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So for those of us who live in closer quarters...think small back yard with six foot fence but neighbors on two sides and back part of fence backs up to a church parking lot....if the virus is airborne would it be safe to go into a backyard if a quarantine was to happen? I want to be able to continue to garden and am thinking that because we have such a small inside space the yard might be necessary for sanity’s sake....

On one side is a couple our age who are rarely out in their yard and the other side is a single disabled man who I also don’t see outside often...


Any thoughts?

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It's my opinion DogM...that the "safe" distance is 7 feet.  As for us, we're just prepping up for a flu of any genre.  Washing hands every couple of hours and using a medicated hand cream is routine during flu season.  Avoiding crowds of people, being willing to let others "go first" when in a grocery line etc., lots of things we do around here to stay healthy.

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I am hoping we will be able to go outside. Will need to go to my shed for things now and then.  We have one neighbor next door but far enough from where I would be in back yard to be ok. They don't come outside much.  Across my driveway which is back yard is a neighbor that keeps to himself. I know him but he doesn't visit neighbors. So should be good and they are far enough away from us. 

I went to Wal mart, Lidil's and Harris Teeter today. I loaded up on the foods I needed to go with some of the foods I have. I also bought because of diabetics. Sugar free jello and pudding. got 10 of each. Also found sugar free brownie mix and cake mix. Found icing to go with the cake mix that was sugar free as well. Might not taste as good as the real deal, but will give us something for a snack. Bought the chrystal light lemon aid, and the milo electrolyte to put in water. Got some sugar free gaterade and that is hard to find. Also some V8 low sodium, Got some more powdered milk as well as some mac and cheese incase kids come here. (picky eaters will learn to eat what's put before them).  Got my cat little for the toilet buckets for just in case. 2 boxes. I did not get the cheapest  for that as it is dust free, and kills odor for 7 days. though it will be changed out as needed. I have 2 buckets with the toilet lids for camping on them.  Bought 2 big boxes of cheerios. DH loves those. The dates are 12/20 so that should hold us.  Bought some cleaning supplies as well that I was low on. got some alcohol and peroxide.  Picked up some more OTC meds as well that I couldn't get a Walgreens.  Canned fruit is way over priced but did get 4 more cans. Also picked up more flour for bread. I am hoping to not have to go out to any stored now. Maybe the closest one Food Lion for eggs. I will stock those as it gets closer to time to really need to get ready. 

We live in an area that now has over 1 million people. This is why you will hear of me stocking and doing things early.  It will not be safe to venture out in maybe another month or two. We really have no clue. 

I am reading up on pandemics and what to do as well as what could happen. Don't like that outcome. We could loose water, electric and natural gas.  I need to fill up one of my propane tanks and need to buy a couple of more.  Also need to get the gas cans together and get them filled as well. Need to buy fire wood as well to get us through the rest of winter. I think maybe a couple of cords. But will see how that goes. Our well is electric and not in the best shape but as long as we have the electric, we should be ok with that. But filling up everything we have. Large pans, all of the empty canning jars, and all of my water containers as well as the water bob for bath tub. If you are on city water and sewage, it will create a whole new host of issues and none of them good. Back up of sewage is one issue. We are going to try to rehook to the septic and see how the lines are. But after 3 years, I fear they have collasped. 

Reason I have listed some of what I bought is to help give anyone on here some ideas of things they might need to add to their preps as well. 

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Dogmom  :hug3:   As far as I've heard, no one has SAID this is "airborne" yet.  Definition of airborne....it's NOT the flying spittle.  [for lack of a nicer word]  We definitely DO have 'flying spittle' in the COVID-19!  That's the 6-10 feet ....distance from others coughing/sneezing/wheezing.  Your back yard fence being high will help too.  Cuz spit drops down with gravity as soon as the ...um, propulsion has ceased.  Like spitting out seed contests...they drop.  [virus-in-spit is smaller tho]


True AIRBORNE.....that's much worse.  If you think of hair spray....aerosol type in a can.  You know that kinda floats in the air cuz the particles are so much smaller.  The toilet does cause a bit of aerosol affect....put the lid down. 


Look up PPM - Parts Per Million ....the size of itty-bitty things in the air.  Like how the ash/soot particles from Arizona's wildfires can ride the air waves and descend down upon us in CO.  The VOG  [volcano smog] from Big Island can foul the air quality on Maui....but rarely. 


I'm not sure if a virus can RIDE air currents like that or not when it's truly AIRBORNE.  HOPE THIS VIRUS PARTICLE is never found to be able to do that.  I'm a bit out of my league in this science......ANYONE ELSE KNOW? 


MtRider  ....hope backyards are safe!!  :shrug: 

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Joyfilled.....president speaking tonite?   Hadn't heard that.  HOPE I still have another day or two....cuz we didn't shop today.  Looong story and a longer day.  Hope your sister gets to where she's intending...safely.  :pray: 


MtRider  :unsure: 

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Newly diagnosed coronavirus patient being treated at UC Davis Medical Center


The UC Davis Medical Center is treating a patient who may be the first person in the country to have contracted the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from community exposure.

The California Department of Public Health reported Wednesday the individual is a resident of Solano County who had no known exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with a known infected individual.

An email sent out Wednesday by two UC Davis officials said the patient arrived at the medical center in Sacramento last Wednesday but was only tested for the virus on Sunday despite a request made by med center officials that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conduct a test when the patient was admitted.

“Today the CDC confirmed the patient’s test was positive,” said the email from David Lubarsky, vice-chancellor of human health services, and Brad Simmons, interim CEO of UC Davis Medical Center.

“This is not the first COVID-19 patient we have treated, and because of the precautions we have had in place since this patient’s arrival, we believe there has been minimal potential for exposure here at UC Davis Medical Center,” the email said.

Nevertheless, a small number of medical center employees have been asked to stay home and monitor their temperatures.


Lubarsky and Simmons said the patient was transferred to UC Davis from “another Northern California hospital” on Wednesday, Feb 19.

“When the patient arrived, the patient had already been intubated, was on a ventilator, and given droplet protection orders because of an undiagnosed and suspected viral condition,” the email said.

“Since the patient arrived with a suspected viral infection, our care teams have been taking the proper infection prevention precautions during the patient’s stay.

“Upon admission, our team asked public health officials if this case could be COVID-19. We requested COVID-19 testing by the CDC, since neither Sacramento County nor (the California Department of Public Health) is doing testing for coronavirus at this time. Since the patient did not fit the existing CDC criteria for COVID-19, a test was not immediately administered,” said the email, which added that, “UC Davis Health does not control the testing process.”

On Sunday, the CDC ordered COVID-19 testing of the patient and the patient was put on airborne precautions and strict contact precautions. The positive test results were announced on Wednesday.


“We are proud of our health care workers who have been working to care for this patient and are committed to saving this patient’s life,” the email said.

“Just as when a health care worker has a small chance of exposure to other illnesses, such as TB or pertussis, we are following standard CDC protocols for determination of exposure and surveillance. So, out of an abundance of caution, in order to assure the health and safety of our employees, we are asking a small number of employees to stay home and monitor their temperature.

“We are handling this in the same way we manage other diseases that require airborne precautions and monitoring. We are in constant communication with the state health department and the CDC and Sacramento County Public Health about the optimal management of this patient and possible employee exposures,” the email said.

“As we regularly handle patients with infectious diseases, we have robust infection control protocols in place to handle this patient and others with more frequently seen infectious diseases. In this case, we are dedicated to providing the best care possible for this patient and continuing to protect the health of our employees who care for them.”

The CDC announced on Wednesday that a case of novel coronavirus of “unknown origin” — without a relevant travel history or exposure to another known patient — had been diagnosed in a patient in Northern California but did not indicate what city or county the case was in.


In a press released issued Wednesday evening, the state Department of Public Health revealed the individual was from Solano County.

“The health risk from novel coronavirus to the general public remains low at this time,” the release said. “While COVID-19 has a high transmission rate, it has a low mortality rate. From the international data we have, of those who have tested positive for COVID-19, approximately 80 percent do not exhibit symptoms that would require hospitalization. There have been no confirmed deaths related to COVID-19 in the United States to date. California is carefully assessing the situation as it evolves.”

“Keeping Californians safe and healthy is our number one priority,” said State Public Health Officer Dr. Sonia Angell.

“This has been an evolving situation, which California has been monitoring and responding to since COVID-19 cases first emerged in China last year. This is a new virus, and while we are still learning about it, there is a lot we already know.

“We have been anticipating the potential for such a case in the U.S., and given our close familial, social and business relationships with China, it is not unexpected that the first case in the U.S. would be in California. That’s why California has been working closely with federal and local partners, including health care providers and hospitals, since the outbreak was first reported in China — and we are already responding.”

This would be the first known instance of person-to-person transmission in the general public in the United States, according to Angell.

Previously known instances of person-to-person transmission in the United States include one instance in Chicago, Ill., and one in San Benito County. Both cases were after close, prolonged interaction with a family member who returned from Wuhan, China, and had tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by novel coronavirus. As of Wednesday, including this case, California has had seven travel-related cases, one close contact case and now one community transmission

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I thought it was confirmed airborne and aerosol? This is an article on the BBC China(translated from Chinese) that says it’s an aerosol. It even suggests putting the seat down when flushing....  I thought this was why there are so many videos of them basically fogging the streets?



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Oh no, no, no Dogmom...... :(   THAT is what I hoped we would NOT hear.......  :pray:   But that is exactly what that article is saying.  


Are there other articles?   I know they are worried about a person in CA that didn't seem to have any known connection to someone with the virus.  But with so many days [14- 27???]  without symptoms, that could happen.  But airborne.....  :runcirclsmiley2:    I just HAD to use that lil' guy! 


This is the FIRST I've heard of that!  I can imagine ....TPTB probably don't want that data out any quicker than necessary.  BUT.....it does make sense....what the CDC lady said yesterday. 


Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.  .....yes, I'm having a fit here...at midnight CO time.   We need to convince our Maui 'ohana that they MUST take this seriously.  This makes it soooooo much easier to spread around.  Cannot contain it.  That article was dated Feb 8th.  :o


No, I hadn't heard that the fogging they were doing in China was for airborne..... 


MtRider   :pray:   

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1,766 confirmed

 South Korea


705 confirmed

"Diamond Princess" cruise ship Others


453 confirmed



245 confirmed



189 confirmed



42 confirmed

Unassigned Location (From Diamond Princess) US

40 confirmed Thailand

33 confirmed Bahrain


27 confirmed Germany

26 confirmed Kuwait

22 confirmed Malaysia


18 confirmed France

16 confirmed Vietnam

13 confirmed Spain

13 confirmed UK

13 confirmed United Arab Emirates


8 confirmed From Diamond Princess Australia

7 confirmed British Columbia Canada

6 confirmed Iraq

5 confirmed Queensland Australia

4 confirmed New South Wales Australia

4 confirmed Victoria Australia

4 confirmed Oman

3 confirmedToronto, ON Canada

3 confirmed Croatia

3 confirmed India

3 confirmed Philippines


2 confirmedSouth Australia Australia

2 confirmed Austria

2 confirmed Finland

2 confirmed Israel

2 confirmed Lebanon

2 confirmed Pakistan

2 confirmed Russia

2 confirmed Sweden


2 confirmed Chicago, IL US

2 confirmed San Benito, CA US

2 confirmed San Diego County, CA US

2 confirmed Santa Clara, CA US


1 confirmed Afghanistan

1 confirmed Algeria

1 confirmed Belgium

1 confirmed Brazil

1 confirmed Cambodia

1 confirmed London, ON Canada

1 confirmed Denmark

1 confirmed Egypt

1 confirmed Estonia

1 confirmed Georgia

1 confirmed Greece

1 confirmed Nepal

1 confirmed North Macedonia

1 confirmed Norway

1 confirmed Romania

1 confirmed Sri Lanka

1 confirmed Switzerland


1 confirmed Boston, MA US

1 confirmed Humboldt County, CA US

1 confirmed Los Angeles, CA US

1 confirmed Madison, WI US

1 confirmed Orange, CA US

1 confirmed Sacramento County, CA US

1 confirmed San Antonio, TX US

1 confirmed Seattle, WA US

1 confirmed Tempe, AZ US

1 confirmed Yolo County, CA US

60 confirmed cases in US


Feb 23, 7 a.m. Eastern update.




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26 deaths  Iran

13 deaths  South Korea

12 deaths  Italy

4 deaths "Diamond Princess" cruise ship Others

3 deaths  Japan

2 deaths  France

1 deaths  Philippines


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Guest Joyfilled1
8 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Joyfilled.....president speaking tonite?   Hadn't heard that.  HOPE I still have another day or two....cuz we didn't shop today.  Looong story and a longer day.  Hope your sister gets to where she's intending...safely.  :pray: 


MtRider  :unsure: 

He spoke.... basically said everything is hunky dory, we only have 15 cases (not counting those from the ship), and those are almost all better. It's almost like the flu....the flu kills more people every year, he said. I rolled my eyes.... hubby said: what is he supposed to say? Quarantine all the cities, close all the airports and borders? 

Probably not a good idea, either. He put VP Pence in charge. The CDC reiterated that everyone needs to prepare. Stocks went down as he spoke, and the CDC announced the case in CA right after.....:runcirclsmiley2:(I like the little guy, too!)

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Guest Joyfilled1

Oh!! And as far as electricity being on/off....this is my two cents worth:


I think it will stay on. And internet, too. Well....I think they will try their hardest to keep it on. Can you imagine a population without tv? Without gaming and internet? To keep peace, they would have to keep it on as able. I'm watching China....as far as I know, they still have power. That could change, but I hope and pray not for everyone's sake. 


May God be with us all. ♥️

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3 hours ago, Guest Joyfilled1 said:

Well....I think they will try their hardest to keep it on


I agree with that!  But the electric grid in U.S. is not all that stable in the best of times.  It would be the top priority for us....to run at least the pellet stove/furnace for as long as we have fuel for those.  [another propane fill in 17 days....]  Without electric, we have no standard heat options.  Buddy Heater....or rip out the pellet stove and hope old fireplace still works.  The flue is still in place.  :shrug:  It's months until we have spring.  :frozen:  


Phone lines out in our boonies is sketchy too.  In January, we lost the trunk line to the town where my folks live and my neighbor kept hammering at various folks up the chain til they fixed it.  Another Warrior Woman!!  That's the 3rd time we couldn't call my folks but they can call us.  Cuz their town is more population dense than our rural area.  [anyone thinking of Condensed Population scenario?]   And anyway, will TPTB just decide to throw able-bodied workers at the cell phone operations and leave those of us in rural [not cell service] areas to send smoke signals ....from our campfires?  :campfire:  


I would dearly love to keep Internet too!  That is our only means of information.  :sigh:  


MtRider  :pray: 

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Guest Joyfilled1

I agree.... we'd be up a creek without a paddle, too, if the power went out. We're talking about moving a wood stove that we have into the house....not sure what would happen to our insurance, though. Hmmmm....


I'm with ya. I'm just hoping beyond hope we don't lose power. Knowledge....I need to print more. 

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I know some of you might not think we could loose power, water and gas. But this is from the prepper's blue prints step by step guide to help you prepare for any disaster.  This is not the only place I have either read or heard this.  So I am going to try to explain it best I can.

When you see People in China walking around and it looks like they still have electric, water and stuff. They could have it still on. But in only means that the people that keep all the utilities running have not come down with the virus as of yet. 


I pray we do not loose any of our utilities here:  BUT, our electric grid is in bad shape, Water may not be safe to drink as this virus can be transmitted through our water if not treated. Natural gas as well.. Also those that have oil heat depend on those deliveries as well as those that use propane and have that delivered.   This is not for anyone to panic over but to think about what you would need to do in this situation. 


If and when this hits and we are under mandatory quarantine, think about the people that go to work to keep our city water purified, our lights on by way of having to go out and do repairs to the lines in case of accident or bad weather, Even natural gas has a maintence crew. If any one of these utilities or even all of them go down because the men and women that work on these things are not able to go out and do their jobs. Then yes we can loose power, water, and gas. Mail could stop running for a while, trucks that deliver our food to stores could stop,, These are things that it does not mean it will happen but something we need to think about.  it's the what if's that we need to be aware of, not that these things will happen.  In other words we need a back up plan. Not just going out and stocking food for one or two months, and having the necessary vitamins and RX's we take on a daily bases in place. 

All this is a worst case possibility. And we just need to have those back up plans in place and pray that it doesn't get this far. We have a back up generator that is run by natural gas. That we would depend on, if not we will do like we did before, oil lamps for light. flashlights, etc. I am filling up all of my water containers but not at this time. That is going to be on a wait and see basis for now. Though I do have 3 of them filled up from hurricane season and never emptied them though they are treated for 5 years. DH is looking to buy a new hand pump for the well. We use that to water the garden or our city water bill would be out of this world. So that has been on the back burner for months, not because of the coronavirus but because the well pump is  a 220 circuit and not a 110. Cost a bunch to run that for to long. 

I hope this explains why I said we could loose our utilities.  Not that we will but that there is that possibility of it happening.

Prepare for the worst and pray for a good outcome. That is all we can do.

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Littlesister, I agree.  I'll take it a step further:   In my area, our electric mostly comes from coal-fired power plants.  Think just some of the people to get the coal to the power plant:  the coal miners, truck drivers, crane operators, towboat crews, lock and dam personel, ect.   And all those people need fuel and supplies to operate. 

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Nine hours later, I see reason to panic in Kuwait, Germany, and France, (and of course Italy) but everyone else is reportedly no worse off than this morning.


I'm taking South Korea off the list unless they report significantly higher numbers within a few hours.  They have the same number they had this morning, and I do not find that credible.

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2 hours ago, out_of_the_ordinary said:

Littlesister, I agree.  I'll take it a step further:   In my area, our electric mostly comes from coal-fired power plants.  Think just some of the people to get the coal to the power plant:  the coal miners, truck drivers, crane operators, towboat crews, lock and dam personel, ect.   And all those people need fuel and supplies to operate. 

And if equipment fails, the parts probably come from China. 

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2 hours ago, Ambergris said:

True airborne includes riding dust particles, yes.  As opposed to aerosol.  Pray it's only aerosol.


You made a distinction a couple weeks ago regarding this.  I asked then ....and tried to look up that distinction.  I didn't find anything.  Can you please explain why and what distinction you refer to between aerosol and airborne?  I'd LOVE to have yet another step between the 3 stages mentioned in the article Dogmom posted last nite.




The difference between aerosol and droplet transmission is the distance of transmission. Both droplets and contact infections occur within close range, while aerosols travel long distances, increasing the risk of contactless infection. 



I've always heard 3 stages:

-contact  ...touching

-droplets ...flying spittle

-aerosol ....small enough to float in the air   aka: airborne   If it isn't, I want to know.



MtRider  :scratchhead:  

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I'm using one as a subset of the other.

Cough/sneeze droplets are aerosols.  Something transmissible by aerosol will fall out of the air when the air stops carrying the droplet. A good rain or enough distance will be decent protection.

Tuberculosis bacilli, on the other hand, can be coughed out, can land on a particle of dust, and can infect someone who breathes in that particle of dust a mile down the road--if kept out of sunlight--six months later.  That's what I meant by airborne.  (Sunlight kills it in a matter of hours, though.)  

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I have found out some very disturbing things about China.  My granddaughter called me and her DH is in Navy. They are the ones on the way to Washington State. They are traveling now.  She said that when they were pulling people out of their homes and checking if they had a fever. If they did they were dragging them off. Well I CANNOT CONFIRM this but it seems they were taken them to a field and shooting them. This might explain why the crematoriums  are so busy cremating a1000 people a day or were doing that many a day. I have to say this sounds like something China's gov. would do.  Also it was on the news tonight that someone's dog had the coronavirus. So I think they might start killing off people's pets next.  Has anyone noticed how quiet N. Korea is. You know that if S. Korea has so many affected by this that N. Korea has just as many.  Granddaughter also said that Japan has now closed it's boarders and no one in or out. The military knows a lot but are under orders I think to keep quiet. Also it was on news the CDC is doing nothing to get the kits in to this country to be able to test people. Stated that S. Korea has kits and are able to test thousands of people a day.  That person in CA that has that virus and was never in contact with anyone, did not fit the critera for testing and so she went 3 days before being tested. That said, our health care system is in trouble if they are not taken the proper precautions. Those that were taken care of this person is now under self quarantine. 


Ambrose, taken S. Korea off list as they are not reporting anything any worse than this morning is because they have the means to take care of this fast. They have the test kits and using them on anyone that comes in with symptoms. All precautions are in place and seem to be the only country that I can see at this time that's doing so. 

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Guest Joyfilled1

I agree.... we'd be up a creek without a paddle, too, if the power went out. We're talking about moving a wood stove that we have into the house....not sure what would happen to our insurance, though. Hmmmm....


I'm with ya. I'm just hoping beyond hope we don't lose power. Knowledge....I need to print more. 

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Guest Joyfilled1

Sorry if some of these responses are repeats. I'm not sure why... 


So....yes. I hadn't thought of something going wrong with utilities and not getting parts from China (or surrounding areas). And Little Sister, I've heard (read) reports like what you heard is happening in China, too....and the same in N Korea. I pray it isn't so.


I got a call from my Dad today.... giving me a sermon (literally) on trusting God. I do. I really, really do. Without Him, any preps are worthless. Noah was saved from the great flood....but he had to prep too!! Anyway....


Stocks took a plunge today, I hope y'all are okay financially.


Good points about the power going out. Will have to talk to the hubby to hurry and get stuff lined up (we have some, but nothing for long term set up). Heat would be a problem here, too, without power. And with young kids.....


Question: have you thought of having something to trade or barter in the future?



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So....you are praying that the BBC China article is prematurely calling it "airborne"?    Yeah....I'd like to hear that too.  :pray: 


TB, measles, and pertussis have the distinction of being consider especially transmittable.  That's why my doc got so dead-serious when she heard my "whoop" ....gasping, trying to draw air back into my lungs after coughing exhale.  [The lab test decided I didn't have it but my bronchial tubes make one hellacious noise when I have bronchitis.] 


Tuberculosis .... "....cough, sneeze, shout, or sing. Depending on the environment, these tiny particles can remain suspended in the air for several hours. M. tuberculosis is transmitted through the air, not by surface contact. Transmission occurs when a person inhales droplet nuclei containing M. tuberculosis, and the droplet nuclei traverse the mouth or nasal passages, upper respiratory tract, and bronchi to reach the alveoli of the lungs "   https://www.cdc.gov/tb/education/corecurr/pdf/chapter2.pdf


Pertussis..."Pertussis is a contagious, acute respiratory illness caused by the bacterial pathogen Bordetella pertussis. Although it is widely believed that transmission of B. pertussis occurs via aerosolized respiratory droplets, no controlled study has ever documented airborne transmission of pertussis. We set out to determine if airborne transmission occurs between infected and naive animals, utilizing the baboon model of pertussis. Our results showed that 100% of exposed naive animals became infected even when physical contact was prevented, demonstrating that pertussis transmission occurs via aerosolized respiratory droplets. "  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3501154/


Measles ...  "measles virus can live for up to two hours in an airspace where the infected person coughed or sneezed."   https://www.cdc.gov/measles/transmission.html


"Float" is what we don't want to hear.


MtRider  .......off to Walmart with THE LIST  :shopping:

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