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Oh no, Euphasyne.  I’m so sorry.  I have just gone through almost a year of hand and wrist problems, not broken but severe nerve damage, but I know some of what you will be going through.  You will be in my thoughts. :hug3:

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Good morning!


Today, I'll walk first and walk dogs.

Work on moving websites to new laptop.

Gene to Doc for follow up--he's not doing as well as he should be-- for lung infection.

Check out garden after yesterday's big rain.

Prayer meeting at 6:30.

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Easter is just around the corner, so I did a practice run of Hot Cross Buns. Need to make a thicker paste to put the crosses on, but otherwise....OMG! they are to die for.







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I did a little bit of shopping today. Not much. I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up six of those tall skinny candles. I didn't have any. I'm not sure how to light them once they burn down low. Maybe a piece of spaghetti? Believe it or not, it makes a pretty good lighter. It doesn't stay lit very long but it can get the job done. I still have a resentment over Dollar Tree going to $1.25.


I went to Meijers for some fresh fruit and veg. They have the best in my area. I nosed around a little and the shelves were looking pretty good. Even the pasta aisle was nearly full of the Barilla brand. The frozen food cases were another story. They were almost empty. Meat was plentiful but it was all a limit of two packs each.


I drove through Burger King for my special treat...vanilla coke. They had a sign up saying they would be closing at 3:00pm for at least the next two weeks because of staff shortages. That isn't the first time they have had to do that this past year. Hope things get better for them when school is out. 


I meant to go to Best Buy in hopes of finding a transfer cord (thanks for the hint Midnightmom) for the Kindle but forgot to take it along. That's usually the first thing they ask me; did you bring your device?


I ordered 3 small things from Amazon around 1:00pm. They said it should be here between 5:00pm - 10:00pm. I got home from errands around 4:00pm and the package was already here. How do they do that?  Are they using drones between warehouses? Teleporting? 


Tornado season is just around the corner again. It's raining here now but with tornado warnings for the county south of me. Hope everyone in the south stayed safe from the bad weather yesterday. Miki? 


Gas is still holding at $4.09. 



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Ooh those buns look amazing! I worked all day, but DH went to the store and picked up the weekly groceries. Accidently bought 10 lbs of flour instead of sugar so adding that to my preps. Will go back tomorrow for the sugar. My garden seeds are sprouting despite the mold, and the new ones are planted so I'll have double if they all make it. Ben even recognized the beet sprouts because they were red which made me smile since I never taught him that. He is very interested in the garden we are planning. I'm considering starting a flock of chickens any recommendations on a good breed to start with for a newbie? 

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One of our big box stores had some cheap fruit trees in this week so I got a couple of Apple trees. Not the sort of trees I would normally buy, however, we don't have much of a garden, but we do have a large area of wasteland over the back wall so I'm going to start a little guerrilla garden. I have a thornless blackberry, Rhubarb and a  gooseberry plant as well. If they make it, brilliant, I and anyone who wants them have a free supply of fruit, if they die, I haven't lost much money and it's worth a try. 

I've also got the first veg bed ready to plant up. This year I'm direct sowing everything to see how things go, rather than start things indoors.


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ER said see specialist next day, but he is out of town.  His office scheduled me for next monday.  I am in a lot of pain and cannot move the arm without picking it up with the other hand.  DH told his boss he could either take 2 weeks sick leave or telework and he got put on telework for now.  He has plenty of sick leave.  


This past year has not been good to me.  DH says this accident is more redneck than the pool ladder.   I slipped on a poptart container the baby pulled out of the pantry.

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Having to wait so long, euphrasyne is just wrong, but it seems to have become the way of things in this day and age! :tapfoot:


I pray your pain goes away soon and I'm so glad your DH is able to be home to help you.  


Prayers for an early recovery. :hug3:

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I'm exhausted today! Walked anyway and will walk dogs.
DH is not responding to the antibiotics for his lung infection. Doc says 2 more weeks and then we may have to go to IV antibiotics at home. Sigh. So didn't sleep well at all last night.

Have to go to tax appt. this afternoon and then maybe Bible study this afternoon. Friday and Saturday, I won't be around - helping friend.
Looking for rest...

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Browsed through briefly…. Keeping everyone in my :pray:


Life has been a whirlwind, with MIL & DH.  I’m not complaining… just a lot more work than I am used to.  Maybe all that will help me strengthen myself up some.


Garden is growing, some seeds didn’t sprout.  Can’t figure out why, the oregano & thyme sprouted great, but, now are dying.  :scratchhead:  Hoping at least one of the dozens of seedlings keep growing.  

Sourdough bread, from the natural historical starter, is rising.  First time making it without any store bought yeast.


Gotta go……. 



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Cutting wood.  Dropped a huge dead oak for a neighbor.  36" base? I didn't measure it, but the 24" bar wouldn't cut all the way thru...


Now we have to limb it out and clean up.  Once the mill arrives, we will try to get some of the trunk cut into lumber.

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6 minutes ago, Jeepers said:

Amber, is that you? And did you have an EEG for 24 hours?  Girl, I hope you are okay!  :hug3:

I started it around lunchtime today.  Supposed to start it this morning.  We are trying to get more information.

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I don’t know anyone yet but I will definitely be remembering those who need it in my prayers. 
This is the first morning since I started consistently working out in January that it’s warm enough that I can enjoy post-workout coffee outside on the patio. Catching a bit of vitamin D before I clean up and get on with the day B)

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