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Went to what I thought would be an art class today.  Turned out it was a navel-gazing session using paper and crayons and colored pencils. Weeping occurred, and group hand-holding, and much hugging.  Also, surprisingly enough, it did not feel like a waste of time.  


Went to a "paper store" and got a second color photo copy of my local ID plus a color photo copy of the relevant pages of my passport, and got them laminated.  These are now in my go-bag.  Also got some colored gel pens, a much-needed new pencil sharpener, a white Pelikan eraser, a clipboard, a large and a small spiral-bound tablet of grid-marked paper, four ink paintbrushes (the guy was so patient when I pointed to the four of them and asked for "all fourteen"), and an accordion file, all for $19.75.

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Sounds like you got a good deal Ambergris. 


I was going to work in garden today but ended up doing other things. Needed to pick up RX's and did some grocery shopping. Got 2 packs of chicken thighs with 6 thighs in each pack for $1.35. I would have bought more but they only had 2 packs left. That was at Harris Teeter.  Then went to Food Lion and they had a manager's special on roast so got 2 of them for half price. Not much of a haul but much cheaper than paying regular price. Came home and put everything away and started going through some things for GS. Trying to get a few things together for him each day before his move end of month. He is looking at a place in Norfolk but is a bit far from where he works in downtown Suffolk. He doesn't seem to be trying to find a place in Suffolk. But then again maybe the further away he is from my house the better off I will be. But I would prefer he stay in Suffolk with that car of his. Not the best car for driving that distance to work everyday. On the way home I stopped at bank to pull out money. So got all the running around done today. Tomorrow will get back out and work on garden. I went out and watered everything a bit ago. Rabbits haven't messed with the squash anymore. Hope that will be a good sign. Might sit down and do some reading tonight. I'm a bit tired today for some reason. More than likely still not over the infection and still have that cough.  And speaking of cough, what is going on with cough syrup? Both stores I was in this morning had the cough syrup isles cleaned out. 

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Thank you Miki!

Mt Rider you are making great progress keep sorting!

Feel better Littlesister!

Ambergris you have scored some great deals.


I had a productive day. Cameras got installed and I have a full view of the alley side plus my whole backyard. Doorbell camera catches most of the street so we can see people if they approach in almost any direction now. Not 100% but the side that isn't as covered is the main road with good lighting less likely to be an issue on that end and my troublemaker neighbor's house is fully visible so if he went on the sidewalk towards that direction I'd still see him. It cost me an arm and a leg but worth it. Then the code lady came to mark the boundary. It's right where we thought it was, just 4 ft from their house. We put the marker 2 feet off the property line she said we were ok to put it there even if he didn't agree, so we will be able to put up the fence and maintain it still on our property and also not go right through a big tree. DH went and bought T-Posts and rolled wire "cattle panel" style for temporary fencing. She said we were ok to put up a temporary fence while we get the permanent one put up. DH will put that up this weekend just waiting on the signs we ordered and the tool to attach the wire to get here on Saturday. They still haven't come back so hopefully they won't until after it's up. The other two sides I'm going to use the temporary poultry netting type fencing just to close off the backyard. I have 50 ft x 2 so it won't reach the whole way but should be an adequate barrier to keep the neighbor from driving on my yard. We are putting up a sign on the fence that has the number of the code enforcement lady on it and that we got a permit and also that the backyard is now covered by video surveillance so fair warning and hope for the best that they don't try to tear it down, but if they do we will have it on tape! Annoying i had to spend $1500 on the cameras, install and fencing. But I will re-purpose the t-posts and wire in the garden for trellising once the permanent fence goes in so it will all be good. Just a lot of stress to deal with before we leave for a month but I'll feel better knowing its more secure. 


I planted some basil today and some zinnias and marigolds. Some of the extra plant starts I put by the road got adopted so I felt better about that. My garden is going to be all weeds when I get back though it's already trying to grow grass. If I have time and energy I'll try to put cardboard and mulch down before I go. So much to do and still working full time so by the end of the day I'm already tired. I have some more pumpkin?or squash or zucchini to plant not sure my labeling got away from me. It's a chaotic surprise garden at this point the sun already destroyed the writing on half my markers...I'm kind of laughing at myself because I had such grand plans for this year's garden and it's going to be a mess but hoping I get something from it for my trouble. 

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I know it's a lot of cost and stress, but I am sure you will be thankful when your fencing is all done, @Becca_Anne!


Good morning!
I will walk first.
Cook ham and side dishes. I'm making Easter/ Mother's Day dinner today with the ham I bought for Easter.
Nothing else on my list, but...

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Went out early this morning to decide where I wanted to plant some other seeds. Rabbits are eating on my strawberry plants now and went back to eating on my squash plants. They are really getting to be a problem now. Might have to have traps set to get rid of them. The babies are cute running around chasing each other but not at the expense of my garden. Going later today to tractor supply to see about that fencing. They said it has to be buried 6 inches in ground which might be an issue for me to get done but I need to try and do the best I can. I sprayed the liquid rabbit fence down again this morning so hoping that will help for right now. Need to measure the strawberry area for the fencing as well now that I see they will eat the strawberry plants. That area is small so might not be as bad to fence in. To bad that won't protect the blueberries from the birds. Need to get the netting out again for that. Blueberries will be ready to pick in a couple of weeks. 

Took one look at the kitchen this morning and just walked out the door to check garden. That boy made a huge mess in kitchen. Though I still have to deal with cleaning it up I am getting tired of waking up in morning to a dirty kitchen that was clean when I went to bed. But not much longer and he will be living on his own. 

Found out a friend from my church that has had her son, his wife and their 2 children living with them for several years has finally moved out. She said she had enough and kicked them out. The found an apartment real fast. Said she did what I am about to do. The bedroom no longer has a bed in it. She took the bedroom suit out and put all her craft things in there and it setting it up for her crafts now. She said it is a deterrent to keep them out and on their own. I agree 100%. No guest bedrooms any longer. 

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Ordered a new live trap from amazon.  A big Havahart for large raccoons, foxes, etc.  Last night our raccoon came up on the front porch to eat cat food.  He skedaddled when we came our with guns, but still.....our 'regular' large trap door no longer locks shut due to having a huge possum pushing on it that we trapped from under a neighbors porch.

The bigger one will be more awkward to handle  but should stand up to our large raccoon, possum and hopefully the armadillo.  I checked my trapping  books, and supposedly dilloes like mealy worms.  Got those.  Racoons hit well for us on wet cat food.  Possums will eat sweet apples or carrots.  So I am eager to catch these pests and take them far, far, FAR away.  

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Glad you are getting a fence Becca_Anne. We always had a fence and I love them. Ruby will really enjoy it too! I'm going to have to invest in one next year I suppose. Glad you have your security in place now too. I know all about bad neighbors. It's a real shame.


I took a notion to go to Amish country today and just went. I know I want to do some quilt making when I get a home and there aren't any quilt stores, that I know of, close to where I'll be. So I went down and got some fat quarters while I could. I like the bundles because the colors are matched up. I'm not good with color combinations.  All I'll need now is batting and backing and I can get that at Joann, Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I found some really dark fabric that will go with my favorite color...black. I'm thinking about doing a Flying Geese or Coin pattern with it. A couple of small-ish quilts and a wall hanging or two and it should cozy up the place.


I really need to try and get that tilt table test done this summer. I nearly passed out in one of the quilt shops today. I felt it coming on and found a step to sit down on. They brought over a chair but I was fine on the step. I lied and said my blood sugar dropped. Sigh. One lady gave me some mints. It passed quick enough but it's not acceptable any more. I might have to bite the bullet and drive myself downtown to the hospital. Ugh. Will consult once again with my doctor first. 


I went to Mrs. Yoders Kitchen for some soup to bring home. They didn't have any vegetable beef soup. They also didn't have any plain vegetable soup either. Sheeesh. What kind of Amish restaurant doesn't have veggie soup. Guess I'll have to wait until I can get to Bird-In-Hand PA. for the good stuff. I had my chops all set for that soup too. 


Then I had a cross stitch idea.  :rolleyes:  I want to make a picture with all five Amish buggy colors. I have a buggy pattern but I need to get all of them lined up somehow. I think I need larger gauge material but I couldn't find any. The buggy pattern is pretty small.  Probably have to Amazon it. Probably another hairbrained boondoggle of mine. I got G-son's furniture scheduled for the 18th. and the living room chairs for the 23rd. delivery. That worked out pretty well. I need to go over a couple of days early so I can get the stuff (mostly food) out of the living room and into the bedroom. Hopefully I can get a handyman out to change out a couple of lights and a couple of light sockets. Oh...and those @#%& smoke detectors. :gaah:


Anyway I plan on leaving Monday or Tuesday for about 10 days.  

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Jeepers have a fun and safe trip.  


Didn't make it to Tractor Supply today but might be looking into a trap for the rabbits. Going to talk to someone about that when she gets back next week. Might be better to just rehome them. Getting to be to many of them now. 





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I hope you have a nice and uneventful trip Monday @Jeepers!


We have termites. Sigh. I have 4 companies to call.
A friend came over and talked to us about treatment. While he was here, he bushogged the edge of our property. We gained about 12 feet all around. I am ecstatic!

I did deliver 4 meals to shut in ladies, yesterday.


Already walked, this morning.
Will kill weeds again shortly.
Take ebay photos for DH.
Go visit with sister-in-law who is up from FL.
Not much else, today.



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If you don't know the age of what you trapped, or have reason to suspect it's "not young," helps to boil it tender and then start the curry or barbecue or roast or whatever.  Alternatively, brown and then fricassee. 

Make sure to get the glands off when you skin and clean it.

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Posted (edited)

Spinach quiche for breakfast, couldn't finish it because it was too much.


Negotiated for a lunch delivery of fish and chips, which is a Friday special and supposed to be very good.


Arranged a delivery of sand for PM's new pool.


Went to the nursery and got flowers for her and five square meters of sod for me.


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Worked in garden all day.  The big garden is now done. Just waiting for things to sprout now.  Planted green peppers, radishes, more squash, cucumbers,  and now I can't think of the other stuff. Guess I'm just tired. Still have okra to plant but in the other bed I am working on. Going to be working on the fence soon. One of my neighbors said if I trap the rabbits he would cook them. I have a better Idea. He can get the traps to catch them and still cook them. Don't think I can deal with traps. 


GS was suppose to go look at an apartment in Norfolk today or so I thought. He is still in bed. Got up early and ordered a milkshake and sandwich from somewhere, drink the milkshake put sandwich in fridge and went back to bed. It is now going on 5pm so guess there was no apartment to be had. Told him I would take him apartment hunting today. Nope can't get out of bed. Guess the streets are calling his name. 

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Congrats on getting your garden in Littlesister. 


I stopped by the house to get the mail and stayed to pack up a little bit of the Jeep for next week. I got the cargo bay AKA trunk all loaded up and part of the back seat. I had some trash to dump back there so will finish loading it up Monday when I dump it. I have to go back over there Monday to stop the mail anyway. Then I fired off a nasty email to my insurance agent. The more I thought about the way he talked to me the madder I got. He told me last Friday that they had paid the demo company. Yesterday I got another invoice from them. The third one. Someone wasn't truthful and it wasn't me. Hope he doesn't come back at me because I'm not in the mood for any shenanigans.  Wouldn't be prudent. 


The rest of the afternoon/evening I'm binge watching stuff on Tubi. Nice channel and it's free. I just finished Snowdonia. About two couples who go back in the 1800's and live and work the slate mines, in Wales, the way they used to. Not especially likeable people but still a decent series.


Then there is a series called something like Cheap Houses in Ireland. This woman takes prospective buyers around to different OLD houses that are nearly falling down. Really in bad shape. Mostly old stone cottages with tiny rooms that most people over there think are a good size. To be honest, if they were in this country they would have been torn down decades ago. But they are trying to hold on to their heritage so it was nice to see. But I couldn't imagine buying one of those and the work it would take to make it livable. It is interesting to see how some other cultures live though. 


So tonight and tomorrow I'm vegging with the computer. 

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Kappy hope you can catch those coons. We had a family take up residence once in our crawlspace. Used a one way door to get them out and sealed the vent covers with metal vents so they couldn't get back in. They had pulled out all the insulation it was a  big mess. 


Have a safe trip Jeepers! Hope the ins co does the right thing


Littlesister hope you can get all the bunnies. It's that time of year for sure! I need to fence my garden too to keep the crittters out but that may have to wait until we get back.


Ambergris I hope you enjoyed your fish and chips. That's one of my favorite meals. 


Miki so sorry about the termites hope you caught them early before too much damage. 


We were woken up this morning by a call from the police officer we talked to the other day giving us an update. It seems that my terrible neighbor abandoned their dog and moved to another town just up and left after the incident on the 30th! We hadn't seen them just this other person who had been at the house and thought he might be dog sitting for them while they hid out somewhere  who we hadn't seen since Saturday but I guess the family actually completely left! Probably afraid they would get their kids taken away as the officer said the condition inside the house was really bad and they are condemning the house on Monday :hapydancsmil: He said once that happens it may be possible for us to buy the lot from the city and we would have to help pay for tear down costs but the city also covers some of that cost so we will see what happens. This is for sure an answer to my prayers. And so nice of him to call us to let us know :wub: So we will hold off on the huge privacy fence between the lots but get started on the plan for the fence anyways as we do want to have one eventually. May not have to do it so fast though and no worries now about the boundary as it's clearly known now and no more scary dog (they rescued it off the porch roof).

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Jeepers have a safe and fun trip.  Don't get to over tired.  


Miki, sorry to hear you are having termite issues. I know how that is. Hope you got to them before causing to much damage. 


Becca Anne, that is great news about the bad neighbors. Glad they could rescue the dog. If you can get that property that would be wonderful.  No neighbor on that side of you and a great place for a huge garden as well. Not to mention chickens. 


Kappy hope  you can get rid of the varment issue. I'm dealing with rabbits. 


Talked with my guy that cuts grass. He said if I get the traps to catch the rabbits live he will come and get them and take them to rehome for me. So going out within the next couple of days to get the traps. He told me who had them on sale. 


Got the garden planted just in time for a nice soft rain. That will be better for them than me watering them. It was a good soaker rain so hoping to see some plants popping up soon.  


Saw the house that GS is going to rent. I thought it was a duplex, nope it's a house and has at least 3 bedrooms. It was really nice. Looked like it had just been remodeled. With that he could have a couple of renters to help with expenses. It's a 2 story house. 






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I'm so, so glad that your neighbor moved @Becca_Anne.  God answers prayers and takes care of the details in unusual ways, sometimes!

Getting the property where he was would be wonderful, if you can do it!


I'm really glad that your grandson has found a house!  I know you will help a lot!


Where's Mt Rider?


I'll go to Church first.
Walk dogs.
Start trying to clean up where my friend bush hogged a couple of days ago. It's supposed to hit 90 today, so will work on this in shorter bursts.

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That's great Ambergris.  Jobs are a must when you can find a good one. 


GS kept telling me that the house he is trying to get is a single house. Nope I got the address and looked it up. It is a 2 story house turned into a duplex of sorts. The washer and dryer is sitting in what looks like a hallway with a door that says No. 2 on it. So that is an apartment and then another wider door that has no number on it. The washer and dryer are shared by both apartments. I told him it is not the whole house. But don't think that will persuade him to keep looking closer to his job. Like always he will take the first thing that comes along because he doesn't want to take the time to look around for a good place. this house is a few blocks from ODU college. The neighborhood looks nice. The house was just totally remodeled and looks nice but it is not the whole house. Just 2 apartments. 


And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone.  I took it easy today and just relaxed. GS and I had take out chinese for dinner. So very quiet day today. 


Jeepers enjoy your trip and stay safe.  Have fun with that grandchild. They don't stay little for long. 


And yes where is Mt. Rider.  Hope all is well with her and her DH. 


Becca Anne I hope you will be able to get that lot next to you when all is said and done.  would be nice to have no neighbors that close to you on one side at least and it would increase your home value if you ever decided to sell. 


All the Grandchildren and DD texted me all day today.  GD in Washington finally found a job in an optometry office the other job was causing her to have migraines from lifting heavy boxes and things from her neck injury. So she will no longer be working retail and she said she won't miss it either. Hopefully the migraines will subside from not doing all that lifting soon. 

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Hi....  :imoksmiley:  DH and I are a bit worn out.  We had power outage for two and a half days.  I'm writing about it in a Dress Rehearsal story which I'll put down in Fireside.  Suffice it to say, some things were easy to work around.  Some things we did without.  I feel like I'm still thawing out...it was COLD! 


There is a strain....when your "normal" suddenly vanishes.  Stuff is in different places.  Too much is under the category of "you can't do that!"  and "whatever you do...DON'T burn down a log cabin!"


Interrupted my Clutter Clearing too.  Hope to begin again soon.


MtRider   :pc_coffee:



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Mt. Rider glad you see you back on here and that you and your DH are doing fine. Just tired from trying to move things and getting the electric fixed is a challenge in itself. Right now I have a bucket under my hot water heater. Just haven't taken the time to call a plumber and get it replaced but really do need to take care of that soon. Seems it's always something. 

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Glad to see you post Mt. Rider. I was hoping you and your DH were doing well. 


I spent the day watching Tubi. I'm trying to figure out how to make my own cross stitch pattern. Not going as smoothly as I expected. I'm not getting the words lined up on my graph paper to look even. I might need a simpler font. Sigh. 


Talked to son. He thinks the transmission is going out on his truck. Great. You are right Littlesister, it's always something! I cleaned up the room getting ready for housekeeping on Tuesday while I'm gone. I clean the room before they come to clean it.  :rolleyes:   One time I had 2 plastic forks in the sink and they ran them through the dishwasher. What a waste that was for just 2 forks. I never imagined they would wash my dishes. Actually all I have them do is change the bed and get new towels and wash cloths and maybe sweep the floor. They empty the trash too. For some reason I have a lot of trash so I usually empty it myself 1-2 times a week.  I'm low maintenance. 


Tomorrow I'll finish loading up the Jeep and go to the post office to stop my mail. 

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Walked first, this morning.
Did laundry.
Made several business type calls about termites, DH's health claims. dental surgery. I hate making those calls. Too much like being an adult. LOL
Made some tuna salad and will hard boil a few eggs.
Will be out picking up sticks in a little while after first termite inspector comes.
Then it will rain, supposedly.

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