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It won't let me quote AND type for some reason.


I was going to point out that cluster isn't usually followed by UH OH!!! if you're around military people or engineers...There's another word that I'm pretty certain we're not supposed to use on this site.  :24:

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So we've officially got a Pandemic now......  Anyone know what that actually means?  As states declare, they get access to emergency funding, etc.  Same at a global level?   .....what funds? 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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1 hour ago, Mt_Rider said:



So we've officially got a Pandemic now......  Anyone know what that actually means?  As states declare, they get access to emergency funding, etc.  Same at a global level?   .....what funds? 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

They're allowed to bypass the usual safety tests for vaccines...

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Pandemic means the spread of a disease that has spread at a rapid pace across the whole continent. I think things are going to come from this and it will not all be for the good. Financial collapse of our country and possible of the world.  A cashless society and those that know and studied Revelation in the Bible knows what this is leading to. Not going to be long and it's time to get ready. Stocks are falling now at an alarming rates. It could wipe out the retirements of billions of people. We are watching this closely though our retirement is mostly in safe havens it can still effect us. So going to start removing money slowly from savings account and secure it in a better place till we see what happens with the stock market and global economy as a whole. 


Went to church tonight and one of our ladies works for  Sentara Hospital.  They are gearing up and getting ready. No hospital has enough beds nor equipment to handle this.  I need to take DH to his allergy doctor tomorrow and then he is going to come home and that is the last time I want him out of house. Might cancel  our doctors appts. for our phys. end of month. Will see how bad it gets in our area first as DH may have to have his elbow drained. It is not going down. More precautions are going into place for us now. 


Got 2 e-mails, one from Sam's club and one from Kroger grocery that they are taking all precautions by cleaning down all baskets behind each and every person. Hand sanitizers at every door and registers.  They are cleaning the bathrooms every hour and wiping down the belts at register as well as key pads at each register. They are doing daily deep cleaning throughout the stores as well. So I am glad they are going to do that. Both stores said they are now very low on cleaning supplies as well as all paper goods and will now be putting a limit on them and trying their best to keep those items stocked. 


Last count in VA was 9 confirmed.  Do not know if it has risen or not yet. 


And if this isn't bad enough, our pastor last Sunday had a slight cold. Tonight he is in hospital maybe with appendicitis and maybe flu on top of that, but not sure on that yet.  Last Sunday he stayed away from everyone and would not greet anyone at door nor shake hands with anyone. He was being very cautious which was good. Our Church has hand sanitizer sitting everywhere now. 


Looks like for sure that everything we have all been prepping for is now going to go into prep mode. We will now be using our preps. I am going to get some more chicken that is on sale to can though DH doesn't want me to can it. I don't have freezer room and going to do it anyway. He will get over it. 


Everyone stay safe and check in when you all can to let everyone know you are doing ok.  Prayers going out for everyone on here. :pray::pray::pray:


As for me I am now putting DH behind :behindsofa:.

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4 hours ago, Daylily said:

Ambergris, where do you find those state statistics? I looked on the CDC site and couldn't find anything like that. I would like to know where the VA, NC and TN cases are. Thanks!


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12,462 Italy
9,000 Iran
7,755 Korea, South
2,284 France
2,277 Spain
1,966 Germany
1,311 US
696 Cruise Ship
652 Switzerland
639 Japan
629 Norway
516 Denmark
503 Netherlands
500 Sweden
459 United Kingdom
314 Belgium
262 Qatar
246 Austria
195 Bahrain
178 Singapore
149 Malaysia
128 Australia
117 Canada
109 Israel
99 Greece
94 Czechia
85 Iceland
74 United Arab Emirates
72 Kuwait
71 Iraq
62 India
62 San Marino
61 Lebanon
60 Egypt
59 Finland
59 Portugal
59 Thailand
57 Slovenia
52 Brazil
49 Philippines
48 Taiwan*
47 Romania
45 Saudi Arabia
43 Ireland
38 Vietnam
34 Indonesia
31 Poland
24 Georgia
23 Chile
22 Costa Rica
20 Russia
20 Algeria
19 Argentina
19 Pakistan
19 Croatia
18 Oman
17 Ecuador
16 Estonia
15 Albania
13 Peru
13 South Africa
13 Hungary
12 Serbia
11 Azerbaijan
11 Brunei
10 Slovakia
10 Latvia
9 Colombia
9 Belarus
8 Maldives
8 Panama
8 Mexico
7 Bosnia and Herzegovina
7 North Macedonia
7 Afghanistan
7 Bulgaria
7 Luxembourg
7 Tunisia
6 Morocco
6 Cyprus
6 Malta
5 French Guiana
5 New Zealand
5 Dominican Republic
5 Paraguay
4 Senegal
3 Lithuania
3 Cambodia
3 Bangladesh
3 Moldova
3 Martinique
2 Bolivia
2 Cameroon
2 Burkina Faso
2 Jamaica
2 Nigeria
2 Honduras
2 Sri Lanka
1 Monaco
1 Turkey
1 Mongolia
1 Togo
1 Armenia
1 Ukraine
1 Liechtenstein
1 Andorra
1 Reunion
1 Bhutan
1 Nepal
1 Congo (Kinshasa)
1 Holy See
1 Cote d'Ivoire
1 Jordan


US breakdown  38 dead

373 confirmed

Washington US

220 confirmed

New York US

177 confirmed

California US

95 confirmed

Massachusetts US

46 confirmed

Diamond Princess US

34 confirmed

Colorado US

29 confirmed

Florida US

25 confirmed

Illinois US

24 confirmed

Georgia US

23 confirmed

New Jersey US

22 confirmed

Texas US

21 confirmed

Grand Princess US

19 confirmed

Oregon US

16 confirmed

Pennsylvania US

14 confirmed

Iowa US

13 confirmed

Louisiana US

12 confirmed

Maryland US

11 confirmed

Indiana US

10 confirmed

District of Columbia US

10 confirmed

Nebraska US

10 confirmed

South Carolina US

9 confirmed

Arizona US

9 confirmed

North Carolina US

9 confirmed

Tennessee US

9 confirmed

Virginia US

8 confirmed

Kentucky US

8 confirmed

South Dakota US

7 confirmed

Nevada US

6 confirmed

Wisconsin US

5 confirmed

Minnesota US

5 confirmed

New Hampshire US

5 confirmed

Rhode Island US

4 confirmed

New Mexico US

4 confirmed Ohio US

3 confirmed Connecticut US

3 confirmed Utah US

2 confirmed Hawaii US

2 confirmed Michigan US

2 confirmed Oklahoma US

2 confirmed Vermont US

1 confirmed Arkansas US

1 confirmed Delaware US

1 confirmed Kansas US

1 confirmed Missouri US

1 confirmed Montana US

10 p.m. March 11

Sorry not prettied up more.  I have TMI stuff going on.

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39 minutes ago, Littlesister said:

let everyone know you are doing ok


Everything is okay on this home front.  There has been one case in our state that tested positive but hasn't come down with any symptoms.

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We're both healthy but still avoiding being around crowded areas...and now even more so since it's been declared a pandemic.  Being absolutely careful to keep hands washed or sanitized and then washed when we get home.  Faithful to our vitamin intake (Echinacea, C, B Complex, Tumeric, D once a week, and still inhaling the aroma of our Oregano essential oil several times a day.  Still taking our Elderberry syrup also.  

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Great....CO is FIFTH in this race.  <_<    Certainly seems like international travel is the reason for all but a couple of the 33+1 confirmed here.  So now some international folks are stuck here.  Australians.  Should we trade them for Tom Hanks and wife?  He's filming in Australia and they've both been confirmed positive. 


Big sporting events .....to be played but with no one in the stands.  Apparently there is a precedent for that back in history. 


Had conversation with my dad who came on the phone tonite like he's just woken up to this.  So ....began reminding him of how much my mom's been buying food/stuff.  They went to shop today...again.  They have to go again tomorrow ....for meds.  They have a lot of meds.  They need to order the tubes/canulas for their oxygen.  My mom's on O2 at night.  My dad all the time.  His b-day this week.....might take place on their deck.  Spaced far apart.  They and us have been out recently. [not me but DH at work]  So we don't either of us need to mingle.  :sigh:   Last year on his B-day, we had a horrible blizzard.  I had his card/candy weeks ago...so it's clean.   Had conversation with my brother and even he is getting aware and ready, to an extent.  Telling our folks to buy food and then STAY HOME! 


Finally talked to DD2 tonite.  They run a shop and she's worried about paying her staff and paying the rent, etc.  Zero T.P, hand sanitizer, etc. at stores.   Didn't ask her if she knew where the N95 masks were....I sent when the volcano was active on Big Island.  Sorted her out that GrSon2 could not have had COVID in Jan.  The dates are too soon to have gotten it from their trip to Seattle for Christmas break.  He did have nasty flu tho.   At least willing to talk about it.....for a bit.  :shrug: 


MtRider  :ph34r:      ......Little Sister:  I'm TRYING to stuff my folks behind there tooo!  :behindsofa: 

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I see it's been reported in Indiana and Ohio now. Not many but all it takes is one.


I read last week where some meds were not being shipped from India now. I didn't know that so many of our meds come from india.It seems that India gets a lot of their ingredients from China and then manufactures the drugs and ships them to America. Among the list were vitamins. Namely the B vitamins. So if that's the ones you take you might want to get an extra bottle of them. I'll try to find the link tomorrow. My battery is nearly dead tonight.

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Here in Iowa 40+ Iowan's went on an Egyptian cruise.  The thirteenth person from the cruise was just diagnosed yesterday with the virus.  One, a person in his 60's, is in critical condition.  Who knows how many more of those 40+ will be diagnosed?  One lady in another county has tested positive for the virus after being in CA.  She worked at a Panera Bread so has probably exposed many people.  And on and on it goes.


I' right there with you Mt. Rider  :behindsofa:

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Jeepers, I picked up a few bottles of Vitamins this morning while waiting on DH's RX's.  Buy one get one free. 


Dee, I think that cruse was the one the 2 that tested positive after they first let them go without checking them. They came back from Egypt as well, went to ER because they won't feeling well and did not tell them they were out of country.  Not good. So they got cut loose. They later went back and was tested.  They are in VA Beach. 

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19 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Anyone know what that actually means? 


Combines panic with epidemic?  Not really, but it does!


Took DH to rheumatologist 70 miles away this morning. Stopped at salvage grocery on the way back and have no plans to go anywhere in the immediate future.

Tomorrow we are going to start taking the half tsp. of baking soda and water and also zinc supplements (supposed to keep it from replicating). Mississippi has cases now so...  And of course, the case listed is in the town DH had his doc appt.

Going to refresh bug out bags this afternoon (even though we are staying in). Also have to change floodlight in back yard.

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I just read this on one of the Facebook groups I'm on:


Amol Kumawat *Informative*
I am writing to you from Bergamo, Italy, at the heart of the coronavirus crisis. The news media in the US has not captured the severity of what is happening here. I am writing this post because each of you, today, not the government, not
the school district, not the mayor, each individual citizen has the chance, today to take actions that will deter the Italian situation from becoming your own country’s reality. The only way to stop this virus is to limit contagion. And the only way to limit contagion is for millions of people to change their behavior today.

If you are in Europe or the US you are weeks away from where we are today in Italy.

I can hear you now. “It’s just a flu. It only affects old people with preconditions”

There are 2 reasons why Coronavirus has brought Italy to it’s knees. First it is a flu is devastating when people get really sick they need weeks of ICU – and, second, because of how fast and effectively it spreads. There is 2 week incubation period and many who have it never show symptoms.

When Prime Minister Conte announced last night that the entire country, 60 million people, would go on lock down, the line that struck me most was “there is no more time.” Because to be clear, this national lock down, is a hail mary. What he means is that if the numbers of contagion do not start to go down, the system, Italy, will collapse.

Why? Today the ICUs in Lombardy are at capacity – more than capacity. They have begun to put ICU units in the hallways. If the numbers do not go down, the growth rate of contagion tells us that there will be thousands of people who in a matter of a week? two weeks? who will need care. What will happen when there are 100, or a 1000 people who need the hospital and only a few ICU places left?

On Monday a doctor wrote in the paper that they have begun to have to decide who lives and who dies when the patients show up in the emergency room, like what is done in war. This will only get worse.

There are a finite number of drs, nurses, medical staff and they are getting the virus. They have also been working non-stop, non-stop for days and days. What happens when the drs, nurses and medical staff are simply not able to care for the patients, when they are not there?

And finally for those who say that this is just something that happens to old people, starting yesterday the hospitals are reporting that younger and younger patients – 40, 45, 18, are coming in for treatment.

You have a chance to make a difference and stop the spread in your country. Push for the entire office to work at home today, cancel birthday parties, and other gatherings, stay home as much as you can. If you have a fever, any fever, stay home. Push for school closures, now. Anything you can do to stop the spread, because it is spreading in your communities – there is a two week incubation period – and if you do these things now you can buy your medical system time.

And for those who say it is not possible to close the schools, and do all these other things, locking down Italy was beyond anyone’s imagination a week ago.

Soon you will not have a choice, so do what you can now.

Please share.
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In our mandatory meeting yesterday at work. We were told that they are lessening the restrictions on health care workers. But we are still to be proactive, clean everything several times a day with the cleaning wipes. Wash hands with soap and warm water and use sanitizer between patients. Oh and mask are not options, if someone comes in coughing and fever they will be handed a mask and told to wear it if they refuse we are to call Infectious Control.

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On 3/11/2020 at 5:40 PM, Daylily said:

Ambergris, where do you find those state statistics? I looked on the CDC site and couldn't find anything like that. I would like to know where the VA, NC and TN cases are. Thanks!

Thank you very much!

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Part of the Johns Hopkins site had crashed, showing "No Data" a few times today, March 12.  This is what I got from the 7:45 p.m. Eastern update:


12,462 confirmed Italy

10,075 confirmed Iran

7,869 confirmed Korea, South

2,281 confirmed France France

2,277 confirmed Spain

2,078 confirmed Germany

702 confirmed Norway

696 confirmed Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

652 confirmed Switzerland

639 confirmed Japan

615 confirmed Denmark Denmark

599 confirmed Sweden

503 confirmed Netherlands

456 confirmed UK United Kingdom

442 confirmed Washington State US

328 confirmed New York State US

314 confirmed Belgium

302 confirmed Austria

262 confirmed Qatar

221 confirmed California US

195 confirmed Bahrain

149 confirmed Malaysia

131 confirmed Israel

108 confirmed Massachusetts US

103 confirmed Iceland

99 confirmed Greece

94 confirmed Czechia

89 confirmed Slovenia

85 confirmed United Arab Emirates

80 confirmed Kuwait

73 confirmed India

71 confirmed Iraq

70 confirmed Thailand

69 confirmed San Marino

67 confirmed Egypt

65 confirmed New South Wales Australia

61 confirmed Lebanon

59 confirmed Finland

59 confirmed Portugal

52 confirmed Brazil

52 confirmed Philippines

49 confirmed Poland

49 confirmed Romania

46 confirmed British Columbia Canada

46 confirmed Diamond Princess US

45 confirmed Saudi Arabia

45 confirmed Colorado US

43 confirmed Ireland

42 confirmed Ontario Canada

39 confirmed Vietnam

35 confirmed Florida US

34 confirmed Indonesia

32 confirmed Illinois US

31 confirmed Georgia US

29 confirmed New Jersey US

28 confirmed Russia

27 confirmed Texas US

24 confirmed Algeria

24 confirmed Georgia (the country)

24 confirmed Oregon US

23 confirmed Albania

23 confirmed Chile

22 confirmed Costa Rica

22 confirmed Pennsylvania US

21 confirmed Victoria Australia

21 confirmed Grand Princess US

20 confirmed Queensland Australia

20 confirmed Pakistan

19 confirmed Argentina

19 confirmed Alberta Canada

19 confirmed Croatia

19 confirmed Luxembourg

19 confirmed Serbia

19 confirmed Louisiana US

18 confirmed Oman

18 confirmed Tennessee US

17 confirmed Ecuador

17 confirmed South Africa

17 confirmed Virginia US

16 confirmed Estonia

16 confirmed Slovakia

16 confirmed Iowa US

15 confirmed Peru

15 confirmed North Carolina US

14 confirmed Nevada US

13 confirmed Hungary

13 confirmed Indiana US

12 confirmed Belarus

12 confirmed Mexico

12 confirmed Maryland US

12 confirmed South Carolina US

11 confirmed Azerbaijan

11 confirmed Bosnia and Herzegovina

11 confirmed Brunei

11 confirmed Panama

10 confirmed Latvia

10 confirmed District of Columbia US

10 confirmed Kentucky US

10 confirmed Nebraska US (This is not counting the 14 from the Diamond Princess, which with the people in the other "unstated location" or "unknown location" facilities appear to have been left off this list.)

9 confirmed South Australia Australia

9 confirmed Western Australia Australia

9 confirmed Quebec Canada

9 confirmed Colombia

9 confirmed Arizona US

9 confirmed Minnesota US

8 confirmed Maldives

8 confirmed South Dakota US

8 confirmed Wisconsin US

7 confirmed Afghanistan

7 confirmed Bulgaria

7 confirmed North Macedonia

7 confirmed Tunisia

6 confirmed Cyprus

6 confirmed Malta

6 confirmed Morocco

6 confirmed Arkansas US

6 confirmed New Hampshire US

5 confirmed Dominican Republic

5 confirmed French Guiana

5 confirmed New Zealand

5 confirmed Paraguay

5 confirmed Connecticut US

5 confirmed New Mexico US

5 confirmed Ohio US

5 confirmed Rhode Island US

5 confirmed Utah US

4 confirmed Armenia

4 confirmed Senegal

3 confirmed Tasmania Australia

3 confirmed Bangladesh

3 confirmed Cambodia

3 confirmed Cuba

3 confirmed Lithuania

3 confirmed Martinique

3 confirmed Moldova

2 confirmed Bolivia

2 confirmed Burkina Faso

2 confirmed Cameroon

2 confirmed Faroe Islands Denmark

2 confirmed St Martin France

2 confirmed Honduras

2 confirmed Jamaica

2 confirmed Monaco

2 confirmed Nigeria

2 confirmed Sri Lanka

2 confirmed Channel Islands United Kingdom

2 confirmed Hawaii US

2 confirmed Michigan US

2 confirmed Oklahoma US

2 confirmed Vermont US

1 confirmed Andorra

1 confirmed Northern Territory Australia

1 confirmed Bhutan

1 confirmed New Brunswick Canada

1 confirmed Congo (Kinshasa)

1 confirmed Cote d'Ivoire

1 confirmed Saint Barthelemy France

1 confirmed Guyana

1 confirmed Holy See

1 confirmed Jordan

1 confirmed Liechtenstein

1 confirmed Mongolia

1 confirmed Nepal

1 confirmed Reunion

1 confirmed Togo

1 confirmed Turkey

1 confirmed Ukraine

1 confirmed Gibraltar United Kingdom

1 confirmed Delaware US

1 confirmed Kansas US

1 confirmed Mississippi US

1 confirmed Missouri US

1 confirmed Montana US

1 confirmed North Dakota US

1 confirmed Wyoming US

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VA now has 17 confirmed cases.  Not sure where all of them are. I know some in Northern VA, 2 in VA beach. 1 Fairfax. Those are the only places I know for sure where there are confirmed cases.  Don't know where the rest are.   


Daylily that's not your computer.  You will have to play with it. On the left you can click on the country and it will show on the  right side what the statistics are. But that is as far as I got. Still trying to figure the rest out.


I am beginning to think this has now gotten out of hand and our government does not know how to contain it. I think it might be to late to contain it. 

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Well, I'm glad it's not my computer at least.  We heard there are no cases in the NC county next to us and haven't heard about any inour county in VA. We all had colds in our house except my 83 yo mother. Then DD and I relapsed. A friend called today and he said he knew a LOT of people that had this cold had a  relapsed. How do we know what it really is? No one that I know of has traveled to any other country or state.

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