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My printer is mysteriously working today.  :cele:

Now I need the some more of the heavier paper for Pre-K work sheets.


I lost all of the saved email I had in my inbox in my AOL account. Nothing serious just some access codes and passwords to a few software purchases. I have them written down elsewhere but it's still annoying. Also some emails of purchases I've made with tracking numbers. Only the inbox items were deleted. Everything else is still there. Time to do another full computer download to the external hard drive. :rolleyes:


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Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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90 again here today.  Will be glad whenever it finally cools down! 


Dh will be on Amtrak Wednesday going to visit our first great granddaughter!  I am on farm duties and will say close to home until he is back.  Should be fun!  We don't do as well apart as we are together way more than most folks!  I believe it will be an interesting week or so!

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On ‎9‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 7:55 PM, Homesteader said:

I may regret saying that after moving back to Wisconsin this past year.  :24:


Tee Hee, Homesteader, you might...but unless you have arthritis that is cold-affected, cold is easier to dress for than hot.  We're going to GA because the arthritis & bad backs have made snow country life too much of a struggle for us.  Between snow removal, bad traction for the orthopedically challenged, and arthritic issues, we opted to settle for heat and humidity instead.  We will miss the hushed beauty and the clean crisp air after a snowfall, though.  And there don't seem to be any polka bands in GA, either!  

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Thanks for all the anniversary wishes. We enjoyed our meal out.  We each had fried catfish, stuffed crabs, baked potatoes, slaw, cornbread and pickled onions at a lakefront table.  I was stuffed!  I was glad DH ate alot.  He has been losing weight lately and managed to lose 10 pounds from being in the hospital for 4 days.  (I need to go there for a few months..lol)


Another hot day coming.  We have a cold front coming in tomorrow so we should get some  nicer temps soon.


I am so happy for you Annarchy!  DH worked in Texas for six months and we stayed in the Arlington area.  I remember it being hot and really quick changing weather.


I have to get my teeth cleaned this afternoon so I'm putting a pot roast in the crockpot so dinner will be ready when  we get back.


Hopefully we have a smooth day with nothing breaking. Enjoy the day.

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Drive safe, Jeepers.  Hug that little one good! 


Well I've had a shock.  :sigh:  If you're squeamish about rodents....don't read this paragraph......you've been warned.

We've had the worst battle of mice this year.....  My nerves are so unsettled due to EVERYTHING being such a strain for months now.  When we decided to use the glue boards, I didn't realize how much my nerves would be absolutely REVOLTED by seeing mice  [up to 3 at a time!!!] roiling around - stuck.  I mean, I have never been a 'fragile' sort.  The snap traps are nasty....bloody, etc.  But mouse is nearly always dead.  I keep thinking they're going to get loose and run up my arm or something.  REALLLLLY been creeping me out when I find them.  We grab a corner of the glue board  [which is taped down to whatever] and tug it loose.  Then it's off to the BUCKET OF DEATH   ....to drown.  It's bloodless and fairly quick.  And wow.....we've lost track of how many we've been catching downstairs in garage area.  17 yr old cat has caught 2.  Glue trap up stairs ....on the shelf of my lower kitchen cabinet [ICK,ICK,ICK,ICK!!!!] has caught three.  But over a dozen downstairs.  And today I glanced over to check the glue board........  :wacko:   IT WAS A RAT ....WELL STUCK INTO THE GLUE!   


:sigh:  I must be VERY VERRRRY OVERWROUGHT with fatigue and nervous system overload.  I about lost it entirely.  1)  because we've been subjected to a RAT again....and you all remember our struggle last ? year with RATFINK.   2)  I did not KNOW we also had a RAT .....which was good cuz I'd have been  :runcirclsmiley2:Found out later DH had been NOT MENTIONING the large 'leavings' he'd been seeing since I was reacting so badly to the roiling mice this time around.  HOWEVER.....DH wasn't home tonite so.....I went to the truck and got my winter leather gloves on.  I gulped and grabbed the long slip-lock pliers, said a prayer that the RAT would not get loose, and yanked the glue board off.   Carried heavy RAT out to Bucket O Death and pushed the whole business under with the long stick. 


I AM SO VERRRRRRY GRATEFUL that it's DEAD!  :amen: Those things do SO much destruction in our garage/basement.  And they are a thousand times more vile, filthy, YUK! 


But after I did the deed.....I lost it.  And that's highly unusual for me.  I kept saying:  I can't DO this anymore!  This place is so foul.  WHERE DID IT GET IN?  The basement big door [the usual freeway] showed no sign of disturbance.  Have NO idea where something that big gets in??????????   Mice, of course, can squeeze 2-dimentional and they also fly, if needed.  [remember Mighty Mouse?  Uh huh! ]   OTOH....didn't I read that rats will eat mice?  I certainly HOPE this foul thing AT LEAST did us that service!


DH came home and was so sorry I'd been the one to find RAT.  He, Koa and I took a long chilly walk so I could get my nervous system to calm down.  I still shudder when I picture the thing squirming.  I am very glad it's dead tho.   No way I was going to risk it getting loose before DH got home to Do The Deed!  Nope, even freaking out....I Did The Deed! 


MtRider  ......Hmph!  I've had better days   :imoksmiley: 

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Hope you have a wonderful time Jeepers and be safe out there. 


So so nice to hear you had a great anniversary Momo. Ours is coming up, only 36 years. 


I have dreamed about living 'east'. My childhood was in mid-Michigan. Then, AZ for the rest of the years, here at our home. I hope your new place is perfect for you kappydell. 



Sorry you're dealing with the critters Mt_Rider. We saw another black and white 'pet' rat the other day. My neighbor said he's got holes all over his yard. Grrrrrrrr... which means I didn't catch all of them. My trap is set and I am on high alert. The one we saw scampered back into the piles of stuff he has in his yard. :animal0017:


Time to get back to work, I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 



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20 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:


But after I did the deed.....I lost it.  And that's highly unusual for me.  I kept saying:  I can't DO this anymore!  This place is so foul.  WHERE DID IT GET IN?  The basement big door [the usual freeway] showed no sign of disturbance.  Have NO idea where something that big gets in??????????   Mice, of course, can squeeze 2-dimentional and they also fly, if needed.  [remember Mighty Mouse?  Uh huh! ]   OTOH....didn't I read that rats will eat mice?  I certainly HOPE this foul thing AT LEAST did us that service!


DH came home and was so sorry I'd been the one to find RAT.  He, Koa and I took a long chilly walk so I could get my nervous system to calm down.  I still shudder when I picture the thing squirming.  I am very glad it's dead tho.   No way I was going to risk it getting loose before DH got home to Do The Deed!  Nope, even freaking out....I Did The Deed! 



That's awful Mt_R!!! I remember a piece on War Farm, a BBC documentary on WWII in England. The Dept of Ag would come out and teach farmers how to eliminate rats. Those pests ate millions of bushels of grain while the English were close to starvation from Germany's blockades. The War Ag said that a pair of rats could produce 900 offspring in one year!! That may be faster than rabbits.   :0327:


Last year, during our project in the Congo, West Africa, one of the nurses that helped the lepers in the community was looking for rat traps. We had several in our guest house and gave them to her. We made the mistake of asking her why she needed them. She explained that one of her friends (patient) had leprosy in his feet and couldn't feel his toes. During the night, the rats would crawl up on his cot and start eating on his toes.  She was going to set rat traps in his mud hut.  :runcirclsmiley2:

I learned when she stopped by to see if we had more supplies each week, I didn't ask what she needed them for. :yar:

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Aiiiieeeee.....   That's so sad.  :(


I've heard of this in earlier eras..   In this "modern" era...having rat, even in our basement/garage area sounds so FOUL!  So...primitive!  So....unacceptable! 


Fortunately we've had packrats.  They seem to be solitary creatures.....except for mating and birthing times, one has to assume.  I've never seen evidence of more than one.  :pray:


Nothing new in the traps today.  Gotta take time tomorrow to find WHERE they're now getting in.  :yar:  Just what I want to do with my rare energy right now....rat-hole-hunting.  ICK!


I do have a story that.....while NOT FUNNY AT THE TIME, is kinda funny after the fact.  Due to having guests overnight and beds all rearranged to fit, I was sleeping on the couch.  Normally my too-nocturnal cat is left out in living room so she can't come in to wake me up to play in the night.  :rolleyes:  But on the couch, I was fair game.  Soooo in the middle of the night, I was trying to ignore her attentions.  Blurry from sleep, I suddenly realized the pattern of WHAT the cat was doing on top of my blankets....  :wacko: It went like this: 










............  :sSig_help2:  ..................








Cat....Mouse....and my blankets all went FLYING off to land ELSEWHERE in the living room!  SHEEEEEEEEEESH, cat!  How RUDE! 



MtRider  .....yep, another of my 'critter tails'.....  :grinning-smiley-044:



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Thursday evening I was bit by what might have been a spider.  Thought it was a bee, so didn't worry.  Friday watched it get bigger and develop a tiny white head.  Ice kills the itch, but only while the ice is actually on it.  This morning, the heat/swelling/redness cover more than half the length of my forearm.  Might be going to the medical center today.

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We get alot of mice in our barn and garage.  The only cat I have now is strictly indoor and does not have the mouse killer instinct anyway.  Poor DH is busy setting up glue traps and the spring loaded traps too. We do have a mini schnauser and they are good mousers.  They prefer to catch and wound them though.


Ambergris I hope you get that bite taken care of.  Spider bites can be dangerous.


My neighbor found a small snake in her house yesterday.  Now she is super nervous!


Today the town near us is having their mile long yard sale.   I really don't need to go since I already have too many "collectibles"  JUNK. DH wants to go because alot of vendors sell goodies to eat.  He's all about eating, and he needs to gain back some of the weight he lost at the hospital. The heat finally broke last night so it is gorgeous outdoors right now.

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Ambergris ......GO!  GO NOW AND GET IT CHECKED!!!!!!    :wacko:    Ya never know which of those NASTIES might have bit you!!!  If you're having that much reaction... GO PLEASE! 




Snake in house.....I'd be super nervous too.  Aiiieeee.....  [ MtRider hates mice/rats but is greatly afeared of snakes!!  ICKICKICK ]


MtRider  ....tired today. 

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The swelling is about half what it was Friday evening.  I figured this was mostly a histamine reaction, so I've been treating it with ice and antihistamines.  Glad I don't have a mile-long walk to tempt me.  My knee and back would not make it.  But ...

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Another day in paradise..lol.  It is 10:45 and still no Sunday morning paper.  It's bad enough it's not a daily paper anymore, but you would think when you only deliver 3 days a week it would be easier to be on time.  Can't watch the news on TV either because our wonderful Spectrum/Charter is off the air since last night.  You can't even call about it because their robot phone won't answer.  The message says the call didn't go through. I guess this means I'll get a no service credit from both of them with no hassle.  SURE


At least the weather is gorgeous.  DH and I have plenty to do and at least we won't be sweating doing chores.


I'm making one of his faves for dinner, country fried steak, cream gravy, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.  Mr. Momo will be very happy.

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So glad to hear the bite reaction is going down, Ambergris!  Whew!  Still....sounds nasty.  ITCH can be a fast way to insanity!  :sassing:


Mile long garage sale....oye.  I haven't been to one in years now.  My house/garage/etc is overflowing too and I always find practical/usable treasures....and enjoy them even if I don't buy.  :sigh:  I miss going....


Momo...my folks have always had that kind of trouble with their TV too.  Makes them pretty steamed to be paying and not receiving!  :motz_6:   But all of that on one day?  Sounds like y'all fell into a black hole.  :tapfoot:  Hope you get all your services restored soon!



My get-up-and-go...got-up-and-went.  :0327:  Can't seem to push thru and get the Pre-Winter stuff done.  The aspens are past prime and blowing off the trees.  Running pellet stove at least part of every day now.  We haven't had snow yet but nearby has!!!   Past time to get hay and other things done.  And I've got nuthin' to hold me up.  Aaaaack.  Even my German mentality doesn't work if there is no cooperation of body.  I'm just spent and I've been waiting for restoration of energy.....but still waiting.   


MtRider  ......really great to not be On Guard for hyPER...thermia.   Season for hyPO...thermia cometh.  :frozen:  

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EXACTLY, Ambergris!  There is only so much one can take off for PER......unless you count wearing ice packs.  :knary:



Well, I woke up because I was COLD :frozen:  in bed this morning.  Officially dug out the down comforter to keep At-The-Ready at bottom of the bed.  Since I was awake, I let the cat in to crawl under covers for warmth.  She loved that.  Hope her kitty heating pad arrives soon!  She definitely needs it for her skinny old bones.  Her faux sheepskin blanket-cave just isn't enough this year.  The pad stays at a cat's normal temperature to help them just maintain.


If DH starts the pellet stove at 6 or 7 A.M., I avoid getting massive headache from furnace blowing particles around for me to breathe.  But it doesn't heat the bedrooms so :frozen:


If DH kicks up the furnace heat at some point in the early A.M. hours, I don't wake up cold but risk the sinus trouble/headache.  :yar:   He's wondering what to do.  Either method shuts the cat up so he an go back to bed.  :D


Challenges of Seasonal Change!


MtRider  :frozen:  :twister3:  :knary:  :lois:  :santa: 

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How is your DH feeling Mt. Rider? Better we all hope.


It was down in the mid 40's here last night. I need to make my bed with an extra blanket now too. It's up to 81 today though. Time to throw a sweat shirt jacket in the car to put on, take off, put on, take off and repeat often during the day. Exactly like your Emoticons up there.


Remember when they were called smilies?  Picutres, icons, GIF's, smilies, emoticons, emoji's. I'm so old I've seen em all come and go. :D

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DH is working one day/wk.  Last wk it went easily.  This week he did more cleaning, empty garbage, etc and he felt the strain.  Hope he remembers next week and slows down.  Recovery/healing is truely a balancing act!  :imoksmiley:  But he's slowly improving.  Still battling with the stupid medical clinic.  One grumpy-rude person can cause a string of things because they tell misinformation or withhold information.  Sorry, but as a professional, your bad day should not impair my shot at health!  Hmph!


I'm so frustrated about still being LOW in energy and missing fall weather.  and all we have to do.  I reallllly LIKE to get things done.  Did a dozen little things today....things just to maintain like load of laundry, wash hair, dishes X5, minor cooking, .....but that doesn't get Have-To projects done.


Kitty heating pad arrived and she hasn't discovered it yet in her 'cave'.  We'll see if that helps with her early hours of :frozen: YOWLING.... 


MtRider  ....um, ...BTW......where did September go????  :scratchhead:

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DH reports YOWLING at 6:30 AM......  :tapfoot:    I didn't see her go in there last nite.  Wonder if she has to get used to it...  OR she liked it but it's habit to YOWL in the wee hours......  :shrug:


DH and I are having trouble with this low energy budget.  His work is asking for him to work twice a week cuz of their needs.  One guy's wife...having their baby this week so DH is going in to cover for him.....a gift cuz the guy's done good by DH in the past.  But then another one might be leaving abruptly, not by his choice but... so there leaves a hole for a long while. 


When one's severe energy budget includes a Rest Day before and after a Work or Big Project or In Town Day.....it gets really difficult.  This has always been mandatory for me in the past couple decades.  But now it is for DH too.  And I can't drive into town for things so every Town and Work day is DH's energy. 


We've been stuck cuz we need three new tarps and are considering upgrading to expensive ones so we don't have to replace them {energy expense!} every year or so.  {Solar UV is STRONG to break them down here}  But that's going to take some figuring with both our heads together......not just pick up the 10X20' brown tarps from Walmart...if they have them.  Getting me into town is the big project.  Sheeesh!  Been trying for 2 months!  Running out of season by now....  THEN we can take delivery of hay.  Pray we have the energy and correct choices on work and projects and WHAT to spend the energy on... 


MtRider.....  :wacko:

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Praying for energy for both of you, Mt. Rider!


DH is on the rail, so to speak.  Left this afternoon on Amtrak to meet the new granddaughter.  So convenient for me as the station is only 10 miles away.  I decided not to paint my room while he is gone as me on a 6 ft. stepladder might not end well.  I am cleaning tomorrow and will start canning Friday.  I hope to can some chili, soups, baked beans.  Instant foods.  just relaxing and watching recorded NCIS and NCIS New Orleans tonight.  I have a few other projects, but we will see how far I get.

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Been busy...as usual.  Mostly catching up with the jarring up of foods that have been stored in our freezers and vacuum sealing more to get to in a few days. The bell peppers, hot peppers, eggplant and string beans are still making produce :-).  Today I worked up 9 pints of spaghetti sauce and had a small dab left, so I used it in our eggplant parmesan.  Still got lots and lots of berries to put up though.













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Stocked up on more flavored gelatins (jello) and got it vacuum sealed in jars.  I use it to make jams and preserves.  Various flavors for the type of fruit I'm putting up.  This year it's strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries so I got enugh to do each of those.  Ended up with 3 pints of each flavor. 

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Also re-stocked and stocked medicinal herbs and got them vacuum sealed in pint sized jars...except the dried elderberries.  They're in the frig for when I put up this winter's daily brew :-)

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