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4 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I use them in my kitchen trash can to keep the tall trash bag in there clean.


My kitchen trash container is actually a clothes hamper! I like to use it there because it is bigger than most kitchen cans, it is on wheels, and it has a handle (for pulling it along). I put a 55gal trash bag in it as a "liner" and I hang one of the grocery store bags off of the handle into the hamper. Everything "food" goes into the smaller bag which gets taken out to the trash once it is full. Paper goods, floor sweepings, etc go into the main bin which only gets taken out when it's full - about once/month. 

It was NOT this insane price when I bought it years ago.  :wacko:


trash.JPG.a73be1271226d60c6928ade513c188e1.JPG     trash2.JPG.4cb2c8b5e3c86fceddee3c7e1ab66896.JPG

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Yeah, Jeepers.  Don't run out for bags.  Just haul :shopping:   out to your Jeep and unload.  ...and yeah.  How do we older folks keep track of what's now Acceptable and what is junk?  Cuz it all cycles back as Acceptable in another generation so....not staying too invested myself.  :rolleyes:


We've always re-reused our plastic or paper bags.  Most boxes too.  [ we're moving to Maui someday, y'know]  I store an extra pair of shoes in the car in those bags.  And the Kleenex box and sweatshirt and..... cuz our car is FULL of black dog hair!  We've used them for the bathroom and bedroom trash bags.  Allllll sorts of uses.  Even those with holes can be used for some things.  A complete shred when the packers put 2-3 juice bottles in one THIN bag.....  uh, no.  When DH and I were doing our shopping and most of my folk's  too....we'd have lots of groceries all over the car.  We tied ours and left theirs loose- so sorting at their house was easier.  Still got mixed sometimes.  THAT was hard work cuz both houses had full set of stairs to the kitchens. 


But we have the pulley system which helps tremendously. 


MtRider   ....   :clothesline:

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I do the same thing for BJ's and Sam's club. I just take it out to the car and bag it there but a lot of it is bulk items and doesn't need a bag. So just the smaller items are bagged. Saves me time just doing it at the car than in the store.  I also keep a box in the trunk to put groceries and other things in. Just makes it easier for me.  It will soon be time to put my small cooler back in the trunk for the summer. Coming home from some places I go to buy meat, I like to keep a cooler with ice packs in it to keep the meat cold till I get home.  mainly for Greens market in Newport News. That's a good haul when I go there. 

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I do keep bags in the car. I just can't remember to take them inside the store with me. I think part of the reason is because so few places up here require you to use your own bags. Big box hardware stores use their own and pharmacies too. Michael's and Joann use their own bags. I do most of my grocery shopping at Meijers and they use their own bags, unless you just want to use your own. Wal-Mart uses their own bags too. I don't go there often but I can't ever recall anyone bringing their own bags to Wal-Mart to use. Maybe a freezer type bag. Currently, I think the only place I go to that doesn't use their own free bags is Giant Eagle. Sam's don't use their own bags but most of the items I buy there are in big boxes so that makes sense. And I only go there 3-4 times a year. Hobby Lobby is probably 2-3 times a year stop for me. I shop at Amazon often so that is a moot point. I have plastic bags, reusable bags and two freezer/cold bags...in the Jeep. I'm usually a quick stopper in type of shopper while I'm out and about running errands and not a planned weekly shopping trip. Euphrasyne, I think habit is the key word. It just isn't on my radar around here to take bags inside with me.


About the time Giant Eagle switched to use your own, Covid hit and they had to rethink their decision because they didn't want to handle other peoples personal items. They even resorted to using latex gloves for a time. Remember those days? Then when things settled down they went back to charging again. 


I keep a plastic box thing in the back of the Jeep. It is nice for putting filled bags in to keep things from sliding all over the place back there. A Jeep Liberty 'trunk' is what I call my cargo bay. Just a big shallow open space so things tend to slide around back there. If it isn't too heavy I can pick the whole thing up and carry it in the house. It folds flat but I usually keep it upright ready to use. Office Max has milk crate size boxes with a retractable handle that looks nice. I think lawyer and business type people use them. Probably expensive? 



Midnightmom, my laundry hamper looks just like that. It didn't cost nearly that much but I did get it from Amazon someplace. Really nice to just wheel it from the bathroom to the laundry. Can push it or pull it. I can't tell you how many times I used it to carry things from the Jeep to the house last summer. I had a cute laundry cart on wheels that I thought would be nice. But it didn't have that handle on it so bending down pulling it was very uncomfortable and it kept running into my heels. I ended up just carrying the thing. It was cute though.  :rolleyes:  


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Did some light cleaning this morning. Mostly kitchen from GS's middle of night eating and messing up kitchen like always. He does not clean up behind himself often. 

Friday morning I go for the MRI for the pituitary tumor.  Be glad when that is over. Found a new dentist that takes my insurance so going to make apt. for that also very soon. 

I ordered some plastic cases to put matches and things in so I can keep them all together. I have to many things scattered all over the place and I really need to get that all organized and in one area of house. As soon as GS moves out I can really get this house organized again. His bedroom was my office and sewing room and I will be turning that back into my office and sewing room again. I am either going to give him the bedroom suite or give it to my daughter. He has a bedroom suit at his mother's house but I don't think it has much of a dresser to it. But he just throws his clothes on floor, clean or dirty it doesn't matter and the dresser drawers just hang open all the time. Boys! go figure. Once out I need to get that bedroom painted. But don't know what color I want to paint it. It is the brightest of the bedrooms as that is the side the sun comes up on in the mornings. But I have a few months to think about it. 

I decided I don't need a guest bedroom any longer.  These kids come to visit and don't leave. They can stay in a hotel down the road. GD in Washington state said her DH is now out of the Navy. He is not looking for a job right now as he is getting things finished up at the veterans office. He is 30 years old and got out on disability. Don't ask, I haven't figured out what his issues are yet Other than he didn't like what he went in for. Naval Hospital. He's not doctor material and he didn't like it. But she is working but they have 2 car payments, a house payment, utilities and insurances. So hope they make it there as they will be moving to NC if they don't. Not moving here. GD in SC is now getting ready to move back in with DD again. Her DH is leaving for boot camp next month. So she is going to live with her mom. I have a feeling mom is about to get her paybacks for kicking them all out so soon. I am out of it. No one moves in with me again. Twice was enough and all I do is clean up behind them. No time for me anymore. So DD and SIL will have no choice but to deal with them. I am the Grandmother and should not be having to go through this because DD wants her time for her. Shoe is about to hit the other foot. DD isn't going to like it. 

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I made 2 lemon pie coffee cakes for Church when I got home Saturday eve. And egg muffins for me.


Yesterday was Church.
Walked dogs
Prepped meat and vegies and made mass quantities of dog food.
Cooked it slow overnight.


This morning, walked first.
Started laundry.
First round of pressure canning almost done.
Planted parsley and chives in lick tubs.
Just have to finish laundry and pressure canning.


@Jeepers, Follow the money.  I think those making and selling plastic bags are who first said that paper bags were killing all the trees.  Just my opinion.  I too, keep bags in my car as opposed to taking them into the store.  LOL


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This weekend was very full. Saturday we painted the Living room. With 11 ft ceilings it was quite the job. Just need to re-hang the light fixture and eventually will add crown molding. Easter yesterday very laid back, then today was my youngest son's birthday. I took the day off so had a 4 day weekend. Was nice but going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow!


Freshly painted Living room.jpg

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That bay window just screams for a giant Christmas tree.  A beautiful room and a great job. 👍

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Busy week…


By my count, using a 5 gallon bucket, pulled 300 gallons of weeds from around and in my yard….bagged & placed out for bulk pickup today.  I’m excited, they finally replaced our broken crushed roll off dumpster.  :hapydancsmil:It’s so pretty and clean…I don’t want to throw garbage in it. :24:

Yesterday, God gave MIL 2 beautiful roses, camomile for garnish and a purple iris for her flowers, by her bed.  :amen:  

Raked the front yard, spread more grass seed, raked & watered…. Found a baby juniper…. It will be transplanted, when it gets older.


Turned the soil, with mulch, planted the cucumbers…..

Need to harvest & preserve the turnips for my friend in NM, when I take MIL home.  Also need to do the same with the beets & carrots ….They are beginning to seed..  


Cayenne finally sprouted, and the thyme seems to be growing….hoping…. Potato eyes are planted, we shall see…. I guess I missed a seed… it’s growing too…. Lol


Trying to keep the net from crashing while she watches her TX local news, has been a challenge.  I can’t be on line, or it interrupts her programs…. Such is life….


Dr. Tomorrow for DH…God WILLING, he can quit the crappy meds they have him on.  Bruising any where he barely touches, his BP is normal now…etc…..


We shall see…:pray:

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Annarchy, praying all goes well for your DH. He must be on blood thinners for his skin to bruise that easy. That stuff is bad. My DH was black and blue after working in the yard from that medicine. 

Sounds like you have a good start on your garden.  Still to cold here yet to plant some things but hoping Thursday the weather will stay warm like they are saying. We will see. I'm ready to start planting.


Becca Anne I really like that room. And radiator heat is good heat. I grew up with those. I remember my mother had a key that she would use to open a valve to let air out at the beginning of winter when the heat was turned on. Don't know if yours has that or not. It was a natural gas furnace.

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Saw neurologist today.  She's fine.  I'll have a rehab review to see if my MS adaptions are causing any muscles to overwork or grow weak.  A cognitive eval cuz I can't talk or type - nouns/pronouns.  I can't remember them.  Can't remember where I've been putting an item - for the past 20 yrs.  :motz_6:  AND DH and I decided that I'd try a med to combat FATIGUE.  That would be nice.  :amen:   Mid-summer, she wants MRI of brain again [still checking to see if it's there? ] but include the neck area.  :shrug:  


:buttercup:   Had to chase my wheelchair across the parking lot...it's slanted and I was moving my purse, etc to the car.  Turn around and bye-bye....  I'd used it as a rolling walker going out to the car.  Caught it before it whacked into any other vehicles. 


MtRider  ....ooof!  I'm TI-YERD!  :faint3: 

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WE hit 90* today....in the sun!  AND.......we're expecting SNOW on Fri nite into Sat.  ....Maybe.....  Or maybe rain. 


MtRider  ....don't care.  WE NEED MOISTURE.   [gonna be one of those years if we don't get doused! ] :pray: 

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We were in the low 50*'s today.  Frost advisory tonight.  So still can't plant garden yet. This weather is crazy this year. 


Mt. Rider, I hope they can get you straight and this doctor works out for you. You have really had a lot of health issues going on. Time to get things figured out. And if there is a pill for being so tired, I could use that right now.  I can see you now chasing a wheelchair through the parking lot. 

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Working in garage this morning.  GS helped get the crab pot to the garden shed. That pot is very heavy.  DH's uncle made it and it is very thick stainless steel.  Guess we will have to find a place to go crabbing somewhere. Getting more boxes together for Good Will.  Put a lot of junk on the street for bulk pickup. It's slow going but getting there. Being sick set me back about 3 weeks and I still have the cough but at least I am feeling better and starting to get some energy back. 

Hoping tomorrow I can finish spraying the yard for weeds and then get back to working on the flower beds and tilling the larger garden to get ready to plant. I am now hoping the frost is over. 

Need to make a trip to Tidewater feed and seed soon as well as to Lowes for garden things. Top soil, garden soil and other things. Was looking at the post hole digger and I need to replace it or find a new handle for it. It is so old, I'm not sure if I can find new handles and might be cheaper to just buy a new one. Need to check on some other tools as well. New ax maybe. I did find the log splitters.

Once the garden is in, I am going to plot out my Newport News trip. Was hoping to find someone to go with me but no luck. GS is no shopper. Going to be starting in the other shed hopefully within a month. Garden has to get done first. That is where all the baby material is packed up at. I know I am going to have a new great grandchild but that is still way to much material and I am not making baby blankets like I used to any longer. I do have a few I have already made and some will be for the new baby. 

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That is a beautiful room Becca_Anne. Well worth your time and effort!


Glad you finally got your dumpster replaced. It's those little things, huh. You have really worked hard on your yard this year! Flowers for your MIL is sweet. I want to start having flowers in the house too. Just once in a while to be fancy. :D  Praying for Mr. Annarchy's doctor report. Glad his BP is stabilized.  :pray:


Praying for your med results too Mt. Rider!  :pray:  I have trouble with words too. Nothing specific. Just words in general and names. I notice it getting worse. I hear long pauses in my sentences while I'm trying to think of a word. Simple words. The good thing is it usually comes to me after a couple of seconds...so far. I use a trick to try and help. I go through the alphabet and think about one letter at a time to see if a word sounds like the letter. That seems to help me. I go through the alphabet once. After that I let it go. 


I got all of my lawyering done for Ohio today. I still need to get son on my Jeep POD as soon as I find the title. I know I have it. But where. Son can now take over right where I leave off. No probate, inheritance tax and no lawyer fees for him. All he will need now is my death certificate and he will automatically own everything. I will do the same thing with the Indy house when I can schedule a lawyer over there and set up some sort of a trust fund for G-son. I know zero about trust funds. 


I went to the house again. I go about every 3 days now just to get the mail. Today I loaded up the Jeep. That house is so dirty and dusty. There is a lot I want to pack up yet and organize boxes but I can't get to most of it. There are bathroom vanities and tops in the rooms blocking my way. The kitchen countertop with sink still attached is sitting in the garage right in front of the wall unit thing that I need to go through. I really want to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK to come and take away a bunch of stuff but they wouldn't be able to get to it. I think they could do it in one trip so I don't want to have to pay them for multiple trips just because they can't get to the stuff. Oh, and that garage attic...:0327:


The adjustor called today. "It just takes time."  "It's a massive job." Sigh. Tell me about it Timothy. He extended my hotel stay until June 30th. So I don't have to think about that for awhile.  Last time it was for 2 weeks at a time and they waited until checkout day to extend and the hotel voided my room card. No huge deal but just something else to straighten out.


And tomorrow I am going to Indiana for some good lovin'.  G-son is excited, I'm excited and son is hauling buns to get my grass mowed before I see it and turn my water back on before I get there. Water and burst pipes have become a family issue. I turn the water off when I leave for an extended period of time but I can't reach the hot water heater tank buttons to turn it back on.  I'm going to put DIL to work helping me hang some curtain rods and maybe some pictures. I just need extra hands for that. I forgot to call the handy man to schedual an appointment. Dang it. Will do it when I get there. All of my wired in smoke alarms are STILL chirping. Nine of them. Including the one in my bedroom. :tapfoot:  It sounds like the theme song from Deliverance in there.  I AM going furniture shopping this time too. Last time I was stuck in a blizzard over there with my wrecked car in the shop. No wheels for me. With the one furniture store in town that shouldn't take too long. Shipping will probably be an issue. Will have to go back in a few months for delivery I suppose. Still no internet over there so will see y'all sometime next week. :wave: 



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Mt Rider hope the neurologist can figure out what will be helpful or at the least give you some answers on what is going on.

Annarchy really hope the A/C situation can get sorted out.

Have a great trip Jeepers!

Littlesister probably easier just to buy a new post hole digger not sure if I've ever seen just the handles on sale for those. I need to get to digging post holes too :) Want to put up my trellises. I have put the one together but it is still inside the house. Have the posts just need to dig holes! Then I can put the other one together. 

DH still working on taxes it was more complicated than usual this year due to sale of our old house and multiple state tax returns to do but I think we are getting close now.

We have lots of plants started I just need to get the garden bed tilled and start hardening off the ones I started last month. Planted pumpkins and watermelons today with Ben for his garden space in cups. So will put those out in a few weeks. I have hopes we will get some garden even without me fussing over the plants. Will have 2 still at home while we are gone in June to keep it watered, and going to use a lot of landscape fabric to keep the weeds down since I know they won't remember to weed it. So we will see. Worst case I replant things when I get home for a fall garden :)

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Yes, Becca-Anne I’m ‘in awe’ about that room.  Fabulous.  My kitchen doesn’t have that much space. :008Laughing:

Mt_Rider, praying…. Yes, God knows…


Hoping things get resolved with your live-in, Littlesister.

Miki, you amaze me how much you do…. Keep going Lady.  Eggs….Saturday I made potato salad and “Angel” eggs for MIL & DH…. I had two….they are gone.  :grinning-smiley-044:

DH’s apt was inspiring.  Changed from Brilinta to Xarelto…lower dose. And the Dr. said if he has a problem with it, he can quit it.  Plus, changed his blood pressure meds, two times a day instead of once a day…. He said it’s in his ‘jeans’, they are too tight….  I said, “…see, I told you to quit wearing tight jeans.”  We had a good laugh and the tech next room over, was still laughing when we walked out.  His recommendation, just the BP meds & baby aspirin should not be stopped.  DH is going to continue with everything & see how he feels.  Next appointment will be in September.  :cele:

Oh, Mother, you are right….  I can’t wait to see Becca-Anne’s Christmas tree in there.  :happy0203:


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:amen:   WOW, Annarchy.  That prognosis is night and day from previous docs for MrA!   :amen:     :happy0203:   :pray:  


Have a good time with we-know-who  and his mommy/daddy too, Jeepers.  You deserve a break!!  Live in a whole house....even if it doesn't have much furniture.  You've got the bedroom. 


Thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers.  :lol:   Soooooo....yeah, me....skeered of needles.  The "Vampire Dept" at our hospital called for me today.  :blink:   They said they didn't take enough blood I need to give more.  :blink:   What???   I think...maybe not all of the doc's orders had been sent down yet.  Or she added something.  Cuz I went right from her to the vampires.....  So...I'll go sit in their way-lean-back chair again.  Hope I get the same gal.  Mebbe she can't read doc orders but she can stick without me feeling it!  :rolleyes:  


Today DH decided we should clear that corner in the "living room".  We do not have a living room cuz we had to move food/kitchen stuff into that area where a couch was years ago.  [mice in lower kit. cabinets constantly ]  Well...a corner holds a lot of stuff if you stack it high.  BUT we had to make sure that outlet wasn't the cause of our current power outage in that half of the front end of the cabin.  So DH started putting STUFF out on the porch.  Perfect sunny, not windy, warm day.  I pulled stuff out [cuz I know where I put it in...] and DH lined it up on the porch. 


I keep a lot of boxes cuz .....we've been forever going to "move back to Maui".   That goal is a bit further back due to housing prices reallllly going up during the 'C'.  Wealthy people went there to spend the pandemic and just work remote.  :sigh:   Wellll....there was a lot of empty boxes in a lot of sizes.  After sorting out food, I set up a bench and a set of shelves and all the current food fit back there just fine.  :happy0203:   I DO LOVE ORGANIZING....and then just gazing at the job when finished.  :hapydancsmil:    I split the boxes I want to keep and they store nicely flattened.  


Speaking of flattened.......I could barely stand up to take a shower tonite.  After a long day yesterday, I'm wiped out but ...I have another corner of ORGANIZATION!  :)   So we are assuming that our power outage is a bad switch in the control box.  Nothing was wrong with the outlet back there.  J/B will be back....  :scratchhead:   This Wed?  I'm lost.  That's like tomorrow?  OK...we're ready.  :shrug: 


Bad news is:  I have 3 or 4 boxes to sort papers and stuff.  I can do that sitting down and resting!  Sort of. 


MtRider   ....might be flattened tomorrow or might have to push a bit if J/B arrive. 

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Yesterday, walked first.
Then thrift store for pillow cases for local veterinarian. She puts deceased pets in them instead of handing their bodies to folks when an animal is put to sleep. I wanted to donate some.
Went to Aldi and Walmart.
Home and walked dogs.
Made Chicken Fried Hamburgers for dinner (with cauliflower rice)


Today will walk first.
Doc appt for re-check next.
Take my car to mechanic to get horn hooked up.
Put away dog food that was canned on Monday.


I hope you have a great trip @Jeepers!  Glad you will have some time away and I pray they make some progress while you are gone!


I'm thankful that your DH is getting straightened out @Annarchy.  It's a big stress when we know things aren't right.  And I hope your heating unit is sorted soon, also.


I, too, look forward to seeing a Christmas tree in that window @Becca_Anne.  It looks made for it!


I'm glad you are feeling better and I love organizing @Mt_Rider!  Actually, I like getting rid of stuff even more.


Hoping that you are feeling a bit better today, too @Littlesister.  You do a lot for feeling poorly!


Have a good Wednesday, Ladies!

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Prayers for a safe trip for Jeepers.  I know you will spoil that GS rotten. 


Annarchy, glad that your DH is getting straightened out now. Hoping and praying the new meds will work well for him.


Mt. Rider, glad to know you are doing better also.


Becca Anne,  everyone is right.  That bay window will look great come Christmas with a tree there.  Just the right size. I love old houses like that. 


Worked on garage some this morning and going out soon to work on garden area.  Still have that cough and it just won't go away. I am over it now as it wakes me up during the night and I can't find a cough syrup that works. Not even the home made ones. Couldn't get hold of doctor this morning so will try tomorrow. I think today is his half day and he's off on Friday. So left message and hoping to hear back soon. 

GS is still in bed. He didn't go to bed till 6am. He is still on the night shift I guess even though he is not working now. At least he helped me yesterday and when he gets up later I will put him to work after he eats. 

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Miki, no I have not tried that but I do have some and will do that. I hope that works.  The sun ran me back in house before I could start plowing. But I did get the garden area ready to till up. So will do that when the sun goes down off the garden later today. 

Guess I will work in house a bit till I can get back outside later.  That sun is brutal. It's only 78* which isn't bad but that sun bearing down on you will get to you. I think I am also still a bit dehydrated from being sick. So need to keep the water going and be a bit more careful for awhile.  

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I had a cough so bad a few years back that I couldn't eat, drink, sleep or anything.   The doctor prescribed me a lidocaine syrup.  I took very small amounts of it and had immediate relief.  You have to be really careful with the small dosage because too much of it and it could cause breathing issues since it numbs your throat so much.  

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