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6 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:


How did that go, Dogmom?


...heading for the feed store soon, potting soil forgotten and we don't have 'dirt' in these mountains..  :buttercup:  But wait!  We DO have a lot of well-composted stuff from the horses.  No new stuff added for ....almost 6 months.


MtRider  :amen: 

Im a little tired. All this online meeting thing is a new thing to me...and it hurts my brain. I’m having to learn how to create a Webex meeting and a Google classroom...none of which I will use when I retire mid June. We planned for a few hours what we’ll be sending home for the first two weeks (thankful that there’s only 9 weeks of school left). And we’re meeting Monday to figure out how to create videos. :buttercup:  But....I’m grateful I have income coming in.

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I actually got out......and ......I think I've turned into a germ-a-phobe!  I kept thinking of the character Jody Foster played...about a woman who went to the rescue of a child on an island.  She tried to bring a whole suitcase of Purel on the plane.  [that was pre-911 days]. 


I wore N95.  Had sanitizer in car.  Waited for a couple to leave the feed store.  Then went in.  DH went outside to get potting soil bags into vehicle. The store is crowded with shelves and merchandise.  A few other people were in there but I ducked around shelves to make room.  Talked to owner about the seeds....glad I had the mask.  :shrug:      The seed rack didn't have much selection and  OUCH!  These seeds better produce GOLD for the price!  But then, if they produce food, that might BE like gold.  :sigh:  I was able to fill in what DH missed at Walmart.  Only a few things we will be able to do in our greenhouse/container circumstances.  Container is difficult to keep hydrated in arid CO.  


WE2....didn't you try those tubs with some hydration technique....some guy on a vid?  If it worked for you, do you have that link or the name.  Might be something we could do.  Hate to be starting with new systems when it really counts. 


Sanitized when I got into the car.  Sanitized more when we got home ....all the seed packets were wiped down but then will be left for a few days like the Walmart ones.  Only so much sanitizer you can use on paper packets.  DH hauled the bags of soil to the dog kennel.  Nothing can really get started til....we stay well above freezing and melt all this snow. 


MtRider .....certainly not as restful as being with just us in the Forest.  :unsure:  I'd hate to be in a medical setting and being so microbe-conscious.

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Happy Belated Birthday, Mary!  Hope it was fun and relaxing!


I didn't do much today besides walk and work on eBay listings. 


Feeling very unsettled tonight. That's why I'm awake when I know I will be up at 6 am. Too much information and not enough Jesus!  I'll be praying for us all in a few minutes. 

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Happy belated birthday, Mary. Hope it was a good one.


Sleepless here too, Miki. Guess the anxiety of these times is getting to me.


Going to do granny hours shopping for some fresh produce today and also some garden seeds (I hope). Also need another med for DH - doc changed one. Not keen on going out into this mess, but need to get it done.

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8 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:



I wore N95.  Had sanitizer in car.  Waited for a couple to leave the feed store.  Then went in.  DH went outside to get potting soil bags into vehicle. The store is crowded with shelves and merchandise.  A few other people were in there but I ducked around shelves to make room.  Talked to owner about the seeds....glad I had the mask.  :shrug:      The seed rack didn't have much selection and  OUCH!  These seeds better produce GOLD for the price!  But then, if they produce food, that might BE like gold.  :sigh:



We've always tried to BE AROUND germs due to so much international travel!!   :gaah:  I'm exhausted after every adventure off the homestead.  :0327:  I stopped by the board store on the way back from caring for mom. The back of the car ended up with large bags of peet, vermiculite, seed starting soil and potting soil. Should last us the whole growing season.  :hapydancsmil: I left the bags in the car for now. Have to finish one more phase of the kitchen before I can get the bags to the back of the garage (garden section).  I'm thankful we ordered veggie seeds early this year. It's my wintertime blues cure right after Christmas.  :24:    I did find seed potatoes at the board store. There's plenty to pick from as long as it doesn't look like TP or hand sanitizer.  :hapydancsmil:

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18 hours ago, Annarchy said:

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.


DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was almost $1,000.!!!  to be paid in advance. :0327:The shock made my chest hurt & gave me a stomach ache.  



I'm so sorry Annie.  :yar:  I have a toothache that won't go away and getting steadily worse each day. It was doing very well for the past 6 months but knew the root canal procedure was around the corner. Most of the extra money went into the new kitchen.  :0327:


I'm praying for you as you guys struggle with another warm body in the house. My mom reminds me about all the family members my grandparents took in during the Depression. It's a reminder that tough times require tough people. My grandma would go have a good cry once in awhile when she went out to collect eggs.   :thumbs:  It's so much to take in at one time, especially since we're fighting an enemy we can't see.  My grandparents house was so TINY. I don't know how they did it.  :0327:


Gardening and fresh air is a great prescription. It's short-lived but it allows your mind a moment to rest and refresh. Keep planting seeds and pulling weeds!!!  It's therapeutic.  :hapydancsmil:

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Dogmom, you might want to hold off 'officially' retiring. As you stand right now you are officially employed through...whenever. Rules are changing daily so who knows what the end of the year will hold money wise. 


Realize, I don't know what I'm talking about! I just don't want you to miss out on any benefits that an actively employed person might get. IE. Benefit/stimulus packages, insurance, unemployment benefits etc. 


Just thinking off the top of my head. :hug3:

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:thumbs: Dogmom. 


Annarchy, sorry to hear about hubby's tooth. It's always something, huh. How is it going with Mom there?  


Miki, I've had times of unease too. I think we all have. Mostly the fear of the unknown. I just try to remind myself that this will pass and we will get through it. :hug3:

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I'm glad you all understand my un ease. 


Already walked and got lime at hardware store. Put out lime and fertilizer and now waiting on fellow to till garden. A lot of today will be trying to remove grass clumps from plots and making hills so I can plant tomorrow. Both will take a while!


Also need to make rice for dogs and pudding for DH. Wrote 3 eBay drafts last night since I couldn't sleep. Will probably write more today and take photos. Business is very slow so we are taking advantage of time (and a promotion) to list more.

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I went out today. I was going to go to Wal-Mart but got sidetracked. First I went to the local drug store for more canning jar lids. I'm pretty sure I have enough to get me through canning season this year now. That place was so well stocked. I couldn't believe it. They had everything except toilet paper. Plenty of napkins, paper towels and kleenex. I got a little more canned goods while there. Also some fruit and veggies. That drug store is sort of like a convenient store with a small deli etc. They had plenty of bread and milk too. I came out happy. But I forgot to look for vinegar. 


I was just a block or two from Target so I ran in there for vinegar. At first I thought they were packed at the registers. Then I realized they were social distancing. I picked up two gallon jugs of vinegar. They were so heavy. I asked at the pharmacy if I could pay back there because the bottles were too heavy for me to hold in the lines. She said she wasn't supposed to but would this time. I thanked her profusely. They have tables in front of the check out window so you can't get too close. Then to pay, you put your money in a little rectangle basket and hand it to the cashier and she puts your change in it and gives it back. You touch one end of the basket and they touch the other. It reminded me of when we were in Greece and they had little saucers on the counters. You put your money in and they put your change back in it. Or maybe it was Japan. 


I swung by Wendy's for a Frosty. Don't judge. 


I did so well at the little drugstore that I skipped Wal-Mart altogether. I want some more half gallon jars but my energy was gone and it wasn't worth going in just for them. If they sell out of them I can always go online. I've had very good luck with canning supplies at Wal-Mart online. I might go over next week to look for the jars if I want to replenish the fruit and veg. Or maybe not.


Of the three places I went to, not one person wore a mask or gloves. Not one person. 


I did see one guy on a motorcycle. He had a bandana over his nose and mouth. No helmet but a bandana. On a motorcycle.  :scratchhead:

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My yard man didn't show up with the mulch today. But it had rained and he is a firefighter and they are shorthanded. So maybe tomorrow. Not going to worry about it as I am trying to get the flower beds ready still to start using for herbs and veggies. 

DH went outside today and decided to get one of the smaller garden areas ready for planting. My SIL drove by after leaving his father's house and is going to come help us get the greenhouses up.  DH did good but got tired out and wabbly. But it was first time doing anything yard wise in a year. He did very well. :hapydancsmil:We have one area about ready to go now.  We have a lot of seeds, as I have been buying up on them every time I went out.  Maybe will head to the feed and seed tomorrow. He wants to buy an electric tiller as he will be able to handle a smaller one much better as he cannot handle the big one nor lift the gas can to fill it. Though I did buy a pump so neither of us has to lift the cans.  Our tiller is over 30 Years old and not going to make it much longer. And DH cannot handle it now. So smaller lightweight one will do. 

Got the potatoes canned this morning and 6 more quart jars of water as well. Got 15 pts. of potatoes.  DH's cousin called and said if we need anything to call and he will have store manager bring it to us. So I will be able to get meat. That is good and I don't have to leave house to get it. Hoping the market will be getting in the produce from the farms next month. What I can't plant I can get from there by the bushel. They are now getting crabs in and DH wants to get a couple dozen of those. But he will be the one picking them. 

Have to head to store tomorrow to pick up an RX that they had to order. Since it is in a grocery store, I will be walking around to see what I can get. Would like to get more can goods. I will be wearing an N95 mask and gloves when I go in. Wanting to get more yeast as well.  Would like to go to BJ's or Sam's but not doing that nor Wal Mart on a weekend. I will wait till next week.   

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Son brought me the grapefruits.  I'll be tending to them shortly.  Hubby d at toesn't like them, but "maybe" if I jar them up in a heavy syrup he might give them a try?  The peels will be to make some citrus vinegar.  Need to get those apple peelings out of one of the freezers to make some home made ACV.

Hubby finished up the work for his customer and we're all calling it quits until this "mess" is over with.  He and his wife are very vulnerable and since we now have a case in our city, it was time.  The work he needed done is done.  His "toy room" (shed/building) will wait until later.  So...we'll be concentrating on our own projects. 

We do have a water source in the basement at the homestead "IF' we needed to go there.  So far, our governor is leaving the shelter decisions up to city/county officials.  He did get our State

approved by Prez as a disaster situation...in that we don't have the hospitals or doctors etc. to head off what he sees is probably ahead.  We're a small town with only one hospital here, but there are several major hospitals in the state.  Guess he figures he'll need them all if this thing goes further south.

Our shelter in place is voluntary at this point, but he did call in the National Guard to be ready.  Not a good feeling.  He's not a well liked Governor, and only stepped into the position because our good one (unanimously elected) was run off by some Poopfaces making false claims! Enough rant...it is what it is.

Did get my potatoes cut up and on trays.  Let them sit outside to dry up but brought them inside to prevent them from getting wet from the rain that's due in, and also didn't want any critters carrying them off.

That's about it for now folks!

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The white pithy part of the grapefruit is what makes them bitter. The best way to can them is to take them out of each little 'section case thing'. But it's very time consuming to do. I like grapefruit but I'm limited because of cholesterol med. Both processed in the liver. :(

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Thank you Homesteader, and everyone else, for your encouraging words.  I know, this too shall pass.  Seems like I’m praying constantly every day.  Trusting God, trying to let go of my anxiety.  

Mom & DH, seem to have made a truce, not to nitpick around me.  He says I’m too sensitive, no, I just don’t like contention.  Most of the time, I push myself to be busy doing something, anything to keep myself out of the way.  It really isn’t that bad.  Except for DH constantly telling me to ‘slow down, not to do so much, take a break...  ‘:shakinghead:

Went to the store, and was able to fill a few gaps in our supplies.  Except TP.  The employee supervising the area, said I missed it by 5 minutes.  The store opened at 7am, I got to the isle at 7:15.  :sigh:


Packaged the food and put it away.  Made the P.O. run, got on the phone to find out what was up with the insurance cancellation notice.  REALLY!?!!!?  :gaah:  because I was a week late, this month, paying...  the first time in 10 years! The letter showed that payment, but, if I don’t make next months payment early, as of 3/31 at midnight my auto insurance will be cancelled!  The agent said he was sorry, but that is their policy.  I am so very upset.  I have a strict payment schedule, and payday is on the 1st. Called another provider, now, I need to sort through their email, to make sure we are getting the coverage we need.  They will be calling today, to follow up.  Still have a pit in my stomach about that.  

Gotta stay strong.  Gotta keep my chin up.  Gotta let the stress go.  Gotta try....


Sorry for the rant.  I know we are all dealing with stressful times.  I am keeping everyone in my prayers, God knows.  

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Sorry about your stressors, Ann!  Insurance!  Blah!!!  I hope your day goes smoothly!


Got front garden planted yesterday (mostly underground plants and seeds).  Got the fencing for the one in the back yard this morning (dogs) and so now to get it planted with what I can right now. Have seeds to soak tonight that will be added tomorrow.


Stay home and stay well, everyone!

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Ann, sorry to hear you are having insurance issues. I would think under these conditions they would let being late pass and continue with your insurance. :pray: for everything to work out for the best.  I have just let it all go and put it all in God's hands.  That is hard to do with everything happening and knowing it won't be over for  long time.  But I finally just had to let it all go. Including my kids and grandkids. I help out where I can and that's it. They are on their own.   Keep praying and ask God for the strength and guidance that you need to get through all this. And ask him to make your faith in him stronger.  We are all going through a lot right now, some more than others but with the Lord's help we will all get through this. Sometimes I go outside on a nice day and sit and just close my eyes and pray. Reason I go outside is so I don't have any interuptions  while I am praying. No one can find me sitting behind shed. 


Went to store to pick up RX and picked up a few canned foods. Was able to get DH his rye bread this time. Next time I will make it. Going to try hard to stay in house for the next 2 months. Only going outside to work garden and to walk around neighborhood as not many people are outside. Hardly any kids. Guess parents are keeping their kids home now. 


Been getting my rice and things repacked in mylar bags and into the 5 gal. buckets. Have just about finished one bucket of rice I bought well over a year ago.  Don't have any idea of where I will store it all but trying. I think it is becoming a challenge now.  I have caddy cornered book shelves and have buckets behind the book cases, So all corners are taken up that way.  Stacked 5 high but need to be able to pull them out to use that food. Seems it never ends around here. 


DH is on couch sleeping as he could not sleep last night from planting the garden in his sleep so he is tired. He really over did it yesterday but I was proud of him for trying to get the garden started. Instead of sleeping he is planning out the garden and wants a new tiller now.

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That's a real shame about your insurance company Annarchy. Especially with so many companies working with their customers and waiving late fees etc. at a time like this. Don't they even have a brace grace period? Most companies do even in the best of times. Shame on them.  :hug3:


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10 hours ago, Annarchy said:

fill a few gaps


We had thought about trying to get up and to the stores we wanted to go to early...but it just wasn't worth it.  We found what we wanted and didn't even have to fuss with a crowd, except at 


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Ann...I'd put it on plastic...that's what I would do and then be sure to get it paid when your credit card bill came.  Shame on them, but it would make it easier on you to not have to worry about changing companies at a time like this.  Just my opinion.

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Today we tied up some loose ends for our shopping needs.  WM had the 5 doz egg packages with no limit, so we bought two and they had tp limit of one for a 8 roll package so we went ahead and picked up one of those. Then went to Aldis and picked up their limit of 2 along with their limit of 4 on mixed veggies and a couple packages of tortilla's.  The Aldis store always seems to have the most obnoxious people shopping there...I just really dread it when we have to go.  There was one lady standing in the middle of the aisle, blocking the aisle from either direction with her cart on one side and her body on the other...fingering all over the produce....bell peppers, celery etc.  So...I had my fill.  I gave up the social distancing and walked right up to her and said "Excuse me!".  She moved back to her cart.  Totally oblivious!  Same thing around the milk/yogurt cases...everybody just lingering around with the door to the coolers open, trying to figure out what they were there for???  When we got to the checkout, all of us who were over the age of 40 kept the "marked" distance...but the ones younger just pushed their way in between and around and had their cart right up to hubby's back. :gaah: Then we picked up some more hamburger and some more potatoes at Sav-A-Lot.  I'll be jarring up most of the potatoes. The shoppers were few there but they did keep their distances.  The store employee met us at the door with a cart he had just wiped down and welcomed us.

Our last stop was Menards to pay on his bill, and to pick up compost and Vermicullite.  They had their 11% rebate to we picked up 10 bags of the compost and 2 large bags of the Vermicullite.  There were a lot of shoppers there but everyone was polite and kept on the orange "X"s.  We'll be turning up two of the raised beds and adding the compost etc., to them to plant our potatoes.  That should give them plenty of room without having to worry about covering them up every time their leaves show. 

Vacuum sealed the hamburger and it's in the freezer to take to the homestead tomorrow and put it in the meat freezer.  The neighbors across the road are nearly always out on Saturdays...especially on a beautiful day like today...but usually gone on Sunday's to her mother's place.  So we'll take the stuff over tomorrow. 

I'm going to put the eggs in the little baby bottle lines we bought (2 in a bag) and then just freeze them.  It worked wonderfully the last time we bought eggs in bulk.

Just finished eating some spaghetti and then giving Abby-girl her monthly pedicure.  It takes us both!  Jeepers...you should see her "mohawk" down her back when we command her to come to us...:) 


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Allergies are playing games with both of us...everything's budding out and we're having lots of winds...so the runny nose, scratchy throat and itchy eyes.  But...we use the aroma of the Oregano essential oil and a tablespoon of homemade cough syrup (honey, whisky and lemon juice) and it really makes it settle down.  Can't take too much of the syrup though...:cele::24:

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38 minutes ago, The WE2's said:

The neighbors across the road are nearly always out on Saturdays...especially on a beautiful day like today...but usually gone on Sunday's to her mother's place.  So we'll take the stuff over tomorrow. 


I salute your observation of neighbors.  Wise anytime.  Seems imperative now, doesn't it!  :sigh: 


I WALKED today.  We got 7" of SNOW again.  So instead of taking dog and me down in the car, we shuffled down.  Dredging up as much snow as possible.  Expose the brown driveway underneath so it will melt.  Trying not to pay for another driveway plowing.  Shuffling thru wet sticky snow is laborious!!!  Had to rest several times.  Finally got down the hill, across the barnyard and up onto the clear road.   Slowly walked to first tenth-of-mile marker and back.  Felt like I'd done a mile of exertion with scuffing up all the snow.  Then I had to shuffle all the way back UP steep hill.  Did that a lot slower.  Dog raced around on leash, delighted that I've finally restarted my PM walk with her.


I had to start walking and breathing DEEP of the FRESH air and ...wow, sunshine too!  :amen:   Our weather has been wretched most of the past 3 months.  Still quite cold and windy today.  Sunshine is a nice illusion tho.  :rolleyes:  


Anyway, I was getting more and more congested in bronchials again.  Cough was high and squeaky.  So I got the 'percussion thumper' thing and ran it over my bronchial area - upper chest.  COUGHED AND COUGHED til I thot I'd expire.  Finally felt much better tho.  MUCH!  I need to do that more regularly.  I forget... :buttercup:  Hmph!


MtRider  ....feeling much better tonite!!! 

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Well isn't Miss Mohawk the lucky one! I'm still kicking my own butt for not getting mine cut in time. Do you cut human hair too? Mine sort of looks like a mane. Especially in the morning. Your cough syrup sounds...fun. Like Granny Clampett used to say, for medicinal purposes only. 


It's been raining here the last two days. We've had our first thunderstorm of the year. It wasn't bad. Just a reminder that spring is springing. 


Speaking of thunder...here I go,. :rolleyes:  Did your mom's tell you what the thunder is? Like the angels bowling in heaven etc. My mom and grandma always told us kids it was the "Tater Wagon" rolling through the streets of Heaven. A big boom was when a tater (potato) fell off of the wagon. I used to tell my son that and now he tells his son that. G'son is at least a fifth generation tater wagon kid. My family is...uh...'special' that way.   :wink(2): 


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