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I'm taking a small hiatus.  I need some help with the vodka so I'm going to go get it this evening.   Pray for me if you are into that. Hopefully I will be coping with the world slightly better soon. 

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Euphrasyne, If I weren't so tired from working in the yard today, I would be doing the same thing.  I am beat and sore. 


Blueberry bush is planted as well as strawberries and watermelon. Did some other things out there and the rabbit is happy. already got into my squash. That little varment needs to go somewhere else to eat. I haven't gotten the liquid fence down yet because of rain last night. But did get it on plants this morning. But I think it might rain either tonight or tomorrow. So will have to do it again and then get started on fencing. To tired to fight rabbits this summer.

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I did get more sorting done today in the electric-affected bedroom.  Lot of sorting thru papers I hadn't laid eyes on in years.  Pulled out a few to file elsewhere and dumped the rest.  Then there is a huge stack of jeans/shorts to try on.  I find that exhausting so I'll maybe try that tomorrow.  Trash goes out tomorrow so the bags I've accumulated from last Wed will be outta here.   :happy0203:   Sure praying that B (of B/J ) is getting over whatall has brought him down for the past weeks.  But I think J will have to bring an electricion cuz stuff is likely wired weird.  This cabin!  Sheeesh.


Had our first sweet corn of the season.  Don't know where it came from but it was pretty good.  Not Iowa grown tho.


Still adjusting when I take the 2nd "anti-fatigue pill" .  Took it too late the last 2 nites and kept waking up during the night.  Went right back to sleep but today I made sure to take it earlier.  I do think it's helping.  I'm getting something done anyway.


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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@euphrasyne, I hope you are feeling better today!


Already walked this morning.
Next will walk dogs.
Plant potatoes in lick tub.
Put ham in fridge to thaw tonight to bake Friday.
Not sure what else the day will bring.

I may purge my bathroom medicine closet.  That will be a big job.  Maybe, do a shelf at a time.

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Euphrasyne,  Hope you are feeling better.  Still praying for you and that things will be looking much brighter when you get back. 


Didn't buy enough strawberry plants so went out this morning to buy more. So now have 10 more to plant. These were a bit more expensive but will produce for 2 or 3 years before I need to replant.  Also bought 4 pepper plants. I still have peppers in freezer so these should be enough for fresh peppers and for dehydrating. Also bought 2 cantaloupe plants. Have never planted these before either but hoping they will produce well.


Only one more garden patch to finish weeding out. Ran into a snag on that one as when the termite guys about 3 years ago put the wells in under the vents, they dropped a bag of rocks. instead of picking them up they covered them up in that area. So I am digging up rocks and getting them out so I can plant there. Didn't need that set back but it is what it is. Potato plants are doing well so far. 



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Lazy day.


Checked on the hens.  They're doing fine in their temporary quarters.  All three are laying now, one putting out double yolks about half the time.


Found a damaged rose bush, a floribunda with beautiful pink blossoms that fade to near-white as they sit on the bush.  I cut the two damaged branches, brought them in, and clipped out four cuttings to try to root with raw honey as a rooting stimulant (something I've heard of but not tried) and the butt-end embedded in a chunk of overripe banana to keep it from drying out before roots form.  I have another overripe banana, so I'm tempted to go collect another branch. 


Redid and rethought my bag-beside-the-door.  The one I was using has short straps, meaning I can't sling it cross-body.  So I moved everything except the first aid kit to my backpack, and put that by the door.  Also made notes of things I want to get and do when in town tomorrow to upgrade it, like photocopying my passport too, and getting both it and the copy of my local ID laminated in case the bag should happen to get soaked.


Breakfast was eggs, sliced tomato, and leftover sourdough pan bread.  Not my hens' eggs, as their babysitter is enjoying those, but still good eggs.  Lunch was leftover black eyed peas, a fresh cornbread pancake, and the rest of the sliced tomato.  Snack: Greek yogurt with dried flor de Jamaica (dried Florida cranberry blossoms) stirred up in it.  Supper?  Probably either chicken or leftover bits of salty pork (heavy on the skin and fat) from Sunday's market trip, plantain, and leftover sweet corn of a type called "choclo," meaning the kernels are round and white, and mostly as big as my thumb-tip.


Edit:  Also rearranged tools to see how many/what would fit into the new tool box.  I think this is going to be labeled Drill and Drill-Related Items



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Ambergris, your breakfast and lunch sounds good. I can't wait to get fresh tomatoes for a good ol tomato sandwich. 


I need to go through my bug out bag but waiting till GS moves out. Don't want to set it by the garage door and it disappear thinking it was his clothes or something and get picked up by mistake. 


Got all the strawberries planted and the cantaloupe also. Also got the last of the marigolds planted. Looking like rain now and getting cooler. So hoping if not to wet in the morning I can finish up on the larger garden and work on rabbit proofing. They said you have to bury the wire 6 inches in ground and 2 ft. high. Not sure if I can do that or not as I would not have any help for that. So will see if there are other options. 

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Wow!  Just WOW!


Had a customer call, asking questions, DH let the dogs out and them in.  I was changing laundry out in the back yard.  Let the pups in the back room, telling Storm ‘Hush & to be quiet’.  When I came through the kitchen door, she was on the phone, wondering towards my kitchen…. As soon as she saw me, the look of shock crossed her face, she stopped cold in her tracks and stiffened up, she told, who ever, she’d call them back….  I moved forward to the doorway to the LR & kitchen…she took a few steps towards me, I took one step back and leaned against the frig.  She stopped, but continued to scan my shelves….  Made me feel very uncomfortable.  Then, Storm started talking crap, rrrrow, grrr, whine, etc.  she asked what type of dogs.  I explained, the shepherd was not people friendly and we have a large hound.  She wanted to see them, I hesitated, but let her, she totally freaked out when she realized we do not have glass in the door window…(ventilation for the back room).  Of course, Storm jumped up on the window sill, causing her to back off.  I tried to tell her he wasn’t friendly to strangers…. She glanced around my kitchen, then went back into the LR to the customer chairs.  

I’m a private person, you don’t need to see what’s behind the curtains on my bookcase, nor under the white towels covering my appliances….  As it was, she ‘might think’ I haven’t put my groceries away yet.  

So very uncomfortable…. I don’t know her, she doesn’t need to be poking through my supplies!  

DH said she didn’t sit down until she’d looked at all his credentials and all the stuff on the LR desk!  

REALLY?….  Who does that?  Good grief!

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Very odd behavior Annarchy! Hopefully she is just an odd duck and not casing the place. 

Everyone is super busy!


I got the air conditioner in the Master Bedroom put in, it's in the 80's this week so that will let us cool it down before we go to bed. Will open windows too but since heat rises it's been super hot here and I have been sweating too much to sleep well. I got my zucchini and squash and some fancy pumpkins planted. Super excited to see how they turn out. I am taking a leap of faith some of it will survive with my absence for a month! We leave in about 2 wks and I am getting excited an nervous to get there.

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5 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Had a customer call, asking questions, DH let the dogs out and them in.

Maybe it's time to rethink the office/customer set-up? Smaller room in the front of the house? Folding screens to section off the office? Camera in the office?

Does DH have the same creepie-crawlies about this customer? Might have to let this customer go - just for peace of mind.

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That is creepy! Glad you weren't alone. Of course you are never really alone with your 'shadow' there. I sure wouldn't want to tangle with Mr. Storm! It does sound like she was casing your house. Stay safe girlfriend.  :hug3:


People sure are getting braver and braver these days.  Sigh. 

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I fired my eye doc on Monday.  I went to his office on Thursday, saw his "assistant" While I was waiting to be seen a couple of med students wandered in, and decided to check my eye pressures. They did not wait for the numbing drops to take effect, so I felt those needle like things they put in your eyes to check pressure.  I said "OUCH! I can feel that, you need to wait for the drops to take effect!" The response was :sorry: and another poke,  Naturally I flinched.  Poke - flinch - poke - flinch,,,,finally they quit.  Another med student wandered in, same thing.  Poke, flinch....etc.  I was getting ready to bite someone.  So they switched to the machine to look inside the eye that was operated on (24 hours earlier)  Student #1 would not share, said student #2 had to look alongside him.  Then he said he could not see anything because my eyelid was drooping and in the way.  #2 stuck her thumb in my eye and yanked it up.  I yelped again, and yelled at her, saying "hey, the doc told me NEVER to do that to fresh stitches!!"

"Sorry" she says, AND DOES IT AGAIN.  Then the assistant shows up and the students leave.  The assistant had to call the doc who was at the airport, going to a conference.  My eye pressures were both more than double what they were supposed to be.  So he said stay on the meds, and we will schedule laser surgery on Tuesday.  We repeated (again) that we had a 2 1/2 hour drive to get to the surgical center and could not do an early AM surgery. 

Well, when I was called for surgery, they said I had to be there at 0645!!  I told them no, I could not get a driver to come with me at 4AM and drive all that way.  I was told "you are the second on the schedule, and we have to send the machine back to the hosital afterward right away so that is the only time we have".  I told them I cant do that time.  The sceduler said she would see if she could get a later time, but when she called back, I was told 0645 or nothing.  I told her nope.  That was just the last straw.  

I have an appointment with a doc only 1 hour away, a much better rating and rep, next week.  I betcha I wont get use as a training dummy, either.  I am soooo bruised from the rough treatment.   Glad to be away from Augusta University medical dept.  I realize they have to learn,but they need to be SUPERVISED at least,

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I'm so glad you have a new eye doctor, @kappydell!  The last one shouldn't be in business!


I walked first.
Picked up my friend and went to Aldi, Walmart and some shoe store that she wanted to go to in the mall.
Tonight is prayer meeting with another friend.

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Oh Kappy, I am so sorry you were treated that way. I'm also glad you fired that doctor and anyone he is associated with. I hear you about having to drive so far away to get medical treatment. It seems like everything is being condensed down to just a couple of facilities. And good luck getting there. Sigh.

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I went out and 'got the stink blowed off of me'.  A saying my granny used when someone finally got outside in the fresh air. I'm starting to see that I need to make myself get out of this room more often. It's too easy to lie here and cross stitch all day. 


I returned a couple of library books about quilting. I got my mail and picked up a couple of boxes of trash bags at the store for DIL. She likes the ones from my grocery store. And some pistachios for G-son. We had a conversation about those the last time I was there. Turns out he loves them. I told him they were very expensive and he said he knows. Mom and dad told him about it. So I'll have a special treat when I go baby sit. It's the little things... 


Swung into Wal-Mart for a measuring cup and measuring spoons. Funny how you can take everyday kitchen items for granted until you don't have them.  Also some more undies. I have plenty but now I won't have to do the laundry for another month. :happy0203: Most of the time I take it to Indiana and do it over there anyway. Wearing white undies, bras and socks makes for a good load every 1-3 months. Soon I won't even have socks to contend with. Plus all tee shirts from Michaels makes up the second load. Jeans and shorts are all blue denim. I have thought this thing through.  LOL  Also a seam ripper. Sigh. 


Down the parking lot to Home Depot for some more drawer pulls. I lost most of the ones I meant to use in Indy and I didn't have enough to finish the job anyway. They don't have a large selection but the ones they have are really nice. So I got that checked off of my to-do list. They are staying in the car so I don't lose them again. I can finish that job when I get over there. Probably next week. 


I went to the nearby drugstore for some popsicles. They are close enough to me that they won't melt before I get here. I can eat those with few issues and I figure they add some liquid. I still dehydrate easily. Plus they cool me down. They don't exactly taste good to me but not to horrible either. While there I picked up some pepper spray. I got two medium and two small. Two for me and two for DIL. One will stay in the car and one in the purse. I would have bought a couple more but that is all they had. They did have some keyring size but they were too small and not very convenient. 


Filled up the gas tank and headed back 'home'. If they haven't seen me for awhile, when I walk back in through the lobby they say, "Welcome home Miss Jeepers." Except they says my real first name. Lots of nice people here but no dogs in the lobby to greet me this time. Gas was $3.71 a gallon. Ouch. I think if my tank was completely empty it would cost me $100.00 to fill it. I was going to park back in the parking lot and finish cleaning out the Jeep but when I pulled in, the very first spot was open and I had stuff so carry in so I grabbed it. A good job to do  this weekend, then go Monday for inspection, tags and an oil change. In theory.

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Annarchy, that definitely sounded  like she was casing your house. I agree with Midnightmom. Time to figure out a better solution so that can't happen again. So sorry that happened and yes it does give you a bad feeling. 


Kappy, Speaking as a medical assistant, those students were not suppose to touch you without the doctor there. So you were very much right to fire that doctor and get a new one. Just glad you were able to find a new doctor that quick. Hope you don't develop any issues from the rough handling. 


Jeepers, seems you did get a lot done.  I did what you are doing. I bought new undies, bras and socks plus T shirts as well and I railly wash clothes more than once a month. Much easier that way and gives me more time for other things. Though lately working in garden I have been washing clothes about every 2 weeks. Don't want stains to stay in the clothes to point I can't get them out. So I treat the stains and then wash them in about 2 weeks. Hoping to get back to washing once every month soon. Other than sheets and towels I was those every 2 weeks anyway.  I will be switching out my winter clothes for summer clothes soon. Will be going through everything at that time to see what still fits and what can go. I've lost some weight and some of my clothes are to big. From there I will be able to see what I really need to replace. 


Sort of took a small break today. Didn't do a lot in yard other than transplant my aloe vera plant into a pot for in the house. Cleaned kitchen, dusted bedroom, paid bills and listened to preaching. Haven't been in church since I got strep throat as the cough is still with me and it gets really bad at times. Just don't want to go to church and start up with a bad coughing spell and have to walk out of service to get water or something. It is getting better and the ear and neck glands are doing much better now. So hoping to get back in church soon. Seems I just stay sick ever since my GS moved in. He has a smokers cough or allergies now. He never washes his hands and just keeps spreading his germs. I am surprised I didn't get what he had a couple of months ago. Mono and bronchitis. 

My oldest granddaughter in Washington has shingles. She is 31 years old and it seems you can now get shingles at earlier ages now. She had chicken pox really bad as a child. 


Miki, you reminded me that I need to do some shoe shopping. Need a new pair of sandals. The ones I have are wearing out. Don't think they will make it through the summer months. 



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Kappy so sorry you were mishandled. It's ok to say no to medical students and say you're sorry but you only want to see the Dr. I hope your new one works out for you.


Littlesister you can get shingles at any time after you have had chicken pox unfortunately. My son had a case at 16! I am glad I got my shingles shots I really don't want to deal with that. They say stress can make it more likely to get a case of them and I have had more than my fair share of that!


Jeepers it is a great idea to get out of the hotel now and then. I hope you don't have to call it home much longer. 


Tomorrow our security cameras get installed. I will feel much better with them there. DH got the fencing permit filed so now we just wait for approval which they said could take about a week. Getting new tires for our SUV before we drive in 12 days to Oregon! It's starting to feel more real that my baby is having a baby in less than 3 weeks!

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8 hours ago, kappydell said:

  I realize they have to learn,but they need to be SUPERVISED at least,


I have never heard of an unsupervised student "examining" a patient! I hope you took names, and I would "report" the Assistant too as he/she was not in control of the students or your visit! Good on you for switching care givers (doctors)! 

BTW - did any of them don gloves, or even wash their hands???  :hidingsmile:

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3 hours ago, Littlesister said:

My oldest granddaughter in Washington has shingles. She is 31 years old and it seems you can now get shingles at earlier ages now.


I think shingles is brought on by stress, so with today's happenings everybody is feeling more stressed, even the "young'uns." I hope her doctors are able to get this under control. I understand it can be a very painful experience. :( :sigh: :fever:

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Midnightmom, she doesn't say anything about being under stress but she is looking for a better job as her DH got out of military on disability. He sits on his butt and won't go finish up with the VA for the disability stuff. And not looking for a job. He is not so disabled that he can't work. He just didn't like how things were going at Naval Hospital where he worked and so wanted out. Sleep apnea and something else but it worked and he got out.  She is now the sole breadwinner and  does everything at home as well. But she doesn't say anything other than her DH needs to get his butt from in front of computer and get things with VA done. 

She goes to Naval hospital and she said it is getting better. It was a small patch on her back. But was able to still go to work. 


Getting light outside now so just having a cup of coffee and going out in a little while to work in yard. Going to plant more veg. seeds and figure out where I want to plant the nasturtium seeds.  I need to put in a controlled area as GD said they can spread if you don't catch the seeds before they fall off. Might check shed for a very large pot to plant halfway in ground. That should help some but will still have to watch for seeds dropping on ground. But would be worth it as this is also a form of food that I can plant in front yard. To many neighbors coming up in yard last year checking out my veggie plants in front yard. Not doing that again. Already had one neighbor wanting to know when I am planting tomatoes and another come up in back yard checking out the large garden. I asked him if he was planting a garden and he said no as the neighbors around him give him veggies. In this day and age and WW3 about to start I wasn't sure how to take that.  Corner lots makes it hard to keep a garden hidden.  I don't mind sharing but a couple act like they are waiting for their handouts. Might have to start a small table to sell. I would call that seed money plus labor. 

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@Becca_Anne, I'm so glad that you got the fencing permit started!  And security cameras, too.


@Jeepers, You are certainly getting things done!  


@Littlesister, I hope you can take a little break today, also!


Today, I will walk first.
Walk dogs.
Grill pork steaks.
Bible study tonight.
I'm thankful for a halfway relaxing day!

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17 hours ago, Midnightmom said:


I have never heard of an unsupervised student "examining" a patient! I hope you took names, and I would "report" the Assistant too as he/she was not in control of the students or your visit! Good on you for switching care givers (doctors)! 

BTW - did any of them don gloves, or even wash their hands???  :hidingsmile:


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