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I can get mine cut for $5 at the local beauty college. Here lately, we've been buzzing everybody's hair...including the 10-year-old girl's (because she wants it done - hates combing her hair). I'm finally letting mine grow out again, but at any time I might say to heck with it and buzz it off again.

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We got an early start (Mr took off a day from his current project site) this morning because it was a beautiful day. Got the roof fixed and everything in the yard cleane up..lots of stuff had accumulated near one of the buildings. So, we'll be back to normal tomorrow...working!

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I miss the beauty college. The lady who ran it went to prison for stealing government loan money from student tuitions!


DH had a Dr appt today. They will need to do more tests next week. I hope everything is okay. He is getting up there a bit in age and I worry about his health.


We finally found where the hens have been hiding their eggs since we moved them. I don't understand chicken thinking..lol


It was a beautiful day here too. Hard to believe it is nearly February.

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Got a load of laundry washed and hung up to dry. Stripped a chicken carcass of it's meat and we had chicken burritos for lunch. Boiled what was left for a few hours and now I have a quart of beautiful chicken stock for some chicken and noodle soup! MrWE2 is back to work on the work site. Weather has been very nice, the grass thinks it's time to turn green! Not fond of this type of weather because it tricks the trees into budding too soon and then the freeze hits them :-( Getting itchy fingers...wanting to play in the garden soil but it's too early to even start seeds :-)

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How is the puppers Annarchy? Hope he isn't too sick. :(

The vet said Gunny was a really sick puppy, according to the records sent with him. She put him on more antibiotics to clear up an infection he has from the injections he received. And gave him a heavy dose of deworming medicine. Poor thing had large round worms, which she said she'd never seen them that big. I had collected a couple out of his vomit (yuck!). Anyway, he's doing better, each evening I put an hot pack on the injection swelling and do the same for Grrr on his hips.


The doc gave me a shot in my duff and heavy antibiotics for pneumonia. Owww. I had a cold at first, then it turned on me. It didn't help, every where I went, someone else was sick and coughing without covering up. (Grumble). The vet even said she had just gotten out of the hospital the day before. Really!?!?! I'll get better, now that I have treatment.


All this makes me wonder what would happen in a SHTF situation. IDK how we would survive without a good supply of meds.


Today is house cleaning day. 2 large dogs have wrecked havoc on the floors.


Gunny is learning NOT to chew everything he sees. Arg! He has several chew toys that seem to be keeping him occupied. Except for the wood pieces.... lol. Vet said he is still teething. And that he might be 1.5 years old not 3.


As for "Joker" the man who rescued him for us. He's in the hospital and has had several surgeries. He has lost part of his foot because they cannot seem to get the infection under control. :pray:


Hope everyone has a great day.

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We've both been down with flu for about a week. Mr picked it up "somewhere" and then shared it with me, so I'm about 3 days behind him in recovery. What a demon it is! The coughing is the worst. We've taken mucous relief which helped break a lot of it up. The antibiotics are for pneumonia...10 days for each of us. Been taking breathing treatments with our inhaler machine, Last night Mr was able to finally seelp in our bed. He's had to sleep in his recliner. I finally got a night's rest last night also, but still took a 2-hour nap this afternoon. We elected not to take any flu shots last year or this. They admittedly say they don't know which flu theiy're chasing, so why put that "senior dose" into our bodies and still get the flu? I think we were still a bit compromised from the head/chest colds we had in December. It's sort of funny...every time Abby-girl would hear me start hacking here she would come and almost seemed like she wanted to make sure I was going to get some air :-) Needless to say, I have only been out of the house once in the past 2 weeks :-( We've both been "off our feed" and that's not really a problem. Don't hurt to lose a pound or two as long as we are taking in lots of fluids and nutrition...especially love soups. scrambled eggs with toast and 7-up.

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Ugh WE2. The crud is making it's rounds in a lot of places. Nearly everyone of the humans at the dog site either has it or has had it. They are calling it the "Two exits no waiting" problem. In other words, vomiting and diarrhea. They have the hacking cough added too. Hope you feel all better soon.

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The "Crud" in unmerciful this year.


Had to go back to the doctor, another shot and heavier medication. I NEED to get over this before next Wednesday when I go to visit MIL. Just trying to breathe, when I lay down, has been terrible. PTL, it seems to be easing up.


We decided we were tired of hanging around the house feeling bad. We packed our day pack, stuffed the dogs in the car, went to the lake and sat on the bank watching the boats. No fishing, just resting letting the puppies check everything out. The temperature reached 85*. Hoping that is not a sign that this year is going to be scorching here in the desert.


On the way home, a driver pulled out of a side road to merge into traffic. Traffic was thick, so I moved into the left lane to avoid hitting them and they pulled right in front of me at about 15 mph. I was doing the speed limit, 50, and slowing down, but it didn't matter. My tires smoked the pavement, while I considered hitting the left guardrail, to avoid rear ending them, as the car began to drift when the tires lost traction! A quick glace in the rear view mirror, to see if I was going to get hit, informed me that the line of traffic behind me was doing the same. WOW, just wow. I shook for quite a while.


Well, time to get to work.


I hope everyone is having a good day.

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WE2, we are going into our third week of the flu. The 2nd week we felt a bit better as in able to eat without feeling too sick and having a bit more energy, then Mom and I seemed to take a cold on top of the flu. Two folks I know about both said they had it for 3 weeks. I have great empathy for anyone who has it!


Wow Annarchy! Glad you survived that! Scary.

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We've "back on feed" now and today I went with Mr. to get a little bit of shopping down and return some library books. Have been doing most of our shopping from the pantry. Sure glad it was availalble! But...toilet paper is a must. The weather's been gorgeous and supposed to be again tomorrow. We're planning to resume work on the homestead's bathroom so we can continue with our moving plans.

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WE2 be really careful about starting work too quickly! DH and I felt better and stacked some firewood. Some symptoms came back with a vengeance!


Yep...worked about 3 hours in a chilly house (50) and the coughing came back big time! Were supposed to deliver flowers yesterday and today but just couldn't do it. Figured we'd better stay inside and breath warm air (with our humidifier) and take things easy. Feeling much better this evening, but won't be rushing anything. Need to get taxes started but want to wait until I hae a clear mind.

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WE2, God willing you and yours will get well real soon.


I heard a little blurb on the radio, some time back. 'A hug has been proven to work as effectively as a flu shot in some cases. '


I told DH the other day, we got this crud, 'cause we weren't hugging enough. :hug3:



It is that time of month again. Time to hit the road to go visit MIL.


Sunday, MIL called and said she had broken her upper canine tooth, under the gum and needed to have surgery to fix it. Monday, she called and said they were going to do it and her friend would take her. Several hours later I got a call from her friend saying she had to be put to sleep and that she couldn't talk, but was in recovery.


Panic and worry gripped us. She's over 85 and that's not good for her. I rushed to get my scheduled duties completed. I had to go to the bank, post office and store to make sure everything was taken care of before I left.


The pups went with me, for a ride. Except when I got out of the car at the bank, Gunny decided to bolt out of the car. I grabbed him, just in time, and shoved him back into the car. He wasn't too cooperative as Grrr was grrring at him. I shoved, he shoved back and twisted my knee sideways. I really did not notice until, I shut the door and turned to walk into the bank. :groooansmileyf:


My knee is swollen and I can not walk or bend it without pain. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Such is life.


I tested my driving skills yesterday, to make sure I would be able to drive. I agree with DH, it will be easier on me to go, than it would be for me to stay and take care of the ferrets, dogs, and hens.


I decided to give myself something to do, while I am sitting and resting and healing, I began crocheting a new set of coasters to replace the one Gunny ate. The new design will be a nice change.


I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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It sounds like a sickness report here at MrsS..lol.


Dh came down with the flu Monday. He went to the Dr. yesterday since he thought it was bronchitis. They did the test and it's flu. Poor baby has bad cold symptoms but at least he is still eating. He gotten thin enough lately that I worry about him not eating enough.


I have alot of phone work to do today. I dislike calling folks so much any more! We had 4 heart and lung tests set up for Friday and Monday. He won't be well enough for that. Plus we have a problem with the pharmacy. I guess I better start calling before they all go to lunch.


At least it is a beautiful day outside!


Have a great day all!

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Feeling alot more "normal" today. Managed to get the vacuuming done, sweeping done, laundry folded and put away and some other things done that needed doing. Then, found a few minutes to take Abby-girl out in the back yard for some toss & fetch to wear the cabin-fever off her. Mr is still spending a lot of time in his chair. Trying to convince him to get up and move about so his lungs can expand...but he's being stubborn. I think he'll probably start moving around tomorrow...after he reads this book he's fascinated with...??? A friend called and her brother collapsed in his driveway today and had to be taken by ambulence to a local hospital...thinking at first he had a stroke. But diagnosis...flu...high white blood cell count (infection) turning into pneumonia? Said the hospital was so full of people with the flu, that they may have to move him to another hospital in another city. Another good reason to stay at home...if at all cost! Praying for all of you here, that you get healthy and stay that way!

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Good morning! My daughter, boyfriend (hers), and grandson will be visiting for a week around Easter! Right after Easter, I get to visit friends and family in FL for two weeks! When I get back, we will start seriously looking for a house here in MS. Or maybe FL, we are still conflicted! Everything is going well with our health for now. DH wants to get a couple of mini goats. This should prove interesting!


I guess I better try to find a new antivirus program. AVG still won't let me on this site. Right now I have no antivirus at all and I know that's not good.

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That flu sure sounds scary! I'm feeling very nauseated today. I think (HOPE) it's because I took my meds on an empty stomach this morning because I was in a rush to go out get my errands run. Ugh. I hope that's all it is and am kicking myself because I know better than to do that. Like this one time will be different from all the others. :frying pan:


Glad you are going to get to see your family over Easter break Miki, and also your friend!

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Feeling a lot better but the hacking cough is such a torment. Did get in the truck and just took a ride through the park...didn't get out. Just needed some "release" from cabin-fever...for all of us! There just doesn't seem to be anything we've found to get rid of the hacking cough for any length of time. Tomorrow is the last day of our 10 day meds.

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Hi everybody,


Sorry I've been quiet. Trying to recover, traveling to MIL's, limping on a twisted knee, going to the CoC members meeting and then... I dislike food poisoning...


Managed to get a couple of things done for her, today.


Hoping everyone else is doing well.


* sigh *

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