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I know what you mean about feeling uneasy about all of this Littlesister. 


People (me) have it in their minds this is a flu. But it's a virus. A flu 'type' of virus. A new one. Sort of like, 'all oaks are trees but not all trees are oaks'. Know what I mean? I don't think we really know what to expect yet. 


What concerns me is thinking about the Spanish Flu and how it hit people harder during the second wave. And those people weren't hopping on planes traveling all over the world. If this hits harder later...


And governmental cover up? All the time and by all countries. 


I haven't said this and maybe I shouldnt but, I wonder why the "Chinatowns" like San Francisco, Chicago or New York haven't had cases of the CorV-19 virus? This outbreak happened right at the peak of the Chinese New Year. That's like Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one for the Chinese people. There were a lot of people traveling to visit relatives unaware of the virus. Chinese...Chinatown...no major out breaks there. Am I missing something? 


BTW, that is not a racist or cultural remark. I just wonder why a large population, who may have had lot of family gatherings from an infected area, haven't had an outbreak in their community. 


It's gone from Coronavirus, to Corona Virus, to CorV, to CorV-19 to CorVir, to CorVir-19 in a matter off a couple of months. Crimony, they can't even decide what to call it. 

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This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. They clean the money...put it back into circulation....then the first infected person touches it...and it’s re-infected all over again?




The government cut off the transfer and allocation of old bank notes across provinces, and between cities most affected by the deadly outbreak, according to Fan Yifei, People’s Bank of China’s deputy governor. The central bank also ramped up measures to sanitize old money to reduce contagion risks and added 600 billion yuan ($85.9 billion) of new cash for Hubei, the epicenter of the coronavirus, he said.

“Money from key virus-hit areas will be sanitized with ultraviolet rays or heated and locked up for at least 14 days, before it is distributed again,” Fan said at a press conference on Saturday. Money circulated in less riskier areas is subject to a week of quarantine and commercial lenders have been asked to separate cash from hospitals and food markets, he said.
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So the nurse who helped take care of the 80 year old woman with the virus that died in Japan has the virus. The woman was in that particular hospital for 6 days. How is it getting to the caregivers when you would assume they would be taking extreme care? 


Authorities in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, say a nurse at a hospital in Sagamihara City has the new coronavirus.

They say Sagamihara Chuo Hospital is where a woman in her 80s, who was confirmed to have the virus after her death last week, was being treated earlier this month.

In a news conference on Monday, prefectural and city officials said the female nurse in her 40s took care of the patient.

They say the elderly patient, a resident of the prefecture, was in the hospital from February 1 to 6. She died later at a different hospital. She was reportedly treated at a total of three hospitals.

The officials said a total of 61 people came into close contact with the patient.

They said the results of virus tests on 43 of them were available as of Monday morning, and that the nurse was the only one who tested positive.

She reportedly developed a fever and sought treatment on Friday. She visited another medical institution on Saturday, and had diarrhea that night.

The officials said the nurse had not worked since Saturday. They said she no longer has a fever, but will be hospitalized later on Monday.

Sagamihara Chuo Hospital says it has stopped treating outpatients. It says visits to inpatients will be suspended.

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Not understanding this...at all...here I thought they weren’t allowing anyone on the flight who tested positive.

*Saw another article saying their last test results didn’t come in until they were on the plane and none of them were showing symptoms.



14 Evacuees Positive for Coronavirs Allowed on Flight to Travis AFB

According to the U.S. Department of State, 14 of the evacuees aboard flights headed from a quarantined cruise ship in Japan to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield have tested positive for the coronavirus. 

They are among 340 passengers shuttled to two charter jets from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in 14 buses. 

The flights are expected to arrive Sunday night.




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I saw an interview with a girl who was in Wuhan. This was early in the virus awareness and flights from China were not being allowed into the US. She was being interviewed in the airport. The interviewer asked her where she was from. She said America. He asked her where she was flying to. She said Africa. He asked if she knew anyone in Africa. She said she didn't know anyone in Africa. He asked why was she going there then. She said she could get a flight from Africa and could get back in America that way because she has an American passport. Or fly to a European country from Africa and the back home that route. Nice huh. 

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Guest Joyfilled1

So....I have a question for you all. My family and are are prepared to self quarantine for say....at LEAST 3 weeks (wink). We live about a mile away from a small town of 500-600 people. Nearest Walmart about 40 min. away. Small (cute, but expensive) grocery store. A LOT of farming and cattle in our area, as well as sheep. Hubby works 40 min from home, but can easily work from home. I'm a homeschooling Mom, 5 kids (19, 8, 7, almost 6, and 7 month old baby). We worship with a local Church Body in our small town.


Last night our baby got sick...first time for him. He had a slight fever, runny nose, congested and coughing. Sounds a lot like...well, the virus. I'm not thinking that's it at all....but I'm wondering. What will make you decide when you should stay home? Self quarantine to keep your family safe? I dont believe the numbers coming out of china OR the CDC. I think they are trying to prevent mass panic, and that upsets me. It means we don't have an opportunity to decide for ourselves when it's too dangerous for our family to go out.


Any ideas? Thoughts? Praying for all of us!!

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Joyfield, If you are that far away from everyone, You may be safer than those of us that live in town. I used to be in country but now they have dumped a town on us. So we are not as safe and we have military everywhere around here. As for the baby. I don't think he has coronavirus but a cold from what you are describing and possible could have sinus infection or it could be a chest cold.. If he has green or yellow from nose it is bacterial and needs antibiotic. Also if coughing up green or yellow. 

And one thing I have been wondering:   Usually with a virus there is no fever, but fever does happen with bacterial infection. And with pneumonia it is bacterial in many cases.  So I am trying to wrap my head around this. So do these people with the coronavirus or whatever they are calling it now, Have the virus while they are running around here and there and then the fever hits as it starts to progress into pneumonia?   Seems China is putting pneumonia as cause of death on the death cert.  Just a question I have while trying to wrap my head around this mess.


Joyfield, Are you thinking of 3 weeks incase you come in contact with someone with the virus, or just thinking of self quarantine for 3 weeks?


I am getting things done today that I do on a normal Monday and then I am going to spend rest of week going through everything we have. Mask, gloves, meds, food cleaning supplies, you name it. Just to see how long we can stay put and not leave house for any reason if possible. Will be making a list of things we are short on for something like this and because of where we live and what is all around us, I am looking to have enough supplies for at least 3 months. Could be overkill, but again, the town is dumped on us.  Lots of military, naval hosp. airports, shipyards, naval bases, coast guard bases,  This is why I am thinking more on the lines of 3 months. Not everyone would need to do for that long. And yes, even I might be over doing it for a 3 month stay.


I would like to do a trial run of staying put for at least a week, preferable 2 weeks, just to see how things go. Practice trial run. Just got to adjust doctor appts. to do it. 

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Joyfilled, I'm sorry your little one is sick!  :pray:


We homeschool, too.   :)            In regards to quarantine,  I don't have an answer, but it's giving me a lot to think about.  If DH would take off of work, he'll lose his job. (The flu went around his office and they all worked through it.  <_<   Yeah, I know.  He has resumes out and is trying.)   We will have to think about where the line is for us with it.   It's not a greed thing, but keeping a roof over our heads, health insurance, ect.   WIll it be that way for a lot of people?     


More to think about here....



Something I read said that most of our medications are either made in China or have ingredients made there.   :behindsofa:     Will it get to the point where A) we're not importing the medications or b) huge concerns with imported stuff? 

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Good question on Hawaii. I've not heard about anyone not being able to fly in. Wonder if you could call the airlines to find that out? Bad timing to be going to Maui.  They are checking on the people that stayed in the hotel with the man that went to Japan and got sick. Question would be was he contagious before he checked out of hotel. 

Dee.  Keeping your nephew and family in prayer that they won't be near where that man that got sick was at. All any of us can do at this time is be aware and know where the problem areas are. If that is even possible. 


And yes, most of our meds or the ingredients come out of China. Right now that is not good. Hoping that the drugs will be able to come from Canada or another country. Right now we just got all our RX's filled at a 90 day supply and some of those are a good 6 months ahead. DH and I on a couple of our meds take the same ones. One is B/P medication. And though he has to take his daily, I don't take mine unless my B/P is up. I have to check it on a daily basis. So far mine has been running without the medication 118/ 64. So I don't take the meds when it is like that. I do not recommend anyone doing that as it might not work for some people. But for me  I have been doing fine and feeling better off of it. For my DH I would not let him skip any of his meds. 

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Here is a screenshot and pictures on the Facebook page of one of the passengers who was evacuated to Travis. In the comments she says that the first round of evacuees are not in the same building but nearby.






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RE:  Maui......  It has over 700 sq miles......2nd largest Hawai'ian island......Population of approx 155, 000 residents. ...... BEFORE counting tourists and winter is high tourist season. 


They are NOT going to "shut down Maui".  


They FOR SURE are not going to shut down 'Oahu.....or the capital city of Honolulu which is on that island.  EVEN tho the Japanese gentleman's symptoms began while the couple were on 'Oahu. 


Did you read the article?  The mayor of Maui is practically promising that no COVID-19 virus was shed on Maui.  :gaah:  I just hope they do a check of where the couple went while visiting the Valley Isle {Maui}.  So they can keep an eye on folks that did interact with them.  So they can get those folks quick care .....IF anyone starts to feel feverish/etc. 


Of course.....I doubt any of that will be made know to the general population of Maui.... 


:sigh:   .....I'm just hoping they had a chance to SANITIZE the hotel room on 'Oahu where he DID begin having the symptoms.... before the next folks stayed there.  In high tourist season, the rooms turn over quickly.  They "clean" the rooms, of course but they certainly do not SANITIZE them.  Nor would housekeeping staff have taken extra precaution with the bed sheets, etc. :pray:



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I just read Dogmom's link....usa today....quarantine fail.  Day by day there has been too many people getting the COVID-19.  Folks are talking about....HOW is this happening?  We're being CAREFUL! 


Something about this ship has been bothering me ....for days.  Doesn't mean my "itch" is valid.  :shrug: 


First.....folks not trained to handle virus shedding and/or folks not trained in using protective clothing/mask/shield/gloves/etc.....they will have failure.  ...do we know if the folks dropping off trays of food and PICKING THEM BACK UP TO TAKE TO KITCHEN....are using protection?  Using it correctly?


Second....cruise ship is a petri dish.....cuz the 'guests' are packing in like sardines and herded like cattle. 


I've been saying this.....but as I read THIS article and saw a drape in the photo....made from trash bags to separate the infected?  Couldn't tell. 



:(  The point is.......IF THIS IS PASSED BY COUGH/SNEEZE DROPLETS FLYING ABOUT 6-10 FEET.....these measures should be enough I'm not an expert, but I think they should be enough.  I'm not an expert but if they are NOT ENOUGH......   I'm not an expert but ....could that mean that......  it's airborne? 


Watch the epidemic movie with Dustin Hoffman.  "It's airborne" is the horror line of that movie......as the both look up at the air vents in the ceiling.  




BUT.....airborne would make isolation many many times harder.  Spittle can't travel past a few feet.  Aerosol can float.  Spittle landing on the inside of a surgical mask of an infected person....if mask is removed/disposed of carefully....probably won't infect the others around.  But if it's aerosol, I don't THINK that those blue surgical masks will not stop that size.  Not on the face of the infected..............not on others not infected wearing surgical masks to protect themselves.  Do you know what I mean?  IF....IF it ever goes "airborne" ..... it would mean that it's too small for anything less than real N95/N100 to stop.


I'm debating whether to hit SUBMIT......cuz I'm not sure I'm even close to being right.  This is speculation.....but how else are so MANY on that ship being infected?????????????     That's what's been bothering me about the ship folks.


MtRider  :pray:  Anyone else have such thots?

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Yes ma'am, I have been.  things - places - areas - that we handle throughout one shopping trip and we have no idea who has handled the items we pick up or if the stock person or the delivery driver or someone at the manufacturing plant was sick. Also, not taking into account how many customers picked up the item and put it back and who they came in contact with first.  Yikes! 

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My nephews wife just posted 3 mins. ago with a picture of a whale coming out of the water and another picture of a rainbow.  Said she can't wait until tomorrow.  No mention of the flu.  I wonder if they even know about it yet.


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I went through my prepping books awhile ago and have a book called  Dare to Prepare. It is the 3ed Edition 2009 by Holly Drennan Deyo. So pulled that one out to see if it had anything on Pandemics. I think I can see why the failure in keeping it contained to a point. One being the N95 mask. I am going to have to check mine as I have not checked them in over 5 years. There are different types of them. They are recommending as one type of mask the 3M M40 mask. You can google that and it will show you what it is. I have some reading to do on this. Another one is MSA.  These cost between $160 to $350 from when this book was published. What I have is a mask that fits tight but it is cloth with a small filter. Nothing like these they are showing. So that could be one problem. The mask, no matter what type you use must be checked for leaks. To do that place one hand over the air hole on the filter. Breathe in and out. If the mask partially collapses and stays collapsed until you remove your hand, the seal is good.  Now that would be a question that makes you wonder, when they put the mask on are they checking it for leaks after putting it on. This book has a guide on mask. I am going to try to take a picture of it and put on computer if I can. Then try to send It to here.  Not sure if it will work as this computer is so old and I haven't put any pictures on it in a long time. But will give it a try. There is a lot of info about the mask. then it goes into Decontamination, assuming no severe Exposure.  It talks about full protective clothing, hat, gloves, and mask. It talks about a decontamination shower.  Basicly it would be building and outside shower like you see at some pools. Using a garden hose to reach a faucet, a kiddie wading pool with a 5 foot or 6 foot diameter. 10 foot x 12 foot length of 4 mil plastic sheeting, garden tank sprayer.  10 foot step ladder Optional. ( not sure what that is for) and duck tape. These are the things to make the shower with. 

This book has so much info it would be worth it to buy if you don't already have this book. 

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Joyfilled, you have put your finger on it.


I had my mind set based on Zika, when a different governor was announcing cases as they were diagnosed by doctors.  The current governor has decided we don't need to know about cases until they are confirmed by the CDC, even though the CDC is running way behind on testing.  So...  The US has 29 confirmed cases as of today.  Yesterday there were 15 confirmed cases.  How many unconfirmed actual cases are out there?  How many are nearby?



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22 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

First.....folks not trained to handle virus shedding and/or folks not trained in using protective clothing/mask/shield/gloves/etc.....they will have failure.  ...do we know if the folks dropping off trays of food and PICKING THEM BACK UP TO TAKE TO KITCHEN....are using protection?  Using it correctly?


I saw a video today from British TV. They were talking about a couple who were on the ship. I gathered, that the man had been vlogging from his cabin and talking about how everything was okay. They had an inside cabin and only went on deck during their allotted time and always with masks. They think they were probably infected from the food servers. 


Then they got the knock on the door. Both tested positive for the coronavirus. They were told they were going to a Japanese hospital. Then they found out they were actually going to a hostel! With no phone, no wi-fi, no doctor and yet they tested positive. He thinks they are just being silenced because of all of his vlogging. 


I wish I could post the link. But it was on Good Morning Britain on youtube. Their names are David and Sally Abel. 



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Hi, everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to post in a few days. I am currently in a Master’s degree program and this week’s assignment took over my life! I’ve been keeping current on your discussion and the news, however. 

I am aghast about what happened in Hawaii. How can anyone guarantee that the virus wasn’t spread? That’s an incredible statement. :blink: I agree they won’t shut down anything that impacts the tourist industry right now because unfortunately, money is trumping safety right now. I have a feeling it will continue to do so until we begin seeing efficient H-to-H spread here in the States. Littlehouse, it must be scary having family over there right now. I am praying for their safety. 

Mt. Rider, it is good to see you as well. I have missed hearing your wisdom and enjoying your sense of humor. I am very, very glad to know you are well. 

I will be posting a few links and articles in my next few posts; the first one is about Iran, which went from disclosing it had two cases of the virus to revealing the victims’ deaths within less than 24 hours. I fear what their nation might be concealing right now. 

I have so many questions to ask about my current level of preparedness in terms of food storage and home goods. Is there a thread with a current discussion on that topic anywhere? 

God bless you all. I am grateful for you. 

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Iranian authorities said that two patients diagnosed with novel coronavirus in the country are now dead, Fars News Agency, the nation's state-run news organization, reported Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday, health officials said two cases of the virus, known officially as COVID-19, had been detected in the central province of Qom.

The World Health Organization has not yet confirmed the two Iranian coronavirus deaths, but should they be confirmed, it would raise the death toll outside of China to seven.

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