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2020 Corona Virus

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47,021 Italy
20,410 Spain
19,848 Germany
19,644 Iran
19,285 US
12,632 France
8,652 Korea, South
5,294 Switzerland
4,014 United Kingdom
3,003 Netherlands
2,388 Austria
2,257 Belgium
1,914 Norway
1,639 Sweden
1,337 Denmark
1,030 Malaysia
1,020 Portugal
963 Japan
943 Canada
833 Czechia
793 Brazil
791 Australia
712 Cruise Ship
705 Israel
683 Ireland
501 Pakistan
495 Greece
484 Luxembourg
470 Qatar
450 Finland
434 Chile
425 Poland
409 Iceland
385 Singapore
369 Indonesia
367 Ecuador
359 Turkey
344 Saudi Arabia
341 Slovenia
322 Thailand
308 Romania
285 Bahrain
285 Egypt
283 Estonia
253 Russia
244 India
234 Peru
230 Philippines
208 Iraq
202 South Africa
164 Mexico
163 Lebanon
159 Kuwait
144 San Marino
140 United Arab Emirates
137 Slovakia
137 Panama
136 Armenia
135 Taiwan*
135 Serbia
128 Argentina
128 Colombia
128 Croatia
127 Bulgaria
111 Latvia
94 Uruguay
91 Vietnam
90 Algeria
89 Bosnia and Herzegovina
89 Costa Rica
85 Hungary
85 Jordan
78 Brunei
77 Morocco
75 Andorra
73 Sri Lanka
72 Dominican Republic
70 Albania
69 Belarus
67 North Macedonia
67 Cyprus
66 Moldova
64 Malta
54 Tunisia
51 Cambodia
49 Lithuania
49 Kazakhstan
48 Oman
45 Guadeloupe
44 Azerbaijan
43 Georgia
42 Venezuela
40 Burkina Faso
39 New Zealand
38 Senegal
33 Uzbekistan
32 Martinique
29 Ukraine
28 Liechtenstein
28 Reunion
24 Afghanistan
24 Honduras
20 Cameroon
20 Bangladesh
18 Congo (Kinshasa)
17 Rwanda
16 Jamaica
16 Cuba
16 Ghana
15 Bolivia
15 French Guiana
14 Montenegro
13 Maldives
13 Paraguay
12 Guatemala
12 Mauritius
12 Nigeria
11 Monaco
9 Ethiopia
9 Togo
9 Cote d'Ivoire
9 Trinidad and Tobago
7 Kenya
7 Seychelles
7 Guyana
6 Tanzania
6 Mongolia
6 Kyrgyzstan
6 Mayotte
6 Equatorial Guinea
5 Barbados
4 Suriname
3 Gabon
3 Madagascar
3 Congo (Brazzaville)
3 Bahamas, The
3 Central African Republic
3 Namibia
2 Liberia
2 Saint Lucia
2 Benin
2 Haiti
2 Kosovo
2 Bhutan
2 Sudan
2 Zambia
2 Mauritania
1 Cabo Verde
1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
1 Fiji
1 Somalia
1 Angola
1 Niger
1 Guinea
1 El Salvador
1 Chad
1 Djibouti
1 Antigua and Barbuda
1 Eswatini
1 Nicaragua
1 Nepal
1 Holy See
1 Papua New Guinea
1 Zimbabwe
1 Gambia, The


19,285 US breakdown

8,398 confirmed New York 
1,524 confirmed Washington 
1,185 confirmed California 
890 confirmed New Jersey 
585 confirmed Illinois 
563 confirmed Florida 
552 confirmed Michigan 
537 confirmed Louisiana 
420 confirmed Georgia 
413 confirmed Massachusetts 
394 confirmed Texas 
363 confirmed Colorado 
303 confirmed Pennsylvania 
233 confirmed Tennessee 
210 confirmed Wisconsin 
194 confirmed Connecticut 
176 confirmed North Carolina 
173 confirmed Ohio 
149 confirmed Maryland 
126 confirmed South Carolina 
122 confirmed Virginia 
115 confirmed Minnesota 
114 confirmed Nevada 
114 confirmed Oregon 
112 confirmed Utah 
106 confirmed Alabama 
96 confirmed Arkansas 
86 confirmed Indiana 
80 confirmed Mississippi 
78 confirmed Arizona 
71 confirmed District of Columbia 
58 confirmed Missouri 
56 confirmed Maine 
55 confirmed New Hampshire 
54 confirmed Rhode Island 
49 confirmed Diamond Princess 
49 confirmed Oklahoma 
47 confirmed Kentucky 
45 confirmed Iowa 
44 confirmed Kansas 
43 confirmed New Mexico 
38 confirmed Delaware 
37 confirmed Nebraska 
29 confirmed Vermont 
26 confirmed Hawaii 
26 confirmed North Dakota 
23 confirmed Grand Princess 
23 confirmed Idaho 
19 confirmed Wyoming 
17 confirmed Montana 
14 confirmed Guam 
14 confirmed Puerto Rico 
14 confirmed South Dakota 
12 confirmed Alaska 
7 confirmed West Virginia 
3 confirmed United States Virgin Islands 
1 confirmed US US  


249 dead

83 deaths Washington US

46 deaths New York US

23 deaths California US

14 deaths Louisiana US

13 deaths Georgia US

11 deaths New Jersey US

10 deaths Florida US

5 deaths Illinois US

5 deaths Texas US

4 deaths Colorado US

3 deaths Connecticut US

3 deaths Indiana US

3 deaths Michigan US

3 deaths Oregon US

3 deaths Wisconsin US

2 deaths Kentucky US

2 deaths Missouri US

2 deaths Ohio US

2 deaths Vermont US

2 deaths Virginia US

1 deaths District of Columbia US

1 deaths Kansas US

1 deaths Maryland US

1 deaths Massachusetts US

1 deaths Mississippi US

1 deaths Nevada US

1 deaths Oklahoma US

1 deaths Pennsylvania US

1 deaths South Carolina US

1 deaths South Dakota US

March 20, 9:13 p.m.

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The list is still growing I see.  They are not getting this under control. It is getting much worse. Tomorrow is my last day for going out anywhere for sure now that I know it is very close to my area. Only a matter of time now.  I talked with my son in law and he said he thinks they are good on food now.  Not sure about that as I know how my daughter is.  Not taking this a serious as she should be. Not even concerned about the kids. Though they are grown she has one that works in a hospital locally and her other daughter's husband works in naval hosp. giving her daughter a higher risk if he catches it and gives it to her unknown.   She just has that oh well attitude. :pray:

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We're starting to partially shut the office down at work.  Not completely, but the accountant and I are going to swap off days that we're in (so somebody is there for deliveries, to check the mail, and answer the phones) and tell everybody else to stay home unless they need to be in the office.  The rector will probably be in at least part of the day most days, but that's mainly because he can't get anything done when he works at home.  Much less than the 12 people usually floating in and out of the office all day.

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That sounds pretty good, TheCG.  Just hope your rector does not have to see a lot of people.  Remember the good hearty wave  :wave:  instead of handshakes. 


Our church just canceled everything as of this week.....  except the Prayer Concerns that I send around.  I've always "worked remote".  :)  



Reading the long list Ambergris posts...... :unsure:   It's getting to be kinda like a gruesome horse race.....   CO has dropped down in the list.  Spain and Germany taking 2nd/3rd place behind Italy.  And.....  :(   Hawaii jumped up in numbers today.  Statewide and Maui is up from 3 to 5. 


DD2 closed their store...she's a NON {essential} now.  Wrote an email.....still holding it together.  :amen:   Cleaning the house with her sudden down time.  She's usually going in 4 directions at once.  Weird for her.  She writes that DH and I are pros at this Social Distancing thing....out here on our mountain side.  Yeah, hasn't sunk in quite yet for us.  She expects to have her taxes done without an extension this year...even before TPTB pushed the date back to July.  :lol:  Looking for the silver lining!  I asked her about DD1....how she's doing.  Last I heard she was also stocking up.  As a teacher, she's a NON too.


:pray: that all LittleSisters kids and grandkids GET IT and take all proper precautions and action....like, yesterday


MtRider  .....take all the doses of humor you can in these days, friends!  :grouphug: 

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He'll be seeing a lot fewer people.  Our congregation is definitely in the high-risk category...and he's about to start chemo, so he'll be in the VERY high risk category and the other priests will take over any visiting required (which still probably won't be much, as most of our congregation seems to be hunkering down).  I'm figuring I'll sneak in and spray his office down every day after he's done when I'm there to help minimize the risks.

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Our state has placed motor homes in a remote state park (one way in and out) which is now guarded by state troopers. There is a medical unit set up there too.  It is for those infected to shelter in when they have no place to go.  Early reports by the first occupant (a vet who was rooming at a friends home but could not remain because she was pregnant) was that he is comfortable, eating delivered meals, watching movies on his cell phone to while away the time.  He checks in daily with the medical people to report any changes in his condition.  Seems to be working as a way to shelter folks in place...The motor homes are self contained and have electricity and such.

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Looks like things around here are ramping up now that we have cases so close to us now.  Daughter said they are going to start working 2 days a week at home and 3 days they come in.  Guess they are getting geared up to work at home the 5 days a week.  


Yesterday I saw on news 4 states that have shut down and on lock down.  New York, CA, Florida, and CO. Ok this morning CO was not mentioned but CT was. So can't depend on news to get things right. Could have been a type O but the only way to know what is going on in each state is for people to just report on line what there state is doing.  


Our Church is closed for next 2 weeks. This could go much longer as I am not seeing them get a handle on this anytime soon. 

Went to store this morning to check on some RX's and they are waiting on the doctor.  They are going to fill them early. But starting on Monday all senior citizens will come in from 6am to 7am when the stores are the cleanest. They disinfect the baskets, and the store and clean everything down.  DH told me to go through and pick up anything I thought we would need. Yeah, lots of luck on that. The store was packed, I wore gloves and carried my wipes as they had nothing to wipe down the baskets with.  One guy in there was wearing a mask and making sure everybody saw it.  He would walk up say hello and point to his mask. I just backed away. Not sure who he was protecting. No gloves or anything. Just the mask.  I think he was trying to show off by the way he was acting. But he will have lots of beer to drink. He was loaded. 


I am done buying any food or anything else other than picking up the RX's next week. Then I am staying home, do my spring cleaning, get the garden ready that I was not planning on doing this year.  I still have that cabbage soup to can but I am tired now so will do it tomorrow. It is in fridge so it will be fine till then. Going to get up early to get that done. 

I think my neighbor said school is out for the year and will start back up in fall.  All class work is being done on line. 


Haven't yet watched anymore news other than that little bit this morning. So need to catch up on what is going on here in VA in a bit. 


Kappy. So now they are using the state parks to house the ones that are infected.  Hope that doesn't happen here that close to home. We have 4 parks around here.  My grandson was at one with a friend riding their bikes when he fell and broke his elbow. That one was not a state park but city owned. He said no one was even at the park to help them. So they managed to get themselves and the bikes back home and call his mom. 

Stay safe everyone, I think it is getting time to just stay in our homes now.  We are getting near the point of it not being safe to go out any longer.

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CNN reports:

FDA approves new "point of care" coronavirus test that promises rapid results

Report indicated that the new test provides results in only 45 minutes. It was approved under emergency guidelines.

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My understanding of the emergency approval guidelines is there is very limited testing. So, yeah, one has to wonder how effective it is. False positives or negatives could be very bad.

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I saw on the news last night that roughly 20 campers are at the Des Moines Water Works Plant for critical workers to live in while they keep the plant running.  The employees will live in the campers, I think mostly rented, so they aren't chancing infecting their families by coming and going.  After 2 weeks they'll go home and another group will take their place.  Hope it works.


Iowa went from 45 cases of the virus to 68 today or maybe yesterday.  Not sure but that's 23 new cases.


Our churches in town are closed for 2 weeks also.


DD, who I've told to prep for years, let me know she did enough shopping that they had enough food for 2 weeks.  She truthfully thought they were really prepared......sigh!  Asking her if she thought they might to be in lockdown (she's in CA) for more than 2 weeks she said, "I'm sure!"  


"Just suppose", I said, 'the stores don't have food in 2 weeks because of so many different reasons?  What will you do then?"


Believe it or not she said, "Wow, I never thought of that."


She, her husband and son were going to Reno yesterday for her Dr. appointment.  I told her I was going to send her a check for $300 and they were to spend it all on food.  When she asked me what she should buy I realized they have next to nothing that's shelf stable.  I made a list, told her to get everything on it UNLESS it was something they didn't like.  DO NOT get things you won't eat.  In the end I sent her $500 and when they got home from Costco in Reno she sent pictures.  So many pictures of so many things to keep them fed.  Thank heaven!


I also told her to tell NO ONE what they bought.  Put it away and keep quiet.


So many of us here have done this for so many years, it's just become a way of life.  I really thought I'd taught my children better.  Obviously not! :tapfoot:


Stay safe everyone!:grouphug:



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Prepping lessons passed to 3 of our 4 kids. Sometimes kids view us as wise and want to emulate us. Sometimes they think we’re weird and try to be different. I just pray that he comes around to the wisdom of prepping before it is too late.

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For those who wonder why we have mandatory stay at home orders:




The father of a COVID-19 patient in Missouri defied doctor orders to self-quarantine. He went to a school function with another daughter.


Perhaps not coincidentally, now St. Louis is going into a mandatory stay at home order. People are not just stupid about their own safety, they recklessly endanger others.



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Cowgirl, at least you have 3 of the 4 that knows what to do.  We have 2 daughters and 5 grown grandchildren. out of all of those 2 still live at home. One in Army. One in CA knows what to do and is ready. She even has a year's supply of dog food for her puppy. The granddaughter in Washington state knows what to do as her DH is in the Navy hosp.  So what happened to the daughters? They see what we have done and one used to come here to shop for groceries when her DH got laid off years ago. But the advice never stuck. At least her DH has taken over and got things together.  I guess some kids just learn the hard way. 


I must say I am tired of all the things I need to be doing before we end up on lock down. I was really hoping to get the RX's and then stay home for the duration.  Right now I am between spring cleaning as it turned cold and drizzling off and on, so know window washing yet. And between getting the garden together that I wasn't planning on doing this summer.  I think I am just getting tired and run down now. 

Needs me some rest. :shakinghead: Just been in one of those moods where I want to do something but don't know what it is I want to do. Can't get my act together today. 

I guess this coronavirus is getting to a lot of people. I just keep thinking is there anything I am forgetting and it's driving me nuts. 



Lots of meds both OTC and RX almost a check off

Other ways to cook --check

What is it that keeps driving me crazy today.

Propane and Gas --check

I give up.   I think I am just tired.


Hope no one else is going through the what am I forgetting thing.  I am just over it now. Must be getting bed time soon.  Tomorrow is another day. No Church so canning to do and Bible reading.  Then I can call it a day.

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My DD16 had a small meltdown when visiting her dad last summer.  They don't keep much food in the house and she did not know how to cook the exotic fresh ingredients they had.  His mom called to check on them midmorning one day and DD16 said she wasn't sure about lunch.  So my ex shows up for dinner and yells at her for telling his mom there was no food.  Then he asked her why they needed more food on hand and she was so upset all she could think to say was 'zombie apocalypse'.   So he screamed at her and made fun of her for an hour until she was completely in tears.   


Oooof that was some therapy sessions when she got back.   Fast forward to last week when she Skyped  him:  'Its the zombie apocalypse.  I told you that you should have shelf or freezer staples.'

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Littlesister, you aren't alone in your thinking. Every time I say I'm done, I think of another thing to get. Or maybe if I just go shopping one more time I'll find something I didn't think of. 


The weariness really wears on the mind and body. Coupled with worrying about loved ones and not knowing what is to come next...yeah it makes one tired. 

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Euphrasyne, that was a rotten thing for him to do. Some people can be a real a$$.


Yesterday I was trying to tell D-ex about fish antibiotics. He asked me if I've actually taken any of them. I said yes and the Cipro I had cleared up a terrible bladder infection I had last month. He laughed and kept saying I was eating fish food. Knowing I'm terrified of fish. He also laughed because I have different kinds of antibiotics because I'm allergic to nearly all of them. I told him I have Amoxicillin because I know grandson can take it and penicillin because I know son can take it etc. That shut him up. <_<

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My fish have had several rounds of treatment, thank you very effing much!


Euphrasyne, I always say "It depends on how you define 'zombie'!"  Seriously!


And y'all, my older son wouldn't buy peanut butter.  And I can't have the stuff, so he couldn't figure out why I bought a jar of it.  (?????)

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53,578 Italy
25,493 US
25,374 Spain
22,213 Germany
20,610 Iran
14,308 France
8,799 Korea, South
6,575 Switzerland
5,067 United Kingdom
3,640 Netherlands
2,815 Belgium
2,814 Austria
2,118 Norway
1,763 Sweden
1,420 Denmark
1,280 Portugal
1,278 Canada
1,183 Malaysia
1,071 Australia
1,021 Brazil
1,007 Japan
995 Czechia
883 Israel
785 Ireland
730 Pakistan
712 Cruise Ship
670 Turkey
670 Luxembourg
537 Chile
536 Poland
530 Greece
523 Finland
506 Ecuador
481 Qatar
473 Iceland
450 Indonesia
432 Singapore
411 Thailand
392 Saudi Arabia
383 Slovenia
367 Romania
330 India
318 Peru
307 Philippines
306 Russia
306 Estonia
305 Bahrain
294 Egypt
240 South Africa
214 Iraq
206 Croatia
203 Mexico
200 Panama
196 Colombia
187 Lebanon
178 Slovakia
176 Kuwait
171 Serbia
163 Bulgaria
160 Armenia
158 Argentina
153 United Arab Emirates
153 Taiwan*
144 San Marino
139 Algeria
124 Latvia
117 Costa Rica
112 Dominican Republic
110 Uruguay
103 Hungary
96 Morocco
94 Vietnam
93 Bosnia and Herzegovina
88 Andorra
85 North Macedonia
85 Jordan
84 Cyprus
83 Lithuania
83 Brunei
80 Moldova
77 Sri Lanka
76 Albania
76 Belarus
73 Malta
70 Venezuela
64 Burkina Faso
60 Tunisia
53 Cambodia
53 Azerbaijan
53 Kazakhstan
53 Guadeloupe
52 Oman
52 New Zealand
49 Georgia
49 Trinidad and Tobago
47 Ukraine
47 Senegal
45 Reunion
43 Uzbekistan
37 Liechtenstein
32 Martinique
27 Cameroon
25 Bangladesh
24 Afghanistan
24 Honduras
23 Congo (Kinshasa)
22 Nigeria
21 Cuba
19 Bolivia
19 Ghana
18 French Guiana
18 Paraguay
17 Guatemala
17 Rwanda
16 Jamaica
16 Togo
14 Montenegro
14 Mauritius
14 Cote d'Ivoire
14 Kyrgyzstan
13 Maldives
11 Monaco
10 Mongolia
9 Ethiopia
7 Kenya
7 Seychelles
7 Mayotte
7 Guyana
6 Tanzania
6 Barbados
6 Equatorial Guinea
4 Gabon
4 Bahamas, The
4 Suriname
3 Liberia
3 Cabo Verde
3 Congo (Brazzaville)
3 Central African Republic
3 Madagascar
3 El Salvador
3 Namibia
3 Zimbabwe
2 Saint Lucia
2 Benin
2 Angola
2 Guinea
2 Haiti
2 Kosovo
2 Bhutan
2 Sudan
2 Zambia
2 Mauritania
2 Nicaragua

Everywhere else, one each


The website will not let me see the state by state breakdown tonight.


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The list has gotten longer.  Not liking the looks of that list at all Ambergris.


So now they have a at home test coming out. Wonder how well it will work. 

My grandson is not a happy camper right now. He was going to spend the night and he went home to get his pain med. and some extra clothes and his mother just texted me and said not a good idea as he works for the public and she is still working in an office and they have cases of the virus in the area. Plus his sister lives at home and works in an ER. She's right but he is always happy over here. At least he got supper.  And he said mom did not buy much food. So I am going to pack him a box to take home tomorrow. At least he will have food to eat. it's going to be all the things he likes.  Sardines, some candy I have left over from Christmas, And a lot of other goodies that he likes. I am giving him some gloves and sanitizer as well for his car.  He said the GNC store is being very strict on the rules of washing, wiping behind each costumer, and then washing hands till they are falling off. I told his mother to explain the reason he can't come stay the night. He did not understand the part about being a carrier and not showing symptoms and can pass it to someone else. So I am wiping things down and spraying.  

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1 hour ago, euphrasyne said:

My DD16 had a small meltdown when visiting her dad last summer.  They don't keep much food in the house and she did not know how to cook the exotic fresh ingredients they had.  His mom called to check on them midmorning one day and DD16 said she wasn't sure about lunch.  So my ex shows up for dinner and yells at her for telling his mom there was no food.  Then he asked her why they needed more food on hand and she was so upset all she could think to say was 'zombie apocalypse'.   So he screamed at her and made fun of her for an hour until she was completely in tears.   


Oooof that was some therapy sessions when she got back.   Fast forward to last week when she Skyped  him:  'Its the zombie apocalypse.  I told you that you should have shelf or freezer staples.'

That is bad. I know that upset your daughter.  Children usually do not know how to cook exotic foods. I hope he now knows why you told him about the zombie apocalypse situation. He had no right to scream at her or make fun of her. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Wonder how he feels now. 

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Uh oh - looking at the list of countries:  In this boat race.....US of A just pulled ahead to 2nd place.  CO had a hand in that jump.  We went up like 112 cases in 24 hours.  :behindsofa: 


Here is a very scary headline from LA Times: 



L.A. County gives up on containing coronavirus, tells doctors to skip testing of some patients


MtRider  :pray:  

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Russian statistics, per Reuters: 

The number of cases of pneumonia, which can be caused by coronavirus, increased by 37 percent in Moscow year-on-year in January, according to Rosstat, Russia’s statistics agency.

The data showed that the Russian capital, which has 98 confirmed cases of coronavirus, recorded 6,921 pneumonia cases in January, up from 5,058 the previous year. Nationwide pneumonia cases also spiked by over 3 percent year-on-year.

Yet Moscow’s own health department issued a statement on March 13 saying pneumonia cases in January and February were actually 8% and 7% lower than last year.


It did not respond when asked why its data was so different.

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