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Midnightmom, I think you had it worse than I am having right now. At least so far GS hasn't broken my car windows.  His mother won't take her son back to live with her. I think he was worse with her than me so far. He is moving out this weekend though. After his screaming and hollering at me yesterday before going to work, He called me and was real nice because he locked his keys in the car and needed me to bring him the spare. He is always nice when he needs something. I had gone to bed before he came home last night. Don't know if he was high on pot last night but saw where he had been drinking. This boy has some real anger issues. But won't go get help even though he admits he has a problem. Just wish there was a way to help him but when you try to get help for him he refuses to except it. 

GS is in bed asleep right now, so will see how he is when he wakes up for work. I am just going to work in yard and stay away from him. Don't need his drama.  His mother did call me last night and was much better towards me. Guess she figured out I'm not his mother and have had enough of his mess.  He must not have told her I am kicking him out of house this weekend and that he is lucky I am waiting till this weekend as he will be off and can pack up his stuff to leave. He only has his clothes, computer and a few small items to pack so not to bad.  It will all fit in trunk of his car with no issues.  DD said he can crash on a friend's couch. So fine with me or live in his car again. 


Went to Tidewater feed & seed this morning. Yes bought more seeds and some plants. Making work for me but it keeps me busy and produces food.  Need to head to tractor supply but might wait till tomorrow morning. Don't like leaving house close to when GS gets up as I have lost my trust in him to leave him here alone.  I really feel like some weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing he will be out of here either Sat. or Sun.  

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Up early and will walk first.
Walk dogs.
Make a cake for funeral meal tomorrow at Church.
Pick up branches.
Bible study tonight as long as Peanut Butter is doing well. She seems to have turned the corner and is getting back to her old self with a little less energy so far. We are happy she still is happy!

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((((Littlesister))) Hope that GS leaves without too much more drama. You deserve to have peace in your home.


Midnightmom so sorry you had that experience with your son and hope that he has found more peace in his life now that he has gotten help. I can only imagine how difficult that would be on you. Hugs.


We made it all the way to Lakeview Oregon tonight. So far the trip has gone smoothly. I've been able to work most of the way, in the hotel after we get there and so haven't had to take off any PTO. Today had limited connectivity driving through NV but worked 3 hrs before we drove and then 2 more at the hotel and had enough internet part of the way that it worked out. Will drive only 3 more hrs tomorrow.  


Daughter had her Dr apt today and is 2 cm dilated already. :hapydancsmil:Hope baby stays put until we arrive!

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I'm very excited for you Becca_Anne! Looks like you planned that trip perfectly.  :cloud9:


I had a good trip but always glad to get back to get the drive over with. I don't know if it's my car seat wearing thin or my butt fat is wearing thin (I'm thinking the first one) but my backside and hips started aching on the way back. So, I was glad to get out of the car this time. Gas on the toll road was $3.99 in places coming back. Ouch. 


The furniture arrived on schedule. I'm happy with what I got. Very happy with the couch and two chairs. They sit nice and are not too big for the room. I think the recliners are lady size and not huge. Glad I opted for the memory foam. Mostly because they will wear better. I was going to order a glider chair from Target but I couldn't remember what color the other chairs were so I decided to wait until I could see them in person. Next time I go over I'll order one to arrive about the same time I get there. Or maybe from Amazon.


G-sons furniture is nice too but it really overfilled the room. I bought youth size but it was too much IMO. I think I'm going to have to remove the chest of drawers to the other spare bedroom. That will still leave a dresser in there. I still need a mattress for it. 


I did find two bedroom lamps at Target that are really nice. Small-ish round clay type but the best part is the knob that you use to turn them on, acts like a dimmer switch. That was a pleasant surprise. I think I need one more bed, a night stand, a glider and 4 dinning room chairs and then I will be done with the furniture. I've had to get a little at a time, and still am, but it is starting to come together over there. I'm starting to get anxious to get my accent pieces from Ohio over there now. Oh, and I'd like a little desk to set my sewing machine on, somewhere. 


I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. That is always the situation with me. EVERY.TIME.  But, I did call a guy to do some simple work to help out and he never called me back. So now I need to find someone else before I go over again. My main issue was those #$&*^% chirping smoke detectors. Son brought his ladder over and fixed them for me! All six of them. :pout:  They are hard wired in but I guess there is always just enough electricity to keep the batteries charged enough to beep. That's the only thing I can think of. They have been beeping for 2+years. LOL. They were Energizer batteries. That little bunny really kept on going.


I was going to have that guy help with the drawer pulls too. I couldn't get most of the screws out. They were factory installed and are in so tight I could barely budge most of them. I have a battery operated screwdriver but even that wasn't strong enough. I ended up stripping some of the screw heads. Sigh. I went to Home Depot and got a drill to use a bit on it but it didn't charge in time for me to try it.  I had a lot of things I wanted the "One Guy With Tools" to help with plus some bigger jobs too. Next time. :rolleyes:  


I got a new mail box that will need a post hole dug and a 4x4 post for it. Also a grill. Finally. Both of those need assembled but they can wait even until next year. I just wanted to get them set aside and off of my to-do list. But now I have a grill and 6 tanks of propane...just in case. Next summer I'd like a new firepit. We went to Bass Pro Shop look at some floor safes but didn't see any I really liked. They were either too big or too small. That is really a super nice store though. This year inside the house and next year outside the house. In theory.  In reality, I don't think I'll ever get it all finished.


G-sons big doings wasn't a school thing like I thought. It was a program from his Ninja class. Those little dudes really put on a show. And the little girls did their gymnastics routine. They were all so stinking cute.  We all sat on bleachers. I had forgotten how hard those things are. I spent the better part of 6 years perched on them when son was in school. But I was a lot younger back then. A lot younger. But worth every minute of it for both boys. 


I missed my exit on the way back home. Crimony. But luckily I knew where I was and the next one wasn't as far down the road as most of them are. It still took me about an hour longer to double back to the hotel. That's the first time I ever did that.  


It's good to be back online again. I know I won't catch up though. 




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Becca Anne,  Hope you make it to your DD's house before the baby arrived. Sounds like it won't be long now.  Stay safe and have fun with the new baby when it arrives. 


Jeepers, glad all the furniture arrived on time and you are finally getting your house together.  I need to look for both den furniture and living room furniture. But will wait till I get everything situated after GS moves out.


Got up this morning with a headache. Checked B/P. Ouch.  207/98. Took my B/P meds this morning instead of at night. They are only once a day. Will talk to doctor about what is going on again if I don't get it under control again. Might be that I have been on this medication to long and is not working like it should now. Yes your body can get so used to a med. that it just won't work for you anymore.  Or it could just be the stress of how GS has been acting. 


Talked with daughter last night and she said that GS has an interview with Tractor Supply. He was wanting to do his full time job plus a part time job.  Asked her if he said anything about moving out this weekend and she would not answer that question other than to say he does not want to stay here.  It sounds like they are plotting for him to not move out. So hoping I won't have any issues with that. Going to be bringing in a couple of boxes to put by his door to start packing up tonight. Haven't talked to him in 2 days so don't know what he is up to yet. Just hope he won't give me any lip service or other issues. 


Just going to relax a bit today and do some reading till my blood pressure goes back down. Need to mop the sticky kitchen floor again but will wait for a bit till headache goes away.  Really didn't need to start my day out with Blood pressure issues. It hasn't been this high since DH passed away. And that was just over 2 years ago.  So I need to remove the issues of GS and his screaming, yelling and cussing at me. Not to mention all the extra work I have had on me and the destruction of my house. I not only have the closet door to replace as it can't be repaired but other things around here that need painting or cleaning because he can't keep his dirty feet off the furniture or walls. He goes barefoot all the time both indoors and outside and never wipes or washes his feet. So the dirt on his feet are on walls and furniture. He will lay on the floor and prop his feet on the walls to watch a movie on his cell phone. I clean as much off as I can but will have to pull out the paint when he leaves to paint those areas.  I really feel like my house will never be clean again.  He did clean up the kitchen other that what he spilled on floor, so that is a plus. 


Garden is doing really well but I thought this was the end of May. We have had some really cold nights and even daytime is cold. Should be getting up to 69* for the high today.  Don't know rather to put on summer clothes or winter clothes these days. But the tomatoes are loving this weather.  They are growing fast. Just hope they produce a good crop.

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@Littlesister, I sure hope you can get GS out this weekend or call for help to make it happen!

@Becca_Anne, I hope you get there before grandchild is born!

@Jeepers, I'm glad you are home, even if you took the scenic route!  LOL


Walked first thing, this morning.
Mixed up two gallons of baked beans and baked them for funeral meal at Church today. That is where I will be most of the morning and afternoon (serving and cleaning up).
Maybe pick up more branches.

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went out and cut chives this afternoon.  Have them in dehydrator now.  should take about 4 or 5 hours but I am thinking less. Will keep an eye on them. 

Went out and checked garden. Seems the tomato plants are loving this cooler weather but the cucumbers not so much. They are still growing but they are about a foot up in height and now getting spiny. Temps at night are in the 50's. Guess cucumbers can't take that cold. Hoping they do well and I don't have to replant. Our weather here is crazy. Was going to water tonight but we are going to get rain. So will wait. 

Yesterday went I went to store to pick up RX, Harris Teeter had a great sell. They had hotdogs on sell by 2 get 3 free and a few other things like that. So I went shopping after picking up the RX.  I am looking to can pork & beans with the hotdogs in them. I used to buy those small cans like that for DH. But they have gotten expensive and they do make for a fast lunch. So looking into my canning books to see if I can do that or not.  I saved $118 just buying the buy 2 get 3 free deals. The hotdogs were the Nathan brand at $6.99 a pack. I always bought those because they were lower in salt. that made them come out to $2.79 a pack. This brand was always higher than other brands but needed the lower salt content for DH. And since I have high blood pressure I need to watch my salt intake or my ankles and legs will swell up. Those will last me a long time. Just hope I will be able to do what I want and can beanie weenies.  Next week I will thoroughly clean kitchen and get counters cleaned off as GS is moving out this week end and all his things will be off the counter. So I will have room to get things done. I will hopefully be able to get the freezer emptied this time since I won't be dealing with unruly children. Just hope being on his own that he will learn that even living on your own you are still responsible for your actions.  DD said with him back on pot which was a problem when he was living at home, that he cannot control his behavior. She said not even prescriptions did well with him and he would have behavior issues. He won't be on the street he is going to be crashing with a friend for 3 months. Just hope he doesn't give his friend any issues while he is smoking that mess. 

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Becca Anne I am glad your travels have been uneventful...


Littlesister and MidnightMom know how hard it must be to deal with these young men.  Hopefully they will grow up some day.


Jeepers it sounds like you are getting things organized.


All I am doing is spinning my wheels.  Everything I  do seems to create more  to do.  My list gets longer, not shorter.  I did at least clear out a very large bag of old receipts and magazines. My computer and cell phone both died.  I got the computer fixed and bought a new cell phone.  Unfortunately, the clerk didn't scan it right and I spent alot of time today trying to get it working.  Gotta go back to the store tomorrow and have it scanned.  What a pain. Also the front tire of my electric wheelchair (which I am in all day long) has separated.  A new one is over 100$  That's just the wheel. Yikes!


I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day holiday.  We all need a break and we need to remember those who gave the ultimate.

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Momo, I think we all have those times where we are just spinning our wheels. Once my GS is moved out. I will have so much that I had to put off doing because of his sleeping during day and working nights. That I will have my hands full trying to get things done in this house. I still haven't finished getting things unpacked and put away from the construction. And after GS moves out that room needs to be fumigated. It smells bad from him saying he's not smoking in there. But that smell is coming from somewhere. 

And I never knew that a wheel chair wheel would cost so much. I hope that includes them putting the new one on. 


And yes we all need to take a break and remember our military and falling heros. 

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Momo, I really know what you mean. It seems like all I get done is moving one box from one side of the room to the other. I think I'm accomplishing something at the time. I'm not really. Sigh. 


I hate going back to have things fixed that should have been done right in the first place too. Nice sentence there.  :grinning-smiley-044:


Hope you get your wheel fixed soon. Must have all of that 'spinning your wheels' that caused the blow-out.  :behindsofa:



And yes, let's remember all of our military people who have or will give their life for us.  :americanflag:









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After walking, I will go to town with DH. He wants to get some gas additive for my car. Probably stop at a thrift shop.
This afternoon, cut up a watermelon.
Put up our new Flag.
Dehydrate some parsley.
Maybe pick up some branches.

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MIL called yesterday, a very strong whirlwind tore her shingles off half her roof.  Insurance is covering it, minus the deductible and has someone coming today to estimate the damage & cost.  Then will begin replacing her whole roof on Tuesday.  No other homes in her neighborhood were effected.  

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Sorry to hear about your MIL's roof! That must have been very scary for her to go through. So glad she is okay though! Almost sounds like a tornado the way hit, skipped and moved on. Thank God for insurance though. That's one bill I never want to let lapse. 

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Glad MIL is ok and the only damage was the shingles.  Very scary indeed. 


I am just moving around house today looking at things I need to do and want to do.  GS is still here but has packed up what he will be taking. He is staying in a hotel. He is behaving so far.  He took a shower and is still washing clothes. Told him he can come here to wash clothes each week. Not going to leave him stranded like his sister and mother did. Just can't let him live here. He is talking to me and being civil about it. No cussing, screaming or yelling. So maybe I hope he is thinking about his actions. 



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I stopped by the house. For some dumb reason I'm always a little bit surprised to see it still standing. Guess I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or maybe it's just knowing how torn up it is on the inside and waiting for the outside to fall down too. Silly I know. Anyway, I got the mail delivered that I had cancelled. Mostly all bills, of course. The next time I go to the post office to cancel the mail I'm going to see if I can stop some of that junk mail I get. That really made a difference not getting all of those fliers and ads in the box. They just fill up my recycle box fast. 


I noticed the weeds have taken over the front of the house where the shrubs go. It really looks bad. My lawn guy is going to take care of it soon but I know that lousy neighbor of mine. He will be calling if he hasn't already. So, I went down to the city and told them my situation and that I was aware of the appearance and that I have contracted a guy to get it done so it will be taken care of soon. I hope. I'm just trying to keep one step of old Jimbo over there. At least the grass is cut once a week. 


I stayed to do a little more packing up. I hate to work in there. It's so dirty and dusty. I saw where mice had been in there. I never had mice in that house before. There is about a 6 inch gap at the bottom of the door going from the house out to the garage where the floor was removed and they probably came in there this winter. I kept a towel there to help with the heat this winter but that wouldn't deter a rodent. Uck. I saw a bunch of droppings and some half chewed nuts or something. I ran the vacuum hose over it and about gagged. The vacuum cleaner put out the most awful smell I had ever smelled. OMG. It was a cross between an outhouse and a urine pit. Then I remembered it had sat under one of the pipes that had burst. Not exactually sure how that smell manifested  but, oh my. 


What I'm trying to accomplish is to get access to the large furniture pieces so the junk guys can get to them. Servpro stacked everything up in front of the furniture about 4 feet high. Now I need to unbury it all. I'm not really blaming them because they had to put the stuff someplace. And they would move stuff from one side of the room to the other to be able to take up the flooring. Unfortunately for me, the final movement happens to be in front of and on top of the big furniture. Plus, they left 2 big bathroom vanities and 2 sinks and 2 toilets in the bedrooms. One room I can't even get into. Another toilet and vanity with sink is in the living room. The garage is almost as bad with the entire kitchen countertop (with sink still attached) sitting there. That part is their fault. All of those should have been removed. 


Anyway. I'm going through stuff and trying to get it boxed up and moving it all to one side of the room to indicate that is the stuff I want to go to Indiana. Most of the stuff left downstairs is kitchen/food preservation items that I do want to keep. It's all piled up in the family room. It's pretty much the same way in the living/dinning rooms. I have so many boxes of canning jars in the dinning room. Like enough for a pallet. I'd like to move them into the garage but I can't get to them and the garage is filling up too. I need to get the floor areas semi cleared out so the reconstruction guys can get in there to replace the floor, replace the ceiling and paint. I'm sure they will do some moving but I don't know how much. Also, the more I do, the less time they will have to spend on those little things. I think? 


I forgot this was a holiday weekend. So Tuesday I need to get my Jeep emission inspected and get new tags for it. Also an oil change. I had to wait until I came back from Indy because I had my social security card stored over there in the lock box. Its weird. But because my drivers license is from Indiana and my car is registered in Ohio, they need to see my S.S. card to get the car tags. Happens every year. Why the S.S. card I don't know. But now I have it here. :rolleyes:


I brought some pictures back over here to get reframed. Actually just rematted. They are just cheaply done (I did them myself years ago) and they are slipping and sliding all around in the frame. Two need professionally cut and there is no way to keep the pictures from falling out the back of the frames. I just used thumb tacks and they aren't staying in. The frames are hard oak and the tacks just aren't working any more. So...it's time to upgrade a little. The others are in very narrow plastic frames (cheap again and I did them myself) and they too need redone. They are so shallow that the glass just pops off the front and you use construction paper for matts. I guess I'll make an appointment at Michaels on Tuesday and see what they can do for them. The pictures are actually nice IMO. By one of my favorite Hoosier artists who died a few years ago. Nancy Noel. 


Pictures are waiting in the 'cargo bay' and as soon as I get them out of there and over to Michaels that stinking vacuum cleaner is going in there and to the nearest dumpster! 


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Last suitcase is packed and laid open on the floor.  Contents need some minor rearranging.

Bathroom has been scrubbed.  Kitchen is getting terminal scrub-down now.

Armoire, cupboards, drawers are all empty.  Pantry and shelves are down to what they had when I arrived.

Contents of fridge and freezer were boxed up and shipped out.  And hopefully inserted in new fridge at other end.

Cushion covers have been cleaned and are in laundry hamper so they won't collect cat hairs before tomorrow.

The row of plants that had to come up have gone north to the mountain.  Sod has been laid and watered.


There is, of course, a layer of cat-food all over the living room floor from where I tripped over the food bowl.  The bag has been packed up and shipped off, so this has to be picked up and put back in the bowl.


Tomorrow I get to put both cats in one cat carrier, and additionally put a harness and leash on the big cat who knows how to get out of the cat carrier.  Won't that be fun?

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Wow, an escape artist cat. Have fun with that.  Been there done that before. I know you are glad you are moving in the new place very soon now. Once you are settled in, you can have a little fun around there exploring new places. 


It's been cool and cloudy all day today and is now trying to rain. I hope we do get rain as the garden can use it. Otherwise I will need to go out and water it. 

GS is on his way to a hotel.  He was moody this morning but as the day went on he opened up and was talking normal. He left on good terms which surprised me but glad he did. He will still be coming here to wash clothes on weekends and coming Monday for a cookout. But he left me a mess to clean up. Still a lot of clothes that need to be packed up to take when he gets his apartment.  And I need to strip the bed and wash sheets and blankets. So will be box hunting soon. But right now I just want to relax and rest a bit. I have really been through he... He stopped using the pot after that last incident.  But he has not given it up. So might be why he was much better today. Now that he is on his own, maybe it will give him time to think about his behavior and how it affects other people. I'm just glad he left on good terms. I was worried about that.  He may have been really ugly to me and other family members but at least he left my house on good terms. I did work with him to get him in a better position to live on his own and taught him a lot. But he is way behind on medical bills again and I just hope he pays them soon. He doesn't need to start out in an apartment with those medical bills but now it is out of my hands and for him to learn some lessons. 

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1 hour ago, Littlesister said:

He may have been really ugly to me and other family members but at least he left my house on good terms. I did work with him to get him in a better position to live on his own and taught him a lot. But he is way behind on medical bills again and I just hope he pays them soon.


I hope he doesn't start using you as a reference or a contact person for his monetary woes. I can't say for sure, but I believe my son was doing that for a while because I would get calls from collection agencies etc asking for him. I would ask them how they got my name and contact information, or WHEN they got it but they said they couldn't tell me that due to "privacy" issues. I asked them how could it be "private" when he was using MY information??? Never got a reply to either query.  :tapfoot:

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Wow, Ladies!!!  Just catching up on this thread for the past many days.   It's been like reading a suspense novel. 


Becca Anne and company traveling across the country -- trying to get to West Coast before baby arrives.  Did they make it in time???


Poor little Peanut getting stung by a bee.  Sounds like that turned out okay...right Miki?


Jeepers on her voyage to Indy and back.  Missed an exit.  Stopped by the house to plow thru the mess again.  All sorts of details to get done by "yesterday".... 


Annarchy with severe allergy- odor issues and a lot of clean-up AND now MIL had a mini-tornado rip off shingles.  Well, insurance will be paying for a new roof and that can't be all bad.  Hope the roofers do a real good job!  Good timing that she was home by then to immediately get someone on the problem!


Ambergris....THE MOVE!   Stay tuned for the finale of that!  :pray: 


Midnight and her now-forbidden outdoor plants?  Whats up with that!  Sorry to hear you have a son with serious issues too.  :( 


Little Sister got the prize for Most Suspense.  And he walked out peacefully?   Lotta prayer has been sent regarding THAT situation...for months now!  :amen:  ....BUT.... DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, friend! 


And dear ones.....I am not kidding at all.   We're all facing a lot of strain recently.  Some of it good stuff...grandbabies.  Others are not pleasant but less serious than  some are experiencing.  It is so good to have friends (tho we may never see in person), praying and offering wise counsel, and sharing our own experience with very similar issues!  It's kinda rare in real life anymore.  Cuz we do move around so much...we lose our friends and need new ones.  Some of us have been on MrsS for decades by now.  It means something to be able to share our frustrations, burdens and perplexities of life with others who will understand.  Not think we're the crazy ones.....or the mean ones....or whatever. 


Y'all mean a lot to me....especially the past few years when DH and I have struggled with my folks' elder issues.....and now with both DH and I having medical issues.  You all have been encouragement and information for me.  I wanna thank all of you. 


 ....and I'm up late tonite to finish reading the endings [happily] to some of these stories!!!!!   ...did Becca Anne make it in time for the birth?  Stay tuned to Watcha Doing Today at MrsS.com.  :lol:  


MtRider .....have to go make me some Sleepytime tea and calm down already!  Sheeesh!  :offtobed: 

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Mt. Rider, You are right. We can come here with our problems to talk it all out. Some issues good and some bad.  Like you said good ones grandbabies. And yes I am praying that Becca Anne makes it there before the baby is born.  It's getting really close. 

Jeepers needing prayer that her house will get done so she can move permanently to Indy. 

Ambergris with her move to another apartment and her B/p issues. 

Mt Rider for health for both her and her DH.

Annarchy with her MIL and shingles. Hoping all goes well there and the job gets done before a rainstorm or something.

And with me and my GS.  All went well in the end. And I just hope he learns from it now. 

Yes we all need to vent and need prayers for many things.  And just so glad that prayers are being answered. 


Got up this morning to an almost clean kitchen.  Still some deep cleaning to get done. But didn't have to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes, sticky counters, and sticky floor to clean up first thing this morning.  I should be in church but just needed some time for myself today.  Haven't had that just me time in a long, long time. Just hoping now I can get back into a routine of doing things around the house and start getting out to do things again. 

Got rain last night so garden got watered. We are having more rain today. Garden really needs it. Cucumbers are not liking this cold weather we are having. It's been mild but down in low 50's some nights and cucumbers are getting stringy. So will be watching them. 

Got most of the windows open airing out the house and mostly GS's bedroom. Will be washing sheets and blankets off the bed shortly and doing a lot of cleaning and dusting in there. It still has a slight smell in there now but working on it. Once it is cleaned up, dusted and floors mopped and such that smell will be totally gone. I think that might be what was causing my cough for the most part. Cough not as bad today. 

GS is coming to house Monday for a cookout. Will need to go to store for some corn on the cob. Other than that I have everything I need for the cookout. It will be just him and me but that is fine. All other kids are in other states now and this is something I will have to get used to.  


And yes Mt. Rider. GS surprised me and left peacefully.  He was moody when he first woke up and then got much better as the day  went on. He was talking and even gave me a hug and said he loved me before he left. After that last yelling and cursing spell he stayed off the pot till he moved out.  He had it in his car though. He is staying in a hotel which he will do till he moves to his apartment on August 25th. Bad part is he won't be able to save much money for that move by living in a hotel but he bought that on himself.  I know it was the pot that caused all his issues and I just don't understand why he won't get off of it. He does very well when not on it. But a total terror when he is.  He will still need a lot of prayers.  And I was glad he realized I left him in a much better place when I told him to leave than his parents and oldest sister did. Now to see how he does on his own. Prayers that he will stay safe and learn from his past mistakes and do well. 

Now off to clean up.

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We made it safely and so far no baby yet but will be soon. She has definitely dropped and is at 2 cm as of her Dr apt on Thurs. Her Dr thought she would likely deliver in the next week so now we are just anxiously awaiting the call to head to the hospital. It was so fabulous to see her and feel baby move. We are settling into the motel and just relaxing this long weekend.


So much going on for all of you! Life is a lot sometimes.


Littlesister so glad GS left without a lot of drama and I hope that he decides to give up the pot for real. Sometimes consequences are the only way we learn. I hope he lands on his feet. 


Miki- Glad Peanut is ok. Bee stings hurt and sounds like he had quite a reaction so hopefully no more happen for him.


Jeepers- glad you made it home safe. I've missed an exit a time or two myself but frustrating when it adds so much time to the journey. I hope in the end you get all your furniture sorted just the way you like it. It's been a long haul for you in more than one way! And hope you can find some help to get those larger items out of your way so you can sort the rest. That is a lot to process. Try to take it in bite sized pieces so you don't wear yourself our or hurt yourself.

Ambergris -hope the last part of your move goes smoothly and you love the new place! and hope escape artist kitty stays contained.

Annarchy- so sorry about your MIL roof what an ordeal!

Midnightmom I'm sorry you are having issues keeping your plants. That makes me sad. Maybe indoor grow lights and an indoor garden area? Sigh. Or find someone who will rent you a spot to put your plants and let you keep them there? Will they let you at least have flowers?

((((MtRider)))) I know what you mean. I treasure my connections here as I have been at Mrs S since 1999 and these kinds of longer term friendships are not easy to come by. Having people around who really care to listen and be there for you in good times and bad is priceless.

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I've been detoxing physically, mentally, and digitally for a few weeks.  I've cut off a few family members entirely for the time being since they keep trying to snag me into fake and/or self-made drama and chaos.   I love them, but I cannot be involved in that crazy.  They are going to do what they are going to do and it is not my job to mitigate it, fix it, or even give advice on how to avoid it entirely.  So, they are no longer allowed to text, call, e-mail, write letters, or otherwise contact me for the time being.  I'm going to stick to managing those who live within my house only, the others (who have been treating me badly and stressing me out) do not get access to my skillset no matter how much they scream, plead, or demand.  My therapist is happy with the current state of events and tells me it is about time I came to this conclusion and took action on it.  


I am teaching the baby vocabulary and basic math.  I'm doing a lot of craft projects that are simple and listening to books on audible.   DD15 is finishing up her freshman year of HS and doing testing.   3 weeks left.  DH has upcoming GI surgery and will be starting a liquid diet next weekend.  He will be on it for several weeks and on a modified liquid diet through most of summer.  


Kids are happy because the front yard is full of hops (rabbits) and a stray cat had 5 kittens under our shed.  We are feeding outside them because I am a pushover.  


 We are trying to rotate the pantry efficiently and are sorting it by dates rather than item type with plans for the sorting to be done by the end of June.  This is a temporary sort so that we can focus on using the earliest dates first and getting back to a good date upkeep.  


I'm limiting my digital exposure a bit more than usual, so I will post, but probably less than I used to.  




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Euphrasyne,  You can have my rabbits. They are going to be dinner if they keep eating my strawberry plants. Hope things settle down for you as well.  I will not be on here as much next week as I am cleaning and sorting. Need to pack up the rest of GS's clothes to go to the apartment in August. I cleaned up his room today and the smell is now gone. I have the whole house opened up to air out. My coughing seems to be starting to calm down a bit so that smell and the dust in his room might have been part of it. I couldn't get his room clean with him sleeping all day and I would be too tired to stay up all night to clean it. Not to mention both clean and dirty clothes all over the floor.  

I am just going to take one room at a time this week and get it cleaned up and sort out what is in each room. Then I will tackle the garage and then the shed.  I haven't forgotten about the material.  Just ended up with a lot of other things stopping me from what I needed to get done. 

GS texted me and is coming tomorrow for the cookout. I will be just him and me but should be fun.  I hope he is thinking about things and will thrive to do better in the future. He has to learn he can't treat his elders the way he has and I know it was the pot talking and he will have to deal with that on his own terms. 

The kittens are so cute. I miss mine. They are fun.

I am just going to work on house and getting it totally back together and then sit back and relax. Garden got rain so that is really good. Rain water is always best for a garden. Everything has perked up a lot. And growing.  Need to get ready for canning soon also. Still have the freezer to empty and want to get that going before the garden produces. 

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Mt. Rider, we feel the exact same way about you! I'm so glad you are here with us. 


Sheesh Littlesister, I thought pot was supposed to make a person feel mellow. Shows what I know.   :)

And I just saw the pictures of Midnightmoms car.  Wow. Just wow.   :hug3:   


Good for you Euphrasyne! I've had to cut out family members in the past too. I still love them but I don't like them. Too much drama. I can usually take some drama but not when it involves me or lies about me. It was hard for me at the time but sooo much better for my mental health. Keep up the good work and do what is best for you and your immediate family. Or as you said 'those who live within your home'.  


Today I'm just thinking about my Jeep. They are paving the parking lot here for the next 3-4 days and we have to park on certain sides of the building to accommodate the workers. Seems odd that they would do it on a holiday weekend when I would assume the place would be busier. To bad they didn't do it while I was gone last week. Anyway I parked properly today, tomorrow I will move to the other side and Tuesday to the rear. Also seemed odd to me that they would be working on Sunday and Memeorial Day. The parking lot didn't look bad at all to me in the first place. Again...shows what I know. Maybe they think like the rest of us, get the work done while the materials are still available and there are workers to do it? 


I'm already mixed up on my days. I have a lot to do on Tuesday that should be Monday (concerning the Jeep). I tried to schedule taking my pictures in to Michaels for rematting but I couldn't figure out how to do it online. It said to pick a day and a time. I could pick a time but it wouldn't let me pick a day. Guess I'll do what I always do...just show up and look pitiful.  LOL





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Jeepers with my GS most medication and including pot acts differently on him. Instead of being mellow he acts up and gets angry. This is why I want him to get in some sort of rehab to help him get off of it. DD did have him on meds for ADHD when he was young.  It made him out to be a little hellion. It was really bad. He couldn't take it and they would try different types of meds for his ADHD and it was always the same. He would act out and be totally out of control. I may have kicked him out of the house for that misbehavior but I haven't given up on him yet. He texted me earlier today once to tell me he is coming for a cookout tomorrow. And then I asked him if he had anything to do other than his video games. He text back to tell me he was thinking about his life and trying to work his issues out. So I am hoping he will come around and get off that weed and turn his life around. Prayers are still needed for this boy. 


I think we all have had our share of family members that treat us in ways that shouldn't happen.  I washed my hands of my younger sister many years ago. Yes, I to still love her because she is my sister, but I will not tolerate how she was treating me. So I no longer see nor talk to her.  Life has been so much better with her out of my life. 


Becca Anne, I am so glad you made it to your DD's house before the baby was born.  My great grandchild is due sometime in October and I am hoping it will be on Oct. 26 as that was my DH's Birthday.  That would be something for that to happen. But not getting my hopes up either. 


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New baby
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