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Whatcha doing today?

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Sounds like you are starting to recover (except for the bee sting part) @Mt_Rider!  I hope you continue to slow down and sleep well!


After Church today, I am going to lunch with a friend.
Then walk dogs.
Roast turkey carcass and then cook overnight with leftover veggies for stock to can tomorrow.

Pretty easy quiet day!

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Ouchie Mt Rider no fun but glad you had ice. 

Miki that jam sounds amazing :wub:

We had a little excitement last night with a bat that got in the house. Hubby used a plastic shoe box to scoop it up and put it out of the house without harming it and thankfully no one had any contact. We saw a bat flying into the chimney tonight so we think they are living there and will have to get someone out to help them evacuate it and cap it (they use a one way door). Will get a bat house to give them a home to replace it so hopefully that will solve the problem. It's a huge roof/attic space so finding every tiny crack and sealing it could be challenging. We'll call in the professionals for this one and get the chimney capped.

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Ouch Mt.Rider. Those stings really hurt! Glad your DH was there to help you and that you were prepared with the ice. The last sting I had was from a yellow jacket. It was hiding in a sleeve and when I put it on he became disgruntled. As I remember, it burned more than it stung. Either way, it hurt.  


My back (sciatic nerve) has finally settled down. Next week I plan to get back in son's old bedroom getting some more of our old clothes packed up and donated. 85% of them are mine. All of them have shrunk by about 4 sizes. :rolleyes:


I've been paying attention and now I'm sure a HUGE amount of my sense of taste has disappeared. I've never had C-19 that I know of, never had the shots and I'm not on any meds. In the prepper world I'm known as a "pure blood"  :24:  Anyway, I read on Dr. Google that seniors taste buds weaken (what doesn't) as we age. But this is a pretty drastic sudden change. Could be oral health (I probably have a cavity), diabetes (I'm pre+), high blood pressure (off the charts) etc. Gees, I have them all and then some.  Many things have no taste now. My vanilla coke tastes like water. I made a bowl of Ramen for supper, for a test, because I know they are spicy. The only real thing I could taste was a little bit of the salt. The only thing I've found that has any flavor at all are dill pickles. I'm craving them like crazy. I do have a sense of smell though. Would have rather that one would have been the one to have gone instead of the taste. Well, that's my complaint for the day.  It's always something.  :sigh:

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Becca_Anne, we were posting at the same time. 



Mr. Becca_Anne says they knew they had a bat in the attic.  Uh no Hon, you have a bat in the HOUSE! 


Lawsy, I would have been screaming, "There's a bat in my hair, there's a bat in my hair! Get it out!"  :runcirclsmiley2:

Followed by a big thud of me passing out right then and there.  :faint3:


Girl you are much braver than I am. 


Be cautious with the bat house by keeping it well away from the house and people. Bat guano (poop) is disease ridden.



And you just know I'm going to say, "Becca_Anne has bats in her belfry!"   :D

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Jeepers sorry your sense of taste is off and hope it returns. It is possible to have had COVID and not have had any symptoms but there are also other viruses that affect taste and smell and you're right other things do affect it too. With luck when you get your tooth fixed the taste will come back.


Haha he was referring to the electrician telling us that earlier in the day they had seen a bat in the attic. Since they had the windows open we thought it might have flown in that window. This one was in the kitchen LOL. We plan to put the bat house on the carriage house. If you don't provide them another place they like they will just keep finding a way back in and I have been told they can squeeze into a crack only 3/8"! I guarantee this old house has a few places that ventilate to the outside that big and it will be awhile before we can find a seal all of them. We will start with the chimney and work our way through them all. 

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Walked first this morning.
Separated turkey and veggies from broth that cooked in roaster over night.
Chilling broth today to scoop off fat before canning tomorrow.
Have last load of laundry in washer.
Harvested okra and figs today.
Will pressure can the separated turkey in broth this afternoon.
I'm about ready for summer to be over!

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Ugh, bats!  known carrier of rabies.  Our family had BAAAD experience with rabies shots.  However, they're renown for consuming lots of bugs tho...  :shrug:   Twice I was sitting in semi-dark in our living room ..reading?  My long ago cat would go crazy.....running about; looking up the ceiling.  Augh!  I know the sound of bat wings!!! 


Just after DH and I got married, we lived in a place with a gas space heater.  No cap on the roof exhaust thing.  Over time two black birds and a bat slid down to join us.  Bat woke us up at night....KNEW that sound then too.  I took an old, loose weave sweater that I was willing to sacrifice.  I flung it into the bat's flight path [lower ceiling] and downed the thing.  DH scooped up bat and sweater into a box....drove it to a wooded park and dumped it out.  Stood back while it had to get it's pincer things outta the sweater and finally freed itself .  Flew away.  THEN called the owners to demand a cover up on top.  That fixed it.  


MtRider   ....had our owners at this cabin fix the chimney to house openings too!  :buttercup: 

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Not feeling well today.....or yesterday, now that I remember it.  Began spiking fever [not real high] and then the chills.  Began in the night and has continued.  Not sick to stomach...just ate chili rice.  Not sore throat.  A bit achy in muscles.  Definitely more than MS - Fatigue.  Been putting on more clothes...then shedding them...all day.  Did nothing but read or computer. 


Did the home C19 tests...negative....so far.  I haven't had it...even when DH was so sick for weeks with it.  My doc didn't believe it...that I could have avoided it.  Sent me for a real lab test ....still negative that time.  Mostly I get bronchitis if I get anything.  Don't usually get sick.  So....we'll see. 


....resting ...taking our nutritional/herbal preventatives....resting....eating....resting.....


MtRider    :offtobed: 

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Great.  My post just dropped itself.  Grrrr.  OK, we will do this again.  I had bad bronchitis for last 30 days.  Doc gave me "horse pills" and it cleared up.  At her insistence I got a covid test...negative.  Our chickens are feathering out nicely.  Looks like they are silkies.  Now we are fencing yet again, this time for some dwarf goats.  Two males, as Mary and I did not want to get into milking.  Mary wants them a pets.  At least I have talked her out of a house horse...

There are days when we both feel like we are in an episode of Homestead Rescue...only without the rescue part, just the building stiuff. Today was one of them.  We pounded in heavy metal stakes, 


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Walked first and walked dogs.
I had a 6 or 7 pound tenderloin, so cut it in half. Made Sweet balsamic pork roast in instant pot with half. Made slow cooker bacon garlic pork loin with other half-- it is still cooking.
Pressure canned 11 quarts of turkey stock using one pressure canner twice. I burned sugar on one burner of glass top and am waiting for special tool to arrive tomorrow. Anyway, the second batch of stock is cooling in canner now.
I have spent enough time in the kitchen lately and have enough meals to last awhile!

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Eww....sugar on glass top....  Good luck, Miki.  I'm be too much of a mess on one of those.  {double that for DH and he's the main :cook: 


Poor Kappy!  I winced at the word "bronchitis"  !!!!  Awful.  It's about the only thing I get.  But I get it good!  Hope you are completely recovered...no relapse with all those critter projects.  Niggies are soooo cute.....but of course they are HOOLIGANS just like all goats.  :rolleyes:


Well, whatEVER I had Sunday nite and Monday.....  :shrug:   ....by last nite, I was not doing the slight fever then chills.  Temperature moderated well.  And I just slept fine.  Today, I walked with nutcase dog on road to almost half mile point.  ....took off Tshirt...too hot over the tank top.  { had to go back later to pick up my reading glasses ...came off when the T shirt did but I found them. }  Walked back and up driveway.  I'm feeling normal today.  :amen:    No idea what it was.  Not normal for the "fatigue thing".. ???


Not pushing too much today tho.  I actually played some of the computer games.  Mental prep stuff, y'know!  I always to the Find The Difference Daily.  To improve my "attention to details"  Found Jigsaw Puzzles.  To improve visual problem solving.  Then I found One Liner.  Fascinating.  It is a type of problem solving ....and I'm good at it!   But...I can't really figure out WHY.  As in  HOW do I know how to do this?  Even if I 'dead end'  ...I do it again and it comes out right.  On Level 5,   I may dead-end a number of times before I get it.  One of them I had no idea how I did get that one.  Like   :scratchhead:   instinct?   :shrug:   But it's fun.  First one of the games that I've really been roped into..... uh, oh.  :whistling:  


MtRider   :pc_coffee:    

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Home from TX. MIL is doing good.  DH, isn’t.  Called me saying he called 911. Heart rate under 50, sugar over 200!  I freaked, he said, don’t tell mom.  Sunday, he was fine until today.


BP 100/50!  Sugar was 209!! Heart rate under 50 today.  IDK, called the Dr.  He goes in tomorrow at noon! But, I have an eye apt. at 10:20 .. My apt is 10 miles away, his is over 40 miles away. :sigh:


He says he’s glad I won’t be with him, because I tend to get spazzed.  He’s my everything, over 42 years!  What does he expect??!!??  I don’t wanna loose him !!!  




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Mt_Rider, I skip and avoid all those things. I prefer more relaxing things.. like JigsawHD, (I think that’s the one Jeepers has, a free puzzle daily, and occasionally a free, category pack), basic Full deck solitaire, a few word puzzles,  like  Word Town, Word crush, etc.  can’t stand something that requires me to log in, on line.  I prefer my solitary life, not driven by the apps.  

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Miki, you are doing so good this year on your stocking up! Way to go!   :cele:


Mt.Rider, glad you are feeling 'normal'. What ever that means.  :D


Praying for Mr. Annarchy's doctor reports. Hope they get everything straightened out soon. I'm glad he isn't telling his mom everything. I know you will get the brunt of it if he does. :sigh:  Sending up many prayers for you too.    :pray:   :hug3:   :pray:

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Sending wishes for your DH's Dr to come up with a good treatment plan for your hubby Annarchy!:hug3:

Mt Rider hope you feel better soon!

Miki no fun with the sugar on the glass. I have had luck with putting wet paper towels on it for a few hrs and then gently using a razor blade to scrape it off.

Kappy your post made me smile picturing all the animals :wub:


Super excited my long awaited kitchen cabinets are being delivered tomorrow! Electricians are still working on the house so they can then wire the outlets for the dishwasher and kitchen cabinets now too which moves the project along. Got the countertops ordered and paid for but get to go pick the exact slab they will use. So this kitchen project is finally coming together:hapydancsmil:I will post photos when it's done

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Our fence in nearly up.  I have to admit, it is the nicest one we have done to date.  Nice and straight, nice and tall, nice and secure all the way down to the dirt.  

Some of our earliest fences (like around the garden) are a little more, errr....artistic....as in crooked.  But they still get the job done.  Maybe we are getting better with practice.  


Today, after we get in some groceries, we will start the goat house.  Nothing fancy, just a 3 sided shed like they seem to enjoy, smack dab in the middle of their pen.  A big old truck tire for them to climb and bounce on, and a ball to push around, and it will be ready.  The pen is adjoining the dog pen, so Jack can watch the goats, and they can watch him.  He loves "babies" of all species and is quite protective of them (he is a good little shepherd-boy).  The kids are used to dogs, so everybody should like the new arrangement. (I guess I will have to make an "official" compost heap area, as I am going to have lots of "raw materials" in the future. ROFL)


Plus we are considering cleaning out the cinder block pump house this winter (snakes are less active then) and see if the pump was filled in or simply disconnected and left.  Maybe if it is the latter we can rehab it as a a secondary water source (our own well  would be really cool  just in case SHTF).  If it is plugged or filled in, or whatever it is called, we can use the pump-house for another use, just put a roof and a door on.  But that is a winter project, we have plenty going on now already. Still in the consideration stages.  


The chickens are almost big enough to go outside.  Oh joy!  I can have my tub back again, after one heck of a good scrubbing.  Who knew chicken-sh*t couold be so sticky!

One of the mama cats has figured out how to get in the bathroom, but not in the chicken-tub (we have a heavy metal grate on top of it).  She is an ouside cat we brought inside to have her babies.  Well, they are all old enough to go back outside again....so we are introducing them to the great outdoors, a little more each day.  And mama goes OUT whenever we are gone or outside for any length of time lest she figure out a way to bypass our safety grate!   The chicken coops are fenced with hardware cloth, but are tip-able, so we will have to weight them down or something to prevent mishaps.  Or mayve put inside a larger pen as we will have posts and fencing left over.   


(More fencing)



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Kappy that is a good set up you have with the tub for the chicks :) Glad your fencing project is coming along! We have no fence yet and no funds after the kitchen projects so will have to wait for another year but nothing like a good solid fence! 


Cabinets arrived but so late in the day the guy is coming back tomorrow to set them up. I think he has issues with being on time for anything but his workmanship is good the cabinets are exactly what I asked for. The blue is the island and will have a farmhouse sink on the other side of what you can see, and the wall cabinet that is stained has an upper section. I'll take more pics and share tomorrow one they are all in place. Then next week the countertop place comes out to measure the template and about a week after that can install. So it's starting to come together!

Island Cabinet.jpg

Wall Cabinet.jpg

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Becca I agree on the fence.  We priced having it done for us, but decided on sweat equity instead. So far we have saved 75% of what it would have cost to get it done for us and all the hassle of dealing with outside contractors.  Your kitchen adventures have me a little skittish of hiring someone to do what I can do myself (or rather we two can do together). (Well, that and maybe I have been watching a little too miuch "Holmes Makes it Right" on the DIY channel, LOL )  

Chainsaw Mary is very sore.  She pushes herself quite a bit when we do projects as she is more impatient than I am to hurry up and get 'er done.  It does not help with the hot weather, either.  She actualy ate two helpings of scalloped potatoes & ham tonight, which is unusual.  But she ate a very light brunch, then we got to work. 

Today we got a lot of the goat house built.  It is shaping up nicely, and is very sturdy.  (Not bad for a couple of hobby carpenters  who drew their own plans up.)

Mary talked to the guy at the recycle center about getting a truck tire.  He was reluctant until she said it was for a goat toy, then he broke out into a big grin and said we could have it.  Everybody around here seems enchanted by the idea of mini goats.  

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Wow Becca_Anne, your kitchen going to be absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the sneak peek. Can't wait to see more pictures!  


LOL Kappy. I watch Mike too. And all of the other DIY home repair shows on TV and Youtube. Then I have to come back down to Earth and remind myself that those people have a TV budget with contractor discounts and more importantly a CREW behind the scenes. Then I cut myself some slack and think, "Pffft, I'm not doing too bad after all for one little old lady!"  :pout:



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On 7/26/2022 at 6:49 PM, Annarchy said:

I prefer more relaxing things.


Yeah, that's why I NEVER do any of the things with a timer!  No way!  Don't need any stress!  I finally found Mahjongg Solitaire WITHOUT a timer and have it on the new laptop.  :happy0203:  I like slow, pondering things.  

AND...specific to me.....I shut OFF the stupid music!  :runcirclsmiley2:These are all on computer, of course.  Cuz I don't have apps ...with cell service miles from our house.  I don't even know what Candy Crush is....just heard of it.


Sure am praying for your DH, Annarchy!  Wish you could be with him....hear all the doc says.  Sometimes these guys of ours don't tell us...or their moms....the whole story.  { glad your MIL is doing good }  My DH isn't as healthy as he could be.  Loves food , esp sweets, too much.  Got the usual 'older guy' stuff:  heart, BP, low level of diabetes [ahem, sweets!] ...and kidney issues from a childhood encounter with a car.  Everyone who has known his history talks of a "cat with 9 lives".  :sigh:   Well, GOD Himself, is the ONLY One who can call them Home....in HIS timing.  ..... :sigh:  But we're not going to like it anyway.....  :pray:  :hug3:  :pray:  


New kitchen is exciting, Becca Anne.  Looking forward to the pics of completed kitchen.  :thumbs:    I liked watching those restore, renew, renovate shows while I lived [with TV] with my mom.  I could see getting hooked on them.....a reason to NOT have TV [beyond the price of service! ]  :0327:  


Kappy and Chainsaw Mary....you two are a wonder!  But y'all be taking care in your Georgia summer heat!  :knary:  Hydrate and replenish salts.  What a cute menagerie you have.  I SO wanna kitten to play with or a cat to cuddle with.  :sigh:  


YIIIEEEEEE!    ICK! ICK!! ICK!!!  Just smacked a  big (well, not small) ole  :animal0017:  off my arm while typing.  Yeeeeeesh!  Now I got the crawlies all over.  HOW RUDE!  :motz_6:  I doan like spiders and snakes....  :o



Hmm...where was I?  


Well...for the past 3 days I've been able to walk with dog on that "almost" mile  [cuz seriously, uphill on our driveway counts double!] .   I've been going out in later morning before it gets too hot and avoid thunderstorms in late aft. / evening.  Last night, DH and I were out right as it was getting dark...but STILL pouring rain...to try to coax the dumb ducks/geese off the pond and into safety of duckhouse.  { like we haven't done this a million times before in past years }   They don't know me yet so I have to be the adversive force.  He's the familiar face that doles out the food.  Well they were off schedule and kids on the road a half hour before scared them and..now it's getting darker by the minute....  I told DH that I'd circle around the pond but he didn't hear me.  [ add "deaf" to his physical ailments! ]  So off I go in raincoat, shorts, crocs.  It's been pouring for hours and this is the low land.  North side of pond is quite boggy.  With ski pole to support my balance...can't see what I'm stepping into/how deep...  Poking and swishing ahead of me so I wouldn't be sharing space with any other critter!!!  I worked my way around to the north side - opposite the berm and duckhouse.  I'm splashing with the ski pole and birds just sit there watching my antics.  Finally they're moving over to where they climb out and up the berm.  ????  Where is DH?????  This is where he pushes them further up and into the duckyard for their supper.  It's now dark and the lightning has returned...  :sassing:WHERE IS HE?  I'm standing in water....can't see WHAT is in the water....and did I mention occasional LIGHTNING?  YELLING his name did not help cuz he's sitting in the warm car wondering where I am and what in the world I'm doing cuz he's giving up on the stupid birds.  :faint3:  


Finally he pulls around the duckhouse to the part of the driveway that begins going up to the house...looking for me.  {drat, forgot to bring a light or headlamp...but it wasn't dark when this adventure began!}  So I thot he might have gotten them in....slogged my way around that half of the pond and hollered across to him in the car.  Yeah, the NICE WARM CAR.  No, he didn't even know they were out of the water.  So he pulled back around and shooed them in.  FINALLY.  What a mess.  They're even afraid of the lights being on so I drove up to shut the barnyard light off. 


So maybe it's not surprising that this noon I began to feel poorly again.  :(  Took a nap but woke with the slight fever and then chills again.  :sigh:   Started taking the herbal Get-Over-It-Stuff that we take.  Kept up all thru tonite.  Going to bed soon and see what's what tomorrow.  Not real bad but a degree and a half higher than normal feels yucko.  Chills don't feel good either.    :offtobed:   


MtRider  ....dumb birds came in with no problem tonite and I didn't have to participate.  :amen: 

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Mr Mt.Rider needs a stern talking to.  :grinning-smiley-044:


Most of my games are on the Kindle Fire. They have some good ones. They are apps you download but you don't have to sign anything or make an account or anything. And you don't have to sign on to play them. Most of mine are brain games and jigsaw puzzles and a couple match 3 in a row type games. There are a couple of regular games too. Nothing with a timer! I play games to relax not stress out. And that timer stresses me out! I turn all of the sounds off too. Sounds like we are all on the same page.

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2 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

  :runcirclsmiley2:These are all on computer, of course.  Cuz I don't have apps ...with cell service miles from our house. 

 But you obviously have an internet connection! :P

Try this puzzle site. You can play puzzles created by others, or, you can make your own if you wish.

This link will take you to the puzzles I have created. Hope you enjoy doing some of them. BTW- there is no music!!! :girlneener:


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forgot to add the link!
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You have big adventures, Mt Rider!  Take it easy!


Your kitchen will look amazing, when finished, Becca anne.


Has Euphraysne been around lately?


Yesterday, I labeled and put away all canning from the past few days.  
Took ebay photos.
Walked, of course.
Got my stovetop pretty well cleaned up after the sugar incident.
Harvested okra and peppers.
Bible study last night.


Walked this morning and picked up 75 pears where a branch had broken at a friend's house.
Picked up a different friend and went to Walmart for monthly stock.
Came home and walked dogs.
Getting ready to prep pears for freezer.
Make lunches for the next couple of days.
Going to help prep a fundraiser at Church at 3.
Bible study at 5:45

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75 pears from a branch???  Oye...I'm just not living in the lushness of the land.  :o  :yum3:


LOL Jeepers.  It's hopeless you know.....DH is just totally on a different wave length than me.  Well, than everyone.  90% of the time, we coordinate perfectly with each other.  We see almost everything the same after more than 4 decades together.  But on things like this where the situation is changing rapidly..... he's gonna guess wrong every time.  If we had to find our way out of the wilderness, he'd be GREAT to have along.  Cuz every time he'd say: go left.......and we'd go right .....well, we'd be outta the woods quite easily.  :)   ....and I'm not kidding.  He absolutely cannot guess what another person is going to do. 


Those personality tests like Meyers-Briggs....?  Oh yeah.  They tell the tale on both of us.  The test will tell you what percentage of ALLL the folks who've ever taken the test, think like you do; perceive the world like you do.  :whistling:


DH and I are BOTH "one-percenters".  One percent of all Meyers-Briggs people perceive their world like we do.........................AND WE ARE NOT IN THE SAME 1% CATEGORY.   Honestly, I think there is an overall quality to be one-percenters.  Some "walk your own path" ???  :lois: 


OR ...as most folks would call it....Y'all are both just WEIRD!  :sassing:


:shakinghead:  :shrug:   :008Laughing:


Well, not surprisingly, my foray into the cold pond water last night had bad ramifications for fighting off this Fever....Freeezing....Fever thing I've had since Sunday nite.  :busted:     Back to the herbs and such.  Eating oranges.  Cranberry juice with Xtra 'C'.  Not too bad today.  This evening, after rain stopped, dog and I went on our walk again.  A tenth of a mile [ X 2 ]  further.  Was a cold day...down to the mid 50's by now.  I dressed in jeans, shirts, fuzzy insulated sweatshirt and stocking cap!!!   I covered the pansies up on porch with a blanket.  I don't THINK we'll drop down to frost tonite...  But can't be sure.  July is supposed to be the ONLY month our county doesn't get frost ...[ or snow].  But in our ~25 yrs up here, we've seen frost a time or two.  High elevation. 


I know...  Y'all are about to drop your teeth at that weather forecast .....blistering HEAT where you are?  Sorry...  Best summer in a while....GREAT monsoon rains for 2 wks.  Keep it up and we'll not be dealing with wildfire.  Better frost { or even S N O W  }  than wildfire!!!! 


MtRider  ..... :offtobed:

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