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5 minutes ago, Homesteader said:

Another interesting chart. Germany's figures look strange .......


A UK doctor has a daily update on world stats, and lots of good info. He mentioned about 3 weeks ago that Germany was counting the deaths as what the original disease was. If they had diabetes and died WITH CV-19, the death certificate stated they died of diabetes. Maybe that's the skew in their numbers. Gotta watch those Germans.  :laughkick:


Those dang Germans ........skewed for accuracy.

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Thanks, Louis.  I was interested in the deaths per million stats.  U.S.A is NOT at the top of that.    .....still a LOT of deaths but eases the heart a bit to know it's not yet decimating our huge population.  :pray: 


It sounds like for most, comorbidity factors played a part, no matter what pushed them over the edge.  Then there is the cytokine storm thing.... 


MtRider  :(  Hope people take personal responsibility seriously as we open up.  {well, some of us do!}

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Right now I just wish the medical field would open up.. I never dreamed that doctor's offices would shut down like this. People still get sick and need a doctor, Not the ER. We are really having a hard time and just running around in circles trying to get DH the help he needs because of the Corvid 19.  If we don't get the proper care for him soon, I am afraid he might not make it.  He gets so out of breath now on exertion, he can hardly get across the floor.  He is in bed asleep now.  Family doctor said he wanted an ultrasound of stomach, well he has already had 2 of them while in hospital. So why another one. This is all they do. Go around and around and avoid the problem while he is suffering.  I am now at my wits end as what to do next. 

I hope and pray no one else is having to deal with this type of thing.  


The stats I am looking at above are bad. This Virus has killed so many and I am afraid that as we start to open up again that things will start to get worse again.  I give it maybe 2 months before we see what is going to happen. Already when I ran to store to pick up a couple of things and some fruit for DH, people are not keeping their distance and only a few were wearing mask.  One other besides myself was wearing gloves that I saw. This isn't going to be over for a long, long time. 

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Hubby and I are not so much afraid of catching the virus as we are of being named a "contact" that they are tracing from somebody else.  Personally, it's our belief at this point that they are after the DNA of every person in our country...if they can find a reason to get it.  We're trying to avoid shopping at any of the big box stores if we can.  The other shoppers seem to think that if they're wearing a mask they don't need to practice social distancing.  Our state is opening up...carefully...and the cases are continuing to drop.  The governor said today that the only reason we saw a spike was because a couple of counties didn't get their case reports in on time.  Then today...listening to the "drill" the Senators put on Dr. Fauche (sp?) and the rest of the task force, seemed to me they were trying to tell all of us that THEY DON'T KNOW DIDDLY SQUAT about what is going to happen when all these state open up. One of them (can't remember which one) said this virus is going to be "in the world" for a very long time and nobody knows when it will come back around.  So now...what are people supposed to do?  Live in fear?  Hide? Let somebody come stick a swab up their nose every time they're "suspected" of having it?  The "regular" flu season will follow the allergy season...and then it will be a mess with every politician trying to do the money grab and hospitals calling everything "covid 19"?  End of rant.

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1,369,386 US
232,243 Russia
228,030 Spain
227,741 United Kingdom
221,216 Italy
178,349 France
177,602 Brazil
173,171 Germany
141,475 Turkey
110,767 Iran
84,011 China
74,292 India
72,419 Canada
72,059 Peru
53,779 Belgium
43,183 Netherlands
42,925 Saudi Arabia
38,324 Mexico
32,674 Pakistan
31,721 Chile
30,419 Ecuador
30,380 Switzerland
27,913 Portugal
27,272 Sweden
25,149 Qatar
24,873 Belarus
24,671 Singapore
23,242 Ireland
19,661 United Arab Emirates
16,921 Poland
16,660 Bangladesh
16,529 Israel
16,023 Ukraine
15,968 Japan
15,961 Austria
15,778 Romania
14,749 Indonesia
12,272 Colombia
11,350 Philippines
11,350 South Africa
10,962 Korea, South
10,900 Dominican Republic
10,789 Denmark
10,277 Kuwait
10,243 Serbia
10,093 Egypt
8,783 Panama
8,198 Czechia
8,157 Norway
6,980 Australia
6,742 Malaysia
6,563 Argentina
6,418 Morocco
6,067 Algeria
6,003 Finland
5,531 Bahrain
5,279 Kazakhstan
5,154 Moldova
5,127 Ghana
4,963 Afghanistan
4,787 Nigeria
3,894 Luxembourg
3,721 Oman
3,538 Armenia
3,313 Hungary
3,017 Thailand
2,913 Iraq
2,831 Bolivia
2,744 Greece
2,693 Azerbaijan
2,689 Cameroon
2,519 Uzbekistan
2,298 Guinea
2,207 Croatia
2,158 Bosnia and Herzegovina
2,100 Honduras
2,023 Bulgaria
1,995 Senegal
1,857 Cote d'Ivoire
1,804 Cuba
1,801 Iceland
1,746 Estonia
1,674 North Macedonia
1,661 Sudan
1,497 New Zealand
1,491 Lithuania
1,465 Slovakia
1,461 Slovenia
1,256 Djibouti
1,170 Somalia
1,114 Guatemala
1,102 Congo (Kinshasa)
1,037 Kyrgyzstan
1,032 Tunisia
998 El Salvador
950 Latvia
919 Kosovo
904 Maldives
903 Cyprus
889 Sri Lanka
876 Albania
870 Lebanon
863 Gabon
854 Niger
820 Guinea-Bissau
804 Costa Rica
766 Burkina Faso
758 Andorra
737 Paraguay
730 Mali
729 Tajikistan
717 Uruguay
715 Kenya
712 Diamond Princess
642 Georgia
638 San Marino
576 Jordan
509 Tanzania
507 Jamaica
506 Malta
441 Zambia
440 Taiwan*
439 Equatorial Guinea
423 Venezuela
375 West Bank and Gaza
357 Chad
338 Sierra Leone
333 Congo (Brazzaville)
332 Mauritius
327 Benin
324 Montenegro
288 Vietnam
286 Rwanda
267 Cabo Verde
261 Ethiopia
217 Nepal
211 Liberia
209 Haiti
208 Sao Tome and Principe
199 Togo
194 South Sudan
186 Madagascar
184 Eswatini
180 Burma
143 Central African Republic
141 Brunei
129 Uganda
122 Cambodia
116 Trinidad and Tobago
113 Guyana
104 Mozambique
96 Monaco
93 Bahamas
85 Barbados
82 Liechtenstein
65 Yemen
64 Libya
57 Malawi
47 Syria
45 Angola
42 Mongolia
39 Eritrea
36 Zimbabwe
25 Antigua and Barbuda
25 Nicaragua
24 Botswana
24 Timor-Leste
22 Gambia
21 Grenada
19 Laos
18 Belize
18 Fiji
18 Saint Lucia
17 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
16 Dominica
16 Namibia
15 Burundi
15 Saint Kitts and Nevis
12 Holy See
11 Bhutan
11 Comoros
11 Seychelles
10 Suriname
9 MS Zaandam
9 Mauritania
8 Papua New Guinea
6 Western Sahara


States reporting at least 20,000 confirmed cases:

338,485 New York 

140,917 New Jersey 

83,021 Illinois 

79,332 Massachusetts 

70,782 California 

61,310 Pennsylvania 

48,021 Michigan 

41,923 Florida 

41,432 Texas 

34,924 Georgia 

34,333 Connecticut 

34,061 Maryland 

32,050 Louisiana 

25,800 Virginia 

25,250 Ohio 

25,127 Indiana 

20,157 Colorado 

82,339 deaths have been attributed to the corona virus in the US

States reporting at least 1000 deaths, some also with recovery numbers:

27,284 deaths, 58,679 recovered New York population 19.5 million in 2019

9,531 deaths, 15,642 New Jersey pop 8.88

5,141 deaths,  Massachusetts pop 6.89

4,674 deaths, 22,686 recovered Michigan pop 10

3,914 deaths,  Pennsylvania pop 12.8

3,601 deaths,  Illinois pop 12.7

3,041 deaths, 5,413 recovered Connecticut pop 3.56

2,859 deaths,  California pop 39.5

2,347 deaths, 22,608 recovered Louisiana pop 4.65

1,779 deaths,  Florida pop 21.5

1,756 deaths, 2,394 recovered Maryland pop 6.05

1,578 deaths,  Indiana pop 6.73

1,498 deaths,  Georgia pop 10.6

1,436 deaths,  Ohio pop 11.7

1,146 deaths, 21,713 recovered Texas pop 29

1,010 deaths, 3,114 Colorado pop 5.76


9,637,930 tests have been reported in the US

Most of them have been reported in:

1,225,113 New York 

1,033,370 California 

579,604 Florida 

525,697 Texas 

471,691 Illinois 

433,060 New Jersey 

401,496 Massachusetts 

307,890 Michigan 

295,980 Pennsylvania 

283,824 Tennessee 

262,179 Georgia 

252,108 Washington 

228,012 Louisiana 

217,731 Ohio 

202,244 North Carolina 


The following states have reported more than 1000 people hospitalized.

Bear in mind the 60% mortality rate of hospitalized people in the US.

73,143 New York 

9,389 Connecticut 

7,842 Massachusetts 

7,654 Florida 

6,287 Maryland 

6,130 Georgia 

4,929 Virginia 

4,539 Ohio 

3,663 Colorado 

1,877 Wisconsin 

1,799 Minnesota 

1,767 Kentucky 

1,582 Mississippi 

1,564 Arizona 

1,363 Tennessee 

1,338 South Carolina 

1,307 Rhode Island 

1,287 Alabama 

Evening figures on May 12

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22 minutes ago, The WE2's said:


Would you care to explain?


The people wading up to the ark in the pouring rain and hammering on the closed door, screaming how unfair this is, how they didn't know. 

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Classic example would be the young man in Kappy's neighborhood who wasn't worried at all cuz he's young = invulnerable ......until his older parents pointed out that HE LIVES WITH THEM! 


Clearly we are globally on a wretched balancing act that not all of us are going to win.  If not COVID, then economy, or emotional damage, or political undercurrents, or ......??? 


MtRider  :shrug: 



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Thanks Ambergris, for the population of states with the death count.  That always gives a better perspective on how bad a state is being hit.  Like Connecticut.   CO just went over 1,000 death count. 


MtRider  :(  

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Littlesister, from what you've said, it sounds like your husband needs a port of some kind to properly keep that fluid drained. I'm sure he would feel much better. Not to mention his health. Most times it can be inserted as an out patient and then you can drain it as needed at home. Poor guy must be miserable and I know you are worried sick. I never thought I'd see the day doctors offices would close either. I don't have video conference capability. I'm wondering if this virus is the reason my doctor is retiring in July. It's hard to tell her age but I know she is younger than I am. Then again...who isnt. :pout:


Added a thought, wonder if they could use a shunt or stent of some sort to drain directly into the bladder or someplace? Just thinking out loud. 



We2 I agree about wanting to swab everyone. Doctors, hospitals and clinics want to get as many positives as possible so they can ask for government assistance. I think they are trying to harvests our DNA too. 

That started with those home ancestor kits. D-ex did one. :rolleyes: he wanted me to do one so our grandson could have the info when he is older. I said the only way I would do it is if grandson had some illness and our ethnicity results would help him. Otherwise...no thank you. I said let me guess what yours said. You are primarily 80% German, English, Irish,  10% Eastern European, 5% Scandinavian and 5% Neanderthal.  He was amazed at my accuracy. Well since we are Caucasian and that's where most of the people came from to settle this country, it only makes sense. Oh yeah. :blush:  He is one quarter native American but that wasn't picked up or menrioned.  Ack, I'm off chasing squirrels again. Focus!.


I heard where they want to start going into people's homes and testing for the virus. Why. Tap into government money if they find a trace of it and pad the medical fields pockets. Same reason hospitals are eager to say a person died from covid-19 even though they really died from a heart attack. $$$$


I'll do anything I can to keep them out of my house. I'll step on the porch or in the garage. Anything to keep them out of my house and seeing what all I have stored up. 


I think they are opening things up too soon. I'm almost certain the virus is going to spike again in a couple of weeks. I'm getting a grocery haul in before Monday so I can stay in another couple of weeks. On the other hand how much more can our economy stay afloat if we don't open soon.

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On Wednesday evening, Tampa epidemiologist and chair of the USF Department of Internal Medicine Dr. John Sinnott participated in a live, online conversation with Dr. Mohsen Milani of USF’s Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies regarding COVID-19 called “The COVID Crisis: From ‘What If’ to ‘Now What?’” Sinnott’s insights touched on the 1917-1918 Spanish flu (“Much of what we learned in 1918 we’ve managed to forget by 2020”), latex gloves (“They remind you not to touch your face...but don’t be handling them, because they could be covered in virus”), and the “herd-immunity” approach being used in countries like Sweden (“They’re taking a big chance”).

Sinnott noted that the Tampa area has been dealing with the original Chinese strain of the virus, which has a lower mortality rate (about 2 percent) than the strain seen in New York (about 7 percent mortality), a mutation that originated in Milan, Italy.

Sinnott also dismissed theories that COVID-19 was a man-made infection, though he noted that the current crisis demonstrates how unprepared the country is for actual bioterrorism.

When asked about a return to “normal time,” Sinnott compared the COVID-19 crisis to 9/11: “We will never return to normal after this,” he said. “There’s going to be a catastrophic depression. People will be full of fear about being infected. It’s going to take us longer than we think.”

He added, “If we do everything right, we can probably stop wearing masks in 2022.”

Dr. John Sinnott’s Recommendations for stemming the COVID-19 Impact
“The No. 1 thing that’s simple to do: If you don’t have kidney or liver disease, you should be taking 4,000 units of vitamin D daily. I can’t clear infections if they’re low on vitamin D. Do I take them every day? Religiously. Two small capsules.”
“No one should be around other people, outside their family, without a mask. At a grocery store Saturday night, the woman in front of me was sweating profusely, coughing and had no mask on. Masks don’t just protect you; they protect other people from your droplets. And she was coughing everywhere. I just left the store.”
“You should be washing your hands every hour. You don’t know what you’re touching.”
“Avoid elevators. They’re crowded and pneumatic with dramatic changes in air pressure, and an ideal place to pick up a virus.”
“At a grocery store, you see people pick up an item and put it back on the shelf. That virus can live three to four days on that can. [After purchasing,] I will spray that off with a solution of alcohol, or alcohol and Windex, just let it dry, and then it’s nontoxic.”
“Outside, when you’re around someone else, I want you to think of them smoking a cigarette. Where would that smoke go? Envision that smoke as coronavirus. It’s clearly spread by speaking, and it’s clearly airborne.”
“People should not take Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve or any of these non-steroidal groups of compounds. They should only be taking Tylenol for their aches and pains.”
“Finally, people should follow public health recommendations and, in the fall, get the influenza vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine.”

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I tried to quote Ambergris and WE2s but couldn't get it to work.


To me "the kind" Ambergris is referring to  means this: We all know there are people who learn from reading and observing  the experience of others and there are people who learn from having the experience themselves. DH has a relative like that. If it's not happening to her or someone she knows, it's not happening. She has to physically or emotionally experience something to believe that it can happen. 

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DNA harvesting...  population control....  money grubbing... scare tactics.... it all seems plausible to me.   :hidingsmile:


I’m not going to quit wearing my PPE.  Nope.  If others don’t care about their health, that’s their problem.  If they don’t feel it’s a real threat, that’s their problem.  I’m near the Mexican border, right now. I am doing everything I can to not get anything that may be going around this area.  BTDT.  :groooansmileyf:


So far, I’ve seen children wearing mask, but, not the parents, really?  :shakinghead:


:ph34r:   <— me in my N-95.  :animal0017:



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IF (big IF) you get any sort of immunity from this by having had it....then I'd rather get it now before it mutates into something  more horrid and all the handwashing wrecks my immune system for all the nasty bugs.  It isn't going to magically disappear over time, and it will be years before there is a vaccine.  


That being said, we are being careful and not leaving the house when we do not need to and I hate interacting with people even before COVID. 

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Oye!  This is a very short vid showing how virus can spread .....not even the airborne affects....at a smorgasbord cruise-type meal.  This means community/church potlucks too.   Family dinner at Grandma's house. 


The 'victim' applies a cream to her hands that will show up in black light.  She and tablemates are wearing eye protection ......cuz we all touch our face/eyes too much.  Of course the cream was transferring readily  [more than a bacteria/virus????] but it sure shows the transfer. 




MtRider  :o  

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I posted on what are you doing today about DH.  But this will fit in on here I think.  My friend said that they have been trying to figure out why the ER is empty of patients that need to come to ER. Said they are afraid to come to hospital and some are at home dying because they can't get the treatment they need. Things such as stroke and heart attack and other illnesses as well. She said that DH did what needed to be done and took the chance and the protocols  to come to ER and be admitted. But then while in hospital the ball got dropped and no one did anything for him.  One would say it's his kidney's another it's his liver and another it was something else, etc.  He came home in worse shape than when he went in. all do to the corvid virus.  He tested neg. and never got the call from hospital after the results were in to come to the hosp. and get admitted to a regular floor. Again they dropped that ball. So now we are going to have him direct admitted through his heart doctor. No corvid floor like they tried to do Monday when I took him back to the ER.


No wonder no one will go to ER.  And yes a lot of people that would have gone there might just have been admitted to the corvid floor though they may not have had the virus.  You are NOT suppose to be admitted to that floor unless you are showing signs of Corvid. If you have a temp. which DH did not have, They are suppose to do the test and send you home IF you are able to wait till test comes back.  It took 24 hours for the test results the way we had it done in ER.  So this is going to be the new norm and yes we are going to have to fight for better care because of this.  I do understand the why's but not the way they are treating NON Corvid patients.  Seems the doctors and hosp. staff are so afraid of catching it they don't want anyone in the hospital that might put them at risk if they are not on that corvid floor.  A lot of doctors will not open up the offices for patients to be seen.  I am thinking the new norm will be virtual visits by cell phones. My phone will not do that and unless they want to buy me a new phone, I am not putting out the money for one.  So they can open up the office and take the precautions.  When we did see the heart doctor we both wore our mask and twice before getting into the office we had our temps taking. So no excuse.  Our family doctor has it set up for seeing patients. You stay in car and call the number they give you and they check you in by phone. Then when nurse is ready to call you back, they call you on the phone to come into office and straight back to exam room.  All doctors can follow that protocol. There will be no one waiting in the waiting room. You must stay in parking lot in your car till called to come in. 

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I've had parking lot visits and have had doctors postpone/cancel visits on me.  Have also been told to go check myself into the hospital (and didn't go for exactly this reason).  DS1 has had some video medical visits.  It's going to be the new norm.  It's also going to save some dollars on maintenance personnel--don't think the health care industry hasn't considered this angle.


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1,390,361 US
242,271 Russia
230,986 United Kingdom
228,691 Spain
222,104 Italy
189,157 Brazil
178,184 France
174,098 Germany
143,114 Turkey
112,725 Iran
84,024 China
78,055 India
76,306 Peru
73,568 Canada
53,981 Belgium
44,830 Saudi Arabia
43,410 Netherlands
40,186 Mexico
35,298 Pakistan
34,381 Chile
30,486 Ecuador
30,413 Switzerland
28,132 Portugal
27,909 Sweden
26,539 Qatar
25,825 Belarus
25,346 Singapore
23,401 Ireland
20,386 United Arab Emirates
17,822 Bangladesh
17,204 Poland
16,548 Israel
16,425 Ukraine
16,049 Japan
16,002 Romania
15,997 Austria
15,438 Indonesia
12,930 Colombia
12,074 South Africa
11,618 Philippines
11,196 Dominican Republic
11,028 Kuwait
10,991 Korea, South
10,865 Denmark
10,431 Egypt
10,295 Serbia
8,783 Panama
8,269 Czechia
8,175 Norway
6,988 Australia
6,879 Argentina
6,779 Malaysia
6,512 Morocco
6,253 Algeria
6,054 Finland
5,816 Bahrain
5,417 Kazakhstan
5,408 Ghana
5,406 Moldova
5,226 Afghanistan
4,971 Nigeria
4,019 Oman
3,904 Luxembourg
3,718 Armenia
3,341 Hungary
3,148 Bolivia
3,032 Iraq
3,017 Thailand
2,800 Cameroon
2,760 Greece
2,758 Azerbaijan
2,612 Uzbekistan
2,374 Guinea
2,213 Croatia
2,181 Bosnia and Herzegovina
2,105 Senegal
2,080 Honduras
2,069 Bulgaria
1,912 Cote d'Ivoire
1,818 Sudan
1,810 Cuba
1,802 Iceland
1,751 Estonia
1,694 North Macedonia
1,505 Lithuania
1,497 New Zealand
1,469 Slovakia
1,463 Slovenia
1,342 Guatemala
1,268 Djibouti
1,219 Somalia
1,169 Congo (Kinshasa)
1,044 Kyrgyzstan
1,037 El Salvador
1,032 Tunisia
1,004 Gabon
955 Maldives
951 Latvia
919 Kosovo
915 Sri Lanka
905 Cyprus
880 Albania
878 Lebanon
860 Niger
836 Guinea-Bissau
815 Costa Rica
801 Tajikistan
773 Burkina Faso
760 Andorra
758 Mali
740 Paraguay
737 Kenya
719 Uruguay
712 Diamond Princess
647 Georgia
643 San Marino
582 Jordan
522 Equatorial Guinea
509 Jamaica
509 Tanzania
508 Malta
446 Zambia
440 Taiwan*
423 Venezuela
387 Sierra Leone
375 West Bank and Gaza
372 Chad
333 Congo (Brazzaville)
332 Mauritius
327 Benin
324 Montenegro
289 Cabo Verde
288 Vietnam
287 Rwanda
263 Ethiopia
243 Nepal
234 Haiti
220 Sao Tome and Principe
219 Togo
213 Liberia
212 Madagascar
203 South Sudan
187 Eswatini
181 Burma
143 Central African Republic
141 Brunei
139 Uganda
122 Cambodia
116 Trinidad and Tobago
113 Guyana
104 Mozambique
96 Monaco
94 Bahamas
85 Barbados
82 Liechtenstein
70 Yemen
64 Libya
63 Malawi
48 Syria
45 Angola
42 Mongolia
39 Eritrea
37 Zimbabwe
25 Antigua and Barbuda
25 Nicaragua
24 Botswana
24 Timor-Leste
23 Gambia
21 Grenada
19 Laos
18 Belize
18 Fiji
18 Saint Lucia
17 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
16 Dominica
16 Namibia
15 Burundi
15 Mauritania
15 Saint Kitts and Nevis
12 Holy See
11 Bhutan
11 Comoros
11 Seychelles
10 Suriname
9 MS Zaandam
8 Papua New Guinea
6 Western Sahara
1 Lesotho


States reporting at least 20,000 cases:

340,661 New York 

141,560 New Jersey 

84,694 Illinois 

80,497 Massachusetts

72,754  California 

62,101 Pennsylvania 

48,391 Michigan 

43,020 Texas 

42,402 Florida 

35,427 Georgia 

34,855 Connecticut 

34,812 Maryland 

32,662 Louisiana 

26,746 Virginia 

25,721 Ohio 

25,473  Indiana

20,475 Colorado 


84,118 total US deaths

May 13 late night figures

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I have to go to my OB every other week and he sees me in person (I have to have an ultrasound every 2 weeks due to health issues)  my DH always comes with me.  We have to jump through hoops at the front door, but it is fine after that.    My therapist sees me on video chat and that works out, but my hearing impaired child still goes in to see her therapist because she has trouble communicating (hearing) him over the phone.   My GI doctor does the video call thing and my nutritionist just calls me on the phone.     


We did not take DH to the ER when he burnt himself b/c we didn't feel like the RX cream was worth the crazy.  I do not like the video calls.  I feel like they are the equivalent of me googling my symptoms and it makes me extremely less likely to make medical appointments unless there is a very clear need for Rx.  I also do not like the 'call me in the car mechanic.'  I forget my phone half the time and this is bound to cause issues in the long run.  Also, I hate it when they take my teen kids without me and then make appointments with them without looking at my schedule.  I'd almost rather not have routine care than deal with that.



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1,417,512 US
252,245 Russia
234,440 United Kingdom
229,540 Spain
223,096 Italy
202,918 Brazil
178,994 France
174,478 Germany
144,749 Turkey
114,533 Iran
84,029 China
81,997 India
80,604 Peru
74,781 Canada
54,288 Belgium
46,869 Saudi Arabia
43,680 Netherlands
42,595 Mexico
37,040 Chile
35,788 Pakistan
30,502 Ecuador
30,463 Switzerland
28,582 Sweden
28,319 Portugal
28,272 Qatar
26,772 Belarus
26,098 Singapore
23,827 Ireland
21,084 United Arab Emirates
18,863 Bangladesh
17,615 Poland
16,847 Ukraine
16,579 Israel
16,247 Romania
16,120 Japan
16,058 Austria
16,006 Indonesia
13,610 Colombia
12,739 South Africa
11,975 Kuwait
11,876 Philippines
11,320 Dominican Republic
10,991 Korea, South
10,911 Denmark
10,829 Egypt
10,374 Serbia
8,944 Panama
8,351 Czechia
8,196 Norway
7,134 Argentina
7,019 Australia
6,819 Malaysia
6,607 Morocco
6,442 Algeria
6,198 Bahrain
6,145 Finland
5,639 Afghanistan
5,571 Kazakhstan
5,553 Moldova
5,530 Ghana
5,162 Nigeria
4,341 Oman
3,915 Luxembourg
3,860 Armenia
3,380 Hungary
3,148 Bolivia
3,143 Iraq
3,018 Thailand
2,954 Cameroon
2,879 Azerbaijan
2,770 Greece
2,645 Uzbekistan
2,473 Guinea
2,255 Honduras
2,221 Croatia
2,218 Bosnia and Herzegovina
2,189 Senegal
2,100 Bulgaria
1,971 Cote d'Ivoire
1,830 Cuba
1,818 Sudan
1,802 Iceland
1,758 Estonia
1,723 North Macedonia
1,511 Lithuania
1,498 New Zealand
1,477 Slovakia
1,464 Slovenia
1,342 Guatemala
1,284 Djibouti
1,284 Somalia
1,242 Congo (Kinshasa)
1,112 El Salvador
1,104 Gabon
1,082 Kyrgyzstan
1,032 Tunisia
982 Maldives
962 Latvia
944 Kosovo
925 Sri Lanka
913 Guinea-Bissau
907 Cyprus
907 Tajikistan
898 Albania
886 Lebanon
876 Niger
830 Costa Rica
779 Mali
773 Burkina Faso
761 Andorra
758 Kenya
754 Paraguay
724 Uruguay
712 Diamond Princess
667 Georgia
654 Zambia
648 San Marino
586 Jordan
583 Equatorial Guinea
522 Malta
509 Jamaica
509 Tanzania
455 Venezuela
440 Taiwan*
408 Sierra Leone
399 Chad
391 Congo (Brazzaville)
375 West Bank and Gaza
339 Benin
332 Mauritius
324 Montenegro
315 Cabo Verde
312 Vietnam
287 Rwanda
273 Haiti
272 Ethiopia
249 Nepal
238 Togo
235 Sao Tome and Principe
230 Madagascar
215 Liberia
203 South Sudan
187 Eswatini
181 Burma
160 Uganda
143 Central African Republic
141 Brunei
122 Cambodia
116 Trinidad and Tobago
115 Mozambique
113 Guyana
98 Mongolia
96 Bahamas
96 Monaco
85 Barbados
85 Yemen
82 Liechtenstein
64 Libya
63 Malawi
48 Angola
48 Syria
39 Eritrea
37 Zimbabwe
25 Antigua and Barbuda
25 Nicaragua
24 Botswana
24 Timor-Leste
23 Gambia
21 Grenada
20 Mauritania
19 Bhutan
19 Laos
18 Belize
18 Fiji
18 Saint Lucia
17 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
16 Dominica
16 Namibia
15 Burundi
15 Saint Kitts and Nevis
12 Holy See
11 Comoros
11 Seychelles
10 Suriname
9 MS Zaandam
8 Papua New Guinea
6 Western Sahara
1 Lesotho


States reporting the most confirmed cases

343,051 New York 

142,704 New Jersey 

87,937 Illinois 

82,182 Massachusetts 

74,630 California 

63,105 Pennsylvania 

49,582 Michigan 

44,480 Texas 

43,210 Florida 

35,977 Georgia 

35,903 Maryland 

35,464 Connecticut 

33,489 Louisiana 

27,813 Virginia 

26,357 Ohio 

26,053 Indiana 

20,838 Colorado 



83,820  Lombardia, Italy population 10 million

65,693 Madrid Spain  population 6.7 million

55,482  Catalonia Spain population 7.56 million

45,352 Bayern Germany population 13 million

40,732  Quebec Canada  population 8.5 million

35,741 Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany population 17.9 million

33,804 Baden-Wurttemberg Germany population 11 million

29,209  Piemonte Italy population 4.36 million

27,056  Emilia-Romagna Italy population 4.46 million

22,865 Ontario Canada population 14.6 million


85,886 deaths US 246,414 recovered US

States reporting at least 1000 deaths, with recovery numbers where available:

27,641 deaths, 59,758 recovered New York 

9,946 deaths, 15,642 recovered New Jersey 

5,482 deaths,  Massachusetts 

4,787 deaths, 22,686 recovered Michigan 

4,288 deaths,  Pennsylvania 

3,928 deaths,  Illinois 

3,219 deaths, 6,264 recovered Connecticut 

3,043 deaths,  California 

2,417 deaths, 22,608 recovered Louisiana 

1,875 deaths,  Florida 

1,866 deaths, 2,569 recovered Maryland 

1,646 deaths,  Indiana 

1,545 deaths,  Georgia 

1,534 deaths,  Ohio

1,235 deaths, 24,487 recovered Texas 

1,086 deaths, 3,217 recovered Colorado


Total Test Results in US: 10,341,775

1,298,757 New York 

1,104,651 California 

623,284 Texas 

608,837 Florida 

512,037 Illinois 

451,696 New Jersey 

410,032 Massachusetts 

335,883 Michigan 

311,195 Pennsylvania 

302,317 Tennessee 

285,881 Georgia 

261,080 Washington 

247,588 Louisiana 

233,352 Ohio 

219,268 North Carolina 


States reporting at least 1000 cumulative hospitalizations:

74,433 New York 

10,946 Connecticut 

8,032 Massachusetts 

7,993 Florida 

6,553 Maryland 

6,345 Georgia 

5,211 Virginia 

4,718 Ohio 

4,389 Indiana 

3,735 Colorado 

1,939 Wisconsin 

1,915 Minnesota 

1,835 Kentucky 

1,667 Mississippi 

1,636 Arizona 

1,435 Tennessee 

1,351 Rhode Island 

1,350 Alabama 

1,338 South Carolina 


Late night data from May 14

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Hmmm...Russia just climbed the ladder. 


And poor Yemen is at 85.....kinda using that country as a meter for how fast even smaller nation can multiply [since it stayed allegedly at ONE for so long].  Population around 30 million.  So not too small. 


Colorado's governor has declared tomorrow as a remembrance for the 1,091 [and counting]  people who have died.  Govt bldgs will have red lights on....or something.  But I like his slogan:  EVERY NUMBER HAS A NAME.  :sigh:    Yes, and many who mourn each person.


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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On 5/13/2020 at 9:03 PM, Ambergris said:

It's also going to save some dollars on maintenance personnel--don't think the health care industry hasn't considered this angle.


DH had a tele health visit with a doc the other day.  I have to wonder how much they are charging the VA for this?  As much as an office visit?

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