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From Annarchy's link: 

QUOTE:  At any rate as soon as the lungs go, other organs may follow, leading to death. I don't mean to be morbid or scare people, but THIS is why the virus is so dangerous (along with it's high rate of transmissibility), and why you are avoiding social situations right now. The elderly and chronically ill seem to be particularly prone to developing ARDS, so socially isolate for your parents and grandparents if for noone else. Even people who recover may have significant scarring of the lungs.



:o  Nasty lil' vermin, aren't they? 


That's our life's goal right now.  Socially isolate for my parents and ourselves.  This description should provide great motivation to keep on as we have begun.  :thumbs: 


MtRider  ...... :pray:   God, help us all!


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From CNN:


10 min ago

US sees deadliest day with 160 deaths

There are at least 52,976 cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States and 704 people have died, according to CNN Health’s tally of US cases that are detected and tested in the US through public health systems.

There have already been 163 deaths reported today, according to a tally by CNN, making this the deadliest day in the US since the coronavirus pandemic began. 

The total includes cases from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and other U.S. territories, as well as all repatriated cases.

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54,893 US confirmed cases

26,374 of them in NY

No state is untouched.

783 US deaths

March 24, 10 p.m. Eastern update.


For you gamers, Greenland and Madagascar are infected.

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38 minutes ago, Louis1 said:

And DW is beginning to find me annoying .........


:lol:    Nah, really?  Best take the dog for a walk on some little-known path.  Distancing can solve all sorts of issues.


MtRider  :whistling: 

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9 hours ago, Ambergris said:

54,893 US confirmed cases

26,374 of them in NY

No state is untouched.

783 US deaths

March 24, 10 p.m. Eastern update.


For you gamers, Greenland and Madagascar are infected.



OMG!  Plague/Pandemic!   I love that game  XD

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Just as the Bible said.  And so it begins.  The mark of the beast anyone.  Guess it is time to get behind that :behindsofa: As the Bible says anyone that takes the mark of the beast will not be saved.   Anyone that does not take the mark will not be able to buy nor sale.  And so we are at the cusp of the tribulation.  Rapture soon. 


Just read the one about the drones. My oldest granddaughter and her DH are on lockdown now for the past couple of weeks. This is not good.  She has been home pickling veggies now for the past 2 weeks as she is having them delivered. So they can still get food delivered to them which is a good thing.  She has enough food she said to last a year for them and the dog. 

My other granddaughter I just talked to last night said they are getting ready to go on lock down. Said they were able to get only 2 weeks worth of food, but with what I sent them they now have a 30 day supply maybe a bit more. The lock down for them is 30 days.  She is going out to buy more food before the lockdown begins. 

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the drones
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Number of confirmed cases in USA passes 64,000. There are, of course, many who have it and are untested.
But suuuuure this will be over by Easter. :sheeple:

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This is a sobering report.




This excerpt really got me:


Another nurse in Georgia said she was repeatedly denied testing, even as her own symptoms worsened over the course of a week. The nurse, who had cared for several patients who died of pneumonia but were never tested for Covid-19, was finally tested Tuesday -- the same day she was admitted to the hospital and put in isolation.

"It was not until this morning that I could finally be tested," she said as she gasped for breath between heavy coughs. "It is insane. And it's infuriating. You feel you have to scream to even be heard."


They aren’t testing. Patients are dying of pneumonia and not counted in the pandemic numbers because they aren’t testing. 

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It just gets worse and worse. How are people going to deliberately spread this unless they know for sure they have the virus and goes walking through stores and such. No one would know unless that person was told to self quarantine.  They are not being told it is mandatory so they can leave their homes if they need to go to store or where ever. That doesn't make it a crime but is not very considerate of others. 


Our health care workers are very much at risk.  I am glad I no longer work in a doctors office. Been retired for 6 years now. I would be a high risk as I do have diabetics, as well as autoimmune.  

 Praying for all of our health care people, police and firefighters that are putting their own lives on the line during this trying time. I worry for my granddaughter and her DH as he works in the naval hospital . He comes home every evening. Though he is following the protocol when he gets home or at least I hope he is.  Shoes off outside, stripping down in garage where washer is and throwing clothes in wash and heads straight to the shower without stopping or touching anything. He is doing the coronavirus testing for all the military that they have now got lining up at the gates for.  Price you pay for being a Corpsman I guess. He never thought he would be doing that. They sent all the patients there home so the beds could be used for anyone that gets this mess. Must be a small hospital. I haven't checked with my granddaughter yet but her DH was suppose to go to school in CA for a year. He is now  an E5 and will come out of school as E6 and maybe E7. I am thinking that is cancelled now with both states on lockdown. 

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Exactly, Littlesister. This is just another way to politicize this crisis. This pandemic is not being deliberately spread by terrorists or evil people.It is spreading because people won’t / can’t stay home and this virus spreads easily between people. But that is not entirely their faults. They have to work, etc. And since they aren’t even testing every pneumonia patient, a huge number of people don’t even know they are infected with this virus.


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74,386 Italy
66,132 US
49,515 Spain
37,323 Germany
27,017 Iran
25,600 France
10,897 Switzerland
9,640 United Kingdom
9,137 Korea, South
6,440 Netherlands
5,588 Austria
4,937 Belgium
3,400 Canada
3,084 Norway
2,995 Portugal
2,554 Brazil
2,526 Sweden
2,433 Turkey
2,369 Israel
2,364 Australia
1,862 Denmark
1,796 Malaysia
1,654 Czechia
1,564 Ireland
1,333 Luxembourg
1,307 Japan
1,211 Ecuador
1,142 Chile
1,063 Pakistan
1,051 Poland
934 Thailand
906 Romania
900 Saudi Arabia
880 Finland
821 Greece
790 Indonesia
737 Iceland
712 Diamond Princess
709 South Africa
658 Russia
657 India
636 Philippines
631 Singapore
558 Panama
537 Qatar
528 Slovenia
502 Argentina
480 Peru
470 Colombia
456 Egypt
442 Croatia
419 Bahrain
405 Mexico
404 Estonia
392 Dominican Republic
384 Serbia
346 Iraq
333 Lebanon
333 United Arab Emirates
302 Algeria
283 New Zealand
274 Lithuania
265 Armenia
242 Bulgaria
235 Taiwan*
226 Hungary
225 Morocco
221 Latvia
217 Uruguay
216 Slovakia
208 San Marino
201 Costa Rica
195 Kuwait
188 Andorra
177 North Macedonia
176 Bosnia and Herzegovina
173 Tunisia
172 Jordan
149 Moldova
148 Vietnam
146 Albania
146 Burkina Faso
145 Ukraine
132 Cyprus
129 Malta
109 Brunei
106 Venezuela
102 Sri Lanka
99 Oman
99 Senegal
96 Cambodia
93 Azerbaijan
93 Ghana
86 Belarus
84 Afghanistan
81 Kazakhstan
80 Cote d'Ivoire
75 Cameroon
75 Georgia
60 Trinidad and Tobago
60 Uzbekistan
57 Cuba
53 Montenegro
52 Honduras
51 Liechtenstein
51 Nigeria
48 Congo (Kinshasa)
48 Mauritius
44 Kyrgyzstan
41 Rwanda
39 Bangladesh
37 Paraguay
32 Bolivia
31 Monaco
28 Kenya
26 Jamaica
24 Guatemala
23 Togo
19 Madagascar
18 Barbados
14 Uganda
13 Maldives
13 Tanzania
12 Ethiopia
12 Zambia
11 Djibouti
11 Dominica
10 Mongolia
9 El Salvador
9 Equatorial Guinea
8 Haiti
8 Suriname
7 Namibia
7 Niger
7 Seychelles
6 Benin
6 Gabon
5 Bahamas
5 Fiji
5 Guyana
5 Mozambique
5 Syria
4 Cabo Verde
4 Congo (Brazzaville)
4 Eritrea
4 Eswatini
4 Guinea
4 Holy See
3 Angola
3 Antigua and Barbuda
3 Central African Republic
3 Chad
3 Gambia
3 Laos
3 Liberia
3 Nepal
3 Saint Lucia
3 Sudan
3 Zimbabwe
2 Belize
2 Bhutan
2 Guinea-Bissau
2 Mali
2 Mauritania
2 Nicaragua
2 Saint Kitts and Nevis
1 Grenada
1 Libya
1 Papua New Guinea
1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
1 Somalia
1 Timor-Leste


66,132 US cofirmed cases broken down:

30,851 confirmed  New York 

4,402 confirmed  New Jersey 

3,016 confirmed  California 

2,591 confirmed  Washington 

2,296 confirmed  Michigan 

1,865 confirmed  Illinois 

1,838 confirmed  Massachusetts 

1,795 confirmed  Louisiana 

1,773 confirmed  Florida 

1,289 confirmed  Texas 

1,284 confirmed  Pennsylvania 

1,247 confirmed  Georgia 

1,086 confirmed  Colorado 

916 confirmed  Tennessee 

875 confirmed  Connecticut 

704 confirmed  Ohio 

631 confirmed  Wisconsin 

590 confirmed  North Carolina 

477 confirmed  Indiana 

425 confirmed  Maryland 

424 confirmed  South Carolina 

401 confirmed  Arizona 

396 confirmed  Virginia 

381 confirmed  Alabama 

377 confirmed  Mississippi 

354 confirmed  Missouri 

340 confirmed  Utah 

323 confirmed  Nevada 

286 confirmed  Minnesota 

280 confirmed  Arkansas 

266 confirmed  Oregon 

197 confirmed  Kentucky 

187 confirmed  District of Columbia 

164 confirmed  Oklahoma 

146 confirmed  Iowa 

142 confirmed  Maine 

138 confirmed  Idaho 

137 confirmed  New Hampshire 

134 confirmed  Kansas 

132 confirmed  Rhode Island 

125 confirmed  Vermont 

119 confirmed  Delaware 

113 confirmed  New Mexico 

91 confirmed  Hawaii 

71 confirmed  Nebraska 

65 confirmed  Montana 

51 confirmed  Puerto Rico 

49 confirmed  Diamond Princess 

45 confirmed  North Dakota 

44 confirmed  Wyoming 

41 confirmed  Alaska 

41 confirmed  South Dakota 

39 confirmed  West Virginia 

37 confirmed  Guam 

28 confirmed  Grand Princess 

17 confirmed  Virgin Islands 

947 dead March 25, 8:45 p.m. update

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4 hours ago, Ambergris said:

1,086 confirmed  Colorado 


Hmm, our CO site didn't update today. 


HOWEVER today....COLORADO Governor declared Stay At Home orders

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- QUOTE-===-=-=-=-=-=

On Wednesday the governor of Colorado announced a statewide "stay at home order" through April 11.

The order goes into effect on March 26 at 6 a.m.


This executive order means Coloradans should not be leaving their homes except for critical activities including:

-Obtaining food and other household necessities including medicine

-Going to and from work if you are a critical employee

-Seeking medical care

-Caring for dependents or pets

-Caring for a vulnerable person in another location

-Cannabis and liquor stores will remain open

-Or participating in outdoor recreation at a legally-mandated safe distance of six feet or more from other parties



:shrug:   I said to DH: So....we keep doing exactly as we have been doing for the past 3 wks, right?  Yep.  :behindsofa:   Our Shelter-In-Place choices are EXACTLY like the governor HAD TO TELL OTHER FOLKS TO DO!  Out of an abundance of ignorance or pig-headedness.....people aren't ALREADY DOING ALL THAT?        :sheep:   But I wanna go play with my friends!  


Of the 4 of us who are in the vulnerable category, DH is the only one going out.  Also the only one of us who really drives...highway, at least.  About every 2 wks...  :shrug:    .... milk, eggs, bread, fresh veggies... for both households.   Nothing else we'd need except I forgot potting soil if we're to container garden.  Drat!  Might try the local feed store for that.  Hope she's still open.....essential for livestock so I think so.   As for the other stuff, if we have to switch to dehydrated/dried instead of fresh, we can do that too.  Gives my folks a boost to have "normal" stuff if they can.  But...they won't want to risk us for themselves.  And risk is increasing.... :pray: 


If it comes to that, we'll be dropping stuff on the folks' porch from our long term supplies...and TP.  Hopefully we've got the bases covered for all of us. 


It will be allowed for us to drive to them.  It is allowed for us to go to National Forest with dog.  It will be allowed for us to walk dog on our road....but avoid anyone else doing same.  So.....we're fine.  No change necessary.

MtRider  :pray:  for all of us and those that make the huge choices that affect us all.




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Yeah Miki, we are going to need all the tax revenue we can get in the days ahead. 


I heard one reason they were keeping liquor stores open was because if alcoholics suddenly stop drinking they could have seizures and some could go into shock and die. Sad situation. 


Pot stores? Probably to keep those people mellowed out and tuned out to what's really going on. 

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