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That tree still looks like there's a lot of work left Vic303.  How nice it will be to have on hand for your sawmill or burning.  Be careful!


I'm home from church and thinking about fixing dinner.  It's 11:00 so soon I need to do more than think about it. :0327:


Otherwise, this afternoon I plan on going to visit an elderly relative, 97, of DH's.  She and I have become good friends and can visit way longer than we should. She lives alone in her home and doesn't cook any longer.  I always try to take her something so that's another thing I better think about before long.  I do a lot of thinking. :whistling:  If I did as much work as I do thinking I'd get a lot more accomplished.


You all have a good day! :bighug2:

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3 hours ago, Annarchy said:

It’s supposed to be 93°+ today.   90° yesterday….  It’s summer here in the desert…..  :knary:

I wasn't sure how to react to your post, Annarchy. It is 29 degrees here and we are under a winter storm warning. :scratchhead:

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Everyone is busy today! My buckets arrived yesterday so I'm putting my bags of cornmeal and flour and rice in them I have 3 more which I will fill with sugar and beans and pet food. I put in my request to have the utilities marked so I can start rototilling the new garden bed next weekend. My rose bushes should hopefully arrive this week this week as well so I'm excited about getting them planted as well. Have to have some beauty amongst all the work to be prepped. 


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I've missed lots while I was unable to use computer for very long at a time.  I had one cataract removed.  Now I have one nearsighted eye, one farsighted, LOL,  Kinda like bifocals except I have to shut one eye depending on what I'm looking at!


We are finally getting some strength back from our bouts with covid... and we getting the garden in.  Today I planted some Catawissa Walking onions, the other onions and garlic have not arrived yet.  (The catawissa ones are larger than the Egyptian ones, and were bred originally in Pensylvania, to make more small topsets.  They were supposedly used to produce 'baby onions' commercially.)  I'm hoping they will establish here quickly.  Some pickled onions would be a tasty relish for a pickle tray.

I have been setting aside kitty litter pails for a while, and they are coming in handy.  They will hold some herbs.  IDK why but we ALWAYS get too many things to fit in our garden, and end up stuffing in extras all over the place.  The litter pails work nice - I made 2 wicking ones last year for catnip and lemon balm, and both are growing back after their winter die down.


One of our cats got in a heck of a fight - we are thinking with a raccoon- and had to go to the vet.  He is still there, with half his body shaved to get at and clean all his puncture woulds which were infected (naturally).  Thank goodness for a vet who takes time payments.  There are cheaper ones, but this one takes time payments the others do not.  So kitty is lounging in his cage there, and when he comes home will be indoors in a cage ti finish healing.  The vet says all our kitties are very friendly when we bring them in - no biting, hissing or fighting.  We handle them a lot, even the outdoor ones, so they do not go feral.  But it sure is pricey when they get banged up.  First Woodsey was grabbed by an owl and fought free (gouged throat and shoulder) and now Roamer gets his side torn open.  Ouch. 


Chainsaw Mary's birthday was yesterday.  I made her a red velvet cake (her favorite) and tried out the triple deck pan set I found online.  It has one 7 inch, one 5 inch and one 3 inch pan to make tiers, and takes one box of cake mix.  She thought it was cute, especially that little old "hat" of a third layer...about the size of a cupcake.  We ate it first so we could fit the rest under the cake cover, LOL.  6 inches was too tall for the cake covers we have.  I also got her a 9mm Bodyguard semi-auto, and a set of paracord wrapped handle tools with belt holders - a hatchet, a knife, a firestarter and a flashlight.  Then she got another huge surprise to us both...when we picked up the Bodyguard, they were having a raffle, so we put in $10 and she won 3rd prize - a $300 gift certificate from the gun store.  (AMMO!!!)  I told her maybe we should find a gun store to buy lottery tickets in since our luck seems to revolve around firearms, LOL.


Euphraysne, how is that wrist doing? Not your dominant hand I hope.  That is one tough way to learn to be ambidextrous.  





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With the crazy weather we had here this week and the chaos I have going on at work I’m playing catch up here. Praying for all of you dealing with illness, accidents and Drs right now and also for those who are dealing with contractors…what a headache! I do not envy you but it will be worth it when the work is done.


I spent a lot of time at our local Herb Shop wandering around trying to figure out what everything was. I walked out empty handed and with a ton of questions. Made a quick trip to the annual street fair to check out the essential oil vendors since I’m getting back into using those. So very crowded and I just gave up and left empty handed again. Came home and did a lot of research and found a vendor to order my oils and did way better than I did at the herb shop or street fair.


Spent today trying to get my house in order. DH should be coming in from offshore and my Mom and Step-Sister will be coming to stay the night Wed before leaving on their free cruise. I’ll be stressed to the max until they leave. I love my mom to pieces but my house is never clean enough when she comes.;)

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6 hours ago, themartianchick said:

I wasn't sure how to react to your post, Annarchy. It is 29 degrees here and we are under a winter storm warning. :scratchhead:

Yikes!  Brrrr….


DH said it’s going to drop to the 60°s this week with a chance of rain.  I’m not complaining.  :happy0203:

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I was out of town Friday and Saturday, so yesterday was catch up day.
Sunday School Church, walk dogs, grill sausage for DH, made a pizza for dinner, set up DH's pills for the month, etc. I put out a new feeder and we have hummingbirds. They are so cool to watch!


Today, am washing laundry and sheets.
Will walk shortly.
Talk to our VA contact this afternoon.
Get out in the garden.
Make some phone calls.
I am doing a liver flush today--do it about once a year. I am attached to my gall bladder. LOL


I will come back and catch up later.  Gotta walk!

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I finally got the Jeep cleared out of all the food and stuff in there. It's all over the house now waiting to get sorted through so I can try to pack it tight into the Jeep. I have some glass bottles that I need to be kept separated so they don't break. I'm putting them in grocery bags and tying them up and placing the bags in a box. It should work for the ride. I probably should have waited to buy most of it until I got over there but to be totally honest, gulp, I sort of panic bought some things.  :o 


Back is out again from moving so much heavy stuff from the garage to the house. I'm taking long breaks on the heating pad. My BFF. Later I can sort through cans and stuff. Will probably put on a book on CD or Youtube book for distraction. 


I'm running out of 1/2 gallon canning jars. Sigh. I thought I had plenty but I keep thinking of other food to put in them. I'll check Meijers later. If worse comes to worse I can use Mylar bags. But they aren't as pretty sitting on the shelf. :rolleyes:  

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Well again no one is coming to work on house. He said the backsplash tile is still not in. So, what about the rest of it. electrical, shoe molding on floor, new outlets in kitchen that needs to be put in before the tile, painting. All I got was that will all be done at same time. It is never done at one time as they are here between 9 and 9:30 am and an hour for lunch and leaving at 2:30. So I am doing good if I get 2 things done in one day and then another 3 or 4 days of nothing. I am over it. I am holding him to the contract as the job is supposed to be done by April 17th. There is no way they will meet that deadline. The main bathroom has not been started and they are just now starting the plans for the fireplace.

Today I am redoing the kitchen cabinets and moving the store-bought canned food to a cabinet that opens to the den side of the kitchen bar. It will hold a few hundred cans of food. So will work out great and give me more room for what I can and other things. Need a home for my 5 gal. buckets. They are in closets, corner of 2 bedrooms, etc. So, this will get them all in one place. As I said before. Planning my organization situation to make more room for the non-food items as well. I think this plan is going to work out much better now that I will also have 2 new linen closets for soap, shampoos, etc. That will free up closet room. Will be working on OTC meds for a special place for storing that as well. Don't want that in a bathroom because of moisture. Need a good dry, dark place for that.

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Storage of all the stuff often feels like one of those puzzles where you move the pieces around until the picture forms. I got my stuff into buckets. Still need to pick up 25 lbs more of rice to fill the one bucket. Have flour, cornmeal, split peas, sugar, dog food and rice for now in the buckets. I am going to move all the paper products up to the attic, there is plenty of space up there and it won't be hurt when the temps are warm. I do want to put a shelf up there to hold it organized though. Re-starting my inventory so I can keep track of it all.


Worked until 8, made meatloaf and cooked up the other half of the meat to freeze. Got 3 meals worth out of it so happy with that. Just not enough space to put anything else in the freezer.  I need to order a full upright freezer this week too. Have to make sure it will fit through the doorways as the one to the laundry room where i want to put it is about 28 1/2 inches wide so I'm limited in size. It's really the only place it will work though with the layout I have planned.



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26 minutes ago, Becca_Anne said:

Storage of all the stuff often feels like one of those puzzles where you move the pieces around until the picture forms.


Oh my, that is exactly how I've felt the last two days. I got some food stuff unloaded from the Jeep onto the garage floor. I had planned to sort through it so I could repack the Jeep more efficiently. Then it got too cold out there. Then it started snowing so I had to move stuff around and store some of it back in the Jeep because I had to pull the Jeep back in the garage so the snow plow guy could come do the driveway. We got 6 inches of snow. I got the loosely reloaded Jeep in the garage but then I had to go out and unload it for the second to bring everything into the warm house. Finally, everything is out of the Jeep but ALL over the living room, dining room and kitchen floor waiting to get sorted and organized. And then put back in the Jeep for a ride to Indiana only to get unloaded again. I've handled that stuff way too many times. Hopefully those puzzle pieces will fit together nicely and produce a pretty picture. 


If not I'm throwing everything in the back seat and calling it  D.O.N.E. :pout:

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Saw the specialist yesterday.  It is a really bad break.  Surgery next tues outpatient.  pins, release nerve, and 2 other things.  CT today because he thinks a bone underneath may be chipped.  It hurts a lot.  I am learning how to do things one handed with my non dominant hand.  I am very grateful that my preps are diversified and meant to get tasks done rather than to get them done without {insert specific SHIFT}.


Useful dominant broken hand preps:

pillows to prop my arm on

vodka/ oxy to numb the pain

popsicles to ice down under the cast

husband/ older kids to help

easy meals canned or frozen.  

kid knows how to cook

bidet.  so much easier.  i am only using that bathroom for that feature.  its worth going upstairs

fire tv ap can be downloaded to phone.

talk to type on phone

shower wand and chair to avoid cast

bottle grippers to help open green tea

easy open pill bottles i can pop open with my thumb

delivery services.  everything i can want just shows up at my door

netflix to binge watch.  currently doing bridgerton when in office and supernatural when in livingroom. its nice to change up during day.

large tote bag to carry all my stuff from one place to another

ziplock slider bags for everything from baby snacks to pill bottle bag in tote

high chair that is like booster seat and straps to chair. has tray. can be placed on floor.  baby can be fed on floor. no lifting.

pillows on floor for knees.  changing pad on floor. no lifting.

scarf sling.  looks fashionable, easy to take arm in and out. useful to hold arm close when getting down to floor.

loose dresses with little to no sleeves. shall to cover fat arms when going out to dr. appts

cups to eat soup and finger foods because forks are hard.  DD1 does better than my left hand.

laxitive/ prune juice, etc because oxy has side effects


Serious thanks to DH who is on telework  to help me this week.   DD13 is doing a lot of cooking and cleaning.  She even sat down with me at my desk and helped decorate planner for the week.  She also washed my hair.  I love my family. 


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Euphrasyne, there is so much to unpack in your post. First of all, I am so sorry that you are going through this but sending good thoughts your way for your upcoming surgery. Second, you have compiled an amazing list of things for us all to think about. We may be healthy right at this moment but a quick twist of fate and we could be forced to pivot. Third, your family sounds phenomenal to be able to immediately step up and function as your hands during this situation. Fourth, the lengthy list of enabling devices is awesome and many are inexpensive, too. Fifth, I need to get some vodka for medicinal purposes!

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Euphrasyne, you post is something I might print out to really think about. Thank you for the invaluable information even while you are feeling so bad. 
I organized my pantry and some cabinets yesterday. It always seems to be the best way to start deep cleaning the kitchen, but I also wanted a better sense of what all I have. 
My husband has been working at home since March 2020. His setup is half in the family room and half in the kitchen. It’s really annoying. It made sense when my daughters were also home and we had to find three offices out of earshot of each other. But I’d really like to have a friend over for coffee, or run my food processor without carrying it into the guest room, or watch tv in my comfy chair, again. He keeps talking about moving upstairs but it never happens. :sad-smiley-012:

However, he had to go in yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Only until 2 or so, but I have my music blasting and I might get wild and do some daytime vacuuming! 

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Euphrasyne, been there, done that.  For almost a year I've been working my way back to using my dominant hand after a wrist angiogram that went very wrong.  Not broken but damaged nerves and swelling and pain.  After months of physical therapy my fingers and thumb are still numb but I can finally use the hand for most things again.   


These were some things I found really helpful:


 I used a soup spoon for months to eat with along with plates and bowls that had straight lips on them to help scoop things. 


I had my waist length hair cut short for the first time in years because my husband also has a disabled dominant hand and we looked like a three-ring circus while trying to shampoo my hair. It was much easier in the shower sitting on a chair and using the handheld shower wand. 


We had lots of 'aids' for my husband, so it was just a step to using them myself. One was the toothbrush holder that stuck to the sink so I could clean my dentures.  Another was a special cutting board, still another was a long-handled shower brush.  We have jar openers and grippers and a special cutting board our grandkids made for DH.  


I learned to use my terry robe to finish drying me off after a shower instead of a towel. 


I used clips to hold my hair back and snaps on clothes instead of buttons.  


I had practiced with using my left hand after my husband had his accident and I'm glad I did.  My writing was at least legible, and I could type with one hand, though not without some difficulties and tiring of that hand. And having helped him learn to eat I was able to do it myself. 


A bidet might have been wonderful but thankfully I already used my non dominant hand for 'wiping'.  


And by all means appreciate your family.  I can't imagine how I'd have handled a baby and diapers in this situation.  My husband, as disabled as he was, did everything he could to make it easier for me and my daughter was always willing to come do whatever needed doing that we couldn't.   


I would strongly urge EVERYONE to practice using your non dominant hand for everything and do it enough that you CAN do it if you need to.  


I will be thinking of you when you have your surgery.  Heal fast. :hug3:

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Thank you for posting this to get us started thinking!  

You have such a loving family to help you! 


One thing about vodka, I've mentioned it from being a relaxant all the way to being knocked out for simple surgery. One piece of advice...Vanilla Vodka. It tastes, not bad. It's actually pretty good when mixed with cream soda! Or with coke for a vanilla coke and even 7-Up. If you really like the taste of vanilla, Vanilla Vodka with cream soda will do you good. 


I have a bidet on my long list of to-do's. I can seeing using it in the summer but I'm not sure about the winter. :frozen:  My hot water source to that toilet is around a corner. 


I finally cut my hair too. It's really funny, my hair was always down to my butt. But I always wore it clipped up out of my way. I hate it hanging down when I cook or can. A loose hair in food would put me over the edge. After I got it cut it looked like I had twice as much hair because it was framing my face and not all pulled to the back of my head. I have very thick hair that is mostly straight. And grows very fast.


Rundgrenfan, I'm a music blaster too! I dance all over the house instead of walking. And although I can't carry a tune in a bucket... I don't use my 'indoor voice' when I'm belting out those songs.  Microphone? What ever is handy. 


Sending up successful surgery prayers Euphrasyne, and a speedy recovery!  :pray:

And gentle hugs. :hug3: 



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Thanks for your post @euphrasyne!  I have some things to add to preps and some to practice!  I would not have the help that you do.  DH with his severe tremors would be in a pickle if I couldn't take care of him.  Honestly, that is why I began losing weight and exercising in 2018.  I look forward to hearing more about how you are coping!


Today will walk and walk dogs.
Clean baths.
Dust house.
Shovel out gutter at corner of cross street that makes my lower field flood since the City workers haven't done it -again. Secure lawn furniture. Supposed to have big storms tomorrow.
Weed garden.

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7 minutes ago, snapshotmiki said:

DH with his severe tremors would be in a pickle if I couldn't take care of him. 

My DH has severe tremors too along with some cognitive issues.  He is dependent on me for many things but we learned real fast how to work together to get most things done.  Life is sometimes a tough teacher.  

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Since the topic of a bidet has come up a few times, I thought that I'd mention that you can buy bidet-like bottles on Amazon that can be filled with warm water to wash areas that might be a little out of reach. There are many designs and some may be more ergonomic than others. When you are incapacitated and can only use one hand, you might have to have someone else fill the bottle up. They can be invaluable for certain health concerns, too.

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my bidet plugs into wall and toilet.  it heats the water and the seat.  its a toilet seat that goes on instead of normal seat.  DH fell in love with it a decade ago while in japan so we got him one several years back.  worth it for 2020 tp shortage alone.


pinnacle has a vodka flavor called whipped.  if you like vanilla, this is next level yum.  it is very sweet.  you can drink it straight.

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I had a productive day. I got all of my due bills paid for the month. And I left a message for the lawn guy. I have a strange feeling he isn't going to do it this year. I need to know soon so I can get someone lined up before all of their slots are filled in. I'm giving him two days. Then I moved some money around at the banks.


I went by the store for some canned meat. Wal-mart has the Keystone beef and chicken. I picked up a couple of cans each. I prefer my own canned meat but if I run out of that I'll use the Keystone as a backup. Especially the way chicken is these days. Or if I want to gift some it won't be from my own jars. Wal-Mart has the cans at eye level but when I stopped in at Meijers their Keystone cans are on the bottom shelf. I'll need to remember that. I wanted some of those little cans of smoked ham. They had one. Picked up a dozen small cans of tuna. Campbell's soups were $4/$5.00. I got a dozen assorted cans. And I'm still complaining about the Jeep being loaded down. :rolleyes:


Then....:hapydancsmil:  finally, after two years, I got my cell phone hooked up to auto pay. Actually it wasn't me but the dude at the Verizon store. But I'm claiming the victory. Verizon is the only reliable service I get at the Indy house so we are sort of married to each other. 


Then to the ATM and I topped off the gas tank. Still $4.09.


Lastly, I did what I went out to do in the first place. Dun, Dun, Dun...I got my taxes done. Boy is that hurting me! Big hurt. How can they tax someone so much who makes so little? Then to top it all off, I just got a call from them saying they had made a mistake. They forgot to calculate in where I cashed in my IRA. I gave him 3 different copies of that transaction and told him each time what they were for. So now I owe the state and the fed tax doubled. I was nice about it (shocked even myself) but dang. Now I'll have to go back and get the redacted forms. 


We are in another winter weather advisory...again. Snow and ice. My back and neck can feel it coming too. 



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Euphrasyne hope your hand heals up ok that's really rough. Just don't take the vodka and oxy at the same time we want you to wake up!

 Good idea to practice using my non-dominant hand.  I am very handed so that is going to be very hard for me but it would be bad if I really needed to use it so I'd better re-wire my brain to do it.


Had some bad news on my house today we had a foundation expert come  look and we are going to need several piers and also they are going to fix our wet basement situation with a new foundation drainage system/interior wrap to keep out the moisture. It's going to cost me $28 grand...on payments it's affordable and I'm still financially better off than my last house, but sheesh why did I get a home inspection if this is still an undisclosed issue that should have been obvious to any inspector. Oh well there are few things more damaging to a house than intrusion of water so I'm just going to suck it up and take care of it. Means putting off some other projects like the fence but over time we'll get there. I'm still going to get a bid on it so I can plan for once this gets paid off and maybe I'll get lucky and find a winning lottery ticket?

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