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On 4/4/2017 at 11:10 PM, Annarchy said:

Tomorrow, I will be working with the server people to try to get our site on a secure server.  Hopefully, that will take care of the warning once and for all.  I can hope.  :puzzledsmile:


???  A 'secure' server?  I suspect a 'lingo' here.  You do need an 'ssl' or 'socket' to do https.  We had to do that with the old thelitterbox.org chat/forum/ftp server ($$ per month extra)(and a static ip number).   But I was not aware you had to have a secure server (also called 'dedicated')(presentation of 'key' or packets rejected).

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Rain, and the Librum is quiet.  Good.  Getting some work done, with NO interference.  I am working through another index.  The History of Science, 1904 (four volumes also to be rescanned).  Then The Practical Educator, 1934, with 34 more volumes of that to digitize  :reading:.  (sigh smiley)


But spirits are up.  The Wilderness Way / Self Reliance Illustrated / Good Earth Almanac combined iLL will be publicly sold. 

:cele:   We done good!  Wish the price could come down more. 


And the CountrySide and Small Stock Journal iLL is now on eBay!  :cheer:


(I could not find the 'sigh' smiley.)



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Sarah, some of the user manuals have suggested the SSL certificate for login protection.  Other documentation, says it isn't necessary.  I am working on clarifying both statements.  Still unable to get a straight answer from them.




When you click on the smile icon, click 'categories' > 'Emotions" and all of the smiles will show up.


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Yesterday, I canned 6 qts. of French Fries and 4 pints of home fries.  Today, took DH to get a pedicure and he ended up getting his hair braided as well (in a man braid?!)  He loved the pedi.  Tomorrow, we go to town to pick up a few things I need before the kids get here from IL.  When I get home, I will be making dog treats and goat cookies.  And loving on the baby goats, of course.  We are plenty busy right now!

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Just like canned chunks of potatoes but a different shape.  I peeled them and pressure canned using Ball book.  The home fries were sliced with food processor.  I have only a small top freezer and company coming Tuesday= no room!:)

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We've been so busy! DD1 & DSIL came Mar 31-Apr 3 and helped us cut, split and stack most of two loads of logs. Then we got the rest of it done this week. What a blessing to get that done so quickly!


We got the indoor plant light system set up and have started eggplant and sweet peppers (red, yellow and chocolate). Nothing has germinated yet.


Waiting on a load of gravel for the driveway this morning.

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Gravel has been spread and is paid for. Yay!


I forgot to mention that I got our taxes done yesterday and it took all day long! I was using one of the free places on the IRS web site. It was so slow. It kept timing out while waiting for the next page to load up. Everybody in the US must have been trying to do theirs at the same time! Finally finished it with help from the Lord and from DS.

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Goat cookies made (and if the goats don't like them, we do) and no bake dog treats made.  Went to town.  Battery in car died so we got another one along with cables and back windshield washer blade.  I walked down to burkes outlet while dh dealt with the battery and I found a spring type dress.  I have not owned a dress since we left FL in 2003 to travel!  Now I feel like a big deal!  LOL  Tomorrow I am going to a wedding (and not as a photographer) for the first time since we left FL.  Should be fun!

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Anarchy, thanks for the clarification.  Is/was 'lingo'.  And I further confused it with a typo.  I should have typed:

"(presentation of 'key' required per packet or packet rejected)".

You understood, I think, thank you.


The emoticon search is clumsy, Better than before, so on 'plus' side.


Today, we had a bunch of Brownie scouts on tour come in.  I had no warning.  Too darn cute.  And some very good questions from them.  If these are example of the upcoming generations, then we will be O.K.  I got some good chuckles when the 'adult' leaders discovered the ongoing 'girl scout' project, where we are restoring all such old materials (Girl Scouts, BlueBirds, Camp Fire Girls, Woodscraft, etc.) in our archives.  They were waving money in the air!  The little ones were watching with looks of 'hoah!'  And I got several sensings of 'white lighting' from around Majere's old office.  He would have loved it.



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Hmm first time using this format for website. okay.... using tablet. new laptop would not bring up out of sleep mode, would not turn back on.....etc etc...... are my last  60 pages of book toast, its an awesome book! aaargh. unbelievable.....contacting HP tomorrow. ugh. I woke up to badly behaving laptop this morning. 

DGD Fiore had toungue surgery for tongue tied problem, parents are having to treat at home for her recovery......scream city when they massage under the toungue, she is only less that two months old but growing up just fine ...please say a prayer for Fiore andher parents. DS ran a half marathon today. He did well.  

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We had 2 women come in today and do a thorough ceiling to floor clean of our house.  They did an amazing job and it was so needed!  The kids and grand will be here tomorrow for a week or so.  We can hardly wait!  DH has a doc appt. tomorrow afternoon and so I will get a few things I need at the store and they should be here in the evening.  It's going to be a great week!

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I had a wonderful day. Mischa the Great Dane had her puppies today. I sat glued to the computer for hours with about 3,000 of my closest friends. I got nothing done. Nothing. But we shared a lot of laughs and had a good time with a lot of new people joining in. It was also on Youtube and we crashed the cameras 3-4 times from the volume of people watching.


She had a near perfect delivery. Nothing went wrong, no puppies in distress and no stillborn pups, thank You Lord. All came out breathing and latched on right away. Very unusual. They came less than an hour apart. Normal is around two hours apart. We now have 12 adorable puppies who will hopefully become service dogs for the mobility challenged, mainly MS and Parkinsons, or for veterans with post traumatic stress disorders. Twelve puppies!  Squeee. I'm so stinkin' proud. Four girls and eight boys. We were hoping for more boys because we have some tall veteran applicants coming and the males are a little bigger. I say "we" like it's mine. LOL. I'm tired!  AND they named one of them...Jagger. As in Mick. Sigh.


It was a good day. Pictures aren't good yet but the resident photographer will be there this weekend.  


I have no idea which one mom is kissing here:



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Yay for the mom and puppies!


Yesterday was such a beautiful day. DS dug up about 1/2 bushel each of Minowasie (sp?)diakon radishes and Gold Ball turnips from where we had stored them in the ground. They are keeping SO much better than in previous years. Last fall, we put them in those black plastic collapsible produce crates in plywood lined holes about 4 ft deep. We could use straw except we'd have to buy it and it's really hard to find around here. Previous years, we just buried them in the dirt and the rotted whereever they touched the dirt. Anyway, DD and I prepared them buy scrubbing, peeling, shredding, blanching and freezing. We had 4 qts and 1 pt of the turnips and 5 qts of the diakon.  We ate some for lunch too. They are really good sauteed. Even Mom likes the daikons and she hates them raw, even the little red radishes. I thought the turnips were the best and I don't like raw turnips or normally even cooked ones. These Gold Ball are the best turnips in my opinion. Worth eating! :)

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Yesterday was a day at the lake. Gunny learned he could swim. He kept collecting things from under the water all day, but wouldn't go in beyond his belly. With a little coaxing, he went deeper and realized he wasn't sinking. When he got out he danced and pranced at the waters edge for quite a while. 


We didn't catch any fish, but we had a relaxing day. 


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It's been an absolutely BUSY 3 weeks for us...but the garden's "getting there".  Got the herb barden planted, the bush beans are planted (yes, you'll see the toilet roll things), the carrots are planted, 8 tomato plants are in, the hanging baskets with flowers planted, and today we got all the round containers filled with compost and top soil and I planted one with Swiss Chard and two with Kale.  I put some watermelon and pumpkin plants in some temporary planters (also in tp rolls) until we get the concrete block beds built and filled with compost and soil.  I don't put wood chips in the containers because we'll dump the mix out and mix it with new stuff next year.  We lined the containers with weed mat and then set them on more weed mat and then put wood chips around them today (I'll get a pic later).  It rained most of the morning but I went ahead and watered everything as well as the new containers.  When I get through (thanks to weed mat and wood chips and/or sawdust) there will be no mowing in the garden area.  Mr. loves that idea!











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Yep, we'll be putting in Okra again this year.  Got the "wild edible" garden section started yesterday, including some elderberry starts from a friend, in a totally different location on the property.  Tomorrow we're planning to make a sawdust run to get sawdust for the garden walkways.  I'm putting down weed mat with sawdust on those, and then weed mat and rock around the wild edible section since it's close to one side id the house.  Getting closer to the "grow it, don't mow it"...!  We'll have plenty of grass in Abby's nice big yard and also in the open section where nothing's planted...except the ornamental windmill with my Egyptian Walking onions, so we'll be able to let it grow tall and cycle it for drying, should we need it for rabbits or brown for the compost bins. Will try to post pics later, keep forgetting to take camera.

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Borrowed a friends trailer and made quite a haul on sawdust, the cabinet maker even used his front loader and dumped it into our MANY 55 gallon trash cans! LOL  Also had several 5-gallon buckets that got filled too.  Tarped it and then he has a dump site where he burns "long cuts" of wood so we took just about all of it and put it in the back of the truck under the cap.  We'll chop those down to use in our rocket stove.  Supposed to rain some tomorrow so may work outside and inside.  Checked the little tp rolls and I've got some bush beens coming up.  Really was frustrate to see where "something" at almost all of my little seedling tomatoes.  The larger ones are in cages so they left them alone.  Also ate some of my sweet pepper seedings.  Was not thoughful of me to plant them and use only bamboo stakes around them instead of tp rolls.  They're inside tp rolls now! Grrr...I saw a bunny take off from the garden area so I'm betting that's the critter.  May have to set a live trap and send him to critter heaven.  Two of my hanging flower baskets are coming in, and my bell peppers are doing great in their containers in the herb bed.  The wild edible section looks good...except the asparagus and elderberry bushes look a bit droopy.  Transplant shock for sure.  I just want them to survive this year for next spring.  Made supper a quickie...chicken burritos!

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Today was busy.


DH went to TX this time.  I have time to do stuff.  Too much stuff.  I'm tired and sore.


Today, I started on the phone, first thing, and got some security stuff going for our site and went outside to work on the shed.  Cut and flattened a couple dozen shipping boxes and filled the recycle bin to overflowing.  When the heat got to me, I came back inside and completed our certificate of compliance for our credit card machine, and passed.  Then, went back outside, put up my umbrella for shade, and replaced all the straw in the chicken coop, filling my mulch bin to overflowing.  Good thing I had emptied most of it into a container, (Thanks Miki for the idea~I had a medium sized metal water trough that I was using as a stand.), and planted potato eyes.  They seem to like it and are beginning to grow.


After finishing the coop, I came back inside, followed up on the security stuff and took a nice long bath to get all the dirt, straw, grime and sweat off me.  Whew!  Then, I watched the news and turned off the TV and went back outside and sat on the porch swing watching the sun set.  The dogs played, as much as Grrr will at his age, and watched Gunny run circles around the yard like a dog at the race track.  My goodness, that dog has so much energy!

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