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Starting to get in my heirloom seeds and picked up some cilantro seeds. I love cilantro!

It has been so windy I am holding off getting some torn up dirt for starting my seeds but I have quite a few containers. Need to get more dollar pudding packs from the dollar store that opened up , those containers work great and are easy to stack and store when I don't need them any more.

Doing a little knitting today too, need to do up the second sock on this clover colors yarn . I love these colors! It would make a delightful sweater. LIghtweight, but warm and colorful.

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We had to go into town for tests for DH. For some reason his bloodwork for his many ailments is better..even after a week in the hospital and a bad case of bronchitis. I am so thankful!


We had a bad storm on the way home. We just pulled over in a parking lot and rode it out. Hard to believe a few months ago we were in a drought.


Jeepers enjoy those babies!


I love the names of Thelma and Louise for the pygmies.

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Played hooky today :-) Dehydrated 27 trays of bell peppers Sunday, Jarred up 8 1/2 pints of tomato sauce...so we went to visit with my Dad. We've been so "not well" lately that we didn't want to go around him, he's 89 and very feeble. Had a nice visit then came home and paid some bills.

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We've just been staying home the last couple of days. Did laundry and made jambalaya and applesauce pie yesterday. Today is dog bath day, mow the back yard (too much to do the whole yard in one day with the push mower) and eBay photos. That should be enough. Maybe Happy and Lucky for goat names or Rosie and Daisy? Still like Thelma and Louise the best.

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Chopped up the rest of the bell peppers and bagged them for freezing, want some I can use short term :-) Then paid some bills and made an appointment to take the truck in for new brakes etc. $300+ takes a chunk, so we'll be pretty much broke till next month...but we've got food to eat, all the bills are paid and a truck and Miss B tanks are full of gas :-)

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We got the 5 bags of onions chopped up this morning, bagged in small portions, and then bagged them all in two separate gallon sized baggies...and they're in the freezer for short term use. I use soooo many onions and bell peppers when I cook. Mr took the truck for it's "fixin" and it cost about $100 less that expected! Yippee! The mechanic only took an hour so we didn't have to pay so much labor. Mr always "sticks around" and watches (even though they don't like it much) to make sure they're doing what he wanted them to do and nothing more :-) Got a couple of loads of laundry done and dried. Had to use the dryer because the enclosed porch is still set up for dehydrating. The GOOD news is that we started drinking Mullein Leaf tea and the coughing fits almost immediately stopped. That stuff is so good! We drink one cup a day and will until there's no sign of coughing. Lots of storms all around us yesterday and today. We spent about an hour in the bathroom with our "gear" and books for reading when the tornado sirens went off and NOAA also sounded the alarm...today it was just thunder (turned off the computer and copier) and rain.

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I heard about the tornado warnings in MO and was hoping it wasn't close to you.


I had a wonderful visit with my grandbaby. He is getting big. It's so much easier to pick him up and hold him now that he can sit up on his own and help pull himself up. It took him about 15-30 minutes to warm up to me though. I hate that he doesn't remember me from one time to the next. Someday. I bought him a new race car (high chair) and I got the honors of doing the first feeding. :feedme:


I had to stay an extra day because the toll road was closed down in both directions one day because of the wind. We had to divert a shopping trip around a truck hauling paint that had been blown over on Route 30 in Indy. What a mess that was. I guess it was pretty bad at my house too because on the news they said thousands of houses were sill without power on Friday.


It isn't always easy driving when the wind whips across those flat fields. Worse yet are all of those semi's hauling 3 trailers.


I loved my visit but it's always good to get back home. I need sleep.

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Worked over at the homestead for a few hours. Mr. had his 6-month checkup and then we met a lady that is holding a cancer fund raiser to donate a couple pairs of wrist warmers. Then splurged and ate out...oriental...he had to fast, so we just made this a one meal day. We'll snack later. Got the rain water barrels elevated another level higher so we'll have better drainage pressure as well as being able to mow around them better. Will probably lay down some weed mat, then some wood chips...to NOT have to mow around them! Our plan to lay the garden out (eventually) so that there will only be walkways (of wood chips/saw dust) around the beds and containers etc. NO mowing in the garden area! Finally had to get doc to give us some cough syrup to rid ourselves of this dragging and annoying cough. Feeling so much better! Said our lungs were clear so it's just the irritation hanging on.

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Glad to hear the meds seem to be working for you, We2.


Jeepers, I envy you being able to hold your Grandbaby.


I'm here in TX. The drive went well and MIL had my ToDo list ready. :) Her neighbor built a treehouse. It's mind blowing -wrong! Gotta go, the car needs an oil change and it's first come first served. EC4B464A-E7BC-433B-A07E-E524AD791B5D_zps


It certainly doesn't look safe to me.


Hope everyone has a great day.

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Sheesh, the tree house looks a little top heavy to me. Hope they have good insurance when it blows over! Did they need a permit to build it?


I had big plans to get caught up on some errands today but only got the oil changed in the Jeep and a quick trip to Wal-Mart. It's a first come first serve there too. I wanted to get my brakes done and tires rotated. And I need a hair cut. Bills are due again too. Migraine has reared it's ugly head at my house. It's been going on for the last three days. I know this weather changing is triggering it.


Annarchy, I pray that you can get your hands on your grandbabies too. Wiping baby food out of your hair when they blow a raspberry at you and changing stinky diapers and wiping slobbers off of your face is heaven on Earth! And when they smile at you....oh my.

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Permit or not, it still looks dangerous, and the ex-pool with bathtub fountain is quite the swamp. I did see the pump working once last year. That yard never ceases to amaze me. And not in a good way. The boards on their extended fence blow down often.


Sorry about your migraines Jeepers. At least you were able to get some things done.


I was hoping to find a boxed cd for Word, but all anyone has are the little cards with a serial number and you download the program from MS. I guess I am old, I wanted the program in my hands/file, just in case something goes wrong and I have to reinstall it. DH's work computer needs it to do company paperwork. I still have my Mac, but it won't talk with his Win10. I will find some solution, one way or another, it isn't a want, it's a priority need.


I saw a billboard saying WM was now open, just blocks from the dealership that did my oil change, and drove to it. Dang it, it was only a "market". The next closest one is 10 miles away (city traffic).


Instead, I stopped in at the KMart on my route home and found most of my listed items there, for as much or less than WM. A happy surprise. We don't have any KM stores near us at home.


Today, I hope to get DH some replacement shorts at Savers (another store we don't have). Last month, I was able to get him a few pairs of jeans for $9. each. And then, stop at Academy to find a birthday gift for one of DH's friends.


Then, this afternoon, when Mom goes to church, get my clothes washed and re packed, to go home tomorrow.


Mom's mothballs have aggravated my allergies. She has them everywhere, dresser drawers, doorways, and window sills. My allergy medicine isn't working quite as well as I would like it to, but tomorrow it should get better by the time I get home.


Time to get motivated.


Hope everyone has a beautiful day.

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The cough syrup really does make a difference, but because it has "medicine" in it it makes you want to go to sleep so I down to taking it at bedtime. Got up this morning with some caughing so I drank a cup of Mullein tea and then some cough syrup at lunch. We worked at the homestead most of day. Mr. worked in the bathroom pulling out more "junk" and finally got down to 2x4 frame! They had layered so much stuff over everything it was aweful! Even found a 3" space beside the toilet ... that will give us more sitting room. It was a pretty tight place. We'll be doing away with the tub (have I mentioned that?) and installing a step in shower. That will make the bathroom a lot bigger. While Mr worked in the bathroom I worked in the garden...until noon. When we went back after lunch, we both worked in the garden. Doesn't take much really to rake out the dead grass (that grew up during fall) and pull a few stands of dead grass and green grass trying to come in. Also cut some poke out of the berry patch...sure wish the birds would stop planting that stuff! Also got my herb garden area ready for my herbs Placed newspapers down and put wood chips on top. The arranged my planter pots like I want them and line the area with white bricks. Only thing I need to do now is put the potting soil in the planter pots and then plant the seeds or seedlings. I'm putting in Valerian this year and want to see if I can find a Stevia plant again. Loved that stuff last time! Clipped off three new starts from my mint plants and put them into starter pots. I plan to put in a lot of mint this year. I'm putting the herbs in planters so I can take them inside when the weather starts to turn cold...except the perinnials (like my garlic chives) etc. My Egyptian walking onions are doing great...I planted them last year around our decorative windmill (which needs to be painted again!). Once you plant those puppies you'll never have to worry about table top onions again. We like the tops chopped in tiny pieces and put in our salads or scrambled eggs. Had some regular table top onions that I planted last year come up voluntary...ok with me! Also got the humming bird feeders hung up. Only got 3 up because the 4th one doesn't have a seal on the spiket, so it won't hold the sugar water :-( The hummies usually come through shortly after the last frost date. Put up my hanging planter bar (Mr built it several years ago for potato buckets) and I want to hang flower baskets for the pollinators :-) It's a 12' 4x4 with heavy duty hooks. The flowers will love the sunlight :-) Going to a cancer fund raiser the end of the month. A friend of ours has been hosting it for several years and this is her last year. I donated a couple pairs of wrist warmers (may have mentioned this?). May not bring much but they'll be fun for somebody to wear to keep their hands warm.

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I'll be glad when I can get outside and do something, I almost bought a small ornamental tree 2 weeks ago when it was warm. I knew better and was right. It would be dead by now. Sometimes we have frost warnings around Mother's Day. I have so much outside work to do. I know I'll have to hire some of it.


I used to wish I had a tub in the master bath. I've let that dream go too. Mostly because there is no room in there for a regular size one. But the shower stall is safer for me anyway. It's really a pretty big shower and I only have to step up a few inches. No more than 6 inches.


I fell in the garage the other day. I have no idea what happened. I went down backwards and hit my hip on a cement ledge. I must have good bones. I didn't even get a bruise. Scuffed my hand and arm up a little but that was it. I didn't even get sore the next day and I went down hard. What's that saying? "God watches out for drunks and fools." I'm not much of a drinker so.....

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Jeepers..lol..I'm sure you're not a fool either.


It is beautiful and sunny today but a bit chilly. I've been trying to get some inside stuff done. I made a nice large supper so DH is happy. I don't make large meals very often anymore. It's just the two of us so I have cut back on making lots of side dishes and seldom make a dessert.


I go to the dentist tomorrow for a cleaning. Not looking forward to it as I suspect they will find that I need some more work.


DH has still quit smoking after his hospital stay last month. I am so glad. I hope he can keep it up forever.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence Momo. That makes one. :008Laughing:


Congrats to your dear hubby. Such a difficult task. :pray:


I need to make a dental appointment but that is at the very bottom of my long list. It isn't a time issue. I just hate to go. Plus I need a new one. It will only get bumped up if something starts to hurt. I know that is wrong on so many levels. :sigh:

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Glad you didn't hurt yourself bad, Jeepers! I haven't fallen in a long time and hope I'm not due!


So glad your DH quit smoking! I now how hard that is! For me, it got much easier after 3 months.


We're mostly staying home and building mini goat play areas! We get them in two weeks and have visited them twice. I'm having to get someone (2 someones) to help clean for when the kids come and it will go a long way towards getting this place ready to move out of.

I found a country vet who is less expensive than the one we have been using. (It's the one the little goats go to). They seem really nice and knowledgeable!


It got up to 82 here today. Still 80 in the house at 9:30 pm. I know I'm going to have to start using the air and I hate to!


I hope you all have a great week and I wish Mt. Rider would return!!!

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I got my taxes done today. She said the earlier you get your taxes done the less likely you are to have your identity stolen. I guess the thinking is that the IRS will see that someone (you) has already filed under that name and number. Makes sense I guess.


I've been watching Youtubes about some woman who does a lot of discount shopping and Dollar Tree is her favorite. I passed by one today and went in. First time in there. Ours is smaller than hers but I still got some good buys. I've been looking all over for one of those pencil cases that zip across the top. I want it to hold my checkbook, address labels and stamps all in one place. Found it at the Dollar Tree. I also got 10 crossword puzzle books for Y3K :happy0203:. The eraser white boards I paid over $5.00 each for was $1.00 each. Their greeting cards were 2/$1.00. Some were $1.00 each. Not a great selection but I got 4/$2.00. I never seem to have any when I want them and these were nice.


They had a lot of cleaning supplies too. I've heard it can be watered down though. I didn't stock up on any but I did buy some name brand toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant wipes. I'm not sure how old they are but I'm going to be using them this week so they should be fine.


I saw some hair care and bath stuff too but I didn't want to take the time to look today. I was starting to drag. I'll check them out another time. I'll definitely go back.

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I did some shopping and running around today. I gassed up the Jeep for less than a dollar a gallon thanks to the fuel perks I had accumulated from Giant Eagle grocery and drug store. I even filled up one of the 2 1/2 gallon cans.


The $1.00 white boards at Dollar Tree were actually $8.00 at K-Mart. Sigh. I've been shopping more at K-Mart lately. I'm just trying to support them (not that my couple of dollars will help) but I think they will probably go out of business in a year or two if not sooner. So, I'm buying a few things along that I know K-Mart has that Wal-Mart doesn't.


I like their brand of Co-Q 10 and if you time it just right it's buy one and get one free. It's kind of expensive but doable if I can get a free one. No deal today but I still have plenty. They had the purse that I like on sale for $6.99 so I went ahead and bought three. They are a nice medium size. Plus four packs of the socks I like. I didn't need the socks so I'll store them away. I might even get two more packages later.


The shorts I like are coming back out now. I got four pair. Two light color denim and two medium color denim. I wear those shorts a lot. They are thin with an elastic waist band and last about three years with constant wear. That suits me fine. They are cheap. But IF K-Mart closes down I want to make sure I have a stash of them. I'll definitely buy all of those in my size that I can find. I'm thinking other people are thinking the same thing. I really hate to see stores close down.


I picked up some new jammies for Sweet Baby J at Babies R Us. He is growing into some big boy size 9 months now. LOL. Added some summer duds to the cart. I wish they weren't so blasted cute. Got some little Easter toys too. In Indy the Babies R Us and the Toys R Us are in two different places. In my area they are in one store. Dangerous! It's too easy to mosey around in all departments. :sigh:


Then I swung by Old Time Pottery. I was looking for a special little bottle that they used to always carry. They have a bale top lid but they were out of them. I found some recipes on line to make some cooking extracts and I'd like to use those bottles. I hope they aren't going out of business too. They had a lot of things on clearance and while I was standing at the register I noticed the service desk area was gone. Maybe it just moved. Don't know. If you have one in your area they are worth checking out. Not so much for the prices, although they are pretty good, but for the selection.They have a lot of home/yard décor and all kinds of dish/glass/kitchen ware. Except the one type of bottle I wanted. :D


I wish there was an IKEA around me. I've never been in one. Probably a good thing.


Then I took a trip down to the outlet mall. I'm not a brand name shopper at all. In fact there are some brands (Calvin Klein) that I refuse to buy, but there is a store there that still carries some of my discontinued Correlle dishes. I have all I'll ever need now but I saw they had some larger serving bowls. I didn't have any but I do now. Buy two and get the third one free. I no longer need anything else Correlle. They seem pretty sturdy. I have dropped a few onto the counter top with no breakage and they feel like regular dishes only lighter in weight which is good for my hand and arm strength. And still made in the USofA :cele:


I'm going to go catch up on some home improvement shows I have DVR'ed and call it a day. I hope I remember to call for an appointment to get my brakes fixed this week. Going won't be a problem but stopping could start to become an issue.

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I ordered a Mirro 22 qt. pressure canner a couple of weeks ago and used it for the first time a few days ago. Followed directions but the bottom warped the first time I used it. Returned it yesterday to Amazon and my card was refunded today. So I ordered a 23 qt. Presto from Walmart tonight and it should be here Friday! Yay! We should be getting the baby goats this weekend. I am going to an Easter Egg hunt at the owners home and will probably pick them up afterwards. I think it's going to be chaotic at first with the dogs and goats!

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I'll bet you are excited to finally get your baby goats, Miki.  Hopefully the animals will get along just fine.


Yesterday, I messed up royally.  I went to disconnect the water hose from the faucet and it turned the pipe inside the wall and the pipe started to leak.  Today, I am waiting for the plumber to come and fix it.  :pray: it doesn't cost us very much.  :sigh:

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I hope it doesn't cost much either.  Still waiting on the plumber.  


I am glad you have found the mobile version, Miki


Today, I messing with the color schemes, making one similar to what we had.   I hoping to find time to browse the available skins and see what options are available to us.

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