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Miki, hope you find a good termite person. We went through that many years ago. Don't get Terminix.  They are bad news and will not honor there contracts.  We had to threaten with a lawyer to get floors repaired after they said we didn't have termites. 


Was outside this morning putting the tomato cages around the tomatoes and then set up for the cucumbers to climb up the trellis.  Then came in and washed a load of towels and cleaned bathrooms.  


Financial planner called a while ago as I am trying to pull money from that to pay off the rest of construction. Yep, it's amazing what you can find behind walls and such. So went over my budget which wasn't bad but an extra bill I don't want. So pulling money out to pay it off. Then I am going to give myself a monthly raise. With rising prices on everything in site I will need it. Still looking at the leaking hot water tank also. Haven't had to empty the bucket yet at least. So a slow leak. But bottom of tank is rusted and I need to take care of that soon. 

GS is suppose to be making a call to see this apartment he wants and still in bed. I really don't think he is looking and didn't look at all this past weekend. So end of month he will be on street. If he can't do what he is supposed to do while living here then he can sit in his car and look for an apartment while living on street. Enough is enough. 

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Miki, hope your termite issue will be an easy fix! I've heard termites are a problem in the south. I hate to make those business type calls too. I never know how to start the conversation, coherently, and I end up repeating myself because I'm never sure if I got my message across. I often fail at 'adulting.'



I had a slow start today. I thought I was getting a migraine but it turned out to be 'just' a headache. But it worked out great anyway. I finished loading up the Jeep and got the mail stopped for 10 days. Stopping the mail is a big stress reliever.  I don't have to worry about it being pilfered or blowing all over the neighborhood. Sometimes the mail person doesn't close the mailbox door leaving the mail in plain sight. 


On the way to the house I got a text that a prescription was ready. Then I remembered  to go to the library to get come books on CD's for the trip.


I came back here and looked on Amazon, I have had one of those racks, the kind I already have, parked in my wish list for about 3 months waiting for them to go on sale. Just today they went on sale! I couldn't believe it. They went from $124.99 to $99.50.  So I ordered two. What I don't use in the 'pantry' I can use in the garage. Becca_Anne told me about them and they are nice and sturdy. And big too. Anyway I called DIL to warn her I was having two delivered to her house so son can take them out to my house. Last time I had four delivered over here and had a hard time getting them over there. They are HEAVY. 


DIL asked me if I was going to be there on Saturday. Yes. The school is having a get together for all the family and friends of the kids so the kids can show off all the things they have learned etc. My social anxiety didn't even kick in. I am actually looking forward to going. Hope tee shirt and jeans are okay because that is all I've got. :rolleyes:   I can ask DIL when I get there if I need to got shopping. Get behind me Satan. I am not going to worry about clothing this time!


I forgot to pack my rubber mallet for the shelves. I have been wanting to go to Harbor Freight forever so that might be a good excuse to run over there. It's only a couple of miles from here. 


I'm heading out tomorrow and will be gone around 10 days. I can't believe the furniture delivery from 2 different stores worked out to be delivered five days apart. I figured I'd get one and then come back here and get a call the other one was ready. 


So my slow start worked to my advantage this time. Finally.

Take care and stay safe everyone!   :grouphug:


Amazon.com: Honey-Can-Do SHF-01912 Shelving Unit 350-Pound Capacity, black, 5-Tier : Home & Kitchen


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Jeepers those look so much easier to put together than mine did. I like them. Glad your slow start worked out for the better. It's great when a plan comes together. I have 6 shelving units in my small bedroom that I turned into a pantry. After GS moves out I am going to take all the food out and clean up in there and move the units around differently as I think I can arrange that room a little better than it is. It would give me more room in there if my plan works out like I hope. Having that plan in your head but then actually getting it to place doesn't always work out but I am hoping this will. I am sure you will enjoy the school outing with your GS. And I am sure that jeans and tea shirts would be fine as they don't dress up for anything anymore. 

Stay safe Jeepers and have fun.  Hope you can get a lot of stuff done at the new house. And enjoy the time with your GS. I can still remember when my GS was little. He was a lot of fun. Just don't know what happened when he grew up. 


Went nextdoor to see my neighbors this afternoon.  Her DH got out of rehab. He looks really bad. Skin and bones. They have him walking with a walker now and trying to build up his strength now. He is facing some serious surgery for his jaw as soon as he gets some meat on those bones and gets at least half of his strength back. They are going to take bone and some vein from his leg to fix his jaw bone. If it is not done it will be a huge issue within a year. Seems the jaw bone is gone. Though he is now eating much better than before. So that is a good sign. His surgery he said will take 12 hours. In his condition that is a long time. The other option is to take some bone from his chest. So it will depend on best way with not to much stress on him. 



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Those shelving units are nice. Easy to put together too but they show a video of a woman using her body weight to secure the shelves onto the upright poles. That didn't work very well for me on the upper shelves so I ended up using a hammer wrapped in a wash cloth. I didn't want to scratch it. Tonight I went to Harbor Freight and bought a rubber mallet use. That is what I was wishing I had the last time I was over there. I'm turning one of the bedrooms into a pantry too. I really wanted a craft room but will have to figure something else out. I have another spare bedroom but I want to fix it up with a bed for an extra spare bedroom. I think it is too small for a bed, night stand and a chest of drawers plus a craft room area.  I was thinking of two twin beds with a night stand between them and a dresser to double as a TV stand. But the spare bedrooms are really very small. Then I thought I'd get a full size bed just like G-son's twin size bed and if he grew out of the twin bed I could swap the two beds around and give him the bigger bed that would match the rest of his furniture. Maybe. I'll get it figured out eventually. Maybe a craft room in the pantry. Ugh. 


Then I had a brilliant idea...for me. I really want a glider chair. I've always loved sitting in those. But I don't want anything fancy, meaning expensive. Kind of like a nursery room chair. I've looked at a lot of furniture stores for one. Who sells nursery furniture? Target! I went on line and they had some that I would be very happy with and inexpensive. So...I think I'm going ahead and order one from there. They will ship it to my house. 


I told son about the guy I was going to call for handy  man work. He said he didn't think he was very good. Back to that drawing board I think. Really, I only need him to do those smoke detectors. I have a long list for him but that stuff could wait. 

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:pray:   for Jeepers safe and productive Indy trip!!!!  :hug3:   Wow, I'm drooling over those shelves with my Clutter Clearing project going on.  But....too many medical bills right now.  


Wow.....I'm just catching up on these posts.  Some of you are going to have fantastic gardens ...if the critters, bugs, weather, neighbors cooperate. 


Yay, for the nasty neighbors gone from next door to Becca Anne!  :amen:  


Good luck and be careful with the raccoons, Kappy and C S Mary!  Being from up north, I'm sure you know raccoons carry rabies [ meaning they are one of the animals that lives with rabies long enough to be a real problem in spreading that dreaded disease around....skunks too ]

And tho adorable masked critters, they can be NASTY!   I always wanted one for a pet, growing up in Iowa.  Didn't get that wish.  :lol:  




Termites, Miki.  I think that's what people in Hawai'i tent the homes to get rid of.  Warm climates.  Lot of pests don't survive altitude or winter here.  Kills the geckos too, tho no one intends that.  They're cute little bug-eaters!  (most do not sell car insurance tho)  Good luck.


I'm so tired and it's late.  I've had some very encouraging news about MS.  But ....later...


MtRider  ... :offtobed:    (anyone else try the sleep routine yet?  Realllly helped me! )

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I had those shelves.  They are absolutely worth it.  Even after mine got moved to the porch and mistreated horribly, they held up and looked good for year after year.


My financial planner only has my US phone numbers, so can't get hold of me any more.  Which is good, since our goals don't really mesh.  (He was assigned to me.)


I have a guy coming either today or tomorrow, I'm not sure which, to do yard work.  Preparing to move, I need these big planting pots pushed over to the verandah walk, the grassless spots under them patched with turf I bought the other day, and the grass all over the yard neatly cut.  He's coming as soon as he finishes "a little job" with someone else, so I have no idea what time to expect him.  It might be a long two days of waiting.  Luckily, I have a lot of things I can putter around doing:  Spanish lessons on the computer, other stuff on the computer, preliminary packing, salting down more key limes, etc.

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Getting ready to get things packed up for GS soon. He has 2 weeks left before the big move. I really hope he wakes up and does the right thing. He has a lot of growing up to do as well learning how to save money for a rainy day. Bad news is he still hasn't secured an apartment yet and now looking into something cheaper. He's not really taking much of an incentive to look. But the end is near and he's not talking to me. But at least he is talking to his mother now and that is a good thing as I have turned his issues and mess over for his mother to deal with from now on.  I'm to old for his misgivings and temper tantrums. Not to mention his anger issues. 


I took another day off. Gave kitchen a good cleaning and then went walking this morning. GS is at work so I think I am going to lay on couch and watch some movies on TV. Don't get to do that much. It's been mostly cloudy all day. Sun only came out for maybe an hour or so. Weather might be reason I am tired. More rain tonight and tomorrow I think. Mostly rain at night this week. Good for the garden though. I have carrots starting to come up as well as the first squash I planted. I really need to make that trip to both Lowe's and Tractor Supply. I have a new one near me that just opened a few weeks ago and I haven't been to check it out yet. 

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Whooeee.  Trip to eye doc was very fruitful.  He was surprised that the other doc had been so quick on the draw to go to laser surgery.  He took eye pressure...down 10 points in the eye that was to get operated on.  He also told us the pressure bounces up and down for a while as the eye adjusts to the new structure in it.  He was not worried a bit, in fact said it was a GOOD thing we did not do the laser surgery as it is not warranted at this time.  He renewed my eye meds and we will go back to see him in 3 weeks.  (I kinda thought maybe that other guy was a little too eager to cut....)  He sais if it is necessary he can refer me to an experienced doc in doing laser surgery and it can be done in Athens, a mere 1 hour away.  So it all worked out ok.  :happy0203:

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Kappy, so glad the new eye doctor worked out for you. Now you can rest easy knowing you are getting proper care for your eyes. 


I have been on phone talking with a couple of my friends from Church.  We usually try to get together at least once a week to talk about how our week is going.  But 2 friends in one evening. And here it is 11:30 already. But we always have good laughs and such. 

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Jeepers glad you like the shelves. I need to get a few more myself but first will put the ones I have together and re-assess what I need. Have a great trip!

Littlesister glad you had a nice visit with your friends

Kappy that's such great news about your eye! Sounds like you have found a keeper in your new eye Dr.

Ambergris hope the lawn repair works out smoothly. Small areas tend to patch pretty fast

Mt Rider so glad you got good news on your MS!


I moved my little chicks out to their big girl coop in the carriage house. We wrapped the inside walls of the "stall" they are in with hardware cloth and set them up with bedding on the concrete floor and they have figured out how to roost on the bars inside the coop. This is temporary until we get the fence up then I'll make them a run and cut a hole in the side of the carriage house to put an automatic door to let them out into the run. This way they have extra "insulation" from the wind and snow in the winter with a covered dry area and will have access to the outside when I want to let them out. In bad weather they can just stay "inside" and also extra protection from predators getting in. Since we don't have any fencing up yet this gets them out of my bathroom and in a safe place until we get their permanent run set up. So far so good I think they like the extra space so far. Garden is looking good. Getting things together for heading out on our big trip next week.


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Glad you chickens and garden are going well @Becca_Anne!  A little less to worry about.

Also glad your new eye doc is on the ball @kappydell!  Not to mention, closer.


I've had a busy couple of days! Walked yesterday and today.
picked up my friend and went to town, yesterday. Tractor Supply, Aldi, Walmart, Harbor Freight (for pick).
Got her and my stuff home and termite guy came over. $1100. We will do 6 months same as cash.
Fellow came this morning and treated house.
Today, I walked dogs.
Grilled deer sausage.
Washed whites.
Pressure canned some leftovers.
And a bunch of little chores.

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Did some weeding in garden. Carrots are coming up now.  Not much on the squash yet but it has only been maybe a week or a little less. Otherwise garden is looking good. Only one baby rabbit this evening and it is not messing with the garden so far. 


GS is upset because he found a 3 bedroom house for rent just ove $500 plus utilities. It was a really nice house near ODU college in Norfolk. He needs to learn that these houses don't wait for him to get out of bed and being to late to get hold of the realtor. He will learn if he wants to rent a house he has to get out of bed and make calls to go secure the house if he really wants it. Or he is just playing me and has no intention of moving out. He seems to have lost out on a few houses and apartments. So don't know yet what he is really doing. Only time will tell. Just wish he would grow up. 


Started going through my pantry as I have been using food in there, so have a lot of empty spaces. So doing a little inventory and tightening up on the empty spaces now. Not going to fill in any spaces till GS is moved out and I have more room to work. I have some boxes of things in the pantry sitting on floor for him when he moves. They are in the way right now so not a lot of room to maneuver in there.

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Dog got me up early, this morning.
Will walk first.
Walk dogs.
Dehydrate sweet potato slices for dogs.
Clear brush where bush hogging was done.
Bible study this evening.

I'm out of town Friday and Sat. helping a friend. See you all Sunday or Monday!

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Chainsaw Mary and I just had to laugh with amazement.....


Today while cooking breakfast I got a call from the Augusta Docs office.  They wanted to know how come missed my post surgical appointment after my surgery.

I held it together to politely tell her, "oh you mean the last surgery on the 10th?" (the laser surgery),  "I mean your last surgery" she said.  ""You mean the laser surgery on the 10th?"   (I heard papers being shuffled around)... then  "Yes" 

"Oh I didn't have it".  

"You mean you did not have surgery on the 10th?" She says. 

"No, I could not get there.  I could not find a driver to come pick me up at 4 AM to get me there"

"Oh, I had no idea you lived so far away"  (We had told everyone, several times that it was a 2 1/2 hr drive one way)

"Do you want to reschedule?" she asks.

"No, thank you"  I replied. 

"OK..... thank you" and she hangs up.


This told me a couple of things....

1- The doc did not do the surgery and the doctor was not there to supervise it, as I suspected. 

2- Nobody cared enough about patient welfare to follow up when I did not show up.

3- They did want that $250 office visit fee for follow up.


I called my insurance company and told them that if they got a bill for surgery on the 10th or post operative care afterward from Augusta, DO NOT PAY IT....  because I wasn't there.


Some things are so crazy, you just gotta laugh. Man, that place is messed up.  Boy do I feel sorry for patients who have no place else to go.


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Today was an easy day. Went through my patterns to see if I had any baby patterns. Have more than I thought I had. So that was good. Then went through my sewing things to see how I was on thread, needles and things. Seems to be good but need to get sewing machine needles. I have some but want to add to that.  Walked around the yard to check on garden  squash is now starting to break ground. Going to be a busy summer in the canning department. 


DD texted me and said GS said I talked him out of an apartment. Nope he lied. He didn't want to tell his mom he won't get out of bed and go talk with the landlord and sign papers and pay the downpayment. So she started in on me. I am so over this mess. Told her I have had enough and from now on I would not be talking with GS about anything even if he wants to show me an apartment. Then if he lies to her about something I didn't say then it will be all on her to take care of it.  Right now I don't know if I want to stay up and wait for him to get home and have a chat with him about his lying to his mom. I would never talk him out of an apartment as I want him to move out like yesterday before he destroys something else. 


Tomorrow is going to be cool so will be working outside most of the day. It got cold tonight. I want to plant a few more things once I finish getting those rocks out of the small garden area. I think I have most of them out already. But I want to get that finished tomorrow and then weed out a flower bed in front yard. I had that one all done but the rain caused more weeds to come up, but won't be as bad to weed this time. Need to make a Lowes run for some mulch and preen.

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Wow...lotta rain here.  We'll take it!! 


Had an earlier appt for P.T. open up so I went in today.  Wise to dress in shorts/tank top...despite CHILL rain.  I just slipped off the outer layer of sweatpants and raincoat.  Also wise to dedicate a new pair of tennis shoes [thrift store but brand new] for working out there.  It was pouring rain the whole drive there but sunny after I got out.  Rain again now.


I'm finding PT and especially the "restore-brain guy" to be very interesting.  R hip definitely has a problem but otherwise pretty good.  Riding regularly works core muscles and legs.  I've always had good flexibility and still have most of that.  Not gonna try dropping into side-splits from standing ...  :grinning-smiley-044:  Used to.  AND my martial arts training really helps with my odd balance now. :amen:


Still making a bit of progress on Clutter Clearing between medical appts.  I've uncovered carpet I haven't seen in ......  :blush:  too long!  Still a long ways to go....the never-ending story! 


MtRider   :offtobed: 

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Also tell your insurance company IMMEDIATELY that you gave them notice ahead of time that you would not be able to be there due to the scheduling.  Insurance generally does not cover no-show fees.

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Kappy hope that your insurance co gives them heck if they try to bill for that. When the surgery was cancelled any follow up appointments should have been cancelled by them automatically.


I'm busy as a bee this weekend getting ready for my road trip. Foundation people are here today fixing their shoddy work from when they installed the system (they didn't bury the pipe deep enough so the brick was dangerously raised in my driveway making a tripping hazard). Only took them 3 tries to get here and thankful that the person I talked to twisted enough arms to get someone here on a Saturday. I think she sensed how big a stink I was going to need to make if it didn't happen before I left for my trip since I had scheduled this months ago and they no showed on me twice and the 2nd time they didn't even call me I had to call them to find out why no one showed up. Since they are a big name company I'm sure they didn't want me plastering photos of their work all over social media if they didn't fix it. For over $20k in foundation work I expect safe and the product to stay on the walls (it's also peeling in some places). So they come once a year and if it's not holding up next year I'm going to ask for some to be refunded as it's not supposed to do that. Anyways doing lots of laundry and packing today. Putting together a "kitchen" to take with  me - small cutting board, paring knife, dish brush, silverware,  pot scrubber, instapot, small microwave, coffee pot and mug, paper plates and bowls, ladle and spatula. I'm going to "cook" in the instapot mostly. We're staying at a Motel 6 so no kitchenette so since we are driving and going to be on the road for 6 wks  I'm bringing it all with me. Not going to spend the $ on eating out very much while we are gone. Going to get a cooler and fill with ice and go to the grocery store to buy what we need every day or so. The grocery store is right by the motel so it won't be much trouble. Getting excited about seeing my daughter :wub: She's due in 8 days! We leave on Monday to drive out there. Going to take it slow unless baby arrives early. I have mapped out our route. Will take more time on the way back to sightsee.


Also going to get some straw today and mulch the garden well before I go. My son who is staying here will water it for me but he's never had a garden he was responsible for so want to make it easier for him with less weeding. He's also watching our dog and the chickens. I am really thankful for him as I would have had to have hired someone to come in daily without him!


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Was going to work in yard today but we have rain. More things are breaking ground now.  Going to Norfolk county feed and seed. Then either today or tomorrow afternoon to Lowe's. I need to pick up some mulch. Just hope it is on sale.  This morning I am washing sheets and blankets. Getting time to put blankets away for the summer. 


Grandson is looking really hard for an apartment today.  NOT. He's still in bed. Next weekend is move out day.  He is one really hard headed child and will only learn the hard way. I think a hotel room is calling his name. I need my house back as I am tired of his mess all over the place.  Can't clean up like I need to. 


Neighbor gave me a huge bag of kale. So working on getting that into the freezer and will leave some out to have with dinner tonight. My freezer is full again and I need to get things in there canned. I had canned a lot of things and had it down to about half full. But Yes, I couldn't resist some really good sales on meat and things. So once GS is out on his own. Next week I won't have to get up and clean the kitchen first before I start canning. I go to bed with a nice clean kitchen and wake up to a very dirty kitchen every morning. Yep, I got tired of cleaning the kitchen before I can start my day. So I gave up. Sent a message to daughter about GS not looking for an apartment I really think he believes I will not kick him out. It's coming next weekend.




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Becca Anne, have a wonderful and safe trip. I know you can't wait to see the new grandbaby when it is born.  I will be doing the same depending on where my GD and her DH are transferred to . But thinking it will be NC or SC. He is now in boot camp for coast guard and will be working on planes. 

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Thank you Littlesister! I'm so sorry it's come to thiswith your GS and  I hope he learns.  I have heard the Carolinas are beautiful I'm sure that they will be happy wherever they end up.


Today is laundry, packing and mulching the garden. The foundation people came and fixed their mess so that is a relief. Now no one will trip on the driveway


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Worked around house today and got sheets, blankets  washed. GS finally got out of bed and I called about the house he wants to rent. They are closed but left a message for them to call. DD is being  impossible again so I am not answering her calls. She has to many excuses to not help him and I got tired of it. So sent her a list of things he needs. Silverware, dishes, knives, rice cooker, coffee pot, etc. Will see if she helps out with his needs for a house. She helped her 2 daughters out but she keeps trying to throw her son to the curb. I am on her really bad now. Seems the only way to get this boy some help that he really needs. Went out to shed and pulled some things out that he can use. frying pans, my old canister set, glasses, cups, cookie sheet, pizza pan, and some plastic freezer containers that he can use. Not sure of what else but am packing up things for him today. Seems like always my plans get changed to other things. I will be glad when I can get my life back.

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Well.....it was difficult but I got up this morning to get ready to ride.  My hip is bothering me so sleep was late again.  But it was okay on the ride, mostly.  Have to look up which P.T. exercises I'm supposed to be doing.  Gave me two strengths of stretchy bands.  But I'm doing the homework for the cognitive improvement too.  Suddenly, I seem to be quite busy!  Not progressing well on Clutter Cleaning .  I'm getting a lot more energy to do things but it's such a big job to clear things....ya hafta be in the right mindset.  Right?  I'm just trying not to fall asleep right now - 3:30pm. 


Auck.  What was the computer button I'm supposed to press if the cursor disappears?   When it happened again, I'd already forgotten.  :( 


MtRider  ....rain....lots of rain. 

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