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10 hours ago, Ambergris said:

So, a huge chunk of one of the largest population concentrations in the US is under house arrest, and the rest of the country is prohibited from gatherings of more than 10 people.  Sounds like martial law to me.


Seriously!  There will be .....  :(  and PERHAPS needs to be :(  ...actions taken to stop COVID from wiping out our two eldest generations.  [namely: me/DH and my folks]   However, TPTB......and I mean ALL OF THEM.....need to be ready/willing/anxious to return everything back like it was, when this is over.  :tapfoot:  


We are walking a very thin line with more than COVID.  We need to be aware of that. 


MtRider  ....There are so many ways in which we might not get "our normal" back ....  and they're all pretty much out of our control right now.  :pray: 

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If your DH comes home tonight singing that 1960's Melanie Roller Skate Song, a tank top and short shorts you might have a clue to his new job description. "I got a brand new pair of roller skates you got a brand new key... " Crap, earworm. 


I hope people can get unemployment. It isn't their fault they got laid off. And they are doing it for the greater good. 


Can you find out his numbers and med reevaluation over the phone? Call em up and start coughing and say, "If you really want us to come in, we'll try. Maybe we can borrow a mask from someone". Cough-cough. Big pitiful sigh. 


I've heard some hospitals are delaying payments for a few months. If yours isnt, as long as you pay a minimum amount like $5.00 a month they can't do anything. It's when people totally ignore them that gets them in trouble. 


Most governors are saying utilities can not be shut off for non-payment too. Especially if there are elderly, children or someone on a medical device in the home. I don't know what the limited time frame is though. 

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There’s a department heads meeting this morning where I work. Maybe, possibly, they will actually decide to do more than put a sign on the front door advising people not to enter if ... with a huge list of reasons not to enter (and many who enter are functionally illiterate and would not comprehend any of it anyway).


Someone in another department has been out sick. He probably won’t be tested as there aren’t enough test kits. 


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There are no CONFIRMED cases in our county, but then there are no test kits either. Someone in another department at work has been out sick, with pneumonia. We don't know if it is COVID-19. I wonder how accurate a count we get from the "confirmed" case numbers. I bet the actual case numbers are considerably higher.

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Have had encouraging talks with eldest son and youngest daughter. Both have been in prep mode for awhile and sound like they are at least moderately prepped for this pandemic. Eldest daughter is a long-time prepper, so I think they are well-situated to ride this out (as long as she can get her insulin).


Worried about other son. But he can always come stay with us if needed (absent travel bans). Sending prayers his way and to all who are struggling during this crisis.


Meanwhile, friends who run a little restaurant locally have shifted to carry-out and delivery due to a ban on dine-in services. They seem to be doing ok-ish when we chatted. People still want to eat, so they have made a business pivot and are quite busy.


My workplace FINALLY decided to go into emergency mode today, to cut risks to staff and public. I am feeling relief as the precautions sound in line with CDC guidelines, and give us a better chance of surviving this pandemic. I am at high risk due to age and asthma, so I was extremely unhappy with their previous "What-me-worry?" attitude (I wanted to go yell at the top boss "this is NOT a political hoax, you danged idiot!!! This is REAL!!" but have refrained as I need the salary). I had been openly Googling COVID-19 workers compensation and workplace liability, hoping to trigger some panic at the top levels, however -- with them it is always about $$. Possibly that helped.  :)

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Pittsburgh has a couple cases.   2 in surrounding counties.   I would think there's many with it, but undiagnosed.  


What I've been wondering about is--how long has it been here and we just didn't know about it?    Several of us here at MrsS were hit with a nasty flu/crud thing over the winter.    Could we have had it then?   I don't know, just been thinking.

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I had that crud this winter and it took forever to go away. Mine wasn't respiratory though. All in the stomach with chills. I know you and your D-dtr had the flu pretty bad. 


I've heard where a lot of doctor offices are closed. Their patients are to go to the hospital instead. An already germ filled, over crowded, supply taxed hospital. :rolleyes:

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Mt. Rider,  Glad that your DH can be home now. Much safer for both of you.


Now that my DH is staying home, he thinks he can just run around in his PJ's. His take is not going anywhere so why get dressed. Might have a point there but I can't do it. 


Made my final trip out to market to mail granddaughters packages to her.  She was able to get a few things and she said they had some TP. She bought that though I am sending some in her boxes anyway.  


Everybody stay safe and check in as you can to let everyone know you are all ok.

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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I had that crud this winter and it took forever to go away. Mine wasn't respiratory though. All in the stomach with chills. I know you and your D-dtr had the flu pretty bad. 


I've heard where a lot of doctor offices are closed. Their patients are to go to the hospital instead. An already germ filled, over crowded, supply taxed hospital. :rolleyes:

Wow!  It must be getting really bad there.  I was thinking about pulling money out of my savings and now I know I will be. Guess it's one more trip out but can do that at window. I can always put it back in savings if I don't need to use it. As the saying goes:  better safe than sorry.

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Jeepers,, I am glad you are now feeling much better. Hoping that everyone here that has been sick is getting over it. It has really been a rough year for many, many people. 

We have several in our neighborhood that are now home from work. My neighbor across from my driveway said his last day was yesterday till further notice.  The neighbor behind me works for the courts and she's out till end of month. They closed all the court systems as well. Went to Market to mail the boxes for my granddaughter and that place was mobbed.  People getting in the hot lunch lines went around the store. I have seen that on Friday as it is fish day but wow.  The meat counter was almost empty and they said it has been like that for over a week now. They have been ordering meat on a daily basis and going to Cicso food supply to get it as well. The meat cutter was in there cutting as fast as he could.  And still they could not keep it in case. To many people, I dropped off packages and left. 

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I overheard (standing right beside her) the daughter talking to mom that I was helping organize today, saying there are confirmed cases in a town very close to us.  Told mom not to tell anyone--she has some dementia so probably won't.  But it is not being reported to the public unless I just haven't heard.


Hey, on a brighter note, my cholesterol is down 16 points in 3 months due to my changed way of eating!  Yay!

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13 hours ago, Jeepers said:

If your DH comes home tonight singing that 1960's Melanie Roller Skate Song, a tank top and short shorts you might have a clue to his new job description. "I got a brand new pair of roller skates you got a brand new key... " Crap, earworm. 


:008Laughing:    cAN'T qUITE eNVISION tHAT......  :grinning-smiley-044:


ACTUALLY.....today he joined 1500 other folks that were suddenly UNemployed yesterday.....on the Unemployment website.  To sign up for benefits.  It requires various questions filled in.  He was back and forth finding the answers for several hours.  BUT because to the number of folks on the website, it kept locking up.   THEN it began crashing.  FINALLY, after hours of working on it  [tho DH did save his page frequently!!!]   ......the system gave up and died:beat_deadhorse:           Bet only the computer geeks saw THAT ONE COMING......  :buttercup:  




:cheer:   Yay, Miki!!!!!  :cheer:     ......sure wish DH would change his lab numbers....  :buttercup:  



As we all keep saying.....we canNOT be hearing about all of the cases cuz.....there isn't enough kits.  :yar:   The estimates that folks-probably-in-the-know are predicting....is skeeeery!      :behindsofa:     CO has over 180 cases by today and needed a new.AND.improved website.....that takes a long time to load.  :buttercup:  Well, okay.  The map of counties is nice....to see how many cases are close to you.  :blink:  



I'm glad we have the options for banking/food/goods with drive thru....on line.....delivery, etc.  Tho.... some caution there too.  Who's cooking your food and who sneezed on your banking slip?  :tinfoilhatsmile:


MtRider   :pray:  God, help us all as we try to do what we can.....  :pray:  


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9 hours ago, out_of_the_ordinary said:

a nasty flu/crud thing over the winter.    Could we have had it then? 


Probably not unless it's been more recent.  Most of the descriptions don't match.  And the flu season has been rather nasty this year.  It's being overshadowed by COVID news, of course. 


For myself, I had what I always have:  bronchitis.  If anyone got serious at all, I'd think we'd have a cough, a high fever, and shortness of breath.   I've heard about those three symptoms over and over when people describe their ordeal.   I just had the cough.  No fever after a very mild one during the first few days of the flu.....that allowed the bronchitis to begin.  ....and then food poisoning.....and then this mild but annoying cold.....  

Sheeeesh, what a year!  <_<


MtRider  ....only opinion based on my experience.  YMMV   Not a doctor so.....  :shrug: 

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Things seem to keep changing by the hour it seems. The USA alerts have been going nuts. It's on TV as soon as I get the alerts.  Seems NY is going to be shut down all together at the rate they are going. Now it is the gaming statewide t midnight tonight.  All nonessential business to close by 12 pm Wed. March 17th for 30 days. They are seeking also reserve staff of recently retired health professionals to help respond to the coronavirus.

San Francisco Mayor orders residents of 6 counties San Fran, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa, and Alameda all to shelter in place. That started midnight last night. 

I still have not checked the Suffolk area yet. So don't know if anyone in my area has been affected yet. Though, Schools, churches, and a lot of businesses like the court houses etc. are all closed for 2 weeks and if you want to go out to eat it is pick up or delivery only. Not heard yet about the banks though. 


Mt. Rider,  I know you like everyone else could use that money but I am glad your DH is now going to be home out of the public's eye. Much safer for both of you now.

My DH is no longer cooking collards now. So no money from that for a long while. 

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5 confirmed Puerto Rico 

3 confirmed Alaska 

3 confirmed Guam 

3 confirmed North Dakota 

2 confirmed United States Virgin Islands 

2 confirmed Virgin Islands 

1 confirmed West Virginia 

US  6362 total confirmed ill with 108 dead 

Update of March 17, 10 p.m. Eastern

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49 minutes ago, Littlesister said:

Mt. Rider,  I know you like everyone else could use that money but I am glad your DH is now going to be home out of the public's eye. Much safer for both of you now.


Oh, we're thrilled he's not in everyone's plate while clearing tables and bringing out food into other people's air space.  :amen:   AND he might get the unemployment if they get the website up.  :rolleyes:  Like you, we've prepared for things like this, at least as far as we're able.  No hidden cave in these mountains but....short of that...we'll be ok.


But hearing that your alerts are followed closely but TV coverage of same....wow, the world is certainly spinning faster.   CO gaming was closed yesterday with all the rest.  Can you imagine how many folks are so suddenly out of work?  Los Vegas is also closing at least some of their casinos too.  That surprised us yesterday.


Yikes, number of cases in Hawai'i is going up.  :(  CO is leaping daily, of course.  Cat is out of that bag.  :(


MtRider   ...hang on and pray.  :pray: 

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Can't help but wonder if there is a bigger picture going on behind the scenes that the government is not saying.  This is world wide. And China started it and kept quiet about it till they had no choice but to speak up.  Do I smell a rat?  Could this be leading to a total world wide financial collapse of society and the cashless society the Bible speaks of?  Something else we need to figure out how to prepare for if this is the case. I for one if the Lord doesn't take us from here first, will not be getting the mark of the beast. No implant on my hand or forehead. So if I can't buy nor sell I still win. 

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Spoke to my Doctor today, daughter and I are to self isolate for the next few months.

The death rate in the UK has risen to 104, All schools are to close Friday afternoon until further notice.

Store shelves are looking bare impossible to find hand sanitizer, facemasks, there is going to be restrictions on how many items you can buy. Transport of buses, trains and trams are being reduced from weekend to a Sunday service timetable.

Things are excelerating fast here and most people are not prepared. As for us our finances took a major hit 2years ago and I have had to use a lot of our stores, so we are on rations, plenty of rice and pasta for us just a shortage of sauces going to have to be creative.

Take care all, I hope you and your families stay well.

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11 confirmed Montana 

11 confirmed South Dakota 

9 confirmed Idaho 

6 confirmed Alaska 

6 confirmed North Dakota 

5 confirmed Guam 

5 confirmed Puerto Rico 

2 confirmed United States Virgin Islands 

2 confirmed Virgin Islands 

1 confirmed US 

1 confirmed West Virginia 

55 deaths Washington US

16 deaths New York US

13 deaths California US

7 deaths Florida US

4 deaths Louisiana US

3 deaths Georgia US

3 deaths New Jersey US

3 deaths Texas US

2 deaths Colorado US

2 deaths Indiana US

2 deaths Oregon US

2 deaths Virginia US

1 deaths Illinois US

1 deaths Kansas US

1 deaths  Kentucky US

1 deaths  Nevada US

1 deaths  South Carolina US

1 deaths  South Dakota US

7769 US confirmed ill 118 dead March 28 3:30 Eastern update

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Looks like things are getting much worse.  VA now has 78 confirmed but still not in my area yet. So going out tomorrow to do some grocery shopping, go to bank and to Market to get DH's pay for collard cooking. Don't need pasta or rice. I have lots of both. But some other things I might check around on. Can't get anything else in freezer. So going to see about buying more canning jars and start canning again from freezers.  


RO2935  It sounds like your country has been hit really bad now.  Stay safe.  :pray: for you and your daughter to get through this. 

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