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1 hour ago, Ambergris said:



Private property being seized.  A 700% markup is seven times the old rate.  So?  

Anti-price gouging  law in practice.

Your prepper stash is likely safe unless it involves 200k N95 respirator masks and you try to sell them to doctors at a huge markup. Price gouging during a declared state of emergency is a criminal offense.

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This article addresses the aerosol issue and the mask issue.  I've been reading it off and on all day. 




I've got opinions on doctors claiming NO ONE WEARS THEM PROPERLY....  <_<     Yeah, like it's rocket science.  Having said that, my dad tried for a half hour this morning to put on a dust mask [would reduce by a much smaller percentage than a "real" mask] but due to dementia, he was not successful.  Still, 3 years ago he'd have been able to do so correctly in a minute or two.  I truly doubt many folks impaired by dementia can be factored into the opinion that NO ONE wears them properly.  <_<   So far, I've never seen ANYONE wearing one on their elbow, for instance.  Or a kneecap.  <_< 


I will admit freely that most people do not know the difference between N95 applications and surgical mask applications. 


--N95 protects the person wearing AND others.......EXCEPT IF IT HAS AN EXHALATION VALVE.  With that valve, an N95 ONLY protects the wearer. 

--Surgical masks protect others from the one wearing the mask.  It moderately protects the one wearing the mask. 


Also remember that none of these masks will protect from poisonous gases like carbon monoxide or sarin.  These are PARTICULATE protection masks.


Another point to remember is that ...unless you are in a high viral concentration area like the medical folks, we don't usually consider our air to be completely toxic.  How many of those dratted microbes would we need to inhale to become infected?  THAT ....might be an answer like:  Do you feel lucky?  :unsure:  In the National Forest, no mask.  In grocery, MASK!  My opinion. 


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Sample Quote =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

In February, scientists in Wuhan, China—where the coronavirus outbreak originated—sampled the air in various public areas, and showed that the virus was either undetectable or found in extremely low concentrations. The only exceptions were two crowded sites, one in front of a department store and another next to a hospital. Even then, each cubic meter of air contained fewer than a dozen virus particles. (No one knows the infectious dose of SARS-CoV-2—that is, the number of particles needed to start an infection—but for the original SARS virus of 2003, one study estimated somewhere between 43 and 280.)




In the meantime, citizens (and, unfortunately, many health-care workers) will have to make do with MacGyvering their own alternatives. A few studies suggest that homemade cloth masks are less effective than proper medical ones, but are still better than nothing. In one experiment, a surgical mask filtered 89 percent of viral particles from the air, a tea towel blocked 72 percent, and a cotton T-shirt blocked 50 percent.* In general, thicker materials are better than thinner ones, Marr said, and a tight fit across the face is important. If people use makeshift masks, they should thoroughly wash them afterward. And most of all, they should remember that homemade masks are not fully protective. They’re a last-ditch measure to be used in situations when social distancing isn’t possible. “It’s not like ‘I’m wearing [a mask] and now I can talk to everyone,’” Bourouiba said.

=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=End Quote-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


MtRider .... long but interesting article.  :ph34r:

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Thanks Daylily!

Due to my asthma (and age) I am high risk for complications if I catch this virus. The nebulizer sounds like a good idea for me, which is why I was asking.

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244,678 US
115,242 Italy
112,065 Spain
84,794 Germany
59,929 France
50,468 Iran
34,173 United Kingdom
18,827 Switzerland
18,135 Turkey
15,348 Belgium
14,788 Netherlands
11,284 Canada
11,129 Austria
9,976 Korea, South
9,034 Portugal
8,044 Brazil
6,857 Israel
5,568 Sweden
5,147 Norway
5,116 Australia
3,858 Czechia
3,849 Ireland
3,573 Denmark
3,548 Russia
3,404 Chile
3,163 Ecuador
3,116 Malaysia
2,946 Poland
2,738 Romania
2,633 Philippines
2,543 India
2,495 Japan
2,487 Luxembourg
2,421 Pakistan
1,885 Saudi Arabia
1,875 Thailand
1,790 Indonesia
1,544 Greece
1,518 Finland
1,475 Panama
1,462 South Africa
1,414 Peru
1,380 Dominican Republic
1,378 Mexico
1,319 Iceland
1,265 Argentina
1,171 Serbia
1,161 Colombia
1,024 United Arab Emirates
1,011 Croatia
986 Algeria
949 Qatar
897 Slovenia
897 Ukraine
865 Egypt
858 Estonia
797 New Zealand
772 Iraq
712 Diamond Princess
708 Morocco
663 Armenia
649 Lithuania
643 Bahrain
585 Hungary
533 Bosnia and Herzegovina
505 Moldova
494 Lebanon
458 Latvia
457 Bulgaria
455 Tunisia
435 Kazakhstan
428 Andorra
426 Slovakia
400 Azerbaijan
396 Costa Rica
384 North Macedonia
356 Cyprus
350 Uruguay
342 Kuwait
339 Taiwan*
306 Cameroon
304 Belarus
299 Jordan
288 Burkina Faso
277 Albania
273 Afghanistan
245 San Marino
233 Cuba
233 Vietnam
231 Oman
219 Honduras
205 Uzbekistan
204 Ghana
196 Malta
195 Senegal
194 Cote d'Ivoire
184 Nigeria
169 Mauritius
161 West Bank and Gaza
151 Sri Lanka
146 Venezuela
144 Montenegro
134 Congo (Kinshasa)
134 Georgia
133 Brunei
125 Kosovo
123 Bolivia
116 Kyrgyzstan
110 Cambodia
110 Kenya
98 Niger
94 Trinidad and Tobago
84 Rwanda
77 Paraguay
75 Liechtenstein
60 Monaco
59 Madagascar
56 Bangladesh
52 Guinea
47 Guatemala
47 Jamaica
46 Barbados
45 Uganda
41 El Salvador
40 Djibouti
39 Togo
39 Zambia
36 Mali
29 Ethiopia
24 Bahamas
22 Congo (Brazzaville)
22 Eritrea
21 Gabon
20 Burma
20 Tanzania
19 Guyana
19 Maldives
16 Haiti
16 Syria
15 Equatorial Guinea
14 Mongolia
14 Namibia
13 Benin
13 Saint Lucia
12 Dominica
11 Libya
10 Grenada
10 Laos
10 Mozambique
10 Seychelles
10 Suriname
9 Antigua and Barbuda
9 Eswatini
9 Guinea-Bissau
9 MS Zaandam
9 Saint Kitts and Nevis
9 Zimbabwe
8 Angola
8 Chad
8 Sudan
7 Fiji
7 Holy See
6 Cabo Verde
6 Liberia
6 Mauritania
6 Nepal
5 Bhutan
5 Nicaragua
5 Somalia
4 Botswana
4 Gambia
3 Belize
3 Burundi
3 Central African Republic
3 Malawi
2 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
2 Sierra Leone
1 Papua New Guinea
1 Timor-Leste

5911 US deaths

8:45 p.m. Eastern update, April 2

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MtR, I've seen tons of people wearing masks incorrectly...Apart from the ones who seen to think they're to be worn like a necklace, it's most common that I see them worn over the mouth, but NOT the nose!

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Hey Vic!!!  :wave:       Yeah, I do know that.  It just bugs me when the aloof, superior medical folks keep saying NO ONE wears them correctly.  :tapfoot:  


What have you and your monkeys been up to?  Sheeesh, they must be grown by now?  We have GrS 16 and 14 already.  Can't believe it.


MtRider  :pc_coffee:



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I got the name of the iodine wrong that we are using. It's called Liquid Iodine Forte.  1 drop contains 150 mcg of iodine as potassium iodide.


The liquid vitamin D is Bio-D-Mulsion Forte. ONe drop contains 2000 iu of vitamin D as cholecalciferol in a sesame oil carrier,

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17 hours ago, Vic303 said:

MtR, I've seen tons of people wearing masks incorrectly...Apart from the ones who seen to think they're to be worn like a necklace, it's most common that I see them worn over the mouth, but NOT the nose!

Hey, Vic!

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We are up to 5 confirmed cases in my county now. This one is a person in their 70's, hospitalized. This is a rural county with mostly farmland and small towns and one small city. My stock of masks is way too small. I will be making masks.

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22 minutes ago, Cowgirl said:

I will be making masks.


Get out your sewing machines everyone........  And HANG ON.  The ship is fixin' to make a SEVERE ABOUT-FACE!!






I kept saying that they were LYING DIRTY DOGS!  They were scared of the massive shortage and honestly NEEDED the PPE [personal protective equipment] for the front line medical and First Responders.  I fully support that.  But to LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND ACCUSE others when they were LYING....is despicable.  :mad: 


NOW that they have so many "Do It Yourself" masks .....that will at minimum, keep your spit from flying while coughing/sneezing/singing...[that poor choir in Washington state] :(   ........   MtRider taking deep breath.  I do SO hate lying!


Anyway....just a heads up about the Course Reversal so GET PREPARED ....cuz it's not only Loredo, TX [2nd link]  tho they have curfews and FINES for not covering your mouth/nose.  :darthduck:   yikes?


...NOW we're ALLOWED MANDATED to wear our masks?  Pffft!  And do please friends, spread the word about the difference between the fabric in N95s and whatever one chooses for homemade.


MtRider  ....needs a nap  :offtobed: 

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We have an ex-nurse sewing masks for the small local hospital near us.  She is using interfacing material encased between layers of cotton.  Not sure if that works better than just plain cotton but these are washable yet hold their shape and filtering ability. 


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Was watching a video on making mask in different ways.  They were showing one where you make a pocket and using a Filtrete 1900 MERVB 13 air conditioner filter. You must use the good ones for this because of the type of material it's made of.  Not one that is fiberglass. You take the filter apart and carefully remove the wire. Then cut the material to fit in the pocket of the home made mask. You can get several out of one filter.

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Some friends of mine are making them out of Hoover bags for work.  The exhalation flap is an issue.  Works pretty well, but is not part of the hospital-approved home-made mask.

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Ambergris, that should work as long as it is not to thick to be able to breath. Not sure how you would work out the exhalation flap though. I don't really think any home made mask would meet OSHA's requirements.  But in times like these we do with what we have. And hope it works. Though I think some of these home made mask will work. They even say coffee filters will work. But need to use 2 together for the thickness to be right. 

I still have 2 of the air-condition filters from the old air conditioner and are now wrong size. So going to use those. I am going to make the ones with a pocket to slip the filter in so I can throw the filter away as it will be a one use item and can wash the mask and use with a new piece of the filter. 

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Mt_Rider, this country is run by Lying Liars That Lie. This isn’t the first time. But it’s freaking IMPORTANT.

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277,828 US
119,827 Italy
119,199 Spain
91,159 Germany
65,202 France
53,183 Iran
38,690 United Kingdom
20,921 Turkey
19,606 Switzerland
16,770 Belgium
15,821 Netherlands
12,545 Canada
11,524 Austria
10,062 Korea, South
9,886 Portugal
9,194 Brazil
7,428 Israel
6,131 Sweden
5,370 Norway
5,330 Australia
4,273 Ireland
4,190 Czechia
4,149 Russia
3,946 Denmark
3,737 Chile
3,383 Poland
3,368 Ecuador
3,333 Malaysia
3,183 Romania
3,018 Philippines
2,686 Pakistan
2,617 Japan
2,612 Luxembourg
2,567 India
2,039 Saudi Arabia
1,986 Indonesia
1,978 Thailand
1,673 Panama
1,615 Finland
1,613 Greece
1,595 Peru
1,510 Mexico
1,505 South Africa
1,488 Dominican Republic
1,476 Serbia
1,364 Iceland
1,353 Argentina
1,267 Colombia
1,264 United Arab Emirates
1,171 Algeria
1,079 Croatia
1,075 Qatar
1,072 Ukraine
985 Egypt
961 Estonia
934 Slovenia
868 New Zealand
820 Iraq
791 Morocco
736 Armenia
712 Diamond Princess
696 Lithuania
672 Bahrain
623 Hungary
591 Moldova
579 Bosnia and Herzegovina
509 Cameroon
508 Lebanon
495 Tunisia
493 Latvia
485 Bulgaria
464 Kazakhstan
450 Slovakia
443 Azerbaijan
439 Andorra
430 North Macedonia
417 Kuwait
416 Costa Rica
396 Cyprus
386 Uruguay
351 Belarus
310 Jordan
304 Albania
302 Burkina Faso
281 Afghanistan
269 Cuba
252 Oman
251 San Marino
239 Vietnam
227 Uzbekistan
222 Honduras
218 Cote d'Ivoire
210 Nigeria
207 Senegal
205 Ghana
202 Malta
194 West Bank and Gaza
186 Mauritius
174 Montenegro
159 Sri Lanka
155 Georgia
153 Venezuela
148 Congo (Kinshasa)
134 Brunei
132 Bolivia
130 Kyrgyzstan
126 Kosovo
122 Kenya
120 Niger
114 Cambodia
98 Trinidad and Tobago
92 Paraguay
89 Rwanda
75 Liechtenstein
73 Guinea
70 Madagascar
64 Monaco
61 Bangladesh
53 Jamaica
51 Barbados
50 Guatemala
49 Djibouti
48 Uganda
46 El Salvador
40 Togo
39 Mali
39 Zambia
35 Ethiopia
24 Bahamas
23 Guyana
22 Congo (Brazzaville)
22 Eritrea
21 Gabon
20 Burma
20 Tanzania
19 Maldives
18 Haiti
17 Libya
16 Benin
16 Equatorial Guinea
16 Syria
15 Antigua and Barbuda
15 Guinea-Bissau
14 Dominica
14 Mongolia
14 Namibia
13 Saint Lucia
12 Grenada
10 Laos
10 Mozambique
10 Seychelles
10 Sudan
10 Suriname
9 Eswatini
9 MS Zaandam
9 Saint Kitts and Nevis
9 Zimbabwe
8 Angola
8 Central African Republic
8 Chad
7 Fiji
7 Holy See
7 Liberia
7 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
7 Somalia
6 Cabo Verde
6 Mauritania
6 Nepal
5 Bhutan
5 Nicaragua
4 Belize
4 Botswana
4 Gambia
3 Burundi
3 Malawi
2 Sierra Leone
1 Papua New Guinea
1 Timor-Leste


103,060 of the US confirrmed cases are in New York state.

Nearly 30,000 more are in New Jersey.

Other than that, you probably know where your state stands.


7141 US dead are attributed to COVID - 19


Update of April 3, 9 p.m. Eastern

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1 hour ago, Mother said:

We have an ex-nurse sewing masks for the small local hospital near us.  She is using interfacing material encased between layers of cotton.  Not sure if that works better than just plain cotton but these are washable yet hold their shape and filtering ability. 


Mom said that the ones they're making for EMS have the interfacing in them as well.

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I just read where the U.S. Postal Service could shut down by June because of the Caronavirus. That is unless the government bales them out. There goes the cost of shipping and stamps again. 


I also read where Celine Dion has the virus. And Placido Domingo. I've always enjoyed watching him perform in operas on PBS. Especially Carmen and La Boheme. I have a CD of him singing love songs in English. It's done mostly phonetically, I think, but it's beautiful. Sigh.

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We have a box of 10 of the cheapy masks that we bought a few years ago at $Tree.  We'll just hang on to them in case.  But, it I was to make one or more, I'd probably start by using some of hubby's good t-shirts, some cheese cloth, some gauze pads and some of the panty liner material.  Just thinkin'...

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