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2020 Corona Virus

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What is this virus?

The virus has been identified as a new type of coronavirus. Coronaviruses are a large family of pathogens, most of which cause mild respiratory infections such as the common cold.

But coronaviruses can also be deadly. SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, is caused by a coronavirus and killed hundreds of people in China and Hong Kong in the early 2000s.

Can it kill?

Yes. Eighty-one people have so far died after testing positive for the virus. 

What are the symptoms?

Its symptoms are typically a fever, cough and trouble breathing, but some patients have developed pneumonia, a potentially life-threatening infection that causes inflammation of the small air sacs in the lungs. People carrying the novel coronavirus may only have mild symptoms, such as a sore throat. They may assume they have a common cold and not seek medical attention, experts fear.

How is it detected?

The virus's genetic sequencing was released by scientists in China to the rest of the world to enable other countries to quickly diagnose potential new cases. This helps other countries respond quickly to disease outbreaks.

To contain the virus, airports are detecting infected people with temperature checks. But as with every virus, it has an incubation period, meaning detection is not always possible because symptoms have not appeared yet.

How did it start and spread?

The first cases identified were among people connected to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan.

Cases have since been identified elsewhere which could have been spread through human-to-human transmission.

What are countries doing to prevent the spread?

Countries in Asia have stepped up airport surveillance. They include Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

Australia and the US are also screening patients for a high temperature, and the UK announced it will screen passengers returning from Wuhan.

Is it similar to anything we've ever seen before?

Experts have compared it to the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The epidemic started in southern China and killed more than 700 people in mainland China, Hong Kong and elsewhere.


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1 hour ago, Mt_Rider said:

This is a good article describing the medical aspects of the flu/virus.  Explains where the deaths came from in the 1918 'Spanish' [which didn't start in Spain] flu. 



That is some great info.  Thank you Mt. Rider.  Spanish flu is one I had basicly forgotten about. 



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The videos were great info on this.  The one thing that the screening does not do.  they take your temp. and if you don't have a temp. then you are free to go. BUT,  you can already have the virus and show NO symptoms for at least 5 days, meaning that if you are not having any fever when they check you at the airport and then let you go. You are free to walk into any store or anywhere else and then pass it to others. So best bet would be to set up tents or something where all those people must stay and be watched. Then if they show no symptoms or fever within a 5 day grace period they would be free to go. 

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On 1/23/2020 at 2:13 PM, Jeepers said:

What did the sign say? Not word for word. Just the gist of it. 

This is the sign and it is on every door leading in to the hospital and plastered all over the ER.


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That is a sign it is getting really bad in China..  The 3 people they said was in VA have been confirmed and is in Northern VA.  

The HHS/CDC press Conf: 2019 nCoV a potentially very serious public health threat. poss asymptomatic transmission, surveillance is expanding to USA at 20 airports. This is just in from Alerts USA.


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Guest Joyfilled1

This is all great info....thank you!! I still feel like the numbers are lying. It frustrates me. I think as a population we would be better prepared if we knew, you know??

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They are saying there are 5 cases in the US.  So the first one was in Seattle Washington. Second one in Chicago, Third time in CA and it was in 2 different cities there and now 3 in Northern VA.   So how does that add up to 5. 

Joyfilled, You are right the numbers don't add up. That alone adds up to 7  or they can't count.  I really thank it could be higher than that but not to the point of worrying about It other than to know it is here and to know how to prepare for just in case. Right now I am prepared and have well over 100 N95 mask.. All thanks to the doctor I used to work for. When he retired, he gave those to me and a lot of first aid stuff. So I was very lucky to have worked for him. He has always looked out for me and my family.  He even gave me all the samples of the meds we take, muscle relaxers for my neck and some antibiotics for just in case. Yes they are preppers  as well and he watched our backs as well. That was almost 6 years ago now. 

I am sure by now you all have heard there are Americans coming in to CA by charter planes that have been evacuated from China. There may or may not be people on those planes with the virus. Just keep your eyes on the news about it. I will be getting the USA alerts as well. Anyone that would like to get those the $49.00 it cost a year is well worth it. I find out a lot of things before it hits the news. That does give me a bit of an edge if anything happens where I am at. 

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What I have heard from my most reliable sources:  Three in Texas. One in Washington State.  Two in California.  One in Chicago.  At least one in Virginia.

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On 1/27/2020 at 11:57 AM, snapshotmiki said:

I'm sure I missed lots more


This may be over-kill but brushing one's teeth, putting in eye drops to wash eyes out, cleaning under your fingernails, and yes...using a nasal spray (even if it's only saline) would be important. 

One thing our dentist told us is a must if you've got a cold or the flu, is to put your toothbrush in a glass of peroxide after each use...otherwise you might just be introducing the contaminates right back into your mouth.

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15 minutes ago, The WE2's said:

otherwise you might just be introducing the contaminates right back into your mouth.


LOL....and DH looked at me weird when I boiled my toothbrush recently.  I've been opening the house to air out all of OUR virus, etc.  Used bleach to sanitize all the water bottles I've been using.  Trying to do exactly what WE2 mentioned -- make sure I don't re-infect here. 


ONE THING I HEARD.....a doc from China is warning that this will enter thru eyes.  So the mask isn't enough, according to that source.  Make sure you have eye protection if you'd have to be out .....if it comes to your neighborhood.  :shrug:  Not sure on that but it makes sense.  And those "surgical masks" everyone in Asia is wearing.....they gap.  They are more for protecting others from your germs......from you sneezers!  ;)  If one wants to protect themselves from others spewing....go with the correct fit for your face in an N95 or higher.  And glasses that seal around eyes. 


Wash hands, face, clothes.......  we all know the routine.


MtRider  :pray:  ...yeah, that too.

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One winter when the kids were still home we kept passing the flu and colds back and forth.  DH finally got the Lysol out and sprayed the house GOOD.  It seemed to work, so now when one of us is sick we immediately begin spraying.  It helps.

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13 minutes ago, Dee said:



I have a couple of spray bottles and maybe a small bottle or two at the homestead.  I have it on my shopping list.  They say the "brown" Lysol (if you can find it) is best because of it's strength.  Was told Ace Hardware had some so I'll be checking after first of month.

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Dang, I forgot about Lysol. Thanks Dee. 


I'm trying to get topped off by the first of the month. When do the food stamp cards come out? Or what ever they are called now. Any one know? Might see the shelves get emptier then. :shrug:


Never mind, Google said it goes by your case number. 


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We've been spraying Lysol like crazy up at work.  I'm actively working on not catching what the lady down the hall has.  Popping Vitamin C like crazy.  I have elderberry around here somewhere, I should probably find that too.  Working from home today.

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Don't know why, but now they are saying there was only one person in VA that they thought had the virus and that that person didn't have it. 

They can't seem to decide was it one person or three and did any of them have it or not. But then it's VA. 

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Joyfilled......  Um.... :buttercup:   .....might not be buying that.  Might not be buying China's reports either.  Seems like it might be pretty contagious but still not a high mortality rate.  But that's the reported stats.  My big question:  WHY are they taking the ECONOMIC RISKS ....thru quarantine and shutting down industry/business.  And...except in cases of violence, usually our embassies are not evacuated, are they?  They are going to great expense and hooha to pull people out.  No, the reported numbers are not matching the choices made by anyone's govt. 



This is another article that presents a different look at why pandemics/epidemics thrive or not.  Might not agree with all the things said but basically it points to a high standard of living as the key to disease prevention.  Sanitation.  Life-long medical care when needed.  Access to enough nutritious food. 


Remember I keep saying DH and I CRAVED fresh veggies/fruits as this virus and my bronchitis went along....  It means something!  We're still craving them....not just in the way we might in January. 





MtRider  :yum3:   eat your veggies, everyone.  Stay away from homeless encampments....  :(  

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As I read further into the article, let me repeat......not necessarily agree with all that author says but...the connection to higher standard of living would seem to be correct. 


MtRider  ...tried to EDIT my post above and the SAVE button would not activate.  :shrug: 

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