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I finished the last of my Boston Market dinner yesterday. The garlic dill new potatoes were so good but the rest of it was...meh. Even the delicious chocolate cake didn't hold my attention. I don't think it was their fault though. My taste buds have changed over the last couple of months so food tastes pretty bad lately. That meal was a disappointment. And I was so looking forward to it. The only thing that tastes any good any more are dill pickles. They say covid can mess with your sense of taste but if I ever had covid, I sure didn't feel it. Sometimes I get really stuffy out of the blue. Then in about an hour it goes away. I noticed I've been sneezing a lot more than usual too. I'm a sneezer by nature. But other than the taste thing going on, nothing else earth shattering. 


I finally got all of the clothing out of sons old room. I can't believe how much was in there! 90% of it was mine. Sigh. Mostly good dress-up clothes that I know I'll never wear. Partly because I don't go anywhere dressy and mostly because I'll never fit into them again. I'm fine with both of those things. So they can grace someone else and I'll take the tax write off. Win-win.


You probably can't see it but I had 15 (fifteen!) bags stuffed full of clothes. I had to drag them downstairs and now I have to get them outside into the Jeep. But I stacked them against the front door to get a picture of them in case one of the 69,000 new IRS agents come a knockin'. :buttercup:   Now I can't open the front door to get them out!  :008Laughing: Gonna have to move them again before I can get them out of the house. Each bag weighs about 20-25 pounds. Clothes, like paper and water, weighs a lot. You wouldn't think it...  I have two more bedrooms to go through. Not counting my own.  :0327:  


I still have to go through the closets (2) to get rid of junk in there. I just peeked under the bed. Crap. Ya know the bigger the house you have, the more you tend to fill it. Having a lot of room and storage space isn't always a good thing.  B T Doing T.  Plus having a 35 year head start to fill it. 




While I was working in there I listened to a book on the computer. I had read One Second After when it first came out but it was sort of a distant memory. I wanted a refresher course. Wow. If you've never read or listened to it, you owe it to yourself. IMO, it's the quintessential prepper introduction book about what can happen after an EMP. I'm going to link it elsewhere.  


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Woke early...  UGH!...     ate, shower quick, got into my riding stuff and :imoksmiley:   WHAT?  Can't walk in my riding boots with the heel.  :scratchhead: 


So I took them off and wore my Crocs til I was mounting the horse.  I've had this affect before [MS]  but not with this pair of low heel boots.  At the ranch I used cane heavily until I managed to toss the R leg over my good ole horse.  Ride went fine.  Lady in front of me is being tested for MS and asked me questions.  I asked her if she's experiencing any cognitive stuff....  :sigh:   Yeah, contemplating if she can keep her job.  Younger than me but ...50's maybe?  Tried to encourage her with my much-older-self on a horse weekly. 


Lost one of our ducks to a stupid predator today.  Duck must have stuck head out of fencing and got it snatched off.  Body still bleeding so DH hung it and put it in fridge.  Deal with it tomorrow.  Dumb birds toooo freaked to come off the water tonite.  I hope they stay away from shorelines.  We've become the "local diner" for wildlife again.  Drat. 


My mom's doing ok at her apartment.  Bringing in new boxes to unpack and find a place for stuff.  She still needs a dresser and cabinets. 


Fever/Chills were mild and not frequent today.  :amen:   Tomorrow marks the 3rd week.  Still had to take a nap.  IS it from adrenaline overuse?  I'll go with that theory unless my doc has another one on Tues. 


Tonite is the annual party for our up-over-the-ridge neighbors.  11pm and I can still hear the beat of music.  My opinion of the gal is ....spoiled/bossy/young thang!  Not NEARLY as intelligent as she thinks....and surprisingly, she really doesn't rule the universe!  :o   She lies too so I don't interact with them.  Since her first child, mebbe she's gained wisdom about ruling the universe tho...  :lol:   Babies do that.  We don't see each other's houses...up and over the hill...which suits me better.  But once a year is fine for their party...even if they run late.  :shrug: 


I've been seriously thinking of some type of exercise program beyond the horse riding.  Dog walking ...tho the weather right now is either too hot or too much lightning.  Not much in between.  That will pass.  MIGHT even consider a round of rehab.  I must be desperate to NOT lose the core strength and other strong muscles I got back into shape by toting, packing, stair-climbing, etc while packing Mom's house. 


MtRider   :woohoo:

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Not a lot going on here, just anticipating next weekend's balloon festival should be fun. Still waiting on the countertop to be delivered. Tomatoes are really starting to come on. Made a really yummy spinach and tomato and goat cheese quiche for dinner last night with tomatoes from my garden. I will freeze a bunch to cook with later this winter as we already have more than I can use in salads.  I'd like to make some sun dried tomatoes.

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Walked first.
Took jeep in to have 2 new (already bought) tires put on, front end alignment and brakes checked. I'll get it back later this week, I hope.
First 14 quarts of dog food are cooling in the PC. Then will start 2nd batch.
Second load of laundry is in the dryer.
Will pull frozen pears out to thaw this evening and prep and cook them tomorrow to can Wednesday. Tis the season!

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:sigh:    I mentioned a few days ago....somewhere on MrsS....that we lost a duck.  Lost it's head thru the fence...something chomped it off but didn't take the carcass....so we ate it.  Yesterday, two more are missing.  :scratchhead:     Two...means it's unlikely to be a fox.  Haven't heard coyotes but...must be.  They hunt in packs.  If you have multiple carcasses left at the scene....it's dogs.  :motz_6:


Today they were out on the pond and DH went down to get them back into the duckhouse.  Driving down our driveway, he caught sight of a critter slinking down the steep uphill side of the driveway.  He got stopped and looked.  BOBCAT!  Orange BOBCAT!   [ we normally see the grey tabby color but I have seen the orange version. ]


He grabbed the lead thrower and didn't hit it but it scooted off over the ridge really fast.  He had to stop cuz scared/mixed-up dog climbed out the car window and he had to get her back.    He got all the ducks [ 7 ]  and geese [2 ]  in to eat and then locked into the duckhouse.  Going to put a latch on the small door instead of the spinning piece of wood to really lock that door. 


Bobcat.  We've seen quite a few thru the quarter of a century we've been here.  But not like coyotes, foxes, stray dogs, etc.  About as many as we've seen bears.  A LOT harder to lock out cuz they climb fences....coyotes and foxes could burrow under but haven't. 


DH said is was the size of our dog...80#.   Nice big kitty.


I go to doc appt tomorrow.  Report that I'm still spiking into low-grade fever and then chills.  Not as bad...kinda.  Felt so very rotten yesterday tho...even when I wasn't spiking and chilling.  My guess is a degree of adrenaline burn-out and now recovery.  Sure has me :faint3:  a lot.


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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I hope your doc appt. goes well and that you feel better soon, @Mt_Rider!


Walked first.
Walked dogs.
Picked okra and figs and put away.
Prepped pears and have them cooking down in roaster.
Still have to get jars for tomorrow out of shed.
Going to make tomato soup with last bag of frozen tomatoes and broth (no milk for now) and pressure can that today.
Will clean oil filters over stove.
Call senior club members about meeting Thursday if I have the ambition.
That's enough!  I'm barely over halfway through and already tired and over 9000 steps.

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Mt_Rider, that’s big for a bobcat.  Could it possibly have been a lynx?  We have bobcats here but most run to 20 or 30# but we have seen a cougar a few times but as far as I know no lynx.  You, on the other hand could have them.  :tinfoilhatsmile:

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Bobcats, around here, are big!  At least 60+ lbs.  Standing about 3’+ tall.  The trappers, get $1,000-3,000 per pelt.  Our friend, who moved, used to trap them.  He moved up to northern AZ, and the bobcat population has grown quickly, around here.  A lot!  We see them occasionally, around our neighborhood, bigger than Gunner, the hound, and Storm, the GSD!  Other than that, we have a female mountain lion (cougar, whatever you want to call them.) that prowls the area with her kits.  Now she is BIG!  Close to 5 foot long body, standing about waist high, 3-4 foot tall.  We smell her, when she’s in the neighborhood, and the dogs do not want to be outside…. whining & scratching on the door, to go in, even if we are sitting on the porch swing.  Silly dogs.  But, they know, she’s a threat!  

Mt_Rider, glad he had his lead with him.  Hopefully, it won’t decide you have an easy meal in your barn.  Sorry you have lost some.  :sigh:

Here’s a pic, of the average size of the ones, our friend used to trap….



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That’s one magnificent animal.  Ours are no where near that big and I’m glad.  Over the years I have dealt with all kinds of animals including a cougar (or mountain lion as you say) trapped in a school office but I’m not sure I would want one that size using my poultry as a drive through meal service.  :behindsofa:

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That's one big kittie!


Went to Walmart at 7 am.
Came home and fed dogs.
Walked myself.
Have Chocolate Pears steam canning now.
Still have to make Impossible Cheesecake for senior group tomorrow.
Business meeting and prayer meeting tonight.
Actually taking it easy today!

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RE:  the Orange Bobby  Getting rounds slamming towards it's direction....maybe it went to Cancun for a vacation?  Hope so!  Our investment in eggs is dwindling.  :tapfoot:  But all came up nicely tonite.  7ducks+2geese staying very close together.  


Yesterday I saw my primary doc.  In about 30 seconds she was writing a 'script for steroids again.  Yep, definitely another MS exacerbation:sigh: 

Here's the deeper medical stuff that I was forgetting and didn't connect the dots.  [Ahem, I am not a medical specialist so don't take my word for this but....I'll try to explain what I think I know.]


WHY am I sharing this knowledge to folks who don't even have Multiple Sclerosis?  Cuz most of these body function processes happen to everyone.  Think TEOTWAWKI  ...or even lessor but lengthy emergencies.  ALL of us need to "power-thru"  :darthduck:   ....sometimes for weeks or months.  Life happens even if it's not the "End Of OUR World".  Even if you don't have MS or other disease or body weakness.  So read on if that interests you.



Adrenal Glands produce several things our bodies need.  One of those things is 1) epinephrine.  [as in epi pen]   It's the "good juice" that we need for Fight OR Flight  ...and it really feeels good to have the kick in energy...power in muscles...STAMINA!  :happy0203:   And it's FREE and not even illegal.   :band:  


Wait!  Hold the Party!  The last chapter ain't so great....


Adrenal Glands also produce 2) corticosteroids



"...any of various steroid homones (such as cortisol, cortisone, or aldosterone) that are PRODUCED BY THE ADRENAL CORTEX from cholesterol..[CAPS mine]



Ahhh....I'm beginning to understand more about the risk of "running so much adrenaline" while packing up mom's house.  Fortunately, this isn't my first time 'round.  I was careful to sleep without an alarm so I was mostly getting 9-11 hrs a night.  That helped extend the time before I was seriously burning out the adrenal glands.  BTDT real bad once.  DO NOT really want to come close to that again!  Way too long for recovery.  Even trying to be careful, I knew there would be a big payback time. 


I needed the epinephrine to keep going far past the usual point where MS FATIGUE shuts me down.  But pushing past...I got more done and I toned up my muscles like they hadn't been in years.  Arm, leg and core especially.  So that was good but it cost me more than a normal person my age.  Cuz with MS, my body doesn't function correctly.  Walk awkwardly.  Reach and miss.  Toboggan down mom's thickly carpeted stairs several times...sometimes with a heavy box.  Etc.  I DID try to stop/rest if my hands began to tremor badly.  That is one Early Alert Signal for me.


Some of MS can be visualized by "breaks" in the myelin sheath....a sort of fatty insulation covering nerve cells.  Especially ones that take part in complex processing or movement.   Optic nerve is highly myelinated, for instance.  Seeing is very complex.  The malfunctions for those of us with MS is caused by this "faulty insulation" that's supposed to zip correct messages along the nerves all over the body.  But when it doesn't it produces the MS symptoms of awkward movement, visual oddities, and the rest.  Depends on where in the body the myelin sheath is inadequately covering the nerve cells. 


Fortunately, our adrenal glands are there to send out those cordicosteroids needed to repair the "breaks in the line" [myelin] which is caused by inflammation in the body.  Apparently MS folks have more inflammation  [?] and/or the natural cordicosteroids don't keep up with eliminating the damaging inflammation.    [?]   [other factors likely involved too]


Yeah, still asking DH questions on this but now I understand why I'm [very carefully] taking pharmaceutical steroids that keep inflammation down.  However, this addition is not quite a match and regulating it is difficult.  God made our bodies to ideally do all that itself!  [[Then we ran into malfunctions..... all that evil and such outside the Garden.]]  Ya don't want to do steroids a lot...for reasons athletes are quite aware of.


Since MS folks nearly always have fatigue  [from all those wrong messages zipping down the sort-of myelinated nerves]  we tend to lean more heavily on revving up the ole adrenal glands and taking out "a loan" of more epinephrine ....energy/stamina.  And then we have to grab more corticosteroids to keep down the inflammation especially if we're pushing past our limits. 


Especially if we're pushing past our limits for months at a time.  :darthduck:  DANGER ZONE.  Payback is gonna be...tough. 


I did understand most of this when I made the choice to be the help my mom needed.  No one else COULD have done it.  Hiring some stranger would make my mom nervous and not make choices she'd be happy with.    Besides, I can laugh and tell her we're just having one last great big ole SLUMBER PARTY at her house.  :)  


And we did that too.  Popcorn.  Rootbeer floats.  Marathon Waltons reruns on our rest days.  Late nites with John Wayne when we're winding down to be able to sleep.  Out to eat lunch.    {  WILD, WEREN'T WE???  }   :rolleyes: 

We took care of ourselves as well as we could for a Sr Citizen with MS and a mom in her 90's.  :band2:  


So now I know more of where over-taxing the adrenals and MS meet.  With natural steroids and epinephrine.  :cheer:  Love those elements in the body!  But in this case, I will gladly take some from the pharmacy.  I DO NOT want to make a habit of this tho. 


So please, God.....can I catch a break here pretty soon?  :pray: 



:busted:    HOWEVER ...I also have to return to Iowa for a high school reunion at the end of Sept.   For this reunion, we planned for our 4-Friends-For-Life group to be there.  The same ones who also traveled from Des Moines and Mpls and KC/MO to eastern Iowa to support me at my dad's burial.  We'd already been planning for this year before all the hooey hit our family's fan lately.  So with my doc's knowledge and her hope I will have achieved less inflammation....more REST....and evened out by then.  Unstated was her message to PAY ATTENTION AND REST WHEN YOU NEED TO! 




I'm going to be escorted by 2 Registered Nurses, a Top Veterinarian Tech and a sweet husband of one friend who watches out for all of us.  Usually there's two husbands but one has a work trip.  Even I can't plow into too much trouble, right?   None of us drink, btw, so that's not a problem.  But y'all know my crazy life and how WEIRD EVENTS just jump into my path!  :shrug: 


MtRider  .....  yeah, I know:  :offtobed:

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Dog woke me up at 5 am to protect him from the thunder. Sigh.
Made BBQ green beans and then Grits & Cheese bread for senior group. Cheesecake already done.
Fed dogs.
Left for Church to set up.
Home around 1:30.
Picked up my car from mechanic and dropped DH's off.
Picked up his car a little later. Just needed a switch.
No exercise today. I'm just tired.
Bible study cancelled for tonight. It's ok with me.

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10 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

Dog woke me up at 5 am to protect him from the thunder. Sigh.


:lol:   I had a 140# dog who was frantic about seeing lightning so far away that the thunder wasn't heard.  :grinning-smiley-044:  No convincing them otherwise, right?


Midnight, that was so cute!  I could see his neck was at the wrong angle....one eye blind.  Adaption!  Teach the kids to be kind and gentle ...excellent!  Thanks.


Yikes...  On Tues nite I got to sleep at 4:30am.  [forgot to take Unisom]  On Wed night I got to bed at 6:30am....again took Unisom late but I never got the sleepy affect.  So I took another half and FINALLY slept from 7am til 11:30am.  Not great.  :scratchhead:   Not sure what's up with that.  I was really startled when I looked up from computer and saw DAYLIGHT out the window.  :sigh:  


But I'm resting and taking the meds and did take dog for a walk this cool evening.  I could do that easily but didn't push too far. 


MtRider  :offtobed:   [pretty soon, really!]

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Walked first (and got rained on).
Made up some labels for Chocolate pears.
Next will take ebay photos.
Clean filters over stovetop.
Go to lunch with friend.
Pick pears and figs if it stops raining long enough. And walk dogs.

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Stopping by to say hello.  We are up to our necks in projects, not counting some container gardening.  Bush beans have blossoms, acorn squash looking good, speghetti squash looking good, but yellow nwck nor zucc's even came up!  Kale just seems to be stalled and chard didn't survivw the grasshoppers! 

We replanted lots of stuff, plan to use Abby's old kennel as a green house.  Okra and turnips looking good too.

Elderberries producing good.  Freezing them in paper bags and will give them a shake when I am ready to process.

Hubby's still working pretty much full time...but we've made some decisions about the other two properties that will free finances up big time!  As I told him...yes...told him, I don't want any property buut the homestead!

If you find typo's etc., please ignore.  I am having to use our LR pc because I cannot see the screen on his desk.Our Abby girl is truly aging, and we are a bit sad.  She sees, hears, peas and poops, eats and drinks but her but is so skinny.  We cannot seem to keep any weight on her.  She can hardly walk across the floor without panting.  We had to put down runner rugs on all the hardwood floors because she slipped and fell and now freezes when she gets on the hardwoods.

Take care friends and know that I am not totally gone...LOL  Gonna post a couple of pics for your entertainment!  We helped celebrate my sisters 55th ... and of course...our Abby girl!







292682420_1746899922310040_7243342277475942996_n (1).jpg

292592217_793193165030023_7361591086499517994_n - Copy.jpg



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Gurrrrl, if I had a dime for every time I've thought about you I'd be a millionaire!  Abby Girl is looking good but I know she is aging. Breaks my heart. That's the one drawback about having pets. The loss. I can remember when she was just the cutest little puppy. I love that dog.  We have lost quite a few of the Great Danes at The Service Dog Project in the last few months. Their life span is only about 10 years so it's hard. But Abby is so lucky she has you and Mr. We2.  As Carlene always says, "Give them a good life then let them sleep". :yar:


You and the Mr. look fantastic! I think you are on to something with your dancing. It seems to be keeping you young and mobile. Seriously, you guys look awesome. Good for you. Let me guess, you were at the Moose?  


Glad you are getting rid of your other properties. I know they can be a burden. The care and feeding of them (heat, air, plumbing, taxes etc.) can really be a strain. Mentally, physically and financially. I'm going through that now with the Ohio house. Long story. 


Hope your son is doing well. Mine can be a poopie-head but we love them anyway.


Thanks for checking in and for the pictures. You made my weekend.  

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Wow WE2’s.  Those are SUPER pictures. That looks like soooooo much fun.  DH and I used to dance but neither of us has the ability now.  We still love watching others and tapping our feet.  

Dear sweet Abby girl.  It is hard when they age faster than we do but the love they give in their shorter time is great enough to last with us forever.  It’s easy to see she’s been loved in return.  

I’m so glad you stopped in. :grouphug:

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Mt Rider yes the cost of overdoing and adrenal exhaustion is brutal. Glad you have some help from your Dr. Steroids are no fun to take but when you need them you need them! 


Midniightmom so sweet little ducky :wub:


Micki poor doggy hate when they are super scared of thunder and lightning. My current pup thankfully doesn't seem bothered by firecrackers or lightning. Doesn't like to be alone at all though which is an issue. 


Great pics WE2! Hugs to you watching our loyal buddies decline is hard. Just went through that last year when we lost our Sparky at almost 14. 


Just limping along here. Plumbing is run for the kitchen now we just wait for the counters, going to be 3 wks at least until install. Called yesterday "we can't even order it until Lowes gets us the paperwork" sigh. Called Lowes who says they sent it. Hubby called back "oh yeah here it is looks like it just wasn't entered into the sytem. No we don't talk to each other just use the portal..." No wonder everything takes forever! I've paid for the counter 3 wks ago...sigh. I just keep reminding myself eventually it will all be done and I will get to enjoy it for years. It just feels like forever since I started this project in February. Once the counters are in it's just calling the plumbers back to hook up the faucet, install the garbage disposal and DW and Reverse Osmosis water filter. Then move the appliances from the other kitchen and it will be complete. Then I can start on the other projects like winterizing the windows and doors (they need caulked and weatherstripping added). 


At least my tomatoes are doing great I just picked 6 of the reddest most beautiful slicing tomatoes :cloud9:

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GOOD to hear an update from the WE2's :hi:  


Hang in there, Becca Anne - There has always been wait times for construction but the past few years have been crazy. 


Miki....  ??  CHOCOLATE pears ??? 


Slow start for today.  Yay...I made it to bed by 2:30am.  [ improvement over 5am and 6:30am the previous two nites ]  Tonite I'm trying to beat that mark....hmph, at this rate, I'll be lucky to match it.  Had a lot of time laying down.  Couldn't quite nap tho.  Hand trembles.  But I did finally get some energy in evening.  Went to my truck and pulled out some things brought home from Mom's house....weeks ago.  Emptied 2 duffel bags, and hung some shirts on hangers that had been laying on top of other stuff.  Then I got all ready to run out the door tomorrow for a noon horse RIDE.  Rain predicted - as always in our very extended monsoon of 2022.   [ :)   zero chance of wildfire ]


Mom got to go shopping for groceries with Niece tonite.  Big Store and she'd never been in there....tired her out but she's got more food basics now.  But she might have forgot milk.  There is not even a convenience store anywhere near.  Cuz her large apt. complex is surrounded by freeways.  She stronger and our talks are lasting longer as we tell each other of our day.  :wub:   Missing her being right here tho.... :sigh:  


MtRider  ....  :offtobed:   ...soon....

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My taste buds have gone to h3ll in a handbasket. It's really making me miserable. I've tried all kinds of different food types that I can think of. Fruits, veggies, salty chips, sweets, nuts and berries etc. And drinks from sodas, teas, juices etc. Just about everything either has no taste or an altered taste. And everything has a bitter after taste. Yesterday I bought a box of those Little Debbie 'Spinwheels'.  I'm getting desperate. They tasted horrible! It's a good thing I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Even the sour smarties that I really like have an off taste. It seems to be getting worse. It has gone beyond annoying. If I knew it was temporary I could handle it better but I'm concerned it is my new normal. So far the only things I can tolerate are dill pickles (too much sodium for my blood pressure) and boiled eggs (I salt the yokes). And ice water. I'm managing to eat soups and sandwiches but I don't like them. To my knowledge I never had the C-19 nor have I taken any of the jabs. If I had any of the viruses out there, they were so light I didn't notice. I have to admit it's making me a tad bit worried. Today I plan to go to McDonalds and try their vanilla iced coffee and a macchiato and a mocha frappe and a sweet tea. I can't afford Starbucks. Wouldn't go there if I could. That will about round out my drink experiment. The caffeine high should be interesting. :runcirclsmiley2:


In the whole scheme of life's worries I shouldn't be such a baby. But it's really affecting my life negatively. I also want to cook for my freezer but am wondering how the food will taste now. Sigh. 


Okay, my pity party is over, for now. The good news is... :scratchhead: 

I'll think of something later.  :unsure:

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I hope you sense of taste come back, Jeepers!  I kind of understand as my sense of smell has been "off" for almost a year.  I think it's a long term side effect of covid.


Mt Rider, I hope you feel better soon and am glad your mom is doing well!


WE2, you tow look like you are having fun and Abbey is still beautiful!


Becca Anne, good luck!  Not sure what else to say.  I hope Littlesister is ok and just busy!


Walked first. Good thing. I would have talked myself out of it by now.
Went to Farmer's market and salvage grocery with DH. Nice little outing!
Came home, printed more labels and put away chocolate pears.
Will do pedicure with nail polish this evening and that's it. Wow! Rest. What a concept!

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I was wondering about Littlesister too.  :pray:   Did she ever get all the remodel of her house done.  I can't possibly go back thru all the months I missed in early summer.


Jeepers....something is wiggling in the back of my brain about losing smell/taste.  Both being involved with taste.  Not C0v!d....as was mentioned.  Something else kinda weird.  And you and I both know about "weird", right?  Mebbe you should check it out???  :pray:  You're not in your 90's but maybe that's why my mom doesn't like the taste of things much now??? 


What ARE chocolate pears???   Or  :yum3:  maybe I shouldn't know....  :lol: 


My daily report is in Psssst forum....down under.   :sassing:    Been quite a day and tho I REALLLLY needed, intended, and wanted a NAP.... wasn't happening.  In fact I'm in here late...pushing back bedtime again.    { cue up a Charlie Brown "Good Grief" }


MtRider .....sometimes I wonder if y'all even believe some of my stories???  :buttercup:  Couldn't all happen to one person, right?  :pray:  

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