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Yep, Cowgirl.....that shows it!  Everyone get out your cardboard 'doughnuts' ......  ;)   Only takes a few Typhoid Mary folks to infect a whole lotta folks.


Miki, I'm hearing more and more churches are closing.  Catholics have to deal with using one communion challis [or whatever it's called].  That 'wipe off' is not going to be adequate!!  This is affecting all aspects of our lives. 


Our church is having a bunch of things...hopefully this week.  Sooner than later....before COVID's more intensely spread.  A long term member died...NOT from COVID.  There are a lot of incoming relatives....from who knows where.  :sigh:   Our church has always drawn the oldest folks as members.  Then again, those of us who were relative  'youngsters' 20 yrs ago are now in the OLD category.  At this time....they are risking this?  Praying for all at the funeral and at least two luncheons with non-local folks attending.  And our members serving and cooking....and washing dishes/pots/pans.  :dishes:  SOAP kills the virus!  


DH and I are now trying to think ahead to dropping stuff off for my folks....on their porch.  What will they need....besides a keeper for my dad.  This is AGITATING him.  :(  I hate to see his fear....and he's not even understanding a lot of it. 


MtRider  :pray:  :(   :pray: 

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On ‎3‎/‎13‎/‎2020 at 11:34 PM, Mt_Rider said:

I didn't call DD2 either, Little Sister.  Was going to email but just waited.  She called us and was rattled.  That was before she knew her dh was NOT finding rice at Costco as we talked.  I found out from my mom who talked to her this morning.  Sometimes they're just not going to hear what they don't think they can endure.  BUT they are stronger than they think!  That girl and her sister experienced true hunger in their early childhoods.  They KNOW....but likely don't want to remember.  [They haven't been hungry since becoming our daughters but previous to that.]  Honestly, I can see how they would not WANT to believe that they'd ever have to go thru Hard Times again.  Been there....Done that!  SURELY I don't ever have to do that again!!!  :runcirclsmiley2:


I get that.  DH and I had one "hungry" time.  Not starving.  Not as bad as their time.


But.....they have the option to be proactive and NOT go thru that much stress again.  :sigh:  That's what I've always emphasized.  But she preferred to write her own script and there was NO MORE HARD TIMES LIKE THAT in her script for her life.  If I could, I'd write her script like that too.  :sigh:  


MtRider   Worse.....WE CAN'T STORE FOR THEM.  TOOO FAR AWAY.    :pray: 

Mt. Rider you are so right about not being able to store food for those that are far away.  BUT,  I am mailing food of all things to granddaughter and her DH as they are really between a rock and a hard place. Navy sure did a number on them. The get to move into house tomorrow. So they are going to get in get the dogs settled, empty the cars and head to the store to see what they can still get. Then will call me to let me know what they need. Told them I have several things like the 72 hour emergency food from patriots supply. Free for me. Only payed shipping. So have several I will send her along with beans, rice, and some other freeze dried and dehydrated foods I have. Hopefully that will tide them over till things calm down. They are not happy being in Washington state in a store anywhere right now.

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My daughter did go to store again today and they had hamburger. So she got what she needed. So hoping things are set for her now. 

We are now hunkered down for the next 2 weeks.  No church, no doctors, no food ministry nothing. Just staying home and taken it easy. Will be doing a lot of praying and Bible reading.  Along with some sewing, reading of other books and of course house cleaning never ends. So I will be staying busy though confinement is no fun. I am sure though I will be able to get out and do some yard work though. No one would be around me for that. 

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I had a long post typed Friday telling about our experience in town Thursday but the power blipped off and I lost it. Didn't have to energy to re-type it. Some local people always bring up a semi load of flats of strawberries in March and we went to get some. They come to a small town in the next state, about 20 miles from us. I had a list of things we wanted to get at Ingles, Walmart, Tractor Supply, DH's synthroid, Car Quest, Lowes and the bank. I somehow thought we could get home in time for lunch. Not. It was after 6 pm and I was exhausted. I've had a cold and every time I got in a check-out line, I started coughing. I always coughed into my jacket but people sure looked at me and moved away. Couldn't blame them. Every line was LONG and seemed like every person in front of me had some kind of issue with their credit/debit card or something. Everyone was calm and obviously stocking up.


It was strange to see the TP aisle totally empty at every store. I went into Walgreens and asked if they had hand sanitizer. The lady laughed at me. She said they ordered a 5000 bottle shipment and got 6! The smaller drugstore where I picked up DH's medicine said not only they couldn't get the sanitizer, they also couldn't get alcohol, aloe and something else because people were buying it up to make homemade sanitizer. I was so glad to get home.


Yesterday evening , DH's sister called to check on us. She lives in MD. They had gone to Sam's Friday and were shocked to see empty aisles--,meat, bread, milk, toilet paper, wipes and sanitizer, and bottled water. They weren't expecting that. They are ones that don't believe in stocking up.  They were visiting once and a friend of mine asked her if she ever canned or put up food. she said, "Why would I? I'm 10 minutes from 10 grocery stores!" My friend said, "Well, you might get snowed in!" She said, "No, they always have the roads cleaned off within an hour. I can always get to the store". But last night, she was musing,... "I've got some hoagie buns and some French bread in the freezer. I've got flour, I could make bread." This is a big wake-up call for them. She's always kind of made fun of me for keeping stuff on hand. We only go buy groceries once a month and then DS picks up fresh produce for us in the winter. We grow most everything in the summer that we want to eat fresh.


I finally got our vitamins and minerals ordered. So far they didn't flag anything as being out of stock. I was concerned about the B12. I hope it comes.  I had big plans today and actually felt like doing something but a friend called and wanted DH to fix his chainsaw. his daughter(who is about my age) came with him. She's a good friend and I love her dearly but they came about 11 am and stayed until about 4:30 so there went my day. But I ordered that stuff after they left so I feel a little better! :)


I've better post this before the power goes off! here is the March 13 update form Dr Wes Youngberg. Good info.




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Daylily,  We did the same thing got buy one get one free on Vits. D3, B12 as is what DH has to take, iron, C, turmeric, and some other ones as well. CoQ10, fish oil caps and plenty of cold and flu meds. As we don't know if we will be able to get a lot of these things later down the line. 


We are hunkered down but will have to make a trip to mail package to Granddaughter. My daughter has decided to go on line and order her some things for her house. Shower curtains, And she is going to have some toiletries and stuff to send her as well. told her I do have toilet paper to send her. Hopefully now that daughter is coming through for her daughter, that when she gets these things it will help her and her DH to get through the worst of this mess without having to leave house for next couple of weeks. 


Don't like the sound of this one.  Alerts USA.  New guidance from the CDC recommends canceling or postponing in person events of 50 or more people nationwide for the next 8 weeks.

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Okay, I know this is serious, but I got a giggle when I opened a webpage that tracks the numbers involved in this crisis... and got this. I think there's a slight glitch in their math... (they have since fixed it, thankfully!)

Screenshot_20200315-171912_Samsung Internet.jpg

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OMG, I did not realize that they closed the White House office on pandemics. That sure hurt our national readiness. That was started back with the Ebola epidemic. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/nsc-pandemic-office-trump-closed/2020/03/13/a70de09c-6491-11ea-acca-80c22bbee96f_story.html





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Babysteps that is funny and though this virus is serious, we all need to step back and laugh at things like that. Life will still go on but in a different way than we are used to. 


And also hello and welcome. 


Don't think the outcome of this virus will be good for anyone. It will change the way we live in so many different ways.  


Think I will :behindsofa: and sleep in tomorrow morning. Though I do need to get up and wash clothes and clean house. As well as get my water jugs filled up. They are now sitting in garage looking at me. 

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24,747 Italy
13,938 Iran
8,162 Korea, South
7,844 Spain
5,813 Germany
5,437 France
3,689 US
2,200 Switzerland
1,395 United Kingdom
1,256 Norway
1,136 Netherlands
1,032 Sweden
886 Belgium
875 Denmark
860 Austria
839 Japan
696 Cruise Ship
428 Malaysia
401 Qatar
331 Greece
297 Australia
253 Czechia
252 Canada
251 Israel
245 Portugal
244 Finland
226 Singapore
219 Slovenia
214 Bahrain
180 Iceland
171 Estonia
162 Brazil
140 Philippines
139 Romania
129 Ireland
125 Poland
124 Iraq
118 Saudi Arabia
117 Indonesia
114 Thailand
113 India
112 Kuwait
110 Egypt
109 San Marino
99 Lebanon
98 United Arab Emirates
77 Luxembourg
74 Chile
71 Peru
63 Russia
61 Slovakia
61 South Africa
59 Taiwan*
56 Vietnam
53 Pakistan
51 Bulgaria
50 Brunei
49 Croatia
48 Algeria
48 Serbia
45 Argentina
43 Panama
43 Mexico
42 Albania
34 Colombia
33 Georgia
32 Hungary
30 Latvia
28 Ecuador
28 Morocco
27 Costa Rica
27 Belarus
26 Armenia
26 Cyprus
24 Bosnia and Herzegovina
24 Senegal
23 Azerbaijan
23 Moldova
22 Oman
21 Malta
20 Tunisia
18 Turkey
18 Sri Lanka
17 Venezuela
16 Afghanistan
14 North Macedonia
13 Maldives
12 Lithuania
12 Jordan
11 Dominican Republic
10 Bolivia
10 Jamaica
10 Martinique
9 Kazakhstan
8 New Zealand
7 Cambodia
7 Reunion
7 Paraguay
6 Ghana
5 Bangladesh
5 Rwanda
4 Ethiopia
4 Uruguay
4 Cuba
4 Liechtenstein
4 Guyana
3 Burkina Faso
3 Guam
3 Kenya
3 Ukraine
3 Seychelles
3 Guadeloupe
3 Honduras
2 Aruba
2 Cameroon
2 Monaco
2 Jersey
2 Saint Lucia
2 Nigeria
2 Namibia
2 Kosovo
2 Congo (Kinshasa)
2 Trinidad and Tobago
1 Guatemala
1 Gabon
1 Congo (Brazzaville)
1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
1 Mongolia
1 Togo
1 Central African Republic
1 Cayman Islands
1 Guinea
1 Andorra
1 Guernsey
1 Uzbekistan
1 Antigua and Barbuda
1 Eswatini
1 Bhutan
1 Sudan
1 Nepal
1 Suriname
1 Holy See
1 Cote d'Ivoire
1 Mauritania
1 Equatorial Guinea

3689 US Breakdown:

769 confirmed Washington 

744 confirmed New York 

431 confirmed California 

164 confirmed Massachusetts 

136 confirmed Florida 

131 confirmed Colorado 

111 confirmed Georgia 

103 confirmed Louisiana 

101 confirmed New Jersey 

92 confirmed Illinois 

72 confirmed Texas 

66 confirmed Pennsylvania 

46 confirmed Diamond Princess 

45 confirmed Virginia 

39 confirmed Tennessee 

37 confirmed Ohio 

36 confirmed Oregon 

35 confirmed Minnesota 

33 confirmed Michigan 

33 confirmed North Carolina 

32 confirmed Maryland 

32 confirmed Wisconsin 

28 confirmed South Carolina 

28 confirmed Utah 

24 confirmed Connecticut 

24 confirmed Nevada 

21 confirmed Grand Princess 

20 confirmed Indiana 

20 confirmed Kentucky 

20 confirmed Rhode Island 

18 confirmed Iowa 

17 confirmed Nebraska 

16 confirmed Arkansas 

16 confirmed District of Columbia 

13 confirmed Arizona 

13 confirmed New Hampshire 

13 confirmed New Mexico 

12 confirmed Alabama 

12 confirmed Maine 

10 confirmed Mississippi 

9 confirmed South Dakota 

8 confirmed Kansas 

8 confirmed Vermont 

7 confirmed Delaware 

7 confirmed Montana 

7 confirmed Oklahoma 

6 confirmed Hawaii 

5 confirmed Idaho 

5 confirmed Missouri 

5 confirmed Puerto Rico 

3 confirmed Guam 

3 confirmed Wyoming 

1 confirmed Alaska 

1 confirmed North Dakota 

1 confirmed Virgin Islands 

US deaths 68

42 deaths Washington 

6 deaths California 

6 deaths New York 

4 deaths Florida 

2 deaths Louisiana 

2 deaths New Jersey

1 deaths Colorado 

1 deaths Georgia 

1 deaths Kansas 

1 deaths Oregon 

1 deaths  South Dakota 

1 deaths  Virginia 

March 15, 10 p.m. Eastern

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This is what my local Costco looked like this morning. The crowds have thinned out since Thursday I think because a lot of stuff isn’t available. As I was going in the door person kept saying they had no paper goods or water at all...and several people just put their carts back.

Schools are closed until April 12...now California is calling for bars and clubs to be closed and restaurants to operate at 50% capacity to allow for social distancing. 
My 85 year old mom lives in a big seniors residence and today they have said no visitation all...all residents are to stay in their rooms and all meals are being delivered to their rooms.



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Wow Dogmom. Thanks for the pictures! That is so eerie. For anyone who doesn't shop Costco or Sam's Club, those upper shelves are always packed full of pallets of over flow products. I never thought I'd see something like that.


I'm sorry you won't be able to visit your mom though. Hospitals are really cracking down too. 


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Wow....all these updates.  Not surprising but hard to hear and see it.  We've changed SO much in 2 wks.  :pray: 


Here is an interesting article....a game of dots to demonstrate the EFFECT and IMPORTANCE of social distancing. 



AND tho CO fell back into 6th place in U.S. cases....we still jumped up to 131 today.  :pray:   DH will go to work Mon.....and Tues unless there is a reason not to.  I told him when the time comes, simply say you have to lock-down for my sake.  I have too many health concerns to take the chance any longer....and I've been sick since January.  BUT he'll be back when it's safe.  NO 2 wks notice!  These are exceptional times.  'Course the restaurant could close too.  :shrug:  Even if he only gets the base pay with few tips, he then would not be as much at risk either.  Every little bit helps.  

Told my mom they might have some 'elves' dropping off some supplies for them sometimes.  STAY HOME and make a Needs list!  :rolleyes:  She did like that idea.  We'll be in town for DH's doc appt. on Friday. 


Dogmom, how will that affect your mom's mental/emotional state?  I can see that they do not want any spreading like in WA.....but locked in room for how long?  'Nuff to drive anyone buggy.  :pray:  for Dogmom's mom and all in lock-down facilities.  And for those who work there too.


BEST NEWS  :hapydancsmil:  I had a VERY ENCOURAGING TALK with DD2 today.  :amen:  She called again.  DH and I talked with her for 2.5 hrs.  They actually are prepping.  They even got a tip about 'no waiting line right now at Costco'....so SIL zipped over there.  One bag rice per person.  Allowed  1 TP package too.  He got other things when the store wasn't so full like first thing in morning.  "Coconut Telegraph" over there is great....and they know everyone.  While we talked, she got the memo that their schools also would have an extra week off for Spring Break.  Just like many schools and universities.  She groaned, thinking of her boys out for 2 wks, at least.  She decided she might "quarantine herself in her bedroom".  :lol:  SIL will probably put in some edible garden plants.  He also knows where on the island to find Native Hawai'ian foods.  And fishing, etc. 


:bounce:  But just the fact that she was saying things like we all would say.....  :blink:   Wait, who is this and what did you do with my panicked, LA-LA-LA daughter???  :happy0203:   Several times I was glad it wasn't video cuz I was giving DH the YESSSSSS! sign when she'd say something.  At the point I felt comfortable, I said Wait!  Now you sound like me!!!  :lol:   It was one of the greatest conversations!  :woohoo:  Even her sister is stocking up too.  If it lasts a long time, it will get difficult.  But at least they've got their eyes/ears OPEN!  She told the boys about it...they were pretty shocked.  Wrecks their world...but younger one would not be sorry for extra vacation from school.  ;)  


:amen:  :balloons:  :amen:  


MtRider  ....still hard not to be close enough to join forces and talents but..... WHEW! 

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My Rider, that is the best news I've heard since this whole thing started! :cele:


Prayers for your DH to stay safe. :pray:

Mega hugs for you to get your strength back to normal. :hug3:


No matter how old our kids get they are still our babies forever and the worrying never really ends. :sigh:

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I forgot to get the link, but I read this morning that folks are going back to work in Wuhan. That's great if they are all well!  Would mean just over 3 months start to finish.  If they are well!

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Total Confirmed 181,121

Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Sovereignty

81,032 China
27,980 Italy
14,991 Iran
9,428 Spain
8,236 Korea, South
7,174 Germany
5,397 France
4,200 US
2,200 Switzerland
1,551 United Kingdom
1,414 Netherlands
1,312 Norway
1,103 Sweden
1,058 Belgium
1,018 Austria
932 Denmark
825 Japan
696 Cruise Ship
566 Malaysia
439 Qatar
405 Canada
377 Australia
331 Portugal
331 Greece
298 Czechia
277 Finland
255 Israel
253 Slovenia
243 Singapore
214 Bahrain
205 Estonia
200 Brazil
180 Iceland
169 Ireland
158 Romania
155 Chile
150 Egypt
150 Poland
147 Thailand
142 Philippines
136 Pakistan
134 Indonesia
124 Iraq
123 Kuwait
119 India
118 Saudi Arabia
109 San Marino
99 Lebanon
98 United Arab Emirates
90 Russia
86 Peru
77 Luxembourg
67 Taiwan*
63 Slovakia
62 South Africa
61 Vietnam
57 Croatia
56 Argentina
55 Panama
55 Serbia
54 Brunei
54 Algeria
54 Colombia
53 Mexico
52 Bulgaria
51 Albania
39 Hungary
37 Ecuador
36 Belarus
35 Costa Rica
34 Latvia
33 Georgia
33 Cyprus
30 Armenia
30 Malta
29 Morocco
28 Sri Lanka
24 Bosnia and Herzegovina
24 Senegal
23 Moldova
22 Oman
21 Afghanistan
20 Tunisia
18 North Macedonia
18 Turkey
17 Lithuania
17 Venezuela
17 Jordan
15 Burkina Faso
15 Azerbaijan
15 Martinique
13 Maldives
11 Bolivia
11 Dominican Republic
11 French Guiana
10 Jamaica
10 Kazakhstan
9 Reunion
8 New Zealand
8 Uruguay
8 Bangladesh
8 Paraguay
7 Cambodia
7 Monaco
6 Ghana
6 Uzbekistan
6 Guadeloupe
6 Honduras
5 Ethiopia
5 Rwanda
5 Ukraine
4 Cameroon
4 Cuba
4 Liechtenstein
4 Trinidad and Tobago
4 Guyana
3 Guam
3 Kenya
3 Puerto Rico
3 Seychelles
2 Aruba
2 Guatemala
2 Jersey
2 Saint Lucia
2 Andorra
2 Nigeria
2 Namibia
2 Kosovo
2 Congo (Kinshasa)
1 Guinea
1 Liberia
1 Tanzania
1 Gabon
1 Greenland
1 Congo (Brazzaville)
1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
1 Mongolia
1 Somalia
1 Benin
1 Republic of the Congo
1 Togo
1 Central African Republic
1 The Bahamas
1 Guernsey
1 Antigua and Barbuda
1 Eswatini
1 Bhutan
1 Sudan
1 Nepal
1 Suriname
1 Holy See
1 Cote d'Ivoire
1 Mauritania
1 Mayotte
1 Equatorial Guinea


US Breakdown

964 confirmed New York 
 769 confirmed Washington 
 486 confirmed California 
 176 confirmed New Jersey 
 164 confirmed Massachusetts 
 149 confirmed Florida 
 135 confirmed Colorado 
 121 confirmed Georgia 
 114 confirmed Louisiana 
 93 confirmed Illinois 
 82 confirmed Texas 
 77 confirmed Pennsylvania 
 54 confirmed Minnesota 
 53 confirmed Michigan 
 52 confirmed Virginia 
 50 confirmed Ohio 
 47 confirmed Diamond Princess 
 47 confirmed Wisconsin 
 45 confirmed Nevada 
 41 confirmed Maryland 
 39 confirmed Oregon 
 39 confirmed Tennessee 
 37 confirmed North Carolina 
 30 confirmed Connecticut 
 28 confirmed Alabama 
 28 confirmed South Carolina 
 28 confirmed Utah 
 25 confirmed Indiana 
 22 confirmed Arkansas 
 22 confirmed Iowa 
 21 confirmed Kentucky 
 21 confirmed Rhode Island 
 20 confirmed Grand Princess 
 18 confirmed Arizona 
 18 confirmed Nebraska 
 17 confirmed District of Columbia 
 17 confirmed Maine 
 17 confirmed New Mexico 
 13 confirmed New Hampshire 
 12 confirmed Mississippi 
 12 confirmed Vermont 
 11 confirmed Kansas 
 10 confirmed Oklahoma 
 10 confirmed South Dakota 
 8 confirmed Delaware 
 7 confirmed Hawaii 
 7 confirmed Montana 
 6 confirmed Missouri 
 5 confirmed Idaho 
 5 confirmed Puerto Rico 
 3 confirmed Guam 
 3 confirmed Wyoming 
 1 confirmed Alaska 
 1 confirmed North Dakota 
 1 confirmed Virgin Islands


Total US dead:  74

42 deaths Washington US

8 deaths New York US

6 deaths California US

5 deaths Florida US

2 deaths Louisiana US

2 deaths New Jersey US

1 deaths Colorado US

1 deaths Georgia US

1 deaths Kansas US

1 deaths Kentucky US

1 deaths Nevada US

1 deaths Oregon US

1 deaths South Carolina US

1 deaths South Dakota US

1 deaths  Virginia US


March 16, 4 p.m. Eastern update

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So, a huge chunk of one of the largest population concentrations in the US is under house arrest, and the rest of the country is prohibited from gatherings of more than 10 people.  Sounds like martial law to me.  And you thought the Democrats would bring that down.

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Wonder how they are going to handle the homeless who are infected? Ohio has shut down restaurants except for take out or drive thru. No "in house" eating. I think for two weeks. That might help solve your hubby's work schedule Mt. Rider if they apply it in Colorado. 

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They are trying to keep this from spreading but they cannot contain it.  Don't think what they are trying to do has anything to do with being democrat or republican.  Both sides I hope and pray are working together to get this mess contained. 


And don't believe everything coming out of China. They are forcing their people to go back to work to keep things together. They are by NO means telling the truth of what is happening there.  I have heard several places that said they were going door to door checking temps and if they had one they showed it on TV them dragging them into a quarinteen area.  They were from what I was hearing is they were taken them into a field and killing them. I hope and pray that part was not true. But then China is communist. They do not care about their citizens. 

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6 hours ago, Jeepers said:

That might help solve your hubby's work schedule Mt. Rider if they apply it in Colorado.


Oye, what a day this has been!  DH works Mon and Tues.....nope, not now.  COLORADO DID shut down all restaurants, theaters, bars, etc.  DH was watching the TV at work when the Governor came on with the announcement.  We'd been expecting it due to "clues and breadcrumbs" we both pick up in Internet searching.  So they finished out today's shift and said to each other:  See you in 31 days. 


So he got to leave in good standing...  and they all might or might not return next month. 


It's not two weeks here.  Full month.  And then.....  :shrug:  ....we'll see.  If they keep Social Security going...and unless we have a NO-GOING-BACK-FROM-HERE collapse it should keep going......we'll be ok.  The extra is needed but I think the bill we might have to put off would be from my hospital procedure gone-wrong last year.  It WASN'T supposed to cost that much!  Anyway, we sure do have enough to eat.  With all the rules changing, I suppose he might get unemployment????  Dunno.  Just hand that over to the hospital billing department.  LOL  


It was sweet tho.  Several people at the restaurant were sanitizing so it would be safe for DH  [and me!] today before he got there.  Know we're old with health issues.  :D    .......OTOH  one of the workers has a close relative that's positive for COVID.  And he'd seen the spouse of same relative over the weekend. 


:pray:   :o  :pray:  :o   ....reallllllly?   ON the LAST DAY?  Oh well.  It's not a very close contact.  Patient X ------> X's spouse -------->relative works at restaurant ---------> with DH.


AND we have to go to doctor for DH's appt about his meds  [and his bad lab numbers] :(  on Thurs.  :dishes:  WASH HANDS!  :bathbaby:  WASH HANDS!


Meanwhile, I think this "cold?" is all but gone.  :amen:   Dog and I took a walk...made it all the way to the usual first marker.  FINALLY!  :amen:   Then drove my truck up to park up at house again.  Kinda squeezed into snowdrifts to leave room for UPS to turn around.  But it's finally up where I can use it. 

Tonite I talked to my college friend who has a 105 yr old mother.  Lives at home with D.  But she'd fallen and ended at hospital for a couple days.  They intend to send her home quickly...given these circumstances.  She didn't break anything but her system was kinda shocked.  D is anxious to get her OUT of hospital....tho no COVID in their area ...yet.  [see why I can't consider myself that old...I'm surrounded by these really elderly and active people!]   What a day!  


MtRider  ......DH on rollerskates?  :lol:   Uh...no...

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