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2020 Corona Virus

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There have been several reports of virus entering thru the eye.....a few days ago.  ['several" might mean one source repeated over and over]  :shrug:    N95 plus eye protection.  Always a good insurance anyway.


MtRider  :behindsofa:   ....then there is the Blue Sofa protection  a.k.a. "Stay Home" 

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Littlesister, I think you made the best decision for your family. I've been hearing news about the spread of the virus in Japan. 


I can't believe those medics are not taking proper precautions. Even if it isn't the coronavirus, it could still be the flu. It looked like at the end of the clip they were taking the same gurney's right back in. I'm thinking they didn't know they were being filmed. 


Keep us posted on that mask situation Ambergris. That's a scary thought. Especially for medical workers. 

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Ro....can you get this site?  It reported the Philippine man days ago....the first outside of China.  There has been one death in Hong Kong now too.  Site says right now:  34,538 confirmed infected - 90+% in mainland China.  An "alleged" 720 deaths...all but 2 in mainland China.  2,015 recovered...all but a few in mainland China.  Again....no one can testify that these numbers are correct on this site either.  :shrug: 





News of these cruise ships....esp. NJ.....  What an incubator!  Wouldn't be there...  :(


MtRider  :pray:   first......Blue Couch second. 


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Scootch over behind that blue couch Mt. Rider. I'm coming over. You'll recognize me by my surgical cap, surgical gown, N95 mask, face shield, swim goggles, gloves and surgical booties. I'll also have an open bottle of thieves oil hanging around my neck. I'll bring my 6 Tyvek suits and 3 body bags. I'm still prepped for Ebola. :blush:


But that's the thing. If you prep for one thing then chances are you will be prepared for a lot of different situations. Sigh. 

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So, you remember the evacuees who were brought to Travis AFB a few days ago....this was just on my local news.

Five people who were evacuated from Wuhan, China and quarantined at Travis Air Force Base have been confirmed "symptomatic" and transported to local hospitals, the CDC confirmed.

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I don't see a end to this in the near future.  It's not over till its over. With flu season at it's highest state and this virus. It will make it hard to know who is in a store with just a cold, flu or may have that virus. 

And yes this virus can effect you by way of the eyes. I think I mentioned it earlier on one of the sites. some form of tight fitting glasses or goggles would help. But be sure when you remove them to clean them good. The mask need to fit tight around the mouth and nose. NO GAPS. 

I am going to join you all behind the :behindsofa:  :yuk:  Run, don't walk to get to that :behindsofa:

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Listened to part of an announcement today from CDC and others that they believe they will be able to control this thing.  Also said USA is sending medical supplies (including masks etc.) to several countries, including China, to help them get a handle on this thing.  I had to question myself...when does it become an epidemic?  Then when a pandemic? The ships that are anchored with these people on board are so at risk...and it's sad that there's nothing they can do to help themselves.  They're stuck...totally at the mercy of others.  

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9 hours ago, Guest Joyfilled1 said:

Seems racist to only ban Chinese people when others have been there too and may have gotten it.... 


I agree.  I am afraid that any excuse for idiotic, mean, illogical attitudes might flare up against Chinese ...or any Asians .....  :(  The world just NEVER needs that!  :tapfoot:  


MtRider  :pray: 



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Oh Dogmom.... :(   If you need a hospital....where is the nearest one NOT used for the evacuated folks? 

:pray:  for you and yours....for your little kids/teachers in the preschool......for those in that hospital and at Travis.  ...... :scratchhead:  They haven't said anything about our military base in CO.


3 hours ago, Ambergris said:

34k infected since sometime in December.  720 dead.  2k recovered.  What about the other 31k people--still sick?


:(   Riiight?


MtRider  :offtobed:    again....


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I would think that China is already in pandemic mode. They are the worst country.  I heard Japan is on the rise. Not sure of other countries yet. But for a full blown pandemic, I think it would have to get at least almost as bad as China in all countries. I am going back to read up on that Spanish flu  of 1918 that killed so many. That was a pandemic. Maybe can learn something from it.  That started in Spain if I remember correctly during WW1.  

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54 minutes ago, Ambergris said:

I always understood the Spanish Flu started in China.

I heard it started on a military base in Kansas. 



LOL Dogmom, we were posting at the same time. 


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There is no universal consensus regarding where the virus originated.  It spread world wide in 1918-1919. In the US, it was first identified in military personal in spring of 1918. It is estimated that about 500 million people or one third of the world's population became infected. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States. 


Dogmom. that is a better article than what I had.  It may not have started in Spain but it was unclear as to the exact country it started in.  But at least we know where this virus we are dealing with now is from. 


This in from Alerts USA

Coronavirus  globally is 34,866 confirmed

China 34,598 with 3,401 new cases    6,101 severe cases with 1,280 new severe cases   723 deaths with 86 of those new.

Outside of China are 288 confirmed cases

24 countries with the virus and so far only 1 death.

Risk Assessment 

China Very High Risk

Regional level high risk

Global high risk 

Official COC case numbers for the US is as follows 

positive 12

Neg. 225

pending 100.  I assume these are in quartine. 

States with confirmed cases

Washington State




Illinois  and



China continues to ignore repeated offers by centers for disease control and world health organizations to send teams of specialist to help both in their response as well as learn more about the nature of this virus. 

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ABC News 7 says there is a confirmed case of Coronavirus in Orange County Florida.  The state says there is not.  The Palm Beach Post said 30 students and three teachers who had gone to the Model UN conference at Yale were in isolation because the CDC had a backlog on testing.  I can't find word they were released, but that would not be news, would it?

By now they would be sick or not sick.

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