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We were showing his boy the old games, they were impressed, saying, ‘those are antique!”  Sigh.  We aren’t THAT old yet…. So we think. :008Laughing:

Took DH for more heart tests, to see if he needs more surgery, he’s wearing another heart monitor, because, last weeks Dr visit had a bad EKG, again.  Thursday he goes in for more tests, looking for an aneurysm, then the following Wednesday back to his heart Dr.  I leave in the morning that day, so, I have written notes for him…. He’s forgetting things….  :sigh:

I’ve been using the tread mill, walking 1/4 mile a day.  Tough on my back & knees, so, I’m taking today off.  I don’t want to aggravate it too much, but, I am trying to get my strength back up.


Then, when I get home from TX, I need to build a ‘frost’ shelter for the garden, turn the soil, mix in more mulch, & plant for the cooler weather….  He wants, jalapeños, green chili and a plethora of other things….  High hopes & expectations…..  :pray:

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I had labs on Saturday for my ails. Lol. I probably won't get the results until next week. My doctor's office is slow like that... 🐌 I usually have to call at least 2 times. 😕 

Saturday, dh went to a music concert.  I don't go. I avoid crowds because of my anxiety.  I'm a homebody. Going to something like that just doesn't interest me anyway. Give me a cozy bed and  good book and I'm happy. 

Last night, I suggested that we get some blizzards from DQ. So, we got those. Haven't had them in like 5 years. The prices are just outrageous! $5.89 EACH for a large! I think we would've been better off making milkshakes in the blender- at Home! It was a nice treat for the kids though. We don't have that often.

I've been shopping Amazon, too. I got myself a 7 quart Crockpot. It should be here tomorrow.  I have a 4 quart but it's not big enough for some meals. I have a triple crock,too that I asked for, for Christmas, before my Dad passed away. So, that was about 2011. I still haven't used it. I really thought I would. Maybe the holidays, this year?? Each crock is about 2 1/2 qts., I think. Any ideas on what to cook in these size crocks?

I made a consultation appointment with an oral surgeon today to talk about getting a tooth pulled. My regular dentist removed bacteria and cleared tooth fragments out a few weeks ago. They wanted to send me somewhere else for a root canal, back to them for a post and core buildup, then probably back to the specialist for a crown. I would probably be looking at close to $1000 for 1 tooth when all was said and done. I was like, screw it, I'm getting it pulled. I have quite a few broken teeth and tooth fragments in my mouth. I just want to get all that mess taken care of. Most of my tooth problems are inherited but I have a wicked sweet tooth, too! I love cookies and chocolate!

Those gear toys look fun for kids.  

I have a regular Spirograph.  I don't think I had one as a kid so, I bought one as an adult! 😆 

I hadn't seen one of those gear like ones pictured above. I think my daughter would like that.

Oh, one more thing... I'm not sure if I shared yet. We are expecting our 3rd grandchild in December.  A Girl. Our son and dil already have 1 boy and 1 girl. They live in Canada but plan to move to Tennessee in the spring.  So, it will be nice to have them closer. We haven't visited in almost 3 years and we have never met our granddaughter in person yet and she is 15 months old.

It's late here.

Sweet dreams! 😴 

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......ACK...Lallapalloooza T-storm!  Can't post.  Knocked us off-line but still have electric.  :amen:    Hour and half of White-Out Rain and up to marble-size hail.  Yanked my pansy pots under the porch roof but also covered with a rug!  It looked like a popcorn popper with that hail bouncing several times cuz it hits so hard-even on the porch!  Lot of snow...er, hail covering the ground.  Lightning ZAPPPING like crazy....multiple strikes at once!  Shaking the log cabin.  Very glad for huge quantities of rain....extinguish fire if lightning strikes.   Sheeeesh!  :behindsofa:   Dunno if it's just our little corner of the world or if this is widespread.  Had one like this once long ago.  A car actually flipped over on it's lid!  Saw it down on the road...or ditch...in the flashes of lightning.  Called 911....I was beside myself thinking some family with kids could be in there.  But it was empty when they got there.  [ a drunk decided not to be there???]  They got it on it's wheels and towed it away.  Heavy hail is definitely "slick as ice"!!



MtRider  :wacko:   [THIS WAS LAST NITE...finally got Internet this morning after fiddling and resetting]

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Blessedhomemaker, good luck with your teeth. I really need dental work done too but I'd rather do anything to keep from going. They scare me.  :sEm_blush:  I'm not sure where I stand if I need another extraction. Molars are my weakness. I had a bridge but it wouldn't stay in. I'm wondering if an implant would be as cost effective as a root canal and a crown. Will cross that bridge when I come to it I suppose. I need a doctor workup, dental work and an eye exam. I'm falling apart at the seams. If I was a horse...bloowie.  


Those gear games are a lot of fun. The less expensive ones are just as good. With the Gears, Gears, Gears brand you can add to them like Legos and Lincoln Logs. I remember both my then husband and I playing with a spirograph as adults. It was fun until someone lost a gear or two. :D


I got a chicken sandwich, a Pepsi and a medium Blizzard at the DQ last month and couldn't believe the price! It sure was good but dang. 


Congrats on your new grandbaby! :cloud9:  I know you will be relieved to have them closer to home. You are in for some exciting times.  

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13 hours ago, blessedhomemaker71 said:

We haven't visited in almost 3 years and we have never met our granddaughter in person

I'm so glad your family will be closer!  I'm sure you will have so much fun!


I've been (or seems like) very busy for the past few days!


Church first.
Came home and walked dogs.
Took Ebay photos.
Started pressure canning salsa.
Put mini marshmallows in dehydrator.
PC is cooling down and was done.



Walked first.
Went to Walmart for 2 tires. Ended up ordering them online for delivery.
Went to see health insurance lady. She doesn't believe dh will lose va disability pension when we switch to social security. We will get a paper drawn up. Without va pension, I should qualify for assistance with part B because of low income.
Came home and cut okra and picked figs.
Put away dehydrated marshmallows.
Did 2 loads of laundry
Cleaned out front shed- big job.
I was done!


This morning, walked first.
Walked dogs.
Washed rugs.
Worked on bookkeeping stuff with a little success. Not much.
Going to see VA advocate in a little while. Get a paper saying DH won't have disability pension and social security at the same time.
When I come home will clean baths.
Put away salsa that was canned a couple of days ago.

That should be it!

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Hope it works out in your DH social security case!  When I went on it a couple of years ago I was told you either get social security or disability but not both. I hope for your sake it has changed. I wasn't on disability but was asking for a friend of mine who was also getting ready to retire. The whole process was confusing to me. Especially the Medicare part. 


They also told me something strange that I question. She said if your ex spouse dies you are still entitled to some sort of widow benefits IF you haven't remarried. I don't know about that. It doesn't seem correct but that's what they told me at the S.S. office in person. My D-ex is still alive so I haven't tried it. He is almost 75 yrs old. He still jogs every day and just retired this month. Workaholic. 



Oh, and my cousin finally got on disability due to kidney failure. Then she went on social security. Everything was approved. She wasn't scamming, She was just doing what they told her. A couple of years later they caught THEIR mistake and cut her benefits down to hardly nothing. They were deducting every month from her check to pay the amount back. Luckily her husband had a good job. It was so sad. They denied her benefits 3 times before they gave it to her and then took most of it back. And she was on dialysis 3 times a week. Joke was on them. She died before they got paid back. 


I only mention that to warn everyone to make sure what they are telling you is correct because they will come after you to get it back. 

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5 hours ago, Jeepers said:

They also told me something strange that I question. She said if your ex spouse dies you are still entitled to some sort of widow benefits IF you haven't remarried. I don't know about that. It doesn't seem correct but that's what they told me at the S.S. office in person. My D-ex is still alive so I haven't tried it. He is almost 75 yrs old. He still jogs every day and just retired this month. Workaholic. 


You have to have been married for 14(?) years at the death of your spouse. I believe you CAN make a "survivor's benefit" claim on their account even if you are working and have you own account. I think it best to choose the acct for which the person with the highest earnings in the quarter the benefits are based on. 


I didn't work outside of the home so my benefits (and the kids') was based on his earnings. Each child "aged out" of benefits when they turned 18, but I am still receiving Widow's/Survivor's benefits even though Bill passed away in 2001. The main reason is that I qualify as "disabled."


 I don't know if you can apply for benefits even if you are still working once you reach "retirement" age. I think perhaps you can, but you are only "allowed" a certain income before they start reducing your monthly benefits. This is the reason most people (including moi) went to a lawyer to get benefits established. (They take a % of your first payment which is usually prorated BACK to when you first became eligible as most of these payments are "lump sum" payments of what was due while you were litigating the benefits. I hope that makes sense. :bouquet:



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On 8/8/2022 at 8:46 PM, blessedhomemaker71 said:

Any ideas on what to cook in these size crocks?

Share a picture.  I may be able to help.  MIL got me some, years ago… still using them.


As for teeth, BTDT.  One by one my upper jaw became infected.  PTL, my dentist is an understanding person.  Thankfully, the lowers are healthy, after they got rid of the jaw infection.  I am extremely careful to keep them that way.

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Disclaimer:  Do your own researchplease….

I go SocSec disability in 1998.  They, Medicare, ragged me to sign up for Medicare medical coverage.  After searching all the gov sites, researching, and calling our local office, I found out, if you have preexisting full medical coverage, including drug coverage, I don’t need to be on the Medicare system.  Period!  

DH has now hit the age where Soc Sec is “required”, even though it was delayed, several years.  Now, they are trying to get him on Medicare…. Again I did an extensive search, all inclusive research… and found out, if he takes the Medicare health benefit, the premium would be over $100/month, deducted from his SS check, and he would be responsible for, at least 20% of all medical bills AND, if he didn’t choose an “Advantage” plan, 100% of all drug costs!  Plus, a fine, assessed monthly, for the rest of his life, because he didn’t sigh up when he was initially eligible…approximately, $200/month!  Not including the prescription costs at 100%.

However, because, his retirement insurance plan, covers 99% of all medical & prescription costs, above the limited coverage Medicare offers, or any of their preferred providers for “their” “Advantage” plans, we exceed their requirements to enroll into the Medicare system….. As long as we can keep his retirement insurance, and it exceeds their “basic”  coverages.  

And, as long as we don’t have 6 months of no medical coverage, we won’t have to pay that penalty for not signing up for the govt’s medical plans, when he first became eligible.

IMHO, those plans suck!  Even for the most expensive plans they offer, you end up paying, out of pocket, for major medical, at least, 20%, if not more, depending upon the plan you choose…. So, for his $100,000 ambulance ride,  hospital stay & surgery, we would have had to pay $20,000 out of pocket.  

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Jeepers, yes.  If your spouse passes, & you were on his plans, SS, etc, as a beneficiary, they take that into consideration.  MIL gets a small percentage of Da’s SS benefit.  

DH elected, no spousal maintenance with his retirement…. Such is life.  Lol.  However, I might get the small percentage of his SS payment, if he passes before I do & vice versa.  

I worked in personnel, dealing with providing insurance and benefits, etc. for several years, with our county. We’d negotiate with all the insurance companies, medical, dental, vision & life insurance for all of the county’s employees.


(((Seriously, the most irritating thing I have ever seen in my life, was the president, at that time, walking with a specific company, to negotiate…… the govt medical plan.  I don’t think I can ever forget that.  Our county declined their services, because they didn’t provide enough coverage vs. the costs. )))

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Annarchy, even if you have been divorced for many years and the original person has remarried? An ex-spouse can collect widow benefits? What if they were married 5 times? Could 5 widows collect benefits from one person? That could be an interesting funeral. I know each ex-spouse can collect half of the persons social security as long as they are 64 yrs old and were married at least 10 years. BTW none of this money comes out of the original persons pocket. It's all in addition to. So even though I get half of D-ex's S.S. he still gets his full amount. No wonder S.S. is going broke. They are everyone's baby daddy. 


I do collect off of D-ex's S.S. He made a lot more in his working career than I did. We were married almost 30 years. Even getting half of his benefit amount was more than if I got of my own full amount. And believe me, it isn't a lot. 

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Went into the medical clinic today.  Told my weird story of needing to have a clean bill of health before our property managers will come inside our house and fix the leaking faucet valve.  [they have close family on chemo right now and can't spread ANY thing to him. ....I concur!!!]  So receptionist went back and got my doc's order for a "fluvid test" .  Yes, that's a real name you might take note of.   Tests for C0vid but also Flu A and Flu B and one other flu thing.  Wow they drill that thing up your nose quite a ways.  OW!  :wacko:


All negative.  :amen:  


But I was sweating up a fever while talking to receptionist.  Then I got the CHILLS.  Felt pretty "drug thru the ringer" too.  But I got everything done. 


Sooooo....WHAT do I have?   One alternate explanation was allergies.  But I don't think so....the rains are cleansing the air every day.  And I don't have much congestion anywhere to make that a huge problem. 


Drat!  Drat! Drat!  Since eliminating other things, DH is quite sure....and I'm pretty much agreeing.  It's the "Backwash of Too Much Adrenaline Use"  during March, April, and especially full time at Mom's May, June and half of July.  DH remembers when we moved here from Maui.  I'd REALLLLLY overworked those last 2 yrs.  Got here and  :faint3:  ....for a long time.   Phooey!  It would take less time to get over C0vid, honestly.  But no, I wouldn't want that.  I know how to deal with adrenal burnout......lots of :offtobed:    But I will do walks with dog.  Not to rigorous but moving and light stuff is important.  


I see my doc next week.  We'll run our theory past her.  See if she has any other ideas.  See if this Fever/Chill has eased any???  :pray: 


MtRider  yeah, :offtobed:  

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Good thing you ladies are savvy. Good luck is the only thing that has gotten me through. Before I got on S.S. I thought Medicare would be paying for all of my medical care. And what they didn't pay, Obama Care would. :24:  Poor naive Jeepers. They deduct Medicare from your S.S. check before you even get it. EVERY time there is a raise in the social security benefits, they raise the cost of Medicare. Every. Single. Time. One year my cousin-in-law got $5.00 less on his monthly S.S. check after we got a raise. The reason was the cost of Medicare went up at the same time too. 


I think I might be getting fleeced on something though. I have Medicare, a supplemental plan and a prescription plan. I think it's the prescription plan that I don't need. I'm wondering if either Medicare or the supplemental plan isn't picking up the Rx cost. I'm no longer on any meds at the moment but I can remember where, even with all three plans, I was still paying a little bit out of pocket for Rx. The plan is 'only' $35.00 a month but I'm questioning if I really need it? Unless it would be a benefit if I needed 'high cost' meds. 



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Sheeesh, Jeepers!  You're up an hour later than me...and I should be in bed already.  If ya keep reading and thinking about Medicare and such topics...  :blink:  ...you're never gonna be able to sleep, ya know.  ;) 


MtRider   ....really, I'm going....  :offtobed:    G'Night all.

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LOL Mt. Rider. I ran out of Ambien so I'm all over the place with sleeping. Mostly I don't. Melatonin and other PM type of meds usually gives me restless leg syndrome which is worse than insomnia.  


Poor Midnightmom usually gets stuck with me being out there on the west coast.  :icon19:

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I go talk to the insurance lady tomorrow about Medicare stuff.  Sigh.


Walked first.
Picked figs, peppers and cut okra.
Cooked out--pork steaks for breakfasts and some burgers.
Made croutons out of half a loaf of older Hawaiian bread.
Steam boiled eggs for the first time. Those things peeled perfectly!

#lorriesvideos - Explore

explore #lorriesvideos at Facebook
www.facebook.com www.facebook.com

This is the video I watched. She does a great job of explaining!  Hopefully it will work, at least if you have facebook.

Hope to relax for awhile.

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21 hours ago, Annarchy said:

IMHO, those plans suck!  Even for the most expensive plans they offer, you end up paying, out of pocket, for major medical, at least, 20%, if not more,


Welcome to "ObamaCare." "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." What they didn't say was how much it would COST to "keep" your doctor!

My son, single/unmarried, is NOT fond of the "plan" he is forced to pay for.

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16 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

needing to have a clean bill of health before our property managers will come inside our house and fix the leaking faucet valve. 


Just "spitballing" here, but wouldn't it make more sense for them to send a handyman than to put their tenants through such an expense? I would check with the local housing authority to see what your options are. Sometimes YOU can pay for the repair and then DEDUCT the expense from your rent. I certainly think it is an option worth exploring.

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3 hours ago, Midnightmom said:

than to put their tenants through such an expense?


I offered cuz I don't have any expense thru my doc.  And I'm seeing her next week anyway....and I need to know what this fever/chill is all about after 2.5 wks.  They are the handyman&woman for all the stuff around this property.  Known them for 25 yrs now.  They can come after I see doc ...see what she says.  


I didn't try to do much today.  Lotta fatigue but little fever/chill.  :shrug: 


Steamed eggs, Miki.  Hmm...  Were you by any chance using fresh eggs?  Those are the HARDEST to peel when hard-boiled. 


MtRider     :offtobed:

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9 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Steamed eggs, Miki.  Hmm...  Were you by any chance using fresh eggs?  Those are the HARDEST to peel when hard-boiled. 

Lorrie in the video did 40 fresh eggs, either laid night before or the morning of the video.  It worked perfectly for her.


Good morning! I haven't even walked yet. That will be first.
Then walk dogs.
Dust house.
Take Peanut to Beauty Parlor.
Stop at local grocery for a couple of items.
Talk to Medicare advisor.
Pick up Peanut.
Make lunches for a couple of days.

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Ugh.  We are building fencing AGAIN.  We just got finished putting an addition on to our front dog fence so ALL the dogs can be ithere at once.  Our PITA neighbor was calling animal control on us AGAIN.  This time because our dog was not on a leash in his own yard. (I did not know that was a law.)   I had him out to go potty while the other one was tied on, and I was out with them.  Dodger ran toward her barking, and I called him back to sit with me while she walked past.  He was 50 feet inside our yard line.  He came back right away.  Animal control was nice about it, came by "as a courtesy" to tell us she had called in a complaint.  Apparently their law here says the dog must be either fenced in or on a leash in his own yard.  Being with an owner makes no difference.  Being voice trained makes no difference.  Being a service animal makes no difference.  So today we built more fencing. 


(BTW - Court visit for original animal control call where he broke his tie out...$300.  No time to pay. )


That neighbor of ours has alienated everyone with her poor attitude,  She is divorced, has no children at home anymore and is head of the homeowners association (which we declined to join...I think she has a grudge over that one_)  So she has beocme the self appointed vigilante on almost everything, calling the authorities out at every opportunity rather than just telling someone if they go afoul of various regulations they may not even know about.  We are not the only people she had made a project out of.  Thank goodness animal control was nice and told us about it.  She has also threatened to mace our dogs if they  come near her.  This is from a woman who can barely control her pit bull and does not carry a bully stick in case it bites someone or another pet.  I dont understand why she is so negative, but we must work around her.  So we built another fence.


Mary is very angry with her, and I was until I thought about it from a differnt perspective, and decided to pray for her instead. ( I do not like myself when I am amgry at someone.  It eats at me.)  Obviously she is missing for something in her life, so I pray she will find whatever she is looking for, will find happiness and be at peace.  This bitterness she seems to carry around is not good.


I did get to astonish Mary during our fence-a-thon which gave both of us a good laugh.  We were taking a break from pounding in fence posts and were trying to figure out where the water line ran so we would not put a fence post in the wrong spot.  I told Mary I knew how to find out where they ran, and she asked how.  I told her I could dowse it, and she looked at me like I had sprouted horns and a tail.  So I had her cut me a couple pieces of the wire we were using to tasten up the fence with, and I held them in the proper way, walked around where we though the line was, and the wires crossed.  I backed up a couple paces and the wires uncrossed. I went forward and they crossed again.  Now she was wide eyed.  I moved a couple paces to the side and marked the water line a couple more times so we knew right were it went.  Mary said "how did you do that" and I told her I had been messing around years ago with a friend and we tried dowsing on a bet.  The willow rods worked for the other person, but not for me.  Years later I read about using wires (coat hangers is what I tried it with) and that time I was able to map all the old water lines on the farm house property we were renting, and find where the old hand well pump stand was.  Apparently some things work for some folk, other things for other folks, and some folks get nothing at all.  I asked her if she wanted to try, but she said, nope, now that we knew where the water lines came in we had to get back to fencing, because rain had been predicted in a couple hours (it showed upm too!)


Who says those old timey tricks don't work?  Now I am wondering if we can drill a well thru our clay soil to put in a hand pump.  The local water drilling folks have been very eager to discourage a hand pump well, saying they are not cost effecrtive to drill.  Pfffft!  I have a sneaking hunch they really meant un-profitable fot them to break out the truck for a simple hand pump.  Hmmmm (my old fashioned analog brain box is humming as I mull over whether I would need a permit, license and certification of some kind to do it myself - probably - and how I would find out if they even make DIY equipment for that any more.)  I'd sure love to have a non-grid well on the property, even if it was "unprofitable" LOL.  Even if I had to do it myself.  


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Hi all just popping in to say hi. My computer has been randomly freezing up so I haven't been able to stay online much. But wanted to let you all know I'm commiserating with you on all the healthcare expenses. DH was in the hospital last month and starting to see some bills trickle through for tests and hospitalist fees and really not looking forward to the big bill I know is coming for his overnight stay. Will probably be about 5k with our 30% coinsurance after we meet the deductible which I think we may have already met for the year. Medical costs and everything else just keep going up.

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The Patriot Post® - ObamaCare's "Medical Deserts"

By Emmy Griffin · August 11, 2022

Remember back in 2012 when the Obama administration released the “Life of Julia” ad? It was meant to promote the essential need for ObamaCare and demonstrate how the law (i.e., Democrats) would take care of Americans from cradle to grave. Fast-forward to 2022, and the devastating effects of ObamaCare policies are vast and getting ever worse.


The ObamaCare salesmen said it would solve everything from health insurance to access to medical care. It has, in fact, exacerbated the “medical deserts.” “Medical deserts” are areas where Americans don’t have access to proper medical care. According to research1 provided by GoodRx, 80% of the country is in some sort of medical desert. To meet the criteria of a “medical desert,” residents don’t have access to one of six things: pharmacies, hospitals, low-cost health centers, primary care providers, hospital beds, and/or trauma centers. This is especially prevalent in rural parts of the country, where hospitals and access to them means an hour-plus drive. This is a death sentence to someone with a traumatic health crisis going on.


The states with the highest percentage of their populations in a medical desert are Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Maine, and Vermont. The Washington Examiner’s Barnini Chakraborty, who is authoring a series of articles on this subject, writes2: “Rural hospitals across the country have been struggling financially for years, prompting the closure of 101 facilities from January 2013 through February 2020, according to a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Another study from the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform found that 40% of all rural hospitals were at immediate risk of closing even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, crippling their practices even more.”


Lack of proper pharmacy access was further exacerbated in cities when CVS and Walgreens had to close their doors due to looting3, which is still largely being ignored in the Pacific Northwest. In rural areas, the challenge4 for pharmacy survival is largely determined by middle men who set the prices of prescriptions. These middle men don’t care about the needs of the community; they care about making money. It’s highly unlikely they will make much off of a small rural pharmacy, and the prices of their products reflect that.

Chakraborty also points out that this horrific state of affairs for the American people “rivals Third World standards.” Was this the great utopian vision that the Obama administration had in mind?


Columnist Gary Bauer observes5 that the inappropriately named “Affordable Care Act” (a.k.a. ObamaCare) has so badly failed that it is continually getting government funding precisely because it is not affordable. See the Democrats latest inappropriately named “Inflation Reduction Act6” for more details.


“Medical deserts” are another kitchen-table issue that real Americans struggle with. The continued touting of the ObamaCare boondoggle in spite of its obvious failure is another example of how isolated and in a bubble politicians are. The midterms are coming, and the American people are not at all happy.


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4 hours ago, kappydell said:

( I do not like myself when I am amgry at someone.  It eats at me.)  Obviously she is missing for something in her life, so I pray she will find whatever she is looking for, will find happiness and be at peace.  This bitterness she seems to carry around is not good.


Very wise words, Kappy.  I totally agree.  I try to make sure I keep current with that too.  It's made a world of difference....cuz I'm by nature and nurture the type that doesn't like to be cheated or unfairly blamed.  :thumbs:  :thumbs:      ....that said, I'd also keep a very vigilant eye out for this damaged woman and her plots.  That's only wise as well.  


...don't pass out in the heat of fencing.  As for the well....is it shallow depth?  They have pointed, perforated pipes that are joined with other non-perforated pipes that are to be pounded into the ground [as opposed of digging a hole].  I have no experience with shallow wells cuz ours is about average at 185'. 


I'm looking up that steaming eggs, Miki.  Our new ducks will lay in a month or two.  Maybe in the instant pot on the rack? 


MtRider  :wave:  

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Mt_Rider, IDK anything about the old well at all.  Just that the well head is still there in the old pump house,  Our water table here is reportedly quite high which is good for doing a shallow well  but thats a pretty big project right now.  I think we are done fencing (and we are grateful Ms Busybody cant see the goat pen behiind the house.  Out of sight out of mind.)  Meanwhile the goats (Nigel and Norman) happily dispose of blackberry trinnings, suckers tripmmed from around trees and stumps, leaving me compost in return.  Im going to need several nore barrels for composting in  




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