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I ran a lot of errands.today. When I got home there was a Butt Wiggler® on my doorstep. Bet you don't hear that sentence very often. 


It's my brand of pencil sharpener. I didn't notice when I bought it but you can turn the dial on it for different sizes of pencils. Cool.


First, I finally got to the bank. Odd walking in a bank with a mask on. A greeter was right there all the time keeping order. There was only me and one other guy in there but she stuck by us until the teller took over. I cashed my tax refund checks and pocketed the money.  :pout:


I went to T- Mobile now that Sprint sold out to them. Nice folks but the service where I'll be looked spotty to say the least. It's an option though. Tomorrow I'll see what Verizon has to offer. I'll go with the one who offers the most service area. 


I made it to Sam's Club they were very well stocked with food and cleaning supplies. Except no disinfecting wipes at all. Vitamins aisle looked pretty lean too. They had moved the store around a little since the last time I was there. I couldn't find the TP. So I doubled back and found it. Oh my. The shelf was nearly bare. The only brand they had was something called Pom. The paper towel shelves are nearly empty too. They only had one 6- pack of the Bounty full size sheet towels. I put it in the cart then later noticed it was all torn up on one side. I put it back. They had a security guard at the door. 


Swung by Arby's for lunch. I got the sandwich I wanted and all at once I thought I was at Wendy's. I got the sandwich then ordered a chili and a summer salad. Huh? I didn't even notice until I got home. They didn't even blink an eye. No chili but a nice chicken, pecan and apple sandwich. 


Over to Home Depot for some peg board I've been looking for. They were out of it too but at least their lumber area looked a lot better than Lowes. If Menards is out of it I guess I'll have to do some waiting. 


On to Wal-Mart. Still no seasoned brussel sprouts. And still no sandwich size pepperoni. Yeah, I like pepperoni sandwiches. 


I finally got home to eat my TWO Arby sandwiches. If I can walk tomorrow, I'll check out Menards and Verizon. 



Praying baby E forgets to look at her calendar and cooks a little longer than planned. 


And for Miki's meds to work right away.


And for Mr. Littlesister's up coming surgery. 


And hopefully Mt. Rider's foot gets walkable soon too.



Forgot to mention that Wal-Mart had plenty of TP in all the main brands.


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Continued My Thought.
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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

Posted Images

Walked first, fed dogs, now reading here and charging fitbit. Still need to do out of fence walk for pups, pick figs, cut okra and check jalapenos. May be all outside.


Cut cheese for dogs, boil eggs (for me), cook hamburgers for DH.

At some point, I may go to a Salvage grocery store with my neighbor. Not sure about that yet.


I will start the prednisone for thumb on Sunday. Don't want to start today as I will be out in public tomorrow and I know it depresses immune system.  I wonder if taking zinc while on it might help?

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First I want to think all of you for the prayers for DH and myself.  This Tuesday will be DH's last surgery, I hope. They are just going to watch the other heart valve for now. Praying that that one will not start leaking anymore than it is now. It is just a very slow leak at this time. 


Took DH to get his labs and corvid test as will as an EKG.  Then came home and canned 15 lbs. of hamburger.  Got 16 pints out of it. So that was great. That should hold me for a good year or longer with the other 10 lbs. I canned earlier.  Now to move on to other things.  Canning is now on hold after the hamburger for a couple of weeks. As DH heals from surgery and we get his heart rehab set up. That is going to take a bite out of my time having to go to hospital 3 times a week. But he needs it so I will work around it.


I am still praying for everyone here that needs prayer for all you are going through. Right now it is easier to just let you all know you are in my prayers for whatever the case maybe.  Going to use the next 2 weeks to get back into some reading and catching up on the real news. 


With the mail going the way it is and 2 of my bills has been lost in mail, I am thinking of doing on line banking. Don't really want to do that though. But if I send the bills by certified mail so they can trace it, it would cost me $.4.00 for each piece of mail.  Not going to do that. I am still trying to work on being able to call and pay by phone or where possible on line without going through my bank account being put on line.  I hope to get that worked out soon.

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I had 2 zucchini sitting on the counter I so badly wanted to throw away.  However, the prepper in me made me use 1 today.  I made another 3 loaves of zucchini bread and a zucchini chocolate cake.  I am picking up a prescription for a relative later this afternoon so I'm taking one of the loaves of bread to her as well as a couple pieces of cake.  The same for another elderly relative that I'll drive by on my way home.


Tomorrow I'll do it all over again with this last zucchini, only this next time it will all go into the freezer with the gobs of bread and cakes I've already made.  I just have a fear of what this winter could bring and I know I'd hate myself if I threw them away now and then needed them.


I just hope no one drops more of the darn things off while I'm gone this afternoon. :faint3:



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Littlesister, I've paid some of my bills over the phone. Most companies have a phone center you can call. Check their website. Be aware though, some of them charge a fee to use their service. I just call, give my charge card number and they give a confirmation number. All automated.


I have one specific charge card that is for phone/online transactions only. It never leaves the house. Basically for bill paying and Amazon. I sat that card up to have a low line of credit of *$2,000.00. I've never maxed it out. I suppose you could have an auto payment set up on just one card so you don't have to give out your banking numbers. If you get a card through your bank, you can pay your card by making a money transfer from one account to your charge card account online. That's what I usually do once a month. 


So, if that card ever gets compromised, by a phone/online scammer, all they could possibly get is the card limit. They won't have access to my banking numbers.


My other two cards I carry with me to make purchases in person. 


* I started out with a $1,000.00 line of credit on that card and over the decades they raised my credit line. I told them to cap it at $2,000.00. So far they have. They said I could refuse any further increases if they happen.

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I pay almost of my bills online for well over a decade now and have never had an issue or a charge to do it.  I just log into the bill site, pay it and balance my budget accordingly.  I prefer not to pay it through the bank's pay site but rather to go the the company I'm actually paying.  Its always free for every bill I have.  I think the only thing I pay by mail anymore is my mortgage and the HRUBS bill for water.  

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Have been trying to get mama in to have swallowing issues addressed. One hospital won't do an upper GI because she takes Nitro. Her wonderful doctor decided to order a swallow test, barium, I think. The local hospital said she can't have it without a Covid test. She has been isolated for 2 months at our country home and suffers from dementia. It's too traumatizing for her and she doesn't want the Covid test. The hospital won't budge. They suggest I take her to the big city (hot spot) and have the swallow test done. I mentioned again that she has been isolated for the past two months, why would I want to take her to a hot spot. They wouldn't budge.


Bottom line. If you don't want to be tested, you can die at home without any treatment anymore.  :0327: Our healthcare has failed us miserably.  :grinning-smiley-044:


I'm reading more and more about shipments of covid test kits that are testing positive without being used. Are we now being subjected to Covid by these faulty kits?   :buttercup:

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I don't trust the accuracy of the Covid tests. Our governor was supposed to be in a meeting with the president a couple of weeks ago. Apparently anyone in a room with the president must be tested then and there. Anyway, the governor and his wife both tested positive when the plane landed. So they didn't get to attend the meeting. 


A few days later they had two more tests done. Both tests were negative. Way too many false/negative and false/positives to be reliable. 

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On 8/12/2020 at 9:03 PM, Jeepers said:

I like riding up higher


We were at Dollar General today to pick up some things...and it's a good thing we were in Miss B!  Some older gentleman was trying to avoid another older lady in her car (she was backing out with a mask on) and was headed for his passenger side door...so he rammed it in gear and back solidly into Miss B's rear bumper!  Made a mess of the back of his passenger side bumper etc., pushed it in really bad.  Only left a smudge of his white paint on Miss B's big metal back bumper.  The only thing we were concerned about was the jar it made to the newly re-built transmission!  Didn't notice anything while we were driving around town etc., today.  So much for trying to wear a mask while you're driving!

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Got most of the homestead's yard mowed.  I did most of the garden area and hubby finished it.  He did Abby's yard, the easement area and the area around the east side of the house and in front of one bay of the garage.  The other two lots on the far east were mowed last week, so they'll be okay for a bit.  Still need to get the Roost mowed but that's a very small front and side yard and the back barely grows grass because it's so shaded.  He mowed here last night.

Pulled all the plants from the tubs.  We'll turn the growing medium into the raised beds that held the potatoes.  We'll build raised beds later this year.  The tubs worked really nice for small amounts of food, but we have a feeling we'll be needing to grow more specific foods and more of it.

My brother is now on hospice and probably will go home to the Lord before too much longer.  SIL says he's fading fast, but not in any pain. Hate to say it but it's just too many years of smoking, chewing, drinking and other "candies". Hopefully she won't go back to that life style after this, but so far the only thing she's quit is smoking.  Loves her "stuff".

Tomorrow afternoon we're going to friend's farm to pick Elderberries again this year.  I may hang a bunch of them in pierced sandwich sacks and hang them somewhere to dry and then vacuum seal them in jars.  I've got several quart jars of the juice that I can turn into syrup, jelly or just pour over some ice with some Stevia as a morning drink.

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Sorry to hear about your brother, WE2.  But glad he's not in any pain.  :pray:


I'm still on crutches....trying a new tactic to heal up this foot.  Don't put any weight on it......ever again......  :buttercup:   Well, I don't really know how long I should wait.  Don't think I had this much relapse trouble when I dove off the end of the bed and rolled it in 2017.  Hmph, 3 yrs older shouldn't make that much difference!  :hidingsmile:


So not doing much.  DH is my chef and server....dishwasher [I do a few when I can stand there] ....and most everything else.  Working only 1 day this week was realllly a good idea for him.  Didn't set his back aflame again.  I figured out how to get down/up the 15 steps to ride in the car around the block tonite.  Then waited for dog/DH to do PM business trip.  Was nice nite but the smoke is all over CO right now and I wore mask for both dust and any lingering soot/ash.  I didn't smell any but dust sure hung in the still air. 


MtRider  ...Thankful for small window A/C unit on these days.   RE: Without Warning:  I'd go to basement!

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Sorry to hear about your brother We2. Hospice offers a wonderful survive for end of life care. Thankfully they are managing his pain. I think that's the most important thing. I know when my cousin was at that stage they didn't hold back on giving us medication to give her. Whereas a doctor would have probably limited her for fear of her getting addicted. SIgh. At that stage of her life, who gives a rats...whisker. 


Glad you and hubby weren't injured in the finder bender!


I was lazy today. I maxed out my first Kindle Paperwhite so I spent the day deleting some more stuff off of it. I still have everything on the new bigger one and everything is still in the cloud somewhere. When I'm finished I think I'll store it in the Faraday cage. I think as long as items are actually downloaded in it, they will be accessible even without internet connection. I think.


I just remembered that I have an old portable DVD player. I have tons of movies for it. I'm going to dig it out and if it still works I'll have something to watch in Indiana. I don't have cable or internet out there yet and I only get a couple of radio stations there. I like background noise. Especially when my tinnitus is acting up. Anyway tomorrow I want to go through some of the DVD's to take over and leave over there. I'll probably head out in a few days since my Jeep window is fixed. 

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I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, We2. Both my brothers and father had Hospice and were heavily medicated at the end of life. It brought me some relief that they didn't suffer but still heartbreaking.  :yar:


MtRider - every time I read about your rolled foot it makes me queasy. I rolled my ankle in college sports and limped for 10 years before having the outside of it rebuilt. Still makes me sweat when reading about others and their pain.   :hug3:


The other day, hubby told me to stock up for at least 3 months of food and supplies. I haven't received that order since y2k.  :0327: I was checking the prices and availability of wheat berries and about fainted. I generally buy a bucket now and then because I make our own breads and pastries. Darn if I can find it again through Wally World.  :yar:

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I went to Verizon to check out their cell phone coverage. They are closed on Sunday. Sigh. Wal-Mart is right across the street so I ended up in there. A different one from the one I went to last week. I almost didn't go in. The parking lot was crammed. As I was coming up the lane a car was pulling out so I took that space. Then it dawned on me that the lot is probably full because everyone wants to park at the one and only enterance. It wasn't too crowded inside. 


But oh my, the shelves were looking very empty. I didn't really notice the food aisles because I wasn't grocery shopping. The cleaning shelves were empty. No spray cleaner and no wipes. 


I realized I have  been brainwashed. Why do I feel the need to only buy Bounty paper towels? Oh yeah, because they are "the quicker picker upper". Sure. The only time I use them is if when I make a disgusting mess and then I throw them away. I bought a four pack of Sparkle. I'll try them out. I'll save the good paper towels for company. That reminds me, I haven't seen Brawny towels in months. I'm turning into my grandma. She only shopped her favorite brands too and wouldn't switch for love nor money. Wonder if they still make Oxydol laundry detergent. 


Anyway, still no seasoned brussel sprouts yet. All of the multi vitamins were behind plexiglas. Along with all the children's meds. There was a little bit of everything except still no zinc. There were many many empty shelves and pegs in the housewares and home goods aisles. I wonder what the shelves will look like at Christmas?


I swung by a different Giant Eagle grocery store that is a lot bigger than the one in my town. I didn't mosey around in there too long. Was on the hunt for those blasted Brussel sprouts. They didn't have the seasoned ones but did have some baby ones. The package said, "Grown 100% on American soil."  Humm, hope it isn't our  *Salmonella /Listeria American soil. The food aisle looked to be very well stocked. My energy was fading fast and I had watermelon in the car calling out to me. Wish I had taken a little more time. I forgot to look for Jell-O cups. 



*What would you get if Sammy Davis Jr. married Ella Fitzgerald?

Salmonella.  Sam and Ella.  :008Laughing:


Does anyone here still remember those people. I grew up with them on TV.

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On 8/9/2020 at 5:00 PM, Littlesister said:

Was looking at what I have left in freezer earlier today and I still have a lot of frozen veggies, beef and chicken and a ham. DH cannot eat the ham, so going to see if daughter or granddaughter wants it. We love ham but way to much salt for DH to eat. Not sure what I will do yet where that is concerned. I was thinking about canning it for the kids but I have heard that canned ham is not that good. So not sure yet. 


To keep the ham for your use you might try soaking it in plain water for a day or two. That's what you have to do with a Virginia Ham (because it is heavily salted for preservation). I tried jarring up some ham a few years ago; it got very dark and didn't look appetizing, but I don't remember how good/bad it tasted. Just the aesthetics changed my mind about doing it again.


Also, if you cook the ham to use for yourself, try cooking it in a pot full of water - hopefully the salt will leach out that way too.

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Homesteader, sorry to hear your mother is having trouble swallowing.  We have been going through that with DH.  He had 2 different barium swallows.  One of the things that helps him is to take his medicines with applesauce. They go down so much easier than with water.   I am now trying to figure out how to fix meat so he can swallow it easier. Not as easy as I thought it would be. But working on it. 


Miki, hope your thumb is doing better now that the pred. has had a chance to do it's job.


WE2, glad you won't hurt in the car accident.   And so sorry to hear about your brother, Though it is a blessing to know he is not suffering from pain. 


Mt. Rider, hope your foot starts healing much faster now.  It's been a while now.


We got bad news a little while ago.  One of DH's cousin's and his wife were coming home from a restaurant a while ago and he dropped dead of a heart attack. No chance of getting him any help or to a hospital.  His wife just pulled off to the side of road and called 911. Though he was already gone before they got there.  Not sure we will be able to go to funeral as DH will be in hospital and not coming home till Wed.  I know they were restricting how many people could be at a funeral and saw where some people were having drive by service in the cemetery.  But it is a wait and see situation as we don't know the date yet and his sister lives in Florida and his son lives in Ky.  Not sure either will be able to come in yet. 


Did church and then started washing clothes and getting things together for the hospital.  Did some dusting which never seems to end around here. And changed bed linens. Ran up to store for a few things as well. Just up to the Food Lion as it is the closest one to us. Thinking about packing a small lunch and dinner to carry to hospital with me since I will be staying over night.  don't want to be going all the way over to the main part of the hospital to get something to eat. The heart hospital is not connected to the main hospital and it is a long walk.  


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On 8/13/2020 at 2:35 PM, Jeepers said:

I made it to Sam's Club they were very well stocked with food and cleaning supplies. Except no disinfecting wipes at all.


You can make your own with paper towels. 


Here are several different "formulas" to choose from. If you choose one that uses bleach as an ingredient, keep in mind that bleach deteriorates over time.


  1. The stability of dilute bleach can be variable. It is recommended to make a fresh solution daily. The ratio would be the same (1 tsp. bleach per cup water). You could keep the solution in a spray bottle and then use paper towels or rags to wipe it up. 
  2. The bleach used should be fresh and in date because even concentrated bleach loses 20% of its potency each year.
  3. Bleach loses potency quickly when mixed with water. If you make this, you have to make a new batch every single day or it won't disinfect.
  4. Bleach can break down in light, so an opaque container (instead of the clear one demonstrated) would be better. 
  5. You should use a bleach that is 5-6% sodium hypochlorite in the bottle.





This next one seems more suited for using on your hands instead of on surfaces.



Stats on Clorox brand bleach


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15 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I think as long as items are actually downloaded in it, they will be accessible even without internet connection. I think.


On my kindle fire first edition I think, I have to download and open them to be able to get them offline.  If I just purchase it and send to kindle, I have to have internet to get to it.

On 8/14/2020 at 5:41 PM, Jeepers said:

I started out with a $1,000.00 line of credit on that card and over the decades they raised my credit line. I told them to cap it at $2,000.00.


I have one credit line that we put about $200 a month on and pay off every month.  The credit line got up to 37,000.  We still put $200 a month on it.  Last month they cut our credit line in half and when I went to Kredit Karma, my credit rating had dropped 8 points.  Won't let that happen again!


Jeepers, I put confused on your last post because I didn't know whether to laugh or be sad!


I'm sorry about your brother, WE2 and also for your cousin's husband, Littlesister!  


I did my video first, then went to Church and ran to the Dollar Tree for frozen fruit.


Since then, I cut okra and picked figs and jalapenos and put it all away. Wrapped and printed mail label for my little brother's Birthday present, made sweet and sour dressing for DH, prepped his meds for the next two weeks.


I started the prednisone for the trigger thumb and hip today. There is already no pain at all in hip but the thumb is the same. I started back doing Green Smoothies 6 days ago and am down 4 pounds so far. I know the steroid is not going to help, but I will try to keep at it! Thought for the day, month and year--I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions!

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On 8/14/2020 at 11:25 AM, Littlesister said:

With the mail going the way it is and 2 of my bills has been lost in mail, I am thinking of doing on line banking. Don't really want to do that though. But if I send the bills by certified mail so they can trace it, it would cost me $.4.00 for each piece of mail.  Not going to do that. I am still trying to work on being able to call and pay by phone or where possible on line without going through my bank account being put on line.  I hope to get that worked out soon.


My bank offers a "Bill Pay" option on their website. Basically, instead of putting your banking info on other sites,  you put your billing payment info on the bank's site and they issue the payments from there. Maybe your bank has something similar???

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Miki, I made the mistake of not actually downloading books on Kindle the first time I went to Indy. They showed up on the Kindle but not as a download. Since I don't have internet over there, I couldn't access the books that I didn't load in. All you have to do is click on the book and it downloads. But I didn't know I had to take that extra step. I figured if I could see them they were downloaded. Nope.


I'm getting ready to go back over soon and I have movies loaded on my Kindle Fire from Prime. I can watch them without internet. So, I think as long as things are downloaded in and there is still a cloud, we should still be able to read them. 


I do the same with my credit cards. I always pay them off every month. 


Sorry about the confusion up there. But consider the source. LOL


Midnightmom, thanks for the links. I'll check them out tonight. I don't really want to make them every day though. On the second picture it shows a big bottle of Lysol cleaner. I've got two big bottles of that. At Sam's Club they had a huge 2pk. of the cleaner this week. It was so heavy I couldn't lift it. Probably two gallons total. Their bleach was sold as a 3 gallon pack and they had plenty of it. Actually, I think the cheaper paper towels might work better than the more expensive soft ones. 

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:groooansmileyf:  Miki....Jeepers.....do you mean that if I haven't actually OPENED the 15,678 ebooks I've purchased from Amazon....I'd need Internet to do so later?  Like...open page one is sufficient?  .....something else to do with my foot up.  :buttercup: 



As I indicated over in our ongoing "COVID stats" thread, I think SMOKE from CO and neighboring wildfires might be the trigger these past few days.  Even with the doors/windows shut....house leaks.   I'm FAITHFULLY taking the little white pill I recently got from doc for sinus ---> COUGHING/HACKING/CHOKING. 


Nurse Practitioner said to add the nasal spray if the pill didn't work in 2 wks.  Well, things were very good and then slowly I got more and more plugged/COUGHING again.  So this morning I did just ONE squirt of the spray...well, two total.  Thank goodness I didn't do 2 per ....  Cuz almost immediately I got the JITTERS!  Then they got worse and worse.  Whole body shaking and spasm/release and .....I could not breath thru my nose at all.  Barely breathing thru my mouth.  DH was at-the-ready to grab my inhaler!  AND I couldn't talk without stuttering badly.  :sassing:  


OK.....not doing THAT med again.  :grinning-smiley-044:    It escalated for 10 minutes and then all that started to slowly decrease again.  About 2 hrs later, I noticed I was breathing reallly clearly out of my nose.  YippeeeSkippy.  Still not worth THAT! 


This is what happens when we try to put chemical medications into our "virgin" bodies.  We're used to nutritional and herbal formulas.  This isn't the first time some plain, 'ole med when crazy on me.  :gaah: 


Back to the caffeine idea.  More than a cup of black tea, evidently.  


MtRider  .....I'm just flat wore out!!!  :0327:  



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3 hours ago, Midnightmom said:


To keep the ham for your use you might try soaking it in plain water for a day or two. That's what you have to do with a Virginia Ham (because it is heavily salted for preservation). I tried jarring up some ham a few years ago; it got very dark and didn't look appetizing, but I don't remember how good/bad it tasted. Just the aesthetics changed my mind about doing it again.


Also, if you cook the ham to use for yourself, try cooking it in a pot full of water - hopefully the salt will leach out that way too.


I soak beans for a few hours and make bean soup. I pressure can it before the beans are totally cooked.

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Mt. Rider, you don't have to actually open the book. Just click on it so it downloads.  If you see a circle with a checkmark in it on the far right side of the book, then it is downloaded.


I mistakenly thought if I could see the book then it was downloaded. Nope. I have to click on it or else I can't read it without the internet. The reason is because you have to have the internet to download it. 


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I think I have all the bills fixed now where I can either pay by phone or on line directly to the company. So no more mailing the bills out. 

I decided to do the ham and beans and can them.  I remember a long time ago I did a country ham and soaked it overnight in white vig. water. That took a lot of the salt out. I might do that with this ham, though it is not a country ham. It should still work. Will check into that before soaking it though. 


DH has gone to bed to watch TV so I now have some me time. Don't get that often but it sure is nice when I can get it. His knee has been a bit wobbly today, so I can't let him get up to walk around unless I am there with him.  So he has to call me when he needs to get up. It is a hassle to have to drop everything every time he needs to get up to do something but better than him taken another fall. Falls are NOT allowed around here. 


Mt. Rider have you tried using a nettle pot with the warm salt water?  That might be an option for you. The drug stores also carry the ones that you just spray in each nostril verses using the nettle pot. though the nettle pot is the cheaper option.

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