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Thanks for the info Dogmom. Mine might be deposited. I guess I'll find out Monday if I can remember to call the bank before they close to get my account opened again.


I'm not planning to do anything with it though. It will sit there and sift out with the monthly bills. I have thought about a bread machine. Bread is the weak spot in my pantry storage. If flour is available. :shrug:


I also don't have a stand mixer. Those are the only two kitchen appliances I don't have, that I would use. Actually, if I had those two items my kitchen would be complete. Until I saw all of the attachments available for a stand mixer. Don't even want to start down that rabbit hole.  



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Ours was direct deposited in our bank account. We will put part to pay down our mortgage a little (goal is to have it paid off in a few years). The rest is going into our rainy day fund.

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I forgot to mention that yesterday I was on the phone for an hour with a girl from Indiana with an Indian accent. :rolleyes:


No password or code would work that she gave me. I know we tried over six of them. It's a very long story but she got access to my account to see it. Finally, we both gave up, frustrated. She asked what she could do to help me. What was most important. I asked about an account being frozen and auto payments being made. According to her, if you have auto payments set up, where you don't have to do anything, then they will be made.even if your account is frozen. That was my biggest worry. I can't use the ATM card or do online banking. For now that's good enough. For now. 


My stimulus check hasn't been deposited yet. I suppose I'll have to get my taxes done before it will. I sort of figured that. That July 20th. tax date didn't help procrastinators. :sEm_blush:


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13 hours ago, Jeepers said:

My stimulus check hasn't been deposited yet


Nothing in ours either but I did go to the IRS.gov site several days ago and filled out the "mock" 2019 tax return so they'd be sure to have our direct deposit information. Then today Steve Manuchin (?) said "the stimulus payments are still being sent out"..I think that's what he said.  So...it's still a waiting game for us.  The site always says "Don't call"...:gaah:

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Heard the Prez say something today during his daily briefing that he was being given a report on how many Americans had received and those that were going to receive...didn't make it really clear (to me anyway) enough to understand.  Sounded like some will receive direct deposit, some by check and some by debit card. Still waiting.

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12 minutes ago, Vic303 said:

Went back to the IRS site today and now it says my paper check is being mailed later this coming week. Yay, just in time for my knee surgery.


Cool!  Glad yours is being mailed!  I will check again, too!


Ours says it is scheduled to be mailed later in the week also!

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This article is infuriating!  Not at whoever is getting out the stimulus checks....  But at the companies like TurboTax.  Apparently some folks money is .....well, read this article.  1) This malpractice by tax preparing corporations are fleecing folks that need every penny.  2)  Now the stimulus checks are being sent to these tax preparing corporation accounts cuz....that was the data the IRS had on those accounts.  But they are not the personal accounts of folks waiting to buy their food.  Hmph!


DH was a tax preparer for years.  He got no where NEAR those fees TurboTax [and many others in this racket] is charging...and charging...and charging...  :motz_6: 





MtRider   .....you're having another surgery, Ambergris???  :(  :pray:  

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21 hours ago, Midnightmom said:

No information available for those on SSA (me). :gaah:


Finally got through to the IRS website. Mine is scheduled for deposit on the 29th.


Do any of you get EBT benefits?

I checked mine and was very surprised to see that a very large amount had been credited to my account! :bounce:

I had no idea - I do not remember being notified or seeing any stories in the news about this at all.

Needless to say.............................................shopping trip!!! :shopping:

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I hope everyone gets that check soon. It is well needed by this point in time.  And yes the banks will hold it for at least 3 days to make interest on it. Sorta feels like you are loaning them money for free while they make a killing off your money.

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Welllllll.....DH has been calling for days about his unemployment payments.  He'd been notified that it was to be deposited last Wed.  Also mentioned it might take as much as 72hr to actually show up in the account.   ........?  .............?  .............?     So since it didn't show up by Monday this week, DH began to try to get an answer.  1) Is this common to everyone, that they're just running late?   OR  2) Does he personally have a glitch he needs to report?  He wasted a lot of time on phone/computer.  Never got thru to anyone.  Then I suggested he ask the bank.  Yep!  Got the answer right away this morning.  She told him, yes....a lot of those checks were coming thru later than expected.  Probably show up in a few more days.  Call back if it doesn't.  :happy0203:  


MtRider   .....in all of history, has there ever been an overload of data transferring all over between us?  :pc_coffee:  

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