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The hilarious thing is that we don't believe in 'the zombie apocalypse.'  We make fun of all those sales  LOL.  DD16 is hearing impaired with an executive functioning disorder (special ed) and just blanked when he asked her why she should prep.  We talked about it when she got home and she knew all the reasons: economic crisis--personal and larger, sickness/injury personal and pandemic, weather problems, etc.  She just forgot everything when he started yelling and the only thing she could think was 'zombies' ROFLMAO.  It was devastating at the time, but she managed to move past it and is taking every opportunity to rub it in his face now.  He is just as unprepared as ever.  Luckily he lives way down south by his mom and she gardens and cans a lot so they should be ok even though she is getting very old.  


My ex & his mom, DH's mom and sister, and DD23 are all going to be severely impacted by this because they have no idea how to plan.   My mom is hoarder and my uncle a prepper,  so they and my grandmother will be fine.  My brother is iffy, but he manages a restaurant so he has stock from that he said he would use if it came to it.  DD16 and DD11 are here with me and they seem understand prepping and usually help with that.  My biggest hope is that no one shows up on my doorstep expecting me to support them. 


My family keeps asking me why I have so much flour when I cant eat most carbs.  DOH.  Because yall like bread, pancakes, and muffins twits.  Apparently I haven't made homemade pasta in awhile (can't eat it myself anymore) and the younger one's eyes got big when I showed her the kitchen aid attachment for it.    

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13 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Cowgirl, at least you have 3 of the 4 that knows what to do.  We have 2 daughters and 5 grown grandchildren. out of all of those 2 still live at home. One in Army. One in CA knows what to do and is ready. She even has a year's supply of dog food for her puppy. The granddaughter in Washington state knows what to do as her DH is in the Navy hosp.  So what happened to the daughters? They see what we have done and one used to come here to shop for groceries when her DH got laid off years ago. But the advice never stuck. At least her DH has taken over and got things together.  I guess some kids just learn the hard way. 


I must say I am tired of all the things I need to be doing before we end up on lock down. I was really hoping to get the RX's and then stay home for the duration.  Right now I am between spring cleaning as it turned cold and drizzling off and on, so know window washing yet. And between getting the garden together that I wasn't planning on doing this summer.  I think I am just getting tired and run down now. 

Needs me some rest. :shakinghead: Just been in one of those moods where I want to do something but don't know what it is I want to do. Can't get my act together today. 

I guess this coronavirus is getting to a lot of people. I just keep thinking is there anything I am forgetting and it's driving me nuts. 



Lots of meds both OTC and RX almost a check off

Other ways to cook --check

What is it that keeps driving me crazy today.

Propane and Gas --check

I give up.   I think I am just tired.


Hope no one else is going through the what am I forgetting thing.  I am just over it now. Must be getting bed time soon.  Tomorrow is another day. No Church so canning to do and Bible reading.  Then I can call it a day.

I hear you. I have been scrambling to re-prep for months, as my Spidey senses were going off big time. Saving $$ while also trying to re-stock supplies.


I don’t feel super READY, although we are better situated than the majority of people. So I keep wondering — what NEED have I left unmet?

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Euphrasyne, you don't have to be "challenged" or what ever the politically correct term is this week, to go blank the way your DD did. Especially when someone is yelling at you. It happens to me all the time. Sometimes I go blank and I hurry up to blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind. Zombie is a good as answer as any around here. I might have to use that one...assuming I can think of it fast enough. 


Oh Lawsy, I just noticed your avatar!  :24:

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I have been prepping for the zombie apocalypse for years. It is a good way to explain it to others. Zombie preppers don’t actually believe in zombies. But as they say, if you are ready for the zombie apocalypse, you are ready for anything. 🙃

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This is not “just” a disease that endangers the elderly.


From CNN:


12-year-old girl with coronavirus is on a ventilator and fighting for her life

Relative says the girl has no pre-existing conditions and has not traveled to any hot spot. 



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I've been seeing that younger people are needing ventilators in the US than in other countries.  Some people are suspecting it's because of all the crap we eat, that our younger folks just aren't as healthy as they are in other countries.

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7 hours ago, Ambergris said:

"when the zombies rise."


I've never read zombie books/watched zombie movies/shows [beyond a couple to see WHAT THE HECK...?] .  One reason  is the "gory/gruesome" factor, which appeals to me ZERO.  But the main reason is that I have always know it's the prepper world's way of stereotyping the UNprepared masses. 


What has made me nervous about this type of stereotyping [I've said this on a few other occasions]  is that it trains the mind to THINK/BELIEVE the storyline:  These people are already DEAD so it's okay to shoot them. 


As in, if you aren't prepared, you will not survive A, B, or C  catastrophic world event, you're already dead anyway.  AND YOU CERTAINLY AREN'T COMING TO FORCIBLY TAKE WHAT IS MINE!  .................................................................................  If live human beings try to take by force what is mine, I can defend.  But I think it is immoral to prepare myself to "see" them as zombies so that defending what is mine becomes "easy"....."careless", even.  :sigh:{ Not sure I'm explaining this clearly.}


The non-prepper world caught on to this Z- theme and yet STILL MISSED THE POINT!  Catastrophic Events happen.  Daily to a certain percentage of people.  Yearly to certain regions with weather events, etc.  Then.....once a century or so...it happens to ALL of us at once.  THEN the supply lines are way too long to bear up under the strain.  Food, water, medical, safe shelter, transportation shortages make dying too easy. 


And the masses apparently can't count to 100.  1918 + a century or so = an all-too viable possibility that dystopia will happen again and you who will not see......are the zombies. 


MtRider  ....will they get it?  Times running out fast for those we truly wish would 'get it'.  :pray: 

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Those prepper TV shows are nuts.  Have any of you seen the one naked and afraid. That has to be the dumbest show on record. I ran across it while surfing the tv stations a year ago and can't believe it is still going.  People will do anything to get on tv I guess. It is suppose to be some sort of reality show.  Stupid is all I can say.  These shows do nothing for those that prepare ahead of what is coming down the pipes. 


:pray: they will get it Mt. Rider before it is to late. And the clock is ticking. Time is running out. 

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5 hours ago, TheCG said:

our younger folks just aren't as healthy as they are in other countries.


Also.....this wretched VAPING is going to wreck their lungs....which will not be good for COVID.


MtRider  :buttercup: 

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59,138 Italy
33,276 US
28,768 Spain
24,873 Germany
21,638 Iran
16,044 France
8,897 Korea, South
7,245 Switzerland
5,741 United Kingdom
4,216 Netherlands
3,401 Belgium
3,244 Austria
2,383 Norway
1,934 Sweden
1,600 Portugal
1,593 Brazil
1,514 Denmark
1,470 Canada
1,314 Australia
1,306 Malaysia
1,236 Turkey
1,120 Czechia
1,086 Japan
1,071 Israel
906 Ireland
798 Luxembourg
789 Ecuador
776 Pakistan
712 Cruise Ship
634 Poland
632 Chile
626 Finland
624 Greece
599 Thailand
568 Iceland
514 Indonesia
511 Saudi Arabia
494 Qatar
455 Singapore
433 Romania
414 Slovenia
396 India
380 Philippines
367 Russia
363 Peru
332 Bahrain
327 Egypt
326 Estonia
274 South Africa
254 Croatia
251 Mexico
248 Lebanon
245 Panama
233 Iraq
231 Colombia
225 Argentina
222 Serbia
202 Dominican Republic
201 Algeria
194 Armenia
188 Kuwait
187 Bulgaria
185 Slovakia
169 Taiwan*
160 San Marino
153 United Arab Emirates
139 Latvia
135 Uruguay
134 Costa Rica
131 Lithuania
131 Hungary
126 Bosnia and Herzegovina
115 Morocco
114 North Macedonia
113 Vietnam
113 Andorra
112 Jordan
95 Cyprus
94 Moldova
90 Malta
89 Albania
88 Brunei
84 Cambodia
82 Sri Lanka
76 Belarus
75 Burkina Faso
75 Tunisia
73 Ukraine
70 Venezuela
67 Senegal
66 New Zealand
65 Azerbaijan
60 Kazakhstan
56 Guadeloupe
55 Oman
54 Georgia
50 Trinidad and Tobago
47 Reunion
43 Uzbekistan
40 Cameroon
40 Afghanistan
37 Liechtenstein
37 Martinique
35 Cuba
30 Congo (Kinshasa)
30 Nigeria
27 Bangladesh
26 Honduras
24 Bolivia
24 Ghana
23 Monaco
22 Paraguay
21 Montenegro
19 Guatemala
19 Rwanda
18 Mauritius
18 French Guiana
16 Jamaica
16 Togo
15 Kenya
14 Barbados
14 Cote d'Ivoire
14 Kyrgyzstan
13 Maldives
12 Tanzania
11 Ethiopia
11 Mayotte
10 Mongolia
7 Seychelles
7 Guyana
6 Equatorial Guinea
5 Gabon
5 Suriname
4 Bahamas, The
4 Eswatini
3 Liberia
3 Cabo Verde
3 Congo (Brazzaville)
3 Central African Republic
3 Madagascar
3 El Salvador
3 Namibia
3 Zambia
3 Zimbabwe
2 Saint Lucia
2 Benin
2 Angola
2 Fiji
2 Niger
2 Guinea
2 Haiti
2 Kosovo
2 Bhutan
2 Sudan
2 Nepal
2 Mauritania
2 Nicaragua
1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
1 Eritrea
1 Somalia
1 Antigua and Barbuda
1 Mozambique
1 Uganda
1 Grenada
1 Chad
1 Djibouti
1 Timor-Leste
1 Dominica
1 Holy See
1 Papua New Guinea
1 Syria
1 Gambia, The

US breakdown

15,793 confirmed New York 

1,996 confirmed Washington 

1,914 confirmed New Jersey 

1,642 confirmed California 

1,049 confirmed Illinois 

1,037 confirmed Michigan 

837 confirmed Louisiana 

830 confirmed Florida 

646 confirmed Massachusetts 

627 confirmed Texas 

600 confirmed Georgia 

509 confirmed Pennsylvania 

505 confirmed Tennessee 

476 confirmed Colorado 

381 confirmed Wisconsin 

355 confirmed Ohio 

302 confirmed North Carolina 

244 confirmed Maryland 

223 confirmed Connecticut 

221 confirmed Virginia 

207 confirmed Mississippi 

201 confirmed Indiana 

196 confirmed South Carolina 

190 confirmed Nevada 

181 confirmed Utah 

169 confirmed Minnesota 

165 confirmed Arkansas 

161 confirmed Oregon 

152 confirmed Arizona 

138 confirmed Alabama 

102 confirmed District of Columbia 

100 confirmed Missouri 

99 confirmed Kentucky 

90 confirmed Iowa 

89 confirmed Maine 

83 confirmed Rhode Island 

67 confirmed Oklahoma 

65 confirmed New Hampshire 

64 confirmed Kansas 

57 confirmed New Mexico 

52 confirmed Vermont 

51 confirmed Nebraska 

49 confirmed Diamond Princess 

48 confirmed Hawaii 

47 confirmed Delaware 

42 confirmed Idaho 

31 confirmed Montana 

30 confirmed Grand Princess 

28 confirmed North Dakota 

27 confirmed Guam 

24 confirmed Wyoming 

23 confirmed Puerto Rico 

21 confirmed Alaska 

21 confirmed South Dakota 

12 confirmed West Virginia 

6 confirmed United States Virgin Islands 

1 confirmed US 


417 dead

117 deaths New York US

95 deaths Washington US

30 deaths California US

23 deaths Georgia US

20 deaths Louisiana US

20 deaths New Jersey US

13 deaths Florida US

9 deaths Illinois US

9 deaths Michigan US

6 deaths Colorado US

6 deaths Indiana US

6 deaths Texas US

6 deaths Virginia US

5 deaths Connecticut US

5 deaths Massachusetts US

4 deaths Oregon US

4 deaths Wisconsin US

3 deaths Kentucky US

3 deaths Maryland US

3 deaths Missouri US

3 deaths Ohio US

3 deaths Pennsylvania US

3 deaths South Carolina US

2 deaths Arizona US

2 deaths District of Columbia US

2 deaths Kansas US

2 deaths Nevada US

2 deaths Oklahoma US

2 deaths Tennessee US

2 deaths Vermont US

1 deaths Grand Princess US

1 deaths Guam US

1 deaths Minnesota US

1 deaths Mississippi US

1 deaths Puerto Rico US

1 deaths South Dakota US

1 deaths Utah US

March 22, 9:45 p.m. Eastern

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I' think it is just that the "incubation" period is past - they had it but didn;t know it.  That coupled with the delay between testing & results makes things look worse;  maybe now the younger folks will quite feeling 'bulletproof' and gallivanting about.  Younger folks, not in a danger area, are starting to get it and die as well.  Viruses mutate, like any predator, they will go after the 'easiest' game....when folks at risk take precautions it readily moves to those other who do NOT take precautions.  

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I'm hearing that too, Kappy.  A survey yesterday...local if I recall correctly...says the people in their 40's are highest group, followed by 50's.  Children were least....1% under 9 and 3% under 19.  The over 60's were lower too....CUZ WE'RE BRIGHT ENOUGH TO BE CAREFUL AND MOSTLY STAY OUTTA THE ACTION!  ;)  

But truly, the 30's thru 50's are the ones still on the workforce.  Some of them have very hard choices to make because of that.  :pray: 



Anyway....here is an article that discusses Govt tracking data on cell phones.....  And we all react with NOOOOOOO!  But....this is about COVID and how it can help TPTB get it under control of that monster if they know certain data.  Yeah, STILL HARD to say yes, isn't it?  :shrug:     Read and see what you think. 




"surveillance" has such a sinister connotation, doesn't it?


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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20 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:

I'm hearing that too, Kappy.  A survey yesterday...local if I recall correctly...says the people in their 40's are highest group, followed by 50's.  Children were least....1% under 9 and 3% under 19.  The over 60's were lower too....CUZ WE'RE BRIGHT ENOUGH TO BE CAREFUL AND MOSTLY STAY OUTTA THE ACTION!  ;)  

But truly, the 30's thru 50's are the ones still on the workforce.  Some of them have very hard choices to make because of that.  :pray: 



Anyway....here is an article that discusses Govt tracking data on cell phones.....  And we all react with NOOOOOOO!  But....this is about COVID and how it can help TPTB get it under control of that monster if they know certain data.  Yeah, STILL HARD to say yes, isn't it?  :shrug:     Read and see what you think. 




"surveillance" has such a sinister connotation, doesn't it?


MtRider :pc_coffee:

Cell phone surveillance without a warrant?!?!? Time to renew my ACLU membership!! If it is individualized in ANY WAY I think it is unconstitutional.

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The cases in Illinois mount daily. In the last 3 days there have been 700 new cases. 


  • 23rd Mar, 2020

    SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) today announced 236 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Illinois, including three deaths in Cook County; two men in their 80s and a man in his 90s.  

    Monroe is now also reporting a case.  Currently, IDPH is reporting a total of 1,285 cases in 31 counties in Illinois.  The age of cases ranges from younger than one to 99 years.  Cases by county can be found on the IDPH website, as well as a list of local health departments who will have the most up-to-date information.

    For all personal protective equipment (PPE) donations, email PPE.donations@...

  • 22nd Mar, 2020

    SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) today announced 296 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Illinois, including an infant. IDPH also announced three deaths.  The deaths included a Cook County man in his 80s, a Chicago man in his 80s, and a McLean County woman in her 70s.  Jo Daviess, Livingston, Rock Island, and Stephenson counties are now also reporting cases.  Currently, IDPH is reporting a total of 1,049 cases in 30 counties in Illinois.  The age of cases ranges from younger than one to 99 years. 

    Health officials are still learning about this new virus and information and guidance is rapidly evolving.  At this time, it is still unknown if a pregnant woman with COVID-19 can pass the virus to her fetus or baby during pregnancy or delivery.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no infants born to mothers with...

  • 21st Mar, 2020

    SPRINGFIELD– The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) today announced 168 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Illinois, including another death; a Cook County man in his 70s. DeKalb County is now also reporting a case. Currently, IDPH is reporting a total of 753 cases in 26 counties in Illinois (percentage of case by county below). Cases have occurred in ages 3 to 99.

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It is quite clear that the number of confirmed cases does NOT count all cases. For example, guidelines for nursing homes are that if there is ONE positive case, there is no need to test other residents or staff. The rest are dealt with by symptoms. Thus, we will likely never know the full number of cases, or deaths from this pandemic.

Edited by Cowgirl
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63,927 Italy
43,847 US
35,136 Spain
29,056 Germany
23,049 Iran
20,123 France
8,961 Korea, South
8,795 Switzerland
6,726 United Kingdom
4,764 Netherlands
4,474 Austria
3,743 Belgium
2,621 Norway
2,088 Canada
2,060 Portugal
2,046 Sweden
1,924 Brazil
1,682 Australia
1,572 Denmark
1,529 Turkey
1,518 Malaysia
1,442 Israel
1,236 Czechia
1,128 Japan
1,125 Ireland
981 Ecuador
875 Luxembourg
875 Pakistan
749 Poland
746 Chile
721 Thailand
712 Cruise Ship
700 Finland
695 Greece
588 Iceland
579 Indonesia
576 Romania
562 Saudi Arabia
509 Singapore
501 Qatar
499 India
462 Philippines
442 Slovenia
438 Russia
402 South Africa
395 Peru
377 Bahrain
366 Egypt
352 Estonia
345 Panama
316 Mexico
315 Croatia
301 Argentina
277 Colombia
267 Lebanon
266 Iraq
249 Serbia
245 Dominican Republic
235 Armenia
230 Algeria
201 Bulgaria
198 United Arab Emirates
195 Taiwan*
189 Kuwait
187 San Marino
186 Slovakia
180 Latvia
179 Lithuania
167 Hungary
162 Uruguay
158 Costa Rica
143 Morocco
136 Bosnia and Herzegovina
136 North Macedonia
133 Andorra
127 Jordan
123 Vietnam
116 Cyprus
109 Moldova
107 Malta
104 Albania
102 New Zealand
99 Burkina Faso
97 Sri Lanka
91 Brunei
89 Tunisia
87 Cambodia
81 Belarus
79 Senegal
77 Venezuela
73 Ukraine
72 Azerbaijan
66 Oman
62 Kazakhstan
61 Georgia
56 Cameroon
51 Liechtenstein
51 Trinidad and Tobago
46 Uzbekistan
40 Afghanistan
40 Cuba
40 Nigeria
36 Congo (Kinshasa)
36 Mauritius
36 Rwanda
33 Bangladesh
30 Honduras
27 Bolivia
27 Ghana
27 Montenegro
25 Cote d'Ivoire
23 Monaco
22 Paraguay
20 Guatemala
20 Guyana
19 Jamaica
18 Togo
17 Barbados
16 Kenya
16 Kyrgyzstan
13 Maldives
12 Madagascar
12 Tanzania
11 Ethiopia
10 Mongolia
9 Equatorial Guinea
9 Uganda
7 Seychelles
6 Haiti
5 Benin
5 Gabon
5 Suriname
4 Bahamas
4 Congo (Brazzaville)
4 Eswatini
4 Guinea
4 Namibia
3 Angola
3 Antigua and Barbuda
3 Cabo Verde
3 Central African Republic
3 Djibouti
3 El Salvador
3 Fiji
3 Liberia
3 Niger
3 Saint Lucia
3 Zambia
3 Zimbabwe
2 Bhutan
2 Dominica
2 Gambia
2 Mauritania
2 Nepal
2 Nicaragua
2 Sudan
1 Belize
1 Chad
1 Eritrea
1 Grenada
1 Holy See
1 Mozambique
1 Papua New Guinea
1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
1 Somalia
1 Syria
1 Timor-Leste


43,847 US broken down:


20,885 confirmed  New York 

2,844 confirmed  New Jersey 

2,221 confirmed  Washington 

2,157 confirmed  California 

1,329 confirmed  Michigan 

1,285 confirmed  Illinois 

1,227 confirmed  Florida 

1,172 confirmed  Louisiana 

803 confirmed  Georgia 

777 confirmed  Massachusetts 

765 confirmed  Texas 

761 confirmed  Diamond Princess 

723 confirmed  Colorado 

698 confirmed  Pennsylvania 

614 confirmed  Tennessee 

443 confirmed  Ohio 

425 confirmed  Wisconsin 

415 confirmed  Connecticut 

390 confirmed  North Carolina 

298 confirmed  South Carolina 

290 confirmed  Maryland 

270 confirmed  Indiana 

257 confirmed  Utah 

254 confirmed  Virginia 

249 confirmed  Mississippi 

245 confirmed  Nevada 

235 confirmed  Arizona 

234 confirmed  Minnesota 

197 confirmed  Arkansas 

196 confirmed  Alabama 

195 confirmed  Missouri 

191 confirmed  Oregon 

123 confirmed  Kentucky 

120 confirmed  District of Columbia 

107 confirmed  Maine 

106 confirmed  Rhode Island 

105 confirmed  Iowa 

101 confirmed  New Hampshire 

84 confirmed  Kansas 

83 confirmed  New Mexico 

81 confirmed  Oklahoma 

75 confirmed  Vermont 

68 confirmed  Delaware 

68 confirmed  Idaho 

56 confirmed  Hawaii 

52 confirmed  Nebraska 

46 confirmed  Montana 

41 confirmed  Grand Princess 

31 confirmed  Puerto Rico 

30 confirmed  Alaska 

30 confirmed  North Dakota 

29 confirmed  Guam 

28 confirmed  South Dakota 

26 confirmed  Wyoming 

17 confirmed  Virgin Islands 

16 confirmed  West Virginia 

4 confirmed  Wuhan Evacuee 


557 dead:

99 deaths New York City New York US

87 deaths King Washington US

36 deaths Unassigned New York US

20 deaths Orleans Louisiana US

13 deaths Suffolk New York US

11 deaths Unassigned Georgia US

11 deaths Snohomish Washington US

10 deaths Santa Clara California US

9 deaths Cook Illinois US

9 deaths Unassigned New Jersey US

8 deaths Los Angeles California US

8 deaths Wayne Michigan US

7 deaths Unassigned Massachusetts US

6 deaths Riverside California US

6 deaths Fairfield Connecticut US

6 deaths Dougherty Georgia US

6 deaths Bergen New Jersey US

5 deaths Jefferson Louisiana US

4 deaths Sacramento California US

4 deaths Oakland Michigan US

4 deaths Clark Nevada US

4 deaths Essex New Jersey US

4 deaths Nassau New York US

4 deaths Dallas Texas US

4 deaths Chittenden Vermont US

4 deaths Clark Washington US

3 deaths El Paso Colorado US

3 deaths Broward Florida US

3 deaths Palm Beach Florida US

3 deaths Marion Indiana US

3 deaths Monmouth New Jersey US

3 deaths Benton Washington US

3 deaths Milwaukee Wisconsin US

2 deaths Maricopa Arizona US

2 deaths San Joaquin California US

2 deaths Weld Colorado US

2 deaths Hartford Connecticut US

2 deaths Tolland Connecticut US

2 deaths District of Columbia US

2 deaths Clay Florida US

2 deaths Lee Florida US

2 deaths Orange Florida US

2 deaths Cobb Georgia US

2 deaths Fulton Georgia US

2 deaths East Baton Rouge Louisiana US

2 deaths Macomb Michigan US

2 deaths Monroe New York US

2 deaths Franklin Ohio US

2 deaths Northampton Pennsylvania US

2 deaths  Puerto Rico US

2 deaths Davidson Tennessee US

2 deaths James City Virginia US

2 deaths Whatcom Washington US

1 deaths Alameda California US

1 deaths Contra Costa California US

1 deaths Monterey California US

1 deaths Placer California US

1 deaths San Benito California US

1 deaths San Diego California US

1 deaths San Mateo California US

1 deaths Sonoma California US

1 deaths Ventura California US

1 deaths Yolo California US

1 deaths Crowley Colorado US

1 deaths Eagle Colorado US

1 deaths Duval Florida US

1 deaths Leon Florida US

1 deaths Manatee Florida US

1 deaths Pasco Florida US

1 deaths Santa Rosa Florida US

1 deaths Unassigned Florida US

1 deaths Bartow Georgia US

1 deaths Early Georgia US

1 deaths Fayette Georgia US

1 deaths Floyd Georgia US

1 deaths Gwinnett Georgia US

1 deaths  Grand Princess US

1 deaths  Guam US

1 deaths McLean Illinois US

1 deaths Sangamon Illinois US

1 deaths Will Illinois US

1 deaths Allen Indiana US

1 deaths Delaware Indiana US

1 deaths Johnson Indiana US

1 deaths Scott Indiana US

1 deaths Johnson Kansas US

1 deaths Wyandotte Kansas US

1 deaths Anderson Kentucky US

1 deaths Bourbon Kentucky US

1 deaths Fayette Kentucky US

1 deaths Jefferson Kentucky US

1 deaths Ascension Louisiana US

1 deaths Catahoula Louisiana US

1 deaths Ouachita Louisiana US

1 deaths Rapides Louisiana US

1 deaths St. James Louisiana US

1 deaths Washington Louisiana US

1 deaths Webster Louisiana US

1 deaths West Baton Rouge Louisiana US

1 deaths Baltimore Maryland US

1 deaths Montgomery Maryland US

1 deaths Prince George's Maryland US

1 deaths Middlesex Massachusetts US

1 deaths Suffolk Massachusetts US

1 deaths Kent Michigan US

1 deaths Ramsey Minnesota US

1 deaths Hancock Mississippi US

1 deaths Boone Missouri US

1 deaths Jackson Missouri US

1 deaths St. Louis Missouri US

1 deaths St. Louis City Missouri US

1 deaths Hillsborough New Hampshire US

1 deaths Camden New Jersey US

1 deaths Hudson New Jersey US

1 deaths Morris New Jersey US

1 deaths Ocean New Jersey US

1 deaths Somerset New Jersey US

1 deaths Broome New York US

1 deaths Dutchess New York US

1 deaths Rockland New York US

1 deaths Wyoming New York US

1 deaths Cuyahoga Ohio US

1 deaths Erie Ohio US

1 deaths Lucas Ohio US

1 deaths Stark Ohio US

1 deaths Pawnee Oklahoma US

1 deaths Tulsa Oklahoma US

1 deaths Lane Oregon US

1 deaths Linn Oregon US

1 deaths Marion Oregon US

1 deaths Multnomah Oregon US

1 deaths Washington Oregon US

1 deaths Allegheny Pennsylvania US

1 deaths Lehigh Pennsylvania US

1 deaths Monroe Pennsylvania US

1 deaths Montgomery Pennsylvania US

1 deaths Charleston South Carolina US

1 deaths Clarendon South Carolina US

1 deaths Florence South Carolina US

1 deaths Kershaw South Carolina US

1 deaths Lexington South Carolina US

1 deaths Pennington South Dakota US

1 deaths Bexar Texas US

1 deaths Collin Texas US

1 deaths Harris Texas US

1 deaths Matagorda Texas US

1 deaths Tarrant Texas US

1 deaths Davis Utah US

1 deaths Windsor Vermont US

1 deaths Fairfax Virginia US

1 deaths Newport News Virginia US

1 deaths Virginia Beach Virginia US

1 deaths Williamsburg Virginia US

1 deaths York Virginia US

1 deaths Grant Washington US

1 deaths Island Washington US

1 deaths Pierce Washington US

1 deaths Skagit Washington US

1 deaths Fond du Lac Wisconsin US

1 deaths Ozaukee Wisconsin US

March 23, 8:30 p.m. Eastern.

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