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Oh My...

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations Grandma. Grandsons are so much fun. Enjoy every minute of his little life. I'll bet Ben is excited with his new role as uncle too. 

Sorry momma had a rough time of it but so very much worth it. Thank you for sharing your journey and of course the picture!

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Congratulations Becca Anne.  The picture of baby is adorable. He's going to spoiled rotten for sure.  So sorry your daughter went through such an ordeal but the outcome was great and both mom and baby are doing great. 


Mt. Rider praying still that all goes well for both you and your DH tomorrow.  I know you both will be glad when this is over and back home to relax and for him to heal. 


I have been working on pantry since early this morning. redoing things on shelves that are against the walls and clearing off the one in middle of floor to move in a different location. The move will give me more floor room to move around in there and make it easier to find things I need.  DD texted me a while ago and said my GD wants my old bedroom suit that I am getting rid of. They will be here the first part of next month to get it. Wish I knew sooner as now I feel like I am on a time clock. Still need to get GS's clothes out of the dressers and move his stuff into living room out of the way for them to get the furniture out of room and out of house. 

I am just taking a break right now as I have been at it since early this morning. Figured I better eat something as I didn't take the time to eat breakfast this morning. 


Garden is in bloom. So won't be but a month or a little more before I am canning from the garden. Pulled radishes yesterday evening. Got rain late last night and now a storm is brewing. Thunder and getting dark out. 

Well, break over and time to get back to work. 

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Glad to hear of happy baby news!

Miki, glad your DH did so well with his oral surgery! 

Praying For Mr. Mt.Rider's surgery!


I got ambitious concerning my health today. I took the bull by the horns and searched for my own place to get the Tilt Table test done. I went in to the Dr. office yesterday to see if they could find some place in the suburbs and not downtown Cleveland. They didn't know of any place else. Probably not, since they didn't look. So I called around myself. I did find one other place who does it. I'm not familiar with the area but it is not downtown! I think I know the road but Google map will get me there. It's only a 4 lane highway not that mess downtown. I can do that. I'm not really a baby but I do know my limitations. Anyway, the guy called me back and needs a referral. He gave me his fax number. I went over to my Dr. and gave him the info so hopefully that will get the ball rolling. It's a University Hospital and that's the system I usually use. I'm sure they have me in their files already. It's the hospital I always go to. Except I go to the one in my area. He mentioned something about P.O.T.S. and that's my preliminary diagnosis. I think I'm headed in the right direction. If it isn't that then it's cardiac issues.  It will probably take a long time to get an appointment but that's okay. I think I just took one step forward. 


I went to Costco and got a membership today. I don't think It is going to do me a lot of good because they only take Visa Card and Debit Card. I have neither. My bank only gives Master Card and I have a Discover Card. Guess I'll need cash. They offered a Costco card but I don't want another charge card. My DIL really wanted a Costco membership so I got her on as my guest for free. She will be very happy. The reason I got it is because I think they give free hearing tests. I NEED a free hearing test. Hopefully by next month I can schedule that. 


Then I called and scheduled an eye appointment on the 12th.

A mammogram on the 13th.

A Life Line scan on 14th.  


LOL. I was on a roll.  Gonna be a busy week! I got the appointments set up online. So easy. I didn't need a doctor recommendation for the mammogram this time. I was glad of that! I hate that exam worse than the mammogram. Especially with a new guy doctor. 


I'm putting off the dentist for as long as I can.   

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Jeepers, it sounds like you are getting it all together now. But you are going to be very busy with 3 appointments in 3 days time. But you will have it all behind you. 


Mt. Rider, praying for you and your DH for all to go well tomorrow. It will all be over soon and you guys will be back home before you know it. 


I don't do Cosco anymore as it is now to far away. They closed the one we used to go to and moved it all the way down near the Hampton airport. I'm not going that far out. But I do have Sam's club and BJ's wholesale club. Being just me now, I don't go very often. Got the BJ's membership for $20 because I had let it go and they did a promotion to get me to come back. So I did that. Better than $55.  

I gave up on the pantry tonight. I am beat and sore. Got a lot done. But need to figure out something for my spices. I have a lot of them but I use a lot of spices also. Just need a better way to set them up than what I had. Pantry is coming together much better than what I had but I made the mistake of opening up the closet in there. I forgot I had 4 cases of the blue canned water stored in there. So I moved that out behind the drawer unit so I could put the metal trash can full of sugar in the closet out of my way. Worked out better than I thought. Once the bedroom suit is out of the bedroom I need to get the room painted and then mop the floor. Then I can set up all the desk, sewing machine, a dresser, a shelving unit, and hopefully 3 bookcases. Just have to see how it works out as to how many bookcases ends up in there.  Plans don't always work out the way you hope that is why I am redoing the pantry. As they say when all else fails, try, try again.  Packing up food for GS also while cleaning up the pantry. What I can't figure out is why I thought I only had one jar of peanut butter and the other 2 were on the other side of the room. I know GS was having a good time in there looking for his junk food and such but why he moved the peanut butter is beyond me. Kids do the darnest things. 

I did have most of my canning jars in pantry but moving those out to garage. I am cleaning up and getting rid of a lot of stuff on the shelving units out there so I will be able to store all my canning jars out there. I think it will work out much better for me and be more covenant as well. I will be so glad when I have my house back in order.  

Jeepers I do feel for you. Cleaning out one house to move it to Indy and then having to unpack it at Indy and set your house up like you want. It is a job I know I am getting to old for and to think I have been thinking about a move to the country away from all the traffic that is growing bad here now. We are becoming a town of sorts. More Urban than country now. I miss my country setting. And that is what they call progress.  More houses and Apartments being built. Businesses of all sorts but not stores I could use. We need a Hobby Lobby and a JoAnn's fabric shop here. Otherwise I have to go to Hampton or VA Beach. Way to far for us old folks. But I will make the Hampton trip at least twice a year. 

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I'm trying to get my medical stuff updated while I'm here and know where to go. I've put it all off long enough. If I need anything major in Indiana, I'd probably have to go to either Chicago or Indianapolis. I wouldn't relish driving to either place. At least over here there are a lot of satellite hospitals of the major hospitals in the suburbs. You just have to find them.


I probably won't use Costco very much. I've had Sams Club for decades and I like it. It's smaller and easier to get in and out of. Even though I only go there 2-3 times a year. I called DIL and she was so happy. She wants to order meat/veggie platters for G-sons birthday and wasn't sure what to do. One place stopped selling them and another place was too expensive. She was going to have me order them from Sam's. She said she even looked at them online at Costco but didn't want to spend the money on the membership right now. This just sort of fell into place for her. And she really likes Kirkland products. 


I feel like I'm working on two houses at the same time. Well, I guess I am. Everything I take over to Indy is going in the second garage to wait. It's just too dirty to take in the house. All except the furniture. That's dirty too but easy to wipe down. We still have to unload the trailer. I told son to wait until I come over there to help. After all this time, I'm not going to rush him now. He is no spring chicken anymore  LOL. I heard him say, "Whew" a lot of times this weekend. Plus he work hard and has things to do with his son in the evenings. Poor guy had two ninja kid classes this week after work.  :ph34r: 


I feel sort of lucky that all of the stores I shop at over here, they have over there. What they don't have there, they have in a big shopping district about a half an hour away. It's a straight shot on a 4 lane highway. I'm even getting sort of good at maneuvering those #$%& round abouts. Sort of. I need to wander around some of the back roads though in case I have to detour out there. I'm good in town. In the country...not so much.



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Thank you everyone! We are very happy :wub: Spent about half my day at the hotel working and went twice to the hospital- in the morning for 3 hrs and then another 3 this late afternoon/evening. Could look at his little face all day :) DD will probably be able to go home tomorrow.


Littlesister glad you are getting organized I am sure it feels good to get a better idea of what you have and where it is

Mt Rider best of luck to your DH!

Miki hope you can get the storm gutters clear! Our street doesn't really have them, just one catycorner to our house on the main street and none on the side streets.


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Thank you all for prayers.  We're at the hospitality house for cancer patients.  Dropped dog off at vet boarding.  Hope she does well. 


Wow!!!!  This place is about as big as our house!  Living room with couch, recliner chair, other chair, big TV [which DH could find nothing of value on...we don't have TV]  Kichenette.  Stashed our 'meals' and our well water in fridge.  BIg King size bed in a big bedroom.  Wheelchair accessible bathroom so it's big.  Closet.  2nd floor but they have an elevator.  I hauled stuff up via wheelchair while DH was having pre-0p tests all afternoon.  I drove over to fetch him around 3:30 but he wasn't done til 4:30.  Managed to find him tho.  We came back here and had salads -stuff from the kitchen downstairs.  Then we went out a few blocks to Dairy Queen.  I had mini-fudge chocolate Blast.  A reasonable exception to my no-sweets/desserts plan. 


So....going to go to bed but goodness, he's snoring!  Good tho.  He needs rest for tomorrow.  Goes over to hospital in morning but he's sedated by 1pm for surgery to begin.  Plastic surgeon takes over to put his face back together.  Pray for that area -- not sure if the lymph nodes affected.  That would have been easier on the back to chase down lymph glands.  A friend is coming to chat with me while we wait over there for them to finish.  Not sure how long it will take for him to be able to wake up- get to car, etc.  


Folks so very kind here!  Can't believe how much they provide to make our stay as easy as possible.  :amen:  


That's all for now.  I'm yawning.  Big day tomorrow.


Congrats on grandson, Becca Anne!  Glad Mr Miki is doing well after dental.  Gotta get our guys healthy!  Good for you, Jeepers.  I'm doing that too - get a handle on medical stuff I've put off.  Little Sister....don't push too hard all at once!   I envy your garden but not the work at this point in our lives.  


MtRider :offtobed:   

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Mt. Rider, Glad you have a really nice place to stay at the hospital. That will help a lot with comfort for the two of you.  You and your DH will be in my prayers all day tomorrow hoping all turns out well. And prayers for a fast recovery and healing. May the Lord be with the doctors as they remove this cancer and gets all of it. 


Not sleeping well tonight. woke up a second time with shoulder hurting. Been having issues with an old injury for a few months now and it decided to act up tonight.  Took advil and doused it with blu emu. Hoping that will stop the pain so I can get back to sleep. Have to much to get done for my shoulder to start acting up again. But this to will pass. 


Becca Anne, I know when your DD and baby are out of hospital you will be spoiling that baby a lot. More time to hold him at home than while in hospital. 

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Will walk first.
I get to help a friend who owns a little restaurant for a couple of hours today. Should be fun! Only open a few hours on Fridays. I think it's more of a hobby, but he loves to cook.
This afternoon, I intend to pick jalapenos from my garden and blackberries from across the street.
Nothing else on my list, but I don't like sitting around much. We will see.

7 hours ago, Becca_Anne said:

just one catycorner to our house

That's all I clean.  Otherwise it pools on the road and heads into our low lying outer meadow.  I keep the shovel ready.  Have fun with baby!


Praying for you both @Mt_Rider!


I'm glad you are getting re-organized, @Littlesister.  I understand the drive to get it all done now, but try to take it easy on your shoulder.  I have that issue, too.

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Getting a slow start this morning.  Shoulder is doing better right now but can still feel it when I move it a certain way. Might have to have it checked out on next Dr. visit.  Had rain again last night and the sun just doesn't seem to want to shine through this smog from the fires in Canada. But still it's not that bad here. Need some full sun shine for garden as it seems to be stunting the growth of everything. Though the garden is looking really good and a lot of things are in bloom, the plants are usually twice the size they are now at this time of year. I think the cold weather is not helping any. Seems more like fall than late spring. 


Will start back working on pantry in a while. Have a couple of other things I need to get done first. 


Mt. Rider praying still for your DH's surgery to go well. :hug3:

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I finally got all of the empty canning jars out of the house and into the garage today. I hope. All of the ones in the picture are unopened except for the three boxes at the bottom left. They are empty but loose in the boxes. I used that plastic wrap to keep the jars in place. That stuff is really bad. It doesn't stick to itself or anything else. For the money, it isn't really worth it. It will hold the jars in place but I had to use a lot of packing tape on all the ends and around the corners. I saw about 6 more cases in the garage but I can't get to them. Blue jars will be for sterile water. I probably have 12-14 cases of jars in the house but they have food in them. I'll work on those next. I need stuff out of the dinning room and living room so the reconstruction guys can remove the rest of the flooring to replace it. 


Next was the paper products. Remember the TP and paper towel crisis?  Yeah well...:sEm_blush:.  I have that much more paper products at the other house. Sigh. On a positive note, I won't have to buy TP for a long time. And I use about two rolls of paper towels a year so I'm good for...ever. I'll share with DIL though. There are paper goods in the totes. Cups, plates, bowls, napkins and plasticware. They look like they are bulging. I didn't notice that before. :sigh: 


                   I swear I'm going to start using this stuff up when I get settled.  If it won't fit in the garage attic.  :gaah:

image.jpeg     image.jpeg


    I need some more blue quart jars for sterile water.  :rolleyes:



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Wow Jeepers, I think you are about tied with me.  I am trying to use up all of my stuff now. Or at least get it to a more manageable situation. I think you have me beat on the empty jars. But for me I have 5 shelving units also with all food on them.  Now that GS is on his own. I will start back to eating what is here. I didn't use the veggies like I normally would because GS won't eat veggies. So I just didn't cook much of them for dinner. Now I am eating what I have canned everyday again.  I have been in pantry today checking on what I have and what I need. Moving things around to make room for the canning I will be doing when garden comes in so the new will be in back of the older food. Not going to have a lot of shelf room for everything. So part of what I can this year will be on floor under the shelving units which is fine because that won't get used till all the older food is used up. 

I have my living room loaded with the cases of jars I pulled out of the pantry. Thought that was going to work for me but it took up to much room. So working on cleaning off a shelving unit that will only for empty jars and water. The units in garage are huge compared to the ones in pantry.

Will be bringing in boxes to pack up GS's clothes tomorrow to put in living room. Need to get everything out of that bedroom so kids can get the bedroom suit out of their end of month. GD has her furniture stored for now so they are going to put it in the storage unit. 


Hoping Mt. Rider's DH is over his surgery now and that all went well. Still praying for Mt. Rider and her DH for a quick recovery and that they got all the cancer removed. 

Thinking of just hiring someone to paint the bedroom before I move my sewing machine and desk in there. Just need to decide on a color for walls. DD said I should paint it and I told her my hands were not steady enough to paint the trim at top of wall and ceiling. I would not be able to keep a straight line. She suggested painting the walls and the ceiling white. Nope to much white for me. Ceiling will still be white but needs painting. I have some pictures I need to take to Michaels to change the glass in them. They have the non glare glass that takes away from the pictures. So wanting to get those redone. They have 70% off of framing now but I am not sure I would get that off of just changing out the glass. If not I will do 2 pictures at a time depending on the price. I have 6 of them to get done. 

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I have plans for most of those jars. I'm out of soups, beans, tomatoes and spaghetti sauce. I live on home canned soups. Also meats. I would like to try my hand at canning French beans too. If I ever get a kitchen. Or a stove. Or WATER. :sigh:  Still no water at the house.  I have jars and lids though.


I have plans for the TP too.  LOL.


Ladies, look around your house and be thankful for the little things you have. Not that you don't already, but I didn't. At one point I couldn't stay warm in the dead of winter, even snuggled down with a heating pad and was reduced to peeing in a cup for a couple of months while battling bronchitis and covid.  Kinda changes your perspective on the basics of life. No pity party here. It's just that I've been through hell the last 5+ months. Sometimes I was ready to just walk away and hand it over to a flipper for what I still owe on the mortgage. But I need the money from the sale of this house to put on the other house. So I waited. I never knew how rough it was going to be and for how long. But I think there is a light at the end of my tunnel. Please don't let it be a train. My contractor called today and said to let him know as soon as the money is available and he will put me on the schedule. Oh No. Not a schedule. More waiting?!


Littlesister, I took a couple of pictures to Michaels to get redone. I wanted them professionally matted. I had done them myself a long time ago and they sure looked like it! Oh Boy, was that expensive! I almost didn't do it but I love the pictures. The mats and frame and glass cost more than the prints. A lot more. They are pretty big pictures though and I had them double matted so that might be why. I opted for that museum glass too. You can't even see it. It's nice. My only issue with them is if they use their frames it costs half as much as it would if they use your own frames. I wanted to use my own frames because they all match. But to save money, I let them use their frames and I'll change them out when I get them back. Seems crazy that if I buy their frame I will save more than if I used my own. The guy at the counter said the same thing and even he didn't get their reasoning. It will take them about 3 weeks to do two fairly large prints. I'm doing two now and will have to wait to do the other 2-3 another time $$$ 

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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Littlesister, I took a couple of pictures to Michaels to get redone. I wanted them professionally matted. I had done them myself a long time ago and they sure looked like it! Oh Boy, was that expensive! I almost didn't do it but I love the pictures. The mats and frame and glass cost more than the prints. A lot more. They are pretty big pictures though and I had them double matted so that might be why. I opted for that museum glass too. You can't even see it. It's nice. My only issue with them is if they use their frames it costs half as much as it would if they use your own frames. I wanted to use my own frames because they all match. But to save money, I let them use their frames and I'll change them out when I get them back. Seems crazy that if I buy their frame I will save more than if I used my own. The guy at the counter said the same thing and even he didn't get their reasoning. It will take them about 3 weeks to do two fairly large prints. I'm doing two now and will have to wait to do the other 2-3 another time $$$ 


Once upon a time, when Walmart had those boxes of prints, I purchased two that I absolutely loved. They are both landscape scenes, but the leaves on the trees look like they've grown outside of the "painted" area and onto the matt (which is actually a part of the print). I took them to Michael's (or was it a local mom&pop business???) to get framed. It was so much fun choosing the matt that I wanted and picking a beautiful frame from the multitudes of selections that were available. I LOVE those pictures, but sadly, when I move into this new apartment I was not able to re-hang them so they are sitting in a box in my closet. I don't think any of my children will want to inherit them, which is quite sad, so they will probably end up being donated or sold for pennies. THAT would make me very sad indeed. :(

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Midnightmom,  I will have that same issue one day.  My DD and Grandkids won't want much of what is in the house. I know there are some things each one of them want but the pictures I have, will either end up in a yard sale or a Good Will. I have some pictures that are worth money now as the artist that painted them have passed on which they say makes them more expensive now. But it will be what it will be. 

Been doing a bit of house cleaning this morning. Decided I needed a cup of coffee. GS should be over later today to wash clothes. Might put him to work while he is here helping me with some things around here. 


Pantry is almost done. Just need to go through some spices I have and move them to kitchen. Need to go through spices in kitchen to check that they are all still ok. 

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That is sad Midnightmom. I have taken pride in my decor trying to make all come together and have taken such good care of items. But I know my son won't want most of it. He isn't interested in any of it the way I am. I don't think DIL wants any of it either. She isn't the 'homey' type. I don't know where most of my things will end up. To be fair, I've told son that when I'm gone I want them to redo the house and make it their own. I don't want him to live in my past and be reminded of me and be sad everywhere he looks. I want him to move forward. It will be hard on him. He's a momma's boy. 


But I was under the assumption that they would move right in my house. Now I'm not so sure. They have their own house and I can see them moving and upgrading to a bigger house in a few years.  


I think about leaving it to G-son but he is only six. I think about these things. What do people do with their things when they have no children to pass things down to. Or if they have children, what if the kids don't want any of it? There is no one to fight over my things. I've legally left everything to my only child. 




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30 minutes ago, Jeepers said:

What do people do with their things when they have no children to pass things down to. Or if they have children, what if the kids don't want any of it?

DH is an only child…everything goes to him.  We selected a child we are fond of, to receive all we have.  Sell it, pitch it, donate it?  I won’t care, I’ll be gone.  The family heirlooms I inherited, have already been sent to the respective relatives.  Done, except one item, when I am ready to pass it on, I will, DH knows what to do, if I pass before him, either way it is in the will.


 I gave up concerning myself with “my treasured possessions”.  After seeing so many TV shows, like storage wars & pawn stars, at MIL’s house, it made a lasting impression, that, my ‘stuff’ is someone else’s junk, or just something to sell & make money off of.  :shrug:

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(((Jeepers))) I really hope they can get your house in shape to sell before too long so you can finish your move! I'm sure it has been a huge ordeal to go through. 


I am getting to the point where I have less attachment to my things. There are items which I would like to pass one, mostly my grandmother's paintings and the family jewelry and photos but really it's up to them if they just want to sell it and if it's a burden to them I'd rather they let it go and hopefully someone else can enjoy them. I'm paring down to what I really love over time. 


I'm off to snuggle the grandbaby and spoil my daughter for the day

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With us, I'm an only child, son is an only child, DIL is an only child and G-son is an only child. When the four of us are in a room together, there isn't a sibling between us. Strange how it all worked out that way. 


I've let a lot of my things go this year too. I'm really sizing down. Most of my jewelry was stolen from me so...whatever. One of the pieces they didn't get was my mothers ring. We had it on her at her viewing but the funeral director took it off of her and gave it to me before closing the casket. Not sure why but there ya have it. Someone must have told him? It's only worth something to me. Not monetarily. And I wonder what will happen to my grandpa's flag in the coming generation. My son is the only one who sort of remembers him. He was 3 yrs. old when he died.


The only thing my son has shown any interest in is my signed poster of Bobby Knight. It was a gift to me from my D-ex. :008Laughing:  No candy and flowers for me. I got Bobby Knight.  :grinning-smiley-044:    We lived in Bloomington during his heyday. We used to see him in Service Merchandise often buying fishing gear.  Also my piece of wood that came out of Assembly Hall. It's a Hoosier thang, I guess. 



Go snuggle with that baby. Nothing like it in the whole wide world!  :wub:

I'll bet you cry all the way back home. I did when I had to leave mine behind going just from Indiana back to Ohio the first couple of times. I cried all the way home.  :sigh:

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None of the kids want my house since they all live out of state and would have to leave their jobs to move back here. I have a trust set up that everything that is in house they can pick through and take what each one wants though I have certain things I am leaving to each child. I have one child also.  Anything the kids don't want they can trash it or have an estate sale or something. Then the house will be sold through my estate lawyer and the money will go into a trust. Kids will get a monthly check from the sale of house and what is in my life insurance policy and retirement.  That way everyone benefits. 

I had an older sister that passed away from cancer in 1999. My younger sister stole everything from my mother every time she went to visit. I didn't know about some of what was going on until after I had separated from my first husband and had to move in with my mom. She still had her house then or so I thought. My younger sister talked her into borrowing the amount of what the house would have sold for and my mother used that money and bought younger sister 2 cars as the first car she didn't like. And younger sister was nine months pregnant. before I found out she was pregnant. She was not married and the father took off and left her. So my mom paid all her medical bills and bought the crib, clothes and all the things babies need. All from the money from the house. I moved out of the house a year after moving in as my younger sister said that when I get a job I had to give my paycheck to her and she would give me what she thought I would need to live on. I won't go into detail on that as I wasn't very nice to her and she never saw my paychecks. I went to my mom's house a couple of months after moving out to see she had lost the house. So I never got anything other than my father's car that I  had to pay for. I didn't have a car at the time as my Ex's girlfriend forged my name on the car we had and they sold it.  When I found out my mother and older sister lost the house, I put them in my apartment and moved in with my second husband and we went ahead and got married at that same time.  Three months later my mother and older sister moved to Lynchburg to live with her brothers and sisters till they got an apartment there. When my mother passed away in 1995, my DH and I payed for her funeral out of our pockets as I was told my mother had no life insurance policy. I later found out she did and my younger sister had it set up as she being the beneficiary of the policy. So she got that money also. My DH and I sat down and thought about how we could set things up upon our death so that my daughter and step daughter would not be fighting over things. So the trust was set up for that. No fighting, they have to follow what the trust said and it cannot be probated. 


Right now I am down sizing as I don't need all the stuff I have now. I really am tired of having to clean and dust all the stuff we have collected over the years. There are things I am keeping as it does have sentimental value for me. But the kids when I am gone can keep it or sell it. I will be gone and it won't matter to me then anyway. I won't know anything about it. Yes I grew up in a bad environment but I got through it and am better for it. I no longer have anything to do with my younger sister for what she did to my mother and older sister. She tried it on me and it didn't work and she didn't like that she could not control me. 

Some of the things I did get rid of my daughter took. So that was a good thing. 


Haven't done a lot today as I have been so busy for past 4 or 5 days that I decided to take the afternoon off and do nothing. Been reading and watching tv. 

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DH has siblings like that, Little Sister.  :(  Those people are trying to fill a hole that won't be filled by any amount of riches.  They push away love....which will fill them in ways they've never had or never accepted.  Sad....evil pushes that sort of thing.



Ok...for an update on what's going on in CO......  I'm going now to post in Blue Couch forum.  Jeepers....you absolutely still hold the title for Worst Ever String of Horrid Happenings.  :darlenequeen:    {sounds like a Harry Potter book!}  But DH and I are trailing you, for sure.  We're fine but.....



MtRider  ...c'mon.  Y'all didn't think things would go smoothly now, did ya?  :grinning-smiley-044:   :pray:   God's got this.  :amen:  

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