water softener, sump pump (all brand new) and the twin tubs.  :pray:

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Jeepers, It's a lot of work but once you are moved to Indy and that house in Ohio is sold, you will have so much of it behind you and can just relax a few days and then start getting the Indy house set up like you want. Yep I think we were posting at the same time.


Granddaughter just texted me that she is back home. So glad she is safe and sound.  

I just realized a while ago that I have canned water under the bed that GD is taking. I have to find a place to store it temporary till the furniture is all out and I can get the room painted.  So much to get done. But I will get there. 

At least the dining room table is cleaned off now. All of that stuff is now put in its proper place. 

Might start looking at a place to put the canned water tomorrow and maybe go ahead and move it all out. Then I need to take the books off the bookshelf in hall that sits right in front of that bedroom door. I will just box those books up and move the bookcase into the small bedroom i am using for pantry. That bookcase is going back into the front bedroom anyway. So it will be fine in pantry for a while. 

GS will be here tomorrow to wash clothes and then I am thinking either next weekend or weekend after DD will be here. GD and her DH will be here next weekend and the weekend after.  Going to be a lot of fun around here. At least she didn't see the baby clothes that was sitting on my bed. That is for the baby shower, so I need to get them wrapped ASAP. 

We are about to get a thunder storm. It is lighting and thundering now. 

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Whew!  It took a LONG time to catch up reading this thread.  :pc_coffee:


Our busy end-of-week events over in the city wore me out.  All went well with surgery.  DH is back to normal almost.  I'm not.  :0327:  That will take more time.  Other than me setting off the stupid car alarm at 7:30AM   :blush:  .....most everything went as planned.  [ I HATE car alarms!!!!!]  


Doggie dear was so excited to see us.  Boarding guy said she was fine tho.  It looks like a good place for dog boarding.  Very safe with double gates -- close one gate before opening the next so no dog can slide by your legs and be FREEE...  :grinning-smiley-044:   They do that with zoos and wildlife refuges too. 


B and J were working on fixing the erosion and beaver damage to the pond's outlet every day we were gone.  So they just let the ducks/geese out into their fenced area daily and shooed them back inside when they left for the day.  And put out food.   They had a kiddie pool outside and big water tub inside.  That was much easier on the birds than staying inside the duckhouse for 3 days. 


B/J finished all the dirt work and re-aligning the two ends of the water culvert.  Hopefully not leaking out to erode dirt again.  But a whole new pipe that long would be thousands....lotsa thousands.  And need the BIG machines to handle it.  $$$$   As long as we don't have a submarine driveway....we're good.  ....now if the electrician would get well enough to pursue the electric problem again....


MtRider   ...glad to hear you all are safe and making progress on your plans and projects!  Thanks for prayers!!!  :amen: 

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